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When you wake up one day and realise you have responsibilities and a day job and you can’t sit around posting FFVII memes all day in an attempt to reconnect with strangers on the internet that you’ll seldom - if ever - actually speak with, because you spend so much time working that regular interactions with people who aren’t obligated to spend time with you due to a paycheck seem like a novel thing so you’re left wondering where all of your time and youth has gone, while you steadily watch the grey hair start to sprout

so basically im a shit artist and i run this also shit gaster blog here
but i drew my dadster and just decided “hey why not upload it here”

ive never really been a huge fan of posting my art online just because im still trying to get comfortable with my art myself, and with that being said i may or may not make an art blog based on the feedback of this shit doodle
but eh, what the hell
here he is


finally decided to make and art blog! you can find it here!   ↪ anemicAberration

its only just started so i dont have a whole lot on there, but please check and out and maybe follow! i hope to post as frequently as possible

simple graphic tutorial

tutorial for this graphic as request by a lovely anon

what you’ll need:

  • photoshop (i’m using cc)
  • a few basic ps skills like how layer masks work
  • please like/reblog if you use or found this helpful! the notes inspire me to make more things.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, if you're taking requests, can you draw Nico in a Hufflepuff AU? It doesn't have to be digital, it can just be a rough sketch. I saw this really nice textpost about Nico in Hufflepuff so...

What the hell is a Hufflepuff?

Oh man, where do I begin?

A year ago, I officially began my presence in the Fire Emblem Fates RP community — and here I am, still here, a year later! Only those who have been around for longer than I have remember my old URL KIRAQI — but upon further deepening of Kiragi’s character, was changed to the one I have present day. It’s only been my second experience with a community on Tumblr, my first being in the Osomatsu-san fandom — and I had ditched one of my blogs in said community in favor of Kiragi.

I guess I should start with what I’m thankful for in this introduction. Honestly, there’s a LOT to be thankful for — this community’s kindness, it’s welcome, and the zeal it had ever since I joined to improve many different aspects of myself in the creative aspect. This includes my graphics, writing, musical ability — it’s endless. I joined this community with absolutely no idea how it’d work out — honestly, I thought it would be a lot like the Osomatsu-san community, where the majority of people DREW ANSWERS to asks. I was surprised to find out that the majority of the fandom used their creative writing skills for the most part. I was young — er, younger — when I made the blog, so I had no knowledge of what I was doing, other than the fact that I was here to have fun — I think that’s the most important part to when I joined. As began to roleplay more and more, new glasses were placed upon my face, and I started seeing — well, EVERYTHING differently. 

Before this gets too long, I’d like to just say thank you — to YOU. Because it’s likely that if you’re seeing this from my blog, you’re following me — you’re one of those THOUSAND followers that I have accumulated over the past year. Roleplaying is not my priority, as writing in a whole is just a hobby for me, and I always do things in the order and balance that I want — perhaps that’s selfish of me, but this community has allowed me to realize MANY things. Everyone I met was so unique and amazing, and even though I’ve only managed to fully befriend only a fraction of my followers, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for me in the future!

And — oh yes. You didn’t forget, right? Because I didn’t — I told you that I’d make a CELEBRATORY VIDEO. Now, let’s begin this long-ass bias list. | art credit !

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i just want to watch wynonna earp in peace

but no my moms gotta walk in and out of the room and i really dont want another lecture on “do you think being gay is okay??????” in that shitty sarcastic tone she used when i was kid and she found out gay kids were on degrassi

Starfighter Transgender AU

(please mind the tags - thank you!)

He was five, when he told his parents “I’m not a girl” for the first time. His step-dad laughed at him, demanding that he should “cut it out and go play with the other brats already”. He cried himself to sleep that night.

    When he turned six, he took his mother’s sewing scissors and cut his pig tails off. He was sent to bed without dinner. But his rumbling stomach was worth it, when he saw his reflection in the mirror the following morning. There was a little boy with sleek black hair and piercing blue eyes staring back at him. He’d never felt that happy.

    His step-father started drinking when he was eight. His Mom blamed him. Said it was because he refused to behave like a good little girl. His instant answer “I am not a girl” earned him the first slap in his rather short life.

    It wasn’t going to be the last one by any means.

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How To: Keep A Journal

some quick tips

1. Make it Desirable

If you’re like most of the population (aka not Tavi Gevinson), and keeping a journal isn’t the easiest thing for you, pick out a journal you will want to write in. Pick one with birds on it, pick one with stripes, pick out the hipster-est leather bound journal ever (or bound it yourself whoa), whatever your heart desires, just make sure its something you want to write in.

