but why am i so attracted to his hands

Sorry, I'm... uh... blind?

Context: Still a little new to DnD, our DM decided to have a little impromptu session with characters that we made on the spot after raiding Mr. DM’s house. We had a half elf rogue (me), a dragonborne barbarian who wants to be a doctor, and a high elf sorcerer trying to convert people into his religion about Cthulhu. In the story, me and the barbarian visits the sorcerer because the barbarian wants to learn about this special medicine that this sorcerer supposedly knows. But during a mishap of trying to summon Cthulhu, we’re all sent to the other side of the world. 

Rouge: Oi! Asshole (the sorcerer)!  Look at what you done! Thanks to your stupid spell, we’re in some weird place! Tell us where we are!

Sorcerer OOC: Do I know where we are?

Dm: Yep.

Sorcerer: I don’t know what you mean! My spell was going perfectly till you two morons appeared! Don’t just throw accusations like that! For all I know, you could have done something, you dirty thief. Why don’t YOU say where we are?

Rouge: You-! Doc (Barbarian), I’m gonna shank him! We can’t trust him! I can tell he’s hiding something! (rolled insight and got a decent roll)

Barbarian: Now young Mills (my character’s name), let’s not-

Sorcerer: See! Throwing out threats like a villain! How can we trust you? Huh? Look, you’re a thief with sticky fingers! You took my staff!

Dm: Did you actually take his staff?

Rouge OOC: Ha ha, no. 

Sorcerer OOC: Wanna bet on it?

Dm: *sighs* roll off. 

*I got a high number while the sorcerer gets a 2*

Barbarian: Er… sir. I see that your staff is, right next to you.

Rouge: See! This guy is crazy! Let’s just leave!

Sorcerer: No wait! I’m sorry for saying that… the truth is… I am.. uh, blind.

*Everyone at the table starts laughing*

Rouge OOC: Ha, ha, ha. That’s such a bullshit statement. Can I do insight on that?

Barbarian OOC; Ha ha, me too? After watching that whole stupid argument, I can’t let him slide on that. 

Sorcerer OOC: *looks away from the table* How can you doubt a blind man?

*Me and the Barbarian roll but I got a nat1 and he got a 2*

Rouge and Barbarian OOC: Shit.

Rouge: Oh my god! Why didn’t you tell me sooner! I’m so sorry for my treatment, here, I’ll hold your hand and guide you through the forest. Do you want me to carry you?

Barbarian: Yes, I am so sorry for doubting you.

Sorcerer: Hmpt! Why would I hold hands with such a dirty and gross thief-

Dm: Roll for it. See if you actually think Mills is ugly or not.

*Sorcerer rolls and gets a nat1. The entire table dies laughing*

Sorcerer: Oh my- I mean *looks me up and down* I don’t mind if that thief is you though *Actually takes my hand and feel me up irl and in game*


Sorcerer: Shhh, accept me. Don’t you find me attractive too? *rolls charisma and gets another nat1. His glamour spell disappears suddenly to reveal a shriveled up elf*

Rouge: DOC. SAVE ME!

Barbarian: Ugh-! Oh gods! Er, stay strong, young Mills. We’ll find a town soon! *runs ahead to leave the rouge and sorcerer behind*

moonlight [part one]

Summary: James wants to know what she is. || werewolf!bucky x supernatural!reader

Warnings: language (i think) and maybe a little bit of angst, but nothing too major (for now)

Note: I have no clue where this idea came from, to be honest. I think I might make this into a series if you all want me to.


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mysticlane  asked:

Prompt: um Harry and Draco going out already, but they had a big misunderstanding(Draco thinking Harry is cheating after seeing him alittle too close[physically] with a girl) and he start avoiding Harry. Draco becomes too deep into his thoughts to actually pay attention in his potion class and he accidentally drank a temporary memory diminishing type of potion instead of a memory enhancement. Now its all yours! 🤗

I hope this is something like what you imagined :)

“Alright, class! Time to test your potions!” Slughorn proclaimed to the class of eighth years.

The professor’s voice was what broke Draco out of his Harry-centric reverie. Draco shook his head resolutely as he doled out a portion of his Memory-Enhancing potion into a cup. “I have to stop getting so distracted,” he thought to himself. “Dwelling on my problems with Harry won’t fix anything.” Draco took a swig of his potion and nearly spit up at the taste of it. Strange. A Memory-Enhancing potion was supposed to taste like blueberries. Still, Draco downed the rest of what was in the cup.

And then suddenly Draco was very confused. Where was he? Potions class, it seemed. But why was he there? The last thing he could remember was falling asleep on the Hogwarts Express with his head on Pansy’s shoulder.

“Draco?” Granger said from the desk next to his. “Are you okay?”

“No,” Draco responded, because he wasn’t okay. He didn’t understand. Why was Granger being nice to him? And why in Merlin’s name couldn’t he remember anything. Draco began to feel dizzy as innumerable questions swirled in his mind.

“Draco,” Granger said, her voice filled with concern.

Draco stepped away from her, saying, “I don’t need your help,” and promptly fainted.

When Draco awoke, he was in the hospital wing, and Madam Pomfrey was hovering above him.

“Good, you’re awake,” Pomfrey said. She helped Draco sit up and adjusted his pillows before handing the blond a glass of pale blue liquid.

“What’s happened to me?” Draco asked, taking the glass but only after eyeing it suspiciously.

“You made a mistake when preparing your Memory-Enhancing potion, and from my assessment, it seems that the potion had quite the opposite effect.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You’ve lost your memory, dear. Of the past four months at least.” Pomfrey smiled sympathetically at Draco as she let this sink in. “Good news is that this has happened before. I have potion, there,” she indicated the pale blue solution, “that will restore your memories. In eight hours, everything will come back to you.”

Draco nodded. He sniffed the drink tentatively before swallowing it all in one gulp. It tasted like blueberries.

“Very good,” Pomfrey said. She took the glass. “Now get some rest and allow the potion to do its work.”

