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why the hell does the Hannibal fandom have such good fics! Like holy fuck man, i found so many with great premises and the writing was pretty good too. I haven’t finished them cuz i just did a “quick” search yesterday but man.

Makes me wanna go back and watch the show again.

I don’t know if I said it before or not but just to make sure; I did re-write the story and characters from TCM so all the answered asks, comic strips and stuff from before I released The Prologue are not accurate. I discarded and changed several ideas so yeah, just have it in mind

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Hi Jess. I was just re-watching the Saks April 2016 interview where Cait hugs & maybe kisses Sam on the neck or ear. I wasn't aware of blogs at the time, just a shipper w/out knowing it, so what did you make of the weird little convo. Did he almost reveal their relationship. C asks what he was doing & he says "So, like, on the edge". She says "I know", & says sorry & she hugs him.

Yeah that was a huge shipper receipt at the time. I have no idea what was going on or why Sam freaked out but the fact that she comforted him in that way in such a public setting tells me it wasn’t something minor. 

polaroid // Jonah


“could you do a jonah x reader where August keeps taking pictures of them cuddling and they finally find out when he posts them to insta or something. I saw this somewhere and now feel the need to request it. They only find out because fans share August post and they have to act like it annoys them when telling August to stop even tho they find the pictures cute please and thank you” - anon

(915 words)

a/n: hi yes this makes no sense whatsoever but i thought it was cute so here it is! i hope you don’t hate it lolie

ps ~ jACh k bYe

tags: @dreamypebbles (because she wanted to keep an eye out for an imagine <3) ; @boomboomboomwayhoo (ik how much hayley loves jonah so why not hehe x) 


“Yes dear?” He pokes his head into the kitchen.

“Did you, youngling, eat the cookies I was saving for Zach?”

He gasps dramatically, “Me??? What??? I’d never! Why would you accuse me of su-”

“Babe, there are crumbs on your sweater.”

He glances down on his black hoodie and raises his eyebrows, “Seems that you are stating the truth, Madam (y/n).”

I roll my eyes, “Jonah, I told you not to eat them! Zach is the one who’s sick and wanted cookies!”

“But I’m your boyfriend!” He whines.

“But Zach’s my best friend, baby,” I retort, bringing the cookie dough out of the fridge once again to make another batch, “I love him, too.”

Jonah frowns and walks behind me, snaking his arms around my waist, immobilizing me, “Are you making more cookies?”

“No crap, Sherlock,” I shake my head, trying to wiggle out of his grasp.

He suddenly tightens his grip on me and lifts me up. I scream and flail my arms, “JONAH PUT ME DOWN,”

He carries me all the way to the living room and throws me onto the couch. I laugh as he pins me down with his forearms jokingly, “You aren’t going anywhere, missy.”

“JONAH MARAIS ROTH FRANTZICH! Let me go!” I yell, giggling the entire time. He lets go a bit and I sit up cross-legged. He plops down next to me and wraps his legs around my waist, keeping me from moving once again. He pulls my back to his chest as I settle in the little gap between his legs from the way he sits. He leans back and I do as well.

Jonah brings his finger up to my shoulder and fiddles with my loose braid. I close my eyes and smile at his delicate action. All I hear is his humming and deep but steady breathing. He has a certain breathing pattern when he’s focused or his eyes are closed in concentration on nothing. I’ve been around him enough that I can track it anytime, anywhere. And I know his eyes are closed too.

Out of nowhere, I hear a small click. My eyes flutter open and I see a figure walk away into the kitchen. I get up and turn to Jonah. He’s fast asleep. How long had we been in that position?

I walk barefoot into the kitchen, alert for any of the boys who might be in there. At first I see a pink wisp of hair but when I look again, curls replace it.


The freckled boy turns around and waves, “Hey.”

“What are you doing?”

“Zach was whining about his cookies so I came to make them because he said you were going to do it,” He shrugs.

“Oh! I think I fell asleep.”

“Well if you could make the cookies and I’ll entertain his 7-year-old butt so he won’t whine, that’d be great.”

I nod, “Sure,”

Jack smiles, “Thanks, lambie,”

I carefully grab the tray of pastries and place them on the counter to cool. As I grab a plate to transfer the cookies onto, I hear a loud groan from the living room. Jonah’s yawning.

