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BTS Reactions | You Get Dissed By Another Idol




He had been scrolling down the BTS twitter when he came upon a tweet that had gone viral. @trashtalker101: “I don’t understand how y/n is so famous, they can’t sing nor dance. All they do is prance around stage like an untrained dog.”
The tweet caught him by surprise because the idol group who had tweeted it, had a reputation of nice members. He was angered as well because he had secretly been seeing you and he didn’t appreciate someone dissing you. He decided to wait to see if you’d mention it to him.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think that zigi and chiam share a stunt team? Or is it just there there only so many stunts to go round?

Hi anon,

I don’t know though I do think they all take leafs from each other’s books and you see it with every celebrity ‘couple’ out there that seems to be more PR than anything.

1.  Buy a dog

2. talk about home cooking 

3.  Wear ‘each other's’ clothes

4. Grab a pic from google or the person who is bearding for you or who you’re bearding for’s Instagram and post it with a heart eyes emoji or some naff comment.

So yeah I definitely think there’s only so much you can do on SM, and given that’s by and large the only way Zigi and Chiam still live on and courtesy of Liam talking all sorts of bunkum about Bear etc., then yes things will look repetitive after a while. 

It’s infinitely more preferable than the pap pics though and less impactful mentally on them I’m sure.  (in terms of SM strictly because I don’t think for one second that Liam isn’t impacted by what he has to say). 

Meanwhile on the subject of Liam,  nice to see that the Sun felt the need to reconfirm that BF isn’t about Cheryl even tho Liam yesterday was all ‘Oh yeah we laugh at people who say about it’ and also clarified that the song that he says is about the LT relationship etc., is coming on the album with a title he won’t name (pssst Man on a mission or Make it with you please Liam).  Find it fascinating that the stuff he wrote may remain as album tracks rather than singles. 

And also as I put in tags - Liam out there doing the opposite of every other parent and saying that he wants to work work work now, and then he’ll spend more time with Bear.

When he’s started school.   lol. 

Anyway, it’s the Sun so lord knows. 


Onision Doesn’t Get It

Rep hits it on the head again.   Now, I know some don’t like Rep.  Personally, I think him and I would probably fight like cats and dogs if we had to put up with each other for while.   But this video needed to be done.  It’s what we have been trying to tell Onision, FOR YEARS.

Onision won’t get it.  He REFUSES to study things and gain better knowledge.  He sits around and goes “oh well there is rain and wind, what a shit day!” Then his ass is blown to kingdom come because HURRICANE, DIPSHIT!  He won’t learn until he loses everything.  L, his kids, HIS LOOKS.  Those looks can only stay for so long. Who is going to want a 50 year old man, no money, kids left him, wives/gfs ran for their lives from him, with his type of behavior? No one will.  I would say “fix yourself,  before you break yourself” to Greg, but he already did the later. 

anonymous asked:

Fushimi is stranded after his house falls on Niki, the wicked witch of the east. The good witch of the north, Munakata, sends munchkin!Yata with him to Oz. They find the sleepy lion Mikoto, the scarecrow, and the tinman, and together have to defeat the other wicked witch.

Can’t think of a better way for Niki to die (though he could also be the Wicked Witch of the West too, so Fushimi could melt him). So Fushimi lives alone in his house in Kanshizume, his parents Niki and Kisa totally ignore him and leave him alone even when there’s a tornado in the area that could tear the house apart. Fushimi’s only friend is his tiny pet dog Akiyama who likes to ride in the basket full of unhealthy snacks that Fushimi carries around at all times. Finally there’s this really strong tornado that causes the house to be lifted up and transported away to Oz, where everything is awash in color filters and Fushimi is suddenly constantly covered by filtered blue light for reasons he’s not sure of. He steps out of the house with Akiyama and sees a pair of hideous cowboy boots that look suspiciously similar to ones his dad wears. That’s when all the munchkins of Homra (come on most of them are short not just Yata) start to cheer because the Wicked Niki of the East is dead.