Pomfrey stalked away, her robes swishing, and Draco regarded the empty hospital wing thoughtfully. The room was dark and quiet, so Draco assumed it was now nighttime, or at least evening. The last time he remembered being alone in this part of the castle was after Harry tried to kill him in sixth year. Draco shuddered at the memory. A part of him always wanted to believe that Harry truly didn’t know what he was doing when he cast that spell, but he never had the chance to talk to Harry about it after the war. Or maybe he had. Maybe he just couldn’t remember it. Maybe he had talked to Harry about it, and that led to him talking to Harry about other things, and he and Harry had become friends. Or even more than friends. Draco allowed himself to fantasize about this for a moment, and then pushed those treacherous thoughts away. Draco dating Harry Potter, the wonder boy? That could never happen.

Draco’s daydreams about Harry were suddenly interrupted by Harry himself barging into the hospital wing.

“Draco,” Harry said. He rushed towards the blond’s bedside and grasped his hand. “I’m so glad you’re okay, baby. Hermione made it sound like something awful.” Harry lifted Draco’s hand to his face and kissed it tenderly.

Draco’s jaw dropped. What. The. Bloody. Hell. He could not believe Harry just called him baby, and he found it even more unbelievable that Harry just kissed him, or his hand anyway. And oh God, Harry’s lips were soft. Draco wanted to feel Harry’s lips all over his body.

“P- Potter?” Draco said, his tone revealing his disbelief.

“What?” Harry looked up to Draco’s face and, seeing the expression of shock there, he immediately dropped Draco’s hand. “Oh. I see how it is,” Harry said defensively. “You’re still mad at me then. I told you, Draco, it’s nothing like you think-”

“Mad at you? What are you- what are you talking about? What’s going on?”

“What’s going on is that I love you and you’re too insecure to believe me!” Harry stood up from his crouched position and turned his back to Draco.

“Potter, didn’t you talk to Pomfrey?” Draco asked, although he was still trying to recover from the emotional toll of hearing Harry Potter saying that he loved him. “I fainted in Potions because I accidently made a Memory Loss potion instead of a Memory-Enhancing one.”

When Harry turned around to face Draco again, his arms were crossed and his eyes were skeptical. “You, messing up in Potions? Not likely.”

Draco couldn’t help it, he preened. “That’s true. I obviously cannot say why I messed up, since I cannot remember it, but I must have been distracted by something quite dire.”

“Something like the current state of our relationship?” Harry said bitterly, glaring at the floor.

“What relationship? Potter, I can’t remember anything since the first day of school.”

Harry narrowed his eyes. “What year?”

“This year, you moron. Eighth year. Pomfrey said I must have lost about four months. That makes this, what, January?”

“Nearly February,” Harry answered grudgingly. He pulled up a chair next to Draco’s bed and sat down.

Draco watched him with curiosity. “What was all of that before?” he asked. “With the hand holding and the ‘I love you’?”

Harry flushed and he shifted in his chair awkwardly. “That was…” Harry couldn’t seem to think of any way to answer. “Are you ever going to remember the past few months?”

“In eight hours,” Draco reported matter-of-factly.

Harry sighed. “Then there’s really no point of me filling you in, is there?”

“Yes, there is! The point is that I want to know, not in eight hours, but now. I want to know now,” Draco insisted.

Harry sighed again, but he smiled a little. “You can be so obstinate at times, you know that?”

Draco smiled contentedly. “I know.”

Harry grinned full out now. “Fine. Ask me anything.”

“Are we dating?”

“Yes. Er, no. I don’t know? I hope we still are. We’ve been fighting lately.”

“Why would we fight? Is it about the war?”

“No. We’ve forgiven each other for everything that happened in the war. We’re fighting about something trivial. Something stupid. You started it.”

Draco snorted. “I find that hard to believe.”

“It’s true. You’re jealous. Of Ginny. Which is ridiculous.”

“How is that ridiculous? She’s your ex-girlfriend.”

“It’s ridiculous because I am completely, veritably, incontestably in love with you.”

Draco nearly flinched at the intensity of Harry’s proclamation. “Am I in love with you?” he asked quietly, shyly.

Harry ran a hand through his hair, seemingly oblivious to how attractive the action was. “I thought so. But if you really loved me, wouldn’t you trust me?”

“I don’t know,” Draco said honestly. “Maybe I’m just scared. Scared to lose you.”

Harry’s gaze locked on Draco’s and for a moment Draco thought he could the past four months in Harry’s eyes.

“You don’t have to be scared of that. I’m never going to leave you,” Harry said, the words almost a whisper. Harry stood to go, but Draco wrapped his hand around Harry’s arm.

“Stay. For the night, I mean. And when we wake up, I’ll remember everything.”

Harry looked at Draco with affection in his expression, but he was still reluctant.

“Please stay, Harry. You said you’d never leave me.”

That was what destroyed the last of Harry’s restraint. In an instant, he was kissing Draco passionately, willing all his memories to be transferred to the blond through his lips. When the two broke apart, neither of them spoke. Draco simply scooted over to make room for Harry and Harry lay down next to Draco after setting his glasses on the bedside table. The couple ended up laying on their sides, facing each other, breaths mingling, eyes fixed upon the other’s face.

“When we wake up, and you have your memories back, will you go back to being mad at me?” Harry said softly. He traced the contours of Draco’s face with a finger, his touch feather-light.

“No. I promise I won’t.”

Harry smiled at this and pulled Draco into his arms. Draco felt his heart beat a million times a minute, like the first time he rode a broom. He couldn’t wait until morning, when he would remember all the times Harry had held him like this before, all the times Harry had kissed him before, all the times Harry told Draco he loved him before.  

“Good night, Draco,” Harry whispered. He burrowed his head into the crook of Draco’s neck.

“Good night, Harry. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Friends Part 6

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2749 (ops)

Warnings: Fluffy, sadness and all flashbacks are in italic

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing.

credits to the gif owners

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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The elevator ride was torture, it felt like hours and hours but in reality, you know that was only a few minutes.  You take a deep breath looking in the mirror of the elevator, your lips are puffy from the kiss and your neck is red from his beard scratching you.

You look like a mess.

