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Secrets | 9

Summary: Peter Parker is your kind, loving boyfriend of 2 years, who also just happens to be the web slinger, Spider-Man. And even though you support what he’s doing, you can’t seem to escape the thought that Peter is getting lost in this new superhero world.

Word Count: 1075

Warnings: Language

A/N: (Written in reader’s POV; italics indicate inner monologue/thoughts.) Apologies in advance for all the feels you may endure during this part :// only 1 chapter left!! [tags are now closed for this fic]

Secrets | 8

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the hockey team doing Adult Things™️

essentially i’ve recently turned 18 and i’ve experienced what life truly is as an adult 

  • chowder bringing home a goldfish one day because they went past a pet store and had the $3 to buy it. 
    • he got it home and realised that he didn’t have a fish bowl so he had to use one of bitty’s glass mixing bowls until Dex finished his homework and agreed to drive Chowder back to the pet store
  • ransom and holster doing one another’s makeup and arguing over what pattern to put ransom’s rhinestones in and then ransom just muttering “i’ll just copy yours because they’re pretty” 
  • losing all of the forks under a couch 
  • nursey and lardo sitting on a street corner at 1am reading poetry to one another
  • shitty getting in an argument with straight white boys while very drunk and having all of his friends just blindly back him up 
  • jack and shitty arguing over whether to listen to jazz or pop in the uber
  • bitty being forced to go on 12am grocery store runs to get tortilla chips and hummus because “you’re the least drunk” 
  • everyone sitting in a circle and sharing the songs that make them cry the most while also all high
  • going to late night lectures for film majors so they can watch a free movie and then leaving before the discussion starts because they all know they’ll get into a fight with the professor
  • eventually hanging up a sheet in the yard and projecting films onto the side of the Haus as they all snuggle in blankets on the grass
  • Bitty starting to cry in the grocery store because it’s the middle of exams and they’ve moved the shelf where the m&ms are usually kept
  • group trips to food and wine festivals because of the free samples 
  • Holster finding hula hoops on sale and buying one for each member of the team 
  • team bonding sessions can also just be putting puzzles together as a group
  • going to the art gallery together and just watching Lardo break down in tears in front of an Ai Weiwei piece
  • Lemonade Mouth is almost constantly playing 
    • everyone thinks that nursey is the one who keeps putting it on 
    • it’s dex
    • he’s not even ashamed of it, it’s just that no one has asked him 

NEW COMMISSIONS POST FOR THE SUMMER, with a shiny (literally shiny, I use metalic inks on those) new traditional option for those who like to own originals!! 

for more examples of my work, check out my art tag!!

I will draw: ocs, fan art, detail-heavy elements (hair, dresses, armors, wings, etc), mildly suggestive stuff and tasteful nudes (such as mermaids, dryads, etc), stylized gore, stylized mechanisms, animals as companions only

I won’t draw: full nsfw, excessive violence, tim burton’s style (no more, sorry), full mechas, heavy anthro

I reserve myself the right to deny a commission for any reason.

Unless otherwise asked by the commissioner, I reserve myself the right to post the commissions on my social networks and/or use them in my portfolio and retain commercial rights on fan art pieces (selling prints, making merch).

All prices are in US dollars. All payments are to be made via paypal and upfront, but please do not send me anything before we’ve discussed and agreed on the commission. Each piece should take roughly 1-2 weeks, but the time can vary depending on the amount of characters, detail, etc. Please let me know if there’s a deadline to be met.

I’m opening five slots this time!

1. full
2. full
3. full
4. full
5. full

UPDATE: All slots are filled for now but dont hesitate to shoot me an email anyway if you’re interested and I be in touch when a spot frees up!!

email me at xeniarassolova@gmail.com if interested or for any questions or an estimate!! 

Reblogs are very appreciated, help me pay my tuition next semester!!

Thanks so much!! ♡

bitty being nervous about nhl scouts. part 1

Ransom and Holster were arguing about something when Bitty’s attention returned to the world around him.

“There was a scout there, bro!”

“Yeah, to check out your cheekbones!”

“No, man, to check out us. Get us all NHL contracts! Right, Bitty?!” Ransom bumped him with a shoulder. “You’ll be able to afford King Arthur Flour. For every pie you make.”

Bitty choked on his own spit and got into a coughing fit, doubling up while two enormous bros patted him sympathetically.

“Is Bitty dying?!” Chowder had dashed back from where he’d been giving Tango a big-brotherly pep talk ahead of them. “Bitty, speak to me!”

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We had a bought of hate on my blog a few weeks ago, and it has spurred me to promote self love even more than I already do. So that’s what we are doing today! Here we go!

  • Basil - courage & confidence
  • Rosemary - happiness & peace
  • Marjoram - love 
  • Lavender - love
  • Cloves - releasing negativity
  • Ginger - confidence
  • Rose (if you have it!)

Okay my little cuties, like always, light the candle you’re gonna seal up your jar with before you start, state your intention. I usually suggest taking some time to meditate or clear your head, to get yourself in a good mental state before you start this. But this time, I have a few other suggestions. If you’re like me you might find it hard to love current you, may it be because you’re not happy with who you are, where you are, etc etc. I think sometimes in situations like this, it’s a good idea to take time to think of yourself as “little you”, or the childhood version of you when starting out with this. This quote is something that helps me with this (I literally wrote it out and had it taped to my mirror for several years with a photo of 5 year old me) —

“Picture yourself when you were five. In fact, dig out a photo of little you at that time and tape it to your mirror. How would you treat her, love her, feed her? How would you nurture her if you were the mother of little you? I bet you would protect her fiercely while giving her space to spread her itty-bitty wings. She’d get naps, healthy food, imagination time, and adventures into the wild. If playground bullies hurt her feelings, you’d hug her tears away and give her perspective. When tantrums or meltdowns turned her into a poltergeist, you’d demand a loving time-out in the naughty chair. From this day forward I want you to extend that same compassion to your adult self.” - Kris Carr.

