but who would want to find them at their door

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What advice would you give to young women who want to get into politics?

That’s a fantastic question! When I was campaigning and young girls would find out that I was the first Latina to potentially be elected into the Senate, I heard so much excitement from them. I realized that they looked at me and thought: If she can do it, so can I. And that is just amazing. Because they can! And they should. There are women who were trailblazers for me and that’s why I’ve been successful. Now it’s my turn to open doors for those behind me.

So, if you want it and are willing to work hard – go for it! There’s nothing young girls shouldn’t feel like they can’t do. When women apply for a job, we ask ourselves, “Am I qualified? Do I have the experience? Do I have the education? Do I have the abilities?” We need to stop second-guessing our abilities. We need to stand up and make ourselves heard. Women can be whoever they want to be. In today’s challenging political environment, it’s more important than ever that we have strong, passionate, fierce women working in politics. So, if you are thinking about getting into politics, just do it. But do it for the right reasons: Fighting for the most vulnerable.

imagine how the world would be, so very fine, skam, isak/even.

isak finds a little drawing pinned on the back of his bedroom door. it’s a penguin, about the size of his thumb, with a little speech bubble saying, ice, ice, baby. he finds a lion in the hallway asking him, can you feel the love tonight? and a daschund in a top hat on the fridge. who let the dogs out?

eskild finds isak squinting at it as he stumbles into the kitchen, and snorts. “there’s a bird in the bathroom.”

“what’s it say?”

“got wings, but you can’t fly away from me.”

isak smiles. “nas.”

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okay but has anyone talked about the fake ah crew’s relationship with girl scout cookies

because like they manage to find the crew’s safehouse (because the girl scouts are Ruthless™, rival gangs can’t find the crew when they don’t want to be found but the girl scouts could find irrefutable proof of big foot if big foot had a hankering for samoas)

and poor british gavin answers the door thinking this is some kind of joke, alright, you’re a bunch of eight year olds selling cookies door to door, sure, that’s believable, who hired you and how the bloody hell did you find us

and michael comes crashing through the house to the door and shoves gavin aside like YES I WANT THREE BOXES OF EVERYTHING and calls back to ask if ray wants any, and ray deadpans something like, “yeah, sure, ask the stoner if he wants girl scout cookies, that’s original”

(and then he totally catches them before they get too far down the street because real talk he would suck so much dick for a box of thin mints, hell yes, he doesn’t care if it’s a cliche)

they set up outside a grocery store near the penthouse which is genius bc every time Drunk Geoff passes them jeremy has to drag him away by the arm before he lets some eight year old convince him to drunk-purchase a hundred boxes of do-si-dos, geoff, you don’t even like peanut butter

one time ryan and jack pass them just before a heist when ryan’s all masked up and focused and one of the girl scouts walks out right in front of him and asks if he wants to buy a box (because girl scouts are Ruthless™) and jack’s like oh no ryan’s about to make a little girl cry

but ryan tugs his mask off so he can speak clearly and very politely asks if they have any tagalongs and anyway that’s basically how the vagabond spends a heist shoving cookies up underneath his mask while he guns down lspd’s finest

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UP!AU EXCEPT NEITHER OF THEM DIE (On an unrelated note, what's something you'd never write? Like do u draw the line at character death or r there triggers you avoid or whatever?)

AWWW THIS WOULD BE SO CUTE!!!! They’re both old men who want to go to that place (ok it has been ages since I watched Up so I’m apologizing in advance) and Yurio is a grumpy boy who comes to their door. Yurio is annoyed by them but decides to help them anyway (because he secretly adores them both) and they meet a talking dog named Makkachin on the way there. Then they live happily ever after in that new land <3 <3 <3

AND IMAGINE THE SCENES WHEN THEY WERE YOUNGER!!!! Yuuri had always dreamt of exploring and Victor finds his notebooks and spins tales about the different places and they slowly fall in love while making blanket forts and holding hands

an idea:

If my hypothesis is correct, then you could theoretically cast a curse with a simple sigil. But you need people for it to work.