I smile and carry on with what I’m doing.

After a few minutes of letting them sit, I start picking them off the tray and getting them ready to send off to Zach.

Suddenly, loud and quick footsteps are heard, “(Y/N), (Y/N),”


He trips over his feet all the way to me and shoves his phone in my face, “LOOK!”

It takes a second for my eyes to focus up but when they do, I see something I wasn’t really expecting.

“Is that… us?” I ask.

He nods, confused, “A few Limelights tagged you and I in it and it blew up! Who even took these?”

“Well, look for the source!” I say. The snapshot of the polaroid that contained Jonah and I cuddling on the couch, Jonah’s finger intertwined with my hair never leaving my mind.

I see him desperately scroll through the comments, “I don’t see any- WAIT!”

“What?” I run to the other side of the island to look at the screen with him.

We both see the @ simultaneously, “AUGUST!!!”

He walks calmly into the kitchen, “What’s up, gu-”

“Did you take these?” Jonah shows him the phone. August’s silvery-blue eyes widen, “Umm… yesss

“Why didn’t you tell us?” We ask at the same time.

He shrugs, “I don’t know, I just thought it was cute, how you two are so lovey-dovey.”

I chuckle, “Well you got that right.”

“Oh well now that you know, would it be okay with you guys if I did a photoshoot of y’all being all cuddly and stuff? It’s good practice.”

“Sure,” I smile and turn to Jonah, who is nodding.

“Well, we can start with Jonah singing to you, (y/n), or something, do whatever you’d like,” August smiles, “I’ll be right back with my camera,”

“Okay,” Jonah says, looking at me with his stunning blue eyes, “I guess we’re goals,”

“I think so, too,” I lean in for a kiss.

“HEY, CUDDLE-BUGS! ZACHARY HAS BEEN WAITING FOR HIS COOKIES FOR A WHILE NOW!” Jack screams from Zach’s room. I laugh, realizing that I haven’t finished doing my original duty.

I walk over to grab a napkin to hold the warm plate and turn back to Cookie-Monster-Jonah with his face full of crumbs.

“I didn’t eat anything!” He says, spewing out pieces of cookie in the process.

B.A.P Reaction to finding your self harm scars


After finding out, Yongguk would just hug you endlessly. He would feel bad, that you had to go through something, which obviously affected you so much. You would have to promise him, that the scars were old and you were no longer doing it. 

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Himchans main goal would be to reassure you, making your feel good. He would tell you all the time, that this doesn’t change the slightest how he feels about you. Also he would try to keep an eye on you in secret, just in case your behavior changed and you would do it again.

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Same as Yongguk, Daehyun would make sure you were no longer doing it. Daehyun would also want to know how long you did it and why you did it. He would feel slightly disappointed, that you didn’t tell him, but at the same time he would understand why you kept it secret. 

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I feel like Youngjae would have noticed your scars already some time ago, but waited for you to tell him. Self harm is a serious topic, so you need to take that step by yourself and not being pressured by him. Youngjae would accept it and try to move on with you, only making good memories. 

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Jongup would simply be understanding. At least he would try his best to understand the situation you were in. Similar to Himchan, Jongup would want you to tell him from now on everything that is bothering you, so that he can immediately be there for you.

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Junhong wouldn’t really know what to do. Could he tell you everything will be alright? He would bet you already heard that sentence 1000th times. Junhong would want to keep you more save than ever and from time to time even look at the scars. It would be reassuring for him, that there weren’t any new ones. 

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hey climb! what do you think of other than mapleshade fighting crookedstar in the great battle, she should’ve fought leafpool, because they were in the same boat, but leafpool got off better than she did

oh man i don’t think mapleshade and leafpool parallel each other at all haha. i think if anything mapleshade and bluestar are parallels (and gray/silver are a parallel to blue/oak) 

i don’t really think it would make much sense or an impact for a dark forest cat to fight a cat who like…has no idea who they are or a connection to them. that’s why it never made any sense to me that mapleshade attacked sandstorm - sandstorm didn’t even know who she was! if anything maple should have fought against appledusk & reedshine or against crookedstar 

Okay wow. Where the hell have you all come from??? And why haven’t I made a bias list yet? Silly me! 