It helps me to think about little me, it makes me easier to love me, and then to love current me.
With that in mind, it may also be helpful to take time and write a letter to yourself, a letter of love and encouragement to either past you or future you, a letter overflowing with encouragement, compliments and love. Love the way you would love your best friend, your mother, your daughter, etc. Someone you love unconditionally, but let that person be you. Tell yourself all the amazing things about you, allow yourself to let go of all the things that you dislike, the things that aren’t relevant, because you’re actually fucking rad. You’re fucking amazing, you deserve to be showered in love, 10/10. You rock.

After you are feeling fucking amazing because you ARE, go ahead and layer in those ingredients, take some time pouring all that ooey-gooey self love into this jar, believe each of those layers and intents, honey!

Close it up, seal it up with wax (I have an easy tutorial here if you want to check it out!)

Take a bubble bath, make some hot coco, make some art, do something to make yourself feel loved and taken care of (because you fucking deserve it).

I want to see your recreations of this jar if you make it (you can @ tag me or tag witchy-woman in the tags, I check both!)

And if you want to see my other jars you can find those here.

I love you guys so, so, SO much. I hope you love yourself as much as I love you, because you deserve it, you are worthy of love, and you have the right to be loved and to love yourself. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

Have a beautiful day, my little witches. Happy crafting. <3

Twitter and the ARG?

Two hours ago, contactjhw and contactsh were contacted by an entirely new account on twitter that goes by the name of denomdeplume. If you’re following the accounts, you know they’re in Amsterdam right now, and apparently they met up with denomdeplume at 1pm at a location they tweeted a picture of and which should be entirely identifiable.

This seems like exactly the sort of thing we should be looking out for in the context of an ARG. If someone here is currently in Amsterdam, maybe they could check out this location? And if something like this happens again, I’d think it might be something we’re supposed to react to.

(Also: denomdeplume is a really suspicious twitter handle in this context tbh.)

@teapotsubtext @jenna221b @toxicsemicolon @marcespot idk who to tag

Twisted in Love (DT) Part 1

Summary: Y/N is an up and coming YouTuber. Grayson falls in love with her, and wants her to be his. Little did he know that his twin brother Ethan had the same idea. Who will win her heart? Who’s heart will get broken? 

Word Count: 2,946

Warnings: None.

A/N: Hey guys! So @sniperdolan & I are honestly pretty excited about this collab! We started talking about it, & ideas just started rolling in! We hope you guys enjoy it, and feel free to give us feedback! Let us know what you guys think! Love you!! 

** tweets are in italic ** 

Grayson’s POV

Ethan and I were chilling at the warehouse, we finally got a little down time from filming all our videos for the week. I was laying in the foam pit, watching YouTube videos on my phone, while Ethan was sitting on the couch, eating popcorn, and checking his Twitter.  

“Yo Gray! Do you know who Y/N Y/L/N is” Ethan asked, with a mouth full of popcorn.

“Uh, no. Why? Who’s that?” I asked, as I was climbing out of the foam pit.

“I don’t know. But the fans keep tagging us in video, and she’s all over my timeline.” he said, scrolling away on his phone.

“I think she’s a YouTuber or something.” he says shoving some more popcorn into his mouth.

I closed out of the video I was watching on YouTube, and typed her name in the search bar. Ethan’s right, she is a YouTuber. She had 187,000 subscribers, and from scrolling through her channel it looks like she does make up tutorials, DIYS, challenge videos, she even vlogs. 

“Yo E, I found her channel.” I said, sitting down next to him on the couch.  

I clicked on her most recent video which was posted earlier today. It was a Q&A.

“Dude, she’s hot!” Ethan said, making me roll my eyes at him. He wasn’t wrong though. She was beautiful. Her brown hair complimented her soft brown eyes, and her smile was so captivating. She was 18, so she was our age.  

* * * *

“Who is your favorite YouTuber at the moment?” Y/N read the question, than looked back at the camera.

“Well you guys know I’m obsessed with like almost every beauty channel, but I think my overall favorite channel would be The Dolan Twins.” she said, and I paused the video to look at Ethan.

“Who are those guys?” 

“They sound like a couple of losers!” Ethan, and I said breaking out into a fit of laughter. I unpaused the video not expecting to hear what I heard next.

“Their pretty hilarious! And Grayson Dolan kind of sorta happens to be my “celebrity” crush.” she said hiding her face in her hands. 

Wait what? Did she just say I was her celebrity crush? Even though I don’t consider myself a celebrity. I didn’t realize how hard I was smiling until Ethan said something.

“You’re smiling way to hard, it’s kind of creepy.” he said, making a disgusted face.

“Shut up. You’re just mad that I’m the better twin.” I said, flipping him over the back of the couch, and running away before he could do anything to me.

I was on my phone checking my Twitter, and following some fans, when I got a notification that Ethan had mentioned me in a tweet.  

* * * *

@EthanDolan: May or may not have just stalked @Y/T/N YouTube channel with @GraysonDolan. We watched literally every single video. He couldn’t stop drooling.

I retweeted his tweet, and started to type up my own.  

@GraysonDolan: @EthanDolan is just mad he’s not your “celebrity” crush. Btw, I don’t think I’m a “celebrity” but I’m flattered! Also @Y/T/N channel is dope af! Go subscribe!  

* * * *

Reader’s POV

I was in my room sitting on my computer chair, editing one of my videos when my phone notifications kept going off like crazy. I’m pretty sure my phone was going to explode at any moment. I checked my phone, and saw that I had over 100 Twitter notifications.  

“What the hell?” I said to myself, opening up my Twitter app.

