but why are their eyes blue i dont



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→ NCT as Horror Movie Character Stereotypes 

→ NCT as Teen Movie Characters

→ NCT as Mythical Creatures

NCT Patronus…Kind Of

→ NCT Drabble Game Masterlist

→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

• [Taeil] [Hansol] [Johnny] [Taeyong] [Yuta] [Doyoung] [Ten] [Jaehyun] [WinWin

→ A-Z: Daddy | Series

• [Taeil] [Hansol] [Johnny] [Taeyong] [Yuta] [Doyoung] [Ten] [Jaehyun] [WinWin]

► Reactions

  1. You cover their cherry bomb choreography
  2. Your gg covers their song (+ you’re the rapper)
  3. They’re in love w/ you; their best friend + Dreamies ver.

► Taeyong

Downtown Girl | bf!taeyong
•  dating rumors really suck

Bubble Bubble | hp!au
•  cuddles with hufflepuff!taeyong

Welcome Home | bf!taeyong
•  tired cuddles with tae

Will You? | we got married!au | Series
•  youre participating in wgm with taeyong, enjoy
→ [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

A New Day | vampire!au | M | Series
•  this happened because i saw the queen of the damned for the first time in years at 2am while i was drinking
→ [1]

Butterfly Effect | Series
•  every choice you make matters so…what do you choose?
→ [Prologue]

Don’t Think Twice | 60′s AU
•   diner workers dont get much more fun that strangers with stories

► Ten

Just One Drop | vampire!au
•  ten really needs to eat even if you have to force him 

Fallen | angel!au | M | Series
•  when you have a mangled and bloodied man on your porch what more can you do that…let him in the house?
→ [1]

► Johnny

There’s Something in the Water | water nymph!au
•  summer break + babysitting + strange dude what could go wrong  

Thieves In The Night | goblin!au
•  stuff just keeps going missing ft. taeyong

Two Sides Of The Same Coin | psychiatrist!au | M |Series
•  i call this the ‘liz cant stop reading dr. crane fanfic’ fanfic
→ [1]

Not All Can See | imaginary friend!au
•  what kid doesn’t conjure up an imaginary friend?

Forgive Me Father |  M |  roleplay!au 
•  halloween got a lil kinky oops

“Life is Pretty Great Right Now.” | Daddy!Johnny
•  even when working johnjohn cant stop the fam talk

► Yuta

Just A Myth | merman!au
•  discover creatures of the deep blue sea

Why You Little… | bf!yuta
• yuta sucks at video games lol

In The Daylight | hybrid!au | M | Series
•  i watched the film theory  on the blair witch project and this happened. srry
→ [1]

Eyes On You |  M |  gang!yuta ft. 127
•  yuta has an interesting kink…

Call You | brother’s best friend!au
•  it happens to everyone dont lie

Snakes of a Scale Slither Together | hp!au
•  idk man. yuta x doyoung kinda sorta not really

Pretty Kitty |  M |  roleplay!au
•   i should just deactivate

Wet |  M |  domestic!au
•  i wanna play a game. it’s called ‘try not to slip and die in the shower’

► WinWin

Fresh Air Helps | bf!sicheng
•  summer night drives

A Helping Hand | afterlife guide!au
• death isnt the end and youre certainly not alone in it

► Doyoung

Knock Knock | creepypasta!inspired        
•  i ever mentioned i hate mirrors

Final Moments | reaper!au        
•  the only constant was him

► Mark

Found You | hybrid!au
•  happy hunting guys  

Hushed Whispers | shadow people!au
• sometimes stories you tell your kids kinda are true ??

Sweet As Sugar |  hp!au
•  last minute birthday fluff thingie

► Jaehyun

Protection | demon!au
•  sometimes a savior isnt on the side of the angels    

► Taeil

Sweetest Scent | hybrid!au
•  some scents just…sooth the senses  

I’m The One | psychiatrsit!au
• doctors come and doctors go, maybe you can get him to speak

► Haechan

Hands to Myself | idol!au
•  dancing is always easier with a partner

Far Far Away | bf!haechan
•  long distance relationship + skyping  

Those Who Watch | angel!au
• your only job is to watch and protect

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

• [Xiumin] [Luhan] [Kris] [Suho] [Lay] [Chen] [Chanyeol] [Baekhyun] [D.O.] [Kai] [Sehun]

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•    [S.Coups] [Jeonghan] [Joshua] [Jun] [Hoshi] [Wonwoo] [Woozi] [DK] [Mingyu] [The8] [Seungkwan] [Vernon] [Dino]

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Hyorin] [Bora] [Soyou] [Dasom]

► Hyorin

Lick The Icing Off | M | gf!au
•  birthday smut for my friend <3 

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Shownu] [Wonho] [Minhyuk] [Kihyun] [Hyungwon] [Jooheon] [I.M]


→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [EXY] [Seola] [Xuan Yi] [Bona] [Soobin] [Luda] [Dawon] [Eunseo] [Cheng Xiao] [Mei Qi]

► Soobin

Sunday Mornings | M | domestic!au
•   wjsn make me gay. lesbians. strap on. enjoy. 

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Onew] [Jonghyun] [Key] [Minho] [Taemin]

The Signs as Jaden Smith Tweets

Aries: I Only Apply To The Sixth Amendment
Taurus: Every 7 Years Your Body Is Completely Replaced With Entirely New Cells So Just Because You Look The Same Doesn’t Mean You Are
Gemini: When You Live Your Whole Life In A Prison Freedom Can Be So Dull
Cancer: How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real
Leo: Most Trees Are Blue

Virgo: If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth
Libra: I Just Scrolled Through My Tweets And “I” Started Laughing.
Scorpio: You Think You Get It. YOU DONT YOU DONT YOU DONT!!!!!!!
Sagittarius: I Watch Twilight Every Night
Capricorn: The More Time You Spend Awake The More Time You Spend Asleep
Aquarius: Why Is It Always 3 WHY IS IT ALWAYS 3!!!!!
Pisces: I Don’t Want You Guys To Think Because I Was Born In America That I Speak And Abide By English Grammar. I Speak Jaden, Indefinitely.


