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Can I Be Her || Tom Holland Oneshot (Alternate Ending)

Request: Anonymous asked: Can I please get an imagine where the reader is best friends with Tom and Harrison but loves Tom. The reader is witnessing Tom fall in love with Zendaya and tries to forget about Tom but can’t. In the end, Tom ends up having a serious relationship with Zendaya and Tom and the reader fall apart. You can decide the end but I want it to be a sad ending. I’m sorry if it’s complicated or just plain stupid. Thank you.

Warnings: Sad, happy ending!

Word Count: 1,655

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Enjoy! Only difference is the ending lol. This is not part two by the way!


You didn’t think this would happen. You were falling for Tom, hard. At first you thought nothing of it, but once you got to know him, the real him, you were in a trance. You developed a love for Tom, it was completely indescribable. You never told anyone, not even Harrison, knowing he’d never keep his mouth shut. He’d spill everything to Tom, and you couldn’t bare let your affection for him to get in the way of your friendship.

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Day 7

Imagine Being The Volturi’s Secretary

For My Followers

Part 1

Signing up for a shady secretary job is one thing but said shady job actually being offered by vampires is another thing.

You’re not a skeptic and you’ve never exactly valued your own life very much so you took the job.

You quickly find out that the Volturi value your life about as much you do.


“Your job here is to organize the schedule, pass messages onto the masters, welcome us as we come in, say farewell as we leave, do anything we ask, and collect the mail. You are not to open any mail you must pass it onto the masters. You are not to interrupt when the doors are closed, and you are not to divulge the secret. You can continue living your life in town but you’ll find you won’t have time to return to your social life. You will call members of the guard sir or ma'am and the three kings master,” the tall beefy guard explains as he leads me through the old castle. His name is Demetri and he seems annoyed at being given the task to play tour guide.

“Yes sir,” you reply. He grunts and leads you to a nice mahogany desk.

“This is your desk,” he says and gestures for you to sit. You nod and sit down at the desk. There’s a set of pens and pencils on the desk in a straight line and a mac computer. You fold your hands and look up politely at your red eyed boss. “You are to be here at seven sharp every morning and you leave at three unless instructed otherwise. You may have days off if you request them a week in advance. Any questions?”

“None sir,” you answer politely and smile. Demetri rolls his eyes and stalks away. Once the blonde vampire no longer watches you scribble down all the rules he said and place them in the top desk drawer.

You may not value your life but you value work ethic.

So begins your first day as the Volturi secretary.


You quickly learn names and abilities of all the guard except who don’t seem that bad at all. Of course they’re all horribly frightening and don’t care for you at all but they aren’t rude.

You’re good at your job and you assure to follow all the rules laid out. Even though your job is easy you never slack off in your free time. To keep busy you start hand making a calendar for the Volturi. Each month has a guard member or two sketched out on it while the three kings stand as the cover.

Your main task is organizing fake tours for Heidi to lead so the Volturi can eat without suspicion being raised. Though the screams haunt your dreams you manage to stop flinching every time a tour comes through.

Other jobs include scheduling trials for vampires who’ve broken laws, planning parties, handing on letters, sending gifts to friends of the Volturi, and anything else that is asked of you. Once you had to learn how to fishtail braid so you could braid Jane’s hair.

Overall you’re not happy, you ever are, but you don’t hate your job. The pay is nice and it keeps you busy.


“(Y/N)!” Jane snaps and you instantly bounce to attention. The blonde vampire is storming up to your desk with a murderous look on her face.

“Yes ma'am?”

“A trial is scheduled for the day of my and Alec’s birthday!” she hisses. “We were supposed to have a ball.” Jane is furious and looks ready to kill.

“I’m sorr-”

“I know it wasn’t you! You keep track of the birthdays ritualistically.” It’s true you have all the birthdays written down and you always plan something if the particular vampire cares about their birthday. “I want to know who told you to put a trial over it!”

Jane is glaring viciously and her hands are clenched.

“Mr Demetri requested it,” you answer calmly.

“I’m going to rip his head off,” she growls. “Thanks.” You’re stunned, none f then has ever shifted blame from you to another member of the guard, and no one has ever said thanks.

“Your welcome but ma'am, is the fault not mine?” you ask curiously.

“It’s not because I know you were ordered explicitly to follow all orders. I also know Demetri is mad because I stole his favorite cloak,” Jane replies curtly and then storms off.

You wonder silently if they’ve started to like you.


“Dear (Y/N) I wonder if you could help me choose a table cloth for Jane and Alec’s party?” Aro inquires with a sickly sweetness. He called you into the throne room for this express reason apparently.

“Yes I can master,” you say and walk forward. Your heels click on the granite floor loudly, too loudly.

“Never wear heels again (Y/N) they are intolerable,” Caius demands.

“Ah but sweet (Y/N) looks so delicious in heels,” Aro muses. “Felix, and Heidi certainly think so.” The referred vamps immediately hiss and scowl. You feel your face heat up in betrayal to your mind.

“How can they stand the sound?” Caius mutters but everyone disregards him.

“Oh hush brother. Now (Y/N) tell me which table cloth is best?”

You choose the red one which pleases Jane and Alec.

On your way out you purposefully take light steps to cushion the sound.

“Aro this girl has been here for months when will we kill her?”

“Caius we also discussed turning her.”

“We always say we’ll turn them but we never do.”

“This one is different.”


“(Y/N) will you come to our party?” Alec asks suddenly appearing behind you. You squeak in surprise and whip around to find Jane and him looking at you expectantly.

“If you request I come then I shall sir. Unless I’m indisposed,” you reply nicely.

“What do you mean? What could possibly make you unavailable. You have nothing to do outside this job,” Jane remarks bluntly.

“Ma'am the only way I would miss your party is if I was dead. In my line of work I understand that my death could occur at any moment.”

Jane and Alec both stare in shock and then a certain emotion you couldn’t figure out.

Before you know it Jane grabs your arm in a bruising grip and roughly pulls you to the throne room.

So it’s finally happening, your death.

About a Girl [1]

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

Namjoon: dad!au & CEO!au

Meet the new nanny.

You stared up from the slip of paper that you held in your hand, an address scribbled on it. This was it. This was the building that your newest employer resided in. You took a deep breath before pushing into the buildings revolving door. 

Upon entering you noticed a security guard at a desk a few feet away. Whoever had hired you sure lived in a nice place to warrant security in the building. The man gave you a slight smile, “Can I help you ma’am?”

You nodded, “Yes please. I’m here for Kim Namjoon. He lives in apartment 441.”

The man grabbed a clipboard, flipping through a couple pages. “Could you tell me your name?”


“Ah, yes. Miss Y/LN.” He put down the clipboard as his smile became a little more sincere. “You’re the new nanny to little miss Jangmi I hear. She’s a good girl, I can’t imagine she will give you much trouble. It’s her father you’ll wanna watch out for.”

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anonymous asked:

In 6x18, Snow said she had been planning Emma's wedding since the first curse was broken. Back then Emma was in love with Neal and then Walsh so isnt it obvious that Snow doesnt care who Emma ended up marrying just as long it was to a man?

Yes, and it actually started with Graham. Emma doesn’t show any particular interest in Graham. She’s nice to him, but beyond them being a good-looking man and a woman interacting, there was very little added there. Meanwhile Emma looks at Regina like this…

…and this.

Graham then assumes Emma has feelings for him because she has a very emotional reaction when she catches him sleeping with Regina. He kisses her to try and tell her that he likes her better than Regina and she is just completely confused and stunned by his kiss. She doesn’t realize he is responding to her obvious jealousy because it wasn’t about him. It was about Regina, because for her attraction to Regina we did actually get clues beyond them just sharing screentime.

Next Mary Margaret gets flowers from Whale. Emma angrily throws them thinking Graham is overstepping - and Mary Margaret convinces her it’s completely obvious to everyone she’s in love with Graham. She uses Emma’s anger about this guy not respecting her boundaries as proof she’s actually in love. The idea of Mary Margaret being Emma’s real mother had already been planted in Emma’s mind. Emma hadn’t worked through her abandonment issues, so she was already vulnerable to Mary Margaret’s opinions of her. 

Mary Margaret introduced the idea of Emma having walls up. Walls that keep out love. That wasn’t Emma talking, that was Mary Margaret interpreting the situation. Wrongly. If Emma was mostly oblivious to her own feelings, she was also susceptible to Mary Margaret’s explanation for them. She would have noticed not being able to form emotional bonds with men, not being able to fall in love with them like she was supposed to. So an explanation - preferably not a gay one - would have been welcome. It’s only after that conversation with Mary Margaret she suddenly gives Graham a chance.

After establishing this, they didn’t need to give us any extra explanations for Emma’s relationships with men. Ever since this happened it’s been about being normal and being the person she thinks her mother wants her to be. That’s how repression works in the real world, that’s how lesbians end up married to men. It’s common enough for me to know at least two women in that situation and I didn’t meet them in queer spaces either. I met them at work. On two different continents in two different jobs. A few years later they came out. Both don’t identify as bisexual, but as lesbians.

Even if the show hadn’t given us any clue that Emma might be a lesbian in denial, plenty of shows have characters previously thought to be straight come out, because this is realistic. This happens in the real world. You think you’re straight until you realize you’re not and before that… you act straight or try to act straight. This is a show that went as far as establishing how it actually works beforehand, a show that gave us a hint before building up the closet. So of course, it’s meaningful, otherwise they wouldn’t have done it. It’s an integral part of Emma’s journey, that’s why she’s now about to be married and we are still getting so much focus on the involvement of Snow, because they told us from the beginning that this was about her relationship with her mother.

On top of that they coded Mary Margaret/Snow as a religious mother. She wears a cross. She volunteered for the nuns. She lives in a community that blames her more than David when he cheats on his wife. Women’s sexuality is more restricted. She talks about forgiveness, redemption, and grace. Emma grew up in our world. Of course she would delve deep in the closet in response to that, not willing to risk anything now that she thinks she’s found her real family. She has been obsessed with finding her birth parents, and there would only be one set of those. She wouldn’t want to risk alienating them before getting to know them, but in the process… she lost herself.

“People are going to tell you who you are your whole life. You just got to punch back and say, ‘no, this is who I am.’ You want people to look at you differently? Make them.”

The story has been consistent. She just needs to remember who she is and follow her own advice.

there is a life about to start (when tomorrow comes)

title: there is a life about to start (when tomorrow comes)

rating: k

characters / pairings: brambleclaw, jayfeather, starclan kitties; canon background pairings

summary: this is a TOTAL revision of bramblestar’s nine lives ceremony - i was personally unhappy w/ the result of that and thought some cats weren’t there that SHOULD have been there [cough cough HOLLYLEAF]; HERE is the text post of mine this is all based off of!

disclaimer: the song title is from “do you hear the people sing?” from les miserables

words: 11,092 EXACTLY. this is LONG and i went overboard, i know, and i wrote this all in one sitting.

HERE is the google docs version | 

Jayfeather bumps his shoulder against his flank; he’s never been tall enough to reach Brambleclaw’s full height, and Brambleclaw can’t help but purr at it.

“It might seem daunting,” Jayfeather meows, gesturing to the starry scenery in front of them, a forest so lush and beautiful that Brambleclaw can’t help but gawk at it. “But it won’t be that bad; this is easy compared to what we’ve just gone through.”

Brambleclaw nods, gulping at the sight of StarClan’s lush forest; it’s only been a day since the great battle that claimed so, so many precious lives in ThunderClan - it was hard for Brambleclaw to muster up the will to come here, but Jayfeather insisted.

(“ThunderClan needs a leader, regardless of our grief.”)

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Delirium {Aylumswap Sans x Doctor! Frisk}

_She was so good, so kind, so trusting, of those around her.

Even if they didn’t necessarily deserve it. _


 Tip, tap, tip, tap, tip, tap, tip, tap.

 The sound of shoes on the pristine linoleum floor.

 The florescent lights casting a white glow on everything under them. 

 Was that her coming down the hallway? 

 He hoped so.

 He’d seen her yesterday, less than twenty four hours ago, but it felt like years.

With no clock to tell him otherwise, he had started to believe it actually _had _been years.

 All he knew was that it had been far too long since he’d seen her last.

 The knob on the door jiggled.

He jolted to attention.

The sound of a key entering the heavy padlock. 

 His eyes widened, the lights that served as pupils in his sockets shrinking to pinpricks in focus.

 The door opened a crack, letting light into his somewhat dimmed world.

 He stumbled to his feet, almost falling over before steadying himself.

His arms were restrained, locked in place by the straps of his straight jacket and reducing his balance to that of a newborn baby bird.

 The door opened fully, nearly blinding him with the intensity of the lights of the hallway.

And there she stood.

 "Good morning, Sans.“ 

 that wonderful wonderful wonderful voice oh how he loved the sound of it 

** **

 A flood of emotions washed over him at the sight of her, the sound of her voice sending him reeling


Happiness, at seeing her again.