1)Put the sigil in your skin so you charge it.

2)Draw the sigil on a bunch of little papers and fold them.

3)Put the sigils in places where there’s a high chance someone who knows the person you want to curse would be.

Lets say you want Jane Doe to die. You charge a sigil that says ‘’Jane Doe will die a painful death soon’’. Now you need other people to charge it so it gets stronger.

So you fold a a bunch of little papers with the sigil. You put them in strategic places where people can find them without thinking someone dropped it (the bathroom seat, behind a door, on a chair,in a book,burrowed deep inside a locker…)

People see the sigil thinking ‘’what the hell is this’’. When they keep staring at it,they’re successfully charging it without knowing.

And so the sigil slowly becomes stronger, until it finally works: Jane Doe dies.

I’m already doing experiments,as a matter of fact.

If you don’t feel like creating a magickal easter egg hunt, just give them to people saying they’re good luck charms.

very religious friend: ‘’Dany are you a witch’’

me: ‘’No this is scientifically™ proven to work!’’

friend: ‘’Oh ok nice give me one”

I’ll keep you updated on whether it works or not


Lisandro Iana, who works at the Institute and lives next door, comes home with Tina to help her set up. When Trent arrives and finds the cake and hears Tina showering upstairs, he takes a moment to himself. But then he realizes Lisandro’s here, and sets it aside. Tina would be horribly disappointed if she thought he felt bad about growing up, or didn’t want a party.

Holey cheese, where did she dig up all these people? Most of them are her friends, sure, but she got Merlin Hawkins, and Billie Onions , and William Ghote to show up, too; every friend he’s made here, except Peter and Samantha Ottomas, who died; even though he hasn’t gone out of his way to maintain any of them and wasn’t 100% sure they all liked him. And Trisha even showed up, after he wouldn’t go to her party.

That’s nice. He has no idea what to say to them all in a bunch like this, but it’s nice.


You know what would be a MASSIVE plot twist?

If Spencer was AD
She found out in the time jump

She’s working with Wren

Let’s see:
• Avenging her sisters death
• Blackmailing her other sister to find out who did it
• Screwing up Alison’s life and relationship because she was awful to her in the past
• Breaking Wren and Melissa up through CeCe so she could have him for herself
• Dating Caleb to throw shade at Hanna, the list goes on.

This would also explain the car scene at Aunt Carols when she told the girls to GET IN and shut the doors, when they could of literally shut them from the outside.
She knew the Lair would blow up and she wanted the girls to see her AD message.

If my theory is correct that Mona is The Darkest Knight then that means we could expect a good old Mona V. Spencer finale.

This is literally the ONLY other way I want this to go if Wren isn’t AD himself.

SIDE NOTE: @wrenischarles if this were to come true I seriously hope they incorporate the Mona/Wren scene from S4 about his loyalties.
It would be so amazing if that was the moment she actually became “anti A/AD”.

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Off To The Races.

I quickly tossed my suitcase to the side of the couch, anxious to find my husband and son wherever they were hiding in this large house. I had just returned from a business trip and like any other time I was away, the first thing I wanted to do when I got back was see my two favorite people.

I checked throughout the play area and kitchen to find them nowhere in sight so I headed next to the backyard figuring that since it was a nice, sunny day they would be out there.

I was right.

From where I stood at the sliding door, I could see Cristiano doing sit-ups with Junior leaning over him. I opened the door and was met with our son’s infectious and adorable laugh, watching as it was him next who reverted to copying his father.

I could hear Cristiano’s encouragement as he held his feet down, urging him to continue on until he hit 10. I shook my head to myself and laughed. These were my boys, always enjoying each other’s company in the littlest ways. I stepped forward unable to hide my presence any longer.

Junior noticed me first as he quickly hopped up from the grass and ran over to me. His small arms wrapped around one of my legs as he squeezed it tightly. “Mamae!”

“I’m so happy to see you!”