yall, i think we mightve found the identity for the tongue monster from kindergarten kid— what if shes a zircon? like, hear me out here

before our zircons were even revealed, id read somewhere that tongue monsters gem, the shape and the cut and color, all pointed to her bein a zircon, and like, just cuz we have canon zircons now doesnt mean im dropping that— if anything, the fact that their gem cut is pretty much the same (aside from some physical impurities, but all corruptions have wonky lookin gems ive noticed, centi did b4 steven tried to heal her) kinda just proves the theory more. 

not to mention her gem is right above her three weird tongues, and the two zircons weve met so far have gems placed right above their cravats, so what if, during corruption, that translated into weird tongue thingies? the multiple eyes could have been derived from the fact that zircons seem to wear monocles— idk, its just all pointing to her bein a zircon

and i kno that our zircons dont rly Look like theyd turn into weird blue tongue bird roadrunner monsters but like, what gem Ever looks like their corruption? what weve seen of centipeetle certainly doesnt look like her corrupted form, so like, why not, ykno??

if this is at least kinda canon then that means we finally have a name for a corrupted gem, besides jasper and the other quartz monsters, which are also presumably jaspers. i mean like, we dont even have a name for centipeetles gem type?? so this would b really cool ykno? itd definitely humanize corruption monsters even moreso for me u_u

Lucios Auditiva skin is really nice… Im not terribly fond of the orange accents but his skin tone with that dark green and the white contrasting looks real pretty.

(His shirt is also makes his boobies shiny and who dont like shiny boobies? No person I ever heard of.)

Id say besides the orange the only real downside is you cant see his eyes through his visor. But I guess that makes it look cooler? IDK hes got cute eyes! I dont like when theyre covered… which is also a problem with the ever adorable Ribbit and Hippity Hop….

Which is why Andes is Best Skin.

All the colors gel, cute hat, you can see his eyes through his cute rainbow visor, that skin tight turtle neck thing hes rocking thats super appealing, and his cute blue hair! A+s all around!

IDK where I was going with this I just wanted to gush about how cute Lucio is or something idk.

Daniel in the Morning Includes...

•him being the early bird

•you groaning to stay in bed

•singing a ridiculous ‘good morning’ song to you in your ear

•peppered kisses all over your face to wake you up

•big grins that show off his tooth-gap

•'I made you breakfast!’

•sweet nothings whispered in your ear as an attempt to awake you

•pulling the covers off of you

•'wakeeee upppppp’


•him dragging you out of bed

•his blue eyes tired but still have that alive spark in them

•him attempting to make food

misakichan274  asked:

Hey Leela:) I'm still shook from all the live content we've been getting from them lately but too busy irl to actually process it. Among the many many memorable moments, I cant remember you discussing at 26:30 (sorry if you have) how unfiltered and sincere Dan comes through when he goes 'Yeah I think so' to blue bringing out Phil's eyes and then 10 seconds later pouting 'I dont know why you're being like this' ahh they were so annoying in their ungodly levels of compatibility and togetherness:'(

yeahhhh i didn’t address those yesterday!!! haha there were so many things i wanted to talk about but after a point i kind of wanted to stop spamming everyone’s dashes with 1345 posts of me yelling so i decided to pull back a bit :) i do think those two moments were incredible though, and in general i loved the distinct difference in dan’s approach to this whole thing as compared to phil’s. it seems like he made a conscious decision to try to be as supportive and positive as possible of phil’s gameplay which, incidentally, also seems to be the mode that comes most naturally to him, even on dapg when they’re meant to be competing (think of all of the ‘why am i helping you?’  moments.) i know phil was like ‘i’m so used to fighting you’ in order to justify why he was bringing the trash talk to this stream (e.g. repeatedly saying ‘rekt’ whenever dan lost), but then we also know that when they actually play mario kart they make it their goal to get a ‘dan and phil 1-2′ (using dan’s words from the last mario kart video) and that they institute a no-attack pact most of the time, wherein they won’t hit each other so that they basically work together to beat everyone else in the round. which is. gross. obviously. but i think it’s why moments like the ones you mentioned felt so incredibly sincere and natural coming from dan. 

of course the comment about phil’s eyes isn’t really to do with the game, but i think it plays into dan’s overall instinct to just be supportive and complimentary to phil (perhaps especially when he’s under stress) and it was so damn lovely to hear that :) another good moment similar to this, though not regarding phil’s appearance, was when dan turns to the audience and says something like, phil’s been making free content for you for ten years and this is how you repay him??? that instinct to defend him is kind of silly but also completely adorable. it’s also there in the way he reacts to phil doing not-so-well: he admits that phil’s performance was pretty lackluster but repeatedly implies a bunch of times that phil’s only struggling because he’s trying to multitask and bant/respond to the chat while he’s playing, and that if he was just focusing on the game instead he’d be having no issues. it’s like, dan, no one is gonna judge phil by this mario kart performance can u pls chill out lmao. the protectiveness is crazy tbh. 

and then, as you mentioned, the ‘i don’t know why you’re being like this’ said in response to phil yelling ‘i don’t need advice from you, danny lad,’ was also just such a genuine and interesting moment? it’s interesting to think about it from phil’s perspective and wonder if for the purposes of an audience watching them play this he really didn’t want to look like he was leaning at all on dan’s support. but also maybe his whole approach to mario kart as a game is different from dan’s because dan is obviously better than he is, so phil’s competitiveness is actually higher than dan’s for once because he has to try a lot harder to play at the level dan does or even to beat dan, whereas dan doesn’t feel he really has anything to prove. it’s obvious to see from the way he plays that it comes so easy to him. regardless, in this moment it rly felt like dan was saying, i thought it was gonna be us playing as a team and rooting for each other (like we pretty much always do), why are you being this way??? and he seems truly a bit miffed, but still in a good-natured way. super fucking cute. 

