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Cora: So your sweetheart’s ruling Kadara now. Be careful, okay? He’s still the same man who had Sloane Kelly killed
Ryder: *blew up the kett facility with all the angara in it* *shot Kalinda* *shot Akksul* *didn’t tell anyone that Sarissa left Ishara to die*
Ryder: what

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Never trust a man who treats you coldly, completely stops caring or acting like he likes you etc. when he is unhappy with you. That is not how love works.


This can be part of emotional abuse

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to make up for the other asks: What draws you to superbat? What's your favorite media? Favorite interaction between the two? I read the fic about Superman eating flowers, and Batman picking up ghost Robins - do you have any more DC fanfic recs?

i’m sorry that your answer to this was late, i couldn’t stop laughing about no chill joe chill. joe and chill. bro, chill. heh.

well! i think what i love about clark and bruce is how they’ve forged such a powerful bond in spite of their differences and similarities. as open as clark likes to be, he’s a very careful man, who trusts very few people with all sides of himself, just like bruce. we give bruce a lot of shit for being careful with his secret identity, but clark’s got a lot riding on his, too, and i think that makes it both understandable and incredible that they have such a friendship - they’re so careful, so of course they’d find each other, but on the other hand, they’re so careful, it’s amazing that they did, if that makes sense. i’m not known for my sense-making. 

my favorite media for them? definitely either the comics (which does depend on the comic) or the DCAU, it depends on what exactly i’m reading/watching at the moment. as for favorite moment, i know everyone wants to say the moment where bruce takes the bullet because he’s the one clark would miss most, but i want to say it’s this older comic where clark kidnaps bruce after jason’s death and takes him to smallville. it’s so sweet.

aaaaand, i’ll let my followers hand you their recs, because i actually haven’t dug too deep into the DC ficsphere. i have, like, all of the fanfic i could want in comic form. the dark knight returns is basically those really old “percy jackson is betrayed by everyone and then leaves but comes back cooler” fics, except with less betrayal and batman is unilaterally a nerd no matter how much everyone tries to fight it

Finished the Thrawn book. Mixed feelings...

I really liked that book until the final revelation. Those who want to avoid SPOILERS, please do not read further. 


And I really don’t understand why so many people do not seem bothered by the fact that this final revelation Thrawn tells to Nightswan turns our blue admiral into a completly different person: a liar, a spy, a man who do not even care about the Empire, who could betray anytime. What a disappointment. Thrawn was the hero of the Empire, so many imperials were following him, loving him, could sacrifice for him. THAT Thrawn is supposed to be the same “Thrawn” as in the Legends books? Ok, so go tell Pellaeon, Niriz, etc, that in fact Thrawn never cared about the Empire, was just a Chiss spy sent by the Chiss and only worked all his life to protect the Chiss, and only them. Using all these humans, his friends followers, as tools to protect the Chiss, like if they were the only worth protecting and all the other people of the galaxy could die or be used as prey to the Vongs/invaders. 

In “Command decision”, the men who did mutiny feared this, thinking that Thrawn had a secret agenda, using them for his own goals to only help aliens. How sad to see that they were right. That he never really cared for all these humans who believed in him.

And that false exile? he tells Nightswan that he was never “exiled”, that in fact he was on a secret mission… so it means he lied to his friend Eli all the time? that he even LIED in the final journal he gave Eli at the end of the book (where he confirms that the Chiss tribunal gave him the “Exile” punishment)? To me, he was really officially exiled and some Chiss like Ara’lani helped him turn that punishment into some sort of useful mission, but according to his first POV, he is officially exiled. I can’t imagine him lying in his own POV and to Eli even at the end when he sends him to help his little Chiss friends. Eli would discover the truth soon enough and realize Thrawn was a liar, so I hope the exile was real.

So yeah, I really have mixed feelings about the real reasons Thrawn gives at the end. I just try to tell myself that there is still 10 years between that story and Heir to the Empire (depending if he will reach that period, if he doesn’t die in season 4 of Rebels) and until then he could still turn into a real Imperial, more concerned about the other people and not only about the Chiss. Because now Thrawn sounds to me like a selfish xenophobic man who thinks that only blue-skins are worth saving. And it’s not at all the Thrawn we could see in Outbound flight who disagrees with his people because he wants to protect everyone, not only the Chiss… 

You know, we’ve got young victor, mature, gorgeous, like he belongs in some  kind of russian nobility fairy tail, sometimes not matching his years, he acts with such beauty and grace, but he is still a child.

And then there’s this older victor, this ridiculous big dork, who can be childish at times, who seems so confident but can be an airhead too. Who shows himself while fooling around, not caring who sees.

And the thing is, yuuri fell in love with both, a victor who made it hard to breath, everytime he appeared on tv… while the other, sweet and caring, the man who came to Hasetsu to meet him and made him laugh and smile like no one else did.