Whenever I found myself away for any reason, my son was always on my mind. He would Skype me just to say goodnight every night with Cristiano by his side. He never let Cris get a word in as he would insist on telling me about his day and the littlest details that created it with much of the information revolving around his friends and the cartoons he had watched. Cristiano would just fake a dramatic sigh in the background as he played third wheel.

I picked Junior up into my arms, planting a kiss to both of his cheeks and his forehead. “I made you cookies! Papai helped.”

“Oh really?”

Cristiano stepped towards us and inserted into the conversation. “Hey hey! No cookies for Mamae until she eats dinner,” he warned, walking up to me with a smirk on his face before he placed a sweet kiss to my lips.

I pretended to pout. “Oh come on. Can’t I have just one?”

“No,” Cris responded sternly. It seemed some idea was coming about in his head as a smirk made way to his face again. “Actually you can have a cookie. That is if you beat me in a race.”

“What? No. That’s unfair. You know you’re going to beat me!”

“Do it! Do it! Do it!” Junior chanted while still in my arms.

“You can’t be afraid of a little competition, can you?” Cristiano teased before taking our son out of my arms and setting him to the ground. He was definitely prepared to take me on and I wasn’t one to back down from a challenge. It was something he said he found most attractive about me.

I began to slip out of the sandals I wore knowing they would just slow me down. “I’m not too sure if you’re ready to lose, that’s all.”

He pretended to be shocked and put a hand to his chest. “Me? Lose? You must have the wrong husband.”

“You’re right. I do.” I didn’t bother to wait any longer or to give him a fair warning I was about to start the race. To be fair, I needed an extreme head start to beat Cristiano and this was the only way he would give it to me: if I forced it from him.

It seemed just as soon as I took off, giggling at my slyness, he was soon running now too. I could hear Junior’s laughter as he was probably running along though further behind by now. We hadn’t set a marker of where the finish line was but I assumed it to be the boundary of our yard.

Cristiano caught up by my side and before I could take another step forward, he swept me off of my feet. I nearly thought I was going to fall but of course he managed to catch me in the process and hold me against him. He didn’t stop running even throughout, only stopping once he reached the designated finish line and setting me down amongst laughter.

“We win! We get cookies!” Junior yelled as he ran up to me, triumphant and throwing his hands about.

“You’re such a cheater,” Cristiano said to me, placing a kiss to my lips.

“No. I’m a winner and I learned from the best. Now go warm up my cookies,” I said before playfully slapping his behind. It was good to be home.

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Imagine Kara getting kidnapped, not by Chibita by an actual creep. His brothers find out that this is a real problem and look for him. They look for him for a couple months before they find where he is. They rush there and kick down the door, and isn't this great this is finally over, except it isn't. They now have to convince Kara, who got Stockholm Syndrome, to go with them. TLDR; Kara is extremely susceptible to Stockholm Syndrome and doesn't want to go home when his brothers find him.

Ok ……… Listen, just, this angsty shit is my fucking jam, okay? Like, I’m imagining that process of Karamatsu coming to sympathise with his captor, and probably they don’t even say anything that would make him do so, but he comes to those conclusions himself. Which is why it’s so hard for the others to convince him otherwise later. And they get him home and he’s always so angry and hateful and cold to them, and he gets really condescending, and they learn how it feels to be treated like him from him. And then there’s a whole lot of bittersweet to really sweet moments as they try and snap him out of it, until finally, something snaps, and he becomes awful distressed as he realizes exactly what happened to him. But his bros are there for him, and even though he tries to push them away because of his awfully he’s been treating them, they persist and stay and do everything in their power to make him feel better.

But, yeah, I agree. Ever-eager-to-please-doesn’t-want-to-hurt-anyone-sees-the-beauty-in-everyone Karamatsu would definetly be the most susceptible to Stockholm syndrome.

Request: Sippy Cup

Request: Could you do a one-shot based off of Sippy Cup by Melanie Martinez? Something like the Dollhouse imagine, but the reader is actually depressed but hides it beneath a fancy lifestyle. One night her mom kills her cheating dad and Sam and Dean, who get locked in a room by the mom bc she doesn’t want them finding out, save the reader from being attacked by her drunken- and bloody- mother.