another moment along these lines that i really loved was when phil towards the end, as things were getting truly tense, took a page out of dan’s book on dapg and was so emphatic about how dan shouldn’t look at him or breathe near him or talk to him, and dan agrees and tries to focus on the chat. there was one moment (i think around 35:43? but my timestamps might be a bit off i was half asleep when i wrote them down) where phil yells at dan ‘you’re stressing me out’ and dan immediately stops talking and looks away and even blocks his face to read the chat. it’s like his number one instinct is really to help phil win and support him however he can even if it involves trying to stay silent. but of course it lasts all of approximately ten seconds because he actually can’t stop watching phil, so much so that by the end he actually tells people to stop sending superchats because he won’t be reading them, he’s too focused on watching the game and making sure phil wins. and finally, of course, i can’t believe how genuinely fucking excited he got by the end when phil did pull through and win. it was pretty much a throwback to the end of the donkey kong minecart video when dan screams ‘yES!!!’ louder than we’ve possibly ever heard and yells at phil that he’s proud to call him his friend. but at least there they actually were playing together in a co-op game and phil’s success was important to both of them winning as a team. in this live stream, dan had absolutely no stakes in phil winning but he got just as excited as when they’re playing together. he just loves to see phil win, loves to hear people appreciating him, loves sticking up for him even when it’s a dumb and trivial situation w basically no significance objectively,,, maybe he even takes pride in all of it. it was so obvious throughout this stream and all of it was so ridiculously sweet to watch. 

  • Teacher: hi everyone, since it's the first day of school why don't we all go around and say something interesting about ourselves
  • Fellow peer 1: hi, i like to play basketball
  • Fellow peer 2: hello everyone, i like the color blue
  • Me: *twitching uncontrollably* i have an unhealthy obsession with the dead fictional lesbian leader of the post apocalyptic world who may or may not have died almost a year ago... anyone wanna sit with me at lunch?
Landslide: Part Three


Dayton White (Logan Lucky) x Reader

When a tragic accident happens in the heart of your hometown - you’re forced to go back to the countryside you’d sworn to forget. In the midst of your world turning upside down you find yourself in a state of panic when the familiar face returns in your life, Dayton White. From the time you were young he was labeled in your mind as the man who got under your skin, with the past brimming to the surface - will you be able to fight off the landslide of love?

Word count: 4,867

Notes: Cursing, tension, (fluffy:)) Smut.

Let me know what you think! :) also my lady parts may have cried when I first saw this in the trailer

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“ It even looks like Anti in the background “

Why would Jack link a vague looking something, that looks like 2 weird eyes and a silly mouth in a green mist to Anti, why nobody else of us would really. We know what Anti looks like. We recognize him as a human looking being with green hair, black/green/blue eyes, and a slit throat. Why does Jack recognize him as something else.

I can explain why..

At PAX Jack asked us to film something, all together. Then Anti showed up on our devices. I dont know if this has become canon by now but i have the feeling that our devices, PC’s, Laptops, Mobile phones, Ipads. Whatever it is, it is corrupted. Anti shows up as the being he wants us to see him.
But Jacks device isn’t corrupted. His phone, PC, Laptop, was not recording Anti during PAX. So Anti shows up on his monitors and screens differently than it does to us. To Jack, Anti might not fit the same visual description than how we see him.

After all we created Anti, We gave him the look of a slit throat, green hair and earrings. Jack had nothing to do with that all.

Me Watching the Shine Forever MV
  • Me: ok this sounds like its gonna be lit af hell yeah
  • Me: wait why he blindfolded
  • Me: kihyun's into some kinky shit i see
  • Me: holy shit that car just flipped off a goddamn cliff
  • Me: so like why is he blindfolded. he's not even doing anything he's just sitting there blindolded. what is this supposed to mean
  • Me: o shit hoseok snitched on minhyuk
  • Me: papa hyunwoo's mad at minu for killin his mom lol
  • Me: wait kihyun is here i thought minhyuk killed him why is he still blindfolded
  • Me: so is it his ghost or something *voice raising* wHY IS HE FUCKING BLINDFOLDED
polaroid // Jonah


“could you do a jonah x reader where August keeps taking pictures of them cuddling and they finally find out when he posts them to insta or something. I saw this somewhere and now feel the need to request it. They only find out because fans share August post and they have to act like it annoys them when telling August to stop even tho they find the pictures cute please and thank you” - anon

(915 words)

a/n: hi yes this makes no sense whatsoever but i thought it was cute so here it is! i hope you don’t hate it lolie

ps ~ jACh k bYe

tags: @dreamypebbles (because she wanted to keep an eye out for an imagine <3) ; @boomboomboomwayhoo (ik how much hayley loves jonah so why not hehe x) 


“Yes dear?” He pokes his head into the kitchen.

“Did you, youngling, eat the cookies I was saving for Zach?”

He gasps dramatically, “Me??? What??? I’d never! Why would you accuse me of su-”

“Babe, there are crumbs on your sweater.”

He glances down on his black hoodie and raises his eyebrows, “Seems that you are stating the truth, Madam (y/n).”

I roll my eyes, “Jonah, I told you not to eat them! Zach is the one who’s sick and wanted cookies!”

“But I’m your boyfriend!” He whines.

“But Zach’s my best friend, baby,” I retort, bringing the cookie dough out of the fridge once again to make another batch, “I love him, too.”

Jonah frowns and walks behind me, snaking his arms around my waist, immobilizing me, “Are you making more cookies?”

“No crap, Sherlock,” I shake my head, trying to wiggle out of his grasp.

He suddenly tightens his grip on me and lifts me up. I scream and flail my arms, “JONAH PUT ME DOWN,”

He carries me all the way to the living room and throws me onto the couch. I laugh as he pins me down with his forearms jokingly, “You aren’t going anywhere, missy.”

“JONAH MARAIS ROTH FRANTZICH! Let me go!” I yell, giggling the entire time. He lets go a bit and I sit up cross-legged. He plops down next to me and wraps his legs around my waist, keeping me from moving once again. He pulls my back to his chest as I settle in the little gap between his legs from the way he sits. He leans back and I do as well.

Jonah brings his finger up to my shoulder and fiddles with my loose braid. I close my eyes and smile at his delicate action. All I hear is his humming and deep but steady breathing. He has a certain breathing pattern when he’s focused or his eyes are closed in concentration on nothing. I’ve been around him enough that I can track it anytime, anywhere. And I know his eyes are closed too.

Out of nowhere, I hear a small click. My eyes flutter open and I see a figure walk away into the kitchen. I get up and turn to Jonah. He’s fast asleep. How long had we been in that position?

I walk barefoot into the kitchen, alert for any of the boys who might be in there. At first I see a pink wisp of hair but when I look again, curls replace it.


