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@clakreqriffin: lmao true, still better approach than telling us we’re seeing things that aren’t there

It’s true. I’ll give Jason that. Like, I think he thinks he’s trying to be our advocate by saying what he did in that interview. He’s trying to let us know that there IS something there, but he’s playing it also like there might not be, just because he’s trying not to spoil where he’s heading with the story. 

The dude, however, lacks serious game when it comes to wooing his audience , and yeah, the way he talked about it… it definitely makes it seem like he doesn’t have authorial intent with Bellarke’s feelings which is TERRIBLE because they’re the heart of his show. How could he NOT have strong authorial intent, and if he doesn’t, then his narrative is SCREWED. 

I just hope he was trying to be tricky and wasn’t being serious, because if he was serious about not “taking sides on it,” then yeah, we’re fucked. lol. 

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Why do Leo suns fall out of love so quickly? Like I do not understand how they can be so in love and chase someone only to drop them just as fast???

Hmm. It might be their moon more

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Legends say that if Gray Fullbuster says the word iced, shell, or death in the same sentence Natsu Dragneel will appear and proceed to beat him up


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Minor Alien Covenant Rant *Spoilers*

Okay, normally I don’t get bent out of shape over this type of thing but I’ve seen this statement repeat itself waaaay too much (mainly on FB): “Daniels is supposed to replace Ripley? Haha, this woman isn’t badass! She cried almost through the entire film!”

First off replacing is a incorrect word to use. Alien (1979) takes places in 2122 and Covenant 2104. Captain Daniels is in no way taking Ripley’s spotlight as she dies either by age (unless this is also Daniels from Alien 2) or whatever crap David 8 has prepared. So cut that shit out. 

Dr. Shaw, Capt. Daniels, and Lieutenant Ripley are all brave and intelligent women who really can’t outdo each other in my opinion. Each brought something to the table and compliments the other. 

Back to the point: Daniels ‘crying’ during most of the movie.

In the beginning Daniels watched her husband and the first captain of Covenant burn alive due to a solar burst in the statis pod that is supposed to protect him. So yeah, any loving person will be a wreck for awhile and actually she reeled in her emotions pretty quick and kept her mind set on the tasking of repairing the ship after a moment of privacy. 

When Shaw’s message was discovered, she was the first to calmly disagree that they cannot go off course. She gets written off as being unstable even though giving Oram perfectly good enough reasons why they should continue forward. 

Another scene where is she ‘crying’ is when her crew and friends are being torn apart by a creature she can barely fight as Neomorphs are incredibly fast. She feels useless. Everyone is dying in front of her again and she cannot stop it. Frustration, sorrow, and pain are all pumping in her system at the sight of crew members literally being torn apart inside and out.

Then here comes David 8 and all hell breaks loose.

The small remainder of her crew is killed by both Neomorph and Xenomorph, except one who is unknowingly infected by the Facehugger. She doesn’t cry. Daniels keeps a clear mind and focuses on guiding Tennessee who is piloting their rescue and giving cover to Sergeant Lope. The Xeno manages to jump on the craft and guess who decides to go out and try to kill it?

Fucking Captain Daniels Branson.

If this where me, I’d be so taxed by now from emotional and physical fatigue, I’d be a potato. But no, this woman gets up and fights the Alien while the craft is moving and hitting buildings. And she kills it.

Once they re-board Covenant, her peace and victory shatters again. She cries again (barely) seeing the mangled corpse of Lope, Ricks, and Upworth. Does she drop the ball? Nope.

Her and T take action. Then when the final blow is delivered to the 2nd Xeno, I think those are tears of joy mixed with ‘Omg I might’ve died right there but hey!’

Point is! This woman is beat to hell, yet manages to outsmart and kill two fully grown Xenomorphs faster than Ripely first did, yet you (mostly men) complain she cried too much.

Every one handles trauma differently and she did not stand/sit there baling until her eyes dried out. She sucked it up for herself and all those around her.

Shouldn’t be we bitching about how Faris lost it and thus killed herself and their medic? No, we should focus on Daniels inappropriate display of emotion. Alright. Fuck you lot.

there has been so many incidents the past few days, it’s scary how unsafe the world we are living in is right now…

i hope all of you stay safe. be vigilant of your surroundings at all times. help people who are in need. support each other.

please be safe. my prayers are all with you.