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so we had a special day where @confusinglyamusingly - who is literally a professional filmmaker, btw, if you ever need to hire one - very patiently taught me and @sixohsixoheightfourtwo some very basic editing so that we could realise our fanvid dreams. my dream was, obviously, to make this charles/erik vid to ‘the man who sold the world’

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Greek Mythology Moodboard - Hypnos was a primordial deity in Greek mythology, the personification of sleep. He lived in a cave next to his twin brother, Thanatos, in the underworld, where no light was cast by the sun or the moon; the earth in front of the cave was full of poppies and other sleep-inducing plants. The river Lethe flowed through the cave. He was the son of Nyx and Erebus, while his wife, Pasithea, was one of the youngest of the Graces and was given to him by Hera. Hypnos and Pasithea had a number of sons called the Oneiroi, who according to some sources were three in number; Morpheus, Phobetor and Phantasos.

When it is quiet enough, we fear abandonment

Anxiety counts down from ten.

In our sideways hideaway, we do not feel our hearts race faster until we hear the number three spoken aloud. Who knew

hide-and-seek would be the game we carried into adulthood. We play it in secret. By giving our demons

a number to start with, we feel safe for a moment. Hide the shame beneath kitchen sinks

and in coat closets. We hold our breath behind chemicals. We look between the layers to see who is coming for us.

At the end of the day, let’s not forget that Chris Evans would pick Black Widow as HIS potential lover. That he prefers to snug with Black Widow and that he thinks that that thingy in Civil War we saw was ‘icky’ .

Oh, and let’s not also forget the fact that Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson have had their chemistry on and off screen tested after more than 10 fruitful years of friendship (and also six damn movies)

chillmercenary  asked:


6. Who are the three most important people in your life?

Gee, that’s a difficult one. The answer to this can change from time to time, so just, like, be advised. 

Number three is my mom. A lot of who I am, I think I learned from her. She’s…she’s just an amazing woman, who taught me to be brave even when the odds are against me, and to seek the truth even when others seek to hide it. I think I inherited her stubborn streak, haha.

Number two at the moment is shared between Wade and Ethan. Not because I have a particularly close friendship with either, although I’d like to think we get along well, but because of the greater mysteries they represent.

And number one is…a bit of a cop-out in the context of the question, but I think it counts. My dad was never really in my life, but I think what happened to him influenced who I grew up to be so much that I can’t not include him. For the unaware, my father disappeared when I was only a year old. We lived in a small town, so the whole community, the police, everyone was looking for him, trying to track him down. But nothing ever turned up, and the case was dropped. But I trust my mother, and she’s always maintained that he wasn’t the sort of man to up and leave like that.

We never found out what happened to him. But I choose to believe that he’s still alive, and that there’s an answer to this looming question that’s always hung over my family. It’s a big part of why I chose to become a reporter.

Miss Malice: The Joker’s New Queen // Chapter Eight

This is a bit shorter than my previous chapters but it’s the perfect lead in to the next few I’ve got cooked up for y'all. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

               “In other news, Gotham PD has declared a city-wide manhunt for this woman. She was last seen wearing a black bunny mask and robbing the First National and Gotham Financial banks on 9th Avenue last week.

               Authorities say she’s responsible for the theft of 22.1 million dollars and the murders of six notorious gang bangers from the Gotham branch of the Italian Mafia which is run by Tommy Ceglio - a heavy hitter in the crime syndicate who sits at number three on the country’s most wanted list.

               Our sources say that Ceglio has been missing since the robberies and is presumed dead, although no connection has yet been made between this masked criminal and his disappearance.

               Police are urging anyone with any information to come forward. Commissioner Gordon is offering a ten-thousand dollar reward for anything that can help lead to her arrest…”

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All Day

I’m back with piece number three for the speeding asshole who ran off with my heart and left me dying. 

This one was requested by the sweet Olyvia. Thank you so much for that, sweetheart :) 

This was her request:  I was wondering I you might write one about him being jealous because someone he hates is trying to flirt with you. If you could that would be fantastic! Thanks for all you do.

I hope you like this one :) I had Iron Man playing as I wrote it haha 

!!! Make me write about this cutie little asshole more here !!