The freckled boy turns around and waves, “Hey.”

“What are you doing?”

“Zach was whining about his cookies so I came to make them because he said you were going to do it,” He shrugs.

“Oh! I think I fell asleep.”

“Well if you could make the cookies and I’ll entertain his 7-year-old butt so he won’t whine, that’d be great.”

I nod, “Sure,”

Jack smiles, “Thanks, lambie,”

I carefully grab the tray of pastries and place them on the counter to cool. As I grab a plate to transfer the cookies onto, I hear a loud groan from the living room. Jonah’s yawning.

I smile and carry on with what I’m doing.

After a few minutes of letting them sit, I start picking them off the tray and getting them ready to send off to Zach.

Suddenly, loud and quick footsteps are heard, “(Y/N), (Y/N),”


He trips over his feet all the way to me and shoves his phone in my face, “LOOK!”

It takes a second for my eyes to focus up but when they do, I see something I wasn’t really expecting.

“Is that… us?” I ask.

He nods, confused, “A few Limelights tagged you and I in it and it blew up! Who even took these?”

“Well, look for the source!” I say. The snapshot of the polaroid that contained Jonah and I cuddling on the couch, Jonah’s finger intertwined with my hair never leaving my mind.

I see him desperately scroll through the comments, “I don’t see any- WAIT!”

“What?” I run to the other side of the island to look at the screen with him.

We both see the @ simultaneously, “AUGUST!!!”

He walks calmly into the kitchen, “What’s up, gu-”

“Did you take these?” Jonah shows him the phone. August’s silvery-blue eyes widen, “Umm… yesss

“Why didn’t you tell us?” We ask at the same time.

He shrugs, “I don’t know, I just thought it was cute, how you two are so lovey-dovey.”

I chuckle, “Well you got that right.”

“Oh well now that you know, would it be okay with you guys if I did a photoshoot of y’all being all cuddly and stuff? It’s good practice.”

“Sure,” I smile and turn to Jonah, who is nodding.

“Well, we can start with Jonah singing to you, (y/n), or something, do whatever you’d like,” August smiles, “I’ll be right back with my camera,”

“Okay,” Jonah says, looking at me with his stunning blue eyes, “I guess we’re goals,”

“I think so, too,” I lean in for a kiss.

“HEY, CUDDLE-BUGS! ZACHARY HAS BEEN WAITING FOR HIS COOKIES FOR A WHILE NOW!” Jack screams from Zach’s room. I laugh, realizing that I haven’t finished doing my original duty.

I walk over to grab a napkin to hold the warm plate and turn back to Cookie-Monster-Jonah with his face full of crumbs.

“I didn’t eat anything!” He says, spewing out pieces of cookie in the process.

Where You Belong Part 22 (The End)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21

(A/N: Oh my goodness has this been one heck of a ride! I am so grateful to of had as many of you reading this series and investing your time in it! :D I hope I dont disappoint with my ending!) 

               You sat on the cream couch, your hands folded in your lap, finally having removed the cast from your arm a few days before. “You graduate tomorrow, correct?” He asked staring at you with his kind blue eyes. You smiled a little and nodded “yes” he nodded writing some. “You’ve done much better in these past two months, but you know therapy doesn’t go on forever, that’s why I’ve been having Sam sitting in here with us these past couple of weeks” Castiel said smiling as you smiled at Sam who reached over and squeezed your hand. “We’ve never talked about your past with Sam here. Why don’t we touch on that for a moment?” He asked as you lowered your gaze and nodded “okay” you cleared your throat a little as you shifted and took a deep breath. “Everything started right after my 8th birthday, when uncle Ryan moved in” you whispered wringing your hands together. Sam stared at you, his face soft as he listened. “What happened once he moved in Y/N?” Castiel asked softly. “Um…it was a couple of weeks later when one night he came into my room.” You cleared your throat, you didn’t want to cry or get upset, You and Cas had talked about this, it would be okay. Just breath and keep grounded in the now. You looked up at the wall, your voice thick, heavy with emotions of trying to keep from crying. “he crawled into bed with me, telling me that he was there to keep all the bad things away…. I’d been having trouble sleeping because my dad had left for the war… and he….um……he first just would run his hand down my back…..and then he began to mess with my pants….” You felt the tears fall and you cleared your throat again. “It’s okay Y/N… just remember what we talked about” Castiel said softly.

               You swallowed thickly looking at the carpet; “he uh…he first just uh…touched me outside of my underwear…… and then the next night…. It was inside my underwear…. he would say that this is what was supposed to happen, that I was a big girl and that big kids played together.” Your eyes were red and you didn’t dare look at Sam, whose face was twisting into pain. “he made me touch him, told me that’s what big girls did. It had been able two weeks since he’d started doing it that he…” you paused unable to go on. You took a deep breath and looked at Castiel who nodded. “Let’s talk about graduation for a minute shall we?” Cas asked as you nodded quickly. “Tell me how your day will go” he smiled. “Well, I’ll get ready with Sam and then we’ll have to drive separately because obviously we can’t be seen together yet, and then….um, after I graduate, I was planning on making a dinner for everyone, including you and your brother” you smiled a little. “I like that idea” Sam said as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders bringing you closer to him, as he kissed the top of your head.

               “So, sounds like you have a busy day tomorrow then” Castiel said writing things down as you nodded “yeah, I feel pretty confident about it all.” You felt Sam grab your hand and you looked at him, letting your forehead rest against his lips as he smiled. “Well I for one know she’s a damn good cook and I can’t wait to see what all she has planned for us to enjoy tomorrow night.” Sam bragged as you blushed. “Y/N, I think this session has gone wonderfully and I think that whenever you’re ready to finish telling Sam, that you’ll be able to do it on your own, but I am only a phone call away” He smiled and stood as you both did. “Thank you Cas” you said hugging him. “I feel better, about a lot of things” you admitted as Sam shook his hand. “Yes, thank you Cas” you smiled and said goodbye walking out.

