but why am i giffing this

Honey Bear Appreciation

Because someone @sukiieeeee was a little salty over my Shownu post because she thinks I torture her too (It’s not torture if you like it Noy). I don’t even know why I am making this for you when almost all these gifs are yours anyways but oh well! I will now be making a post of favorite sides of Lee Jooheon! I will also tag @ayeyojooheon because she deserves to be in on this too!

If I talk about Jooheon I can’t not mention No Mercy Era Jooheon! He did so much damage to my soul!! Hot damn Honey! And if I could choose one outfit for him to wear for the rest of his life it would be this one. The thighs man the gawd damn thighs!

Scaredy Cat/Whiney/Overdramatic Honey! 

Adorable/Silly/Carefree/Cutie Jooheon!!

Jooheon in snapbacks!! Oh Lawd!!

That smile and them dimples!!

Any and all Showjoo father and son moments!!

But I’m also weak for the Honeypup ship too!!

And who doesn’t love Wonkyun? Little brother line!

And since @sukiieeeee is the Jooheonie to my Sharpgunhee

I hope you enjoyed loves!!!!

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i feel personally attacked by how attractive chris pine is wtf is that gif set

me… why am i suddenly being attacked by man thirst after months of sexuality crisis and almost being certain i was gay… go away chris pine


T’Challa: “You were my friend, [Y/N]. Why?”
You: “It is because I am your friend that I’m doing this. I’m honouring the man that you truly are - the good man; who would never hurt an innocent man.”
T’Challa: “He is not innocent. He killed my father.”
You: “No, my friend. Please–”
T’Challa: “I will not fight you, [Y/N]. But stay out of my way.”
Marvel Universe | Captain America: Civil War
T’Challa | Steven Rogers | James Buchanan Barnes

I claim no credit for the gifs. All credit goes to their rightful owners and creators. You did well, you wonderful person, you. xx

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why people are freaking out about whats gonna happen in s4? some of you plan on watching?

i am not watching im just gonna reblog gifs of my faves and watch the show sink further while i sip some nice wine 


Since I noticed that I RARELY draw backgrounds I decided to do a 30 day background challenge!!!!!

I hope Darla and Stacy (the girls walking) will keep me motivated to do this! Please lazyness don’t overcome me!

If you would like to join me on my challenge please do so I would love to see your pieces!!!

*a cackle is heard in the distance*