2. Make it Functional

You’ll want to carry this thing around with you wherever you go (see next tip!), so make sure its a small enough size that you can chuck it in your bag in the mornings, but not so small that writing in those last couple lines at the bottom of the page feels like heading into battle. (trust me this makes a huge difference)

3. Bring it Everywhere

Yes, I mean everywhere. You never know when the opportune moment strikes. When you have that epiphany while staring at street art, write it down. No - you won’t remember it. Thank me later.

4. Make it Fun!

This is so important. Alot of times keeping a journal can become a chore, and that’s not what it is supposed to be about. Do little things to make writing a more enjoyable experience. Write in colored pens, don’t erase, let your thoughts come as they are. Doodle in the margins, or print out pictures of your favorite celebrities and glue them on the pages. If you can’t think of anything to write, write down the lyrics of your favorite songs.

5. Understand It May Not Look Like One You Saw On Tumblr

I see so many pictures of adorable journals on tumblr, and more often than not your journal won’t look like that, unless you have boatloads of extra time. I’m not saying you can’t make it cute, you totally can, but if you’re anything like me, it will most likely be just pages of scribbled thoughts, and its important to know that thats okay.

6. Write As Often As Possible

I’ve actually found the more often I write, or doodle in my journal, the more creative I feel. Its like getting rid of all the tangled thoughts in my head to make way for the fun stuff! I understand, you lead a busy life, but try to write a little something each day, even if its just writing down what you had for breakfast, or 3 good things that happened to you that day.

7. Do What You Want

Its your journal. Write what you want when you want. Its your own space to do with whatever you want. Its your little garden of thoughts. Its for you, so let your ideas flow onto the page, and start writing!

makonatoshimi  asked:

Makona was walking through a forest, taking a stroll down the path like she did everyday. But today something was off. She looked around in the trees, nothing. She looked in the bushes, nothing. She looked in the pond nearby, nothing. She decided nothing was wrong and kept going, she didn't look on the hill above the pond however. Something or someone made holes in her body, causing her to fall to the ground. She desperately and eventually crawled out of the forest, a girl was there. "H~HELP!"

Erza just seemed to be passing by the same place as the other woman. “Hmm… Better be careful here, things might happen here so I have to pl-” Suddenly, she heard a cry for help. “Someone’s in trouble!” Erza rushes to the scene and then notices her. (Whoa! Whatever happened here must be dangerous, better help her out fast.) “Hang in there miss, I’m going to help you out.”

How Squad 11 would feel if others became their captain...

As requested by anon. :)

Kenpachi is the captain of Squad 11, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be dethroned any time soon. But let’s say that something surprising has happened: Kenpachi has been defeated, and now the following characters have been announced as the captain of Squad 11. How will Yachiru, Ikkaku and Yumichika react?

1. Introducing…..Captain Yachiru!

Yumichika: As surprised as I am that the lieutenant would kill our captain, I’m sure that our old captain would not have had it any other way.

Yumichika: He’d be - proud. Don’t you think so, Ikkaku?


2. Introducing…Captain Ikkaku!

Yumichika: Whoa….whatever happened to wanting to ‘serve under him forever,’ Ikkaku?

Yachiru: Captain Cueball!


Ikkaku: I am overwhelmed by your guys’ respect.

3. Introducing…Captain Yumichika!

Ikkaku: You had a bankai?! You had a bankai and didn’t tell me?! What the fuck, man?!?

Yachiru: Maybe he just didn’t want to spoil your fun!



Yumichika: First day, a little rough.

4. Introducing…Captain Unohana!

Unohana: Hello I killed your old captain.




Unohana: This will only be awkward if we make it awkward.

5. Introducing….Captain Rose!

Ikkaku: ….god no….please….

Yumichika: [sparking with joy]

Yumichika: [sparkling with joy]

Ikkaku: [looks at Yumichika]


Yumichika: I mean, yeah. This, um, sucks so much.

6. Introducing…Captain Soi Fon!

Ikkaku: We won’t stab people in the back, no matter what you say!

Yumichika: We do have an aesthetic here, difficult to change.

Soi Fon: Do what you want.

Soi Fon: I’ll be busy killing enemies who are distracted by killing you morons.


Ikkaku: Awkward.

7. Introducing…Captain Hanataro!



Yumichika: Ichigo-levels?


8. Introducing…Captain Gremmy!


Yachiru: No.

Ikkaku: Yeah, this isn’t happening.

Yumichika: We’re going to kill you in your sleep.


Gremmy: Geez, I thought you guys would be cool.

9. Introducing…Captain Ichigo!

Ikkaku: Died fighting you, Ichigo?