Here it goes 

Warning: Extreme Abuse of the Word Coffee 

credits to gif(s) owner 

All Day
(Pietro Fucking Shit You Are So Attractive Maximoff x Fucking Shit You Are So Amazing Reader)

Ever since Y/N was transported from an assassination training home to be an agent in S.H.I.E.L.D., she had thought that nothing could get better— I mean, how could it? She was recognized for her skill by a high and excellent company—but she was incredibly wrong.

Not long after the animalistic and ravaging attack of Ultron, she was recruited to be an Avenger, along with a few of her colleagues. Five of them were chosen from the agency, the five consisting of three females and two males. The chosen agents were to go through a series of tests in order for them to choose the best of the best. After all the trials, Y/N had been ranked second, following very close to one of the two males. This made the easy decision to keep them both for the Avengers themselves to decide if they were both in or one of them would be kicked out.

Y/N was more than determined to win the position in the team, and so was the other agent, but the thing was they were both too nice to each other to even compete, so they left their personalities become the basis of the Avengers to decide.

It had been approximately six months since the recruits first entered the Avengers Tower, and since then they had grown close enough to be friends with each other and with the whole team. Out of the whole team, Y/N had grown fond of the sweet and silent Wanda Maximoff. They would usually be the ones who would eat lunch and hang out together around the tower. This of course meant that Wanda Maximoff’s twin was always close by. Pietro had grown accustomed to the top ranking female agent as time flew by and had spent his fair amount of time with her. If anything, he could proudly say that he liked her a lot more than the other one… and a lot more than any other one.

“He’s quite annoying, is he not?” he would ask the famous Captain America about the male agent whenever he would see him laughing at something Y/N had told him. Steve Rogers would just shake his head and chuckle at the quick hot head. It wasn’t a secret to Steve that Pietro had a fascination with Y/N, even more so, a crush.

It was one of those days where Pietro decided to steal Y/N for some quality time. He had noticed that she had been spending too much time with everyone else but him, so that winter morning, he was the first one to greet Y/N when she came out the door to her quarters.

“Good morning, Pietro,” she greeted with a small and timid smile when she saw him. Y/N could never be counted as a morning person. He smiled back and extended his arm for her to take. She looked at him skeptically and, thinking that it was another one of his cheeky plays, wrapped her arm around his own. He was ecstatic.

Pietro and Y/N walked with each other to the kitchen. Every morning, the whole team would walk straight into the kitchen as if they were mindless moths and they were attracted to the light— in which the light was food and hot coffee.

Pietro wasn’t even allowed near the coffee machine due to that one incident that happened when he was left unsupervised and took a sip of Y/N’s coffee. They were lucky enough that they got to him in time before he finished the whole cup. But that didn’t change the effect that it had on him that made him run around annoying the whole building for two whole days. Some nights, Steve can’t even fall asleep in fear that Pietro would enter his room and pull his boxers off him and carry him to the high bar counter for everyone to see like an exposed art project again.

“Good morning, Y/N,” greeted Bruce who sat on the end of the dining table with a large news paper covering half his face. He looked up again and realized that Y/N had a companion and said, “Pietro.”

“Morning, Bruce,” Y/N greeted and pulled away from Pietro’s arm, much to his disappointment. She wandered over to the coffee maker and started brewing up some morning kick-starter. “How would you like yours, Doc?”

“Hm?” Bruce hummed and turned a page of his paper. “Um, black.”

“Cool,” Y/N nodded and turned to the hand held toaster Tony created. Pietro pushed over a plate, with two pieces of bread ready, to her and sat back down on the bar stool closest to her. When she toasted the bread just by hovering the device over them for two seconds, she returned to the coffee machine and poured her and Bruce a cup.

“I can take it,” Pietro offered as he extended his hands out for the cup. Y/N knew what went on in that’s sneaky head of his so she refused and delivered the cup to Bruce herself. She wandered back to her toast (which now had butter spread all over it thanks to Pietro) and pushed it over to Pietro. He smiled as he watched her set out a glass of orange juice for him and sit back down beside him.

Y/N sighed and glanced over to find Pietro staring. She raised her brow, “Do you want pancakes or something—?”

“No, no,” Pitero quickly assured and let out a nervous cough. He smiled at her again and took a gulp of his juice. When Y/N started munching on her toast, the others piled in one by one—Agent Trent Copper, the otherone as Pietro would like to call him, being one of them.

