but who knows if i ever be able to finish him i'm already quite desperate from the hair

Power Outage - Steggy

“And how exactly was it that you were outside the office exactly when the blackout occurred?” Peggy asked for the third time since entering Steve’s apartment.  

Steve stuttered around for a moment before finding his bearings.  “I just thought I’d meet you a little earlier.  It’s not like I was doing anything today to keep me busy.  It was sheer luck I was there when everything went out.  I just wanted to make sure you got out of there with no hassle.”

She made a questioning noise as she rounded the table but her face was playful.  

“Oh yes.  That man with the cane and the limp looked quite treacherous,” she teased.  “Frankly, I’m amazed I made it off the streets with my life.  And that woman with her toddler…”

Steve pointed a peanut butter lathered butter knife at her, his brows raised with a threat he didn’t feel.  He knew his smirk was a dead giveaway anyway.

“Look here, smart ass.”

“Ooh, such language,” Peggy pouted.  “And to think I let you kiss me with that mouth.”

“Every day if I can.”

She leaned closer as Steve leaned down to press a kiss to his lips in appreciation.

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