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the second princes in modern style!!!

takumi is actually wearing a shirt that says ‘fineapple’ but his sweater blocks the rest :^(

Markiplier Ego Imagines (pt. 13)

(For the lovely @dragonqueen1507 who suggested this idea!)

Imagine the Egos swapping bodies for a day.

Imagine Google in Silver’s body. “I’m… human! This is… disgusting.” He flips out when his stomach starts growling, but the others explain to him that it’s only hunger. He just needs to eat something. What scares him most is when he sneezes. It’s the most horrifying experience he’s ever had in his life to have his body do something so involuntary. The last straw, however, is when he sits down to watch a movie with the others and… feels things. “B-but why did the dog have to die? I want my body back now!”

Imagine Silver’s reaction to being trapped inside the droid. He has no idea how to make the mechanical body function with this new computerized mind. And when the building’s Wifi goes down once again, only Google has the admin capabilities to make the necessary repairs, so the droid (in Silver’s body) has to instruct the bumbling hero how to fix it. “Can’t we just turn it off and turn it back on?”

Imagine Ed being stuck in Dr. Iplier’s body. “No. No, I refuse to be stuck inside of a nerd.” Ed stomps around the clinic all day long sloppily seeing to patients. “Ew, get away from me! You’re sick!” He eventually ends up hiding in the closet and watching a football game on his phone which only works until the point that the real Doctor in Ed’s body finds him and drags him out. “You have a duty as a physician to see to these people!” “But I ain’t a p-f-whatever!”

Imagine Dr. Iplier being trapped in Ed’s body and not being able to stand his lack of hygiene. “I’m going to take six… no maybe seven showers…” It’s annoying having so much hair, as well. He feels perfectly useless at first. Ed always spends his days buffing his cars or watching sports, nothing productive like the Doctor is used to, but after a while, he finds it’s nice to take the day off and just relax for a while.

Imagine Dark finding himself stuck as Bim Trimmer. Dark fumes for the rest of the day in his office, just sitting there and not really know what to do with himself. Poppy is very confused when “Bim” won’t play with her or look at his plants that she brings to him, and Dark just shoves the little dragon away when it nuzzles against his leg. “Quit that, you infernal creature!” He hates not having his aura at his disposal and Bim’s abilities are so… difficult to control. No wonder the bumbling idiot can’t do a thing with them.

Imagine Bim swapping bodies with Dark. He stares, horrified, into a mirror. “No, no, no, no.” They find him panicking, curled up in the corner rocking back and forth, Dark’s aura whipping around him in spastic tendrils of dark matter. The aura swipes and tears at anyone who gets too close, and finally Dark in Bim’s body has to step in to calm the Ego down. “Stop panicking, or you’ll tear the whole building down around us!” but Bim can’t hear him over the ringing in his ears and the pounding of his own heart. The Host would help but he’s presently in another body…

Imagine Wilford in Host’s body. “I’M BLIND!” “Yes, Wilford. Welcome to my world.” The initial shock of not being able to see leaves Wilford speechless for a few terrifying moments—now, suddenly the Host’s anxieties make so much sense to Wilford—until he slowly grows accustomed to the darkness. It’s only then that he realizes the soft narrations he’s been muttering this entire time of everything that’s happening around him. It gives him a vague, mysterious outline of the world he can no longer see. “A bag of cotton candy appears in the Host’s lap,” Wilford mumbles and feels the bag of sweet confection land on him. He tears into the bag, stuffing his face with sugar and guffaws. “Host, you mean to tell me you could do this all the time if you wanted?”

Imagine Host in Wilford’s body. He just runs around looking at everything, at Bim’s garden, at his precious pets, at his library, and when he stumbles across Amy, he stops altogether. Amy is confused at first until she sees the way that his hands pick at the buttons along the front of Wilford’s shirt, and somehow, she knows. “Host?” He blinks, takes a step forward, a step back, tilts his head to either side, and then begins to circle her. Amy stands there awkwardly but trying not to fidget too much. Finally Host steps closer to her and pulls her into a hug. “You’re so beautiful, Amy.” She hugs him back, still confused and slightly tearful, but she’s also oddly happy. “I’m glad I got to see you at least once,” he whispers into her shoulder, and Amy brushes her hand over his hair until he calms down. “Come on,” she tells him, “we’re going to let you see whatever you want while it lasts!”

Reading in other languages

Spanish: there are a few words you didn’t know but they’re cognates or you can figure them out from the context. Fairly understandable & grammar makes sense.

Mandarin: literally only one character you didn’t know before but it messes up the whole sentence. No easy way to find out what it means either so barely half understanding of this one.