“Morning Trent,” Y/N greeted after he entered behind Steve. Trent winked at her in acknowledgement and sat down beside Bruce. Pietro caught the cheeky act and a growl emitted from the back of his throat that Wanda, who was leaning on the counter, waiting for her coffee, did not miss. Wanda felt for her brother, she really did. She’s seen him in his ups and downs, but this was the first time she’s ever seen him jealous in her life. She didn’t need to guess that he was in it deep for Y/N. She had her powers and come on, she was his twin.

“So, what’s the agenda for today?” Tony asked as he took a sip from his mug. Steve shrugged and craned his neck to peek over Bruce’s shoulder to get a glimpse of today’s news. Natasha yawned and shook her head. Clint mumbled something incoherent and Wanda said nothing as she stared back and forth at Pietro and Trent. Tony frowned at the silence and rolled his eyes, “Losers,”

“Actually,” Trent spoke up, his eyes still not leaving Y/N’s. “I was going to ask Y/N if she wanted to go get lunch later.” This woke the whole team up and made Wanda control Pietro from launching himself at the other agent by walking to his side to discreetly place a hand on hiss and drink from his glass of orange juice.

“Oh,” Tony smirked and took a big gulp from his coffee. Y/N’s face was flushed as she opened her mouth to speak, although she didn’t speak, because Pietro had already spoken before her.

“She cannot.” He stated. Natasha choked on her drink as he said this and turned away to silence her coughed snickers at the once silent now, all of the sudden, sassy Sokovian. Wanda/s eyes closed as she groaned inwardly at her stupid brother. Times like these, she couldn’t believe that he was her twin. Y/N opted to stay quiet and glance over at Pietro expectantly waiting for what he had to say.

Y/N can’t deny the fact in her that she would ditch anything for Pietro if it were just that easy.

Trent let out an arrogant scoff as he glanced at Pietro. It wasn’t a secret to anyone that these two didn’t particularly enjoy each other’s company, the thought of each other and. — basically, each other. “Why, Pietro?”

“I…” Pietro started but then trailed off, seeming lost. Trent smirked and leaned on the table with his forearms, “Hm?”

“Hm?” Y/N chirped as she leaned her arm on the table and propped her head up with her hand. Pietro took a nervous breath as he felt everyone’s eyes on him. And at the heat of the moment, he sputtered out, “Because we are going out for lunch.”

“Oh,” Y/N smirked and nodded at Pietro, “We are.”

Trent was taken aback by this but remained passive. “Alright, maybe after then,”

By this time, Pietro had already gained confidence since Y/N didn’t deny his lies. “No, she and I will be out. All day.”

“Tonight?” Trent tried again. His persistence amused everyone else but Pietro. Pietro was annoyed now. “I said all day. Get ready, Y/N, we are leaving soon.”

“I thought you were going out for lunch?” Trent growled, losing whatever cool he had in store at Pietro’s possessive acts. The speedster smirked and slipped his free hand in Y/N’s, taking her by surprise. “I did say all day, did I not?” And with that, he pulled Y/N away from the kitchen and they were gone before Trent could even protest. Generally, the whole team was impressed with Quicksilver and his cocky side.

Y/N, truthfully, was amused at the whole thing— not that she liked two of the team members fighting because of her, but she was amused to little Pietro’s antics. She couldn’t believe that he was jealous.

“So, we’re going for a date?” Y/N smiled and glanced over at Pietro’s face when he finally slowed down. His troubled frown then morphed into a shy smile as he said, “Only if you want to.”

Y/N scrunched her face up playfully and shrugged, “I don’t know, I don’t think that was the best way to ask a girl out…” Pietro’s face fell at this when he realized what he had done and he turned to her, “I’m sorry, Y/N, I—“

“Pietro, were you jealous?”

“What? Me? Jealous—I— wasn’t— psh, no…” The poor boy trailed off at Y/N’s knowing stare and forfeited with a sigh, “Y-yes, I- was, but—“

“Pietro,” Y/N sighed and took his hand in hers. His heart rate sped up as he looked down at their fingers intertwined together. Pietro bit his lip and looked up at her, “I like you very much, Y/N and you are the only person who can stop me from doing so and stop me all together.”