I noticed that I had gained a lot of new followers, and people were also posting and retweeting my new video. I smiled at the thought of how sweet they are. It’s still crazy to think that people actually like my videos. I mean yeah there were a few mean comments, and haters her and there, but the good ones always out weigh the bad! I replied to, and retweeted a few people, and even followed some of them back. I kept scrolling through my mentions to see all the sweet things people were saying. Then something caught my eye, and I’m pretty sure I had a heart attack.

* * * *

@EthanDolan follows you.

@GraysonDolan follows you.

@EthanDolan: May or may not have just stalked @Y/T/N YouTube channel with @GraysonDolan. We watched literally every single video. He couldn’t stop drooling.

@GraysonDolan: @EthanDolan is just mad he’s not your “celebrity” crush. Btw, I don’t think I’m a “celebrity” but I’m flattered! Also @Y/T/N channel is dope af! Go subscribe!

@GraysonDolan liked 2 of your tweets.

@GraysonDolan retweeted you.  

@EthanDolan liked 1 of your tweets.

@EthanDolan retweeted you.

@EthanDolan retweeted you.

* * * *

“Oh My God!” I shouted out loud. The Dolan Twins followed me on Twitter, and they watched my video. What the actual fuck is happening? Before I could even process anything, my phone vibrated in my hand. I had just recieved a message from Twitter. Not checking to see who it was from, I opened the app back, and went straight to my messages. 

Grayson Dolan sent a message 

Grayson Dolan: Hey cutie. 

I starred at my phone confused, reading the same message over and over again. 

Grayson Fucking Dolan just dmed me. This can’t actually be happening. I was having the biggest fangirl moment ever. I pinched myself just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and I wasn’t. This is actually happening. Why is this happening? How did they even find my YouTube channel? I was asking myself all kinds of question, when it suddenly hit me. He watched my video. I told the whole world that Grayson Dolan was my celebrity crush, and he saw it. 

“Good job Y/N!” I said to myself, still staring at my phone screen. I wanted to reply but for some reason I had no clue what to say. Maybe I shouldn’t respond, maybe I should wait till tomorrow or something. I was making a bigger deal of the situation than it was. I mean not everyday a YouTuber who also happens to be your celebrity crush dms you. I finally got myself together, and replied. 

Y/N Y/L/N: Hey. 

I closed out of Twitter, and threw my phone on my bed, and got back to the computer to finish editing. As soon as I sat down, I heard a ding, letting me know that it was a Twitter message. Assuming that it could’ve been Grayson, I got up from my chair pretty quickly. I grabbed my phone, and sat back down in my chair. I opened the app back up, but instead of it being a message from Grayson, it was from Ethan. 

Ethan Dolan sent a message. 

Ethan Dolan: What’s up!

I was in complete shock. I couldn’t believe any of this was happening. I began to type up a quick reply, not thinking to much about it this time. 

Y/N Y/L/N: Hey, what’s up! 

* * * *

It has been about 2 weeks since the boys followed, and messaged me on Twitter. The conversations have been none stop between us. We’ve even exchange numbers, and we all started a streak on Snapchat. It was pretty obvious that Grayson and I liked each other. We were always flirting. Whether it was using emojis when we tweeted each other, or sending cute random texts. Ethan was pretty great too. Whenever I couldn’t fall asleep, he’d stay on Facetime with me until I did. He’s pretty much become like my best friend. It just seemed a little odd when he told me to not bring up the fact that he messaged me on Twitter to Grayson. I mean Grayson obviously knew we have each other’s number and we talk, so why can’t he know if Ethan dmed me. I mean not like that’s something I would randomly bring up, but it was just a little weird to me.

 A few days ago, Grayson asked me if I wanted to film a collab video with them. I was hesitant at first, because I didn’t want people to think that I was using them to become “big” on YouTube. After a lot of convincing from Grayson & Ethan, I gave in. I was currently at the store getting some things for the video. We were filming a Cooking With The Dolan Twins Part 2 featuring myself for their channel. The thought of them cooking in my house scares me. Something is gonna end up burning, I just know it. I made sure to get everything that I needed, before heading back to my apartment to get ready. 

I finished setting up the cameras, and my phone went off signaling me that it was a text message. It was from Ethan.

Ethan: Hey, so I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight? After we film the video.  

Ethan: It doesn’t have to be like a date if you don’t want it to be.  

Ethan: It can just be the 2 of us casually going to get pizza or something.

Y/N: I mean who could turn down some pizza? What time?

Ethan: The video won’t take that long to film. So how about 9:00?

Y/N: Sounds good!

Ethan: Oh! We’re here btw!

Putting my phone down on the counter, I went to go out the front door. I opened the door, to see Grayson with his hands formed into a fist, getting ready to knock on the door.  

“How’d you know we were here?” he asked, giving me a hug before stepping inside.

“Et-” I was trying to respond, but Ethan cut me off.

“Everything’s already setup?” he said walking past me, and into the kitchen.

“Yup, we’re good to go!” I said shrugging whatever just happened off, handing the guys aporns.

* * * *

“Hey guys, we’re back!” the boys yelled in unison at the camera. I was standing on the side waiting for them to introduce me into the video.

We had already started filming, Ethan was going over the instructions for the cake. Grayson kept sprinkling flour at me, every few seconds like a child. I would try not to laugh so that Ethan can get through with the instructions but I couldn’t help it. I let out a small laugh, as Grayson tried to sprinkle the flour on me pretending he was Salt Bae. Causing Ethan to turn around giving us an annoyed look.

“Guys! C'mon!” he said before turning back at the camera.

Grayson mocked him like a 2 year old child when he turned around so he couldn’t see. Grayson leaded his head on my shoulder, and I couldn’t help but giggle at how adorable he was. Next thing I know, with a quickness Grayson had wiped cake frosting on my entire face with his hand. Reacting face I grabbed the bag of flour and threw it on him.

Seriously guys stop!“ Ethan said, turning around only to get flour thrown on him too.