 Relief, that she had come back even after last time. 

 Confusion, at why she left in the first place.

 Anger, that she didn’t stay. 

 Sadness, that he couldn’t make her stay.

 … Joy, simply at having her in the same room as him.

 Excitement, in its’ purest form, rushed over him once more and a smile, almost maniacal, stretched across his face.

He tore at his restraints, pulling and struggling, unable to use his magic to help free himself due to the nature of the cell he was confined in.

 Just like the other rooms that contained monstrous, magically-inclined patients, the walls were made of magic-proof padding that muted the abilities of the inmates contained within. 

 He whined, a keening sound directed at the woman before him and requesting her assistance in removing the offending restraints. 

 She obliged, and, much to his delight, came closer to unbuckle the straps and set him loose. 

 yes yes yes come closer closer closer please please please

** **

 Once she had unbuckled the last strap, his arms were around her, crushing him to her and leaving no space in between.

 "Miss Frisk!” he cried.

 Tears sprung to his eyes when her hand caressed the back of his skull in the softest way.

She treated him so_ gently_.

She wrapped her arms around him, returning the embrace.

 She laughed, that beautifully soft laugh that made his insides flutter and his magic spark inside his chest.

“How are you today, Sans? The doctors haven’t been giving you a hard time, have they?” She asked. 

 He looked up at her from where he’d buried his face in her chest.

“They pricked me again after you left yesterday,” he said, before adding in a somewhat pouty voice, “I don’t like it when they prick me. The medicine in the red vial feels weird.”

 She made a sad face.

She had been making those more often. 

 no no no don’t be sad smile for me smile smile smile please please please

 "I’m sorry to hear that. But…Sans,“ she said. “You know why they had to inject you. You were losing control again, and there was no other way to calm you down." 

 He held her tighter.

 He whined and pulled on her, signaling that he wanted to sit down.

She understood and they sank to the floor, Sans still clinging and showing no intention of letting go anytime soon.

 "You calm me down,” Sans said quietly, his head rested on Frisks’ shoulder. “Better than some stupid drug…" 

 She stroked the back of his skull.

His sockets fluttered shut, the sweet smell of her hair lulling him into a sense of security. 

 so good so sweet so wonderful so beautiful so trusting and all mine mine mine

 "I suppose,” Frisk said. “But I can’t always be here when you need me.”

 Sans buried his face further into her hair.

 "I have other jobs to do in the hospital, you know.“ 

 Sans dug his phalanges into the back of her stark white lab coat.

 "I have other patients to see, and take care of-" 

 ”Brother talked to me again last night!“ Sans blurted. 

 This stunned Frisk into silence.

She looked down at her small charge, her eyes widening. 

 Sans saw this expression and matched it with a teary-eyed look of his own, before trying to hide his face in her coat once more.

 Frisk held him at arms length, however; she refused to let him get closer.

 Sans often talked about his ‘brother’, an older,  taller skeleton monster who was supposedly held in a maximum security cell deep beneath the hospital. His presence in the institution was practically a legend, it being said that he was one of the strongest and most unstable patients, and only certain doctors and scientists were allowed to be near him; his powers included telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy(which is probably how he was able to communicate with Sans so easily), and other abilities that even the highest security prisons were loathe to handle. 

 It just so happened that Sans had those same abilities, however dulled down they were… 

 …And madness seemed to run in their family, unfortunately.

 Frisk stared into the eyes of her most prominent patient, his blue pupils staring back at her with an air of fear. 

 Sans didn’t appreciate being held so far away, so used to being kept close, and fought out of Frisks’ grip before falling into her and grasping around her midsection once more.

He couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t wrap her arms around him like normal.

 no no no no don’t don’t please don’t you dare turn away hold me love me i need you

** **


 Her voice.

 "What did your brother say to you?”

 He thought about it. 

 "He said,“ Sans paused. "He told me what happens to him…down in the basement.”

 Frisk set her hands on either side of Sans’ skull and pulled him to look at her.

“What happens to him?" 

 Sans was silent, staring into the warm hazel of her eyes.

He covered the hands on his cheeks with his own and looked away, worrying his bony lower lip between his teeth.

 "The doctors are really mean down there. He gets pricked almost constantly, and they shock him.” Sans stated. “He doesn’t get mad easily, but it makes him really angry when he can’t fight back.”

Sans stared off into the corner, seemingly focused on one point. 

 "They even make him wear this special face mask that puts sleepy poison inside him,“ He continued. "It makes it so he can’t move, and…so they can take magic from him. He says he hates all the people who work here, and that I should too.”

 Frisks’ thoughts went to a dark place. Taking magic…what did that imply? And what would happen if this ‘brother’ ever escaped? She shuddered to think about the carnage that would most likely follow.

 She didn’t notice when a blushing Sans added quietly, “I could never hate you, though.”

 never never never i could never hate you you’re my one ray of light in this hell

 "There’s one doctor he likes, however. A lady with red hair that’s covered in yellow flowers. She’s nice to him, he said. “ Sans continued. "She doesn’t hurt him when she goes in his room like the others. She just sits there and talks to him, and he likes listening to her, even if he can’t talk back. She even reads to him sometimes, like you read to me!” Sans’ manic grin was starting to show again as he got excited. 

 Frisk mulled that information over. A lady with red hair (by 'covered in yellow flowers’ he must have meant the hairpins she wore every day); that sounded like Chara, one of the emotional therapists assigned to the more…stable, less magical wards.

What was she doing handling one of the most violent patients in the facility? 

 Frisk didn’t have time to dwell on it.

 The intercom outside the room buzzed, signaling that someone from the main office was trying to call her.

 She pried the small monsters’ arms off of her gently (or as gently as she could given the death grip he had on her), and went to the door, leaving Sans on his haunches with small tears in his sockets. 

She noticed passingly that he was trembling.

That usually meant he could tell she was going to leave; which would most definitely lead to a bad time. 

 She opened the door enough to see the small speaker on the wall next to the door frame. She pressed the red button on its’ plastic casing, accepting the call.

 "This is Dr. Dreemurr, how can I help you?“

 The nasally voice of the receptionist answered. "Dr. Dreemurr? Yeah, you’re needed on the third floor. Recovery Ward B-2, the little girl with the head injury. She’s scheduled for a checkup today, and, just letting you know, you’re a tad late for it. Ms. Spinner told me to call and see if you were still in the mental ward." 

 Frisk rolled her eyes in exasperation. She’d lost track of time again. Dammit, why hadn’t someone called sooner?

 "Of course, tell Ms. Spinner I’ll be there as soon as I can. And tell her to wait until I get there to do anything. That poor little girl is still fragile and I don’t want her in any more pain than necessary.”

 As Frisk was ending her conversation, Sans was starting to get antsy. He pushed himself to his feet, head angled towards the floor. 

 He started mumbling under his breath, incoherent sounds and whispers flowing from his mouth as his hands clenched at the fabric of his pants. He stared at the ground, glaring, while his magic sparked in his socket and cast a blue glow in the low light of the padded cell.

 ”You’re going to leave now, aren’t you?“ 

 Frisks’ hand froze over the comms’ button.

 She slowly lowered it.

This happened every single time. 

 She’d spend close to three hours with Sans (more time than she spent with any other patient on a daily basis) and he’d still have a hard time letting her go. And while he’d never actually hurt her, the threat was still _very _real. 

Still, she furrowed her brow and turned to face him, determination sparking in her gaze. She just needed to be firm with him, like always.

“Sans, you know I can’t stay. There’s someone else who needs me right now.”

 no no no not more than i need you stay stay stay

 Sans let out a strangled noise in the back of his throat, more glowing tears oozing out of his sockets, down his face, and collecting in puddles on the floor. A sob shook him. 

He was trembling uncontrollably, looking about ready to collapse.

Frisks’ expression softened. Although she knew he was most likely faking it, Frisk couldn’t stand to see him so distressed. 

She went to the small monster, allowing him to cling to her. She rubbed soothing circles into the back of his skull. 

“I’ll be back tomorrow, like always. You know I’d never abandon you, Sans.” Sans sniffled, nuzzling his face into her shirt.


 Frisk smiled at him when he looked up at her. “I promise.”

 Sans lowered his gaze back to the ground. 

He slowly, shakily loosened his grip on Frisks’ waist and took one trembling step back. 

 Frisk slowly stepped away from him, giving him plenty of space. She half-turned to the door, keeping an eye trained on the still-crying monster.

 It broke her heart to see him cry, it really did, but if she stayed to comfort him he probably wouldn’t let her leave for another couple of hours.

 Frisk opened the door and stepped out into the sterilized hallway. She closed the door behind as quickly and as quietly as she could. 

She swiped her ID card over the scanner, locking the heavy mechanism and sealing her charge inside. 

 Frisk started down the hallway.

 She got halfway to the elevator before the screams started. 

 Screams of agony and pain and anger, paired with the vibrant cyan of uncontrolled magic casting shadows in her wake.

Can I Be Her - Tom Holland Oneshot

Request: Anonymous asked: Can I please get an imagine where the reader is best friends with Tom and Harrison but loves Tom. The reader is witnessing Tom fall in love with Zendaya and tries to forget about Tom but can’t. In the end, Tom ends up having a serious relationship with Zendaya and Tom and the reader fall apart. You can decide the end but I want it to be a sad ending. I’m sorry if it’s complicated or just plain stupid. Thank you.

Warnings: Sad, heart breaking

Word Count: 1,494

Pairing: Tom Holland x Zendaya

A/N: Based on the song by James Arthur - Can I Be Him but instead of his perspective it’d be the reader’s P.O.V. 

This felt so real I almost cried!


You didn’t think this would happen. You were falling for Tom, hard. At first you thought nothing of it, but once you got to know him, the real him, you were in a trance. You developed a love for Tom, it was completely indescribable. You never told anyone, not even Harrison, knowing he’d never keep his mouth shut. He’d spill everything to Tom, and you couldn’t bare let your affection for him to get in the way of your friendship. 

Tom was special. He was charming, kind, confident. He had lots of good qualities and a great personality. Who wouldn’t fall for him. Tom also seemed to be paired with Zendaya a lot lately. In magazines and articles, reporter kept saying how they were a thing. Those two hit it off from the very start. They created a very close friendship. You felt a little jealous because you felt that she had more to offer to Tom. And you happened to consider yourself a decent person, but it would never be enough for Tom. But you reminded yourself that you had nothing to worry about or so you thought.

“Hey Y/N Zendaya invited us to her house would you like to join us?” You looked up to meet his brown eyes. He was showing the most heartwarming smile.

“Um…Sure who’s all going to be there?” You slowly stood up from his couch.

“Everyone! Jacob, Harrison, Laura, the whole gang” He smiled brightly at you.

“Great. Let’s go then” You gestured to the door.

“Ladies first” You teased.

He playfully rolled his eyes but walked ahead of you.

The ride to her house was a comfortable silence, but felt as though someone should have spoken up first.

“We’re here” Tom unbuckled his seat belt and didn’t bother to wait for you, already practically in the enormous house. Another thing you couldn’t show off.

You knocked on her front door. Unlike Tom who just burst in, you knocked like the well mannered girl your parents raised you to be. Not a second later the door swung open to reveal a happy Zendaya.

“Y/N the door was open silly. Come on in!” She chuckled softly. 

You walked in and were greeted by everyone. A few “Hey’s” and “Where were yous” were thrown your way.

“Oh I was…outside” You pointed your thumb behind you.

“Doing what?” Jacob spoke up.

“Getting left behind” You mumbled. Thankfully no one heard you.

“What was that?” Harrison looked confused.

“Uh nothing. So what’re we doing?” You clasped your hands together.

“We could swim in the pool out back” Zendaya suggested.


I’m down”

“Let’s go”

“I’m in”

“I’d love to but I’m not in the proper swim-wear” You gestured to your jeans and t-shirt.

“I think I may have something for you to wear Y/N, come on” Zendaya grabbed your hand and dragged you to her bedroom.

You saw her rummaged threw her stuff.

“Ah ha. Here you go. The bathrooms down the hall to your left” She smiled at you sweetly. 

Why did she have to be so nice. It was seriously impossible to hate her. There wasn’t anything bad you could say about her.

You quickly changed into the bikini top and bottoms. You gazed at your reflection picking out all your flaws. The bikini didn’t do you as justice like it did on Zendaya. Whereas she was skinny and tall, you were curvy, not that it was a bad thing, but always had a problem with your image. You couldn’t compete with her.

By the time you arrived outside everyone was doing their own thing. Tom and the boys were playing a game with a football, while Zendaya and Laura were tanning on chairs. You found yourself deep in thought thinking how did you fit in with these people. They were well-known and popular in life whereas the guy at Starbucks couldn’t even get your name correct. How did you managed to get yourself involved with them.

As months went by you slowly started seeing a change in Tom. He was always hanging out with Zendaya more often than usual, practically blowing off your hangouts to spend time with her. You were losing him, and fast. Your chance of ever being with him was starting to become a long-shot, and if you didn’t make a move he would be a goner. He’d be with Zendaya.