Draco Malfoy Loving Musicals Would Include...

Originally posted by crystelgreene

Idea from @hiccuplover92 :)  I’m a HUGE Broadway geek, so this was right up my alley!

  • He had never heard about this magical place called “Broadway” until one day you brought it up
  • “Stories told on a stage with people acting like completely different people with spontaneous song and dance numbers?  Sounds ridiculous.”
  • His entire perspective on musicals changes when you took him with you to see Wicked
    • He felt so connected to Elphaba
    • “She just wanted to fit in at school and find love… why couldn’t people just accept that she was different?  Instead of letting Glinda help her she went to the bad side… wHY DID THEY HAVE TO MAKE ELPHABA FEEL BAD ABOUT HERSELF PEOPLE SUCK!”
    • He has “Defying Gravity” on repeat for the next week
  • Of course, you don’t mind.  
  • I mean, it got annoying when the sixth day rolled around but hEY you were happy your lil blondie had found a love for Broadway
  • Once you cuddled in your bed and watched Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
    • Brits, murder, meat pies, a confusing love triangle, what’s not to love?
    • “Does it freak you out at all that Professor Snape looks like Judge Turpin, that Pettigrew guy looks like Beadle Bamford, and my aunt looks like Mrs. Lovett??”
    • The next morning in the kitchen you both do an entire rendition of “A Little Priest:
    • (Don’t worry, he never threw you in a furnace)
    • Toby is his favorite character
  • When you both finally save up enough money, you go to Broadway to see Hamilton
    • Draco was very confused with American history
    • I mean, the show is about Hamilton’s part during the American Revolution where the colonies defeated and broke free of British control
    • “Two gits pointing guns at each other isn’t going to get either of them anywhere.”  - Draco Malfoy, 2017
    • “Who throws boxes of tea into the ocean??  It was perfectly good tea!”
    • “Draco, the British taxed tea so buying it was extremely difficult for Americans.  They protested by dumping it off the ships.”
    • “Oh.”
    • Watching him try to rap Guns and Ships is one of the best things you’ve ever gotten to witness
    • Also, he felt really bad for poor Eliza
  • Dear Evan Hansen is next on your list
    • Draco didn’t completely understand it, but he understood enough
    • “What’s an e-mail?”
    • That takes a while to explain
    • This show was the first one that really made Draco cry
    • He loves having you sing “You Will Be Found” to him
    • You’re swooning over Connor the entire sho–wait
    • ^im so sorry
  • Since it closed on Broadway, you have another cuddle session in your room and watch Les Miserables
    • Draco makes a shocking discovery
    • “Hey, that Marius guy looks just like the old portrait of the author Newt Scamander hanging in the Hogwarts library!”
    • “Why did literally everybody have to die…?”
    • He compared his father to Monsieur Thenardier quite a lot
    • “Monsieur Thenardier looks just like Pirelli from Sweeney Todd?”
    • “Babe, it’s the same actor.”
    • “Then why does Madame Thenardier look just like my aunt…?”
    • He comes up with a theory that Bellatrix is actually still alive and is now starring in a bunch of musical films
    • He really loves the Les Mis soundtrack
    • You two love to sing “A Heart Full of Love” together
  • Absolutely no musical could confuse Draco more than Cats did.
    • “Draco, what do you mean it’s weird!?  It’s incredible!  It’s the fourth longest-running Broadway musical, in fact.”
    • His only response was: “anTHROPOMORPHIC CAT PEOPLE!”
  • Ah, Draco.  Our adorable little Broadway nerd.

I hope my fellow Broadway geeks loved this!

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Whats Pietros bisexual storyline?

glad you asked, anon! i am talking about house of m (2015) a secret wars event where his relationship with namor was supposed to be of a sexual/romantic nature and the reason he betrayed his family

this idea was later scrapped because they didn’t want to have to deal with the ripples that would create in the 616 universe (aka. they didnt want to confirm pietro or namor as bi in the 616 universe)

except they have done it before? they did an alternate universe where wolverine was gay. and why not just make pietro and namor canonically bisexual in the 616 anyway? there IS more than one sexuality.