* * * *

We finished filming the video, and I was completely from head to toe in flour, eggs, pizza sauce, everything! The three of us looked like an actual human pizza. We couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous we each looked.

Grayson and I were flirting the whole time, and you can tell Ethan was getting a little annoyed at how childish we were being.

The guys helped me clean up the kitchen, and put away all the filming equipment before they left. Remembering that I was going to get some pizza with Ethan tonight, I needed to go take a shower and wash all this stuff off. Hopefully he won’t be in such an annoyed mood later when we meet up.

* * * *

Grayson’s POV

“Yo E, where are you going?” I asked Ethan. He was standing in front of this bathroom mirror getting dressed.

“I’m just gonna go get some food.” he responded back from the bathroom.

“I wanna go!” I said, laying down on the sofa in the living room, scrolling through my Instagram. I seen that Y/N had just posted a picture so I liked it. I wonder where she was going. She was wearing ripped black skinny jeans, with 1975 band tee that was cut into a crop top. Her hair was pulled back into a low ponytail, showing off all the perfect features of her face.

“There’s no point in you going. I’m brining back food.” Ethan said walking into the living room.

He was acting a little weird, but I just shooked it off not thinking to much or anything by it. I walked into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. I heard a text notification go off, from the counter next to me. I took a quick glance at the screen, and saw Y/N name on across the lock screen. Why is Y/N texting Ethan I thought to myself. I mean I know I gave them each other’s number when we were leaving her house, but Y/N hasn’t texted me since we left,but she’s texting Ethan.

Ethan was in the bathroom doing his hair, so he wasn’t going to come out for a while. I know it’s kind of messed up what I’m doing, but something just wasn’t sitting right with me so I wanted to find out. It wasn’t hard to unlocked his phone, since we both knew each other’s passcode. I went to his messages, and clicked on Y/N name.

Y/N: Are you ready yet?

Ready? Ready for what? Where are they going? Confused about what Y/N was talking about, I scrolled up a little more. I kept scrolling, and saw that Ethan had asked Y/N to go out tonight. I guess that’s why he was getting ready. But wait he texted her this around 12 this afternoon, but I didn’t give Ethan Y/N’s number until a few hours ago. I kept scrolling through the messages between them, and there were so many. Then I realized they’ve been texting each other for 2 weeks. I closed out of his text messages, opened up his Twitter, and went to his dms. I found Y/N’s name, and opened up the dms between them. He dmed her the same day I did. But why? If he knew she had a crush on me, and I even told him I was going to try to talk to her, why would he still even do that. And then lie this whole time, as if he never talked to her. I mean it’s clear that he likes her, now it makes sense why he got so annoyed and weird earlier. But does she like him? I mean she never acted like she did, she never really flirted with him or anything. She’s always saying how Ethan is like her best friend. I heard the bathroom door close, the closed out of Twitter, locked his phone, and put it back on the counter before hopping back onto the sofa pretending like I was laying there watching tv the whole time.

“I’ll be back bro.” Ethan said, grabbing his phone off the counter, and heading out the door.

As much as I wanted to saying something about it, I wasn’t going to. I figured I’d just act completely clueless about the situation, and see how long he can keep lying to me about this. I still can’t believe it, this is probably the first time ever that Ethan has lied to me. 

I sat on the sofa on Snapchat, when I saw that Y/N posted something on her story. She was standing in front of a fountain, doing the classic peace sign and duck face pose. I’m guessing Ethan took this picture for her, since they were together right now. Not sure why but the thought of them together kind of bugged me. I mean Ethan was always the one with the girlfriend, while I was the one single. So for once you’d think he’d just let me have the girl, and not try to like the same girl I do! But then again, what if it’s not like that. What if their just best friends? I saw that Y/N added another snap to her story so I watched it. It was a picture of Ethan biting a slice of pizza with the caption ‘Good Pizza With Great People”. Looking at the picture I knew exactly where they were at. I decided to send Y/N a winky face emoji. I got off the sofa, and went to my room to change. I pulled my snapback on my head, and grabbed my keys on the hook, and headed out the apartment door. 

In the Notes of a History Post

The OP who found something cool/interesting/funny that they wanted to post

Thousands of people commenting “OMG this is sooooo funny!!!”

People tagging their friends saying “this is you”

That one skeptic who reblogs it just to say “I doubt this is true” but doesn’t bother to fact check

Someone bitching about white people

People responding to said person by saying how unnecessary their comment was (they may or may not be right)

Even more people jumping on the discourse wagon to earn more Woke Points™

One smart person who isn’t hardcore into history that bothered to fact check. They are drowned out by the distant screams of “fuck white people”

Someone trying to relate it to Hamilton

Obligatory reminder that “these people owned slaves”

People adding on their own anecdotes, all with varying degrees of accuracy

Other people trying to correct OPs post despite the fact that OP was right, but didn’t go into detail

Someone else complaining about eurocentrism, even though the post came from a European history blog

Someone probably ends up talking about George Washington’s dick

People yelling about glorifying slave owners and getting mad at historians

and finally

Actual historians and history blogs desperately trying to do damage control to stop the spread of bullshit with varying degrees of success

goggles-and-gears  asked:

(1/2)So, my main character identifies as African American, but I am worried that I might have accidentally made it seem like only lighter/mixed African Americans would be of value? I tried to subvert the 'black men can't/shouldn't be fathers' trope, and so her biological father is a white man who abandoned her mother when he realized she was pregnant. Her mother and father are both rather dark-skinned, very smart (they both work at Harvard, or used to - her mother may have moved on), and happy.

(2/2)My main character would only know the second man her mother ended up loving, and it would have been most of her life - they met right after her mother was left, and although they didn’t start dating until my MC was about a year old, it’s been so long that she wouldn’t remember a time without him. But I’m worried - would people be more likely to see it as saying that white men can be less reliable than AA men, or would it seem like I would only ever write someone who’s lighter?

