but who cares about reading ooc posts

hey everyone this is the only time i’m asking people to please read this:
as some of you may know, my recent ooc posts about some people in the rp realm, and this is the only time i’m going to address this. i may reblog it from time to time to those who care about my stuart or have not seen my recent posts, but most of you are already either familiar with my adaptation of stu, or know me as the mun pretty well. those of you that do, thank you for understanding where i’m coming from you have no idea how much it means to me. but either way, i just wanted to say that you guys know, i would never violate or hurt any of you. in fact i never have. my character adaptation of stu means a whole lot to me and there are so many amazing adaptations of stu out there that i respect apart from one. who i approached partly because i felt it was the right thing as a writer myself even though they say they ‘havent’. i’ve been super bummed this week and i want you guys to know, that how i developed my character through this past three years actually matter to me and i know to some of you too with your own characters. i dont wanna go much into detail anymore because i felt like ive explained to others already about the situation, but i just want you all to know that as a person, i would never ever copy/violate/imitate your version of your creation/character/writing. this is my creative space and my only safe space and if you know my stuart and myself pretty well, im sure you know where i’m coming from if this situation happened to you. i love you all and i always thank you for letting me write stuart for you as well as for myself. 

(( Quick OoC to say that I’ve finally gotten around to watermarking my drawings over here because of recent issues I’ve had with people reposting without credit (well, more like long-running issues that have been there since the day I made the blog, but still). As an artist it kind of upsets me when it happens being that it is very disrespectful to the artist to repost without giving credit, so to avoid it all of my drawings will now have watermarks on them somewhere provided I remember to add them. ;w; I don’t have issues with reposts, but at least give me credit in the description if you do end up reposting something!

That or reblog the original post, that’s cool too. And it takes just a couple button clicks. ))