but who cares


Four years later:

James: Remember when that Ravenclaw girl asked me out and you were looking at us, totally jealous
Lily: I wasn’t jealous.
James: Come on. You can admit it, we are married now.
Lily: I wasn’t.
James: Lily, we had sex. I mean, look at this adorable baby here.
Lily: I wasn’t. I was upset because Mr. Darcy-
James: Lily.
Lily: Fine. I was jealous.


So that’s the thing I’ve been working on. After finishing the first one I thought it’s not that good so I’ve sat for another 8 hours and made the other one to make it up for it. This little comic-thing-idek?? is the result. Enjoy ^_^ Also, I’m sorry if there’s something wrong with the dialogue, I tried so hard to make it good, but I’m too tired. So just please don’t hate me for it.

PS. Please don’t repost anywhere and don’t delete my ‘little’ thingy I left here ^.^