and dont get me started on the fact there’s PLENTY of stuff to imply pietro is bi IN THE 616 CONTINUITY. the crowning jewel of it all being his relationship with julio richter

reasons my family is actually living in a gothic novel
  • our family tree contains a lot of nobles and the attendant inbreeding you’d expect (neither in recent years, to be fair. well, except my dad’s grandparents who were cousins. but no other examples since at least the late 1700s)
  • including the Plantagenets, who went around proudly shouting to everyone that they were part-demon
  • during WWII, my great-grandmother had men leaving her small West Virginia town for war dip their hands in paint and make handprints on her cellar wall. every man who did that returned home without any serious injuries
  • my paternal great-grandfather bought eight cemetery plots in 1947 and nobody knows why. he never sold them, so if it was an investment he got no return. he never intended to be buried there, and wasn’t. as far as I can tell, none of our family is buried in the cemetery at all. these inexplicable cemetery plots have passed down to my dad and his siblings and we still don’t know why we have them
  • when my great-great-aunt was trying to join the Daughters of the American Revolution around the 1950s, she had to genealogical research to prove we were descended from at least one colonial soldier. in the course of her research, according to my grandmother, she found something that scared and/or disgusted her so badly that she stopped that line of inquiry, destroyed all her notes, and switched to studying another branch of the family. she never told anyone what she found, even when people asked
  • all my dad’s relatives have weirdly bright blue eyes

baryonvoid  asked:

In defense of Mai, she is poorly written. The most interesting things about her are the consistency of her apathy and the fact that somehow her childish crush on Zuko morphed into a sense of entitlement. Even her backstory is contradictory. Were her parents strict and demanding or weak and confused? Therefore anyone who attempts to interpret the series seriously must do something to retcon Mai, if only to tone down her "sullen, bored teenager" act (eg, TomTom).

Now for an actual question: What do you think would be a satisfying reveal for Ursa, had there been a Book 4 and no comics? I get stuck trying to imagine something that maintains her ambiguous morality while also making sense in regards to the plot. I don’t like her going off to become a secret hero, but I also don’t like her willfully disregarding the fate of her children. Something has to match the banishment, which seemed to have been unenforceable. Why did she choose to disappear completely?

Poor Mαi! She didn’t get the character development she needed for a proper heel-face turn. And then the comics went and obliterated any audience goodwill she had gained from sacrificing herself for Zuko, when she went ahead and sacrificed Zuko and his family’s safety for her father’s freedom.

I think it would have been satisfying for Ursa to have been imprisoned in the Fog of Lost Souls from Legend of Korra. The Fog of Lost Souls, a spirit that makes people forget who they are and doubt their purpose in life, is something that performs the same function as the Mother of Faces, except the forgetting is involuntary. Maybe Ursa, like Iroh when Lu Ten died, wanted to journey into the Spirit World to see if she could contact her children, but got trapped by her own misgivings, doubts, and fears. We could have more character development for her that way, seeing from her point of view as she battles with herself, finally breaking through a little bit and calling for help—but not for herself. For Azula. Cue Zuko and Katara tracking Ursa down, only for Azula to have escaped and gotten there first. They wouldn’t have their bending, so journeying into the Spirit World would be terrifying! And we could also have a little more backstory about Zuko’s alter ego, as well as the beginning of Azula healing her broken psyche.

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Why did Cas go to stab Lucifer anyway? He knew it wouldn't kill him.. Did he just want a little revenge first?

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

Literally the only real reason I can think of (ie. that isn’t explainable in that the plot could have been written in many another way to get to the ending with Lucifer and Mary in the AU and Jack born) is that it was done this way just so he’d get stabbed ie so we got our break up moment to further the Destiel plot and so that we would get a Dean / Sam Cas / Jess parallel with Sam dragging Dean away…

Ie. there was no real reason for it to happen except to make it romantic.

I’m living.

Dear aphobes,

I don’t need to be fixed. I am fine as is. Why should I take you seriously when many of you seem to think I can be fixed when there’s nothing wrong with me to begin with. Do you think that I’ll respect you when you tell me that obviously my body doesn’t make enough of the “right” hormones and that I should drug myself so someone else can have fun with my body? Newsflash: this isn’t kindergarten and my body isn’t a toy I have to share with others.  

PS: Even if I did take you up on on the hormone treatment, you still wouldn’t be getting any.


