but why am i giffing this

thedosian-cockatrice  asked:

Pssst, this might be a bit of a strange question but...how do you draw Dorian? The handsome man is KILLING me LOL.

by crying and praying to the gods.
And using TONS of blood magic reference ma friend ma dude :’D 

seriously, he’s really not easy to draw. But with enough practice you can get the hang of it :D 

I will show you my process meanwhile(which is actually the one I use for every face-drawing) under the cut because it will get long. Anyway, I’m not going to claim that my Dorian is accurate. I am aware that I might tweak him a bit, that’s why I encourage you to use a lot of references from the source.
warning: gifs. A lot of gifs

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Once when I was getting changed at a swimming pool the door got locked or jammed or something, so being the dumb child I was I crawled under the door topless and opened it from the outside

A lot of people from my class saw me.

Why. Am. I. Me. And. Why. Would. I. Do. That. Without. A. Top?

You know I always say I’m dumb, but really, who could be more stupid than my 10 year old self


Sherlock checking up on John (John checking up on Sherlock)


Sebastian Stan behind the scenes of Captain America: Civil War (2016)


isak before and after he spotted even

also what strikes me the most is the difference between the reaction of isak before the o helga natt scene and after, because before he was giggly and in love but after he was confident and you can literally see how much he loves even but also how secure he is in their relationship now and idk i’m emotional