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for following me and putting up with my lame self and shenanigans! I’ve made so many friends along the way throughout these past few months and will continue to hopefully make more.

I’d seriously be nothing without you guys and I am very grateful to you all. Now, let’s get to my dear list~

Sorry, it’s long. I have a lot of things to say.

The Eightfold Squad

Here are the people that make my day 100282398732% better whenever I come home.


Deth! The one who started it all. If it weren’t for their little promo I would have never made this blog I treasure so much. I’d like to thank you for accepting me into the group and making me feel welcome. I was nervous and reluctant to join at first, but I am now very happy I built up all the courage and asked to join. You are an amazing person with amazing writing skills with a great Overhaul portrayal and once again, thank you for letting me join. 


The first Eightfold mun I met other than Deth is none other than the magnificent Dio. Honestly, you are such a nice person and reading your threads and seeing your art makes me so inspired to thrive on with my own threads and art. You’ve been nothing but kind and supportive and I want to thank you for that. Also, your Chrono portrayal gets me so hyped up.


Czech, buddy. Did I tell you how much of an amazing Nemoto you are? Or just how much of a great roleplayer you are in general? Well, I am now. You are such a smart, cool and funny person who I look forward to talking to with the others every day! 

@iimperium /@solidatur

BIRDY. MY FELLOW AUSTRALIAN! We are two sides of the same coin, are we not? You are such a great, kind and caring person and I am so happy to have met you. Thank you for streaming ST for me seeing that I am an uncultured swine who doesn’t have Netflix lmao. It’s an honour to roleplay with you and your muses and I honestly feel so bad about making you wait for my replies which take me like, 21763217798 years to get to.


Penny is such a sweet person. We haven’t talked much, but when we do I am really glad to chat with you! Your Tabe is just AMAZING and adorable! When I found a Tabe blog follow me I almost fell off my chair because my boy was missing his friend, ya know? I really hope we get to talk more because you seem like such a nice person.


Next up is Pita, who’s Rappa is 11/10 would interact with so many times again. You’re a cool person and I’m glad to have met you alongside the other muns! I look forward to Rappa and Setsuno interacting more even though it’d probably be a trainwreck with how their personalities just clash LMAO.


Blue, you sweetheart. You are so kind and I just feel so relaxed to talk to you! Your Tengai is just perfect and I love the fact that he feels uneasy around Setsuno. (In case y’all haven’t noticed, I love friction between characters lmao). Meeting you was a very good highlight of being in the Eightfold group and I’m glad we have met!


Here we have 8-Bit. An amazing roleplayer who’s Mimic is astounding. I am sorry for having him put up with Setsuno’s bullshit omg forgive me on that, haha. We may not have talked a lot but I can tell you’re a really amazing person! 


Last but not least out of the squad is Witchy. The legend. Gosh, your OC Kokushi. Her? Yeah, I love her. Give me more of that Kokushi art because your art style is amazing! I also love Setsuno interacting with Kokushi because it can be so funny and also so heartbreaking *glares at that thread where he got hurt really badly*.


Look at this mun. What a good mun. They are so nice and kind even though we don’t talk that much, it’s still a fun time whenever we do. Vespa is such a good OC and I love her sm.

Other Amazing People


Sixx! Did I tell you how much I love you? Because I do. You are such a cutie and thank you so much for being here and supporting my journey from my first ever roleplay blog to this one. Thank you so much for being a great friend and your Dabi has got to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, okay? <3


VANUR BABY. A A A A A A A AA  I love every single blog you have because you put so much thought into each OC you have. Speaking of OCs, Xern? I will protect you and her with my life because you’re amazing and sweet! 


Here we got James, the chill and cool roleplayer I talk to almost daily. It’s so fun talking to you OOC and I am SO SORRY FOR THE SHIT SETSUNO GIVES TO ALL YOUR MUSES. HE JUST INSULTS THEM AND I’M SO SORRY FOR THAT I LOVE YOU OKAY? <3

@solchimaera and @tamakipse

You two Tamakis always meddling with my Setsuno’s plans smh. Just kidding, I love ya both and both of your Tamaki portrayals make me so happy! Keep meddling with his plans please, I need him to verse heroes.