All you want is go home, take off this bikini that is making you feel exposed and take a long hot shower. You feel like you made a huge mistake, you just don’t know what the mistake was. If it was the kiss or never letting Bucky say whatever was that he wanted to say to you.

You tap your pockets looking for your car keys, you curse yourself when you remember that you came here with Bucky and now you don’t have any idea how you are going to get home. Anyone you might ask for a ride, it’s going to ask a lot of questions and you don’t want to answer any of it.

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So I was just thinking the other day about when Damen and Laurent split up in the morning after the whole Nesson chase. We know that Damen went back to the inn then chased after the riders, but we find out later that Laurent went back to the brothel.

So just imagine Laurent showing back up there and suddenly remembering the fact that Damen pulled the grille out of the window with his bare hands, apologizing to the madame and paying her back for the inconvenience. Then she tells him something like: ‘I understand why you prefer the company of the slave’, giving him a knowing grin, and Laurent just standing there looking all neutral ignoring her comment, but being internally flustered because damn, watching that big attractive man pull a grille out of a wall with his bare hands turned him on and he hates that it did.

But it did anyways.

the cuddling app / jeon jk.

Originally posted by hoseoks-angel

summary: boredom got to you and you stumble upon a very interesting app - leading you to meet a handsome stranger

genre: fluff

authors note: inspired by shane dawson (bc he got himself a cuddling buddy)

it seemed so silly but it was 100% real. one day you were home alone and got really bored so you went to your app store and searched for some fun new apps. you went through several games and none of them caught your attention. no matter how hard you were trying to find something that you’d like, you just couldn’t find anything. 

but then suddenly you see this app’s name and your eyes just open in awe. the name of it was the cuddling app and it’s pretty much an app where you can get a cuddling buddy. that means no make outs, no sex, nothing but just cuddling. you thought it was funny and first you checked out to see if there’s any reviews on it to see if this is actually real. 

people’s reviews surprised you, some of them were saying that they had a nice experience meanwhile others said that their partner wasn’t just about cuddling but they wanted something more or that their partner was the total opposite…

it was a risky move but still you wanted to try it out, it was a saturday night and what could really go wrong?

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Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Damon Salvatore x reader (platonic)

Summary/Request:  Can you do a Damon Salvatore one where he’s trying to kill you and says that he could kill you and you’re like yeah but so can another human or a dog like you’re not special.. she can be really unbothered and sarcastic and then he lets her live because she’s really awkward and funny and so he keeps coming next to her every once in awhile for advice and stuff and they become friends xxx - Anonymous

Word Count: 3570

A kind of part two to this: x

Are you sure you can’t come to this last bar, Y/N?” One of your friends slurred out.

You and your friends had been bar hopping and so far you were mildly drunk. You handled your alcohol well, unlike your friends and only agreed to join them to see your friends get ugly drunk,  instead, they flirted with anything that had a dick and legs. Your standards meant that none of the guys offered you drinks so you were tipsy at best.

“I’m going to head home. I don’t like the bar that you’re headed to anyway”  You replied, disentangling yourself from another drunk off her face friend.

“Okay. We’ll miss you”  They all shouted dissolving into a fit of giggles before stumbling down the street.

You rolled your eyes and began your walk home. It was only 1 am but it was that odd time of night where everyone was out but everyone was in. The roads were empty due to most of the people being in clubs or in their homes. It was quite peaceful for you. The smell of rain lingered in the air and the cool breeze did everything to relieve you from the stuffy air in the club. 

You cut through the usual alleyway. It wasn’t like most cliche shortcuts, it was between two houses and continued like that for a few streets. The neighbourhood was a good one, mostly rich white families so you knew you were okay. You were back on the main road, right in the middle of mystic falls which was pretty much deserted. From your peripheral vision, you could see shadows moving but you knew that there wasn’t anything behind you. 

You looked down at your phone to reply to a text when you saw a man in front of you. You quickly stopped to avoid crashing into him.

“Well lookie here” The guy sung.

“Excuse me?” You replied, pissed and confused at the attractive stranger.

“I’m going to kill you, sweetheart”

You burst out laughing.

“I think someone spiked your drink, dude.”

“You should be cowering in fear. Why are you not cowering in fear?” He asked, his evil demeanour changing.

“Because when a random guy comes up and says ‘i’m going to kill you’ at 1 am on a Saturday night he’s drunk. So if you don’t mind, sir. I’ll be on my way”

“But I am going to kill you”

“Yeah of course you are. Now move please”

All of a sudden a metal railing appeared in the stranger’s hands. He bent it easily even managing to knot it in the middle.

“I could really kill you if I wanted to.”

“Yes, but so could another random stranger or even a dog. You’re probably jacked up on some ‘roids so please let me pass”

“I’ll let you live, you’re funny”

You narrowed your eyes and continued walking. 

“I’ll see ya around” The stranger called out.

You thought that would have been the last you saw of the stranger, only you were clearly mistaken. 

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moral support (jughead x reader)


Pairing: Reader x Jughead

Word Count: 1,141

Request: Jughead imagine where Y/N is proundly a deeply sexual being but despite Jug being ace she falls for him and he likes her too but is worried he can’t give her what she wants but she doesn’t care and fluff and stuff?

When you strode up to Veronica, Betty, Kevin, and Jughead who were standing by a cluster of lockers, Veronica’s jaw playfully dropped open wide in a smile. “Girl, your legs look amazing!”

You giggled, “Thanks!” You were proud of your outfit today, meaning you were also proud of your body.

“Seriously, though, you made Reggie’s entire group stare. Must feel weird,” Betty laughed also.

“No, it actually feels pretty good.” You winked, opening your locker.

Kevin nudged your shoulder. “As good as the bassist from the Foals?”

You laughed as you took a binder out of your locker. “Oh no, nothing will ever compare.”

“The bassist from the Foals?” Jughead asked, arms crossed, leaning against the locker behind you.

“She never told you?” Veronica asked.

