but why couldn't this have been real

Dysphoria is strange
One day it’s as small as a pebble
A small frustration with long hair or tight jeans
The next it’s a knife
cutting up every bit of you
until you feel like nothing
It destroys every aspect of self worth you have
Until you are a puddle of your own blood and tears
Then like a light switch
You’re back to being disgruntled over the shape of your face
And you wonder if your gender is even real at all
—  Dysphoria is strange, or the pain that never really leaves

northeast-artist98  asked:

I've been having amazing dreams lately, that Teamiplier accepted me as part of their family of friends. I honestly never had such good friends like that. I was always the odd one out. But... Now I feel loved, whenever I sleep. But... Kinda wish that was real. I wish I wasn't so shy, as well. I couldn't even talk to Ethan when I got the chance. What was Mark like, when you met him?

I’m glad you’re having good dreams lately, and that you’re feeling loved whenever you go to bed. And I’m sure Ethan understood why you didn’t say anything. It’s okay, boo!

Mark was really sweet when I met him tbh. He never broke eye contact with me and like…When you meet him, he gives you his full attention. Definitely a sweetheart :)

You know this has been something I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time. Terrible ships and how people react to them.

Ava and Wrathia are a perfect example. I’ve seen a few people ship them over the couple of years and they get endless hate for it. And you know what? They shouldn’t. 

You know why? Because they’re dang gone aware they’re fictional. There’s a big BIG BIG fucking difference between what’s real and what’s fiction. Just because they like something does not mean they want it to actually fucking happen.

We love fictional villains. But do we want them in real life? Hell no we don’t. That would be awful.

People love the idea of shipping Joker and Harley, whom mind you has been abusive in a lot of cartoons and comics. Would we want to see that in real life? With real people?? Goodness no.

So chill. It’s fiction. 

Yeah, everyone have things they like that aren’t right. But at least they have enough common sense to know that it is fiction and not real.

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Why people hate Gyokuen? :( She couldn't spend time with Her children and they used her to do bad things. The one you have to hate is Arba, not her!

Aww, anon, I don’t think anyone hates the real Gyokuen. The thing is, we have never known “Gyokuen” as herself, but as Arba - so when someone says I hate Gyokuen, they are actually saying I hate Arba disguised as Gyokuen.

The actual Gyokuen really deserves to be pitied, she must have been no older than 18 or so when Arba took over… .


gleerewatch: 1x07

Okay, you want to get real?
You’re right, Will, I have been trying to destroy your club with a conviction I can only call religious. And you want to know why? Because I don’t trust a man with curly hair.
I can’t help picturing small birds laying sulfurous eggs in there, and I find it disgusting.

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Funny story. I've been hate reading your blog for a while now, and I couldn't figure out why. Then a few days ago I was arguing with someone else, and I suddenly realized that I am attracted to guys. Once I started thinking about that I realized just how much I was invested in not being gay and how real the threat of transness as conversion therapy is. I guess I have been reading because I knew you were right. So yeah, turns out that I actually might be a self loathing gay man after all.

I guess that’s not really “ha ha” funny and more sardonically laughing while bitterly guzzling scotch funny. If you’re sincere, anon, then I wish you luck in sorting out your feelings. 



“Well, you talk to her right?” I asked

“Yeah” L nodded

“And…?” I questioned looking over at the clock and seeing it was close to two in the morning

It was only a matter of time before Traci woke up and realized I wasn’t lying next to her. L and I needed to wrap this up quick before she starts blowing up my line

He shrugged “What you think?” he asked

“Damn…” I trailed off “Well at least we knew this time around and it wasn’t some random shit thrown in your face” I said

He nodded “Cyn knew before I did and she tried to lie and say she didn’t” he shook his head

I winced at the thought of how that conversation must have went knowing how Cyn couldn’t lie her way out of a plastic bag.

“I couldn’t be mad at her though because she ain’t really know better” he said

“I hear you on that” I nodded “I know this shit not sitting well with you, you probably got everybody else fooled but I know you” I said

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Who had the idea to turn Ms. Marvel into a muslim person? Why does it matter that she is muslim, couldn't the same character have been made white and been just as good if not better? Just feels weird to get such an iconic character and change her race for no reason and a major middle finger to the real Ms. Marvel fans. I mean he no offense to Kamala Khan but she's just not as hot as Carol you get what I mean? ;)

Real Carol fans have a book, CAPTAIN MARVEL, on sale every month.