“Harrison I don’t think this is such a good idea” You protested. You finally gave in and told Harrison about your feelings for Tom. Since he was his best friend, Harrison suggested that you’d just tell Tom how you felt, that way you could see if he felt the same way.

“No don’t do that. You’re not backing out of this now” He shook his head.

“But what if he doesn’t like me” You stared at your feet.

“Your his best friend, you two have a wonder friendship, there’s no way he could reject you” He placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

“Okay” You sighed.

“You got this” He gave a slight push to his trailer.

“I got this” You recited back to yourself until you reached his door. 

You mentally prepared yourself for better or for worse. You knocked slightly on his door but got no response. Strange he just finished shooting today. You thought. You tried again but got no answer. You opted for option two. You tried opening his door. It opened immediately granting you access inside his trailer. You cautiously stepped in looking around and not finding him anywhere. You checked the last place you knew for sure that you’d find him. You walked up to his bedroom and heard music coming from the room. You grew curiously and turned the knob, which you now regret doing so.

You gaped at the sight of Tom and Zendaya in a full out make out session. You gasped which finally got both of their attention. Tom noticed you first and his eyes bulged out widely from their sockets. He pulled away from Zendaya.


Zendaya didn’t even have the courage to meet your gaze.

“I-It’s not what it looks like!” He flailed his arms in a “no” motion.

“Really?!” You looked at him incredulously shocked. “I can’t do do this right now…” You whispered. You exited his trailer with fast paced steps.

“Y/N!” You heard Tom shout after you. You ignored him and continued walking to your car.

“Y/N stop!” Tom got a hold of your forearm preventing you from going any farther.

“Let. Go. Of. Me!” You said sternly.

“No not until you tell me what’s wrong!”.

“Oh now you care?!” You scoffed.

“Of course I care. I’m your best friend” He looked stunned.

“You haven’t exactly been acting like one” You mumbled averting your gaze any else.

“What?” He asked.

“You heard me” You pulled your arm out of his grip

“Why are you being like this?!” He raised his voice.

“Because she took you from me!” You cried out.

“Who? Zendaya? She hasn’t taken me from anybody Y/N, I’m not her property!” He shook his head. “I’m no ones property”

“She took what we had” You whispered.

“What we had? What’re you going on about?” 

“You two became closer and started hanging out more. You kept ditching me for her. I lost you to her” You sniffled.

“You didn’t lose me Y/N” He hugged you.

“I think I already have…” Your voice was muffled by his shirt.

“What makes you think that?” He looked down at you.

“Because you gave her your love” You whispered. You felt him pull back. 

“Y/N?” He hesitated.

You finally looked him in the eye and let it all out. “I fell for you Tom. I fell in too deep. I wanted to deny it, but I always kept coming back to you. Then you got closer to Zendaya, and I blew my chance. And when I saw you kissing her I j-just couldn’t watch”. You didn’t realize you shed a few tears through your confession.

“Y/N-” He started.

“No it’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. I get it. You love her. She’s the perfect girl for you. You deserve someone as great as her Tom” You faked the best smile you could muster.

“I’m sorry” Was all he could say.

“It’s okay” You said. Tom turned around and began walking.

“Just tell me one thing?” Your voice stopped him in his tracks

He turned his head. His saddened eyes stared back at yours. “Anything”.

“Did you even feel the slightest thing for me?” You just had to know.

“No. It’s always been Zendaya” His simply said, he turned around and retreated back to her.

Part 2

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The Signs as Crushes you have in your life.
  • Aries : This really beautiful girl you have in your class who you are scared to talk to because she always speaks out what she thinks and is really loud and sarcastic.
  • Taurus : This cute guy who works in the shop you always go to who always looks at you with his puppy eyes and smiles at the ground once you catch him looking at you.
  • Gemini : The stunning girl you meet at an internship who is actually the funniest and wittiest person you know but you're totally stuck in the friendzone.
  • Cancer : The friend you always had since childhood days who is not only the most caring but also one of prettiest people you know but you lost contact to after you went to another school.
  • Leo : The most popular girl in your school who is the leader of the "cool clique" of your school, she's not only an absolute stunner, she is also totally out of your league.
  • Virgo : The shy, nerdy boy in school you never really noticed but as soon as you started talking to him you notice how clever, adorable and interesting he is and you fall head over heels for him.
  • Libra : The charming, handsome boy in your friendgroup who always seems to be completely chilled out and balanced - you totally fall in love with him but it never works out.
  • Scorpio : The freaky girl you meet in your summer holidays. She is a bit mysterious and always comes up with new ideas - you two start a hot affair but never see each other again.
  • Sagittarius : The reckless, bad boy who always stands at the bus stop when you're there. He is extremely hot and you are probably never ready to even breathe next to him.
  • Capricorn : The first crush you have in kindergarten, this cute, little girl you share you very first kiss with and you never really forget.
  • Aquarius : You two started out as best friends. He is intelligent, loyal and the most beautiful person you know. Later you two kiss drunk at a party and both of you never admit that it meant more to you than "just friendship".
  • Pisces : Your one true love. This girl you meet at one point of your life and never forget because she is everything you ever wanted : she is sweet, beautiful, caring and kind. You two grow old together.
Take It or Leave It 3

I’m just saying another huge thank you for all the support I’ve gotten off this story so far and I really hope you enjoy this. 

Also: Pairings. I’m not 100% what pairing this may end up with so please let me know. I’ve received a couple of Tony x reader thoughts but I’m not sure what I’m really doing with their relationship yet. I’m happy with writing any pairing or maybe no pairing? Idek, help me out pleaseee!

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Originally posted by timeout

You walked into work with a nod to the girls at the reception desk who smiled back at you. There was no one at work who flat out hated you to your knowledge. You mean, sure there were a couple you didn’t get along with but that was to be expected; because everyone had that, no matter who they were. You passed Paulina on your way and she gave you a grimace. 

Jogging back you caught her arm. “Hey, Paulina, what’s up?” 

“It’s Harvey. You’re late and there was a first thing meeting this morning with one of his clients: Washington Oil.” 

“Shit.” You muttered. Harvey Scott, the man who hired you, Senior Partner at Hughes and Wood, was… well… Harvey was Harvey. Best closer in New York, loyal, always there, stubborn, secretly cares but never shows it unless he trusts, trustworthy, dependable, blunt, smart and he was one hell of a poker player.

“You’re his secretary slash my best friend can’t you help a girl out?” She gave you a look.

“I already have.” Paulina, the stunning redhead, told you before walking off.

Groaning, you hurried the rest of the way to your office only to see Harvey sat there, in your chair, facing away from you.

He spoke simply. “It’s 8:30. That’s half an hour after you have to be here. And an hour after when you should be here.” 

“Okay, Harvey, since when did we use a time clock?” You joked as you plopped your bag by your desk and hung up your coat.

“What are the new Oil transportation laws instated?” He stood up.

You shook you head and moved around to your chair. “Oh they’re nothing; they’re just a nuisance.” 

“Andrew Washington wanted to know about them because he was worried about them.”

You leant back in the chair as Harvey circled to the front of your desk. “Then tell him that he doesn’t need to worry because it’s just another form he has to fill out.” 

“What I’m worried about is that I could have told him that in the meeting, had you been there. This morning. At 8.”

“But I checked the calendar! There was nothing on this morning.” You reached for your phone to double check.

“I know. It was spontaneous. And I was there. And you? You were not there.” Harvey stopped and paced slightly. “Did you hear me when I told you to get your shit together?”

You looked at him ludicrously. “Of course I listened and that’s why I’m late this morning.”

“Being late is not getting your shit together.” He picked up a file only to slam it down. “Get it through your head. We’ve just been under attack as a firm and the world knows it. We’re weak, Y/N, and in the law of the jungle the weak get eaten.”

You sighed and spun slightly on your chair. “Look Harvey, I’m sorry about being late this morning. If you’d just ease up and let me explain…”

Ease up!?” Okay, wrong thing to say. “You’re telling me to ease up!? You’re telling me to ease up when our clients might be leaving? That’s right, David Houston might be leaving me. People don’t leave me!”

You blinked rapidly. “I, I just…”


You stood up from your chair sharply and Harvey took a step back. “No! Enough you, Harvey! You want to know why I was late! I was signing on fourteen new clients this morning. One of which is corporate. So before you go telling me what to and not to do, make sure you know the damn facts.” 

“Y/N, look, I’m sorry. I-”

You gave a slight smile. “Harvey, it’s fine, I understand. I’ll try to be on time next time but right now, I have so much paperwork-”

“That’s generally what happens when you take on 14 clients.” Harvey sarcastically said as he hovered by the door to leave.

Childishly you poked your tongue out at your mentor. Checking to make sure no one could see, he pulled a silly face back at you. You smirked before flicking on the computer. You logged on and immediately started going through procedure and checking your work email. A knock on the glass wall of you office made you jump. You looked up to see the delivery man at the door, which happened seldom to not at all as the receptionists brought around any mail or parcels.

“Hi? Can I help you?” You stood up to walk over when you saw the flower bouquet in his hands. “I’m sure you know it’s not Valentine’s Day nor my birthday.” 

The delivery guy, Robert, smiled. “I’m well aware Miss L/N, but this was left downstairs for you.”

You looked at him oddly and spotted Paulina watching from the corner of your eye. “Thanks for bringing them up for me, Robert.” 

He nodded and disappeared off again. You studied the bouquet in your hands as Paulina slid gracefully through the door. “I know you can pull anyone but the delivery guy? He’s way out of your league, honey.” 

Laughing at the jab you place the bouquet in a vase you kept in the cupboard in your desk for certain situations. “Apparently they were left for me at the front desk.” You removed the decorative wrapping and gently put the flowers in the vase. 

“Ohhh, so Y/N has a secret admirer? Okay, we both know it’s not Jim from accounting.” She grinned before coming up for a closer look. Paulina looked at them before plucking something out. “Ah ha!”

In her hand was a small slip of paper which you were quick to snatch before opening it.

Hi Bunny, 

The team wanted to say thank you for helping us out and we both know that you office is way to aesthetically perfect so we decided to send flowers. And when I say decided I mean Red said to. Hermione agreed and the guys don’t understand the female mind so then agreed with them.

I was going to send carrots but Legolas said it was too far.


You smiled at the note quietly and grabbed a photo holder to put the note in and placed it next to the flower neatly.

“Y/N, this is gossip time. Because I understood none of that and you’re smiling.” Her hand were on her hips, showcasing the raspberry dress she was wearing.

“Paulina. I’d love to but I can’t I have too much paperwork-” 

“Then I’ll go and grab my laptop and join you here.” 

As much as you dearly loved your friend, she was so stubborn. You tapped away with your case, adding all the new information to the system and going through any and every paper piece of evidence Tony had given you to make a head start on it. True to her word, Paulina came back with her laptop and sat with you in your Senior Associate office and listened as you explained as much of the story as you could. She was a great listener, only talking when she didn’t understand something or offering drink breaks. Several hours later you had finally explained everything between breaks, hot beverages, pastries, toilet breaks and work.

“So let me sum this up for me. You’re now the official attorney for the Avengers, the corporation and them themselves, to help with the Sokovia Accords and to make sure half of them don’t end up in deeper trouble.” By now, sushi lunch was sprawled out across you desk. You were a huge foodie and there was this one sushi bar that was only a couple blocks over and was incredible.

You nodded, covering your mouth with your chopsticks. “In a nutshell.” 

“Damn. Can you get me an autograph or 14?” She joked and you laughed quietly. 

“Sorry, no can do.” 

She’s groaned dramatically. Paulina flopped back in her chair, hand splayed across her forehead. Rolling your eyes, you tapped quickly away at you computer because, at last, you were almost done. Paulina, knowing the signs of you almost finishing, began a countdown.

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3…2..1.” 

“DONE!” You shouted and spun a full circle in your chair, arms above your head in triumph. 

You laughed happily and Paulina stood up and told you that she was going back to her desk outside Harvey’s office. Finally, it had taken you a good six hours to do all of the work and now you were chuffed that you had it done. You glanced at your phone to see that you had missed calls from Tony. Moving around your desk to shut the door, you tapped the redial button and moved the phone to your ear, pinning on your shoulders. The dial tone played as you started to move onto drafts of potential needed documents so you wouldn’t have to do them in a rush. 

“Tony Stark speaking.” 

“Tony, it’s me.”

“Hi me, I’m Tony.” 

“Tony.” You warned with a roll of your eyes; You could hear the smirk in his voice. “You rang.” 

“I did. Ross showed up with his attorney.” You immediately stopped what you were going and grabbed the phone before placing it on speaker on you desk.

“What! Please tell me you didn’t say anything.” 

I didn’t no. Romanoff and Barton took care of it with the odd sentence from other people.” 

You swore under your breath as Harvey strolled into your office, file in hand. You motioned zipping his lips and nodded; he closed the door and said nothing as he sat in front of your desk. 

