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PLEDIS GIRLZ is a 10 member predebut girl group from Pledis Entertainment set to debut sometime in the first half of 2017! The group consists of Nayoung, Minkyeong, Kyungwon, Eunwoo, Yebin, Pinky/Kyulkyung, Yewon, Shannon/Sungyeon, Siyeon and Kyla.

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dating jaehyun!!


sorry guys, but i will only write for the ones i have inso. for. 

its not that i don’t want to write the others, but i don’t have any ideas to keep the au going

- dating jaehyun is like dating a pizza pocket

- soft and squishy on the outside, but steaming hot n slightly gross on the inside

- thats exactly how u and jaehyun met actually

- y'all were at the school cafeteria y’know the usual 

- and u go to the nasty microwave to warm up ur pizza pocket

- buT noPE jeffrey from california buts u in line

- “uhm excusE mE u butted me?? i was in line before you??”

- “hhehha so? i need to warm up my lunch”

- “bIHH mOve beFOre i bUst YO aSS and turn it into a lumpy piece of poo”

- honestly jaehyun thought you were the weirdest kid ever

- tbh u were

- anYWay

- from that moment on, jaehyun found you EVERYWHERE

- in the library? he see’s u

- in the gym? he see’s u

- in the grocery store? he see’s u


- “boi calm yo tits its not my fault even,,,you always appear after me, so technically ur stalking me”

- he hates u

- but likes u at the same time

- honestly jeffrey didn’t evEn know

- aight so in science class one day

- y'all were assigned as seat partners 


- low-key he was happy cause he could bug u

- and tease u

- “wow arent you happy we sit beside each other???for the rest of the year???”


- time skip 2 months

- jaehyun and u have a pre decent friendship

- always teasing each other ya know

- “ewW jAEhyUN geT yO sweATy ass away from me”

- “its not my fault I’m hot ;)”

- “wha-that wasn’t the right context- honestly i give up”

- yo but jaehyun has a huge crush on u

- like hUgE

- one of those crushes where u tease ur crush and make fun of them idek why

- anyway so jaehyun likes u rite

- and one day the science teacher decided y'all were not a good match and wanted to move u


- “pls,,, you can’t,,, i like her :(”

- u choked on ur spit

- ur teacher choked on their spit

- your class choked on their spit

- bitch when??? i was such a mofo to u (your thoughts)

- honestly though, u weren’t complaining cause u liked him back

- so like the teacher decided not to move u cause

- “young love”

- and jaehyun asked u out right.there

- right.in. front. of. the. whole. class

- “will u do me the greatest honour and date me?”

- ‘jaehyun get off ur knees this isnt a proposal for marriage”

- “not yet ;)”

- ya but u do accept his love

- jaehyun likes kisses

- not pecks on ur forehead,cheek or nose

- he likes long, sensual kisses (yALL IT TOOK ME LIK 8 MINS TO WRITE THAT WITHOUT CRINGING)

- jaehyun treasures u, it may not sam like it cause he is always annoying you  but he truly believes that u r the one. 

- he once faceted u at 2am cause he “missed your face” 

- “jaehyu n we saw each other today and we have school tmrw jfc”

- total babe

- first date story time

- he wanted to make it special so he invited you over to the dorm and cooked his favourite meal for u

- then accidentally burnt himself

- and then set the heat alarm off

- and then burnt the meat

- hONestLy jAeHyuN

- its gucci though, cause you saved the day

- and y'all ended up ordering in pizza and watching netflix

- sometimes he texts u the weirdest things

- like he sent u a text a 1am saying

- “hey baby girl look out yo window, rapunzel is here for u”

- “jaehyun are you dumb? rapunzel is the princess”

- ou didn’t look out the window just for that tbh

- so jaehyun had to climc up ur wall and through your window

- its ok though cause y'all cuddled

- omg jaehyun loves to cuddle

- he likes spooning you and leaving little butterfly kisses on ur neck

- speaking of which…..



- he likes being all rough n roamy ;)))))))

- speaking of which x2…..


- honestly, he kinky as heLL

- anD doesnt even care

- he likes to try out new things

- “that look s cool can we try it”

- “no jaehyun thats nasty”

- but y'all end up trying it anyway




- moving on

- jaehyun sometimes appears behind u and whispers the weirdest pick up lines

- “if u were a booger, i’d pick u first”

- “do you like dragons? cause i’ll be dragon my ball across your face tonight ;)”

- sometimes u wonder why u agreed to date him

- your parents adore jaehyun

- they loVE HIM

- “aww sweetie when will you bring your bf again? he’s so sweet,caring,handsome,tall,perfe-”

- “y'all i gawdee”

- you’re low-key jealous of him though cause so!many!people!like!him

- he always gets 92893289 gifts on his bday/valentines day 

- and u just get one 

- but its gucci cause atleast its from him!!!!!