If you’re talking about entitled white assholes, though, screw ‘em.

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I'm not really a 1D fan but I've been paying more attention since Zayn quit. I just want to say I'm gobsmacked at how needlessly confused this fandom seems to be. It's obvious that their management would have to be incredibly incompetent to have allowed things to play out as they have. They just allowed Zayn to quit? Part of the most successful act they've ever had? They couldn't contractually compel him to stay? I find that incredibly difficult to believe. And they allowed the story to (con't)

explode in the press and then only made use of tabloids to address it? They chose to not have the remaining four sat with a real journalist to give a legit interview? Why? Why would they allow any media outlet to publish anything about babygate? Paternity has not been determined. Why even allow Louis to be asked about it?  Then there’s Attitude magazine. Why would they allow this to be published again mentioning this mystery baby and also insulting the fans? None of it makes any sense (con’t) unless you conclude their own management is sabotaging them. There’s simply no way they could really be this incompetent. Especially since the timing of things makes everything look even more like a series of image trashing publicity stunts. How 1D’s own fandom seems to be the most fooled out of everyone is just astounding. The fandom should be the first to recognize that nothing adds up. Six months of this is enough for me. Thanks for letting me finally vent about it.


I had a funny BillDip dream last night. A villainous Bill was throwing a grand play and had kidnapped Mabel to play his fiancee. Dipper begged Bill to spare his sister and let him take her place, which Bill agreed to. Little did Dipper know, this was Bill’s plan all along as part of some scheme to get Dipper to marry him. 

The dream cut to an image of the clearest lake you ever saw in the middle of a beautiful forest. I’m talking something you’d see out of Narnia, this shit was magical. And Bill, oh boy, Bill was wearing this gorgeous, flowing white dress with a gossamer veil and glass slippers (the dream was laser focused on those shoes, too, they’re the clearest thing I can remember). He was stunning. 

Bill used some magic to walk he and Dipper out to the middle of the lake (although Dipper thought it was just some practical effects). Apparently they’re filming a movie now. So they read their vows to each other to invisible cameras and kiss. Now Dipper is just committed to the role at this point, so he picks Bill up and hugs him to his chest and passionately kisses him and Bill is reduced to a fluttery, blushing mess, thinking, “Oh god, this is real, he feels the same as I do, he loves me”.

I’m not sure if Dipper ever found out the truth, I can’t remember anything beyond the kiss. Maybe it all worked out in the end? But it was such a nice dream and I knew you guys would get a kick out of it.

cleverlycho  asked:

I just had a bad thought: we and the liars assume that A kidnaps them, that it's As dollhouse, but never once is that confirmed. A likes too take credit and so it would have made more sense if we saw, for example in Hanna's room "home sweet home -A". Also A has always either been an excellent photographer and has taken bajillions of photos of the girls over the past few years, so why couldn't he/she use real pictures in the frames, especially in their rooms? Empty frames don't seem A-ish.


Also  - like - why was Mona referring to her captor as “it” not “-A”. Even Spencer said “it” has a name, Not “-A” has a name.

The only thing that related it to -A was Mona saying -A has a soul and IMK confirming that Charles is -A. But she has lied before so I don’t believe shit that she says.

After pondering this I am almost certain that this “Charles” storyline is seperate to the endgame -A storyline.

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Too bad you couldn't have been a Lizzington shipper. You make great edits but since they are Keenler they are 100x uglier than they actually are.

You do realize that I am a real person behind this screen, right? That I have feelings and that I value my artwork that I put out there. Sure. Not everyone’s going to like it. Not everyone’s going to agree with it. I am not asking you to do that, but I am asking you to RESPECT me, just like you’d want someone to respect you.

Messages like this are why I have issues with the fandom. It’s really awful that someone didn’t have the guts to come off anon and say this to my face. 

As someone who works their ass off in their personal life and still manages to make time for other people’s entertainment by uploading edits that take me hours, days, and sometimes weeks to make, this is uncalled for. I’m pretty much done right now. 

anonymous asked:

People are telling me not to take T because it'll be unhealthy for my perfectly fine "female" body and I've been being told that I'm not a real guy and everything.. Why do we even have to exist, as trans? Why couldn't I just be a normal "girl" like everyone else so I don't have to go through all the pain, caused by myself and the world, that I cannot get rid off. It's sickening that people think I chose this..