Fushimi has no idea what’s going on and gets into a fight with representative of the Lollipop Guild Yata, who’s threatening to kick his ass when good witch Munakata shows up on a bridge of sparkles, declaring Fushimi a hero for saving Oz from the Wicked Niki. Fushimi just wants to go home because there’s no wi-fi here, Munakata smirks and adjusts his glasses as he tells Fushimi that the only way home is to follow the knife-brick road to where Weismann, the Wizard of Oz, lives but beware because the Wicked Witch of the West will surely come after him to get revenge for her husband and also possibly collect his inheritance and life insurance. Munakata also has Yata come along with Fushimi as a bodyguard and oh yes you should also take along the Wicked Witch of the East’s snakeskin boots because they’re magical and will help you on your quest. Fushimi’s just like no thanks because he’s not wearing his dead witch-father’s boots, that’s disgusting.

So Yata and Fushimi begin walking along the knife brick road with Akiyama tagging along in the basket of unhealthy snacks, while Yata wonders why Fushimi doesn’t put some fucking vegetables in there. He thinks they should stop at this nearby cornfield to pick some up, which is where the Scarecrow Totsuka is hanging out. He offers to come along with them because he’s really bored and wants to ask the Wizard for a hobby to keep himself busy. They also end up running into Tin Man Hisui who needs a heart to replace the giant gaping electrified hole in his chest and the lion Mikoto who doesn’t want anything except a good nap but gets convinced to come along by Totsuka and a very enthusiastic Yata. Together they all reach the wizard’s place where Fushimi discovers that Weismann is actually a hologram cast by a hack scientist named Shiro who wanted to make himself look taller. Shiro suggests if they can defeat Wicked Witch of the West Kisa then they’ll have enough resources for Fushimi to go home so he sighs and reluctantly goes to stab himself a witch. In the end Kisa melts after kidnapping Yata and Fushimi and being exposed to people actually showing affection for each other thanks to Yata fussing over Fushimi’s poor diet and inability to take care of himself. Eventually Munakata shows up again to reveal that Fushimi could have gone home all along if he’d taken the snakeskin boots but since he didn’t he’s stuck, Fushimi figures well it’s not so bad here my parents are dead and I can tease Misaki so may as well stay.

comet13  asked:

Hades for the god ask thingy

Who I see as their parents (since that differs so lovely in Graeco-Roman mythology): Kronos/Rhea, no debates there, but I headcanon that Erebus/Nyx essentially adopt him after he moves to the underworld

OTP(s): Persephone. There is literally no other ship than that for me. Hadephone is my truest godly OTP

brOTP: Anubis, actually. I think those two hang out a lot. Though I also headcanon that him and Hel spend a lot of time in the godly dog-park with Zerberus and Garm respectively, so they’re kinda chummy too

What they’d be doing in a modern AU: Lawyer. He totally is a successful lawyer who dominates the court room, but as soon as he comes home, he is such a soft husband, who brings his wife flowers and bakes for her and supports her in every decision

Random headcanon: Hades gets along best with Poseidon and Hestia, among his siblings. He also started his own council in the underworld and befriended essentially all of Erebus/Nyx’ kids down there

Ahn Hyungseob Best Friend AU!

request: best friend ahn hyungseob?

i might be posting again later today bc i have some fics done i just havent uploaded them!

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You know what I want in S13?