“Were they diplomatic about it?” Your fingers were crossed.

“As much as they could be, being them.” Harvey stared at you in shock he began mouthing at you. Is that..?

You nodded and motioned for him to shut up. “I need you to give me details, Tony; I can’t work on kinda diplomatic.” 

“I’ll have FRIDAY send over a recording and transcript.” 

Sent to Bunny, sir.” FRIDAY’s voice chimed in the background. 

“Seriously Tony! You’re AI is in on it too?” You leant back in exasperation of your friend and client. 

“That’s irrelevant. Are you coming back later?” 

“Of course.”  You had nodded before then realising he couldn’t see it.

“See ya later, carrot hater!” 

Shaking you head with a smile, you replied. “In a while, Mr Senile!” 

“Hey!” He objected but you had already ended the call.

Harvey sort of just stared at you. “Since when was Tony Stark been your client?” 

You looked at him weirdly. “Since I got here almost, along with representing Stark Industries.” 

“So let me guess, those fourteen clients weren’t any random fourteen.” He gave you ‘the Harvey Scott look’, as you and Paulina jokingly called it.

“Not really.”  

“Damn, now I almost feel bad about getting angry at you.” 

You snorted and span your chair. “No, you don’t.” 

He nodded and stood up. “You’re right, I don’t because if I did, it would mean I cared about you.” 

You gasped in mock hurt and grabbed you coat and bag. “Paulina and I both know you care about me really.”

“Whatever you say, kid.”

You got into the elevator and headed down, to meet Rae who was Harvey’s driver. In these situations you generally just trusted Harvey as to where you were going because most of the time, it was to a client and today was no different as you pulled up at Washington Oil’s headoffices thirty minutes later. You and Harvey discussed a brief plan on how to talk to Andrew Washington in the elevator’s rise up. When you did eventually step up, it wasn’t what you were expecting. 

Andrew Washington was there, but so was a young boy with red puffy eyes and a box of tissues by his side. 

When Andrew saw you, he stood up and moved away from the boy to talk to you. “I’m afraid business is going to have to wait. I know you don’t do pro bono cases but I need you to do this. His… his parents, my brother and sister in law, they were killed by a drunk driver.” 

Involuntarily, you sucked a sharp breath in. “How old is he? You nephew.” Your chest was constricting rapidly. 

“He’s twelve. He’s going to be staying with me from now on.” 

“Of course. We’ll make an exception.” Harvey was glancing wearily at you as you stuttered into a walk towards the boy.

In front of him, you crouched down to be level. “Hi there, I’m Y/N. I’m here to he-”

“To help me. Yeah, I get it.” The boy sniffled. 

You let out a small chuckle. “What’s your name?” 

“Toby, but Uncle Andrew calls me Tobias.”

“So, Toby, what’s your favourite ice cream?” You asked and adjusted your feet under you.

“I don’t see how that’s relevant.” 

“It’s absolutely relevant.” You replied. “Ice cream has special properties to make you feel better.“ 

"I don’t believe you.” Toby pouted petulantly. 

You put on a grin. “When you come over our office, there’ll be ice cream waiting for you.”

“Strawberry.” He said quietly and you knew you had gotten somewhere. 

“Hey, little man!” Harvey came over to join the pair of you and sat next to Toby on the sofa. “We’re not going to pressure you into talking but when you’re ready, let Uncle Andrew know and then he can tell us.” He glanced at you and looked terrified. 

You nodded encouragingly. “We’ll see you soon, Toby, okay?" 

The young boy nodded. You glanced at Andrew Washington and he nodded to Harvey. They had obviously done all the technicalities whilst you had been talking to the boy. Your heart swelled slightly at the thought he was doing this case so you didn’t have to do it by yourself. So you brought it up on the way back to headquarters.

“Thank you, Harvey, for this.” You were studiously looking out of your window on the left hand side. It was practically a religion that the pair of you always sat in the back and on the left and he sat on the right.

“It’s what we do, Y/N, you know that.” He replied quietly.

“Have I told you the real reason I wanted to become a lawyer?” You moved away from the window to look at him.

“Once or twice.”

You smiled slightly. “Three’s a charm. I wanted to become a lawyer because my parents were killed by a drunk driver when I was only 10. My grandma took me in but it always hard having to explain to other people why I didn’t have parents. The lawyer who was in charge of our case didn’t give a damn, I could tell, and that’s why I wanted to become a lawyer; so it didn’t happen to other people who needed help.” 

Harvey turned to look you in the eye. “You’ve definitely helped more than enough people to make up for what he did. You’re a damn good lawyer.” 

You smiled. “But not as good as you.” 

Harvey chuckled. “That goes without saying.”

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …


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Starlight and Snowflakes

Content: An Elriel fan-fiction. Some fluff, quite a lot of smut…I think.

Rating: Explicit/NSFW

Words: 3,382

Link on Ao3

Disclaimer: MIGHT CONTAIN SOME ACOWAR SPOILERS. This is my first ever fan-fiction guys. Please go easy on me if this sucks, if the smut’s not good enough and if I don’t resonate with the characters’ voices well. I tried :’x If you enjoyed it, likes and reblogs would be appreciated <3 Also thank you @throne-of-omg-the-feels for the nudge <33 @obnoxiouslycheerfulgirl, because you wanted to see it.

Months after the war with Hybern ended, it was finally the time to celebrate for the residents of the Night Court on their most cherished night of the year-the night of Starfall. All day, the citizens of Velaris kept themselves busy in decorating the city of starlight and setting everything up for the festival. The High Lord and High Lady, as well as their Inner Circle, also lent a hand in painting the city with colors of harmony and peace. By the evening, the streets were crowded with both high and lesser Fae, a crowd of adults and children. Since the wall came down, a few humans who could muster the courage to overcome their fear of the Fae came to the Night Court to witness this unique phenomenon.

Gleeful choruses of laughter and the melodious tunes of music trailed to Azriel’s ears as he stood in the threshold of the garden of the townhouse. He looked out to the festivities and took in the sound of Cassian and Mor bickering over one thing or another behind him in the foyer. Amren was casually perched on the sofa, snuggling with Varian, the Prince of Adriata, who she had invited over from the Summer Court to experience Starfall.

He turned as he heard footsteps and turned to see Rhys and Feyre coming downstairs, hand-in-hand, his High Lady grinning from ear to ear at something Rhys whispered in her ear. They both looked regal and radiant in their attires and were closely followed by Nesta, her eyes clearly searching for Cassian. When their eyes met, she didn’t smile but Az caught a glimmer in her eyes and looked towards Cass to find him smirking at her. He had finally stopped bickering with Mor and she now sauntered her way toward Feyre, probably complementing her outfit for the night and still nagging Rhys to tell her where he got these dresses from. He just winked at her and she stuck his tongue out to him and walked away to grab a bottle of wine from the table. As entertaining as all them were, his eyes still searched for the one person amongst them all who was still to make an appearance.

As if on cue, he felt her. Not quite there yet, but he could sense her coming and just like that, there she was, at the top of the staircase. Azriel’s heart-stopped at the sight of her. Everyone else blacked out from his vision and it was as if there was only him and her in this space. Elain Archeron. She looked like a fragment of the stars themselves as she stood there, her eyes finding his. At the sight of him, her face seemed to brighten with a smile that even lit up his shadows. Fretting nervously, she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Dressed in stunning silver, with an undertone of blue, the sheer top half of her bodice was covered in lace designs that lay floral patterns on her chest, torso and along her arms. They continued down to the side of the lower half of the gown, which draped down and pooled around the floor, its chiffon material glimmering. Her golden-brown locks hung in loose waves around her shoulder and only a single, thick braid, bedecked with pearl beads, was plaited on the crown of her head like a headband. A circlet with a moonstone pendant in the center and adjoining charms shaped like stars bejeweled her forehead.

A snow-flake. That’s the first thought that came to Az’s mind and he chided himself for it. But that’s what she reminded him of. A snowflake under the reflection of the moon, something he always found so beautiful in its simplicity. He willed his feet to start moving and approached Elain as she descended down the stairs. Unmindfully, he fixed the collar and lapels of his snug-fitting black embroidered jacket and took his girlfriend’s hand.

A couple months ago, he had finally started courting her when she finally confessed to him that she did not want to be with Lucien. That she did not feel drawn to him, at least not in any romantic way and that she sought and found more of a companion in him. That she loved him and not the man who is supposed to be her mate. Azriel had been taken aback at the revelation but soon after, he was ecstatic. He hadn’t felt this way in centuries about anyone else but Mor, who he had slowly learned to let go of in the recent months; and here she was-this gorgeous, strong-willed girl with a heart so full of love that he was drawn to her from the very beginning.

He could feel everyone in the room still behind him but he didn’t care. Az politely put his right hand forward as he reached the end of the staircase and offered it to Elain. She took it and looked up at him from beneath her lashes.

“Hi” she mumbled.
The edges of his mouth tucked up as he responded.
“Hello, Elain. You look stunning” and kissed the back of her hand.
Azriel quickly noted the blush that now stained her cheeks and the shy smile that played on her lips. With that, he took her hand and placed it on the crook of his elbow and led her to everybody else.


After some mockery and chit-chat, the group gathered in the street outside their home to witness Starfall with all the dressed up on-lookers of Velaris. Looking at every one of them, he felt beyond grateful that his family had all survived the war and were now well and happy. They deserved it. Every single person present here deserved it. With that thought, he sensed the music and chatter die down and all the companion lights go off. Shocked, Elain grasped his hand, unsure of what was happening, her brows crinkled in an adorable gesture of worry. He brushed a kiss on her temple and whispered in her ear, “You’ll see”.

And with that, it began. The night sky lit up in a shower of starlight; of effervescent paint that now stained the vast darkness. He took in the sight, the beauty and somehow the falling stars seemed to multiply this year. As he heard from Rhys, they weren’t exactly stars, but souls that chose this one night to make their journey across the heavens. This seemed to be a tribute from the lost souls of the war and so many of the residents sent kisses to the skies, as they then proceeded to drink and dance.

He stole a glance at Elain and found her spell-bound. Her mouth was slightly agape, her eyes widened and gleaming with the reflection of the starlight, hand clutching Azriel’s tightly.
“Beautiful” she said, her words barely audible.
He drank in the sight before him and locked it away in his memory forever, smiling down at her.


Following the star of the celebration, they all drank some champagne and danced. Azriel had Elain in his arms and slowly moved with her, breathing in her scent, basking in the warmth of her body against his. He gently kissed her sometimes, which sent his memories reeling back to their first kiss-it happened during an evening stroll by the Sidra when he was showing her around the city and they stopped to rest. She had leaned into him for warmth and he had his wings tucked around her as she looked up at him and then moved her gaze down to his lips. Normally, he had stellar control, but then and there, he could not muster it and leaned down to make their lips meet. The feel of her mouth, the taste of her was indescribable. He wanted more, but he knew not to push her and cherish as much of her as she’d give to him.


They were still slow-dancing when she murmured near his chest, “Azriel?”
Resting his chin on top of her head, as he was doing so for a while, he asked, “Hmm?”
“Would you come up to my room? I want to show you something.”
He moved his face and looked down at her. He gently brushed the back of his hand along her cheekbone as he nodded. Elain took him by his hand and led him inside the house again and up to her chamber.

It was a neat little room, well arranged and organized. It smelled floral and distinctly like the woman he was irrevocably in love with. The curtains were left open, letting in a cool breeze that made the room feel airy and comfortable. Elain stopped just by the terrace that accompanied her room and looked excitedly at a patch of newly-bloomed morning glories.
“I always wanted to grow these. There’s something so intriguing about how they just bloom at night; and how ironic their name is. And, now look, they’re finally here”, she grinned up at him.
Azriel wrapped an arm around her waist and finally spread his wings, getting some free space.
“They’re beautiful, my love”
She leaned closer, and bit her lip. Turning to him, she took his scarred hand in hers, brought it up to her mouth and kissed it. Azriel stiffened slightly at the contact and it was now his turn to bite his lips.
“Your wings. You. That’s what’s truly beautiful.” She said to him, a glazed look in her eyes as she traced a finger down a wing. He shuddered and closed his eyes.
“Are you okay?” she asked, unaware of how delicate an Illyrians’ wings were. Normally, he’d object to anyone even thinking of touching his wings but with her, with Elain, he felt safe. And he wanted her touch. So, so bad.
“Yes” he said hoarsely. “They can be a little…sensitive to things”
She nodded but continued to trail her fingers along them, as if memorizing every nook and curve that forged those mighty wings. Every layer of color they shone. He gripped her tighter around the waist, gasping out her name when she lifted her face up to kiss him.


