but who is this guy

This makes me so sad. The very beginning of the interview and Katie is already SO incredibly uncomfortable. Like closed off body language, even leaning away from most of the cast which is hugely telling. She doesn’t normally sit like that. And that’s not even getting into her expression which I think speaks for itself.

I mentioned yesterday how after the “they’re just friends” she looked uncomfortable, and then when she spoke up only to get shut down and laughed at she looked even more uncomfortable and got really quiet the rest of it.

Katie doesn’t deserve this. She’s so kind and supportive and validating and she deserves so much better than to get shut down and made to feel this way. 

I’m glad that Odette seems to be supportive of her, at least, and I think David as well usually. But she’s clearly uncomfortable with the rest of the cast in this clip and it hurts to think about what it would be like to spend so much time filming with the cast now that she knows they’re like this. Especially since I’ve seen a segment from this clip later into it where she tries to stand up again, and addresses the shitty comment Chris made yesterday, and she totally got ignored.


New Doctor Who fan video. It has Bill AND Clara! :)

Sending lots of love to my dearest Whouffaldi community, can’t wait for all the fun this Christmas!

Well, we pretty much closed down the restaurant

Checked the time and it was 8pm so we continued talking. Check it again and whoops it’s 940…

okay so i’m working on a jungkook smut, it’s like 7k long right now and i’m starting the smut tomorrow so it should be posted tomorrow or the day after. it’s kind of writer!jungkook, enemies!au where they’re stuck in a motel, in a room, with one bed. i’m evil.

Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 Astronaut & Second Man on the Moon

Wapakoneta High School-22 July, 2017

Buzz spoke for 2 hours about his time at NASA, his adventures since, and his plan for a future mission to Mars. He had so many stories, and he often got off topic, but he was so interesting to listen to. After he was done talking, he answered questions from the audience which brought about so many more stories. The museum then presented him with an award for joining us. He was so excited that it spun both ways! I could’ve listened to him for days, and I am so thankful that this opportunity was presented to me. Not only did I get to see him speak, but he also walked only a foot in front of me twice because he was staying at the same hotel as me! Thank you for everything you’ve done, Buzz. Especially for coming to talk to us! :)

I need more copics so I can work on my portfolio for my apprenticeship some more. And lining pens. I’ve figured I’ll need to save probably 4-5 months to be able to live without a paycheck. And it’s about $200 more for me to get my tattoo machine and the cables/powerbox. I haven’t looked to see how much ink and needles are. So I’m looking probably about 6-7 more months at this job if I’m lucky

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The cult ending is from a deleted Halloween DLC that the creators have said is not canon. So….no?

I have literally seen no proof of them confirming that this ending is both A) Not canon, and B) Scrapped DLC content. No screenshots, no tweets I can find on their pages, nothing.

That whole “It was confirmed as scrapped Halloween DLC” rumor really grinds my gears. There’s literally no proof, but people keep saying it’s the truth. Meanwhile, we have loads of codes and current in-game hints to prove this ending is indeed a potential reality.

And, y’know, the whole fact that Joseph’s writer, Jared Rosen, is a known horror writer. The cult end is right up his alley.

honestly Tyrion mentioning jon and talking about what a great guy he is made my heart soar

that’s right Tyrion, you DID like him, huh? he IS a really good guy, say more about that


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