I want Sam to be right about Jack without it devolving into “Dean is stupid/too emotionally compromised”. That’s all. Two episodes into the season and it seems like my feed is full of “Dean is stupid” “Dean is immature” “Dean is a bully” “Dean is just irrational” and other bullshit. Just because Jack is like a puppy doesn’t mean he won’t turn into the Godzilla of attack dogs later. I mean, granted, most of these people are people who think Castiel is some grand innocent and Lucifer may not be evil…so clearly, Dean isn’t the one whose judgment is compromised by a weak intellect. I don’t understand why some fans make it a zero sum game, like if Dean disagrees with Sam he must be stupid or compromised, since Sam can never be wrong and obviously there is no such thing as intelligent disagreement: in their world, if person a (Sam) is smart, then person b (Dean) must be stupid because apparently two people cannot both be smart and disagree. It is absolutely possible for both Sam and Dean to be thinking quite clearly and intelligently and still come to differing conclusions. Hell, it’s even possible for them both to be right, even in the “Jack” scenario: what if Jack isn’t evil, but still for whatever reason is a genuine danger and has to be killed to save the world?

As a corollary, I want everyone to cool it on the “Jared/Sam is a perfect little sweet puppy” or “Jensen/Dean is so taken for granted/abused” routine. I love them both, as much as one can given the realities involved, but I think that completely removes the fantastic humanity of both actors and characters. I also want certain segments of the fans to stop acting like one J is better or more important than the other. Yes, Jared is first billing, and yes, Jensen has worked more hours than Jared every season, but that doesn’t make one better than the other.  They are both so fantastic, as actors and as men, why can’t we all just agree that Supernatural has two unbelievably great lead actors and stop being such shits? 

anonymous asked:

How did you teach your dogs to put their paws on each other for photos?

That’s their “Who’s your best friend” trick. :) We basically started with the same motions as “shake” or “high five”, but encouraged them to touch each other instead of our hands (so they had to be sitting close together), and then rewarded the behavior until it stuck!

Someday I want to teach them a hugging trick too… ahaha

Looking for Artists

Hello out there!  I am not sure how successful this post will be but I am wondering if anyone out there is or knows of an artist that would be interested in taking on 3 commissions that would be due at Christmas?  

One would require a detailed background with two characters, another would require three characters and some dogs and the other would be of just two characters with probably a basic background.  

Each image would have at least one character from Voltron and an OC (in the case of the second image it would be two Voltron characters).  If there is anyone out there who would be willing to take on this job I would love to hear from you and what your prices are. 

I know this kind of job wont be cheap and I expect that so don’t be shy, I would love to hear from you no matter what skill level or style!

My student submitted the most disturbing “Living History” project I’ve ever seen 

By reddit user gretelcat

One of my least favorite parts about being a middle school history teacher is the bullshit “Living History” assignments we give at the end of every school year. Kids are supposed to sit with their grandparents and video tape, voice record, or transcribe their oldest memories for posterity (and for an easy way to bring up their GPA).

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saisai-chan  asked:

imagine someone with a cloning quirk accidentally cloned an army of Baku Jr.s so now Bakugou is surrounded by a massive fluffpile of angry barking tiny doggies who only listen to him

(from this)

and then they nap together b/c Bakugou honestly doesn’t know what to do about this other than to wait it out. the kids walk by and don’t know what they’re looking at

the juniors thought that they were threats. RIP kirishima and kaminari

I’ve been thinking a lot about Elite Four Mcelroys since I finished watching Griffins Nuzlocke run and so far this is sort of where I am at.

Clint is just Oops All Eevees. That’s it. You can fight him and win .

Justin is the second easiest to beat. He doesn’t even want to be there. Justin’s team is composed of a Snorlax, a Munchlax, and Alakazam and like 3 Dittos. He’s powerful yes, but he would rather be doing literally anything else other than battling. He’s got places to be.

The third Elite Four is Travis, and his whole team is dog Pokemon. All balance is thrown out the window, The Team’ ALL DOGS. They’re levelled to shit though, so unless you know the right types to counter he might kick your ass. He’s nice and plays fair, but the second you knock out his Pokemon ur dead bro. He’ll do a hit

If you get past those boys, you’ll fight Griffin, who is so fuckin good at type matchups you might as well be toast. His team is balanced to a tee, but he refuses to use items in battle, so if you buy enough potions you’ll be fine. The only reason people beat him is cause he’s so adamant on making the game harder for himself.