Subverted Absent Black Father + Single Black Mother

Mixed-Race Light-skinned MC

I’m not too concerned with the mixed race light-skinned Black MC. It’s always great to portray dark-skinned monoracial Black women, yeah, and when folks (who aren’t of the identity) constantly/only create mixed race characters, particularly light skinned, that’s when I feel weird. Otherwise, it’s never a problem in itself.

 However, mixed race B+W doesn’t equal light-skinned. Genetics work how they want. Mixed race people come in all shades and hair textures. There are mixed b&w people with light skin and 4c afro hair, medium brown skin and straighter hair, dark brown skin and loose curly hair, etc. So your concern about writing someone lighter is erased if you just make her not so light.

 My issue is the absent father aspect of your question.

 Absent Father - Abandoned Black Woman

 If you have the missing parent for essential plot reasons, then I won’t encourage you to write that out. I will tell you that making the deadbeat father into a white man doesn’t erase all harm. The Absent Black Father not only demonizes Black men, but, when one’s involved, devalues Black women.

 Trace your logic. Why do we need to keep placing Black women in situations where they’re discarded and devalued? Subversion isn’t always desired in terms of representation. Personally, I feel that not perpetuating the harmful piece of representation in the first place is preferred to putting a “twist” to a trope.

 Let me emphasize what Elaney said in the mod wishlist regarding the representation we (as mods) want to see: 

 Lastly, I personally do not want these tropes to be explored and subverted by people, I want them to be avoided entirely because I feel that normalizing positive representation rather than commenting on negative representation is far more beneficial and validating to the people these works are supposed to help and represent. We don’t need sympathy, we need empathy!

Your ask works under the impression that there has to be an abandoning parent element in the first place.  Does there, truly, for significant plot reasons? There wouldn’t be a need to subvert anything if there was no abandoning parent in the first place. Honestly it seems more “revolutionary” to have two parents together these days. What’s cliche is there always needing to be an abandoning/missing/dead + single parent element going on.

Black women are often deemed as perpetually single, good for sex but not a relationship, and as the least attractive. Media conveniently considers romance overplayed when it comes to Black women, while white women in the same books and shows are given relationships. Tons of sh**ty articles and “stats” are published that serve only to call Black women ugly and unworthy and essentially just put us down.

 By having this white man abandon the Black woman, it’s going down that same path of portraying Black women as less desirable and worthy of support.

 Of course, these things happen, whether it’s a father devaluing a Black woman as the underlying reason or their separating under common differences. Such stories can still be written, and there’s indeed a place for them…in the right hands. It’s always best left to those who have the experience or those willing to dedicate themselves to research, fact and nuance-checking with appropriate beta-readers.

Giving the mother a new, loving relationship does help amend the Black woman/devalued aspect well, though. The new father being a Black man is also a positive touch. Giving the mother a support group (people who love and support her platonically) always helps too, especially during the time of abandonment, as would most suggestions in the Strong Black Woman tag.

 ~Mod Colette

anonymous asked:

Soft fluff of the Chocobro's S/O helping them wind down after a long day of travel and the like? Lots of snuggling and light kisses.

A fluffy drabble to start your morning! Because who doesn’t love sweet little moments like these? Prompto x Reader ahead, and bubble bath shenanigans ensue. 

Tagging @iinkpools, because fluff. I’m purposely trying to make your life difficult, ha.

When Prompto came through your front door, you were sure he was going to collapse right at the threshold. He gave you a weak smile and leaned bodily against the frame, his eyes half lidded with exhaustion.

You ran towards him and caught him as he started to slip, checking him for injuries.

“M’fine,” he said, swatting your hands down as you lifted his shirt to check for scratches and cuts. “Been a long day.”

You frowned and let out a sigh. “Come on, babe,” you guided him over to the couch. You sat him down and moved to get him something to drink, but his arms hugged tightly around your middle stopped you in your tracks. He dragged you down to the couch with him, leaning forward so that he was lying halfway on top of you.

“Just wanna stay here,” he mumbled against the fabric of your shirt. You giggled and ran your fingers lovingly through his hair. When your hand came away covered in a light film of dirt, you frowned.

“Prom, you’re filthy. Come on, I’m running you a bath.”

“No,” he whined, curling up against you like a toddler. “Don’t wanna.”

“You love bath time,” you chided with a smile, gently smacking at his arms. “Come on, get up.”

He sighed dramatically and forced himself upright, a pout gracing his face. You gave him a quick peck, one that had him sputtering because he didn’t get to reciprocate, and hoisted him to to guide him to the bathroom.

You sat him on the toilet as you turned on the faucets, checking to make sure the temperature was right. You checked the cabinet under the sink for your epsom salts and some lavender-scented bubble bath soap, and soon the tub was filled with faintly purple bubbles, steam starting to gather on the mirror.

“Do you need me to help you undress?” you asked, putting the soap and salt back where you found it. You glanced over your shoulder to see that he was wiggling his eyebrows at you. “No funny stuff, mister. I can see it on your face, you’re too tired.”

Prompto frowned in silent agreement. Then, he perked up. “Join me?”

He gave you his best impression of a sad puppy dog, and you had a hard time keeping the grin off your face. You shed your clothes and he enthusiastically stripped down as well. You gestured for him to get into the bath first, and then you climbed in right after, seating yourself behind him.

Prompto let out a long breath, and leaned his back against your chest. You could feel the tense muscles unbundling and relaxing under his skin, and you ran your hands along his sides under the water.

Your lips found your way to the curve of his shoulder, kissing lines along the scattered freckles. He giggled when you found his ticklish spot, and you kept your mouth there, leaning against him as you closed your eyes. You felt his hands gently massaging your calves, and you leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek.