Jughead’s expression changed to one you couldn’t mark, uncrossing his arms and putting his hands in his pockets “I— Well—”

You closed your locker and rested a hand that wasn’t cradling your binder on his arm. “It’s okay, Juggie, I just figured since you were asexual and all, maybe you wouldn’t want to hear about my… sex life.”

“Well, I mean it’s not like— I can still hear about it.” Jughead explained defensively. “Every ace is different. For me it’s just… not a big deal.”

“That’s kinda…” Kevin tilted his head, speaking slowly.

“It’s fine!” You interrupted, grabbing Jug’s hand with your free one, pulling him away from any further interrogation. You knew Kevin was going to say something along the lines of weird, or freaky, and you didn’t want Jughead thinking he was anything like that, because he wasn’t. “Gotta go guys!” You called back, already halfway down the hallway.

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Pick It Up (N/Hakyeon x Reader)

Rating: M, verrrrrrrry M

(A/N): Here’s a hefty little smut scenario that’s a Boss and Secretary AU featuring VIXX’s beloved leader, N! N-joy! (fire me that was bad lol)

Originally posted by nxnight

You tapped your pink pen in boredom on your notepad as you stared out the shiny glass door of your office, watching and counting the various business people walking across. You wished longingly that you could be them, to at least be walking around the office delivering papers instead of sitting at your desk in your uncomfortably tight skirt while you waited for your boss to receive a call. With a huff, you threw your pen down and stared at the standard black business phone with a scowl, crossing your arms underneath your bust in disappointment. Even a call from a telemarketer or something would be entertaining at this point. Plus, it would give you the opportunity to hear your boss’ velvety voice through the phone again as you alerted him of the incoming caller.

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The Gifts You Gave

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Feyre couldn’t help but be nervous.

And the fact that this could be the biggest thing that could ever happen to her made her all the more worried. Because what if her art wasn’t good enough? What if she wasn’t good enough?

Or worse, what if she was?

What if this was her big break, but ultimately, she ended up like the hundreds and hundreds of artists who ended up with no money, no job, and nothing else to turn to? Because she knew she was a good artist, but it took someone truly special to make it in their world.

But she was glad to be here. Ecstatic, even.

Feyre had even cried a little when Mor had told her about an opening in an art exhibition her family was holding. An opening that Feyre – the only artist Mor actually knew, but Feyre chose to overlook that fact – could fill.

She had stayed up all night trying to come up with a theme for her display - and to think of art work to actually do for it - and had finally come up with an idea.


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Saved by an Angel

gif is not mine

Title: Saved by an Angel

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1,911

Warnings: Angst & Fluff

A/N: Oh look, a Castiel fic that I have all ready for all of you! I hope you like this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

The wind blew through your hair as you sat on a bench in the park.  It was delightfully breezy and not too cold.  You had your earbuds in, listening to music as the wind tousled your hair softly.  You dipped your head as a single tear escaped your eye.  As the tear fell you felt a small rush of wind behind you.  You figured it was just the wind so you had ignored it.

You almost fell of the bench startled at the sudden figure that sat down beside you.  You had not seen him before.  You almost got the knife that you had always carried in your pocket out, but you were suddenly wrapped in this man’s arms.  You almost fought the strange man off, but you oddly felt safe.  You wrapped your arms around him, resting your head on his chest.  He had on a trench coat and a suit, but his tie wasn’t on right.  You thought that it was odd, but you liked it oddly enough.

“Who are you,” you whispered thinking he wouldn’t hear you.

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Just as Bad as Me

Villain!Reader x Barry


“i’m glad you are back to writing!!! could you do more barry smut?” -anon

“Dom! Barry Allen smut pls. One like not so platonically but longer and no interruptions.” -anon

A/n: I’m obsessed with villain!reader. Requests always accepted for this prompt.

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Request- Hi cuties! Can I request a Namjoon angst/fluff where he never looks at you during sex and you begin to think he doesn’t enjoy it or like he doesn’t really like you? But he’s really just shy or embarrassed? Thank you love bugs! 

Thank you so much for requesting, sugar. I love this request, ugh Namjoon slayyyyssssssss meeeee! 


Originally posted by jinmini


He’s pounding into you, his strong arms on either side of your head. Your looking up at him, he is so beautiful. You were drawn to him the moment you first lay eyes on him. He wasn’t very affectionate with you, you thought at the start it was just nerves, but its been a year. Namjoon never looks at you during sex. Never. He always make sure you cum, but once hes done he cleans up and goes to sleep. 

You never had let it get to you, but lately it has. Did he not like you? Was he not attracted to you? Some many thoughts ran through your head. Hes lolling his head back in pleasure, his moans making you come undone around him. Tightening around his cock, he empties his load into your tight pussy. Namjoon rides out both of your highs. 

He climbs off the bed tossing you a towel, he walks into the bathroom. You get off the bed cleaning yourself off, putting on a fresh pair of panties and your night shirt. You climb under the covers, your limbs tired. Namjoon walks out of the bathroom in shorts and a tank top, he gets under the covers with you and turns his back on you. 

A few minutes later you can hear his snores, knowing he went to sleep without saying a word kills you. You lay awake thinking of what you should do. It wasn’t healthy how you were feeling, you felt used. Of course Namjoon made you feel special, you loved being with him. He could always put a smile on your face, you just didn’t feel good enough for him. Did he just think of you as a really good friend hes fucking, but doesn’t want to be fucking? 

Its getting to much for you, you get out of bed, you quickly pack you items you had in Namjoons draws, you get dressed and leave his apartment. It may not be the most logical thing you have ever done. Most people would talk to their significant other, but you would not. You chose the run away, not wanting to get hurt. 

You arrive at you apartment, tired. You get into bed and just sleep, not caring your still wearing clothes. You close your eyes, letting sleep take you away from reality. 

You glut awake, hearing your phone ringtone blare. You sit up in your bed trying to see where it was. You pick it up from under the covers. You had 10 miss calls from Namjoon and over a dozen messages. You scroll down through some of the messages. 


‘Where did you go? I woke up and you were gone?’ 

‘Did you go to work?’ 

‘Did something happen? All your stuffs gone.’ 

‘Did I do something to upset you?’ 