- when jaehyuns sad, he tends to cut people off and wanna be alone 

- you get that because everyone needs space

- but then he gets all clingy and whiny

- and it throws u off cause i??thought??you??wanted??to??be??alone??

- honestly dis boi is a mystery

- but he’s your mystery <3

- jaehyun loves you so much he wouldn’t trade u for anything cause he just loves u so much and suhushuhs he loves u ok

tis the end y'all

im gonna post neighbour!renjun next if i can


- emma


Freelancer Christmas

Carolina - “I mean I’m Jewish but sure?? Go holidays I guess.”

Washington - Refuses to admit he believed in Santa until he was 15

North - Dresses up as Santa, picked out the perf gifts for everyone

York - “I’m not Santa but you can sit on my lap ;)”

Wyoming - Loves the “traditional” Christmas

Florida - Same as Wyo, and always drinks a lil too much egg nog

South - “Why have egg nog when we could just go straight to alcohol.”

Tex - thinks Christmas is a bullcrap holiday and a waste of everyone’s time

Maine - Has no idea what to get people so he usually just gets them gift cards


OK. Time for my review of tonights episode, being a fucking rollercoaster of emotions like always 

this episode starts with our smog angry kitten yurio arriving with Yakov and Mila and the old ballet-lady whose name I’ve forgotten 

he’s greeted by a bunch of fans but apparently he’s not much into fangirls, ‘cause he runs off

and apparently he’s not the Russian Runk anymore, now he’s the Russian Ice Tiger (more like smol angry russian kitten tbh)

he’s meeting his cute russian gramps who picks him up and when he sees him he’s not a smol angry kitten anymore but a cute ball of fluffi- and happiness 

I mean, look at this cutie 

he brought him his FAVORITE FOOD Y’all I’m dying 

now we know where all the angriness and the “lol me no care” attitude comes from, that stare though

the look when you’re getting scolded bc gramps thinks you don’t like his food anymore lmao so relatable 

I love how we get a little insight on his mind I mean he’s a fucking precious cupcake that needs to be protected at ALL COSTS 

then we get to see Viktor who looks even more badass and ah-ma-zing than he usually does (hm, I wonder why??? maybe bc he’s happy with his cute bf)

lmao I’m a rockstar pls fuck off 

but then he sees Yurio is suddenly all happy and touchy and fatherly even though Yurio is his usual pissed angsty self - but Viktor doesn’t give a single fuck he adores him anyways

the look when you’re forced to be the center of attention, so miserable

the look when your kid acts a little off but you don’t care because your kid is a small perfect angel anyways

scenery switches to Yuuri who’s kinda stoked that he literally has no friends around him this time (and his bf doesn’t count)

then we’re introduced to his high-premium skaters, but I’d like to call them high-premium visages bc their faces are a whole new level of hilarious

I mean look at them (and for the record, the two on the right are brother and sister even if you’ll need time to understand that bc he’s overprotective AF about her and kinda obsessed?? and the guy on the left wants into her panties bc she’s an italian beauty)

we’re also introduced to the Korean Skater Lee and he just doesn’t give one single fuck about anything really 

a lot of glances are shared and apparently the italian beauty (who’s called Sala) knows Yuuri and looks really happy to see him (bitch stay in ya lane he has a boyfriend and is overall happy and shit)

then the angry Korean Lee says some rude shit (not even that rude) to her bc he doesn’t give a shit 

and her and her brother don’T take it so well (again, their faces what are they???)

and Lee could not care less

Yuuri decides it’s time to leave in silence and just take the other elevator bc they do take their time fighting

but no! who could that be? who’d wear lilac cheetah sneaker? 

why u blushing bitch

bc apparently the Russian Ice Tiger (who wears cheetah instead of Tiger Stripes, kinda ironic) is intimidating AF

but Yuuri is really happy to see him again and like always Yurio’s threatening him with keeping Viktor in Russia (but at this point no one really takes that for serious, ugh)

OH MY a small glimpse at my cute babies Leo and Guang-Hong! Oh how I miss them! I need them to have more screen time, or like their own SPIN-OFF! (make that happen pls)

