but why are their eyes blue i dont

The Signs as Jaden Smith Tweets

Aries: I Only Apply To The Sixth Amendment
Taurus: Every 7 Years Your Body Is Completely Replaced With Entirely New Cells So Just Because You Look The Same Doesn’t Mean You Are
Gemini: When You Live Your Whole Life In A Prison Freedom Can Be So Dull
Cancer: How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real
Leo: Most Trees Are Blue

Virgo: If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth
Libra: I Just Scrolled Through My Tweets And “I” Started Laughing.
Scorpio: You Think You Get It. YOU DONT YOU DONT YOU DONT!!!!!!!
Sagittarius: I Watch Twilight Every Night
Capricorn: The More Time You Spend Awake The More Time You Spend Asleep
Aquarius: Why Is It Always 3 WHY IS IT ALWAYS 3!!!!!
Pisces: I Don’t Want You Guys To Think Because I Was Born In America That I Speak And Abide By English Grammar. I Speak Jaden, Indefinitely.


yall, i think we mightve found the identity for the tongue monster from kindergarten kid— what if shes a zircon? like, hear me out here

before our zircons were even revealed, id read somewhere that tongue monsters gem, the shape and the cut and color, all pointed to her bein a zircon, and like, just cuz we have canon zircons now doesnt mean im dropping that— if anything, the fact that their gem cut is pretty much the same (aside from some physical impurities, but all corruptions have wonky lookin gems ive noticed, centi did b4 steven tried to heal her) kinda just proves the theory more. 

not to mention her gem is right above her three weird tongues, and the two zircons weve met so far have gems placed right above their cravats, so what if, during corruption, that translated into weird tongue thingies? the multiple eyes could have been derived from the fact that zircons seem to wear monocles— idk, its just all pointing to her bein a zircon

and i kno that our zircons dont rly Look like theyd turn into weird blue tongue bird roadrunner monsters but like, what gem Ever looks like their corruption? what weve seen of centipeetle certainly doesnt look like her corrupted form, so like, why not, ykno??

if this is at least kinda canon then that means we finally have a name for a corrupted gem, besides jasper and the other quartz monsters, which are also presumably jaspers. i mean like, we dont even have a name for centipeetles gem type?? so this would b really cool ykno? itd definitely humanize corruption monsters even moreso for me u_u

Lucios Auditiva skin is really nice… Im not terribly fond of the orange accents but his skin tone with that dark green and the white contrasting looks real pretty.

(His shirt is also makes his boobies shiny and who dont like shiny boobies? No person I ever heard of.)

Id say besides the orange the only real downside is you cant see his eyes through his visor. But I guess that makes it look cooler? IDK hes got cute eyes! I dont like when theyre covered… which is also a problem with the ever adorable Ribbit and Hippity Hop….

Which is why Andes is Best Skin.

All the colors gel, cute hat, you can see his eyes through his cute rainbow visor, that skin tight turtle neck thing hes rocking thats super appealing, and his cute blue hair! A+s all around!

IDK where I was going with this I just wanted to gush about how cute Lucio is or something idk.

  • Teacher: hi everyone, since it's the first day of school why don't we all go around and say something interesting about ourselves
  • Fellow peer 1: hi, i like to play basketball
  • Fellow peer 2: hello everyone, i like the color blue
  • Me: *twitching uncontrollably* i have an unhealthy obsession with the dead fictional lesbian leader of the post apocalyptic world who may or may not have died almost a year ago... anyone wanna sit with me at lunch?
Me Watching the Shine Forever MV
  • Me: ok this sounds like its gonna be lit af hell yeah
  • Me: wait why he blindfolded
  • Me: kihyun's into some kinky shit i see
  • Me: holy shit that car just flipped off a goddamn cliff
  • Me: so like why is he blindfolded. he's not even doing anything he's just sitting there blindolded. what is this supposed to mean
  • Me: o shit hoseok snitched on minhyuk
  • Me: papa hyunwoo's mad at minu for killin his mom lol
  • Me: wait kihyun is here i thought minhyuk killed him why is he still blindfolded
  • Me: so is it his ghost or something *voice raising* wHY IS HE FUCKING BLINDFOLDED