Y/N smiled as she flushed and took in what Pietro said. Slowly, she went up on her tip toes to kiss him on the cheek and wrap her arms around his neck, “I’m not stopping you from anything.”

He grinned happily and circled his arms around her waist. “We prove Trent wrong and go on a date, yes?”

“You did say all day.”

It was time for deliberation— apparently, Fury didn’t agree on letting two recruits qualify for the team and it was the Avengers’ play to pick one. This then resulted to the situation they were in now.

“Okay, so, you write a rookie’s name on the paper and then drop it in the shield,” They used the Captain’s shield as a fishbowl. “And whoever has the most names written, he or she stays.” Tony stated as he waved around his small sheet of paper and pen.

Everyone was gathered in a circle in the main room. Trent was out sulking somewhere after being embarrassed by Pietro earlier that day and Y/N and Pietro were still out. They really did stay true to the all day promise. Fury wanted an immediate response, so they decided to start without Pietro. It was just one less Avenger anyway.

As everyone debated and wrote on their papers, Y/N and Pietro had already entered the front doors downstairs, giggling and performing back and forth banter. Y/N had mention that she was tired so Pietro walked her to her room and had said good night. He maybe even slipped a quick little kiss in. He was ecstatic when he waltzed in the main room, only to be met with very serious pairs of eyes.

Pietro was about to ask what he missed but Tony beat him to it by handing him a piece of paper and a pen. “The girl or the boy,”

After much deliberation and one too many threats from Pietro, it had seemed that Y/N was the winning vote, and Pietro would have the honor to both kick the other agent out and get himself a girlfriend.

This has happened before- 

*Just Like This


Request !

I hope you like it, Olyvia !! I love youu x

Alphabet tag

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A- Age: Prefer not to share.

B- Biggest fear: People are unable to see my worth

C- Current time: 15:14

D- Drink you last had: Water

E- Every day starts with: Waking up lol

F- Favourite song: Is it cheesy to say Stars by David Duchovny

G- Ghosts, are they real?: I am skeptical of their existence because I have not seen any credible evidence… Also their existence is non-falsifiable so it really can never be proven or dis-proven.

H- Hometown: Seattle, WA

I- In love with: Gillian Anderson and the concept of naps

J- Jealous of: Every single person who has been graced with Gillian Anderson’s presence

K- Killed someone: Hypothetically? Yes

L- Last time you cried: Friday afternoon… It was an intense counseling session

M- Middle name: Belle

N- Number of siblings: Three sisters who I don’t really have a relationship with

O- One wish: That Gillian Anderson would take a fucking nap

P- Person you last called or texted: My pal Delaney

Q- Questions you’re always asked: “Will you shut up about the x files?”

R- Reasons to smile: Gillian Anderson eats chocolate very single day and she doesn’t give a damn.

S- Song last listened to: “Sometimes” By Britney Spears

T- Time you woke up: 7am because I had interviews today

U- Underwear colour: Black

V- Vacation destination: England or Poland please

W- Worst habit: Drawing into myself

X- X-rays you’ve had: I once fell down the stairs in my house and hit my elbow really hard. The x-ray lady at the Emergency Care wasn’t very nice. I’ve also had my mouth x-rayed too many times for my liking

Y- Your favourite food: Burritos or potatoes

Z- Zodiac sign: Virgo, the same day as Blanche DuBois 

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No doubt there are some worldly people who honestly limit the number of children and the family to two or three because of insufficient means to clothe and educate a large family as the parents would desire to do, but in nearly all such cases, the two or three children are no better provided for than two or three times that number would be.

David O. McKay, 

Relief Society Magazine, v. 3, no. 7, July 1916


I was tagged by the lovely @bektheimaginative :) Thanks!

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Name/nickname: Wrote my name in elvish for my header so if you know elvish… 

Gender: Female.

Star sign: Gemini.

Height: 5'10

Sexual orientation: Straight as a geometric line.

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw.

Favorite color: Forest green.

Favorite animal: Fox/bat.

Average hours of sleep: Four or twelve.  There is no in between.

Cat or dog person: DOG

Favourite fictional character: Nico di Angelo & anyone who looks/acts like him.

Number of blankets I sleep with: Three.

Favourite singer/band: Ed Shereen & Alina Baraz

Dream trip: New Zealand (specifically, Hobbiton) & Japan.

