but why are they so cute like

so we all know how teru stands in his well know “pigeon toed” stance  

(credit to wiki)

tbh i just always thought it was cute and just like his thing??

however before i started crying about caesar i noticed caesar from jojos bizarre adventure fought the same way!!

knees bent and shit you know. 

now looking further into it i found out this was an actual stance in martial arts!! from what ive learned its called the sanchin dachi stance! apparently its to help the fighter stay grounded 

some examples

(this captures it pretty well lmao..)

now i dont know shit about martial arts so please correct me if im wrong but i thought it was cool to know why teru had a reason to fight like that and not just be dorky.

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Pero like why are you and your novia so cute together. Tbh Y'all are like goals

trust me when i tell you it was a surprise to her and I too. what started out as lol sure why not whatever turned into this cute gay ass mess

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in the 7 second challenge video, when dan jumps up, you can see his dimples and his fucking smile is so cute he's like a little boy what the fuck

why does he actually look like a lanky newborn fawn who has no idea what to do with its long pool noodle limbs

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Okay Yams can do an incredibly accurate Tsukki impression but please consider.... Tsukishima being able to do a scarily accurate impression of Yamaguchi. Whenever they get into "fights" they're always just imitating each other like "Why yes, I'm Tsukishima Kei and I have a giant stick up my ass and only ever say 'Shut up Yamaguchi'" "Well look at me, I'm Yamaguchi and I always have to act so cute and say 'Sorry, Tsukki!' to everything, even though I'm not sorry at all!"

i’m mcfreakin dead

~ Mod Han

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You know what I really hate is like when there's a cute relationship post (like this one where this elderly couple has a sign in their yard saying they've been together for 60 years) and people are so bitter on the notes like bish why you negative on something so sweet it's honestly the one thing I hate about our generation

self hatred humour and bitterness are the worst part of this generation honestly

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drabble challenge: 103 for Klaroline

103: “Sharing is caring. Now give me your fries.”

Short and sweet…i think lol On FF.

Also, If you want me to do one!

What’s Yours Is Mine, What’s Mine Is Mine!

“Sweetheart, stop looking at me like a hungry lioness.”

Covering his hand with hers and looking deeply into his eyes, Caroline declared, “Klaus, I love you and I care about you, which is why I’m saying this, if you touch my fries again I will have to cut off your hands.”

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This is going to be so difficult I’m a very boring person lol

Name: someone called me kitsnz in an ask the other day which I thought was cute. So, let’s go with that.

Pronouns: she/her 

Country of origin: straya

Sexuality: I guess straight. I’ve only been with my bf lol

Star sign: scorpio 

First language spoken: english

Other languages spoken: not enough worth noting haha


  1. jumpers. I’m constantly buying them. I would wear jumpers every day if I could. Why do I live in australia? I need to live somewhere cold lol
  2. sweet and salty popcorn (I’m always snacking on it)
  3. rain very very very very very much
  4. console games (specifically ps4, 3ds & psvita) 
  5. character reference sheets. I love seeing how they look from different angles lol
  6. fluid/smooth animation? The opening of YOI gives me an eyegasm everytime.
  7. cartoons. I can’t help it. 
  8. gossip/drama. I’m the worst. I love hearing it, I don’t like being in it lol.
  9. coffee.. but I can’t drink it because it gives me anxiety. So I drink herbal tea lol
  10. listening to podcasts/letsplays/music while I draw
  11. pineapple on pizza (I’m being controversial)

9 dislikes

  1. sleeping (what a waste of time amirite?)
  2. australian netflix… it has nothing (we tried to proxy but they keep blocking us lmao it’s so shit)
  3. satin/silk… the feeling of my nails catching on it makes my skin crawl
  4. how slow I draw
  5. obnoxious/rude people
  6. raw tomato… no thanks
  7. when I procrastinate. srsly the day goes by too fast
  8. jumpscares. They used to give me panic attacks lmao
  9. buying shoes. I’m really picky so it’s a headache.