I am. So. Sorry. For whatever Setsuno has done and is going to do. You have all rights to whoop is ass lmao. Interacting with each of your roleplay blogs is so fun and you are such a cool person! Keep up the great work!

Other blogs that give my dash life

@ask-kavarin @overholla @eri-rewind @thequirklesshero @powersurged @surprisetrash 

Of course, there are more but I have such poor memory when it comes to these things.

Overall I would like to thank everyone here on my journey on my Setsuno and other roleplay blogs and I love you all!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Adena so much. I’m like seriously in love with her so I understand Kat perfectly. and even though the mystery is part of her charm I can’t help but want to know everything about her. I want to hear about her childhood in Iran, about why she chose to leave at 17 to travel the world. I want to know everything about how she feel in love for the first time, and also how she feel in love all over again years later, not with a person but with photography. How did she end up being an artist important enough to have a manager and a show in New York.

Everytime we learn something new about Adena, It just makes me want to learn more.

why did jughead decide to become a serpent? and when?

(holy balls this is long.) 

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first things first

In so many ways, Jughead’s decision to join the Serpents in 2x06 felt like a huge jump. In retrospect, there were, I think, three factors that ultimately led him to make that choice. 

He went from being a complete outsider, resistant to even being in the same proximity to them, to begrudgingly joining them at lunch so as to avoid getting the shit beat out of him (🎶 Isn’t it ironic, dontcha think?🎶), to actively seeking out a place in their ranks, all in the space of three episodes.

I know I felt like I had whiplash. Sure, they offered a plausible enough reason for his sudden change of heart - he wanted to try to deescalate the increasingly volatile feud between the northside and the southside. On the surface, it makes sense and is a high-stakes enough reason.

But thinking he could single handedly prevent Riverdale’s very own civil war, while noble, is, on his part, unfortunately: 

  • Naive
  • Arrogant
  • Short-sighted

And I feel like if we know anything about Jughead, it’s that he typically is not any of these things. He’s cynical. He’s filled to the brim with insecurity. And he’s observant, perhaps to a fault.

Except when it comes to his dad. 

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forsythe pendleton jones iii

Jughead Jones has so little trust in others that he seems to almost push Betty away when she really starts to show her undying loyalty toward him. He cannot seem to fathom a reality in which someone would love him and not leave him, as so many amazing bloggers who understand him so much better than me have pointed out. 

So it’s sad and, again, ironic that the only person he seems to continually be willing to trust is FP, since FP is the one who has let him down the most. 

Despite years of evidence to the contrary, he has time and again let himself believe that his dad will get his shit together and they can be a family. He craves his father’s love so much that he is willing to forfeit the chance at living in a stable home, willing to live on his own in a dingy trailer, just so he can be closer to his father. He may not realize it, but it’s likely he’s doing that because it’s like love by proxy, right? 

It’s not that much of stretch, then, to think that he could have decided to join the Serpents because it’s really the ultimate way of fitting himself into his father’s life. 

But while I think Jughead’s eventual foray into Serpentdom was a direct result of his concern for Riverdale’s future, and likely subconsciously driven by his longing for FP, I think there was another reason that he finally took the plunge. And it’s the one I’m having the hardest time swallowing

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toni topaz

When we first met Jughead Jones, he was not a joiner. In fact, the only time he ever consciously signed up for anything was when Betty Cooper offered him a chance to be Riverdale’s very own Truman Capote. But even that was a partnership with one of his childhood friends, someone he was already obviously somewhat comfortable with (someone he arguably already had feelings for). There was a safety net at the Blue and Gold, is what I’m saying.

When Jughead transfers to Southside High, he says he wants to keep his head down and just get through. But literally the moment he steps inside the doors, Toni Topaz is there to welcome him. And it’s clear that, on some bigger, instinctual level, he is immediately drawn to her.

They bonded over a newspaper together. They bonded over true crime together. Hell, Toni literally walked in on Jughead and Betty making out in the newspaper office to bring the exact same settling-in swag as Betty. Looking back, the symbolism should have hit us over the heads then.  