‘Y/N. please answer my calls. I’m really worried.’ 

You feel bad for not even leaving a note of a text, you knew he would get worried. You send him a quick reply before getting into the shower. 

You-  ‘I’m fine, Namjoon. Do you have time today? Could we talk? I think we should talk.’ 

You know you intend to break it off with Namjoon. Not wanting to feel like he doesn’t love you, when you have fallen so deeply in love with him. You get out of the shower just throwing on an over sized t-shirt of Namjoon’s and pjama shorts. You brush your tangled hair and walk into the kitchen, your doorbell rings. Knowing it is Namjoon you take a deep breath and answer the door. 

“What the fuck, Y/N? Why the fuck did you leave last night?” Namjoon burst throw your door as soon as you open it, slamming it behind him. You can see hes angry, its radiating off of him. 

“We should talk.” You state, walking into the living room taking a seat of the single seater, so Namjoon has to sit on the other sofa. He does. 

“What’s going on, Y/N?” Namjoon asks, his gaze focused on you. You look down at your hands, playing with your fingers. 

“I-I think we should break up.” You say it so low, you don’t think he heard you. But he did, he was just speechless. You look up to see his eyes filling up with tears. 


“I just don’t want to be in a relationship right now.” Namjoon stands up running his hands through his hair. 

“That’s such bullshit! I knew you, I know when your lying and you’re fucking lying to me right now! I’m not leaving till you tell me the real reason you want to break up.” You neglected to remember that Namjoon could read you like a fucking book. You take a deep breath and decide to just tell him. 

“ I, ugh this is so embarrassing. You never look at me during sex. You never have, why? Are you not attracted to me? Am I bad in bed? Why even be with me if you don’t even like me, it doesn’t make sense. I want to break, because I have already fell deeply in love with you and I don’t want to get hurt. There will be a time when you finally decide to leave me for someone that your actually attracted to. So if you don’t mind could you please leave, so I can cry by myself and listen to Adele. I will leave anything you have here to your apartment some time this week.” You can feel you eyes stinging with tears, you try to hold them back. You stand up, going to walk to the door, but Namjoon stops you. 

“Are you fucking insane?” His hand his tightly wrapped around your wrist, hes towering over your small frame. His eyes boring into yours. You begin to cry, tears running down your cheeks. 

“Namjoon, please just leave.” You sniffle out, your hands reaching up to cover your face from him. He pulls you down on to the sofa, he sits in front of you on the coffee table. Your legs are in between his, his holding you in place. His hands are rubbing soothing circles into you legs. Your hands still shielding your face from him. 

“Y/N, please don’t cry. I hate seeing you cry and I hate that I’m the one that made you. I love you so fucking much, okay. I know I don’t show it a lot, but I do. So fucking much. I don’t look at you during sex, because I’m embarrassed.” Namjoon confesses. 

“Why would you be embarrassed?” You mumble through your hands. 

“I’m embarrassed, because my girlfriend is the most beautiful girl in the whole world, you’re so beautiful. I just don’t feel good enough for you. Look at Jimin and Jungkook, they both have amazing bodies, and I.. I don’t.” Namjoon looks down embarrassed. You tare your hands away from you face, you hit Namjoon on the arms twice hard. “What was that for?” He asks, rubbing his arm. 

“Why are you such a fucking idiot? I love your body so much. You are probably the sexiest man on the planet. Your the only one who makes me so wet that I’m dripping down my legs, and that’s just from seeing you bend over in tight jeans.” You giggles, cupping his face. You kiss his nose. “ I love you and your sexy body, please don’t be embarrassed, it should be me. You’re way out of my league.” 

“I love you, please don’t break up with me.” His strong arms lift you by your waist onto his lap. Your arms wrap around his neck, nuzzling your face into the crock of his neck, inhaling his masculine scent that drives you crazy. 

“Only if you cuddle me for the rest of the day.” You squeeze him tighter, he does the same to you. He stands up with you in his arms walking to you room. 

“Baby, I will never be letting you go. But we will be doing a lot more than cuddling tonight.” You giggle kissing the nape of his neck. 

“I love you, baby.” 

I am not okay, Nmajoon is trying to kill me with his being. I need jesus. I hope whom ever requested this, likes it. 

Thank you for reading! 

-Admin Abe x

The Dark Prophecy:

So I got another list of stuff for you since I just finished Rick’s new book. And I am SHOOK. Jesus freaking Christ. And SOO many CAMEOS ITS AMAZING. 10/10 would recommend guys. Now for your viewing pleasure- here’s The Dark Prophecy:

- Apollo talking shit about Hera’s liquorice and throwing shade
- “Hey, you two! No ancient dialects. Spanish or English please. Or Machine.”
- Leo calling Calypso babe omg Caleo <3
- LEONIDAS !!!!!!!!
- Hephaestus insulted Ares’ bellbottoms and caused a nuclear meltdown. That’s it. Those are the Olympians.\
- Like any decent god, demigod or engineer, Leo Valdez refused to be stopped by the laws of physics
- freaky ass blemmyae
- Hijo
- Leo being short is canon YESSS
- Lester most worthless of teens oh my god
- AWESOME sentient building!!
- “I’ll be hexed” is my new fav expressionnnnn
- All these people whose names ended with o suddenly made me feel like my brand was being diluted. DEAD
- The Magic 8 Ball struck me as a very shady form of divination—more like a Hermes game of chance than an Oracle worthy of me.
- “We’ve been aging together ever since. Very happily.”
- What did he do with Georgina?” IS GEORGINA MEG?!
- “Hey, abuelita,” Leo said. “All da cows love Leo.” He grinned at me. “And these cows are red, man. Like… bright red.”
- When I am a god again, I will make a constellation out of you. I will call it the Small Exploding Latino.”
- We get Festus back, then we look up this place on Google Maps and fly down there.”
- “Griffins? Uh… Hazel and Frank told me about griffins. They fought some in Alaska. Said they were like rabid hyenas with wings.” I MISS FRAZEL
- Leo muttered a curse in Spanish. “I keep thinking about my little bro Harley back at camp. If somebody tried to hurt him…”BIG BRO LEO
- The young woman sat on the molding ledge, playfully swinging her legs. Her braided auburn hair made a ponytail so long it wrapped around her neck like a scarf
- Leo caught her wrist. “Hold up.” From his tool belt he pulled a folding yardstick. He extended it and poked the chair’s seat cushion. A bear trap snapped shut, ripping through stuffing and fabric like an upholstery sharknado. LEO BEING BADASS WITH TRAPS
- Leo. “I’m new to this heroic-quest business. Shouldn’t there be a reward at the end? Not just more deadly quests?” “Nope,” Leo said. “This is pretty standard.”
- “How can you be so calm?” I demanded. “I am going on a dangerous quest tomorrow with your girlfriend!”
- “These tofu enchiladas are sabrosas. Gotta get the recipe from Josephine. My homegirl Piper would love them.” LEO AND PIPER IM CRYING OMG
- Why me? Sob. Sob. Sob.
- yes, Trophonius clearly got his knockout good looks from me. MODEST.
- Not just because I still found Commodus attractive after so many centuries, not just because we had a, er, complicated history, but also because he reminded me what I used to be like. MODEST.
- Marcus the blinged-out jackal boy, and Vortigern the barbarian. Ookay.
- His hand rested easily on the pommel of a sword. His face was a patchwork of scars. His clothes were casual—just jeans, a red-and-white T-shirt that read CORNHUSKERS, and a red bandana tied across his curly dark hair— OH MY GOD. LOST HERO CAMEO
- The emperor clapped with delight. “Oh, nice! That was very entertaining, Lityerses!” “Thank you, sire.” The Cornhusker. SHIT MAN.
- Leo and tater tots
- The sorceress muttered another Minoan curse, naming a part of Zeus’s body that I did not want to think about.
- “You’re a handsome idiot.”
- I gasped and collapsed. Through my half-lidded eyes, I watched Calypso turn on our enemies. “Now it is your turn, fools!” She began making the same rude gestures toward the Germani. The first one stopped. His face paled. He glanced at me lying on the ground, then turned and fled, barreling past his friend. The Germanus with the wounded foot hesitated. Judging from the hatred in his eyes, he wanted revenge for the missile weapon that had ruined his left boot. Calypso, undaunted, waved her arms and began to incant. Her tone made it sound as if she were raising the worst daimons from Tartarus, though her words, in ancient Phoenician, were actually a recipe for making pancakes. The wounded Germanus yelped and hobbled away, leaving a trail of smeared red prints behind him. CALYPSO YOU BADASS!
- Three passengers. I very much want to see Leo Valdez again. We have unfinished business.” “You know Leo?” Despite the danger we were in, I felt a small sense of relief. Finally, some villain wanted to kill Leo more than he wanted to kill me.
- Lityerses narrowed his eyes. “You’re not the same girl who was with him before. Her name was Piper. You wouldn’t happen to be Leo’s girlfriend?”
- Calypso nodded as if she’d come to a decision. “It’s going to take both of us. We’ll sing a duet. You have a decent voice.” “I have a…” My mouth was paralyzed from shock. Telling me, the god of music, that I had a decent voice was like telling Shaquille O’Neal he played decent offense, or telling Annie Oakley she was a decent shot.
- I blinked. “Zeus… singing?” I found the concept mildly horrifying. My father thundered. He punished. He scolded. He glowered like a champion. But he did not sing. Calypso’s eyes got a little dreamy. “In the palace at Mount Othrys, when he was Kronos’s cupbearer, Zeus used to entertain the court with songs.”
- It was a song older than empires—about two lovers separated and longing to be together.
- She would have toppled off the ledge if Leo hadn’t caught her. “Whoa, mamacita,” he said. “You okay?” She blinked sleepily. “I’m fine. Don’t fuss. And don’t call me—” She crumpled against Leo, who struggled to keep her upright. He glared at me. “What did you do to her?”
- Leo wagged a finger at Britomartis. “You’re lucky these ladies are such bosses.
- He decided to liberate a teal plastic pedal boat, and insisted we call him the Dread Pirate Valdez. (Meg loved this. I refused.)
- “We’ll get Peaches back,” I promised her. “Yeah, chica,” Leo agreed.
- “Hey.” Meg poked me in the back of the neck. “Remember what Percy told us? Never say stuff like We made it or That was easy. You’ll jinx us!” “My entire existence is a jinx.”
- He glanced over—no snappy comeback, no playful grin. “Just… Leo and Calypso’s Garage: Auto Repair and Mechanical Monsters.” “What?” “Something Cal and I used to joke about.”
- “Oh, come now,” I protested. “You like my singing.”
- a girl in gray camouflage paced like a jaguar. Her shoulder-length hair was stark white, though she looked no more than fifteen.
- a young girl in a lavender wool sweater and green jeans. Her tufts of brown hair looked like she’d cut them herself with gardening shears.
- I hoped Athena was watching, because WISDOM, BABY!
- Livia
- “What is this? Not nectar…” “No,” Thalia agreed. “It’s moonwater.”
- “I think you decided to help me because you like me.” The corner of Thalia’s mouth twitched. “What makes you say that?” “Oh, come now. The first time we met, you said I was hot. Don’t think I didn’t hear that comment.” I was gratified to see her face turn red.
- Emmie says we could live like normal young people in this city. Even go to the local high school.”
- At some point, I gotta reconnect with my other peeps: Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank. Lotta people out there still want to punch me.”
- I wasn’t sure I’d heard her correctly. “Piano lessons? Now?” “Not now, dummy. But sometime. Can you teach me?”
- She’d been trying to convince Zeus to forgive me. That was so sweet!
- Shit Apollo’s tripping
- Oh my god this is horrifying
- Oh my GOD
- “Let the girl go,” I whimpered through the pain. “Kill me and let her go.” I surprised myself. These were not the last words I had planned.
- Oh my god peach babies
- Jimmy is GREAT
- Jimmy’s electricity was different—a more humid scent of ozone, a darker red hue to the flashes.
- Damnnnn Apollo!
- “No,” Leo corrected. “He Lityerses-ly flew out the window. Am I right? Those were some sweet moves, man.” Lit nodded. “Thanks.” The two bumped fists as if they hadn’t spent the last few days talking about how much they wanted to kill each other. They would have made fine Olympian gods.
- Cloven?! Cloven? GROVER!
- Buy one prophecy, get three free? That was a lot of lines.” “It was a sonnet,” I said, still in disbelief. “May the gods help us; it was a Shakespearean sonnet.”
- “I—I might be, Georgina. I don’t know.” “’ Kay.” She held up the thing she was holding—a figure made of pipe cleaners—and pressed it into my hands. “Made this for you. You can take it with you when you go away.”
- “Yeah. The changeling lord… that’s gotta be my homeboy Frank Zhang. And the Devil’s Mount, that’s Mount Diablo, right near the camp. I hate Mount Diablo. I fought Enchiladas there once.”
- “The Teumessian Fox? That’s the monster you’ve been hunting?”
- His strange bronze hockey-stick weapon was nowhere to be seen. So the mysterious Olujime was a pit fighter, an accountant, a magical warrior, and an ostrich whisperer. Somehow I was not surprised.
- uh… a Greek-Roman type, is he? I mean, he’s not a legacy of you guys, the Olympians.” “No,” I agreed. “He is from a different tradition and parentage entirely.” Thalia’s short spiky hair rippled in the wind, as if reacting to her uneasiness. “You mean from other gods.”
- We Olympians have always been used to living in close proximity to, ah… the competition.” “So you’re the sun god,” Thalia said. “But some other deity from some other culture is also the sun god?”
- “If you wish,” I said, “when I attain my godhood again, I will personally visit the Underworld. I will petition Hades to let your soul pass on to Elysium.” Agamethus offered me his 8 Ball.
- The dirt rolled away, revealing the form of a young man sleeping on his side. He looked about seventeen, perhaps younger. He wore a black collarless jacket over a green shirt, and jeans much too baggy for his legs. Over his curly hair flopped a red knit cap. A scruffy goatee clung to his chin.