Elain barely just brushed her lips against his and felt a soft whimper escape his mouth. Azriel held her tight but was standing so very still, looking at her with something more than just love. She stood on her tiptoes and moved to kiss him properly now and he obliged. Both their eyes shuttered close; one of his hands moved to cup her face while the other moved along her waist and grabbed the edge. Her own hand curled itself on the back of the Illyrian’s neck while her free fingers entwined in his dark hair. The sky was still illuminated with starlight and they reflected off of his night black hair, giving them a silver sheen.

Their kiss deepened as Azriel gently opened her mouth with his tongue and started exploring. A little moan escaped Elain which in return got a low, satisfactory groan from him. He broke the kiss to trail his lips along the lines of the jaw, just behind her ear and down the exposed collar of her neck. She arched to his touch, allowing him more access. He grazed his teeth along the exposed flesh and she gasped.

Az look at her, eyes glazed with barely contained lust, hair an unruly mess that was her doing. They both knew where this was heading.
“Elain, are you sure you want this?” he asked earnestly, still holding her close.
She had never gone this far with a male. Even being engaged to Graysen, they did nothing more than kiss, saving themselves for their wedding night. She always thought that’s how it’d be. That she’d be married to a wonderful human man, they’d have a lovely marriage, a happy home and a flock of beautiful children. But all that had been a fantasy. No, she was a High Fae now. None of that would be real. There would be no human end for her and she might have felt the loss of it at the beginning of her transition, but not now. Not anymore. Back there, she would perhaps have been shunned for sharing a bed with any other male but her husband, so she would hold back.
But not in Prythian. No, here, everyone owned up to their sexuality. And it was oddly liberating. Here, she felt free. And healed-and all for this extraordinary male that now held her, who accepted her and loved. She wanted to be with him. She wanted to give him everything. This, her first time, she didn’t want to experience it with anyone but him.
“Yes, Azriel. Yes” she said to him, voice steady, with no flicker of doubt in her mind.

That was all it took for him to delve right into her. He kissed her passionately; rougher than before as if some part of him he kept chained became unleashed at her approval. Az’s hands explored her body and every touch of his was electric. She let her hands roam over his body; the hard planes of his chest, the lean stomach, the smooth, warm skin of his neck. He turned Elain toward the room and led her inside, never breaking their kiss. Her hands started fumbling with the buttons of his jacket and he helped her unbutton it. She took it off of him and threw it away. Breaking their kiss yet again, she proceeded to look at him.

There he was, bare from the waist up. She noticed his stomach was corded with muscles as she moved her fingers along his chiseled chest, banded with black, Illyrian tattoos, and torso. Those majestic wings framed him, hiding everything in the background from view. They were massive. The colors hidden in their skin seemed to shimmer under the starlight. His shadows were barely there, as if something kept them at bay. Azriel seemed to shudder at her very touch and she could slowly start to feel his hardness against her core.

Elain slowly turned and had her back to Azriel, unclasping any jewelry she had on and laying it on a table nearby. She moved her hair from her back placed it over her right shoulder, clearly signaling for him to unzip her. With steady hands, he oh-so-slowly undid her zipper. He grazed his fingers along her shoulders and started pushing her sleeves down. Her blood turned to liquid fire at every point of contact and she let the dress fall to the floor and pool around her feet. She now stood there, just in her white lace panties, barer than she’d ever been, even in front of her sisters. She felt Az inch closer and lean down to place feather-like kisses along her exposed shoulder and she threw her head back at the feel of it and sighed.  Catching her unawares, he bit her shoulder, making her cry out from pleasure. She could now start to feel warmth pulling between her legs like never before.

Az turned his lover around and took in the sight of her, bathed in gleaming star-shine. His eyes took in her in pert breasts; nipple peaked in arousal, down to her torso, her stomach and skimmed along her bare legs. His eyes shone with carnal hunger as he moved to lay her down on the bed and then place himself atop her.

One of his hands had her by the neck and the other grabbing onto her thigh, moving inward. Those wicked fingers of his caressed the skin just below her bare breasts. His other hand also stroked lazy, indolent circles along the inside of her thigh, building up her anticipation, teasing. She felt his hardness right between her legs as her hunger for him grew and she started moving along it. Azriel exhaled hard and looked up at her from her neck. Breathless, he asked.

“What do you want, Elain?”

“You. Every inch of you”

At that, a satisfactory growl from deep within escaped him and he gave her a long, hard kiss. His mouth moved down to the skin of her chest, and lower to her hardened nipple. He sucked on it gently, at the same time rising the index finger and thumb of his hand to roll and stroke her other breast and nipple. He gave that one the same treatment, only biting down making her gasp.

The ache was increasingly growing at her core and she needed him. She made a strained noise to alert him of how badly she wanted him and he smirked. He seemed to have gotten the hint. His lips landed featherlike kissed down her stomach and kissed her between her legs over her white lace panties before taking them off of her. He lifted himself up a little to look down at her, devouring every inch of her with his eyes. The ravenous look in them drove Elain mad.

Az started with her thighs, kissing the inside of it and sucking on the skin and kept moving inwards. With every inch forward, the kisses became more light and teasing. She was ready for his mouth; there was nowhere forward to go. Except….he stopped and kissed her everywhere BUT where she needed him most.

“Please Azriel..”

"Patience, my lady” he replied with a cocky grin.

She made a cry of protest but he just laughed from between her legs and damn her, this just made her want him more.

At his lick, she turned molten.

“Fuck, Elain. You’re drenched”

“Mmmm” was all she got out as he continued feasting on her-licking, sucking, probing her with his skilled tongue. Soon enough, he pushed a finger inside her. And then another, stroking her just where she wanted him as well as continuing to taste her. This pushed her over the edge and she cried out his name as she lost all sense and reason. She came relentlessly over his mouth.

As she was calming down from her first orgasm, he got up on his knees and discarded off his tight fitting pants and by the cauldron, she almost came undone from the sight of him. The dark hair, deep, hazel eyes, the sculpted body, the whorls of his tattoo; the hard length of him all dressed in the silvery light of the stars leaking through her window-he looked like a fallen prince- with powerful wings that now cocooned them, a lust-addled look on his face.

He lowered his mouth down onto hers, kissing her rough and hard and wrapped her legs around his waist, positioning his tip on her entrance and gently rubbing. She was drenched again, completely ready for him. Yet still, he looked into Elain’s eyes, a silent question still. She nodded. And just like that he slowly pushed himself inside her and let her adjust to it. It hurt just a little at the beginning but soon, the pleasure had overridden the initial pain. When she was comfortable, he started moving and she had no way to hold back her scandalous moans as she lost herself to the ecstasy of the full feel of him inside her. Azriel himself was panting and moaning, a sound that set her blood on fire and when they both came together, he called out her name. The intensity of it burned through her, making light explode behind her eyes.

“I love you, Elain. I don’t deserve you. But damn me, because I can’t not find myself around you”, he said afterwards, still lingering inside her.
“And I love you, Azriel. You deserve everything and more”


Azriel fell asleep before Elain did. He left a kiss on her forehead before he passed out and was now sprawled there covered up to the waist in her white sheets, an arm tucked under her neck, holding her close. She leaned down and softly kissed his cheek. He shuffled slightly and wrapped her in tighter in his arm and wings and went on with his slumber. In the aftermath of their deed, they had laid there for hours talking and laughing with each other. A certain topic of “wingspans” had also come up till they at last had snuggled in comfortable silence and till the male beside her passed out.


A/N: I said I would do it… and now I’ve done it! ;-) Here’s my first Jonathan Pine Imagine. There will be more with him for sure! Have fun!

2nd October: Wicked seduction. 🍸 | feat. Jonathan Pine

Words: 3166
Warnings: smut

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He Goes by the Name H. One

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: DJ!Chae Hyungwon x Reader

Rating: G (at least for now lol)

Genre: Romance


Part: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - end

a/n Him DJ-ing at KCON Japan was what inspired me to write this, because he looks dang hot being a DJ.

Part 1 is short but the next chapters would be long and even more interesting, i promise!

“Oh come on, (y/n)! It’s gonna be lit!” Your bestfriend was still tugging at the hem of your sleeve as you walk around in the kitchen, preparing the lunch for the two of you.

“Nope. I’m not going.” You shook your head. “You know i don’t like that kind of music. It’s too loud!”

“Oh my God, (y/n). All you do is just work. At least have some fun!”

You sipped on the orange juice you just poured and gave your bestfriend one. “Can you just go with your other friends?”

She sighed and put down her glass. “No… I can’t give them.” She said in lower tone.

“Then let them pay for the ticket. That’s easy.” You leaned on the counter.

“The thing is… I can’t sell it.” She looked up to you and grabbed something from her pocket. “It’s the backstage pass. I can’t sell it.”

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Prom Queens | Cheryl Blossom

Originally posted by prettypecple

Request: Could you do an imagine where Cheryl asks her girlfriend to prom and goes all out and then they are both crowned queen at the dance?

Pairing: Cheryl x Reader
Description: When Cheryl asks you to prom, you suddenly become really nervous about the whole thing but it ends up being one of your favourite nights ever.
Warnings: …not rly.
Word Count: 1354
A/N: okay, this is a lil different from the actual request but it still kinda sticks to it.

“How about this one?” You stepped out of the changing room dressed in a beautiful black prom dress, twirling around as you eagerly awaited the opinion of your best friend Reggie Mantle. As you finished twirling, you noticed he was sat there watching some stupid video on his phone. You coughed to get his attention, shocking him and almost causing him to drop his beloved phone.

“Huh?” He asked, confused.

“The dress, Reg. What’d you think?” You glared at him, hands on your hips.

With a sigh, he looked over you and shrugged his shoulders. The same reaction he’d been giving you since you got to the dress shop over an hour ago. Reggie had been your best friend since you could remember. He’d been the only one in kindergarten who hadn’t picked on you. In fact, he was the one that had stood up for you and told everyone else to leave you alone. Back then you were a quiet, shy kid and the others used to make fun of you for it but Reggie took you under his wing. He brought you out of your shell and you’d never been more thankful to have someone like him in your life. Whenever you needed that little push to do something, he’d be the one to encourage you. But, when it came to things like this, he was no help at all. The only other person you could’ve taken with you was your girlfriend Cheryl Blossom.

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A Favor [Remus Lupin x Reader]

Requested: no

Summary: You met the marauders in first year and immediately clicked with them. Now, it’s sixth year and have developed feelings for Remus. You got a date for your best friend and adoptive brother James Potter and he decided to return the favor.

Warnings: fluff, I think that that’s pretty much it.

Word count: 3116

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

You were a muggleborn witch so you were kind of lost, especially since your parents weren’t even there for you. They were very invested in their jobs and not in their children. Right now, they were on a plane to Australia for a big conference, you and your siblings didn’t mind, you were used to this. You had a lot of luggage and couldn’t seem to find the platform.

“9¾? Nobody in their right mind would name a platform as such.” You muttered to yourself, “How on earth am I going to find it without seeming insane?”

Miraculously, a couple with a boy who seemed to be your age saw you and walked up to you, “Are you lost?” She asked kindly, “What platform are you looking for?”

You were sure that the woman was going to think you were crazy but you didn’t really care right now, “Platform 9¾ ma’am.”

She seemed surprised, “Where are your parents?” she looked around.

“On a plane to Australia.” You replied

“Australia? Okay… is anybody taking care of you?”

“No, it’s just me here.” You smiled

“Oh, okay… come with us.” She said, taking your trolley and walking towards her husband and son. “What year are you entering in Hogwarts?” she asked. You looked at her, stunned.

“First year, that’s why I’m a bit lost.” You admitted.

Her eyebrows raised, “my son, James, is also entering first year, what a coincidence!” she exclaimed.

You looked towards the boy who hadn’t spoken a word since you’d arrived. He looked towards you and smiled. He walked to you and put his hand out, “I’m James, James Potter. Nice to meet you.”

You took his hand and shook it, “I’m (Y/N) (L/N), lovely to meet you.”

Suddenly, the silent boy started talking. On the way to the platform, you started bonding. Finding out you had similar interests. You spoke about how much you loved sports and how much you hoped there would be some at Hogwarts. James replied by explaining to you what quidditch is and how fun it was. Immediately, you and James became best friends.

You were still talking about pranks that you could organize when James stopped and, two seconds after him, you stopped.  “What’s going on? Are we at the platform?” You looked in front of the wall and found yourself face to face with a wall.

“You kids have to run through the wall to get to the train.” Mrs. Potter told you, “do you want to go together? We’ll follow after you.” You nodded and took James’s hand in yours.

“Ready?” you asked

“Ready.” He said.

You both sprinted towards the wall, your body naturally bracing itself for the impact, your eyes squeezing shut and your hand gripping James’s hand.

But the impact never came. You opened your eyes slowly and looked upon a crowded platform, filled with families bustling around, saying goodbye to their children. Then, your eyes fell on the Hogwarts Express. It was breathtaking, you were amazed by its size and saw an elegance in its red and black style.

The Potters appeared next to you, “Come on kids, let’s get you inside.” Mr. Potter said, placing a hand on his son’s shoulder.

You headed towards the train giddy with excitement. You stopped in front of one of the many doors waiting for James to say goodbye to his parents.