A Catholic Gender-Questioning Ace currently rocking out to You And Your Hand

msamberpriley I was telling all of the girls at our brunch on Sunday that whenever I feel like I can’t do something that needs to be done or whenever I let certain insecurities about my body or the way I look overtake what I KNOW to be true about me, I watch my old dancing with the stars videos! I know that may sound stupid or maybe conceited 😳 but honestly, it was one of the hardest yet rewarding things I have ever done in my life. The body type that this world refuses to accept actually won a competition using this same body. People watched, enjoyed, and actually VOTED! I still to this day can’t believe I did it. So I had a hard week last week and the girls wanted to watch the videos on sunday and I just smiled, and I came home tonight and I thought 💭 why do I have to live in the past to get that feeling 💭?!? Dancing makes me so happy, so why not just dance whenever you feel down?!? So tonight, I DID! I put on my fave jam right now “Distance” by Omarion and I danced until my legs gave out 😂 I don’t care that it may look silly or off, I just got my life celebrating and using this body to make myself happy. I wanted to share the video and that moment with you to encourage all of you to do the same. So many of you tell me that me just being me encourages you. Well, I want you to know I have mountaintops and valleys but I am always climbing and making my way through life with as much joy as I can create! I challenge you guys to do the same! Turn on a song and just dance or sing or do something to celebrate YOU this week! Something positive that makes you happy or makes you feel beautiful! Tag me in it if you like 💜 ok time to ice my knees now, I think I got ahead of myself trying to drop it low 🤣 goodnight y'all ✌🏾

a brief list of things that jenny calendar did not get to do

  • wear a really obnoxiously low-backed red dress
  • see Giles in an actual suit (as opposed to.. everything that is happening with him, fashion-wise, all the time)
  • make the assumption that Giles knew how to ballroom dance, only to find that he didn’t, because of course he didn’t, because why would he, and then have to learn alongside him 
Writing woes

Why is it so easy to write a good opening line and so freaking impossible to write a good closing line?

People come up with creative and intelligent titles for their stories all the time.  To which demon did they pray to have this gift given to them, and what sacrifices are required?

Smut: how do you write it without making your readers think you are a Vulcan describing human mating practices for a scholarly anthropology journal?

This is a really good, witty line.  From whom did you accidentally steal it? 

No seriously, what demon do I need to ask for help on the titles?

Am I the only American on here who likes Tintin? I swear if it wasn’t for the movie and a old friend who lives in a UK I probably wouldn’t of got into it. I tried to get some of my old friends to get into it and well… they fine it okay. but not really into it. living in America and liking Tintin is tough. there’s no Tintin shop. there’s only one and it’s in New York. I don’t get why my country don’t like Tintin very much. I guess they don’t have good taste. and the movie didn’t do so well here either. they need to make Tintin more out there in the states. shoot. put more Tintin shops. heck show reruns of Tintin on Nickelodeon or HBO or Cartoon Network like they did in the 90s so more Americans can get into it or something. don’t worry i like Tintin. it’s just feel like it’s not many Americans. i guess they need Tintin to put on a cape so Americans can like him.


“No” he almost wailed.

“He hasn’t called?” her voice sounded shocked.

“He has” Zach mumbled “I haven’t answered.”

“Why the hell not?” she demanded indignant on Waylon’s behalf.

Shrugging his shoulders he talked into his hands making his words hard to understand. “What’s the point? I’m here. He’s there. It’s over….”

She had to admit he did have a point. “You can still be friends” she said quietly.

“I don’t want to be friends” he closed his eyes images of their last night together replaying in his mind. A low moan escaped his lips as his body remembered the way Waylon’s hands ignited a fire within him.

“Zach you and he … you didn’t….” she gave him a piercing gaze “you did.” She was shocked. She wouldn’t have thought her brother would ever. Not after….“You didn’t just do it with Waylon because of Dex…”

He lifted his head up. Eyes blazing with hate “Dexter never touched me. He tried but I…” His throat constricted cutting off his voice.

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I've been stressing so much about popcon bc it's my first con and I feel like I'm gonna end up making myself look dumb. I literally just had a thought like "what if I just face plant on the ground from tripping over something." I legit imagined myself just laying face down with my arms down and just letting out a huge sigh and "ughhh." Why am I like this? Like I know that probably won't happen but I'm so clumsy that if it did happen I wouldn't be surprised. CAN MY BRIAN JUST STOP FOR A SECOND

If it makes you feel any better, all of us content creators have that same fear, so you’re not alone!

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So this is probably a really stupid question (or maybe I'm just missing something) but Furihata KNOWS he's immune, right? I know that was sort of established when he ignored Akashi's Order at the end of You Could Never Wear My Crown, but does he know he's immune to everyone else too? Like Kise mentions everyone tried to test their powers on him in one short so I was wondering if Furihata was a fully aware participant in those tests or if they tried it secretly like Kuroko and Akashi first did?

Thank you for the question, friend! You are not missing anything. It is something that has been asked before (and answered here) but the fact that it is confusing does make me think that I should do a better job of explaining that in the story, so thank you! I feel like this is definitely something that could be explored further in that very long story I have planned.