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!! OH MY GOD IT'S A LITTLE SMALL DETAIL BUT I GOTTA GUSH OVER IT: YOU. DRAW. LEAF. WITH. RED. EYES- OR AT LEAST CLOSE TO THEM AND THAT IS A+. DON'T GET ME WRONG THE WHOLE "GREEN EYE, LEAF WITH HER LAST NAME BEING GREEN" STUFF IS OKAY BUT HELLO?? I LOVE?? RED-EYED LEAF??? IT SUITS HER SO MUCH MORE?? IT'S UGH- okay my gushing about her eye color aside your art literally makes me so happy this is my otp and seeing your art is like, bringing my feels to the max thank you,,

OH MY GOD THANK YOU YES???????? I LOVE LEAF WITH REd eyes and theres a reason cuz i used to like her with brown eyes but i thought it would be nice to start new and fresh but my hc GREEN ALREADY HAD GREEN EYES Even though i changed it later and leaf with blue eyes is…no…..because surprisingly i love leaf but i hate…pokespe!blue… AND  i also liked green as a name for the rival better than blue so i made leafs last name redwood


I see leaf as this nice girl but also a badass so HER RED EYES MAKE FOR REALLY COOL SCENES LIKE THIS,,,,FYI ITS MY ULTIMATE OTP TOO LIKE….every otp i have stems off the base of conflicting yall dont even know…..why yall think i like hanbaki so much…


You were mid presentation at work,surrounded by several members of staff including your supervisor and boss,your slides from your presentation displayed on the wall behind you.You felt confident and smiled brightly because this month has been hell while juggling planning this presentation while trying to maintain a healthy relationship with Niall but it paid off with only small obstacles like this morning.Your laptop crashed and only gave you a tiny heart attack but you had your files saved on your flashdrive.You borrowed Niall’s laptop to do the presentation and shrugged off the thought of him minding.

You were pleased with how the presentation was going and judging by the smile of your boss she was too.

“And that brings me to show you this chart of our sales for the last year,”,you said not bothering to glance down at the file you clicked on Niall’s laptop.

You were busy talking about the chart when you see several of your coworkers gasping and some even snickering at the images behind you.At first you were confused and ignored it but after changing the pictures a few times they showed no signs of stopping.You had just about had it when you snapped,”The hell is so funny?”,you ask.

“Ms.y/l/n turn around”,your boss said,her voice commanding and somewhat soothing like silky sheets.

You whipped around but the image you saw was nothing like you could ever imagined.You couldn’t believe your eyes or yourself when a shrill scream crawled it’s way up your throat.

On your way home you were clinging to your faith in Niall.Holding on to the once shred of your soul (that wasn’t shriveled up in embarrassment) where you believed him when he said he loved you.When he touched you and said you were the only one he had ever been with.When he said you were the only girl in his life.But if that were true,why were you sitting in the back of your Uber with tears running down your cheeks and onto the keyboard of his laptop?

You wrap your arms around yourself like you were trying to hold youself together,trying to force your broken self to be whole again but you torture yourself with these images,each one causing a new wave of tears and a burning hot stab to pierce your heart.

You tell youself that he doesn’t deserve you and if you see him you’d pop a cap in his arse but you’re still trying to wrap your head around it because this is Niall.Your Niall and he wouldn’t hurt you.But your Niall was out there doing this he said he would never do so was this really the man you fell in love with?

When you’re walking up the stairs to your apartment you just loose it.You loose the will to want to make this right,to fix it.You just want it gone.Want him gone. Unlocking his apartment with the spare key to stand in his place without him there made you feel empty.He’s always waiting for you like a loyal partner but he isn’t.Probably was working at this time.You could just get your stuff and leave.But he’s still here.

Niall’s passed out on the couch,and some football match is playing on the the only illumination in the dark room besides the florescent city lights that cast glimmering glows on his cheeks.Snores rumbling from his chest and cheek down into his plush couch,drool on his couch cushions he looked like an angel.Every fibre of your being feels so shook to have him near you.He’s relaxing,smiling obliviously in his dreams while you’re in te real world after having a man you’ve loved for so long wash away a beautiful relationship for some cheap floozy.