Other Facts:

  • I caught chicken pox for the first time at 23
  • and I was really mad because I got ONE small pockmark and it’s on my face (above my eyebrow) and I tried so hard to not scratch my face in particular..
  • I’m left-handed
  • I get distracted easily
  • my only hobbies are drawing/gaming and they both take so much time, if I do one I get so absorbed I can’t do the other lmao
  • my current favourite song is ‘something just like this’ by the chainsmokers
  • I was obsessed with two songs and played them all the time while I was drawing a bunch of yoi stuff so now they remind me of yuuri and viktor whenever they play lmao
  • My yuuri song is ‘emotional-virtual riot remix’ by Flux pavillion, Max Koma
  • My Viktor song is ‘Adore’ by Amy Shark (who is an australian singer and this song is great so check it out if you want)

I’m going to tag some peeps so sorry if you’ve done this already lol @sneezehq, @toosicktoocare @usuallyclassytyrant @idiotbless @kushamisukida

Why I work so hard! Lol

It feels so good when you’ve been busting your ass making something good for them to eat and they actually eat it with no coaxing 😂😂😂

She’s still just as ready to tell you when she does NOT like something, but she’s started loudly going ‘Mmmmm!’ when she gets something she likes, and it’s so cute and encouraging!

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so theres this AU where Junkrat is a tattoo artist and all i can imagine is Lucio going to him to get a tat on his butt or something and junkrat just. internally screaming. why is this man so fine?

I’ve seen that AU! I’ve also seen something where he does piercings? But we’ll go with tattoo artist.

I feel like Lúcio would visit to get another tattoo in addition to the one he already has to like… show someone it isn’t that bad? Like Lena or Hana or someone. Like he has this big one on his arm and so he decides to get one on his ankle.

And I thought his cute frog logo would be nice but then I thought about his AoE graphic in HotS and how that would look cute around his ankle so I think that’s what he’d go with and he’d stroll up to Jamie with the design in hand and be like “Hey, I’d like this on my ankle please.”

and Jamie just freezes and forgets how to talk for a minute bc holy shit, Lúcio is beautiful. Then Lúcio has to awkwardly clear his throat and Jamie is all flustered like “Sure, mate, you want it that color or something else?” 

and they go through the whole process with Jamie just barely making eye contact and Lúcio thinking it’s adorable and Hana just popping bubble gum in the back like “this is much more interesting than watching the process of Lúcio getting a tattoo.”

So Lúcio sits down and Hana comes over on her phone and takes a picture, like a before picture, and Jamie is all nervous even though Lúcio isn’t really talking to him anymore, but Lúcio starts laughing and Jamie’s chest constricts.

I think Lúcio would ask Jamie questions about how long he’s been working there and stuff like that, small talk and Jamie nervously answers but then starts to warm up to him. And then he starts making Lúcio laugh and he just beams like he just won the lottery and Hana is just soaking all of this cute flirting up.

When he’s finished, Jamie scribbles his number on the back of a card and slips it to Lúcio and says “U-uh, call me if you, uh, want me to make any changes or anythin’” and Lúcio just takes the card and looks at it and Jamie is just blushing madly. Like please let this gorgeous man understand what he means by that.

And Lúcio just smiles and says he’ll definitely call him and Hana gives him a thumbs up and then they leave and Jamie knows without a doubt that it’s possible to fall in love at first sight.


I was bored today so I decided to put makeup on. I was feeling like a dark fairy princess LOL. Oh! It’s also national puppy day do I felt the cute dog filter was appropriate. I really love and appreciate your blog. I always learn something new from your blog everyday. Whenever someone asks me who they should follow to learn more about DD/lg I always tell them to check your blog out. I hope you’re having a wonderful day Mister and that the rest of your week and your weekend is amazing!

words like this are why I keep going… never stop learning and growing. Always be in forward progress. Theres positives in even the worst of times. I am glad I can be there to help.

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Omg help me we had to write a story for our English class and I wrote about a bakery (idk why, probs cause I was hungry) and spelled cookie wrong. I wrote Kookie and my teacher came up to me the other day and was like 'Is everything okay with you? Usually your spelling is perfect' (I'm German so English is not my first language) and then I was like 'Yeah everything's alright, why??' and she showed me that I wrote Kookie and my best friend nearly died because she laughed so hard

Omg YESSSSSSSSBDNDNDMD ❤❤❤❤❤ 😂😂 THIS IS SO CUTE I DIED LOLLL 😂😂💗💗💗 This is the kind of story that is worth telling kookie during a fansign , he’d be melting over your cuteness 💕💕

[AO3] Early Bird

Title: Early Bird
Author: easytea
Pairing: Baekhyun/Lay
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, Cafe!AU

Summary: Baekhyun is supposed to take pictures of the café, not Yixing

Reasons Why You Submitted: I read this because Admin Alexa said she liked and omg it was really cute and Baekhyun was so fun. It’s the kind of baekxing sweetness I love to read and I really enjoyed it.