Voltron season two is lookin’ great

edit: ya’ll freakin out over this comic so let me make something very clear, this was done entirely in response to one of my friends getting death threats over sh/eith. No I’m not over reacting, you all have been terrible. 
Yes everyone is allowed to dislike ships and have an opinion, that’s not what this is about. This is about you all being cruel and yes quite frankly I’m angry.

edit 2: I’ve realized just taking shiro off the post still gets my point across but makes it way more vague. My points been made regardless so I’m done here. Stop sending death threats to people over ships. (and that goes BOTH WAYS, stop sending hate and threats to people who don’t agree with the ships too)

Sharing Is Caring (M)

Originally posted by sunshine-hobi

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Seokjin
Genre: lowkey pwp, um…this is literally filthy smut with my faves lol, oral, lowkey cum play, slight spanking, whole lotta dirty talk, explicit language (eg: cum slut, whore etc), slight thigh riding, dry humping, minor breathplay, minor gagging/choking, bondage, mentions of DP/anal, mxm themes, threesome, mutual masturbation, slight rimming, orgasm denial, Model!Reader, CEO!JinKook, Dom!JinKook
Word Count: 5.8k+ (holy crap…)
A/N: Okay this was supposed to be posted on the 1st, but I only finished editing and writing everything now ;-; yes this was my birthday present to myself lmao. Feedback is always appreciated! I really hope you enjoy because I literally died while writing it

  • Summary: “We love to share everything baby girl. Isn’t that right Jungkook?” The younger man nodded, the smirk not having left his ridiculously handsome face just yet. Jin pressed himself against you, fingers undoing the zipper of your skirt with ease as Jungkook helped the flimsy material slide off your legs, pooling on the floor. Jin slyly ran his fingers across the top of your already soaked panties. “Mind if we share your mouth tonight? You know what they say; sharing is caring.”

Jeon Jungkook. An young man who supported dark locks, cheeky smirks and quick fucks with his secretary, or rather, his secretaries when time allowed (which to his delight, was every morning and at every lunch break - unless he had meetings of course). As the owner of Jeon Magazine, a company that was entirely dedicated in making models look their absolute best and create monthly editions to sell in the shops meant Jungkook was practically living in money, but that also meant he was constantly under the spotlight, his every move being captured.

Every women he ended up sleeping with (which would be two of regular secretaries), would rave on about how good he was, how great his mouth was, how great his hips were when they were being pounded into the bedsheets at ghastly hours of the night, probably managing to wake up the neighbours next door, only managing to fuel Jungkook’s ego. If anyone threatened to tell the press, he wouldn’t hesitate to threaten them back - either that or he’d pay them a shit load of money so they could keep their mouth shut with something that wasn’t his cock.

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A Diligent Choromatsu Girl

“You might slip, so watch out. Be careful and walk with me.”

You like a man who’s diligent and sincere. How about going on a “hiking date in the mountains” with the one that’s on your mind this summer? His gentle disposition prompts him to be enthusiastic when you depend on him, so he may escort you according to the plans he has for you.

An idea I have for a fic:

  • Modern day AU (OBVIOUSLY, have you met me?)
  • Credence is working in a witch supply shop (will have to research what these are called idk)
  • He doesn’t believe in magic or anything, he just needs the money
  • The shop is owned by this old woman who swears she’s psychic and so there’s a tarot reading sign on the door
  • A MAN (NEWT) walks in and asks for his tarot to be read
  • Newt is cute
  • Credence is smitten
  • Credence doesn’t know a damn thing about tarot but he can bluff this
  • Especially if it means talking to cute Newt for a good few minutes
  • So he gets out the deck and shuffles it and I would research this but I feel if I don’t know what I’m doing it adds realism to Credence not knowing what he’s doing
  • He lays out the cards and he doesn’t know what they’re all called so he’s reading them and trying to make up a story
  • Newt wants to know what his future holds
  • Credence tells him some pretty bland stuff and he can see Newt’s shoulders slumping
  • So he says “OH! You’re going to fall in love! It says here!”
  • And Newt perks right up
  • “When?”
  • And Credence bites his lip, and surreptitiously checks his watch
  • “Around 2:46pm today”
  • Newt checks his watch
  • “That’s now”
  • “Huh”
  • “You got that all from the cards?”
  • “Yeah, that’s my job, I tarot read, that’s my job”
  • “Okay, because I was told by the old woman who normally reads my cards to come here at this precise time to get my tarot read and she does it very differently”
  • “And what did she say?”
  • “That I’d fall in love. At around 2:46pm”

I may write this idk I just really like confident!Credence and dumb fluffy situations. If you want to write it instead, inbox me and let me read it when you’re doneeee. <3