but why did he delete

The Last Post

The decision had been made on a whim, to explore his fanbase further on the internet, but once the decision had been made, Joe found that he couldn’t stop. He was invested in discovering what his fans were saying, peering in from the outside.

He didn’t actually talk to any of them, wanting to keep that distance between himself and his fans, plus they had no idea that he was essentially stalking them on their blogs and seeing what they were saying.

At first, it had been creepy, reading this stuff they were saying, but then he realized it was actually quite flattering, and it became almost normal for him to check a few blogs routinely.

Then he discovered her blog.

And he found himself addicted to it.

Joe didn’t actually know who she was, and she only had ever posted one picture of herself on her entire blog, which he had checked thoroughly after discovering her. But he felt like he did know who she was. Her posts made him laugh and smile, the commentary she had about him was entertaining. The posts she made detailing the struggles of her life made her real, and he desperately wanted to reach out to her, to comfort her. The only relief he had was knowing that his videos brought her joy, something she had reiterated on multiple occasions.

He found himself constantly scrolling through her blog, checking for new posts and rereading old ones, hoping to find another hint that would lead to him discovering who she was. The one picture she had posted was engrained in his mind, the sweet smile easy to bring to the front of his mind, and he would be lying if he didn’t admit to searching for her face in the crowds he traveled through.

The blog was bringing him as much joy as his videos did to her.

And so the day he opened up her blog to find the newest post titled The Last Post… he grew worried immediately.

Joe quickly scanned the words she had typed, rereading them three times before he could finally comprehend what was happening.

The mysterious woman was closing down her blog. For good.

A sadness flooded his body, although he wasn’t entirely sure what he was sad about. It was just a random blog on the internet, and while yes, it had made him smile and laugh, he shouldn’t feel sad about it closing. Perhaps it was because he never quite managed to discover who she was, and her identity was something that had always intrigued Joe. Or maybe it was because he felt like he was losing a close friend, even if it was one he had never met.

He knew there was nothing that he could even say, because then he would have to admit to finding her blog, and the others, and his fans didn’t need to know about that. So he did the only thing that he could do: He sulked.

The boys tried to question him on what was wrong, but Joe simply waved them off, claiming it was nothing. Because how did he explain that he was upset over a strangers blog closing down? It was ridiculous. Plus, the boys would just laugh at him and tell him to get over it.

About a month passed since the blog had shut down, and Joe still found himself automatically going to type in the familiar address, only stopping himself just in time, because he knew that it would lead him to an empty site.

Hidden away in his phone was the picture of her, the one part he had been unable to let go of, even though he knew he should; it was weird having a strangers photo on his phone. But to him, she wasn’t a stranger. She was important to him.

He just wish he knew her name or where she lived. He wanted to know something about her that would help to identify her.

“Will you please smile?” Caspar asked suddenly, closing his computer and turning in his spot to look at Joe.


“You’ve been all moody and depressed for the past month. Smile!”

“I haven’t been moody.”

“Yes, you have.”

“I’m fine, Casp.”

“Sure,” The blonde snorted, “Anyways, did you hear a single word I said from the past ten minutes?”

“No,” Joe shook his head, lifting a hand to run his fingers through his hair, “Sorry.”

“I was trying to tell you that one of my old friends is coming to visit. I want you to meet them!”

“From South Africa?”

“Originally, yeah. But they’ve lived in London for a few years now.”

“What’s his name?” Joe asked, silently scolding himself as he clued into what address he had begun to type in. His fingers had gone on auto pilot without him noticing.

Her name is Y/N.” Caspar corrected, “I think you two would really get along.”

“Wait, her?” The shorter man blinked up at his former roommate, “Your friend is a girl?”

“I do have female friends, Joe.” Rolling his eyes, Caspar reached over for his phone, quickly scrolling through his photos. “Here, this is her.”

Joe’s entire world focused in on that photo, and he quickly grabbed the phone, his mouth falling open.

“Alright, I know she’s good looking, but calm down.” Caspar went to take his phone back, but Joe quickly leaned away, eyes still locked on the photo.

It was her.

The photo was different from the one he had, but there was no doubt about it. This was the mysterious woman.

“You know her?!” Joe suddenly demanded, dragging his eyes away from the phone and to Caspar’s face, who blinked in surprise.

“Yeah? Did you not just hear me say she’s my friend from home.”

“You don’t understand, Caspar. I need to meet her.”