But what we knew of Jughead then was that he only had eyes for Betty, and would never even consider being with someone else, so it was easy to dismiss it away as yet another “Betty and Jughead get interrupted by the Serpents” moment.

Originally posted by sprouseharts

There is nothing wrong, absolutely nothing wrong with Jughead making friends with another girl. Where it gets sticky, though, is that Jughead started to make room for Toni to occupy nearly every space in his life that his girlfriend already did. And in doing so, he left less room for Betty. 

The question, of course, is why? Do I think Jughead doesn’t love Betty? Absolutely not. Do I think Jughead loves Toni? At this point, it’s clear she means a lot to him - he was willing to risk getting arrested to save her during the raid. But I don’t think he is in love with her, no. 

But she now, in some ways, occupies a bigger part of Jughead’s life than Betty does. And he made active choices, intentional or not, to make that the case. 

At every turn, since he joined Southside High, he has sought out Toni’s advice, counsel, and support. She was, in so many ways, the biggest active participant in helping him join the Serpents. He simply would not have joined the Serpents if he didn’t have someone in their ranks that he felt close to. And that person, for better or worse, is Toni. It’s clear she still occupies a big place in his life, as even after she rejected him, his first priority during the raid was her safety, not his own.

It’s not easy to stomach, because it implies that something – someone – could come between Bughead, and relatively easily. But, to me, it’s the explanation that makes the most sense. Besides, Toni wasn’t the only thing that came between them, anyway.

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northside vs. southside

One final point on the whys of Jughead’s Serpent journey: So many of us have acknowledged that Jughead seemed to be joining the Serpents, at least in part, to protect his friends. He put himself in danger to make sure Archie, Betty, anyone who might suffer at the hands of Sweet Pea’s ever-growing rage at the northsiders, would be safe. And that is so admirable. 

But that’s where this all gets so confusing. Because before Betty sent Archie to break up with Jughead for her, before he’d felt like he’d lost hold of the parts of his life that were keeping him tethered to the northside, Toni told him this:

Toni: Jughead, it’s not ‘whatever.’ You join us, you gotta be willing to die for us. Because we will for you, and your northside friends, your girlfriend? You’re going to look up one day and they’re all going to be gone because that’s what happens when you join a gang. The Serpents are no exception. 

Jughead: Consider me warned.

This could be read as, like he said, a warning to Jughead - a last chance to back out, a reminder of what is at stake. But it could have also been a test of some kind, a way to gauge his commitment. But no matter what, it did feel a bit like an ultimatum: choose the southside, and you will lose what holds you to the northside. 

Jughead was told that joining the Serpents could – likely would mean he would lose Archie and Betty. And he decided to join them anyway.

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

betty cooper (and yes, archie andrews)

I still can’t figure out when Jughead made the choice to join the Serpents. Common logic says it was in 2x05, when he was sitting in the trailer alone, staring at the jacket, contemplating every possible path forward. 

But everything I’ve laid out above seems to indicate it may have been a subconscious choice he made way earlier than that – perhaps even when he first slipped that jacket on in 1x13.

At first, I thought he may have made the final decision to run the gauntlet after Betty broke up with Archie via text. But upon rewatching, I realized that Sweet Pea and the rest of the Serpents were on their way to Jughead’s to get the party started when Archie was there – so he must have already agreed to the final trial. 

That’s what makes this exchange between Jughead and Betty in 2x06 so confusing:

Jughead: Just go ahead and say it, Betty.

Betty: You said you weren’t going to join them, Jug.

Jughead: And you said you loved me, and then you dumped me, via Archie, which by the way? Way worse than via text.

In some ways, this is my favorite Bughead scene so far. Because, God, you can feel how devastated Jughead was by being blindsided the way he was. Because it shows the depth of their feelings for one another, even though they’re talking around it. And, as so many other, much smarter bloggers have pointed out, because it shows a tremendous amount of growth for Jughead because he’s able to express his sadness and anger without lashing out. 

Originally posted by bugheadcentral

But it’s also… weird. Really weird. Because him joining the Serpents was not a thing that happened because Betty dumped him. Jughead was already more than halfway on his way to being a Serpent when he sat down with Betty in the diner. Not only did he not tell her he was doing it, he lied to her about where the wound on his hand came from. He had plenty of time to let her know the whys behind his decision, but again chose not to even tell her it was happening.