Wow, look at that narcissistic guy over there wonder what his name is, oh Jean-Jacques? Not even surprised 

but more on him later 

then we get a quick look at Lee twerking his ass off (wondering who he’s tryna impress???)

and of course the king of grimaces and his sister (he’s kinda hot tbh) and btw everyone calls him Micky! 

dem legs! that grace! yakovs face! 

and of course: the gays 

Plus, Phichit kinda lost his chill

Minako, who is all of us trying to watch the new episode lmao

and those three precious babies who are also totally relatable to every fangirl (but their mom too, kinda)

I don’t give a fuck is the first to compete and he wears a really nice piece of clothing that kinda reminds you of a parrot 

Sala is totally in awe, Emil annoying Micky like usually (at least what we’ve seen up to now)

he doesn’t look 18 tbh, more like 26

that look, why aren’t those two dating?? (I know not everyone can be gay in this series *sigh*)

then again we see this guy 

who kinda invades Vickys personal space 

finally someone who actually expresses his happiness about his score 

now it’s Mickys turn (and this still doesn’t look like a healthy brother-sister relationship tbh)

he’s fit

with that face expression he should totally meet Chris sometime

his biggest fangirl 

he really hates that Emil is after his sister lol

all he thinks about during his performance is his sister and we get some really cute and glamorous throwbacks 

and some creepy shots of his sister sleeping????

he really is a pretty guy though (who’s just a little too overprotective)

strike that manly pose! 

they all look so not impressed 

but he gets a sisterly hug from .. well .. his sister 

SWITCHING SCENES TO KNEELING VIKTOR (he looks comfortable in this pose, wonder if he’s been kneeling like that some other times too??)

Yuuri looks so hot and dominant (kinda like a servant and his master, oh my) but seriously he’s making sure his laces are properly tied how cute and thoughtful???

“YOu’re my babe. Show what you got”

“I’ll make you proud, if not now then later in our shared hotel room”

then we get a hint that shit’s going down so fast

when you forget your responsibilities bc you wanna watch ice-skating live

Viktor being his cheerful self, but Yuuri doesn’t buy it and demands all his attention

“give me all your attention my love, I’ll perform only for you”

oh my yes you showed Russia all your fucking love for this man and oh my god nobody can tell me those two haven’T already been getting it on in bed at this point

the he showed us the most beautiful and fab performance ever, he was actually shining like a star, all about him screamed sex 

*when you’re thinking bout what you gonna do to your boyfriend in bed tonight*bc he’s hot holy shit

he’s SO HOT

everybody is stunned (and probably thinks about what’s underneath that really tight suit)

you’re such a good boyfriend you’re cheering for your babe 

giving the smog kitten some prep talk

seeing how hot the other Yuuri actually is and finally being intimidated by him, kinda (and get even more angry)

still cheering

that pose lmao

but that face, utter hotnesssss 

cheering intensifies 

blushing babe

and when you thought it couldn’t get any better 

an angel appears 

and that angel offends you but you don’t even care

you’re too overwhelmed by all that grace and beauty

like, really overwhelmed

and then you and your gay bf act like the proud parents that you are 

the love in their eyes I can’t they’re so proud

some more prep talk by the most ignorant people ever (and where’s his grandpa??? I was so sorry for him)

anxiety hits him

meanwhile those two are celebrating

VIKTOR EVEN KISSES HIS BLADES lmao someones getting treated good at night for being so perf I swear 

little Yurio just is fucking annoyed by all their PDA (maybe he has to listen to their sweet talk all the time lmao)

then they see him and get all fucking proud and happy

Yurio’S like the annoyed kid who’s getting embarrassed in front of his friends by his parents

kissy kissy make us proud we love you anyways 

“oh MY GOD Dad that’S so embarrassing I’m not five years old anymore” he’s wild lmao, really looks like an angry kitty

parents have no clue why he’s so pissed off

then his performance starts and OH EM GE it was everything! He’s the most beautiful human being e-ver

that face he’s prettier than any of us 

my kitten has to be protected

then he meets someone he hates even more than his parents

here I can see the tiger in him

their faces, I’m dyING

Yuuri is still first place and Viktor couldn’t be any more proud, just look at him watching his bf realize that he’s a sexy beast and in first place

now we get to see Jean-Jacques Leroy or as he likes to call himself King JJ

and to be hones he’s a fucking rock-star (literally??)