Word Count: 1,777

I’m sorry about the wait, but I hope you like it! Thank you<3

“Y/N, sweetheart, get the door, would you?” Your mother calls, only moments after the trill of the doorbell rings through the house. You push down the mild annoyance in your stomach – it’s not like you were doing anything. Just… sitting. It feels like that’s all you do these days.

You take your time heading to the door, hoping silently that whoever it is – likely someone selling something or trying to get your money – will give up and go away. The doorbell rings again just as you put your hand on the gold knob and a man’s face appears in the small window, distorted by the intricate pattern in the glass. He jolts, not expecting to see you so close, stepping back as you pull the door open.

“Are you Mrs. Y/L/N?” One of the men asks – he’s taller than the one who was looking through the window, his features more angular and his eyes darker. You shake your head slowly.


“Well, where is she?” He asks, and you shrug – you know you’re being unhelpful, but you don’t particularly care.

“Depends who’s asking.” You get supposed relatives and other benefactors knocking at your door every other month, and you’ve become accustomed to just turning them away.

You hadn’t been born into this life of fancy clothes, expensive cars and huge houses quite the opposite. The money your father had inherited from a long-forgotten uncle who you’d never met had come as a huge surprise to you all. At first, it had been great, but then things had started to go wrong.

“Agents Walsh and Henley, FBI,” The other one says, and in perfect sync two badges are thrust into your face. You barely get the chance to look at them before their cases are snapped shut and being tucked back into inside pockets, “We’re looking for a Mrs Y/L/N. Do you know where she is?” He says more forcefully, quirking an eyebrow in a challenge. You’re not willing to take it, and step back to allow them inside.

“She’s in the kitchen. I’ll show you through.” You say, holding up your hands in mock defeat. They step into the room, rubber soles squeaking against the marble floor as you shut the door with a slam and lead them through to the kitchen, “Fair warning, it was her friend’s hen party last night so she may not be entirely coherent.”

“We’ll work with it. Thank you…” He pauses, realising you haven’t mentioned your name.

“Y/N.” You smile wryly, “I’ll be in the sitting room, just call if you need anything.” You say, pushing the kitchen door open and heading back off down the corridor. You head straight for the phone, punching in the FBI number written on the notepad to the side.

After your father inherited the money, he made a few mistakes within the town. He demolished a whole row of houses to have this one built and had a couple of bars closed down after disputes with their staff. The people in town weren’t impressed and after a couple of attempted robberies, your father somehow got the FBI in to fix it. Ever since, you’ve had a direct phone number to your local department, which you now call, suspicious of the pair now in your kitchen.

“Hello, Mr Y/L/N,” The voice on the other end of the line says chirpily, “How can we help today?”

“Actually, it’s Y/N,” You say, glancing back at the closed sitting room door, “I’d like to make an enquiry about two of your agents.”


They’re back later that night, once again hoping that your mother is sober enough to speak to them. She isn’t. Nonetheless, seeing as your father is upstairs and he’d have your ass for not extending the ‘proper courtesy’ to your guests, you invite them in for a drink. In your own, quietly spiteful way you pull out your father’s finest scotch and pour each of them a generous serving, allowing them to spin stories about their job and life on the road. By the time they’re done, the bottle is empty and they’re in no way suitable to drive.

You show them to the guest rooms and leave them there, retiring to your own, too large bedroom, and lie on the bed, just staring at the ceiling for a few hours. You’re not tired – not in a way that sleep would fix, anyway. You’re just exhausted from the constant social expectations, the false promises, the fake appearances. Everyone is made of silicone around here – your mother, your father, and everyone in this whole new social setting you’ve been thrust into. You’d rather be living back in your small house in the town and have real friends, a real life… not this plastic monstrosity.

At some point you fall asleep, still wearing your now-crumpled dress. Your mother would kill you if she saw it, but she hasn’t really seen you in a long time.