So to then turn around and insinuate this is… like I said, weird.

One of three things could be going on here: 

  • Jughead is side-stepping Betty’s (legitimate) frustration at his joining the Serpents despite having promised he wouldn’t because he feels guilty about keeping it from her. 
  • He had, in some way, already decided that he was going to lose them (based on his conversation with Toni), and Archie’s awful message from Betty felt like confirmation of that fact, so he tied the two together.
  • The cadence of this exchange wasn’t planned well, and made it seem like he was insinuating that Betty breaking up with him was the catalyst for his gang initiation when it was really “you said,”/”well, you said” argument.
  • The writers have no concept of their own timeline and genuinely think that Jughead only decided to join after Archie broke the bad news.

Everything we’ve seen so far seems to indicate that he made the choice long ago, for a combination of reasons, which had very little to do with Betty and Archie. He did this knowing that he could lose them - in some ways, by being deceitful, by seeking out a proxy for Betty on the southside, he was already pushing them away. 

But this makes it seem like the only reason he did it was because Betty and Archie broke his heart. 

And it’s throwing me, you guys, it’s throwing me so hard. Because I feel like for Jughead to really get himself to a good place again - and for his relationship with Betty to thrive - he needs to figure out what it is inside him that brought him to this place. 

So, what do you think? Did he decide to join the Serpents, really decide, after “the talk” with Archie? Or was he already all in long before he had his heart broken? And if so, what does that mean for him, and for Bughead, in the future? 

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where the FUCK did tabitha come from? I don't remember a creation video for her and she's not a game character, I know that because I have all the expansions. So if tabitha isn't a game character why the fuck did they make her?

wait, tabitha IS a legit sim. it’s one of those auto-generated ones. if i remember correctly, the games generates a bunch of characters that nobody else has, that’s why she isn’t listed as a standard sim.
lol they would have never gone through the process of creating a whole new sim, give her a career and a husband just to let her marry dil in the end. they’re too lazy haha

let’s talk about dan and phil


Dear Clover,

I hope that some day you can understand why I’m making the decision that I’m about to. I hope that you can somehow find it in your heart to know that I did this, so that you, my sweet kid, can have a great life. 

These few weeks, that I have had you born into my life have been amazing. I never once thought it would be so overwhelming to love one tiny little nooboo. But here I am, loving you with all that I have, kiddo.

I promise, I’ll be the best mother, you could possibly have. Thank you for changing my entire life, little one.

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How’d Bim handle their S/O or crush finding out that he’s a cannibal? (And presumably not okay with that. I mean, lord can you imagine opening someone else’s freezer and finding some of the “leftovers”... most people would go into shock or scream at the very least.)

I feel like he would honestly call the police. Sure he loves you but you being a cannibal? That just makes him wonder how long you have been eyeing him as a peice of food, and that thought TERRIFIES him. Why didnt you tell him before hand? Why did you put your “leftovers” in the fridge you both share if you didnt want him to know? Was that a hint that he was next??? Police are getting called and he will stay as far away from you as he can. Poor bab just dosnt trust you anymore, no matter what you say to him. Sorry!

The Demon Queen|| 4

Summary~ She never expected to be in the feud of Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt.

She did have feelings for Finn, but doubt he would even return them.

That was until she was fallen victim with Bray’s mind games and random visits in matches.

Where she finds out how Finn Balor feels of her.

Starting Date~ 2017, 8, 25

Ending Date~ ?????

Tags~ @youlightmeupfinn @kaileyjambrose

Chapters~ |1| |2| |3|


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did it ever occur to anyone else how fucking weird our obsession with gemstones probably looks to our pets? like fuck there go the bald bipedals again obsessing over friggin ROCKS so who cares if theyre shiny they throw shiny things in the trash all the time like glass shards and shit thats trash but when you have to dig it out of the dirt and hang it from those weird fleshflaps on your ears the OOHH suddenly it’s precious !! most advanced species my ass

Cause I feel like being a bitch have some incomplete AntiHero angst.