Prompto turned and captured your lips with his, pressing slow, chaste kisses there as you held him tighter against you.

He pulled away and lolled his head back so that it was resting against your shoulder, and you leaned back as well so you were lying against the back of the tub.

“This is nice,” he admitted, his eyes fluttering shut. “I missed you, you know.”

“I missed you too,” you breathed, kissing him again just below his ear. “Feel better?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. He moved his hand, and you looked at him curiously as he started playing with the bubbles in the tub. “Hey,” he turned to you, bubbles stuck to his face in what was meant to look like a long, white beard. “I’m Ramuh. Better look out, or I’ll smite you!”

Prompto made a noise like he was summoning lightning, pretending it was descending upon the still water of the tub. You deadpanned, and he wondered if he was being too childish, until you lifted your hand from around his waist and suddenly brought it back down on the surface of the water, splashing the both of you.

Water sloshed around, some of it spilling onto the floor, but Prompto’s laughter made it all worthwhile. Once his fit of giggles subsided, he leaned back against you and you both settled into a comfortable silence. It was so good to have him home.

“Keep Alive”

So a while ago, Jack told us that he hid easter eggs in the tags of the videos with Anti in them. Yesterday, he reappeared, and I checked the tags for the first time (since I didn’t know how to find it before). This is the only weird message that seems to be there, unless anyone else found something else:


Then I was curious and checked it for the other videos with Anti.

Every video has its own unique message that generally doesn’t repeat. Except for this one… 

Sͮ̏̿ͯ̈͐̈́̚̚͏͖͔͞ǫ̆͋͂̈ͯ̂̉҉͕̪͈͎̙o͊҉̛̜͔͚͓͔͈̗͠n̾́͂̾ͦ̓ͥ͏̪̖ x

ALONE AND AFRAID | Layers Of Fear - Part 1 x

SOMETHING DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT | Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location #1 x

S̺͍͉͔͉̞̪Ḁ̸̰̮͝Y̶̪ ̳͇̭͍̥̭͉ͅG̕҉̡̦̲O̤̫͖͎̗͜͞ͅÒ̴̬̠̺̪̥͉̳͉̥͝D̨̺̦̯͙͙͔̯͚͠B̸̬̻̝͉͍̻̀͝Y҉̫̝̖̹̝̠͠E̲̩͟͝ͅ x

Every. Single. One. EVERY Anti video has this message, “keep alive”, in its tags. And, it’s usually followed by the word “mime” not too long after.

But what does it mean? It’s obviously important if it’s in all of Anti’s videos, but who is it referring to? Is it Anti saying he has to stay alive, him having to keep Jack alive to even exist, or something else entirely? Is “mime” just as significant? 

I’m not much of a theorist tbh, so I’ll leave you all to figure out what it means!


(also sorry if others have realized this already, I’m probably not the first to notice this message. It’s just really suspicious how it’s deliberately repeated for each video and I had to share haha)


*Warning: This fic features a grabby barfly with 19th century views of women.*

     You smelt him before you felt his rough hands clamp tightly around your waist.

     You’d barely taken two steps into the filthy canteen before the reality of where you were truly sunk in.

     You looked around with a sinking feeling at the men who watched you – all the men –and the other women in the bar, you being the only one of which who didn’t have yellow stained teeth and sores around your mouth.

     This wasn’t a movie. There were no heroic loners to stand up to the man, no unnaturally attractive people for they time they were living in – you and your current company excluded. This was the cold reality of humanity’s past.

     Women weren’t treated as equals. Human life was thrown away over frivolous disputes or the preservation of honor. The romanticized version fed to us by Hollywood just didn’t hold up.

     So when you were yanked back against a reeking, dirt-covered man’s chest, you had to reign in the genuine fear that surged through you, had to force yourself to keep a level head.

     You suppressed a gag as the man’s foul-smelling breath snaked around your senses, his meaty fingers digging into your corset-clad waist. You took a steadying breath and started to spin. Then your elbow was colliding with the man’s chin before he even had a chance to speak, stumbling back further as Dean shoved his chest and pulled you behind him.

     “Back the hell up, asshole!” Dean barked.

     You had no doubt that the men in this hell hole were used to needing nothing more than brute strength to get girls to submit to their desires, and knew that they would have no idea what to with a woman – or anyone, for that matter – who actually knew how to fight, but still…

     You latched onto Dean’s arm and allowed him to lead you back to the bar, allowed the men eyeing you with no attempt at subtlety to know that if they even so much as looked at you the wrong way they would find themselves on the wrong end of the stranger’s pistol.

     “You okay?” Dean asked as gently as he could manage, rage still clearly coloring his voice even if it wasn’t aimed at you.

     You smiled and nodded, reassuring both Dean and the brother coming up behind him with no small amount of worry in his features. “Yeah, I’m alright.” You squeezed the eldest Winchester’s hand. “Thank you.”

     You could take anyone here, there was no doubt in your mind, but you weren’t arrogant enough to let your stung pride get in the way of excepting help from someone who cared about you.

     Better safe than sorry, right?