               As you sat comfortable in Sam’s charger, your lips twitched like how they did when you were nervous. “Baby what is it?” you looked at him and sighed. “he made use my mouth on him…… the worst part about the whole experience…was my mother knew…” you whispered looking at your hands, before you looked at Sam with glossy eyes. “And she did nothing about it” Sam wrapped his hand around your arm and pulled you closer to him, holding you tight. “I’m so sorry Y/N” he whispered kissing your temple. You sniffled against his chest as he stroked your cheek. You told him everything, breaking down in the car, how both your parents had known and how long it lasted. “I was 12 and got my period…that was when it stopped…. I think the whole, maturing thing drove him away.” You whispered as Sam pulled into the driveway. “You know, I’ll never hurt you, I’ll never push away, I’m in love with you and telling me these things, showing me you trust me so much…” he shook his head looking in his lap. “It shows me you love me just as much as I love you and that, you can feel safe around me” he whispered smiling a little at you as you leaned over and kissed him softly.

               You sat on the couch as Sam made dinner and looked at your grades online, you’d done a great job and passed with As. You went to exit the website when something caught your eye. The school was hiring. “Hey Sam, do you know that the schools hiring two new professors?” you asked as he came into the living room, carrying two plates. “Yeah! Two of our history teachers are retiring so Gabes looking for a couple of new ones and we need some sort of history advisor too” he smirked down at you. “You should apply for it!” he said sitting beside you. You looked at the plates and noticed he’d cooked your favorite meal. “Sam, you didn’t have to do that” you smiled as he nodded. “I did, because, you graduate tomorrow and you’re gonna apply for that history advisor position” he smirked as you blushed and shook your head. “No way, no. I can’t Gabe said I’m not allowed back on campus.” You said with a small laugh as you began to eat. “No, you’re not allowed on campus as a student…didn’t say you couldn’t work there” he threw another smirk in your direction. You simply laughed and shook your head, getting up off the couch. “I need a drink, want something?” you asked sitting your plate on the table as Sam looked up at you with lusty eyes. “Oh trust me, what I want I’ll get later” he smirked as you rolled your eyes and laughed shaking your head. “Okay sparky Ill grab you a beer as well.” You said walking toward the kitchen.

               The next day you buzzed around campus excitedly, laughing, grinning and saying goodbye to some of the kids who’d been your friends over the years. “Picture time” a voice whispered in your ear as two hands squeezed your waist. You grinned and giggled at Liv who rolled her eyes. You turned to see Sam grinning down at you, a flash going off caused both of you to blink and looked ward Mary who grinned. “Come on, look happy!” You grinned wrapping your arms around Sam’s waist as she took more pictures, both of you grinning and laughing in them. “Okay! Let me take one of this happy family” Gabe called out as he walked up. You snuggled deeper into Sam’s side as he kissed your head, and you stared up at him with a smile, and eyes full of love. Sam stared down at you as Dean and Marissa stood there on the left side as John stood behind Mary, his arms around her waist as the laughed. The camera flashed and you smiled as Sam kissed you softly before Gabe demanded that you all retake the picture because the two love doves in the middle weren’t looking at the camera.

               “Y/N?” a voice called, as you all stood there talking. You blood ran cold, and your face lost all color. You turned and saw your mother and father walking toward you. His face was stone cold, his army uniform looked tighter and you subconsciously backed into Sam’s chest. Suddenly you were pushed behind him, John standing beside him, as Dean stood on the other side. “I told you, shes dead to you” Sam growled as Mary pulled you close to her, staring at them. They’d known to an extent what had happened. But Sam knew everything. “You are a low life piece of shit that doesn’t derserve to wear that uniform. For her sake and this country’s, I hope you go to Iraq and never return” Sam whispered angrily at him. He stepped closed until he was in their faces, “How do you live with yourselves? Knowing that, you let that sick bastard rape your daughter night after night and you did nothing. And you” he looked to Margret. “You are no mother. You’re a dirty bitch who whored around behind her husband’s back. Both of you can burn in hell. And I’ll be happy to put you there, if you ever even think about Y/N again. Got it?” Sam said keeping his voice dangerously low as he spoke.

               Jim glared at him until Gabe broke them apart; “Do not cause a scene here, or I’ll call the police and tell them everything. Turn around and go back to the booth you were assigned.” Gabe threatened as Jim looked past them to John and Dean who held scowls on their faces as well. Jim huffed a little and turned walking away without a word. Sam turned and looked at Mary who nodded as you hugged her and Marissa. “I’m alright Sammy” you whispered staring up at him. Sam smiled pressing a kiss to your forehead and taking your hand leading you to the car.

               You grinned at him as you both drove toward home, where you instantly began cooking, making out with Sam in between doing things, after his hand found its way into your jean capris, you had to force him to stay away or the dinner would be ruined. “Tonight…. all night…so you hold on to that energy because you’re going to need it” you grinned at him as you mumbled against his lips. Sam smirked kissing you again, buttoning your pants and smacking your ass with a harsh slap, leaving a stinging handprint behind as well as a tingling core as you bit your lip. “Behave.” “well see” he winked before walking out of the kitchen. Soon the house was full of family, his parents, Castiel and Jimmy, with their girlfriends, Dean and Marissa, and of course Liv, and Gabe.

               You had ducted under the island to grab something out of the cabinet when you heard voices. You recognized them, “Listen sweetheart, I promise we don’t have to hide anymore.” You heard a man say before there was a sigh. “I mean, I just don’t want anyone saying that’s how I graduated because I was screwing the Dean!” there was a chuckle “Oh trust me, you would have graduated with honors no matter what….I had nothing to do with how smart you are, besides you were the one who fixed my computer after we had sex on my desk and you laid across my keyboard when I knelt down and-.” You stood staring at Gabe and Olivia with wide eyes. They both stared at you, mouth opened and wide eyes.

               “You mean to tell me that you two were screwing for how long and I had to leave the school because of Sam and I?” you asked quietly staring at them with an unbelievable expression. “Y/N….” Liv said throwing on her sad eyes. You shook your head, turning to finish dinner. “We didn’t know that…” she went to say as you turned “It doesn’t matter now, it’s just double standards…” you sighed and shook your head. “I’m happy for you both if you truly love each other” you gave a soft smile and she smiled a little. “Thank you” She whispered as Gabe cleared his throat. “I’m sorry…I never should have kicked you out” he said looking down as you shrugged “I mean; I guess it all worked out in the end but its fine. You’re forgiven.” You said as he walked over and hugged you with Liv. “So I was thinking, after looking over your application and credentials, you’re hired for that Advisor position that’s open” he smirked as you looked confused. “I never applied for it…” he shrugged “Your application came in last night, I looked it over this morning and liked what I saw on it.” He grabbed Livs hand and walked out with a smile. “See you in the fall newbie!” you stared at the door until Sam came in and looked at you. “What?” he smiled walking around the counter. “Tell me you didn’t enter my application for that position as the history advisor did you?” you asked as he shrugged. “I didn’t enter your application and credentials for that history advisor at the school.” He said staring down at you, a playful glint in his eyes. “Oh my god Sam!” you smiled and kissed him.