                             My little Witches

 Hello everyone so today Meadow and Evelynn got to dress as their favorite movie characters and would have to tell their class why they chose that  character Meadow and Evelynn chose to dress as Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery service so just dyed two dresses purple and got them shoes, now Meadow wanted to look just like Kiki so that is why she is wearing a  bow and Evelynn told me she wanted to look like her too but if Kiki had a sister and they looked so cute love, my witches.


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Thank you God for someone noticing--killing stalking is just gross and spooky and that guy is a total idiot I hope he doesn't brother you again!! >:0 everything your against is reasonable by 100% anyone who doesn't like that stuff has a million reasons not to enjoy it

Ty for noticing i can not like something without having to explain 3894949494 reasons why! Ty for being so nice an ur cute emoji >:0 💗

last night i had a dream that i was at a little party with snacks & someone showed up & said “i brought dog balls” & we were like what the fuck & what it actually was was little round cake things with 2 holes poked in them to look like dog noses which was actually p cute & then the lady who brought the Dog Balls was like squishing one & going “theyre so moist” & someone was like “why r they so moist” & the lady just said “because theyre valid” & i woke up

Ryoma/Say’ri C-S supports

Written by bubblybikerides


Say'ri: Prince Ryoma, is it? Pardon my interruption, but I would like to speak.

Say'ri: Your sword is of much interest to me. The craftsmanship seems so alluring.

Ryoma: Oh, is it so? Well, Say'ri, I see why you would think that. It was passed down for generations.

Ryoma: It’s a divine weapon of my country, Hoshido. It harnesses the power of lightning and works in collaboration with my siblings’ weapons as well.

Say'ri: Fascinating… the intricacy of not only the blade, but the hilt also. It isn’t a question why it’s power could be so well used when combined.

Say'ri: It makes me wonder if the same could have been achieved in Chon'sin… perhaps with my own brother. Before he…

Say'ri: Please excuse me, I was a bit lost in the past.

Ryoma: That’s quite alright. Many of us went through many challenges to get here.

Say'ri: Indeed, yet we both challenged them with the strength of the sword. It would do me great pleasure to exchange techniques. Would you mind?

Ryoma: Hah, not at all. I’m glad to have somebody interested in the land I come from. A breath of fresh air since coming to Askr, I’ll say.

Say'ri: My thanks, prince Ryoma. I must take my leave now.

Ryoma: At another time, Say'ri.

[Ryoma and Say'ri have reached support rank C.]


Ryoma: Good, your form is perfectly even. You’re doing well.

Say'ri: Hmm… I never thought I’d find myself learning a method such as this. Perhaps it’s the instinct of leading my kingdom taking set.

Ryoma: Your kingdom? Do you mean Chon'sin?

Say'ri: Yes, the wielding of the blade we have is much more on the offensive side. We fight with katanas in both hands, so we do not carry shields.

Ryoma: Say'ri, is it common to have blades of different typing?

Say'ri: Pardon?

Ryoma: The sword on your left… it’s of a gold and silver hilt, but the one on your right is of purple and white.

Say'ri: … Perhaps it isn’t known of by anyone but the Shepherds, but I carry it in honor of my brother, Yen'fay.

Ryoma: Ah, I see. I’m sure he must be very happy to know that you think of him even on the battlefield.

Ryoma: My sibling, Corrin, carries the Yato blade in honor of his sisters and brothers too.

Say'ri: … happy… yes…

Say'ri: Prince Ryoma, you are blessed to have siblings who love you so, but unfortunately it’s a double edged sword for me.

Say'ri: Yen'fay aided the enemy in my country’s war. I was forced to defeat him. But… even though it was a matter of life and death, he still cared for me greatly.

Say'ri: He made sure I won because that was his only way of protecting me.

Ryoma: … Believe me when I say I understand. The war in Hoshido didn’t exactly protect bonds of family either. Some were made to choose between the two kingdoms of my land.

Ryoma: My siblings had been damaged by every choice. It’s a pain that should never have to be felt, yet it’s inevitable in times of war.

Ryoma: Maybe we aren’t as different as we thought. The validity of our nations may have been redeemed in distinct ways, but the struggle was still similar.

Say'ri: … I can’t believe it, but you may be right. It’s perspective-changing to know this. Perhaps we can talk again.

Ryoma: Anytime.

[Ryoma and Say'ri have reached support rank B]


Ryoma: Say'ri, do you have a minute?

Say'ri: Of course, my training is all finished up for the day. What is it you need?

Ryoma: I’d like to confide in you once more. The other day, you agreed that we might not be so unalike.

Ryoma: You quoted that it was perspective-changing.

Say'ri: Your curiosity is one of fondness, prince Ryoma. I can tell you ask to gain experience. On that pretense, I do not mind speaking.