They’re relentless, these men. They’re not FBI, that’s for sure – you’re not entirely sure why you didn’t report them. To an extent, it was purely for the excitement, or perhaps in the insane, sick hope that they’re serial killers who’ll slaughter you all in your beds. They come back the next evening, too, and once again you let them in and allow them to speak to your mother. For some reason they actually talk to her this time, trying to pry something out of her drink-addled mind. You want to scream at them, to tell them that it’s useless, that the woman hasn’t told her daughter she loved her in nearly five years.

But, as always, you stay quiet, informing them that when they are finished they should be able to see themselves out by now and head to your room. You decide to pull up their faces from the security cameras outside and run them through an image search – it doesn’t take long at all for the results to come back.

“Sam and Dean Winchester,” You murmur, reading the result from just a few years ago, “Wanted for murder, impersonating FBI, grave desecration… these guys are psychos.”

As if on cue, you hear them screaming your mother’s name.


“I see,” Sam says softly, trying to catch the eye of the woman in front of him. Her gaze wanders across the room, seeming to look straight through him, “What do you know about his other activities?”

A small smile quirks her drooping lips, “Not much. He doesn’t speak to me much.”

“Well-“ He’s stopped when she holds up her hand, suddenly looking at the kitchen door.

“Could you boys check something out for me?” She asks quietly, her eyes clearing for the first time. The brothers share a look and nod slowly as the three of them stand, metal chairs scraping against the marble. She leads them to a door by the oven and opens it to reveal a pantry.

“I think there’s something going on in the back and my eyesight isn’t so good,” She explains, “Could  you check it out for me?”

In hindsight, it was a stupid excuse, but Sam and Dean go with it anyway, slipping into the oversized, overstocked pantry – and then the door slams behind them.


You fly from the bed, moving faster than you have in months. You don’t think to grab a weapon or something, nearly tumbling down the stairs and darting into the kitchen. Your mother stands by the table, a broken bottle in her hand. She stares down at something obscured from your view, and you step around the table to find your father lying prostrate on the floor, his head, neck, and face bloody and pulpy.

“M-Mom?” Your eyes widen as you stare over at her. She looks up at you with an eerie calm.

“He was a cheater, Y/N,” She says evenly, “He ruined this family with his infidelity. And I stopped him.”

“You killed him!” You cry, “Where are those agents?”

There’s a thudding from inside the pantry and you can only stare at the door in horror, “Mom, what have you done?”

“They were going to ruin our family.” She says, “But, Y/N, do you know what else is ruining this family?”

You gulp, “What?”

“You. You never smile. You’re an insolent, ungrateful little girl and you don’t deserve a place in this family.” She steps towards you, over your father’s body like he’s nothing but a piece of trash on the floor, “I should end you, too.”

You stumble backwards, “No. No, mom, you don’t know what you’re doing!” The bottle in her hand drips with blood and her face and dress are sprayed in it, “Mom, stop.”

“I am not your mother!” She snarls, baring her teeth at you like an animal, “You’re a monster, Y/N, and you’re ruining this family!”

With those words she breaks into a run, aiming the bottle at your face. You duck, going beneath her arm and running for the pantry door. You jostle with the handle, but it’s either locked or stuck and she’s coming at you and all you can do is scream and run and hurtle down the corridor, trying to get away from her.

You’re almost at the door when your foot catches on something and you tumble to the floor, going literally head over heels and landing on your back, winded from the fall. Before you can even thing about getting back up she’s on top of you, and it’s all you can do to hold her wrist, trying to stop the bottle cutting into your face.

She’s mere centimetres away from your face when three gunshots sound and she drops the bottle, then her body hits you. You throw her off, rolling to the side and leaping to your feet, only to come face to face with Sam and Dean Winchester, FBI’s ex-most wanted.

All you can think to say is, “You’re not FBI.”

You’re covered in blood. Both of your parents are dead. By all standards, your life is ruined… and yet you feel freer than you have in a long time.

The brothers laugh, sharing a look, “No. Are you hurt?”

“No. Are you going to kill me?”