You set his laptop down on the coffee table and the key on top of it.When you turn on your heel to walk out he wakes up.

“Babe,what’re ya doing here?Playin hooky from work?’’ and he’s smiling with this wolfish look before he sees how you’re looking at him.Like he’s a stranger.

He looks confused before he sees the laptop and key behind him and it hit him,the realization in his blue eyes,“Y/n let me explain,’’he says his posture straightening out,arms in front of him defensively like he knew I would hurl something at him.There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t.

‘’Well isn’t that rich!You wan’ explain why when I’m out there trying to do my job and keep you happy,you’re out with some girl and your fucking tripod!′’,I said venom spewing from my words,anger I didn’t even know I had surfacing.

“What are you even doing with my things?’’,he asked standing,his body rigid with tension.

“Dont try to turn this on me!My laptop fucking collapsed on me when I needed it and I had to use yours for my presentation for work and halfway into it,everyone at the office saw you and some naked chick doing the nasty!’’

“y/n listen.”he says,pinching his nose bridge in aggravation.

“no you listen..I’m done!”

“Come on baby,you don’t mean that” he says while you’re walking to the door and all the memories of your relationship flash in your head.First kiss where his teeth clashed against yours in the most painful way but it was magical to you.First time he brought you here and pressed you up against the front door to bang your brains out.When he was away on tour how you yearned only for him but that desire died. and those times weren’t worth shit now.

“Baby I’m sorry,”,he says taking your hand in his and pulling you into him to try to hold you again but you fought against him despite how good it felt to have him want you.

“Sorry?It’s too late for sorry!’’,you say pushing away from him and seeing him for the last time.His distraught blue eyes and crumpled look.

“We’re done Niall."You slammed the door behind yourself,adrenaline coursing through your veins and you’re no longer seeing that angel act he put on,you see him for the devil he is.

don’t wanna cry theory

they said that “dont wanna cry” is a continuation of “smile flower” so i looked at the both lyrics and there is really a story;

also this is long ass af but it really brings everything to it’s due place !!

hope u enjoy reading ♡

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made up title; he's MY boyfriend now [quill vs steve/bucky 4 tony]

Oh i dont know why but i think of this as a kid-au.

Tony is four when he gets his first kiss from Steve. The kiss is on his right cheeks and Tony blushed badly. Steve is always so nice and his eyes are really blue!

So he feels kinda special that Steve wants to be his friend.

Only a week later Bucky kisses him on his other cheek. Tony is a bit confused bu he likes it anyway. So he smiles at Bucky and kisses Buckys cheek back.

He likes to be around Bucky and Steve. They are his best friends.

Its when Tony comes into kindergarden with his favourite doll that Bucky and Steve are confused.

“I wanna play family.” says Tony and giggles. Its his favourite game. So he settles the doll in one of the little chairs and goes into the doll’s kitchen where he starts to “cook”.

Steve and Bucky think thats a really weird game and start laughing. Tony is crying when Peter shows up. He looks at Steve and Bucky and gets angry.

“Go away!” he tells them and the two leave still laughing. Tony is really sad, but Peter makes him smile again when he kisses his nose. Peter giggles at that and then asks him about his doll.

They play family together and after a while Steve and Bucky come back. But Peter wont have that.

“He’s my boyfriend now!” says Peter and puffs his chest out.

Tony smiles at that, even if he doesnt know what a boyfriend is. Its sounds good.

