but who's the real fool


Its just a prank, bRo ! !

But seriously, have a good 1st of April and don’t play any harmful tricks on anyone! :)

psychic: *reads my mind*



call out post for scorpio

stop being obsessive. you guys are the type to stalk and lurk every social media platform because you love knowing everything about everyone. and if you have a crush on someone then yikes because we already know you’re going to read everything they’ve got online until you know their grandmas middle name. and you guys are also so fucking sneaky.. it’s actually crazy. you stir up so much shit and cause drama behind the scenes like no tomorrow but no one ever knows that you started it because you got this image that protects you. also, you guys are pretty much the fucking devil when you’re mad. if someone pisses you off? consider them dead because you’re honestly the type to actually kill a bitch. you guys also love to hide behind this “tough and cool” image when really all you do is cry and watch netflix all day. you’ve got so many sides to you - you’re faker than a gemini but you love pretending you’re “real as hell”… like, sweetie… who do you think are you fooling? because it sure as hell ain’t me.

+ other signs.

You know what’s funny?

The fact that “Alexander Hamilton” was the last song i’ve heard of the musical.

Like,i listened/watched everything without knowing a damn thing 

Then i listened “Alexander Hamilton” and i actually yelled at the screen:



im sleepy and my rinto model glitched an issue that i think might be pretty super common amongst editors/modellers so i did a quick sleep-deprived tutorial to teach u how to fix this dumb glitch 

this hack is 100% real trust me, i know it sounds bizarre and incredibly stupid and silly and idek how i managed to solve it but don’t kill me until u try it bc i can guarantee that in 9/10 instances it works (trust me i have conducted a survey with myself as the only surveyee)

edit: perhaps i am the only person that gets this issue but who knows

Story Prompts for the Signs

Aries: All your life, you had looked up to them. You admired everything they did and they were your idol. They were your guide. But they left; disappeared without a trace. Your life begins to collapse in front of you and now you have to adjust your entire life to function without their help. Reality is a lot harder than you thought.

Taurus: Everyone sees the world in black and white. There are no other colors, though there is a rumor that unless you meet your soulmate, you will finally see colors. But what if that just isn’t true? What if you have to find the person that is the exact same shade of gray as you?

Gemini: You were thought to be dead and there were no explanations on how it happened. But if they had thoroughly analyzed your background, they would mind their own business. You purposefully had chosen to stay far away from them as possible, making sure your death looked real enough to fool them. The only ones who weren’t fooled was the mafia who had been after you, causing you to start a new life under a new name. It’s hard to distance yourself from your loved ones and the mafia at the same time.

Cancer: You are cursed to never be able to smile again and because of this, you have lost all connections and relationships with your loved ones. You try all you can to put a smile on your face; tape, makeup, surgery, etc.. Nothing seems to get rid of the curse and the more depressed you feel, the stronger the curse gets. 

Leo: You are the leader of your domain until all your people turn against you without warning. You do not recall any negative moments that could reason with their hateful actions. With your high-title taken away, you are now the outcast and leave the place you once called “home”. It Is until you stopped at a lake where you finally notice your reflection.

Virgo: You are a bird that has been stuck in a cage its entire life. You never knew how to fly and you have never seen any other place than just beyond from what you can see by the window sill. You may be chained down, but when you sleep, your soul can not. Your soul travels the world, witnessing more beauties and horrific sights than all others. But when your soul gets caught in a tough situation, will your body ever wake up?

Libra: You were born deaf. Your family did all they could to get you to hear but every doctor they went to told them that there was really no other way to make you hear except to try hearing aids. Little did they know, you were born with a gift that even those of the hearing world could not hear. You could “hear” the heartbeats of the dead souls around you.

Scorpio: You watched your lover get killed right before your own eyes before you fell unconscious. When you wake up, the police are interrogating you, convinced that you are the murderer. As they’re questioning you, there is a person dressed in all black in the dark corner of the room. No one seems to notice them except you as they move a finger up to their lips as if to say, “Shh..”.