 Nobody questioned his change of morals when he first started to kill evildoers instead of calling the police to collect them, that is until he attacked Anti, his beloved glitch. Why did he have to find this stupid cursed choker? It’s making him hurt the ones he loves! Even if the ‘hero’ is never supposed to love the ‘villain’, oh he wants to, he wants to so badly! Now because of that stupid curse, his love is too scared of him to be near him, even with others in the room. It makes him sick! Maybe, maybe he should that the choker’s advise & kill himself, it’s not like they’d miss him now, they’re all too scared of the thing he’s let the choker turn him into to care if he dies, hell they’d probably rejoice at his death for then the choker’s curse would be lifted & the others would be safe. Besides, he still has Chase’s gun from the father’s last suicide attempt, all he’d need to do is take it & go far enough away they aren’t the first ones to find him. Yeah, that could actually work! He’d have to leave a note though to at least apologize to Anti, possibly even state his motive in it so the others wouldn’t be wondering why after he’s gone. It’d be hard to hide till his due date, but he has to try. It’s the only way he knows to break the curse & he can’t afford to hurt them, to hurt him, again. It’d break him.


 It’s time. He quickly grabbed the note, placing it somewhere only Anti would find it. Slipping Chase’s gun into the waistband of the jeans he 'borrowed’ from Anti, he flipped on his favorite flannel, mostly because Anti always stole it when he wasn’t home, like he actually cared about the hero, over one of Anti’s black tee shirts. The stupid choker that started this mess visible around the pale column of the hero’s neck, it’s whispers as harsh as ever. With everything in place the hero left, blissfully unaware of the face in the TV, tearfully watching as his beloved take one last look around the house, like it’d be the last time he’d be standing there, before he left quickly out the front door. Waiting a moment to make sure Jackie wasn’t coming back in, the demon glitched out to the TV, going to the hidden compartment in their fan-work shelf, Anti pulled out the note his hero left behind, choking back a sob as he read it’s words.

'Dear Anti,

I’m sorry for all the harm I’ve caused you and the others. I know I’ve been out of my right state of mind for a while now, that I’ve been cursed. I’m sorry if you truly love me but the only way I know to break the curse is my own death. I know that I’ve always loved you, even with the irony of the hero loving the villain and I don’t want to hurt you again. I’m truly sorry my beloved but this is goodbye. At least you don’t have to worry about me getting in your way anymore. I’ll miss you.

With the truest love,


 No, no no no No NO! Dropping the letter he glitched into the power system, rushing around the city, hoping he wasn’t to late to save his Jackie. There’s another way, he KNOWS there’s another way, he had to fight this very curse him self during Jackie’s infancy as an ego before he made his first appearance on the channel. Back then to only one who truly knew and cared for him was his big brother Angus, and he’s the only reason the demon’s still alive, for it takes a kiss, any kind not just on the lips, from the person you care about the most to break the curse’s hold on you. He needs to save him, Jackie’s the only one who can keep him out of the state the curse originally put him in when Angus was away, his love for the hero was just that strong, hell if he lost Jackie he’d more than likely follow the hero’s footsteps because his heart wouldn’t be able to handle losing anyone else, not after losing his twin DS (Darksepticeye). 

 Glitching into an alleyway he saw Jackie, his Jackie, crying with Chase’s gun pressed to his temple, about to pull the trigger as he screamed, “WAIT!!!” Jackie’s head snapped up to lock eyes with the teary eyed demon, holding his wrist so the curse didn’t force him to turn the gun at his beloved. The hero shook as he whimpered out his disbelief at the glitching demon’s arrival. “W-what, but how? I checked to make sure no one would be up for a few a hours! My plan couldn’t have failed.” The hero was grossly sobbing at this point, for he had hoped no one would find him before he pulled the trigger. The demon glitch over to Jackie’s side, quickly fight the gun out of the hero’s hands and throwing it across the alleyway, embracing him soon after in a gentle vice-like grip. The demon buried his head in the hero’s shoulder, sobbing himself as he murmured out in a barley hearable voice, “You idiot I can’t lose you too. I love you. Please, there’s another way to break the curse. A way where you don’t have to leave me, don’t have to leave us. Please Jackie.” The hero’s arms wormed out of Anti’s hold, hugging back as he nodded. He didn’t want to leave if he truly didn’t need to. Anti lifted his head out of Jackie’s shoulder, letting their eyes lock before he surged forward, catch the hero’s lips in a chaste kiss. Jackie whimpered, letting his eyes slip shut as he pulled the demon closer. Anti reached behind Jackie’s neck, first undoing the collar then threading his fingers through the hair at the back of the hero’s neck, going to deepen the kiss as they heard someone wolf whistle at the alleyway entry, startling them both out of their perfect moment.