               Sam chuckled and held you close; “So I’m assuming Gabe gave you the position?” you grinned and hugged him. “Yes! Can you believe it?! We’re going to be working together!” you slipped from his embrace and he began to help you serve the dinner. Once everyone sat down, they began to eat and enjoy dinner, complimenting you on how delicious it was. Sam stood once everyone was finished and smiled. “I want to make an announcement. This last school year has been one hell of a ride. From taking on another world history class that would ultimately change my life for the better” he grinned at you, his eyes twinkling. “But that being said, my life was empty before I met Y/N and to say that I would ever be able to hand life without her, would be a lie…so” he turned to you, grinning as he pulled his hands from his slacks and suddenly dropped to one knee. You gasped staring at him, your eyes watering. “Now, I know we haven’t been together all that long and that we’re going to have our ups and downs…but there is no one else in this world I would rather have my ups and downs with, my late night chit chats and ice cream dates, or that I would want to have as a wife. So Y/N… will you marry me and become my wife?” he grinned as you gasped, staring at the beautiful ring.

               You grinned and instantly wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing him deeply. “Of course” you whispered against his mouth. Sam held you tightly to him, squeezing you tightly as he laughed happily. The rest of the room cheered and clapped. Life was great, you had everything, a stable job, an amazing home with an amazing family and a wonderful fiancé. There was nothing that could change your outlook on life.

               Soon enough though, the summer ended and that meant you had to go back to work. Sam and you decided on waiting a while before making any hardcore decisions on the wedding, but that didn’t mean you were waiting for the sex. You two went at it almost every night that you could, taking turns dominating and finding new kinks. You held your files close to your body as you walked from the administrative office toward the history wing, delivering the new files to each teacher. You knocked on Sams office door as he sat at his desk, going over several pieces of paper. He looked up, the air conditioning in his office had broken over the summer, which meant Sam would have one open window to keep his office cool.

               You sat down in one of his chairs and smirked at the sweaty man before you. “Professor Winchester, is there anyway I can change your mind about my F on my paper?” you smirked crossing your legs in your skirt as he swallowed a large gulp of water, his tie was lying on the old brown couch as well as his jacket. “If I wasn’t about to die of a heat stroke I would fuck you senseless on this desk” he panted and you smiled standing up and walking around the desk. “Don’t worry baby, ill cool you off tonight when we go home” you whispered and laid the file on his desk. “I think I may need to advise you on some details about that thing you did last night…with your tongue” you smirked with lust blown eyes and licked your lips. “Maybe Ill have to show you a few different ways to repeat history” you threw a wink his way and he groaned. “I am so fucking you before dinner” he demanded his eyes narrowing a little as he smirked.

               You laughed and threw your head back. “Behave, I have an idea for us to try tonight to beat this heat” “I know something else I’d like to beat right now” he mumbled as he opened the file and you giggled. “Be good, I have to go meet the new professor and then I’ll head for home” you smiled waving a little as he grinned. “Ill race you there!” you laughed as you walked out of his classroom and down the corridor.

               Once at the old European History classroom, you knocked and entered. “Hello?” you walked down the stairs and toward the office door when it opened and a gentleman in his late 30’s walked out. His large brown eyes and dark hair reminded you of someone, it wasn’t until you saw the grin, with a glint in his eyes you knew. “Y/N…my my how you’ve grown….” He said stalking toward you. You instantly backed up. “Awe what no hug? We used to be so close…don’t you remember me?” he asked with a grin and you felt your chest tighten as your breathing hitched.

“Uncle Ryan?”  

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anonymous asked:

!! OH MY GOD IT'S A LITTLE SMALL DETAIL BUT I GOTTA GUSH OVER IT: YOU. DRAW. LEAF. WITH. RED. EYES- OR AT LEAST CLOSE TO THEM AND THAT IS A+. DON'T GET ME WRONG THE WHOLE "GREEN EYE, LEAF WITH HER LAST NAME BEING GREEN" STUFF IS OKAY BUT HELLO?? I LOVE?? RED-EYED LEAF??? IT SUITS HER SO MUCH MORE?? IT'S UGH- okay my gushing about her eye color aside your art literally makes me so happy this is my otp and seeing your art is like, bringing my feels to the max thank you,,

OH MY GOD THANK YOU YES???????? I LOVE LEAF WITH REd eyes and theres a reason cuz i used to like her with brown eyes but i thought it would be nice to start new and fresh but my hc GREEN ALREADY HAD GREEN EYES Even though i changed it later and leaf with blue eyes is…no…..because surprisingly i love leaf but i hate…pokespe!blue… AND  i also liked green as a name for the rival better than blue so i made leafs last name redwood


I see leaf as this nice girl but also a badass so HER RED EYES MAKE FOR REALLY COOL SCENES LIKE THIS,,,,FYI ITS MY ULTIMATE OTP TOO LIKE….every otp i have stems off the base of conflicting yall dont even know…..why yall think i like hanbaki so much…

rayea  asked:

I love you guys!! You guyz are total awesomeness 😁😁 Can you do a hc where rin is becoming more demon-like and before anyone else can really notice the changes, he asks mephisto to take him to gahenna to help him maybe find something that will slow the process >_<

We all love you too, Rayea! Sorry for the late reply; I was a little stumped on how to execute this, but here we are!

-It all starts when Rin notices he’s thinning out and getting paler.

-Yukio notices and is like “??? Nisan?? Are you alright????”

-Rin plays it off and just rolls with it. Then things start…changing.

