but why can't i say it

When we say “do not touch the art” about one of the One Direction boys, we really do mean “do not touch”, as in, keep your hands to yourself you piece of shit, they are not OBJECTS THEY ARE PEOPLE WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU LIKE THIS? FUCK.

'nother theory for arc

So everyone saying how DB in general can’t raise the stakes any higher than the current ToP because of how grand and big they made it compared to other seasons/sagas, but with the info we’ve been getting from the current arc, that might not be true, so I thought, what would be bigger than a tournament where each universe individually fights for survival?

A Universal rebellion.

To who, exactly, idk the Zen-Ohs, the Grand Priest, angels in general or someone even bigger that threatens the multiverse. And before you try to counter, HEAR ME OUT, I know Zen Oh can erase someone on the spot, but what other being we know thus far that can do that? The grand priest can’t. But he can manipulate Zeno. He can tell him “This universe deserves to be erased” and Zeno will just be like “oh you’re right BEGONE THOT” and zzzzip its gone. But what if because of Goku, this new source of a new perspective and mentality that Zeno ‘discovers’ in a way, he starts to see things different, cuz Goku has that sord of effect on his enemies and such, and Zeno begins to ‘mature’ and think something like “Wait a sec this universe could be interesting, I don’t wanna erase it now! Let me see it first now!” and wouldn’t be so persuaded by the grand priest (also yes this goes with the theory that the GP is behind everything yadda yadda ok), who wants to take control and overthrow Zeno. Also, because of this, the other Angels start to rebel as well and leave their respective GoD to join the GP and plan to destroy the remaining universes because they are too weak or too overconfident or some moral shit like that, but there’s one angel who doesn’t agree with this and SAVES the universes from them, that being our boy Whis.
SO WE HAVE AN ANGEL MONARCHY that wants to eliminate them but they can’t because only Zeno can erase universes, but Zeno is too stubborn to listen to them so they just keep him cornered or something somewhere while the universes try to think “oh shi what now”. And they have a simple solution, an asspull like DBS likes to do, GET THE SUPER DRAGON BALLS AND WISH AWAY THE ANGEL MONARCHY. THING IS, the GP knew they would make that plan, and SPREADS OUT THE DRAGON BALLS throughout the 12 universes (yes this would mean 5 universes would not get a dragon ball but the main chars and audience won’t know which) to make it even HARDER TO FIND and gather them to wish them away. So what happens next

And against time until the GP does something to stop them idk

SO ALL THE 12 UNIVERSES will have to band together to collect them and secure their multi universe’s safety, creating separate groups, different team ups, more character screen time, higher potentials, MORE FIGHTS, MORE UNIVERSE/WORLD BUILDING, the animators can go wild with creating alien races and planet environments, even cameos from other character races from DBZ, even GT, development, backstories to chars that didn’t get enough attention in the ToP, explanations to technics and motives, origins, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

I would go more into detail but this really started to sound like a fic that would take twice as long as the entire Harry Potter series SO DONE

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

This is one of the most shallow reasons for why Kara and Lena are a great match (especially because there are so many great non shallow reasons) but I love that Kara won’t have to worry about spending any extra money she has on food because Lena’s a damn billionaire. I know it’s a running gag about how much Kara loves food but she honestly needs a lot of it.

Kara probably has a semi decent income from CatCo but with all her expenses and the fact that she most likely isn’t paid by the DEO, every leftover penny goes to making sure she gets enough calories, especially after she becomes Supergirl and starts using her powers on a daily basis. That’s a ton of food she has to buy in order to balance out how many calories she burns.

But she never wants Lena to think she’s using the woman for her money. Never. So she insists on splitting the bill or ordering much less than she needs if Lena insists on paying and Lena finds it so damn frustrating because why won’t her best friend let her pay for her food???

Until one day it just clicks for Lena after she’s told the Supergirl secret and has done the calorie math in her head and God Kara how are you able to afford all the food that you need? and the next day when Kara walks into her apartment, she sees that Lena has finally used the key she was given to completely overstock Kara’s kitchen with all sorts meals, snacks, protein bars, etc., with a simple note on the counter saying Let me know when you’re running low and it’s stupid but Kara finds herself getting emotional at Lena’s complete acceptance of who she is.


there is a difference between being worried about jackson because he’s feeling down because you don’t want him to be hurt and wanting jackson not to be sad because you usually see him happy and you want him to entertain you and be one dimensional!!!!


I have so many people in my inbox asking for how the bakushima asked Denki out it’s amazing - the answer is it was a disaster from start to end but what were you all even expecting we’re talking about Bakugou and Kirishima

Denki said yes anyway cause he’s a disaster too


📣📣📣📣  yall seein this???