he loves himself a lot (kinda the kanye of ice-skating)

and is not afraid to show the junk in his trunk 

like I said…. rock star

“JJ Style” is apparently a thing

I’m digging his lavender costume tbh

he loves himself so much that he makes out with himself in front of everyone

and this is his signature hand-move

SUDDENLY the fun’s over, apparently Makkachin is on the edge of dying and Minako is at the Vet with him (I was crying tbh)

Yuuri immediately thinks about how he wasn’t there when his beloved Vicchan died and then … 

he tells Viktor to leave for Japan BECAUSE HE CARES MORE ABOUT HIS BOYFRIENDS FEELINGS THAN ABOUT WINNING (this gives me life) and eh doesn’t want his boyfriend to experience the same hurt and grief that he went through and all the ‘what ifs’ etc. 

he cares so much

I think Viktor knows that too 

then those people come along

why are my parents fighting?

Viktor is torn on the inside, he doesn’t know what to do

but then he gets an idea…

why not trust this heartless and emotionless men with taking care of his anxious and sometimes confidence lacking boyfriend????

he looks so desperate I can’t

and everyone is like: ?????????????

and then: cliffhanger 

let’s all pray for Makkachin, and for Yurio that his grandpa will show up and for a meeting between JJ and Chris! *prays*

First night, wedding night

Naruto: Finally! You and I alone! Hinata, what do you say, need any help getting off that dress-ttebayo? HeeHee

Hinata: N-Naruto-kun… –she looked away to hide that dark shade of red that was covering her cheeks-

Naruto: -getting very close to her- Hinata… You are so beautiful. Not just the way you look, but also the way you act. You got me excited just by saying my name in that cutest manner only you can say it. –he walked past her to turn off the lights. His hands grabbed her waist to guide her towards the bed- Now. Let me show you how much I love you.

Hinata: -her glowing eyes fixing his, she smiled gently and let herself carried away by his intense passion. It was love in its purest form.- I love you, Naruto-kun.


Sakura: Why do you have to go so early on your mission tomorrow? It’s our wedding night.

Sasuke: You know why, Sakura. Why are you wasting precious time on asking futile questions? –he walked towards her to lift her up in his arms again and placed her on the bed. She could feel his hot breath on her neck, his playful hands lifting the dress off her legs and his body moving closer and closer to hers. God, he looked so handsome from up close, she couldn’t avoid the blush.-

Sakura: Sasuke-kun, please… Be gent…

Sasuke: I know. I know, my beautiful wife. –His smile made her blushing even more obvious. His ticklish fingers while taking off her dress causing her to giggle and the sight of her laying naked underneath him confused him a bit.  She was cute and hot at the same time. Sakura never saw Sasuke blushing that way before. It was a first night to remember for the rest of their lives.


Temari entered the hotel room with her eyes being covered by her husband’s hands. She reacted with a loud exhale at the sight of the floor covered with flower petals of all colors and the enormous bed beautifully arranged with satin sheets. Shikamaru took his queen’s hand to guide her towards the bed. Without parting their lips from the intense kiss, they tried to take off each other’s clothes.

Shikamaru – after getting under the sheet on top of his beautiful naked wife, still kissing the life off her- Mmmh, my queen –he took a break to admire her. His gaze upon her body was so intense, Temari started to bite her lips already missing his- How much I’ve waited for this moment. At last, I can have you all for myself. Waiting was so troublesome, but you sure make the waiting worth.

Temari: -his intense kisses, his lustful caresses, his gentile thrusts made her squeeze her eyes and continuously moan in pleasure. She was the queen of the desert, but in bed, he was the king of her world.-


Ino: Mmm! Sai! Sai! Stop! I want this to be romantic. This is our first night. –she pushed the man on top of her in order to stop his cute nibbles all over her body-

Sai: I can be romantic, but I want you so badly. Ino, you are gorgeous! Let me make love to you. I can’t wait.

Ino: -her arms surrounding his neck got him immobilized.- You want to make love to me? Well, you won’t. Because tonight, on our first night I will make love to you and it will be on my terms. –she roughly pushed his back against the bed and started kissing his lips gently. The man underneath her seemed so tense and anxious. She loved keeping him waiting as she teased his body with long hot kisses holding his wrists tight against the bed preventing him from moving. It was her first time, but she was so carried on, the pain didn’t even matter. They both wanted this to happen so much that when it finally happened their moans and groans were heard in the entire hotel.-


Karui: Choji, I… I…

Choji: Look at me. -he grabbed her chin to lift her face- Everything will be alright. I love you.

Karui: I know, but… I want this night to be perf….