“No.” Dean places a hand on your shoulder, and it comes away bloody, “Y/N, I’m so sorry, we-“

“Just saved my life,” You finish, shaking your head, “I’m going to leave. I’m going to go far away and I’m never coming back.”

They share a look and a knowing smile, “Do you need a lift to the airport?” Sam asks, and you nod slowly.

“Yeah. Yes, please. And then… and then I’m gone.”  

Imagine Hana getting a summer job

She works at a small café most days of the summer.

Her dad’s working so she has nothing to do

It’s a small café, which is inhabited by elderly women, who love her

They find her so cute, with her pink hair and white frilly apron

They tell her stories about their lives. And ask her about her life, which she proudly tells them about Asagao and her dad

Until one day, I kid you not, Jared and his mother walk in the door

Hana is horrified, and so is Jared. Usually he wouldn’t be it’s just because he is with his mother.

“he..llo, what would you like today?”

“I want good quality tea,”

“a glass of water please”

He sends her a sad look

Before she can get the drinks, an elderly lady by the name of Yuri stops her and asks her who that woman is and why she spoke to Hana in such a rude manner

But Hana doesn’t mind, and gets them their drinks

After the incident Jared starts coming by himself, just to see Hana

He loves the uniform, he thinks it looks super cute on her, and secretly takes a picture and sends it to the normal boots guys, who when sends it to the hidden block guys

That’s how both the hidden block and normal boots guys (and mai) tried to squeeze onto a small café with much difficulty, to see Hana in her cute uniform

And might I add, after the incident the elderly ladies started teasing her to find out which one she’s dating, and in the end she gives up and tell them it’s Mai she’s dating some are shocked

Yuri gives her a high five and says “we are more alike than you think”

And her boss loves her, and wants her to work there as often as possible

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*Steely Dan would come across a group of 5 Noboya Ukuma Universe Stand Users.* (@vramy-karaktaarz)


There were bunnies at his door. Five of them to be exact. Why were there even bunnies at his house to be exact? He didn’t ask for some, nor did he want a pet in the first place. So where and how did the come from?

Picking up one of the bunnies, he began looking around to see if he could find the person who left the rabbits at his doorstep.