Sagittarius: You are the ringleader of an internationally famous circus. One night after a performance, everyone has left to take down their tents for the next town and you were the last to leave the main tent. When you exited, all other performers were gone but their tents remained. None of the lights were on except for the ones from the main tent. Down on the ground, you saw the shadow of an unfamiliar-shaped clown meet up with yours. Maybe there is a reason to be afraid of clowns.

Capricorn: You were extremely poor but generous. You searched for scraps for your only child as the other parent had left years ago, leaving both of you in the dirt. When you woke up one morning, you found yourself to be the richest person in the entire world but greed had slowly consumed you. You did not realize the money’s effects until you saw how your, now spoiled, child treated other people.

Aquarius: It is the apocalypse and you kill zombies for survival. Although they may not seem so important in your current situation during the apocalypse, you come across a large abandoned warehouse filled with mirrors that have seemed to go missing all around the world. A zombie had followed you into the warehouse and just as you were about to kill it, you notice your reflections in the mirror: you are the hungry zombie and they are the frightened survivor.

Pisces: You are an engineer under the Emperor’s orders but your bloodline put you in peril. She was designated to kill you; it was part of her programming, but she didn’t. The Emperor’s servants never make mistakes so then why is this robot not following their orders?

anonymous asked:

Truth bettina dream works production is the one who is making it look it up that's my source

Yeah… doing a google search of Undertale and Dreamworks, I can find lots of results that might make you think an Undertale movie could happen in the near future, but they’re all sadly fake when you look at them closely…

This poster may look kickass and make you think Undertale will be a beautiful, Disney-like animated movie (even though it takes years to animate a film, but what do I know?), but the logo underneath says DreamWerks, not DreamWorks. Also the little credits that no one ever reads is full of placeholder text. (Studio Name Pictures, Actor one, Actor two, Music by The Musician, Producer one, Producer two, etc…) So yeah, great artwork, but not real.

This poster, on the other hand, came from what seems to be a Wikipedia page for a potential 2018 release. As we can see, this Undertale movie poster has all the names filled up, so it seems much more legit. They even link to an article about the 2019 prequel film UnderRuins that would tell the story of Chara falling into the Ruins to go along with it… But still, I don’t quite buy it. :P

These articles would have you believe that Toby Fox would be directing and producing the movie, James Cameron would be editing, Hans Zimmer would be doing the scores, and big actor names would be all over these 2 movies. That’s just too much for me too believe, way too over-the-top good to be true. For real, those “Wiki” articles are from Idea Wiki, a Wikipedia for ideas that people wish could be real, but aren’t real yet.

So this is probably just the result of a bunch of fans putting together the ideal cast and movie-making team who would make an awesome Undertale movie in 2018… but only in our dreams. -_- I just can’t find any other recent evidence of an Undertale movie in 2018 being real.

I even looked at Wikipedia’s list of upcoming movies, and guess what? There’s no Undertale on the list. Though there are plenty of other movies for me to get excited about!

  • Maze Runner: Death Cure
  • A Wrinkle in Time
  • Ready Player One
  • A Slender Man movie (no kidding, this one is actually listed as a real movie)
  • Deadpool 2
  • The Incredibles 2
  • Wreck-It Ralph 2
  • and even a Mary Poppins 2! WHAT?!

So yeah, thanks for attempting to troll me and sending me on a wild goose chase, friendly well-meaning anon. I had a great time! ^_^

But seriously kids, please be careful about what you read and believe on the internet.

In far less pleasant Tony and Kerry related events, a hater that I blocked AGES ago went SO past all decency yesterday that I’m just NOT going to let her get away with it, so here are screencaps. Nutjob compared Tony to Harvey Weinstein (I’m not even vaguely kidding, see her tweet) then in PURE Trump gaslighting fashion acted like she didn’t say ANY of the things she was called out for.