Choji: No. I understood you wanted the wedding to be perfect, so I let you organize it, but this night, this night you let yourself in my hands. Close your eyes, my lovely bride. -everything was sweet about Choji. His lips, his touches, his smile, his kisses, his glances, his moves. He took Karui to another world, a world she wanted to be trapped in forever.-


Lee: Tenten… –sitting on one side of the bed- What should we do now?

Tenten: -sitting on the other- Why are you asking me? You’re the man. Baka! –she said in a calm tone, almost sounded like a whisper. She couldn’t even think about what was going to happen without feeling extremely flustered.

Lee: -suddenly getting up and walking towards her- That’s right! I am the man! –When he thought he caught the courage to take the initiative, seeing her pretty face glaring up at him with those big sparkling eyes made his heart melt- Tenten! –his hand grabbed hers and brought it close to his lips- You are so…. so…. Ah! Tenten! –Seeing her husband being so nervous and so cute, she couldn’t help her urge to kiss his hot lips. She dragged him on top of her and they kissed. A long sweet kiss that turned both of them on, especially Lee. It felt like a fire ignited inside of him. It was a long eventful night for both of them. He kept whispering in her years how beautiful she was and she squeezed his body against hers all night, refusing to let go. –

Tenten: I will never let go of this moment, Lee!

Lee: Like if I’d ever let you, my beautiful wife.

Requested by my LT friend Corey. Tagging my adorable LeeTen friends metaruricecake and teacher-monica and also my ShikaTema besties glow-241o and lolli-pop666 I love you guys!

why   don’t   daryl   &   rosita   NOT   have   more   fucking   screen time   ?        their   relationship   is   so   interesting   &   could   go   in   so   many   different   directions   !       i   would   even   settle   for   enemies,    but   like    —-   we   get   nothing   &    then   BAM   we  get   a   little   tease.       daryl   punched   negan   because   he   was   tormenting   rosita   after   abraham’s   death,    for   fucks   sake   !       they   obviously   have   some   kind   of   relationship   that   we’re   apparently   not   allowed   to   see.       plus   that   one   ep   we   had   of   them   together   was   fucking   epic.       she   also   told   gabriel   daryl   was   strong.       PLUS   THEY’RE   BOTH   SO   BADASS   &   STUBBORN   &   VENGEFUL.       i   just   …    need   it,    please   ?       october   better   deliver,    amc.       that’s   all   i’m   saying.


woozi: hello, i’m seventeen’s vocal team leader woozi

hoshi: hello, i’m seventeen’s performance team leader yeol-shi sibbun hoshi

s.coups: hello, i’m seventeen’s leader s.coups

gookju: where are the rest of the members?

hoshi: the rest of the members really wanted to come, but the chairs aren’t enough to fit all of them, so the 3 sub unit leaders came instead

gookju: why did the ceo create a group with so many members when they wouldn’t be to attend schedules like this together?

s.coups: in terms of performance, it’s great to have 13 members.

hoshi: for our group, we create our own songs & create our own choreography. Also, our team have 3 sub units - perf, vocal & hiphop team. so, we can promote in our own sub units, or we could mix the sub units and promote as well.

gookju: there must be an idol that you really admire/like? 

woozi: BoA sunbaenim, she’s really cool!

gookju: instead of cool, what about charming?

woozi: she’s really charming too!

hoshi: for me it’s lee hyo ri sunbaenim.

gookju: it can’t be lee hyo ri, it can’t be someone who is married.

hoshi: uhh.. orange caramel sunbaenim

history & gookju: it can’t be someone from the same company!

gookju: who in orange caramel?

hoshi: raina sunbaenim

gookju: so the other members aren’t as charming?

hoshi: no no the other members are good as well!

gookju: s.coups must be feeling very burdened right now.

s.coups: i choose gookju noona! 

gookju: no, disqualified! no it can’t be me!

gookju: seventeen being new, you must have felt “woah i’ve became idol”, do you have thoughts like this?

hoshi: before debut we used to take the public transport, but now we are able to ride a car, it feels interesting.

s.coups: it is when we meet seniors when performing, us and seniors performing on the same stage, when i see on tv it’s amusing/interesting.

hoshi: the company suggested the my stage name and i’m satisfied with it, my name derived from 10시 10분 yeol-shi sibbun  (which means 10:10) which is what people call me. the company suggested it so that the fans could call me hoshi sibbun, furthermore hoshi also means star in japanese.

hoshi: for dance, i originally already had interest in it, when i first joined the company i learnt it.