Fox says:

I know. We have all felt this way…and I’ve been feeling it more and more recently. Sometimes we go through really deep, dark phases of this horrible feeling. You are a real guy, though, okay? You are, and you’re perfect.

Day 1: It was a midnight text and I wish I could go back to that moment. 

Day 14: You were so drunk you don’t remember seeing me, but I remember you.

Day 21: I could write 1,000 letters to you about the feeling you gave me that night.  

Day 25-40: Night after night spent doing anything but sleeping  by your side had me drifting into a future I craved with you.

Day41: Spontaneous trips to the country  for a weekend filled with concerts was the greatest gift you could have given me.

Day 42-44: 7am hangovers and cut open skin couldn’t have stopped me from loving you more than I did.

Day 54-58: The log cabin in the woods and days spent playing in the water made me wish time would stop just for one minute.

Day 59: I had 3 days before leaving.

Day 61: Our last night was spent on you wiping tears from my silent sobs, wishing we had more time together.

Day 62: I should have turned that car around before I even left.

Day 66-90: Some mornings I would wake up holding my pillows so hard my knuckles were white, hoping one day they would turn into you.

Day 91: “Im moving to New Zealand.”

Day 130: The inconsistent silence hurt more than anything else ever would.

Day 147: You asked if I was home for Thanksgiving, you told me you were excited to see me.

Day 154: Was that all you needed from me? The one night 2am refresher?

Day 162: “Don’t ever fucking talk to me again.”

Day 163-176: The hole in my heart made it hard to capture my breath whenever I heard your name.

Day 177: Im sorry for texting you and apologizing, I knew you wouldn’t reply.

Day 185: I saw you while driving past your neighborhood, Im sorry for crying. 

Day  186: That plane took you to a place further away than we could recover from.

Day 209: The only reason you texted me was for work.

Day 229: 8 men touched the places you had, but your hands had burned me and I could still feel the pain.

Day 256: You sent me a picture of us, we used to be so in love. 

Day 279: I accidentally got sent a picture of you fucking another girl, thanks for that.

Day 280: I spent the rest of my trip sick in bed, I told my friends it was food poising but I was too sad to do anything.

Day 294: You got a new phone and said you needed contacts, but apparently you already had mine when I texted you; I still wonder if it was memorized.

Day 305: “I miss you” with no reply.

Day 314: Happy Birthday my love, why do you hurt me so bad?

Day 326: We were both home again, and you said we should hangout sometime. Do you even know what that did to me?

Day 329: Fuck you for inviting me to hangout and then never following through.

Day 334-345: Random hookup after the next, Im sorry I feel in love with you all over again, I couldn’t help myself.

Day 347: Your excuse was that you wouldn’t be a good boyfriend, but the truth was that you got scared and you were too much of  coward to say it to my face.

Day 362: You wanted to catch up, I should have told you to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. 

Day 365: Happy One Year. It could have been a real anniversary. 

Day 400: You invited me to a party and I went but had to leave because I couldn't let you see me cry.

Day 409: Our concert weekend once again, but this time I was still in love and you were not.

Day 433: I finally stood up for myself, I wish I had done it sooner.

Day 498: I don’t know why we went to a Halloween Party together but it was the worst decision I have ever made.

Day 533: You said that somehow you managed to get over me but the worst thing was that I had never felt anything you did in the process.

Day 549: Our last hookup.

Day 588: We talked about going camping this summer, I have no fucking clue why.

Day 609: I took a pregnancy test, don’t worry your life isn't over. I can’t believe you were so sweet about it. 

Day  610: Thanks for the birthday wish. 

Day 623: Today. I saw you at school and my entire brain stopped working. I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t think and I had to call my mom laughing hysterically so I wouldn’t cry. I miss you so much even if I tell my friends I’m getting over you. I hope some day in the future we can be extraordinary again.

—  1 year, 8 months, 13 days/ 623 days/89 weeks/14,952 hours/897,120 minutes/53,827,200 seconds and counting since you changed my life