“He remembered, just thirty seconds ago, jumping into his arms, wrapping his legs around his waist, the feel of Kageyama’s hair between his fingers, damp with sweat, blue eyes wide with shock and…” ~ Binding Problem by @majesticartax

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Why is... Lance flying blue at first (he's in a blue seat) but then he's flying red (red seat)...

i was confused about same thing!! i guess he ends up flying both, which im super hype for (and it makes the most sense), but we literally dont see the red lion in action at all in that trailer. odd choice!

and, well, hopefully the camera isnt playing tricks on our eyes, lmao

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(im just gonna spam you till you sleep tbh) would you rather lance going blind or losing one of his arms lmao


okay so honestly i love the blindness hc BC FIRST OF ALL THATS CRUEL AF AND IT WOULD TAKE AWAY HIS ABILITY TO PILOT BLUE (unless he can see through her eyes which would be hard until they bond more) AND HE WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO BE A SHARP SHOOTER


Request Oswald x Reader- I need you

I was given the request by @shelbylouiseclancy “needy clingy sex after Os has been laughed at his club seen kissing you saying out of your league- reassure with sex”

Content- Fluffy smut, oral, penetration, lovey stuff, some vulgar language

Originally posted by crowned-in-october

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YouTuber Confessional - Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N- hey love, can I pretty please have an imagine where you’re joe’s sister and you do a video for his channel like the youtuber confessional one he did with zoe, and he gets you to admit that you have feelings for jack. I hope you’re not overloaded with requests, but if you are, please take your time to write mine, theres no rush! x

Actually enjoyed writing this one! Enjoy :)

Joe called me last night saying he wanted to start a new YouTube video series and he wanted me to be in the first episode. I did question what i would be doing but he said all to be revealed. Being Joe’s sister i for sure knew this was going to be one of those weird but wonderful videos. 

Joe had been setting up in the bedroom for the past 20 minutes making sure everything was out correct and in position. I wasn’t allowed to see what was happening because apparently it would wreck the surprise. Touching up my make-up and finding a decent t-shirt to wear i waited for Joe to give me the all clear. When this happened i walked into the bedroom to see Joe sitting on a chair wearing a reverend/pastor costume. I sat down in the spare seat awaiting to hear what this was all about. 

“What the hell Joe?” I started to laugh, there was no way i was going to take this seriously. 

“Shhhh im going to start my video now” Joe said. I bit down on my lip trying to contain my laughter. 

“So today i thought i’d start a new series on my youtube channel and its called, i dont know what its called” So starting a new series and he doesnt even have a name for it yet, good one Joe!

“Call it youtube confessional” I suggested. 

“Youtuber confessional or the youtuber confessional?”

“The youtube confessional” Finally agreeing on what to call it, the video continued. 

“You look like you have a lot of confessionals stored in that pea shaped head” 

“I do” I nodded. 

“Now Y/N im giving you the opportunity to confess your sins” I nodded once again while pulling faces causing Joe to look down and laugh. 

“Stop it please im trying to be serious there” 

“Sorry” I looked down trying to look sad but failing. 

“Lets begin! What is your worst habit?” Joe asked first. 

“Oh god, I dont know. Erm, probably biting my nails” I openly admitted.

“Thats disgusting, what do you do with the nail you bit off?” Joe asked with a strange facial expression.

“I either spit them out or swallow them”

“What kind of human are you” We both laughed. 

“How much do you get paid?”

“Well that’s personal!, it varies every month. But i tell you this, the media have never got it right” I truthfully said. I don’t like when the media get involved making up stories just because they don’t have anything good to cover.

“Are you a millionaire?” 

“Joe! You tell me, am i?” 

“You probably have more than me” This was probably true, I was known as the saver in the family. 

“When was the last time you flew economy?” 

“Like 2 weeks ago when i came back from Italy” 

“I forgot you went there did you enjoy it?”

“I did thank you”

“Do you scrunch or fold toilet paper when you wipe your arse?” Where the hell do these questions come from.

“I fold unless im drunk then i scrunch so i can hurry off the toilet” Joe let out a little chuckle knowing what i was like when drunk. 

“Worst habit on social media” 

“Using the emojis too often or when they arent needed” 

“You should use Joemoji” Joe said winking at the camera. “Self branding there”

“Have you ever slept with a youtuber?”


“Are you sure?” Joe re-questioned

“Of course”

“Do you dislike any of your brothers friends?” I let out a chuckle as Joe started referring to himself in third person. 

“No i like them all”

“Which one do you like the most?” 

