but why are you so pogi

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Why so pogi? Bakit ka sobrang masaya? :-)

Thank you, anon 😉

Sobrang saya ko kasi I had precious time with the love of my life. Magical moments are true, I must say. Ayun. ☺️

When you have a blind date with BIGBANG ~ pt.2/2

the BaeRi edition


*you’d received a suspicious text from Jiyong, telling you to go over to his apartment, and instead of ignoring it (like you probably should have done) you decided to go and see what he wanted.*

*You opened his front door and walked in like you had done numerous times before and walked towards the lounge, hearing the sound of slow jazz and becoming increasingly suspicious. Just as you turn the corner you’re greeted by…*

[TY] oh!…Y/N…

*you stare at him, taking in his beauty and the way he was staring at you and you felt butterflies in your stomach*

[TY] Did…did Jiyong text you as well…?

[Y/N] uh….yeah….do you know why?

*he smiles to himself, looking at the floor and nodding, before looking back up at you, his eyes showing a little bit of fear*

[TY] uh…..yeah….i think so….

[Y/N] …are you going to tell me….or…?

[TY] I think he wanted me to tell you something…

[Y/N] Tae, spit it out.

[TY] He wanted me to tell you that i like you Y/N….

*you stare at him, not thinking you heard the words properly, before smiling goofily and biting your lip*

[Y/N] I…I like you too Tae…

[TY] Really?…Wow….Now, I wish i would have told you sooner ….


* You hadn’t wanted to go clubbing, but after Taeyang had begged you repeatedly you had given in, putting on one of your little black dresses and jumping into the taxi he’d called for you*

*You see them as soon as you walk through the front doors and you grin to yourself as you see them all dancing, walking over and immediately swinging your hips to the rhythm*

[SR] Y/N you made it!

*you turn round to see Seungri walking toward you, a huge smile on his face and you smile back, going to turn around but finding that the boys had slowly started to move away, winking at you and grinning as they left*

[SR] will you dance with me?

[Y/N] uh…sure….

*you begin to dance with him, laughing whenever he did something stupid or extravagant and a little while later you found yourself at the bar as he ordered you a drink*

[SR] so…Y/N…do you know why Youngbae-hyung invited you here tonight…?

[Y/N] uh…not really no…

[SR] …of course not… *shifts from foot to foot nervously*

[Y/N] why…do you?

[SR] actually, i am the reason he invited you. I wanted to ask you….

[SR] …If you wanted to go to dinner with me sometime?


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When you have a heart condition that he doesn't know about and he finds out~ pt.2/2

the ToDaeRi edition

authors notes: thank you xenosite for requesting! we hope you enjoy the second half!


*you’re led on your bed one morning with Daesung, his arms are wrapped around you and he is lazily kissing your neck*

*you start to get into the moment, his hands trailing over your body, his touch driving you crazy and making your heart beat erratically, so fast that you feel yourself lose breath and you have to sit up quickly, pushing him away so that you can get your breath back*

[DS] Jagi! Are you okay?

*his voice is worried and you see him shuffle over to you quickly with a confused expression*

[Y/N] im fine, just a little short of breath… *pant*

[DS] Jagi, you don’t look too good, do i need to call an ambulance?

*he jumps off of the bed and reaches for his phone, but you hold out your hand to stop him*

[Y/N] Dae, its fine, just pass me that brown bottle on top of the cabinet

[DS] what is it? *he asks as he passes you the bottle*

*you take two of the tablets and then lie back on the bed, you don’t answer him, worried about what he might say. Daesung kneels beside the bed, his hands wrapping themselves around your own*

[DS] Jagi, please tell me whats going on.

*you look worriedly at him, seeing him grin reassuringly at you and you decide to tell him*

[Y/N] i have a small… heart problem, its nothing to worry about, i just get a little short of breath sometimes…

[DS] Jagi! why didn’t you tell me? how long have we been together and you’ve been having to keep this from me?

[Y/N] I didn’t want to worry you….

[DS] but i could’ve hurt you, I COULD’VE KILLED YOU!

[Y/N] Dae, don’t be so melodramatic, i just got a bit excited thats all…

*he looks at you, his frown turning to a proud smirk*

[DS] Jagi, you still should’ve told me, i can always entertain you in other ways…

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<post profile pic>

Friend 1: “Naks. Pagwapo ng pagwapo ah.”

Friend 2: “Forever crush. <3”

Relative: “Kumusta na kayo dyan? Mag-iingat kayo palagi. Pasabi sa inay mo okay naman kami dito.”

( Me: Ako po hindi okay.)


<post profile pic>

Friend 1: “OMG! Gwapoooo!!”

Friend 2: “Hart hart. <3 <3”

Friend 3: “Baka po may alam kayo. I’m looking for (BUMIBILI) most be RUSH ITEM IPHONE 5S OR IPHONE 5C badget 4k to 5.5k comeplete po sana
sa mga rush seller jan sure buyer ako … kunin ko den po khit ngayon.”

( Me: Mukha ba akong nagbubuy and sell sa profile pic ko?)


<post profile pic>

Friend 1: “Why you so gwapo. <3”

Friend 2: “Ang hottttttt!”

Inay: “San ka na? Paloadan mo ko. 10 lang.”

( Me: ‘Nay naman. Naituro ko na senyo kung pano gumamit ng FB chat ah.)


<post profile pic>

Friend 1: “Superlike!”

Friend 2: “Gwapo mo dito preh”.

Friend 3: “Grabee!! Matalino na, pogi pa. Uyyyyyyy. favor naman….”

(Me: Ganun? Saka lang magpaparamdam pag may kelangan? Galing ah. Keep it up.)


<post profile pic>

Friend 1: “Hart hart. <3”

Friend 2: *laglag panty*

Ka-work: May sweldo na!!!

(Me: Wag mong ipagkalat na wala na akong pera please. huhu )


<post profile pic>

Friend 1: “Anakan mo ako kuya!”

Friend 2: “QTP2T”

Someone: “Hi. Are you from last night o from last last night? Medyo may hangover pa kasi. Pero i must say, kahit maliit si junjun mo, you didi it great! Isa pa please. sherep ih. hihi”

(Me: Pota! Hindi ako yun!!!! *deletes comment*)


<post profile pic>

Friend 1: “Why you so gwapo. <3”

Friend 2: “Ang hottttttt!”

Relative: “Nakikita mo pa ba si Elsa dyan sa kabilang bahay? Pakisabi bayad bayadan yung utang niya ha. Nakakabili siya ng bagong washing machine tapos yung utang niya di mabayaran!!!”

( Me: Profile picture ko talaga ang susi para mabayaran ang utang ni Elsa?)

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filipino R would totally be that little shit who says certain filipino words mean something else. like maybe one day he says "bakit ba ang pogi mo? Kadayaan 'to" (why are you so handsome? it's unfair) then enj is just like "???" and R says. "Oh nothing. I was just saying that the weather is quite humid today and that it's a disgrace." or E asks for filipino lessons and R accidentally says "mahal na mahal kita" (i love you a lot) and he just says it means "you're a great friend"

I live for language differences and hijinx!

While Jehan is sitting there, understanding everything, sipping their tea “shall I tell them before a pine grows out of their asses?”