Say'ri: When I said that, I realized that you had learned to take resilience from your siblings. To find the light in the darkness of each choice and their impact.

Say'ri: Something I hadn’t noticed until now. When you asked of my sword, I remembered why Yen'fay aided our enemy.

Ryoma: Oh? And why is that?

Say'ri: To keep the kingdom stable. He used a tactic of deception in order to slow our enemy from taking land so quickly.

Say'ri: And yet I was so blind as to not see this. I couldn’t find light in the situation because he was my brother. My mind clouded with the thought of how he betrayed me.

Ryoma: So you looked to me as a perceptive on how to keep composure?

Say'ri: Exactly. It’s oddly fitting, in all honesty.

Ryoma: Heh, I agree in that sense. It’s a little eye opening to see how one can compliment another’s faults.

Say'ri: Hmph, you’re right. I like to think of us as friends in that aspect. To have a model to look to not only for advice but for understanding.

Ryoma: Indeed. Say'ri, it’s nice to have met you. I’m glad to say that.

Say'ri: I could say the same.

[Ryoma and Say'ri have reached support rank A.]


Ryoma: There is something I must ask of you, Say'ri. Do you have the time?

Say'ri: At the moment, yes. Have you come to talk once more? I have begun to enjoy it.

Ryoma: What are your plans for when the war with the Emblian Empire ends?

Say'ri: Return to Chon'sin, of course. There is much to be redone with Ylisse and my kingdom. My people are to depend on me when I return.

Ryoma: If you are to return, do you mind if I come with you?

Say'ri: Not at all. A visitor would be a splendid thing to have, especially it being a prince from a foreign nation. Possibly Hoshido could become a potential ally.

Ryoma: Rather than coming as a visitor… I’d like to come as your husband.

Say'ri: *blushing* ?!

Ryoma: I… I love you, Say'ri. I no longer fight for just the Summoner, but for you too. I can’t bear the thought of losing you. Never being able to see the kind, earnest, reflective woman in you again would do me too much pain.

Ryoma: I hope I am not coming on too sudden… I pray I don’t look like a fool to you.

Say'ri: Prince Ryoma… I… I’m honored. I… love you too. Your diligence, your openness, your understanding… I believe I’ve found myself falling.

Say'ri: I never dared to think that you would feel the same way, let alone reciprocate so strongly.

Ryoma: I do not know how much more time we have together here, but I swear to you that the feelings we hold are eternal. I wish I had a ring to give, for I may need a reminder of your love when we are to part.

Say'ri: Ryoma, dear, I promise that won’t ever happen. I vow that we will never lose each other. I think the people of Chon'sin wouldn’t mind having such a noble king.

Ryoma: The same for Hoshido. May we lead our kingdoms, side by side.

[Ryoma and Say'ri have reached support rank S.]

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Why do you think we are not seeing so many date night pics and photos of them out together?? After the election, they seemed to be popping up everywhere but now it seems there are so few 😭😭😭! Do you think they are keeping a low profile on purpose? We have seen a few pics of Hill at events and a few of Bill but not so many cute pics together! We need HRC stories to come back and give us some news to keep us all going 😫😫

It feels like they’ve been coming back to work recently, I hope they do show up soon for us to have something to fangirl over 👀 Back in 13-15 they didn’t go out together that much either 😔

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The missus telling Harry she's pregnant on Fathers Day would be so cute. Like she knew for a few days but she decides to wait to tell him on FD. Buying a cute little onesie that says "I love my Daddy" or buying a cute little mug that says "best Daddy in the world".

Awww! That would be the cutest thing ever! He’s all confused about why he’s getting a present on Father’s Day, and she’s not saying anything, just grinning and urging him to open it while they lay side by side in bed that morning. And it takes him a second, once he reads what it says and his brain registers what it is his fingers are holding once the wrapping paper and ribbon has been torn away, and them of course, he’s a weeping mess and he’s looking at her with disbelief and whimpering out little: ‘Are you really? Are you kidding? You’re joking. Really? When?” And Harry can’t stop commenting on: “how tiny it is!” through his tears, marveling at the the fact that there’s going to be a tiny human here soon that will in something so small. And they sudden the rest of the morning cuddling and When he thinks the missus is asleep, she catches him cuddling her middle and telling her belly stories and all of ways he’s going to love the tiny babe in there. xx.

I’m like so blessed. These cute little kids idolize me, and I have no idea why but they just do? My mom told me that the only reason they came to the church party is because I was there, and they changed into their formal clothes Godspeed just to see me. I need to spend a day with them. Little cuties.