“I like them all equally” I started to get a little defensive. Obviously there was one i liked more but Joe shouldn’t know who it is. I’ve never dropped hints, i’ve never purely shown it. 

“Come on tell me, i know your hiding something” This was the worst part about it. With me and Joe being so close we knew each other inside out. I knew when he was hiding something or when he wasn’t his self and it seems he was the same way with me.

“Y/N this is called YouTube confessional, you’re meant to tell the truth” Joe smirked. 

“I am telling the truth” Well i wasn’t.

“Well i know it’s not Oli as you see him as a brother” 


“It’s not Josh or Mikey because you’ve friendzoned them a few times in conversations plus they wouldn’t try it on with you”


“It’s either Caspar Jack or Conor” Joe started to put his thinking hat on staring at me the whole time. Almost like he was trying to read my mind.

“It’s not Conor” 

“Right” I was so scared for him to figure out this secret of mine. I mean crushing on one of this friends is a bit weird right? But I did get on with them all, they were in my age range to which is a bonus. I blame Joe for having genuine good friends. 

“It’s Jack, you like Jack” He proudly smiled knowing he cracked it as i remained silent. How did he conclude to that. It’s quite scary actually. All i could think of was the heat rising to my cheeks. 

“Y/N you like Jack!” Joe kept shouting clapping his hands. 

“Ok ok calm down” 

“How long? How long have you liked him?” Ugh I hated talking about my feelings especially when it happens to be about one of my brothers best mate. 

“A few months now” I mumbled not exactly wanting to get into it. 

“I knew it! Every time i see you two together the looks you give each other is different. I’ve never seen you like it before and i’ve definitely not seen Jack like it before and I know what Jack is like” The heat reaching to my cheeks was for sure making them turn bright red. The lights in the room didn’t help either. It was like interrogation.  

I tried not to like Jack but he was just different, i knew his reputation but i didn’t see that. It’s like he changed. From the day Joe introduced me to him i got butterflies. I’m not a nervous person when it comes to meeting new people but meeting Jack. He was the first. The flirting between us happened every now and again but I didn’t actually realise it happened at times, it just came naturally. He made me happy. He made me smile. When looking across a room I would always see the blue eyes looking in my direction, the small compliments he would give me when no one else was around or listening, the brushing against each other when walking back one another. But i didn’t want to say anything in case it did something to Joe and Jacks friendship. Just being a good sister. 

“Why didn’t you say something?” Joe asked.

“Because i’m your little sister, i thought you may have thought it’s strange for me to be liking one of your friends. When a boy tries to flirt or make a move you’ve given them the death stare. Don’t say you dont or haven’t because you have”

“But have you noticed i never stopped Jack?” That was something to think about. “I know Jack has liked you for a while now, he confined in me. He also felt bad but i said it was ok as i saw the change in him” 

“Why didnt you tell me!!”

“Because i wasn’t sure if you liked him, i wanted to wait to see if i could get it out of you and now i have!” 

“You’re so sly” I folded my arms and left back in the chair letting out a small laugh. 

“You love me. Oh he’s coming around here later i invited him”

“Joe! You don’t even live here and you’re invited people around” 

“You’ll thank me later”

“Is the camera still filming?” We both looked towards it and laughed.

“For god sake i’m going to have so much editing to do” 

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Hello! Random, but i really like how in all ur pics of him, Clark/superman has yellow-red-blue eyes. It looks so cool! Do u do that for a specific reason or just because it looks cool? Thanks, have a good day!

mostly i just think it’s cool but theres minimal thought behind it!! i want him to look more alien, so that’s why he has yellow uhh, whites? i dont know the word but you know lol. the clear blue is cuz i always imagine him with freakishly sparkling beach-ocean coloured irises, and then the red ring is like, the energy gathering from his laser. then the white pupil is because i imagine his eyes work differently, like, he can take up more colours(and ofc the xray)

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My name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don't know who she is get da hell out of here!). I'm not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he's a major fucking hottie. I'm a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I'm also a witch, and I go to a m-

Uh …
I dont care?? Why is this here–