Conclusion: SHOOK featuring Caleo

❝ Do you want to go to my place? ❞

Plot: You and Heechul get drunk at a members party and kiss

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 1,5k+

Genre: Comedy, slight smut

For anon, I hope you like it! 


Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

Originally posted by welovehaehyuk

‘Do I have to go?’ You whined, ‘I don’t even know anyone !’

‘Well you know Teukie?’ Your best friend chuckled.

You rolled your eyes at her, ‘Because he is your boyfriend not because he is my friend.’

‘Stop being a spoilt sport,’ She scolded, ‘It’s a party. There will be other people there and you know the members so why are you complaining?’

‘Greeaaattt, another long night with Yesung’s turtle talk, Shindong going off about food and Heechul being obnoxious.’ You faked enthusiasm.

‘SEE! You do know some people and plus you like them anyway.’ She stifled a little laugh, ‘Come on, lets get going.’

Tonight was Leeteuk’s birthday and you were invited. You didn’t know if you were invited as a guest or over the fact that your best friend was dating him. Getting in the car, you both drove to the club that was hosting this grand party. Their was music blaring out as security allowed people in who were meant to be their and chased away those who weren’t. Smiling at the large gentleman, you both walked in.

‘I’m gonna find Teuk.’ You heard Hyerim scream in your ear, just nodding you walked to the bar and ordered a light drink.

‘I never knew you drank?’ A voice asked.

‘Well now you do,’ You stated, ‘Hey Heechul.’

‘A whiskey neat please.’ The elder asked the bartender.

‘Oooo manly drink.’ You teased.

‘The music is giving me a headache,’ He was handed the drink before gesturing to it, ‘This helps drown out the pain. Cheers.’

‘Cheers.’ You both clinked your glasses and took a sip of your poisons.

‘OPPA!’ A shout came and Taeyeon came bouncing in, ‘Come dance with me!’

‘I’m bus-’ Before he could finish the sentence, he was whisked away.

Shaking your head with a laugh, you grabbed your glass and went to find Hyerim. Walking up and flight of stairs, you entered a lounge that over looked the entire dance floor and seemed to block off the music to a bearable thump. Leeteuk sat on the couch surrounded with friends and Hyerim under his arm.

‘I was wondering where you were.’ Leeteuk smiled, ‘You drink?’

‘Do you and Heechul practice the same lines or something?’ You asked with a raised brow, ‘And happy birthday by the way.’

‘Thank you Y/N-ah. Where is Chul anyway?’

‘Taeyeon took him to dance.’

‘Heechul hyung is dancing?!’ Shindong looked over the railing, ‘I gotta see this! Let’s go Yesung!’

The turtle man and food lover ran down the stairs to see their friend move to the loud music. Heechul was a great dancer, the only down fall was his injury that caused him to not be as active as the others. Practice made perfect, but to much practice caused him more pain then good. You sat next to Hyerim as you sipped your drink out of boredom. Another and another was added to the count, before you wanted something new to drink. Some guys spoke to you but you weren’t interested. You recognised them to be idols as well but their conversations lacked in entertainment.  Standing up, you steadied yourself.

‘Anyone want another drink?’ You asked, but got no reply ‘No one? Okay then.’

‘Slow down and take it easy, okay?’ Hyerim asked, ‘You know you get drunk quick.’

‘Aish,’ You threw off her hold, ‘You just have fun here with your boyfriend and not worry about me Rim-ah.’

Holding the railings, you walked down the stairs. Pushing through the crowds, you eventually got to the bar and took a seat. The bartender took your order as you rested your elbows on the counter and your chin atop your open palms. Your head was slightly dizzy but you enjoyed the feeling for some odd reason. A person plopped next to you and you smiled.

‘Enjoying your dance?’ You asked, taking the drink from the bartender.

‘Whiskey neat, sir?’ The man asked.

‘And make it a double.’ Heechul instructed.

‘Taeyeon that tiring?’ You chuckled.

‘Exhausting. She has so much energy and this is like my fifth neat.’ He sighed.

‘Or you just old and probably drunk.’