*These gifs are not mine, both the gifs are from Google Images*

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spread this post to every bts fans, shipper, whatever or just kpop fan in general. REBLOG IT. this fan wars, gotta stop this.

so this jungkook “hickey” issue has been going around tumblr, twitter and whatever social networks that’s trending right now and i honestly think some of the bts shippers need to chill the f*ck down.

i know you have your own respective ship like vkook, jikook, yoonkook kookbts or whatsoever. you can ship whatever and whoever you want jungkook to be with. but please, respect other shipper’s ship too. you can ship your vkook while other can ship their jikook. 

there’s no need to start a war within the army circle by tagging vkook as jikook, jikook as vkook. stop. that’s so freaking childish. if you don’t like your bias to be shipped by other idol then why are you even on that tag in the first place? :)

logic right? if you don’t like your bias to be someone else. or seeing your bias with another idol/member on tumblr. simply don’t check the tag. and whatever about jungkook’s “hickeys” mark on his neck. that’s his own problem. you’re not his parents, friends, siblings or whoever to discuss about the hickey problem. who knows? he might injured his neck or something. but that doesn’t mean you should stop discussing. i mean, looking at the fans theories about whoever give kook a hickey is funny. but if you started a fan war by saying. “ its obviously from taehyung “ or “ its obviously jimin “ then simply shut up, thank you. just keep quiet and shut up and then shut down your computer. 

stop being annoying by tagging your otp with another otp because you know how it annoys other people. ok, you get annoyed people tagged vkook under jikook tag right? and you felt annoyed right? same goes to other shippers. whoever or whatever give jungkook that hickey. just let it be. stop making other people uncomfortable. or even mention bts on twitter. like, what the heck is your problem? stop yourself. 

unhappy with what i said? you can block me all you want. : ) sorry not sorry. though.

Hello everyone!! We checked out all the blog that reblogged the Studyblr Awards post, and omg thanks so much to every single one of you who participated, there were so many people than we expected, but we spent two days checking your blog and here we are! 

We want to thank you too for following us, you guys are so amazing and lovely, these awards were for celebrating our 5k follower milestone, and right now we have more than 7k followers, so thanks so much again, this really means a lot to us! So, here you have the results, there are a lot of winners but we couldn’t avoid it hahaha we love your blogs and if you are reading this, go and check this super awesome blogs out!! 

If you win this we’ll be reblogging 100 posts from you, please be patient with this cause there’s a bunch of you and it will take us a while, but we’ll definitely get to you! Also for the screenie or self-promo, all you have to do is send us a message when you want it and tell us wich you prefer and we’ll do it! We are here 24/7 and we hope to hear from all of you! Thanks so much for participating and congrats to the winners, love from us! ✨

Finally finished. Presenting Alice, from American McGee ‘s Alice Madness Returns.

Thank you to everyone who reblogged the process post for this piece! It means a lot and I checked out the tumblr of each and every person who did.

Edit: I made a small correction to the image. I hope I don’t lose the notes! Some people left some lovely messages in their reblog tags. That’s right I look!

vanillarainbowpanda  asked:

HI! I love your blog but I noticed that the angel tag hasn't been updated in years! Could you maybe check it out, if yes that would be amazing! Thank you!

hell yeah!

It’s a Wonderful Life by kitsunequeen (1/1 | 10,915 | PG13)

It’s a Wonderful Life AU in which Derek wishes he were never born, Stiles is angel who sets out to show him just how terrible that would be, and things turn out far better than anyone could’ve expected.

“Yeah,” he says, rolling his eyes. “You’re right, Stiles. Maybe it’d just be better if I was never born at all.”

“Hmm,” Stiles says. “Huh.” He starts talking to the ceiling again, and Derek’s seriously beginning to wonder if this guy escaped from Eichen. “You think that would work? Hmm. Yeah, I getcha. Alright.” He looks back at Derek. “You’ve got your wish.”


“You’ve never been born.“

“You’re crazy,” Derek huffs. “Absolutely out of your mind.”

“The jury’s still out on that one,” Stiles says, shrugging. “But I suggest you take a quick look in the mirror.”

Derek’s reluctant to look away from a potential hunter, but what he sees when he glances over is enough to make him full-on turn his back to the man. He staggers forward and grabs at the sink, using it to hold himself up.

His eyes are glowing gold.

Not red. Not even blue.


Hell Of The Wolves by OneHaleofaShip (5/? | 6,493 | NR)

Stiles has a plan for everything, from what he’s going to want for breakfast to graduation.
But just sometimes things change.

Sadly in his case things change drasticly altering everything, and whether it’s for the best or worse he’s going to have to roll with each blow.


When I Turn Jet Black, and You Show Off Your Light by BulletBlaze (1/1 | 4,049 | G)

When Derek comes to Stiles, trembling and crying, and tells him some terrifying news, Stiles vows to do whatever it takes to save Derek from a fate he doesn’t want.

An Angel’s Werewolf by Siobhan89 (2/? | 1,814 | R)

An Angel of nature are connected to every tree, lake, river, rock, season, and weather. They control the weather with their emotions, are able to talk mentally with any creature and understand anything and everything when they touch an object. It’s very hard to hide a gift when you are very self-conscious of yourself, shy, not very out spoken and an introvert. His dad’s are very outgoing and not afraid to hide anything. When they move to Beacon Hill’s for a new start from Chicago, Illinois after he got beaten up by bullies. He’s afraid of everything, even sometimes his own shadow.

An Alpha Werewolf has a mate. The wold picks and the human has to learn to love that person. Derek Hale hasn’t found his mate yet, but when a smell of Roses, Chocolate, and Honey enters Beacon Hill’s, his wolf picked that person as his mate. He finds this person in the awkward, shy, self-conscious and introvert boy named Stiles Winchester.

It’s not easy being different and shy, it’s not an easy combination; even when your parents are outgoing and try to make you more comfortable outgoing.

An Impossible Fate by spellwovennight (10/10 | 33,162 | NC17)

Stiles gets miraculously appointed as a Guardian Angel after his first few months in Heaven. His charge? Derek Hale, a young and bright child that becomes Stiles’ best friend. Over the course of the years, Stiles’ feeling morph into something more. Many years later, in response to Derek’s proposal to Braeden, Stiles appears in anger, and gets stuck on Earth, appearing as a human. Will Stiles be able convince Derek the error of his ways?

Wrong Side of Heaven by RIShan (1/1 | 10,960 | R)

"War does not determine who is right - only who is left.” -Bertrand Russell

The League of DC Writers

So, I spent most of the day thinking about the best way to go about this. I looked into group messaging apps, chat rooms, forms, private blogs, ect. In the end the amount of people interested would have been too much for a group messaging thing, and I wasn’t able to find something that was user friendly on both computer and mobile.