Once they finished hugging and saying goodbye, Mrs. Potter turned towards you and said, “If you need a place to stay, you’re always be welcome at the Potter household (Y/N).” You thanked her and boarded the train.

You and James walked through the tight corridors with your suitcases, looking for an empty cabin. Since you had arrived early, it wasn’t complicated to find one. James helped place your suitcase on the rack over your head and did the same with his. He sat in front of you and began avidly talking about Hogwarts. He explained the concept of the houses and how his ancestors were all Gryffindors. You were asking questions about the school when there was a knock on the door. The both of you stopped talking and turned your heads to the place where the sound came from and saw a boy with long black hair and smirk on his face.

“I’m Black, Sirius Black. Can I join you?” he asked.

Your first impression of him wasn’t great, he seemed cocky and condescending. But, nonetheless, you stretched your hand out to meet his and introduced yourself, “I’m (Y/N) (L/N).”

He raised an eyebrow, “Huh, (L/N). I have never heard that name before how come? Are you a pureblooded witch?”

Pureblood. Right, James had told you about that, “No I’m a-a…” you trailed off looking at James for help.

Catching your eye, James replied for you, “Muggleborn.”

Immediately, Sirius took a step back, “Oh… sorry, I guess I’ll find another cabin.”

You looked at him, feeling bad, he seemed a bit reluctant to leave, “No, stay, please.”

He smiled softly and sat down next to you. And the three of you engaged in a conversation that allowed you to learn about the two boys and vice versa.

Later, you were interrupted by the sound of the horn blaring, announcing the near departure to Hogwarts. Not long after, you heard the door opening brutally and people falling on the ground. You looked at the ground and saw a heap of limbs tangled. You patiently waited for them to get up.

The one with sandy brown hair got up first and spoke, “Hi, sorry for…that. The other cabins are full, do you mind if we sit with you? I’m Remus Lupin by the way.”

You smiled softly at the nervous boy and introduced yourself, followed by James and Sirius. They sat down and you all started talking again. You were happy that you had already made friends with the four boys, the last one who’s name, you learned later, was Peter Pettigrew. Soon after they sat down the train departed.

During the trip, you and the boys had fallen asleep. You woke up before them and grabbed a book from your suitcase. You laid your head against the window, opening the book and read. About an hour later, Remus woke up, “Hey (Y/N).” he said with a raspy voice.

“Hey Remus, how’d you sleep?” you asked, whispering to avoid waking the others up.

“Good, good. Did you get any sleep though?”

“Yeah, yeah don’t worry.” You smiled.

The other three boys had to be woken up when you arrived at the castle. In the meantime, you and Remus had talked. As it turned out, the two of you had many things in common such as your passion for books.  

The five of you were on a boat, gawking at the immense castle in front of you. It was beautiful. You looked around and saw kids ranging from 1st years, like you, to 7th years. The main conversation topic right now was the sorting ceremony. Everybody seemed to know where they were most likely to end up but you had no idea. Four boys, four different houses, you were afraid that you would split apart, you had formed such a nice group. The idea of not being together broke your heart.

You entered the Great Hall, amazed at the magic surrounding you, candles floating overhead accompanying the starry night decorating the ceiling. It was beautiful. The staff led you to the center of the room with all the other first years. You stood beside Remus and James when an old lady with a pointed hat started calling names out. You spaced out during a majority of that time, looking around at the different tables, foods and people. You were brought back to the sorting ceremony when a familiar name was called: Sirius Black.

You watched the dark-haired boy head towards the hat. You knew that he thought he would be in Slytherin but you weren’t so sure. You listened carefully to the low mumblings of the hat until it roared, “GRYFFINDOR!” Surprised, you watched everyone’s reaction. Sirius looked stunned, you watched as many of his Slytherin cousins yell words like ‘traitor’ or ‘impure’ while the Gryffindor table cheered. You knew that it would not be a good year for him.

Next of your small group was Remus, the hat hesitated between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor but something made it choose Gryffindor. Then went James, the hat was barely placed on his head when the hat declared that he would be a Gryffindor. Finally, Peter was heading towards the stool, the hat hesitated between placing him in Hufflepuff and Gryffindor but saw that Peter showed more Gryffindor traits. You looked at the Gryffindor table and saw all four boys looking at you, giving you small thumbs up.

You waited for a few people to pass when your name was called. Butterflies in your stomach, you nervously walked towards the stool. You sat down and threw a look at the boys, all of them watching attentively. The professor placed the hat on your head and you instantly tensed. “(Y/N) (L/N), a muggleborn, interesting. Now, you show many Hufflepuff traits but Ravenclaw too.” You started panicking, you wanted to be with your friends more than anything.

“Ah, but what is important to you is friendship, you would do anything to be with your friends. This shows nerve, a very Gryffindor trait. You show many signs of being a Gryffindor. GRYFFINDOR!” he yelled. Once the hat was off your head, you rushed to the table full of people clapping at you and sat next to Sirius.

That was how you met your best friends.

A lot had happened during that time. In second year, your family had moved to Australia, leaving you alone in England with no one to take care of you, luckily, the Potters were kind enough to adopt you. In third year, you discovered Remus’s furry little problem and helped him in human form. In fourth year, you became the Marauders, became an unregistered animagi leopard and started to develop feelings for the werewolf. In fifth year, you aided James in his quest to win Lily Evans and told him your secret. During the vacation between fifth and sixth year, Sirius ran away from home and crashed at yours and James house.

All this brings you to now, six years later, on the train taking you to your sixth year. As per usual, you talked with your best friends about everything. You had all changed a lot during the years but never too much. Things got more serious but you never let it affect your friendship. Once again, everybody was asleep except you and Remus. You were both reading in a comfortable silence. Your head grew tired so you laid your head on his shoulder and he laid his on yours. Little by little, you grew tired and fell asleep.

You woke up to Remus’s voice, “Hey, (Y/N), love, wake up. We need to go change into our robes. The others have already left to do so.”

You yawned and sat up, stretching, “Okay, let’s go.”

You left the cabin and to change into your Gryffindor robes. On the way, you realized that you had fallen asleep on Remus, “I’m so sorry if I bothered you while I was sleeping.” You blushed lightly, a bit embarrassed.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed (Y/N), you didn’t trouble me at all.” He smiled at you.

You both continued walking to find your friends.

You had been at Hogwarts for two weeks when it happened. Sirius was off seducing some girl with Peter as his wingman and James was daydreaming, making googly eyes at Lily.

You were sat next to Remus with James in front of you, talking about the coming Hogsmeade trip when a Ravenclaw girl showed up at your table, “Hey Remus.” She said, completely turning her back to you, purposefully ignoring you.

“Uh, hey Sarah, how are you doing?” he asked, not sure what she was doing here.

“Good, I was wondering if you were busy on this Saturday’s Hogsmeade trip.” She raised an eyebrow.

Remus’s chocolate brown eyes darted towards yours, silently asking how he should respond. -The two of you always went to Hogsmeade together with the other Marauders except when they had detention, then it would just be the two of you. This weekend, the others were available and the four of you were going to fill up the prank and chocolate stashes- you simply shrugged, meaning that he could go if he wanted, it was his choice. Secretly, you were hoping that he would say no.

“Yeah, sure.” He smiled and she smiled back.

“Cool!” she said, “See you tomorrow then!” and ran off to her giggling friends.

You needed to get away from this, afraid that you would do something stupid like revealing how you felt about him, “I’ve got to go, I’ll see you at dinner.” You said, rushing away.

You entered your bedroom and found Lily there. You knew that acting as your best friend’s wingwoman would take your mind off Remus’s date, “Hey Lils.”

“Hey (Y/N), why aren’t you with the guys?”

“I can’t be bothered to make any small talk so I’ll just tell you what I think.” You said bluntly, “You have a crush on James, I see it, I have a sixth sense for this type of thing. James likes you back. So, what I don’t get is why don’t you just say ‘yes’ to his endless declarations?”

She sighed, knowing that you were more stubborn than James and that telling you the truth would be so much easier. “The truth is… You’re right, I like James, a lot. But, I’m afraid that he only likes me for the chase.” She told you, worry etched on her face.

“He is not in there for the chase, he talks about you all the time. You have to say yes Lily, or, so help me, I will shove my fist down your throat.” You threatened

“Okay, but he only has one chance. Tell him to meet me at the Leaky Cauldron on Saturday at 6pm.”

“Yes!” you squealed, “He will be there, I promise.” And left the room to tell your best friend the great news.

You burst into the Great Hall where students had started pilling in to eat, “JAMES!” you yelled running to the spectacled boy who sat next to Sirius, “I have great news!”

You sat next to him, “I got you a date with the one and only Lily Evans tomorrow at Hogsmeade!”

He immediately shot and wrapped his arms around you tightly, “Merlin! (Y/N), you’re the best! I love you so much!”

You grinned and hugged him back, “I love you too Prongs.”

You both sat down and you explained Lily’s conditions and what he should do on the date.

Little did you know Remus had sat down, and had heard nearly the whole conversation. And thought that he had just discovered something: you were in love with James. Unbeknown to him, he was completely wrong.

The next morning, Remus woke up surrounded by the empty beds of his roommates. He got dressed in his regular clothes and headed down to the common room. He stopped halfway down when he saw James holding flowers out for you. He couldn’t hear what you were saying but he could perfectly understand what was happening without needing to hear you.

“I asked Professor Sprout for a bouquet for Lily and she gave me two, knowing that I hadn’t gotten the date alone. So, this is a thank you gift for getting me that date.” James told you handing you the bouquet of blue orchids.

You smiled at him, “Thanks but, please tell me that you didn’t get lilies for Lily, that would be so cliché.” You said, wanting his date to go perfectly.

“No, I got her red roses, don’t worry.” He chuckled.

“Good luck buddy if I don’t see you again before the date.” You said, wrapping your arms around him, careful not to crush the flowers.

You pulled away from each other and you walked back up to your room. Meanwhile, James saw Remus walking and knew how he could properly return the favor. He ran to see the werewolf, “Moony,” he said, placing his hand on Remus’s shoulder, “can I talk to you for second please?”

“Sure.” Remus replied, not actually wanting to talk to him, “What’s up?”

“(Y/N) likes you, like likes you. As in more than friends. As in-”

Remus interrupted him, “Yeah I got it Prongs.”

“Oh, okay. Well, anyways, so, she likes you and I’m pretty sure you like her back.”

“I do like her but she doesn’t have a crush on me. She likes you.” He said, not very happy about that.

“Dude! That is disgusting!” James made a face, “She’s like my sister! And she told me she likes you by the way. So, I’m sure that I’m right.”

“Really?” he asked, surprised and hopeful.

“Totally! Why on earth do think she always makes sure you’re okay even if she’s also covered in scratches? (Y/N) has always placed you above of herself and the rest of us. She always makes sure that you have chocolate after you turn. She does that because she loves you. Go get her.” He smiled, letting Remus go after you.

He ran heading towards you, stopping only to disenchant the stairs to the girls’ dorm rooms. Then, he sprinted up the stairs to reach the sixth year dorm and slammed the door open.

He watched you put down your book you were reading on your bedside table and standing up, “Remus what-”

He interrupted you by smashing his lips onto yours. As if automatically, your lips responded and you kissed him back with the same amount of passion. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he wrapped around your waist. The feeling of his lips against yours was better than what you’d dreamed of, his lips were soft and had a slight taste of chocolate. Your lips pulled apart, “I love you so much (Y/N).” he whispered, placing his lips back on yours. He licked your bottom lip, asking to enter and you opened your mouth, letting him in. He lifted you up in the air, not breaking the contact between your mouths, carrying you to the foot of your bed and laid you down on the covers. He let you go and stood up to take his t-shirt off. He leaned over you, shirtless, “I love you too Remus.” You whispered. He grinned before connecting your lips together once again.

“Bring home a prince!”

Her mother had called it out at the last second before the limousine door shut, and Evie had taken it to heart, just like she had her whole life.

A rich prince, a magnificent castle, a royal wedding, things utterly nonexistent on The Isle that flitted through Evie’s head like fairies on her quiet, lonely ride to Auradon.  This was her moment, the start of her whole life, being chosen to attend Auradon Prep.  An entire campus crawling with perfect princes, and Evie poised and trained to grab any one she wanted.  She’d meet a royal, with his stunning eyes, suave charm, and a larger-than-life aura, and the rest would be happily ever after.  That’s the way mother had always explained it to her.  She was simply delighted when the limo drew to a stop in front of the school and an honest-to-goodness prince was the first thing to greet her…with fine eyes, somewhat goofy charm, and, well, a rather unimpressive aura.  Not the best or most promising start, but it was Auradon.  Auradon wore royalty like Evie wore hand-sewn couture, she’d have plenty of opportunities here.

So imagine her surprise when she swung open the door to her dorm room and found stunning eyes, suave charm, and a larger-than-life aura belonging to the intense-looking girl kicked back on the bed with a book and a scowl.