Sometimes when you sail too far into the fandom, you’ll encounter what most shippers couldn’t perceive as a normal ship. This painfully breathtaking vessel is called a RARESHIP

1. Other shippers just couldn’t get why you’re digging it

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

2 Sometimes their reactions are too uncouthy.

3. Even when you have persuaded them to just try reading a great fic or two, their reactions are just like:

4. There’s not enough fangirling material so you’re treating every one you found like precious gem

5. You’ve hit that Kudos button for the gazillionth time already on an AO3 fanfiction featuring your rareship. There are only, like, 5 of them.

6. You asked the author in a tumblr prompt to write another fanfiction featuring your rareship, for every possible kink you could think of

 7. You remember every single interaction of the two characters in the canon material, no matter how minuscule it was 

 8. Digging through Pixiv for fanarts 

 9. You have no other choice but to learn Japanese to understand the doujinshis that no scanslator team could possibly pick up 

Lup and Barry have definitely gotten married before, at least several times, but that was with old bodies in old dimensions. It doesn’t count, probably legally speaking. And if Abeir-Toril is going to be their last world they’re going to make their marriage here count. They have lots of experience in getting married, they’re practically experts, they can totally throw the best wedding ever. 

They plan for several years, scientifically analyze their past weddings to identify the best parts of each, invite half the continent, make denim themed invitations. They absolutely over-think things and it’s one part extravaganza one part absolute disaster. 

  • Carey and Killian and Hurley and Sloane have been pen pals for a while and are delighted to finally get to see each other at Lup and Barry’s Matrimonial Party Weekend. The only problem is that it’s cherry blossom season and it turns out Carey is horribly allergic. She sneezes fire onto several drapes, and then both couples spend half an hour staring wistfully at each other until Carey’s allergy meds kick in. 
  • Magnus brings all his dogs. Which, to be fair, he got permission to do, but it’s still a lot of dogs. 
  • Angus brings a date and the entire Bureau of Balance spends the whole time trying and failing at being intimidating, except Magnus who tries to convince them to adopt a dog. 
  • Despite being excessively coached beforehand, Merle still slips up and invokes the power of Pan at the beginning of the vows. Lup and Barry have to go sit in a side room until the holy aura wears off. 
  • Lup drops her bouquet in the rush to get away from the religion. Unfortunately she heavily enchanted it so that when she threw it at the end of the party it would go and bat Kravitz around the head until he grabbed it (Taako wasn’t about to propose and they needed a push, plus it seemed like a good drama note to end the reception on.) It interprets being dropped as being thrown. 
  • Their boss comes. Enough said. 
  • Avi builds a high speed catapult for throwing rice and nearly blinds someone with projectile grains. 
  • They’ve incorporated wedding traditions from seventeen of their favorite planes of reality, which is very cool but also means that everyone who wasn’t on the Starblaster has no idea what’s going on most of the time. 
  • Multiple people need healing by the end of it, it’s incredibly gushy and lovey, and finally Lup and Barry decide to abandon their own party on a Phantom Steed and go get a room at a seedy inn. They take the (five tier, highly decorated) cake with them. 
  • The reception still lasts until 6am without them. 

percy was taking his babygirl - mrs o’leary - for a walk, and jason is babysiting cerberus, nico’s dog, since he’s out of town for a few days. the dogs know each other (nico is friends with percy, so the dogs are friends) when they saw each other they ran to play, taking down their humans, who had the best first encounter of all time

“so… you’re jason grace? the friend nico always talks about? oh, of course! hi cerberus! i barely recognized you, boy”

“and you are percy. jackson. percy jackson. i’ve heard about you, too”

of course that happened after many awkward apologies and several minutes trying to untangled away from each other.oh and thank you babe @demidorks for this au idea!