‘Ha-ha-ha, very funny.’


‘Fuck, dance with me!’

Before you knew what was happening, Heechul pulled you by the wrist and into the crowd of people that took up residence on the large open space. The floor was large but the number of people made it look and feel small and you squish against his chest and he looked down at you, hand still holding your wrist.

‘Dance before she finds me.’ He pleaded.

‘I’m not much of a dance-’


Rolling your eyes you began to sway your hips from side to side. You were right, you weren’t much much of a dancer but you did have some pretty good rhyme to help you along the beats. Heechul looked at you in shock but placed his hands on your hips. Your head was a fuzzy as the music that was blaring out the large speakers that you didn’t notice how close you were to Kim Heechul. People around you jumped and bumped you, that you were practically against him.

He himself seemed drunk from the number of drinks he had downs. He wore a pair of black fitting pants with a white t-shirt and black blazer to give it a formal sort of look. His hair was tied up in a loose bun and a few stands lingered around his alluring face. You would be lying if you didn’t find Heechul attractive. His face was just so different to all the men you had seen out their. He had a quality that was enticing but something you would never admit to. You felt his grip on your waist tighten as your hands snaked up to rest around his neck.

‘You are a liar.’ You felt his hot breath in you ear.

‘Why?’ You shuddered.

‘You say you can’t dance but your body states otherwise.’ He purred.

‘Well I am drunk.’ You giggle.

‘Really?’ You nodded, ‘Great, cause so am I!’

You turned around with his body pressed against your back as you both rocked to the music. Your head spun around in circles in the same rhythm as your hips moved against his lower body. Heechul placed his head in the crook of your neck as your hands snaked up and stroked the hair at the nape of his neck. You felt him place soft kissed on the side of your neck as your eyes closed slowly. Alcohol pulsed through both of your veins as he turned you around and placed a plush kiss on your lips. Logic would tell you to break apart but the alcohol spoke otherwise. The large wave of people hide you both from the scanning eye. Pulling apart, you both looked at each other.

You gently took his face in your hands as his one arm wrapped around your waist tighter. Inching close, you rubbed your noses together before placing a sweet peck on his lips to have him pull your lips back with a firm hand behind your head. Slowly yours lips moulded together, heads tilted to the side as his tongue brushed over your lower lip asking for entrance. Smiling against his perfect lips, you opened your mouth and allowed his strong muscle to slip in. Sensually your tongues fell into a rhythmic dance.

‘Wanna get outta here?’ He whispered.

‘I thought you would never ask’ You teased as he took a hold of your hand and pulled you through the mob of people.

Your head spun as you both entered a bathroom and locked the door. Public low clubs had grimy bathroom with profanities sprayed all over the wall and a intoxicated girl throwing up in the nearest toilet. But this club was high class with clean bathrooms that shimmered. Heechul slammed you into the nearest wall and claimed your swollen lips once again. He lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist, causing you dress to rise up slightly. Your body was supported against the wall as you fingers tangled in Heechul’s locks.

Rubbing your thumb over his cheek bone, your lips left his lips and kissed the corner of his mouth. Next you peppered kiss on his jawline before eventually falling on his tender neck. Softly you nipped and kissed the soft flesh as he threw his head back and released an open mouth groan. Caught up in the moment, you sucked harder as a disgruntle moan left his lips. You felt him getting hard against you as your hips grinded against him. Pulling you head up, he pulled you in for another deep kiss before tilting your head dup and ravishing your throat with hot kiss and hard nips and sucks. Kissing up your jawline, he held the side of your face with one hand while the other had a secure hold on you body.

‘Do you want to go to my place?’

Pan’s Pet

Reader is a omega werewolf (teenwolf style) and being young and pack-less, she is taken to Neverland by the shadow. But things aren’t much better than home.

Warning: not really the happiest of endings but it’ll get better. I promise.


You screamed as you were pulled from your bedroom though the open window. You felt a grip under you arms and turned to swipe your claws at whoever held you but came into contact with nothing. You looked over your shoulder and saw a shadow with glowing white eyes.

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Zombie Apocalypse AU! Shance

 < Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 >

Shiro began taking up watch duty whenever the group stopped to sleep. The team was appreciative of it at first, but soon, worry started to sprout. The others offered to take up watch a couple of times, but Shiro kept reassuring them that it was fine. It was the fourth day of their trek to the Garrison that Keith put his foot down. Shiro leaned against the rock wall of the small cave they were camping in for the night, arms crossed and lips in a tight, displeased line.

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We know that Victor canonically finds Yuuris off season tummy cute. (Yuri on stage) Imagine them at home when Victor who clearly adores every little thing about Yuuri, tries to squish it for the first time.

“Yuuri, your offseason tummy is so cute. I want to squish it” Then with greedy grabby hands he just goes for it.

Yuuri who is embarrassed about how easily he gains wait yells “Stopppp Victor thats embarrassing”

Of course Victor is having non of that “why lubov moya, I adore you. You make me Happy. Every inch of you. Including your cute Lil tummy.”

“But Victor… I’m fat. Look at me.” Yuuri pouts

“I am.” Victor says while looking at Yuuri longingly.

Yuuris embarrassment softens but he just can’t wrap his brain around Victor finding him attractive.

“Yuuri you look like you’re in your head. Are you alright” Victor asks and Yuuri stares off wistfully. “I just don’t understand what you see in me is all”

“Let me show you” Victor responds and gestures to Yuuris body.

“Your eyes are deep and soulful.Your body is strong and moves like music. Your smile lights up a room. Your passion and willpower are admirable. Your laugh infectious. Your ass is sinful. Your thighs could kill a man in the best type if way. And when you go a little soft in the off season I love the feel of your skin under my hands.”

Yuuri looks up at Victor adoringly and Victor returns his gaze “and the way you’re looking at me right now is my favorite thing in the universe.” With that Victor leans down and presses a soft kiss to Yuuris lips.

“My ass is sinful huh?” He replies and Victor can’t help but smile and raise an eyebrow “Yes it truly is. Lucky for us both I have no aspirations to make it into heaven.”