Imagine her even greater surprise when over a week, two weeks, a month, two months, the snarky girl’s cold exterior melted away to reveal a girl with a heart of gold who grew to care about Evie more than either of them thought was ever possible.  Evie had spent all her life waiting to hold the large, strong hand of a heavenly prince, but found even more contentment in holding the small, soft hand of Mal.  Not that Evie could speak from experience, but everything with Mal seemed to be so much better than it would ever be with a lordly prince.  Her smile, her laugh, the way she didn’t even hesitate to tear into resident mean girl Audrey when she came around to make cracks at the villain kids.  Evie and Mal had both come from The Isle but never knew each other, yet still they shared the bond of growing up in that dark, squalid place.

Evie never really thought to count her blessings that her life on The Isle was fairly okay compared to most other islanders.  Sure, the food sucked, there was no wi-fi, her castle was crumbling, and the walls had run out of room for all her mirrors, but still, it wasn’t like she found herself tragically suffering.  So there was definitely a strange, surreal moment of cascading shock when she came into the dorm after an evening of studying in the library and caught Mal in the middle of changing into her pajamas.  Not shock at seeing her girlfriend in nothing but pajama pants and a bra for the first time ever, no.  Shock at the way Mal quickly lunged for her soft long-sleeved shirt on the bed and yanked it on, but not quickly enough to keep Evie from catching a glimpse of the scars littering Mal’s torso and arms like the scratches and grooves littering the older desks in the library.

Clearly flustered, an emotion Evie didn’t even know the girl was capable of, Mal awkwardly tugged at the bottom of her shirt and the cuffs of her sleeves, probably under the pretense of straightening out her attire but actually giving the impression that she’d make the shirt cover up her entire body from head to toe if she could.  And that’s when it hit Evie.  How Mal was always in her purple jacket, always sleeping in long-sleeved shirts, always changing in the bathroom with the door locked tight and always pulling unconsciously at the hems of her clothes.

“Evie, sorry, I should’ve gone in the bathroom,” Mal nervously apologized like she had done something wrong.

Evie didn’t say anything, which only made Mal more uneasy, more uncomfortably awkward.

“…Sorry,” Mal said again, busying her hands with turning down the covers.

She kept her eyes down and her concentration so intently focused on stopping her hands from beginning to shake, both of which kept her from realizing that Evie had crossed the room to stand right beside her.  Evie was frowning, confused, like she couldn’t quite comprehend what she had just seen.

“M…” she said quietly.

Mal stopped messing with the covers, her eyes wide and innocent as Evie’s voice drew them to her.

“…M, can I—”

Evie hadn’t made a single move, but still Mal flinched like she’d been jolted with an electric shock and took a massive step back from Evie, wrapping her arms around herself.

“…Mal, please,” Evie whispered.

Mal was taken aback by the sudden desperation in her voice, the way it so suddenly sounded on the verge of tears.  This was Evie, her Evie.  The Evie she could never stop herself from opening up to, not even now with some of her deepest and darkest shame.  With a shaky breath, Mal lowered her arms, tilted her head back to look up at the ceiling, at anywhere but Evie.

Evie was slow and careful in her movements, like Mal was a small animal who would run at the slightest provocation.  She took the soft material of Mal’s shirt in between her fingertips and lifted it up, enough to get a good look at her stomach but not enough to see past her bra.  Mal shook, Evie could both feel and see it. Evie studied the scars with a morbid fascination, many white, some pink, some just on the surface, some gouged deep.  She looked up at Mal with a silent question shining in her eyes, but Mal kept her gaze on the ceiling.

“…Sometimes I…wasn’t always as bad as mom wanted me to be.  Sometimes I’d fall short. Sometimes she’d…she’d show me what it was like to be truly evil.”

Here was another thing Evie never expected Mal to be capable of—tears.  They weren’t there in her eyes, not a trace of them there at all, but they were hidden in the crack of her voice, the thickness of her words.

Evie never really thought to count her blessings that her life on The Isle was fairly okay compared to most other islanders.  

She had no words.  Mal had no words.  They both just stared at their respective spots of scars and ceiling, Mal wishing this moment could just be done and over with and Evie wishing she could find some dang words already.  But then she realized Mal didn’t need it, she didn’t need to hear words.  She had other senses, and those would do her more good then any string of words ever could. Evie let one hand go from lifting Mal’s shirt and traced her fingertips over a particularly long scar situated just below Mal’s ribs.  Mal shivered, but Evie couldn’t tell from what.

“…E, are you done?” Mal asked, almost pleading.

But she wasn’t.  Over each and every scar she could see she passed her touch, leaving Mal in one continuing series of shivers.

“Evie, what are you—”

Evie kissed her, one arm holding her by the bare skin of her waist.  Finally Mal tore her gaze away from the ceiling, meeting Evie’s eyes as their lips parted.

“…You weren’t supposed to see this,” Mal whispered.

“You didn’t want anyone to see this,” Evie quietly said.

Mal stepped away from Evie’s hold, letting her shirt fall.

“…I think you’re beautiful, M,” Evie smiled.

Mal wrapped her arms around herself again, turning away.

“No you don’t.”

“Yes I do!”

“How could you??”

Evie took both of Mal’s hands, clasping them tightly.

“Because your scars are a part of you.  In all ways.  They make you who you are, and who you are is someone beautiful,” she explained.

“No, you’re someone beautiful, I’m just—”

Evie curiously pulled the collar of Mal’s shirt aside and found a mark there too, an angry one digging across her clavicle.  She leaned in, brushing her lips along the length of Mal’s collarbone before closing her eyes and kissing the scar.

Mal’s hand moved of its own accord, weaving into blue hair and holding Evie there against her for just a little bit longer.  When Evie pulled away, she slipped a hand under Mal’s shirt and let her palm just rest there against the flat of her stomach.

“My mother always told me I’d recognize the princes by their charm, their smiles…their castles,” Evie giggled.  "But the books told me something else, that I’d recognize them by their trials and adventures.  They’d cross lands, climb mountains, save the princess—"

“Fight the dragon,” Mal added.

“Yeah, fight the dragon too.  The books told me I’d recognize the princes by their hardships…by their scars.”

Mal’s eyes widened just the slightest.

“I think you may be my prince, Mal.  The one I’ve waited all this time to find.  And you’re absolutely perfect…don’t be afraid, M. Don’t be ashamed.  Be proud of who you are, scars and all.  You wouldn’t be you without them.  And I happen to like you very much exactly as you are.”

The first tear came from out of nowhere and rolled down Mal’s cheek as she slowly draped her arms around Evie’s shoulders and buried her face in the crook of her neck, sniffing slightly.

“…Thank you, Evie,” her voice cracked again.

Evie didn’t need thanks, she just hugged her tight.  She’d been told to bring home a prince, but it was clear to her even now that the prince would end up becoming her home.  And also end up being a princess.  Life was funny that way, it seemed.  Life was beautiful.

Mal was beautiful.

And Evie wasn’t about to let her forget it.

Some Unholy War (Part 5)

Final Part of MMA Fighter!Tom AU

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Summary: Ultimate fighter Tom Holland walks into a diner at two in the morning and finds more than greasy eggs and dusty bar stools.

Warnings: Language and lots of sadness pls don’t cry too much

Word Count: 3600+


I really hope you guys enjoy this last part of my story, it’s been amazing writing it for you guys and I’m so thankful that you all enjoy it! I have lots of other exciting things I’m working on right now, lots of AUs bc I’m a prisoner to Tom AUs. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this last part and please send me compliments as usual bc I crave attention and constant validation from strangers! also not my gif!

Tom was in the park walking Tessa at six in the evening when he saw her. It was as if time stood still around them as she sat at the park bench, notebook and pen in her hand, turning her head toward him. Tom’s heart fell into his stomach when her eyes met his, it had been too long since he had seen her in real life, usually she was a figment of his imagination or in his dreams, but this, this was real.

She stood up and shoved her notebook in her large bag, walking slowly over to him. He met her halfway, only a few feet from the bench.

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BIGBANG React To; Being on Return of Superman

Writer ; ~ MonsterYuYu/ Yuyu ~

A/N ; I just love that show so much..

T.O.P ;

SeungHyun would be very hesitant to accept the invite to appear on TV with his son at first, thinking of all the things that could go wrong in just the first day. He was really not experienced with his kid, handing him to his mother whenever the little baby started to cry because he was clueless what he wanted and you somehow always knew what the baby wanted. You would convince him to accept it, because he wanted to get closer to his baby and also help you take care of it so that’s why he accepted after some months.

The first two days would be difficult, too difficult. It was like an war with his baby, calling you all the time to ask what he should do. But as time passed, he grew to understand what he had to do and what to do to make the baby stop crying.Things were going well, but when his kid started to crawl suddenly one day he wouldn’t know what to do anymore. Yesterday he was just kicking his foot in the air now he was crawling around the house? I feel like he would forget that his kid started to crawl someday and honestly lost him in his own house. Overall he would be a great entertainer, always doing silly faces that sometimes would make his baby laugh and other times cry.

“Wait.. WHERE’S MY BABY? … Oh there you are.”

TaeYang ;

Without even thinking, he gladly accepted. Youngbae knew his daughter well and was expecting to be asked in the show, after he accepted it he told you what he did. Your reaction would change his decision, if you didn’t want it, he would respect it. But he said he was doing it only because he wanted to get closer to you guys daughter and show her more things in life and make her interact with others children her age. He thought he knew what to do prefectly from watching you, but he really didn’t expect everything that was coming his way.

So yes, He would be clueless when things didn’t go his way, he thought he looked like a idiot in the TV, because he was saying how good he would be in the show and how his baby wouldn’t even miss it’s mother, but things took a turn, he didn’t new anything truly expect from playing with his daughter. But that didn’t work as she cried for you,her mother as the minute you walked over the door. She would be banging on the door softly and crying out for you, and Youngbae really didn’t know what to do. After that day, things would softly calm down and he would get along more easily with his daughter and know what she liked, what she didn’t like and these types of things.

“Ya…Mommy will come back later…”

G-Dragon ;

As soon as Jiyong got the invite he was already talking with you ether or not go to the show, he wanted to go but first he wanted you to be sure you were okay with you guys kid on the TV so early. He was a good father, he always helped you and you were sure he would do good. But his daughter was a bit of a cry-baby and she cried really easily because of small things , but that’s because Jiyong spoiled her too much and being on the show, going trough the child psychologist would make him realize that he shouldn’t do everything his daughter wanted at such young age. When you agreed he would happily agree with the contract in the same day.

As expected, Jiyong treated his daughter very well and actually knew what to do in the situations where she cried or even was hungry. Every time you did something to your daughter to eat, he would record it on his mind to do it when you weren’t home and his daughter needed food besides milk. When some people told him that it was not good to spoil the daughter too much, he would have a hard time saying ‘no’ to her and seeing her cry because of it, he hated seeing her cry and every time he had to take her to the medic or to the dentist he would feel bad seeing his child crying or in any pain so he couldn’t stay with they whenever he had to go.

“So.. i spoil her too much?.. I’ll try to stop… try.. ”

Daesung ;

As soon as he got the invite, Daesung didn’t really want to go at first, not because he didn’t know how to take care of his son but yes because he wanted hid son to live a life out of the cameras, Would only accept after a year to be honest, because he noticed that he hadn’t been that much active and present father, so he would accept it taking that in mind. Also, he thought about you taking a break for a while and that pratically made up his mind and he decided to attend the show.

He would be more into the playfully husband and father, but would surely know what to do when his son started to cry. Would love when other members of Return of Superman came to his house with their babies, he adored seeing his son so happy and running around, Daesung wants his son to grow more kinder than smart and that’s was his plan for him, teaching him stranger danger and how to share things. Even if he was still on the show for a long time, he would feel a bit surprised seeing cameras everywhere when he just wake up, it’s not always that it happens. But actually he was more afraid that the cameras were invading you both privates life and your child’s life more than getting surprised by it, he would think a lot. But would always do the show, succeeding on being a father and always making his little one smile in delight.

“ Whyyyyyyy?~ Whyyyyyyy are you crying?~~~ Daddy is going to be sad!~”

Seungri ;

The only word to describe how Seungri was, is definitely excited. He would always be taking care of his child and always watched the Return of Superman, when he got the invite he would talk over to yoy at first, but a quick talk, just asking you if he and your daughter could be on the show. You can’t say no, that’s a basic. He will be staring at you with those exciting and puppy eyes trying to win you over and we both know that we can’t resist anyway. It would take only a few weeks before he was on the show, in the middle of this he would learn more new things with you about the baby.

Seungri would love to have a lot of babies around, just kinda of inviting his daughters friends over with their mothers acceptance of course, It would be practically a baby’s sleepover and he didn’t mind one bit taking care of that many children. In fact, I guess seungri would be a guy who wants at least two kids and this experience would be kinds of leading him more to have more children with you. Would find amusing when his child noticed the cameras and started walking around with it following her each step. He would love to be out with his daughter, she would receive attention from everyone, from the granny’s who watched the show, from his fans and a lot of more people who thought she was absolutely stunning for a baby. In general, he would get pretty well on the show because he already take care of the baby without the cameras.