“Will you calm down?!” The blonde grabbed his phone back, shooting Joe a worried look. “You’re being weirder than usual.”

“Sorry, let me explain….”

And so Joe did, revealing everything to Caspar, who remained in silence the entire time, nodding occasionally.

Once the tale was finished, the South African assured Joe that he would get to meet Y/N, and that it was kind of adorable, their little story, but quickly took back his statement when Joe threatened him. Because she couldn’t know that he stalked her blog for so long. It was weird.

Except the day Joe finally meets Y/N, he ends up blurting out the fact that he found her blog. At first, she’s surprised, but then she laughs, and he smiles at the sound of it, ready to listen to it for years to come.

“Is this weird for you then?” She asks, her head cocked to the side as she studies him, “Knowing just how much of a fan I was? Or, well, am.”

“Not at all,” Joe shakes his head quickly, “Is it weird to say I feel like I already know you?”

“Probably,” She shrugs, “But I did put a lot of my life on that blog, so I guess it’s not that weird.”

“Why did you delete it?” He asks her, the question burning in his mind.

“Oh,” Y/N lowers her gaze, picking at a small rip in her jeans, “It just was taking up a lot of my time, and adding stress. And I realized how much life I was missing out on by running a blog about someone I thought I’d never meet.”

“And now that we’ve met?”

“I’m not starting up the blog again,” She lifts her eyes back to his, “If that’s what you’re asking.”

“No, I understand that.” He nods, “But maybe you want to explore what life has to offer with me?”

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Yes,” Joe smiles, “I think I am.”

“I suppose it’d be stupid of me to say no, considering you already know how I feel about you.” She laughs lightly, “Alright, I’ll go on a date with you.”

Maybe stalking his fans online wasn’t such a crazy idea after all.

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i'm really confused what's the drama with phil rn?? like stuff is coming up on my dash but it's really vague and i'm not understanding what's happening

people think phil posted that video to like dismiss (?) theories that dnp were sharing a bedroom because he made it so painfully obvious that he was in his room and dan was in his own room and stuff like that so a lot of people think he was doing that to calm us down because if i were him, i’d feel uneasy and uncomfortable about thousands of people speculating on my private life so i get why he did it .. he also supposedly deleted a thread from the comments of his video that was about the theories of him and dan sharing a bedroom.. honestly i agree with him and think the phandom needs to Chill because we’ve crossed a line so things need to simmer and if people want to speculate ok cool but keep it out of the main tags / main channels n stuff because he’s made it clear that it bothers him

Sniper fans right now

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What if Mark makes a video following WKM, it’s a choose your own adventure and at one point Dark and Wilford both get seriously injured and it makes you pick one to save. Like, my brain it’s thought of that. I’m crying. WHY??? I’d die if he did that. Blocked. Reported. Unsubscribe. Deleted. JUST OW MY HEART

why. why did you think of this. my heart is in pain

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Just read your asks/replies today and realized I'm so f*ing scared that there might have been an actual Victor Trevor who was gay-bashed years ago. AHHHH! What if Sherlock liked (loved?) him. What if Victor had a dog called Redbeard and that's how Sherlock and him bonded at uni. Oh, my poor heart. Did Sherlock witness something horrible, he has deleted since? Why is this breaking my heart so badly????

Hey Nonny!

Very much possible! However, I’m actually of the camp that believes that TFP is John’s TAB. So then, who does that make Victor? Well, my theory / headcanon is that it’s John’s way of explaining why Sherlock “is the way he is”, that Sherlock couldn’t POSSIBLY be upset about a dog’s death (newsflash: actually you can, especially if that animal was a therapy animal or your only friend), and the little boy ends up, in John’s mind, as a projection of his own self as a child as Sherlock’s best friend, and perhaps the name came from John’s own childhood friend he had a crush on as a boy. We’re clearly supposed to parallel John and Victor, so this is how I see it.

IF Victor actually was a real child Sherlock himself knew, I presume it definitely did not pan out the way that it happened in TFP. Simply because of how ridiculous it is (a missing child and NO ONE comes looking for him??? REALLY????). I think perhaps it was something more, like SHERLOCK accidentally killed him, or they were playing and Victor got hit by a car or fell off a cliff and drowned (which is the one I’m leaning more towards), and Redbeard’s death only added onto the trauma of the event following.

But who knows. Maybe TFP really happened and we’re supposed to accept that no one would come looking for a young boy and NOT search the well first. Bleh.