-He’s too fluid with his movement. It’s easier to sneak around. He can’t hear his own footsteps. He’s incredibly flexible. Now, he can beat Shura up with a flick of his fingers. He just nervously writes it off as all of his training paying off.

- But then, instincts start coming to play. It escalates until he can subconsciously know if any of his loved ones are in danger and he jumps to their rescue, and he finds himself holding up a hand to catch a ball that was going to nail Shiemi in the head before the ball had even been thrown.

-The breaking point? When his normal eyes are overtaken by his demon eyes.

-Now he knows something is up. He combats the demon eye issues by wearing colored contacts. Things go from bad to worse when his nails start to grow in black.

-”Nisan, why are your nails black?”

“I-I’m, uh, re-entering my emo phase from 2013.”

“Why are they only half-way painted?”

“I’m just…uh…really lazy…?”

“Is there something you’re not telling me?”


-It’s at this point that he realizes that if he wants to keep this under wraps, he had to enlist (ugh) Mephisto’s clown ass. When he relays the changes to Mephisto, that rat bastard LAUGHS for about 3 minutes straight. That asshole is in HYSTERICS.

-Mephisto eventually calms his shit and explains to Rin that if he wants to slow down this process, there was something he needed to get….only….

-It’s only found in Gehenna.

-Rin’s heart stops in his chest and he thinks “,,,,fukc”

-Rin nervously accepts the task and Mephisto tells him to meet him tonight. Rin runs home and quickly packs his shit, kisses Yukio on the forehead and tells Yukio he loves him, takes Kuro, and without answering any questions, off he goes, careening into the night and into Gehenna.

-When Yukio finds out what Rin’s doing. He is



- Suguro and Shura have similar reactions.

- Shima just laughs and thinks “Well, he’s fucked. What am I going to tell the Illuminati?

-Konekomaru isn’t sure, but he’s pretty sure his actual heart just stopped.

- Shiemi is crying her eyes out because she already misses her friend and “you stupid idiot! We dont care if you’re more demonic!”

-Izumo is more like “What the actual fuck why did you even– why”

-And the Grigori?


-Tell you what, Rin’s gonna be facing a helluva shitstorm when he gets back home.

-And Mephisto? He’s just laughing and watching everything go to hell.

-Mephisto is an asshole.

I hope you enjoyed that! This is lowkey based on something I was already writing, lmao. Thanks for the ask!

-Admin Caspar

“He remembered, just thirty seconds ago, jumping into his arms, wrapping his legs around his waist, the feel of Kageyama’s hair between his fingers, damp with sweat, blue eyes wide with shock and…” ~ Binding Problem by @majesticartax

Quick question about honklings

Ok people so i want to know how much some of you would be interested to take commissions for honklings ?

I know i’ve given them for free until right now, because it really makes me happy to see that people enjoy them but right know im having some money issues ( my cat is having a mouth infection and i have to take her to the vet , if she needs an operation or long treatment i will have to pay for my own since my family is already paying the uni and we dont have to much money , also here in Chile , vets are expensive and asking help for free in vet schools or municipal help can be dangerous and end up in your pet getting a bad treatment so that is why i prefer to pay )

The whole idea , if people want to take commisions , is for you paying 1 or 3 dollars for a honkling, honklings can be normal , orange , pink , albino , blue , all black , also are cases of specials honklings like extra fluff albino , horned , two head , rut , no eyes , scorpion pom pom tail , etc to add honklings also have diferent nature that go from anxious , to cheerfull to wild or angry , etc .

Also there would be deffective honklings , like missing legs , fur , too small or weak ( special or defective honklings could cost just one extra dollar ) also there is the idea that honklings would end up being clowns , so if you get a honkling you could choose to get only the honkling and let it be just like that or you could choose to being a clown , i will make a designated coccoon , and you could make your very own clown from a honkling or commision me to make you a whole evolutionary line your honkling ( ex ; you pay for an albino extra fluff honkling and you want it to become a clown , you tell me the details you want your clown to have and i will make you clown , or if you want just the cocoon, or could let me designated you one as i could imagine )

Evolutionary line from honkling to a certain breed from clown, jester, pagliacci, mime could cost 15 dollars or less ( have to decided yet if i happen to do this )

Now people wbo already got their honklings could let it be or take commisions for an extra honkling or a clown evolution

People who already asked for a free honkling will have their free honkling , so dont worry over that ( again but if you want an extra hk or a clown evolution you can commision me )

So if people is interested i will make a paypal today and draw the whole process ,so it could be more graphic , all of this ( the commisions) would be made in traditional media ,wince i dont feel too confident in my digital art skill s yet ,so they could take some days to be made ( also i will make another post explaing honklings type and how they eat , and interact )

So that is for now

Would you be interested in a honkling commision , getting your hk or getting your clown evolution line ?

If people is interested you can REBLOG this

Also send me a message if you want more details ( be attent that right now im on my phone so i will reply to messages but since i cant put tags in ask on my phone you will have to check my blog, speacial to anons or i will tag your name if i can )

So that is for now , i want to know how many are interested into taking commisions for a honkling , or honkling, coccon and finally clown evolution

Again if you are interested please REBLOG

And thank you for all the people who had like the honklings species and the it fandom for being awesome