Ikkaku: Well at least the captain died happy.

10. Introducing…Captain Mizuho!

Yumichika: Hello. Welcome to the squad.

Yumichika: Here are some brochures on sexual harassment.

Mizuho: Hey! Where’s Ikkaku?

Yumichika: Curled up in a ball in a wig store crying.


Yumichika: I mean….he’s in the bathroom.

“Sleazy Car Salesman”

The above is a quote from Alex Hirsch’s Twitter when someone asked why Tumblr is so dead set on making a human Bill Cipher sexy. (A reasonable concern, but I’m not getting into that here.) The reason I bring this up is that this got me thinking about Bill Cipher himself.

Ah, good ol’ Billy. For some reason, we find your psychotic rampages endearing. Probably because we’re afraid of what would happen if we didn't laugh. Well, either way, we all love to hate this devious, all-powerful Dorito.

…Well, perhaps not all-powerful.

“Well, no duh, Sandy.” You groan. “There’s been enough evidence of that already. Why continue to beat a dead horse?”

Okay, I know I’m about to state something highly controversial, but here it goes: Bill Cipher is a liar.

Yes, this must be a hard thing to fathom, but we need to understand this. Bill Cipher is easily the biggest liar in Gravity Falls, and considering what others have lied about before, that is a rather big claim.

However, it’s because of his lying tendencies that a lot of people have begun questioning the true power Bill has. Is he really a threat outside of the mind? Can something hinder his powers or expand them beyond belief? What are Bill Cipher’s limits? All of these questions have spawned multiple fan theories, claiming he can be anything from an alien to a fourth-dimensional being, that gold has some influence over him (positive or negative is yet to be known,) his connections with the Portal, etc.

I find it odd, though, that they all agree on one point: Bill is an all-knowing being, who has all the secrets of the universe stored in his brain.

Well, Mr. Bill Cipher, all-powerful deity that you are, I question your knowledge. I don’t believe you know everything there is to know about our universe. No, I believe you’re simply putting your lying skills to good use. And, if the person reading this would give me a few minutes of their time, I will explain why.

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NaruSasu: Lazy Day

NaruSasu: Lazy Day (August 18)

Beep. Beep. Beeeeeeeeeep.

“G'mornin’, Sas'ke,” Naruto mumbled, nuzzling his boyfriend’s warm, pale cheek.

“M'tired, go back t'sleep,” Sasuke replied, burrowing further into the sheets. “S'our day off, anyway.”

“Oh. Right…”


“So, we gonna stay in bed all day?”


“Is that a yes?”


“I’m sorry, I don’t speak ‘sleepy Uchiha’.”

“Fuck you.”

“Now THAT I understood. And maybe later, when you’re more awake.”

Sasuke groaned, angrily burying his face in his pillow. Naruto’s teasing frustrated him even while he was awake, not to mention when he’d only just woken up. He knew the blond only meant it lovingly, but it was one of the things about their relationship he didn’t like. He didn’t mind the gentle good morning kisses and sleepy good night snuggles – those he could live with – and he couldn’t complain when it came to the sex, but the teasing was what got to him. The teasing and the flirting.

“Ah, shit. I gotta pee, be right back,” Naruto whispered, kissing his boyfriend’s hair before wiggling out from under the blankets and hurrying across the hall.

“Hmph,” Sasuke muttered, rolling onto his back with a sigh. He yawned and stretched, cracking his neck and knuckles as he always did. He sat up, but a few moments later, he didn’t see the point in it. He flopped back down.

“Ahh, much better,” Naruto said as he came back in, plopping down next to him in a heap. “So, whaddya wanna do today?”

“Meh,” Sasuke replied, still too sleepy to care.

“That’s not an answer, teme.”


“Whoa, multiple syllables!”

“Shut up, dobe.”

“Make me,” Naruto teased.


He had smacked him in the face with a pillow.

“Sas'ke, that’s mean,” Naruto whined, frowning.

Sasuke ignored him.


Still ignored him.



“Well, if you wanted to stay in bed and cuddle with me all day, all you had to do was say so,” Naruto began, but Sasuke cut him off.

“Then shut up and cuddle, usaratonkachi.”

“Yessir,” Naruto declared, saluting mockingly before scooting closer and wrapping his arms around Sasuke, who hummed in gratitude.

Except for a few bathroom breaks and snack runs, neither Uzumaki nor Uchiha bothered to get out of bed that day. Most of the time was spent snoozing, debating, snuggling, and chatting, but a few passionate kisses did lead to, well, other activities.

Modern Baseball. Marlin Room at Webster Hall. NY, NY. 6/5/14.