Dream job: Neuroscientist… maybe work at a sleep institute?

When this blog was created: Little less than one year ago.

Current number of followers: 40 (so pathetic someone help me plz)

When did your blog reach it’s peak:  I don’t think it ever will tbh.

What made you decide to make this Tumblr: I wanted live my fangirl life to the fullest :)

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ok Jedistormpilot trash, why are so many of us assuming that long ago in a galaxy far, far away with hundreds of thousands of planets populated by humans and hundreds of thousand of other intelligent, sentient species that anyone would find polyamory weird.

Like in the Stars Wars universe we have interspecies mating for fuck’s sake do you really think that polyamory in any configuration would be so strange that the default assumption would be weird. 

If there would be some default to monogamy that would be strong enough that it would perpetuate an assumption that people would think anything else was weird there never could have been an interspecies republic spanning multiple galaxies and planets.

We don’t even have default monogamy here on earth. We have it in western European cultures and we can barely stick to that.

So trust me long ago in a galaxy far, far away there were people who didn’t keep any kinds of mates at all, there were people who thought the ideal number of spouses was two, three, four,five, etc…there were people who just married all of their spouses siblings of whatever their gender preference was or just married all of their spouse siblings. there were people who would find sexual preference weird, people who find heterosexuality, homosexuality, bi-sexuality all weird, etc…

in short long ago in a galaxy far, far away however you want to deal with sex, marriage, romance and love and configuring family units no one finds it weird, because there are just too many species from too many different planets and backgrounds for there to be a default to anyone configuration.

Men, they don’t have to worry about this. They can be silly, fat, funny, intelligent, hard-core, philosophical, sensual… you know, all those different things…but with women they always have to be feminine, feminine, feminine…everybody says ‘this is the age of women’  but i think this is bullshit. I like to see women who can be characters, who can be themselves. Number one, two, three they are what they are and number 10, yes they happen to be women. in the same way you happen to be Spanish and I happen to be Icelandic.
—  Björk, 1994
Regarding: Daniel, Jack, and Character Growth

I rewatched the episode tonight. This will be time number three, for those who are keeping track (which I’m sure is no one). And, of course, now that it’s not two o'clock in the morning, my thoughts will hopefully be more coherent than my ‘Agent Carter Finale Thoughts’ post.

Under a read more because… long, very long. Also, fair warning: Cartson, anti peggysous (though not anti Daniel).

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“This book is dedicated to the Ancient Ones, to the Lord of Abominations, Humwawa, whose face is a mass of entrails, whose breath is the stench of dung and the perfume of death, Dark Angel of all that is excreted and sours, Lord of Decay, Lord of the Future, who rides on a whispering south wind, to Pazuzu, Lord of Fevers and Plagues, Dark Angel of the Four Winds with rotting genitals from which he howls through sharpened teeth over stricken cities, to Kutulu, the Sleeping Serpent who cannot be summoned, to the Akhkharu, who such the blood of men since they desire to become men, to the Lalussu, who haunt the places of men, to Gelal and Lilit, who invade the beds of men and whose children are born in secret places, to Addu, raiser of storms who can fill the night sky with brightness, to Malah, Lord of Courage and Bravery, to Zahgurim, whose number is twenty-three and who kills in an unnatural fashion, to Zahrim, a warrior among warriors, to Itzamna, Spirit of Early Mists and Showers, to Ix Chel, the Spider-Web-that-Catches-the-Dew-of-Morning, to Zuhuy Kak, Virgin Fire, to Ah Dziz, the Master of Cold, to Kak U Pacat, who works in fire, to Ix Tab, Goddess of Ropes and Snares, patroness of those who hang themselves, to Schmuun, the Silent One, twin brother of Ix Tab, to Xolotl the Unformed, Lord of Rebirth, to Aguchi, Master of Ejaculations, to Osiris and Amen in phallic form, to Hex Chun Chan, the Dangerous One, to Ah Pook, the Destroyer, to the Great Old One and the Star Beast, to Pan, God of Panic, to the nameless gods of dispersal and emptiness, to Hassan i Sabbah, Master of Assassins.

To all the scribes and artists and practitioners of magic through whom these spirits have been manifested….

William S. Burroughs - Cities of the Red Night.