Raindrop Kisses


I didn’t want to think about it anymore. But it was there in my mind still, throbbing like a bruise, and demanding my attention. All I had wanted was some advice, for my father to say that he knew what to do, but Malcolm Grimm was a man of few words, many of them being cruel. When I told him I liked someone he had drilled into me to find out who it was. So I decided, fuck it, and I told him who. Simon Snow, the most popular guy in school, the one that every girl liked, and the one who would never in a million years like me back. I wanted advice, but instead I got slapped.
My father had never hit me before, never laid a hand on me. He had tried to apologize, to stop me, but I was already running out the door.
It was raining outside and I was sitting near the student council building at school. I knew I had run here to be near Simon and I knew it was completely stupid. I had talked to Snow a lot at the beginning of high school, even hung out once or twice, but he was leader material, and I was too angry with the world to help. So we went our separate ways.
The rain started to get worse, but I didn’t care. All I could think about was my father’s horrified eyes after he slapped me. It made me sick because I wasn’t sure if that look was because he had hit me or because of what I had said. My stomach hurt and I realized I was crying.
I didn’t usually cry. When I did it was usually because I missed my mother or I missed Simon, or I realized that missing either of them was pointless. I felt my body shake harder and broke out into a full-blown sob.
“Basilton Grimm-Pitch is that you?” I heard from behind me.
Not now I thought to myself, not now of all times.
“Have you finally broken down and decided to join student council? I have my sign up sheet on me.”
His voice was cheery and I wanted to be able to wipe my face and turn to him with a smile on my face, but I just couldn’t. The sobs continued even as I tried my hardest to quiet them.
Suddenly his shoes were in my line of vision, blurred from my tears.
“Baz? I know you can hear me.”
With nowhere to hide I looked up.
He was smiling at first, his eyes dancing with happiness, looking truly pleased to see me. But when he saw me his face crumpled in concern. He was crouching to my level immediately, clutching my shoulder.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
“I…I…” I was cut off by another sob, and shook my head desperately.
He pulled me into a hug, covering us with his massive umbrella. I clutched to him desperately, wishing it meant more than it did. Holding on to him helped, I was able to stop shaking and quiet myself but the tears still ran silently.
He pulled back, “What happened Baz?”
I took a deep breath. “My dad…I was trying to tell him something, to ask him for advice, and he hit me. He slapped me.”
Simon’s eyes were so blue and he was so close. “Oh God. Baz I’m so sorry. That’s not right, it’s never okay.”
I shrugged helplessly. “He didn’t seem to think so.”
He looked pissed. “Fuck him.”
I raised my eyebrow. “Not what I would expect the student council president to say.”
His eyebrows pulled together. “But why would he do that? It’s never okay but how could asking for advice set him off that way?”
I rolled my eyes. “Probably because he’s the biggest homophobe in the world.”
Simon’s eyes took on a strange glint. “You told him you were gay?”
Shit. I hadn’t meant to mention that. “Um kind of.”
He looked down. “What do you mean?”
I felt myself blush. “I was telling him who I liked. A guy. So yeah it was pretty much telling him I’m gay.”
His eyes swung back up to mine. “Who?”
He searched my face. “What guy do you like?”
I was prepared to lie. I had a name. Premal Bunce, ready to go. But Snow’s eyes threw me off and I couldn’t answer. It was taking too long, and I knew he’d figure out it was a lie.
“You don’t want to know.”
“Don’t I?”
` I gritted my teeth. “The fucking student council president.”
He sucked in a gasp, and then he kissed me. I didn’t expect it, didn’t think he would react this way. But I felt the tears come back again and I kissed him back. I had plenty of erotic fantasies about Snow before but this wasn’t that. This was raw emotion, painful and searing and needy. I kissed him back because my heart felt like it had been broken for too long, because I needed to feel accepted as me for once in my life, and because I was truly in love with Simon Snow.
He pulled back, his face wet from my tears, or maybe his own, I wasn’t sure. He smiled, pulling me up to stand with him under his umbrella.
“Why don’t you come to my house for dinner?”
I looked away, “Would Lucy really be okay with that?”
He softened, “Yes. And I have more than enough room for one more under this thing.”
I looked at his giant umbrella, and then back to his tentative face, and whispered, “Thank you Simon.”
He kissed me lightly again. Then he grabbed my hand and we walked on the wet pavement together, leaving me warm and full of hope.

Guilt Weighting Heavy ▸Huntbastian

Hunter could not believe that he would ever raise his hands in the way he just did to Sebastian in such a rage. He would have punched again if he hadn’t snapped out of it to find who he was hurting. He didn’t want what happened in his hometown to happen here of all places. Not to someone who cared about a lot, but also hurt him what just his words alone behind close doors of his glee club room. He apologize for what he has done.

First place Hunter ran to after what had happen was his pickup truck to get away from the school and Sebastian. He needed to get as far away as possible to put space between them to be able to think things through. He drive fast in the general direction of his house, only stopping to take the time to calm himself down. His breathing was coming out unevenly. Again, he couldn’t control the anger that easily came up to the surface like an explosion. He wouldn’t care if Sebastian rushed to nurse and got him in trouble for what he had done because he deserved it.

The former cadet did everything in his power to avoid Sebastian at all cost with not being able to look at him without feeling guilty for what he did. Hunter didn’t even go to the library or hang out underneath the bleachers like he would normally do on days he wanted peace and quiet or another reason to see Sebastian like a love sick puppy. Now he did everything in his power to avoid every single member of the glee club with knowing they would hurt him for what he had done. Yet, his training in the military would prepare him for combat like this.

It was amazing that a week had gone by without making any eye contact with anyone what so ever. Hunter just wished the semester would be over to be happy about getting through the year with how horrible he felt. There was no phone call to his parents telling them of what happened on the school grounds which he had expected to happen. He didn’t see Sebastian as the type of guy who would open his mouth to tell everyone what had happened to him in the parking lot, but he was sure it went around with the student body and a stupid blog to match.

