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movement test!! still have some small things to fix yet but for the most part the animation meme’s coming along nicely!! :0


Fun fact about this update, I had actually designed the Twins “pirate” outfits for a character design class about a year ago, my teacher thought the Twins were adorable, and he was a MAJOR part is encouraging me to actually start working on this comic. He’s the best teacher I’ve ever had, always smiling, always positive, and always supportive. Out of the very few people who knew I was planning to do comics, he’s the only one who ever actually said, “I believe you can do it”.

…So here I am, heh.

Part Two: Renegade
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Sorry, this is not 5H or Camren related but I need to shared it somewhere or I might explode, is 5 am and I just woke up cause my mom visited me in my dreams, she passed away 12 years ago. She was my everything and I’m here broken but blessed because even I always dream all the time with her I felt her today like she was with me. Why I’m sharing this personal thing? Cause I want to tell you who have the privilege of having your mom alive, to cherish every moment even the fights. I regret a lot of stuff that I waste when my mom was alive and I desire now… btw can you make me a favor, hug your momma and tell her how much you love her…

Mom, I miss you and thank you for your visit I needed you❤love you


I am finally over you. I’m not your toy that you can emotionally manipulate anymore. I have realized my self-worth and that I deserve so much more than this. Than you. 

And guess what? I found it. I found her. The woman who made me realize what love really is. I didn’t get that with you. I could never understand why it was so difficult and how you could make me feel so broken and small.

But there isn’t anything wrong with me. I’m a catch and I will never forgive you for making me feel like anything less than that.

She gives me the love I deserve and so much more. I couldn’t be happier. I just got promoted at work. I randomly got a cat who I am obsessed with. And now I have her. I haven’t thought about you in weeks but I needed to say goodbye. I’m finally free and I’m never coming back.


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I want rafa why isn't he cuddling me in my bed like right about now (it's 3 am and i can't sleep welcome to my late-night mind)

okay did i send myself this ask
wait it’s only 1:30 here nevermind

Imagine if One Direction had just won an award and got up there and said, “This doesn’t have Zayn’s name on it, does it?”

how do i let kdin know i love and appreciate her

why is there not like…cuddle buddies. u know, like fuck buddies but instead of sex u just call them up to cuddle w/ u. friends with benefits where the benefits are hugs and affection whenever u want