but why am i even trying with these edits


Okay, this is official now: I’m back.

During the time I was doing the prompts for FuruyaWeek I had a lot of time to think about if I was ready to get back into Daiya, and now I can say I am.

I’m not gonna lie, though: I’m still frustrated with everything that’s been happening lately regarding Furuya’s character because honestly, I don’t know why others have such a hard time to understand him. I think they’re not even trying, but that’s my issue.

Even though my personal blog made this huge changing I was still lowkeying reblogging a few stuff including the new chapters of the manga, which I’m all caught up.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know because my love for the polar bear is way bigger than anything else, so expect lots of great content here!

You can talk to me on my personal blog (@thekookiest) if you want to, okay? About anything else, not just Daiya.

Now, let’s get this party started, shall we?

ok so the new mr robot ep triggered me super fucking bad and i havent even watched it yet i only saw some edits. like i went full blown nothing is okay with the world im gonna die miserable why the fuck am i still alive (hence all the gore and horror yall had to endure idk how i still have followers between this shit and the porn my moodswings are so fucking bad lol idk how yall so loyal). im still gonna watch it tho, i cant wait to see how bad ill feel after. i wrote some good poems tho so *shrug* imma try and delete all the weird shit w/o triggering myself again.

@becausemessi same :(((( everything somehow reminds me of messi lol and messi reminds me of the Copa and ughhhhh it’s so annoying 😩 I guess it hurts so much bc I was so sure we were going to win and I would have been so happy lol @God why do u do this I try to edit or watch movies but lol even the smallest things remind me of it HOWWW thanks tho ❤
@hermionegrangcr i almost forgot about it but like ever since the euro final, everyone has started talking about messi again bc when there’s ronaldo there’s got to be messi right smh. I m so tired of it, some fans are so ridiculous :/ nothing is helping me lol, I didn’t realize I was going to be this sad about it AGAIN

~mariathefictionkin’s headspace

Just a conversation between Shadow and I about my headspace. Via, Skype

[2:42:12 AM] shadowthefluffhog: “I’m going to clean out your headspace.”

[2:42:21 AM] mariathefictionkin: “._. why?”

[2:42:48 AM] shadowthefluffhog: “Cus it’s dirty.”

[2:42:52 AM] mariathefictionkin: “>:c”

[2:43:14 AM] shadowthefluffhog: “I will try to tighten the chains while I’m at it as well.”

[2:43:31 AM | Edited 2:43:40 AM] mariathefictionkin: “Does anyone even use my headspace anymore?”

[2:44:12 AM | Edited 2:44:26 AM] shadowthefluffhog: “I don’t know…It’s been a while since I been in here.”

[2:45:01 AM | Edited 2:45:11 AM] shadowthefluffhog: “Some candles have burned out. I’ll replace them too.”

[2:47:35 AM] mariathefictionkin: “Where is our temple?”

[2:47:46 AM] mariathefictionkin: “mansion…idk”

[2:48:21 AM] shadowthefluffhog: “It’s in here but a little further down from everyone else’s room.”

[2:51:00 AM | Edited 2:51:33 AM] shadowthefluffhog: “When you first enter, there is a hallway with doors on either side with each friend’s name embedded on the doors. Candles are lit between each door and further down you are greeted by a chain room which leads into the core (our temple/mansion) and this is where you and I reside in. Think of it like the kingdom of Heaven or something.”

[2:52:05 AM] shadowthefluffhog: “And your entire headspace in general is padlocked and heavily guarded by an energy.”

[2:52:35 AM] mariathefictionkin: “My little apartment :c”

[2:52:39 AM] shadowthefluffhog: "lol"

[2:55:02 AM] shadowthefluffhog: “It’s also settled on some demonic, shadowy ship floating in the middle of space.”

[2:55:05 AM] mariathefictionkin: “WAT”

[2:56:50 AM] shadowthefluffhog: “I think one of your friends did that to keep your mind…."transportable?” idk"

[2:57:26 AM] mariathefictionkin: “So….My mind is floating out in space .-.”

[2:57:47 AM] shadowthefluffhog: “I wouldn’t technically say it’s completely your mind.”

[2:58:31 AM] shadowthefluffhog: “I mean, your mind created the headspace. It has to exist somewhere.”

[2:58:47 AM] shadowthefluffhog: “Headspace….get it? lol?”

[2:58:52 AM] mariathefictionkin: “You’re corny.”

[3:00:37 AM] mariathefictionkin: “So, you basically enter the ship and you’re teleported into a whole new realm?”

[3:01:37 AM] shadowthefluffhog: "I…guess….the ship itself has little to know solid physical structure. It’s just a big shadowy thing floating in the middle of isolated space.“

[3:06:42 AM] mariathefictionkin: “Shadow the Space Explorer ;)”

[3:07:36 AM] shadowthefluffhog: "c:”