Hunter was just glad the day was almost coming to a close and he would go to the public library close to his house. His game of hiding in shadows until the coast was clear came to a close when he heard someone calling out for him. He just sped up his walking pace to a faster one. It only when the hand on his arm stopped him from continuing down the hall. He was expecting to be punched in the face as revenge for the punch he gave out. “I’m sorry, okay? Just leave me alone.” He said in a defeated tone.


one year - a forever hold your peace drabble

Birdy was quiet that morning when she entered into Harry’s flat, closing the door behind her as she crept inside. It was early, enough so that the birds were still chirping to welcome to new day. Normally she would have been groggy and buried underneath her duvet until her alarm forced her up but this particular day was quite a special one to Birdy – in fact, it had been one exact year to the day since she and Harry decided that they enjoyed each other’s presences enough to put an official title on it. Boyfriend and girlfriend, specifically.

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The Face of Madness
Write about a character as they hear a knock on their door, and happens to find that the person at their doorstep is… themselves. They’re greeted by someone who looks exactly like them. What does this character do? Who is that other person? And, who is the real one?

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It had been days.

Days since Justine had stopped to help a man
claiming he was lost. Days since she had been
attacked from behind and knocked unconscious,
and dragged off to something very similar to the
dungeon she had once been convinced she was
going to die in. She wasn’t alone in this dungeon,
however. She had company in the form of six
other girls, all younger than her. Victims. Future
trafficked girls who would be sent off to be sex
slaves in another country.

The thought made Justine sick. She certainly
wouldn’t stand for it.

So in the dead of night, while only one man was
guarding the door, Justine broke them out, knocking
the guard out and taking his gun. They were still in
London, thankfully – in probably the worst part of
the city, but still. Justine had lost her phone and couldn’t
call Lily, so instead she just walked with six terrified girls,
finding a police station and sending them all inside. She
couldn’t deal with them anymore. She just wanted to get home.

It took half the night to walk back to their building, and Justine
was nearly in tears by the time she got there. She ignored the
doorman’s gaze as she walked in, and it was only when she
found herself in front of their door that she realized she didn’t have her key.

So she just knocked.

Becca couldnt take it anymore. All she heard from the apartment above her was music and the sound of feet hitting the floor like jumping or stomping. She had been hoping studying and doing her school work at night would fix the issue but she could still hear it, even over the audio for her film for class. She decided she’d had enough and after a redbull and a few deep breaths she got the courage to go and tell them off. 

She marched up to the door and knocked on it, ready to rip the person on the other side of the door to shreds until she got a look at the woman who owned the apartment above her. Her mouth opened and closed as she tried to find the words she wanted to say before managing to spit out “Hi, I’m Becca.”  Dammit why did she have to be pretty. 


A little EXO game, yeah?

Alrighty, so I usually play this question game with my friends and I think it would be super fun to play them with you all! Below are questions/scenarios and you tell me which member you can imagine yourself with in that situation and maybe WHY. Let’s find out more about YOU! :) Disclaimer: these are purely imaginative and I just want to know more about you through your answers! :) If you want me to answer privately, please let me know!

  1. Who would be your 4 EXO members next door, in what role, and why?
  2. If you can be in an MV with one member, who would it be? what kind of song? what’s the brief scenario (if you want to share)?
  3. Who would you go on an amusement park date with and why?
  4. If one of them is your childhood friend, who would it be? How would the dynamic of the relationship be?
  5. Who would you want to sing an OST duet with? Why? What kind of song?
  6. If you are paired with one member for a photoshoot, who would it be? what’s the concept?
  7. If you casually meet a member on the street, what would that be like?
  8. Imagine a rainy day and you’re hiding under some place (like in dramas) with one member, who would that be?
  9. Who would you want as a big brother?
  10. What are your top 3 songs by EXO?
  11. Create your own! :D hehe