And @aspergerasparagus for being awesome too

I've Got A Secret

Chris Evans x Victorias Secret Model! Reader
A/n: to be honest, you are not gonna be the skinny models you see on TV from VS. Everyone’s body is beautiful, whether you are curvy or skinny, perfect skin or scarred. Please, love yourself and who you are. I think you are beautiful in every way. That is all c:
Genre: Romance
Rated: Mature
Warning: SMUTTY SMUT SMUT, rough sex, pinning, blowjob, desk sex, Dom! Chris, hair pulling, biting
A/n (again): requester, you asked for it….lol
You were a model. However, not any type of model. You were a Victoria’s Secret model. You were a little bigger than the rest of the models but your self confidence skyrocketed through the roof when you got in. You were in the dressing room, getting your hair curled, make up applied when your manager, Mr. Justin Cor dropped in. His green eyes sparked with joy as he flipped his brown hair and stated, kissing your shoulder.
“You look absolutely gorgeous, darling.”
You smiled and stated.
“Your flattery has flattened me.”
You both laughed and Justin stated, winking and pinching your cheek gently.
“I’ve got a very hot surprise for you!”
“Who’s the hottie?”
Justin whispered in your ear.
“Chris Evans.”
You gasped and blushed, mouthing ‘no way.’ Justin nodded and you clapped.
“Would you like to meet him?”
You nodded and tightened the robe that covered your nude body. You followed Justin out to the shoot and blushed. There, sitting on the white bed in the middle of the room, was Chris Evans. He was shirtless, wearing dark washed jeans that rode low on his hips and playing with his phone. Justin stated.
“Chris, meet your model partner (y/n). She’s gonna be modeling with you today. We still have a few minutes so why dont you two spend the ten minutes you have together, alright.”
Chris’s blue eyes looked up and widened at you. He looked you up and down and you suddenly felt a little self conscious. Chris smiled and stated, kissing your hand
“Such a pleasure to meet you, (y/n). I’m Chris.”
You smiled and blushed.
“I know. I have to say, your role in Captain America was amazing.”
You whispered in his ear.
“You looked rather sexy in the suit.”
Chris bit his lip and looked up at you. You smiled and Justin clapped, making you jump.
“Alright, let’s get started. Alright, Chris, get on the bed but lay on your side. Yeah, have your leg kinda-ok, you got this.”
Everyone laughed and you giggled. Chris looked over at you.
“(Y/n), go ahead and get up there.”
You blushed and got onto the bed, Chris watching and You remembered what Justin told you to do before hand. You pressed your body against Chris slightly and let your robe fall off. Chris grunted a bit and you smirked, whispering.
“What’s the matter? Are you a little bothered by this, Evans?”
He didn’t reply. You turned your head and looked at the camera as Chris wrapped his arms around you and dug his nose into your neck. Justin gave a thumbs up. You smiled as Justin stated.
“Gorgeous, darling. This one is gonna be a little intimate. (Y/n), turn towards the camera. Chris, I want you to cover her breasts with your arms. Have an possessive look in your eye. (Y/n), make it look like you submitted. Open your mouth a little. There you go.”
You were blushing. Chris had you pressed into his chest as he held his arms over your plump, cold breasts. Goosebumps lined your body as you stated after they took the photo.
“It’s too cold for this!”
Chris whispered in your ear.
“Or you’re just getting a little horny, aren’t you?”
You were in your dressing room when a knock on the dor came. You closed your robe and opened the door, gasping a bit when you saw Chris.
“Chris, hey. What’s up?”
Chris closed the door then kissed you roughly, pushing you into your desk that acted as a table. He stated, panting a bit.
“You’re gonna fix this.”
He bucked into you and you gasped, feeling his erection. You blushed and Chris picked you up, laying you on the desk and pinned your hands above your head with one hand, undoing your robe with the other. Chris asked huskily.
“You were so horny when I held you in my arms like that, werent you? I know you were when I laid a top you. You little slut ”
He kneaded your breast then sucked on your nipple, causing a heat in your Netherlands to get hotter. Your pussy started to drip as Chris gave your neglected nipple attention. His tongue flicked out and circled your nipple, teasing you. You bucked into Chris, silently begging for friction and Chris snarled out.
“Don’t fucking move. Don’t. You move when I tell you too, you little slut.”
You whined and stated.
“Yes, Captain.”
Chris hissed a bit and grunted. He picked you up and you watched as he unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans slowly, teasing you. He ordered, nodding once.
“Get on your knees.”
You did as told as Chris let his member run wild. You were impressed by his size and he, again, ordered.
You licked a long stride up his member and tried not to grin at his moan. You took the head of his dick into your mouth, running your tongue over the slit that leaked precum. He cussed, fisting your hair into his hand. You slowly took more of his member into your mouth, loving the whimpers coming from Chris. He pushed your head and pulled as you started to suck him off.
“Fuck, you look so gorgeous down there. You’re MY slut, you got it?”
You hummed in response and Chris grunted, jaw clenched. He pulled you off and kissed your roughly, shoving his tongue into your mouth. You were severely turned on by the thought of Chris tasting himself in your mouth. He laid you on the desk and ordered.
“Spread those legs for me, slut. I wanna see that gorgeous cunt dripping.”
You did as told and Chris smirked. He trailed kisses up your legs and bit a dark mark into your thigh. You gasped as he bit your other thigh then dived right in. His mouth kissed your sex and a flush covered your face.
“Watch me eat you out.”
You opened your eyes as Chris flicked his tongue out over your clit and pinned your hips down onto the desk. You whined as Chris slid his tongue up and down your entrance, pushing in when he felt like it. The coil in your stomach was tightening and you grabbed his hair, gently massaging his scalp. He hummed in appreciation and you gasped as the vibrations stimulated your need. Chris growled out.
“Beg for me to let you cum, bitch.”
“Please! Let me cum!”
He stated, thrusting his fingers in and out of you.
“You can do better than that.”
“Let me cum, Captain! Please! I beg of you!”
Chris grinned and sucked harshly on your clit, thrusting his fingers faster, and hummed in approval. You were pushed over the edge and screamed his name, arching off the table and Chris lapped up your juices. He pulled his fingers out, sucking on your juices and complemented.
“You taste so fucking good, (y/n).”
Chris pressed his body onto yours, kissing and biting your neck as he kneaded your breasts. He pulled out a condom, ripping the package with his teeth and slipped it on carefully. He then positioned himself at your entrance and slammed into you. You gasped as Chris immediately started pounding into you, moaning and he let his head fall back. He demanded
“Whom do you belong to, little slut?”
“You, Chris! Please don’t stop!”
You cried out, digging your nails into his skin as you dragged them down his shoulders and arms. Chris hissed out a bit and kissed your neck, biting and sucking the flesh. He kept pounding into you as he angled himself. He slammed into your g spot and you screamed out, arching your back. The coil was getting so tight and Chris commaned hotly in your ear.
“Cum for me, little slut.”
You came hard, white assaulting your vision as you screamed out Chris’s name. Chris gave a throaty moan and his thrusts were faltering. He came, thrusting a few more times before pulling out and panting. He looked up at your sleepy face and asked.
“My place or yours?”
You stated sleepily. Chris gave a sweet smile and nodded.
'That was the best sex I ever had.’
You thought as you watched Chris fix himself up. Yeah. Definitely.