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Is the new Kino anime still bad, Vraik? I see people enjoying it but remember you weren't thrilled by the first episodes. Did you keep watching it? (Also, thanks for your work! I discovered your blog thanks to the TVC fandom and now I have to see SO MANY ANIME thanks to you. You destroyed my backlog, but in a good way).

Glad to help(?)! There’s a lot of good stuff out there.

As far as new Kino…honestly I haven’t watched since episode 3, and everything I hear about subsequent new episodes makes me less inclined to do so (why not have whole episodes of KINO’S Journey where Kino isn’t important at all! That sounds great! The light novels did it, so it was a good decision!).

The 2003 Kino’s Journey anime is a masterpiece that I’d loudly recommend to everyone in earshot; not just because Kino is an extremely rare instance of a human AFAB/transmasc nonbinary character who’s super important to me, but because it’s truly is a work of art. Even if there are parts of it that feel a little silly or clunky (like the floaty onscreen text), it has a sense of overall artistic intent and cohesive aesthetic, and the writing is understated in a way that knows how to capitalize on a visual medium.

New Kino is…just another anime. The scripts are super overwritten because they seem to think the audience is stupid and want to be REAL SURE you get what they’re laying down. The art design is FINE but not special (and I don’t caaaaaaaaaare that it looks like the LNs, I care that it looks like everything else this season), and it made the fatal mistake of remaking material from the original, drawing comparisons between the two that it can’t possibly win, because new Kino ranges from acceptable to downright TERRIBLE at pacing.

I’m waiting uncomfortably to hear how the backstory ep goes down (my favorite in 03). My breath is not held. Not in a good way, anyhow.

I’m glad so many lateborn people appear to have had no negative social or medical consequences, but, I hope you all realize you’re not typical. Your parents rolled the dice and won. Most summer parents have attachment problems, mine did, and when I was little it hurt. It hurt when everyone else in my cohort had the fine motor skills to type and I couldn’t, when everyone started walking while I was still learning to crawl, when everyone sprang and I had no idea what was happening. I don’t blame my parents - it wasn’t really their fault, for a variety of medical reasons - but there’s no way I’d ever do that to my kid. Don’t spread medical misinformation because you got lucky.

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Del... did a Bad. When she was younger, she was humiliated and exiled from her clan for raising arms against another group. She was young and angry and wanted revenge, and boy did she find it. A human man found her, alone and cold, and fostered her rage and hatred, and she eventually turned it back against her clan, and killed them all.

Jesus. How did she manage to kill them all? Did she ever regret it, or is she at peace with her clan’s fate?

Spiridon Lavellan both loathes and misses clan Lavellan. He oversaw the Wycome affair personally and ensured that the clan survives and that it would have ties to and representatives in the Wycome council.
All it really did was make him even more bitter. He doesn’t know why. I suppose it was his way of saying sorry for his behaviour and seeking closure for himself as well, but the clan didn’t forgive, and he’s increasingly beginning to find that he doesn’t want that forgiveness at all. Not after the songs Dar’lin Lavellan spread about him among clans after Wycome.

I’d like to start some discourse on the only problem I have with reputation, which isn’t necessarily a problem but more so something I don’t understand… which is the placement of This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things on the tracklist. It doesn’t make sense to me. Here’s the flow of the second half of the album:

Love song, love song, love song, SCATHING OVERLY DRAMATIC ANGRY SONG, love song, love song

In the general flow of the album, it would make more sense for this song to be up toward the front with I Did Something Bad and Look What You Made Me Do. But she tucked it at the end of the album amongst the happier songs. Why?

Everything Taylor Swift does is intentional, so I’d genuinely like theories and thoughts on this. Ideas?