But basically, Furihata knows he’s immune but because he doesn’t really have the context for why that’s important, it never really occurs to him as a big deal. So probably he forgets occasionally, or it just isn’t something he thinks about.

(Sort of like—I have the recessive gene that makes me unable to curl my tongue. I know that I have this (lack) of an ability, but it is not important or relevant to my daily life, so it is never really at the forefront of my thoughts. That’s how I figure Furihata is with his immunity.)

But I am glad you asked about the test! While I think Furihata is aware his immunity probably extends to everyone, I don’t think they “tested” on him with his knowledge. I think Kise tried it at home, found out he couldn’t shapeshift into Furihata, freaked out and told everyone, and probably made Midorima try it out.

I sorta figure Midorima and Kise were at one point, hiding in the bushes of Seirin testing this out. Kuroko probably knew, but Furihata did not. I will try and write that scene at some point to clarify things, because Kise did say “we all tested at one point” and it was always sorta my headcanon that Kise was exaggerating that, but I should probably actually discuss that 😓 .

Thanks again, friend!!

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You know what's easier than running this blog? Just putting down the cake. Why run this blog when you can run your calories off fatty?

Mmm, okay.

First of all, there are multiple fatties running this blog, and we look fabulous doing it, thanks.

Second, and I shouldn’t have to say this but apparently it’s necessary, not eating one slice of cake won’t magically make someone skinny. I know, I know, shocking, right? But that’s not how it works. And in fact, running a bit won’t magically make someone skinny either! Amazing! *end sarcasm*

Third, and this should be obvious, even if we did become skinny, it wouldn’t do anything to help other people who aren’t. Like. This blog isn’t about us. It’s about all fat people everywhere. And those fat people are facing bullying and discrimination every day for their size. And it hurts. Ok? Do you have any idea how much it hurts to be bullied all the time? Even if I lost weight, so what? Others would still be being bullied. The point of this blog is to fight for a world where bullying and discrimination doesn’t happen to anyone based on size. That’s much more important than us being thin.

I mean I could make a lot more points, like how difficult weight loss can be to maintain, but honestly I’m already bored of you. Btw, I saw all that other anon hate telling us to go die or whatever. I know it was probably you so I’m going to block your IP address later so we don’t have to hear your bullshit again. Sorry if you were looking for a fight or to upset us or whatever; it’s not going to work. I have more exciting things to do than to care about you, like dusting and taking out the trash.

-Mod Bella

Yo, guess what? More reactions

Show: Shadowhunters
Episode: The Fair Folk
Season: 2b

~Jace playing piano 😍😍👏👏
~Alec being a good leader of the Institute yesssssssss (fuck those two talking shit about him being leader they don’t know)
~Alec is trying so hard and being a good leader and trying to make relations better and it’s amazing this is why I love him
~Simon really doesn’t understand how this whole seelie think works. I like Simon as much as the next person, but he pushes himself into situations he knows nothing about and makes others have to watch out for him
~Magnus was so dissapointed 😢
~The Lightwood name is great and will always bounce back
~Simon is very pretty
~You know, if I didn’t read the books and didn’t know Sebastian was an asshole who did bad things, I’d want him and Izzy together. If Sebastian was just good, I’d ship them so hard.
~I don’t give a fuck who’s on the phone, I want Valentine dead. I think Luke should do it.
~I don’t know if I like or dislike Luke’s partner yet
~The Seelie land is so beautiful I’m amazed.
~I still don’t like this whole Izzy and Raphael thing. Friends, fine. Relationship, not fine.
~I love when Raphael’s in the episode. I just love Raphael.
~“The sweeter the honey, the deadlier the trap” Yessss
~I believe Luke may be on a downward spiral and I’m concerned for him.
~I’m not sure if I trust the Seelie Queen.
~Raphael, be nice to Sebastian. Why must you act like this? I’m with Sebastian on this whole Isabelle thing. Then again, I just don’t want Izzy and Raphael together.
~I’ve been waiting for this scene. Poor Simon though, he truly loves Clary and she may love him, but not nearly as deeply as she loves Jace.
~Izzy knew?!! It’s okay though, she knows what’s right. I love how Maryse is trying to be better now. I love that Izzy can finally have that mother daughter relationship she’s always wanted yes this is amazing
~Why can’t they just let Luke kill Valentine?!?!?! He deserves it. I do not like that they have Luke in cuffs dammit.
~No Izzy don’t. Leave Raphael alone. Raphael is right their relationship was built on addiction. I don’t like their relationship, but I don’t like seeing them sad
~Clary and Izzy 💓 brotp, otp, idc which
~Lukes partner is finding things out
~Sebastian. What. The. Fuck.