So. What I came up with, is The League of DC Writers. The amount of responses to my earlier post shows that we are against anon hate. We don’t like it and we don’t want it in our fandom. For that reason, I am proposing a directory of DC Blogs. What you write, who you write for, things you don’t write, ect. ect, there will be a short form to fill out.

By becoming a member of the league you’re agreeing to be there for your fellow writers. I think we do a pretty good job of jumping to each other’s defense but I think this will provide an extra step.

This blog will feature a page on how to start your blog, how to create a master list, ect. ect. If you want to announce that your requests are open you can do that, you’re a new blog who needs some exposure this will do that, you’re experiencing anon hate, we will jump to your defense and shower you with love, maybe you need someone to talk to, there will be a list of people provided who are willing to talk to you, answer questions ect.

The only rule is to be kind. There will be no hate on this blog. For that reason, anon messages will not be allowed on this blog.

I’m not foolish, I know there will be some stumbling blocks along the way. We’re going to grow and get better as we go. As of right now I am looking for admins who have time to help monitor this blog. I’m sorry, but I’m going to be picky about this.  

That being said, if you would like to join the league, or just find some awesome new DC Authors check us out at the @DC-clubhouse  We’ll be posting the form link and setting up pages soon. If you have any recommendations, or things you’d like to see please let us know. I think I tagged everybody, I tried really hard to get everyone, I’m sorry if I missed you, but as you can see we have a lot of interest, and I am stoked, I really hope this brings us closer together, and makes us into a family. Actually screw it, I’m adopting you all just call me Bruce.

@cait-writes-stuff @memento-scribet @the-shadow-of-atlantis @the-singing-canary @redhoodshood @a-hero-complex @batfamwritings  @batfamily-imagines @dc-comics-imagines @graysonade @imaginethebatboys @komadoriwonder @audreycritter @audreythetealovingcat @lovekenya24 @leagueofocs @noisypaintersong @posiey @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @reddhoodie @railover85 @roguesquadron11 @rent-a-bat4hire @too-many-fandoms666 @whore4batfam @wynterrobin @soepicsokim @reddhoodie @keepjasontoddsafe @avengerdragoness  @birbs-and-the-bat @nightwingdiva  @hey-haylee @actbat @gothxmsirxns  @bakingmuffins @dc-hoe @tim-help @niightwngs @tigeragathe @angstytodd  @ask-a-robin @melyaliz @maruthor @preciousthingsareprecious @princessnightwing @coffee-randomness @werewitchling @maykylobewithyou @fanficgirl25 @jason-toddst  @mines-bigger-than-yours @bluesimba   @traumailse  @imagines-lady @incarcenatedangel @geekyunitato @blxkestnight @looking-for-todd  @laryssa-the-jedi @alohalisha @m3lonlord @saramdeuli @solis200213 @fandomimaginesgalore @caramelmachete @angstytodd @batboys4life  @thatweirdchickoverthere @clenf @axa-vega @thelittleredheadedmusician @amazinglymyan @pinkwitch21


“Shouldn’t we- bury him? We can’t just leave him here”

Fallout AU

While Stan was struggling to recover his prototype’s memories, together with Portal!Ford they found a damaged cryo pod with F!Ford’s body in some underground laboratory. And it seemed someone had broken that pod on purpose. It was a murder, not an accident.
An old photo that Stan found in the laboratory didn’t help keep his mind clear. He wanted answers. He wanted revenge.

It doesn’t make any sense to you, am I right? Well, sorry for that. It’s just a part of a very long and complicated AU. You can check the tag Fallout 4 AU in my blog.

Para siempre

Request: none, just part four of there she goes- part one || part two || part three

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader

Warnings: some angst my dudes, also kissing

Word count: 2,145

A/N: this one took way longer than it should have, but here it is! Thanks to Taylor and Taryn (@secretschuylersister and @fragmentofmymind) for being lovely and proofreading, and thanks to @hamlintonheights for checking my Spanish!

People who asked to be tagged: @texasprincess3, @monsieur-lafayette, @ruth-hamilton-delrio, @ctrl-altdelete, @sweet-fate, @snoozing-hippogriffs-23, @hhroadgirl

“Wait!” Lin called after you as you ran from the stage, ignoring Alex’s confused shouting.

You ran through the backstage, thankful you knew where you were going. The tears you had barely blinked back before  were now running freely down your face and blurring your vision. It had felt so right to be in Lin’s arms, kissing him, seeing adoration in his eyes to match yours.

As Vanessa, you had let out all your frustration and anger about him leaving to London. You had asked him to stay, kissed him, and realised you were too late. How were you supposed to move on after that?

You heard Lin’s footsteps behind you and, turning the corner, opened the first door you found and slipped inside, hoping he’d walk past. You closed the door quietly and turned to see what room you were hiding in.

It was Lin’s dressing room.

You swore silently. His dressing room looked personal- more than yours, certainly. He had photos of his parents, of the original Hamilton cast, and from the old In the Heights days. There was one of him and Karen out together, both grinning with their sunglasses perched atop their heads. There was one of him and the Hamilton cast at his last performance. You and the rest of the ensemble were standing on chairs, grinning and giving the cast bunny ears. You smiled fondly, feeling nostalgic for simpler times.

Lin had a couch in his dressing room, clothes draped over one end. You sat down on it heavily and figured you could take a moment to compose yourself before you had to be back onstage for the Finale.

You took a deep breath and leaned back, closing your eyes. You would have to talk to Lin, you realized, but not now. And without telling him how you really felt. You would go back to being Eliza opposite Javi and try to forget about Lin. It sounded like a reasonable plan when you thought it out.

And a plan that was promptly shot to smithereens when Lin walked in the door, stilling when he saw you.

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