“That’s a camera! Look it’s following you! Run from it! Run!”

A very Potter wedding
  • Sirius spent half of the night with at James’s bachelor party, but the rest was spent doing Lily’s hair and telling her embarrassing stories about her future husband.
  • Remus was in charge of the guest list. He invited both Dumbledore and Professor Mcgonagall as a joke. They not only showed up, but gave a heartwarming speech about how they so proud of their students (Mcgonagall), and a large amount of hand knitted socks (Dumbledore).
  • Peter was unexpectedly good at party planning. Without him, the entire wedding would have fallen apart at the seams.
  • Sirius’s best man speech seemed beautiful and heartwarming to others but was riddled with extremely bad puns. (Sirius: ….of course, James was always staggeringly in love with Lily. His love might have been unrequited, but thankfully, as time went on, I saw Lily becoming positively doe-eyed at the sight of him. (James: *sighs* My wedding has been ruined.)
  • Remus had a blinding smile on throughout the whole ceremony. He always known that it was more than a simple crush, (how could you not with the way they stared in to each others eyes like that?), but he was worried something was going to wrong, and couldn’t be happier at how everything turned out.
  • Peter cried the most. You could always here a small sniffling in the back through the whole ceremony, but he completely dissolved in to tears as the vows were exchanged. (Peter: Will anyone ever love me that much? Remus: I hope so, Peter. I hope so.)
  • James had absolutely no doubt about the whole thing. He was sure that this was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. His vows were the most sincere things he had written, and he had written insults for Snape in the Marauder’s Map. He couldn’t be bothered about the wedding decorations (James: Who cares about the color scheme, Pete? I’ m marrying the woman I love!) 
  • Lily was absolutely glowing with an aura of happiness as the day progressed. If Remus’s smile lasted the whole ceremony, her smile lasted the entire month. She looked absolutely stunning, and Sirius made sure to take enough magical pictures to last a lifetime.

All of these memories ran through Remus’s head in his final moments. As he drifted away he heard a familiar voice, one that he could quite clearly identify the face to go along with it.  

                                    “Welcome home, Moony.”

Who is in Control - Part 3

It’s my birthday (Feb 3) and that means you guys are getting a gift. Enjoy., 

10 years ago, you and Tony Stark met and he adopted you.
Today, you are his heir and the newest member of the Avengers.
Your first mission? Help Bucky Barnes.
Oh boy, you wished things were this simple.

Word counting:  1450+
Notes: Keep in mind: Age of Ultron Never happened here. Gifs are from google or tumblr.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reader
Chapter: 3/??
Chapter name: Chapter 2 - Good Night

Part 1 / Part 2 - Series Masterlist

The luxurious kitchen seemed sterilized when they came in. Bucky sat down in silence while Y/N looked for ingredients in the pantry.

“Can you cook?” She looked at him, to which he gave no response.

She sighed. Interacting with him was going to be much harder than she originally thought.

“What would you like to eat?” She encouraged him. “Maybe eggs, bacon and pancakes, or waffles…”

“Eggs and bacon are fine.” He finally answered and she kept herself from smiling too much, walking to the stove and making enough for the both of them. When she finished, she sat down to the right of him.

When Bucky stared at Y/N’s plate in surprised, she couldn’t help but laugh.

“What? Just because I am a rich girl doesn’t mean I can’t cook or enjoy food?”

He blushed a bit, which surprised her, and she just laughed once more. Bucky took his time to start eating, but finished before she did. Y/N had based his plate on Steve’s appetite and was totally right.

“Aren’t you in the least bit bothered by this situation?” She looked at him trying to understand his facial expression. “I mean; I’ll be with you pretty much 24/7.”

He sighed and then looked at the young woman.

Originally posted by wintersthighs

“The others, they don’t like me. – His face was blank and he wasn’t really looking at her, and she felt uncomfortable with the look on his face.” Your father doesn’t trust me.

“They like you.” Y/N argued, even though she knew he was probably right. – They wouldn’t be helping you if they didn’t like you. Besides, my dad doesn’t trust anyone, and Natasha is exactly like him. Bruce has a lot going on and Thor is just a goof with a hammer.

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home: requested!

hey anon!!! i hope you like it!!

Originally posted by vikingshistory

it had been so, so long. so long since he had touched your skin, so long since he had seen your breathtaking smile, your beautiful (e/c) eyes, kissed your soft lips.

so long since he had seen you.

harald finehair loved raiding. he loved the way the warm ocean air grazed his skin, loved the way the cold water splashed up and rocked the boat side to side.

he loved discovering new things, new lands, finding adventure in the most unlikely places.

but, he didn’t love it as much as he loved you.

you’re his everything, always have been and always will. you two had met long, long ago as children, but you two never realized the love you had between you until you had gotten older.

harald treated you as a goddess, laying his life on the line for you no matter what time or day. he placed you before everyone and everything else.

you were his queen, his woman, his wife and his everything.

and now, you were pregnant with your first born.

harald was ecstatic when he found out that you were with child. of course though, after you had told him, he hadn’t let you out of his sight once.

the day his brother and bjorn had come to him asking him to raid, he declined immediately.

that is, until you stepped in.

you had begged him, and begged him to go. but how could he? you were so close to birth, he didn’t want to miss the birth of his first born.

but you seen the way his eyes glittered when they mentioned the word raiding several times in their conversation . you’d feel to bad for making him stay.

and that just made him love you even more. and that made it all the more harder to convince him to leave.

and finally, after about two weeks, you had convinced him to go.

though it had taken three hours to get him on the boat, nine passionate kisses and almost a million belly rubs, but you got him on there.

but harald could barely focus on the amazing journey ahead of him, all he could think about was you and your child waiting for him at home.

and now, after many months, he was coming home.

his heart was racing, he was so anxious to see you. he couldn’t wait to see you and your tummy swollen as you waited on the doc for him.

but one part in his mind wondered…if you had already had your child….alone.

that little thought caused a deep sadness within him. you had been near the end of your pregnancy when he had left, but he had only been gone for a month. and you weren’t even nine months when he had left!. surely you’d still be big and swollen.


but all those thoughts drifted away when he spotted the shores of kattegat.

he sighed with great relief and leaned against the mass. he could finally see the people up ahead, waving frantically to welcome home the men.

as they neared closer and closer to shore, haralds eyes shined with excitement at the thought if seeing you, waving for him, ready to be scooped up into his arms.

but when they finally anchored down their ship, harald was slightly disappointed.

you weren’t there waiting for him.

he looked from left to right, trying to spot your lovely (h/c) locks in the crowd,

but he couldn’t see you anywhere.

he paid no mind to the men behind him as he jumped off of the boat and on to the dock and frantically scrambled through the people.

he ignored the people grunts of annoyance and angry huffs as he shoved them away to look for his woman.

he looked around wildly for your form in the heavy crowd, but then, he spotted something.

(h/c) hair, shining to the left. it had to be you.

he rushed over, knocking a few people out of the way in the process. finally, he reached his goal.

“love, i-” haralds words trailed off as he turned the woman around and found that she wasn’t you. in fact, she was nothing at all like you.

but then again, harald couldn’t compare a single woman to you.

the woman gave harald a strange look and went to walk away, until he stopped her again.

“please, do you happen to know where my wife is?, (y/n)?” he asked, giving the woman a pleading look.

she thought for a moment, she let harald down when she shrugged.

“i’m sorry, i do not know. last i seen her was…about three weeks ago in the dining hall. she went and laid down, said she wasn’t feeling well”. 

and with that, the woman walked away.

this new piece of information startled harald. you were a strong woman, took battle wounds like it was nothing, no sickness could ever bring you down.

even during morning sickness, you’d take it and buckle down. 

so this, this scared harald. it shook him to his very core. he felt a sick feeling shake his gut and heavy heart.

you had to be safe, and the baby, you just had to be.

he then broke out into a run, and ran as fast as he could to your shared home.

his heart was racing, his whole body shaking, his forehead breaking out \into a cold sweat, his mind thinking up the worst thoughts possible.

what if you had lost the child?, what if you had gotten fatally ill?…………………

what if you weren’t there at all when he showed up?.

he didn’t want to admit this to himself, but he could feel the tears slowly creeping into his eyes.

they burned the faster he ran, along with his already aching knees.

he had to find you both, and make sure you both were safe and sound.

the fear got closer and closer as he approached the house.

everything around it seemed to be….dead.

no signs of life or movement were present in or around it. haralds chest was tightening, his throat closing. he could feel his shaky hand reach for the door, his heart thudding harshly against his chest.

finally, he pushed the door open.

and what he seen, made him fall to the floor with a loud thud.

there you lay in your bed, eyes fluttering open sleepily, holding a small white blanket in your arms close to your chest.

you were safe, the both of you were safe.

harald looked up and silently thanked every god he knew of, muttering thank you’s and thanking the gods.

“harald?, you’re home” you whispered, a large smile overtaking your features. harald felt his heart leap back to life, seeing as it had stopped just as he opened the door.

seeing his expression, your smile vanished and was replaced with one of concern.

“my love?, what is wrong?” you asked quietly, adjusting in the bed.

harald stood and swallowed thickly, blinking away more unshed tears.

“nothing, my wife. nothing is wrong” harald said, his voice much weaker than he had intended it to be.

he went to say more, but the small little whimpers coming from the blanket caused his attention to fly from you and to it.

this made your wonderful smile return.

“come, come sit”. this little command made his feet move automatically. he still was reeling from the fact that you two were okay.

he sat down beside you in the bed, sitting by your left and looking at the blanket.

you then started to gently unwrap it.

and when you were finished, harald let out a small gasp.

the child…your child..was absolutely beautiful.

your eyes, his lips, your cheeks, his nose, your hair color, his complexion. perfectly blended between the two of you.

for a moment, harald said nothing. he stared down at the beautiful child, whose fingers were wrapped so tightly around your finger.

his eyes were glowing with love and adoration towards the baby.

“she-she’s beautiful” he muttered, eyes never not once leaving the girls face.

you smiled lovingly and looked to your precious daughter.

“she’s absolutely perfect. here” you said, as you gently moved haralds arms out and placed your daughter into his large and open hands.

he was stunned silent at the feel of his first born laying so peacefully in his arms.

“m-my love?, how old is she?. she doesn’t look more than-”.

“eight hours old” you spoke gently. he looked from the child and looked at you with deep sadness.

“i am so sorry, my love. i should never have-”

“stop. harald, you seem to forget that it was i who wanted you to go. i wanted you to be with your brother and find new lands. all i cared about was your safety”.

 your words brought him some peace, but he would never forgive himself for missing the birth of his first child.

he decided to speak about this another time when you felt well enough, you had just given birth hours earlier of course.

the little girl raised a small fist and gripped his large finger in her tiny fist, giving it a few squeezes here and there.

this action warmed his heart. he knew this little girl would be the death of him, he never thought he could love anything close to you, but all of that drifted away as he held his baby daughter for the first time.

“have you named her?” he whispered, smiling widely as she started to suck on her other hand, her little eyes trying to open already.

“no, not yet. i was trying to think of a few names, but none had come to mind” you said, resting your head on his shoulder. he thought about it for a moment, he didn’t want to tell you, but he had been considering a name for many, many months now.

“what about Agneta?” he said aloud. the name sounded so right as he looked a her.

you hummed and looked down at your daughter, smiling widely.

“Agneta. that’s beautiful” you whispered.

“just like her” he finished. you looked to him and kissed his lips softly, earning a quiet groan from him. he had missed you so, so much.

“i love you, harald” you whispered lovingly against his mouth. he kissed your cheek softly and whispered.

“and i love you, (y/n)”. and as soon as the word left his mouth, the baby made a noise, a sweet innocent noise that caused the both of you to smile.

“and we love you, Agneta . more than anything in this world” harald had whispered, pressing his lips against the little girls head, slowly rocking her back and forth from his seat on the bed.

hours later, halfdan had made his way to your home, in hopes of seeing his new niece and brother and sister in law.

he pushed the door open and went to call out for his brother, until he looked over to the bed.

there harald, you, and the baby lay together. your head resting his shoulder, haralds head resting on yours, and the baby pressed against haralds chest securely, both of your arms wrapped around her as a little woven blanket.

halfdan smiled at the sweet scene that lay before him and slowly backed out of the house, shutting the door silently and turned back towards the hall to drink to congratulate his brother.

harald opened his eyes and stared down at his family, tugging the both of them closer, as if they’d fly away form him at any moment.

he kissed his babies head, then yours and whispered.

“i love you both so much, no one will ever know”. of course no one answered, and that just made the moment even more peaceful. he smiled and leaned back even more, shutting his eyes and slipping into nirvana as he held his family close.

his family.