woozi: the company suggested woozi as the fans would call me by “(u)ri-(ji)hoon” (which means our jihoon) hence they came out with u-ji (woozi).

s.coups: the s in my name stage means seungcheol/seventeen. (he said something else about the ‘coups’ but i couldn’t capture it)

s.coups: our company’s ceo told us to eat more & work hard, he previously said before debut that he wouldn’t mind about how much it would cost to feed us.

woozi: our role model group is shinhwa, they have been active for 17 years and we hope we could be like them, having a strong bond between the members and a great passion for their music.

hoshi: we hope to continue release albums

s.coups, being the leader, like how jihoon is producing & composing songs,  i hope that the other members would do and try out other activities.

a member of history: when i see seventeen, i envy them. 

  • Fandoms : BigBang don't do full choreo they just jump around the stage.
  • VIPs : i know aren't they cute ?
  • Fandoms : they just shout random shit
  • VIPs : slay my heart every time i swear
  • Fandoms : they joke around DURING the performance
  • VIPs : OMG let me tell you about that one joke th-
  • Fandoms :
  • VIPs :
  • Fandoms :
  • VIPs :
  • Fandoms :
  • VIPs : am sorry did you have a point ?

So Zuko states he doesn’t understand what happiness means for his sister.

I wonder why.


okay y'all, with the lexark shit coming out the arse because elyza lex and alicia clark are perf, we also get zombies with them. and the walking dead universe. so heres a low down on things u may wanna know if u plan on fic/art/head canons.

-zombies dont exist! in this universe, the idea of zombies never occurred. this is why they call them walkers/undead/shufflers/biters etc. the myth of zombies never happened.

-everybody has the virus. everybody. you dont need to be bitten to turn. you just need to be dead. the bite infects the body so that the person dies and the host virus can take over and keep killing people. the host virus cant take a living body, only a dead one.

-walkers have terrible eye sight. like its super fukn shitty. however their sense of smell and hearing are still pretty good. sometimes to survive a group may cover themselves in zombie guts to get past a hoard to cover the smell of human.

-everyone has their own name for walkers. this is because people dont know what to call them. refer back to: zombies dont exist. (the mains in twd call them walkers, however other groups have called them biters)

-a walker /must/ have severe head trauma to die. they can ‘live’ as just heads without bodies, but they cant ‘live’ with a knife through their skull.

-the fuckers are slow as hell. but they would follow a snack till the ends of the earth. the best way to get rid of them is to kill them or find a reallly good hiding spot.

-a walker will abandon a fresh kill in order to chase an alive human.

-animals dont have the virus! however a walker will eat animals, the virus doesnt transmit. imagine how fucked youd be if a bunch of zombie mosquitos were hooning around. quite fucked.

-those who are fans of twd or know their shit plz add to this!

He would try to live up to that honor–try to find some way to prove he deserved it. That she hadn’t bet on the wrong horse. Somehow. He’d earn it/ Even with so little to offer beyond his own magic and heart. 

And here we have Rowan Whitethorn, centuries old Fae warrior-prince, being the biggest dork and never thinking he’s good enough for his queen. She chose him, and never would he be good enough for her. My smol tol birb of bae.

lol y'all want finn x poe so bad

why not just appreciate finn x rey in all its fluffy cuteness and interracial glory

(also rey and kylo ren??? rly????? this is gonna be incest & we all know it)

(also what kind of immature teenage nonsense is this, wanting to pair together two characters who clearly want to kill each other when there is a perf CINNAMON ROLL in love w/ rey. yall just want problematic pairings tbh)

(ALSO, “good girl redeems bad guy” is so SHALLOW compared to “bad guy is redeemed by forgiveness of family even after KILLING HIS FATHER”… Rey redeeming Kylo Ren doesn’t even make sense… he doesn’t need her forgiveness, he needs his family’s)


(EDIT: haha lol adding this because PLEASE stop sending me anons about this post, literally it was just me ranting at 4am, calm down you can ship whoever u want lol

if you are STILL going to send me anons at least make sure i haven’t already answered something similar lol here here and here)

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hi idk why I'm telling you but I felt like telling someone lol I was at target last week and there was this super cute worker who was kinda in my way and he didn't notice me so I casually cleared my throat and he smiled at me &amp;I noticed he had a really well done sleeve so I commented on it and he complimented my hair color and we've been texting since and tonight he took me out and in the car his phone played the I miss you cover and we started talking abt 5sos and fuck I can't stop smiling.

this sounds so perf omg i am v happy fr u bub im glad its workin :—*