So she tweeted THIS. And see how because she is a complete coward and she KNEW she had gone WAY past the line of decency, she locked her account?

Now lets just for a second analyze the absolutely DISGUSTING thing she wrote. 1) Tony spoke up against Weinstein and of course, especially because he is a man, he ONLY did the right thing there.

2) Because this is one of the delusional FOOLS who want fake marriage to be real at all costs, she makes a COMPLETELY FALSE statement about Tony being overly touchy-feely with Kerry. Said statement is NOT AT ALL based on ANYTHING Kerry feels, because Kerry IS VERY touchy-feely with Tony HERSELF, as is normal given he is THE FATHER OF HER CHILDREN, but it’s instead based on THIS HATER’s own CRAZY feelings that “Tony can’t be like that with Kerry!! She’s married to the black man I desperately want to believe she’s married to!”.

Needless to say this both 1) makes a fool out of Kerry supposing she would keep up with things she does NOT like on part of a male co-star, without you know, simply going to HR at ABC or speaking up and 2) COMPARES TONY to a freaking sexual predator that he RIGHTLY denounced and does so NOT based on ANYTHING wrong Tony did, but based SOLELY on this hater’s CRAZY, SKEWED perception of reality, that by the way undermines EVERY woman who speaks up against ACTUAL harassment, because this crazy one here is making FALSE claims and putting out BOGUS accusations to Tony, and there’s NOTHING that damages the sexual harassment and sexual assault fight more than women LYING about it. And she is LYING about it. (And as I said, making Kerry look like a complete FOOL in the process)

So, SHAME ON HER, and on her other little friend hater jerEYEa who backs her up, the Bannon to Trump here.

And to complete the Trump-like behavior picture? She then unlocked her account and acted like she DID NOT say or imply what she was being DRAGGED for (of course consequences come at you fast), and others on THIS side are being crazy for accusing her of it. PURE Trump gaslighting style. These are the haters for you. Lying and insulting, then accusing others of doing that as they’re CAUGHT. EXACTLY like Donald Trump and his fans.

This is LAUGHABLE because of the evident cowardice of this person, and because she said what she did PUBLICLY, and EVERYONE with a brain can see what she said and did. This is clearly a KID who needs some SERIOUS wake up calls, because NO you are NOT EVER free from the CONSEQUENCES of what you say and you CANNOT act like you didn’t say stuff you DID say when EVERYONE sees it. Didn’t Trump teach her this at least? Evidently not.

Oh and, just so we’re clear: KERRY chooses to be wearing little to nothing in love scenes with Tony when she is FULLY CLOTHED in the same scenes with others. She CHOOSES, and the SCANDAL people and herself have made this clear a MILLION times. ACTRESSES choose whichever level of undress they’re comfortable with in a love scene.Take that slap in the face and start understanding that Kerry, unlike you, is a PROFESSIONAL who can and WILL speak up if a co-star is harassing her. Except said co star, Tony, IS THE FATHER OF HER CHILDREN. Yes, another slap in the face for you because YES, I (and others) have SEEN Isabelle and ANYONE who’s seen her KNOWS she is NOT the daughter of TWO black people, because she is very clearly biracial. So, you want to believe FAKE news, like Trump’s fans? You want to believe a FAKE marriage? Free to do so, but not EVER free to smear Tony over the LIES you choose to believe.

  • Tyler: What did you get?
  • Ethan: It's a teeny video camera disguised as a piece of pie! [takes out a giant plastic piece of pie with a very conspicuous camera lens on it. Tyler and Mark laugh.]
  • Mark: Yeah, who couldn't that fool?
  • Ethan: It looks real.
  • Tyler: Yeah. Like a real piece of pie with a camera lens on the side!
  • Mark: Look, it comes with a giant fork! [holds up the fork]
  • Ethan: Give it! [snatches fork back] This a quality piece of equipment!
  • Mark: My Aunt Maggie's boobs look more real than that. And they're ridiculous.