but who cares

love is in the air

imagine nico di angelo slowly realizing that he’s crushing on jason so he tells hazel about it and she just goes “what? you didn’t know? you were too obvious! everyone knows! oh my gods” 

and nico panics and calls jason “you knew i have a crush on you?! and you didn’t tell me?!!!” and jason is so confused “what? you have a crush on me?!” and nico deflates “y-yes” and he hangs up. 

suddenly he hears someone knocking on his cabin door and jason opens it, a little breathless. “how dare you hung up on me without knowing how i feel!”

then jason blushes because he realizes what he just said and then nico turns red too and then jason’s all “u-um, i… i gotta go now” as he points outside


there’s beauty in the breakdown...

Set immediately after Emma’s return from the wish realm… (rated M)

There’s a storm coming. He watched the first cloud roll in when her eyes took in only one of her parents in the small crowd of welcome, a poignant reminder of battles still not won. His palm had felt the stiffness of her spine as he walked with her towards her car, a swirl of emotions on full display behind the tightness of her smile. And now, her hand, with knuckles still white from her grip on the steering wheel, moves deliberately from his reach as she leads them into their home. It feels a bit traitorous to find beauty in her rage, but he can’t deny his body’s reaction to her inner fire just waiting to break free.

Pausing inside the door to shrug off his jacket and toe of his boots, he watches as her coat lands on the back of the sofa and her shoes litter the wooden floor at the base of the stairs. As he passes them both his fingers itch to move them to their rightful place, but he, in all honestly, is fearful of her wrath if she were to see him cleaning up after her in this moment. Lengthening his stride to take the stairs two at a time, he finds her in their bedroom closet already ripping at the buttons of her shirt.


She doesn’t respond as her patience with her shirt buttons reaches an end and the offending garment is ripped over her head and tossed on the floor next to the hamper.

“Don’t you dare pick that up.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it, love.”

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“You really wanna head back out there, huh?”



Alec snapped out of his thoughts as the teacher called his name. Panicking Alec skimmed the page in front of him, looking for an answer. Then he realized he didn’t even know what the question was.

“I…uh” Seeing his panic Magnus who sat besides him whispered the answer under his breath loud enough for Alec to hear.

“217!” Alec yelled the answer as Magnus gave him a glare.

“Yes, Mr. Lightwood you don’t have to yell it.” The teacher glared at Alec while Magnus shot him a ‘wtf’ look.

Cowering, Alec mumbled a sorry as he looked down at his table.

Sighing besides him Magnus shook his head at his classmate’s stupidity.

-  -  -

Drawing the last lines on his drawing, Alec scratched his head as he looked the drawing over. It didn’t look quite right.

A poke in his side caught Alec’s attention. Meeting Magnus’ eyes he realized that once again he had failed at paying attention.

Looking between the teacher who had crossed her arms waiting annoyed for Alec to answer to Magnus who desperately tried to point at the book in front of him without attracting the teachers attention.

The problem was that he hadn’t even opened his book.


“Mr. Bane what do you think you are doing?” Stopping wide eyed, Magnus met the teacher’s angry gaze as he realized they had been caught.

“Detention! Both of you.” Both of the boys dropped their heads on the table groaning simultaneously.

Great. Just great. Alec thought while meeting Magnus’ eyes. At least they were together

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let‘s just take a moment

Chapter 60-

“You should eat something,” I say.

He raises an eyebrow at me.

“Oh piss off,” I say, and I wonder if this is why he’s never had a girlfriend. Because he’d take her on dates to the library, then insist on sitting there creepily while she ate dinner alone.

Simon, dear, are you implying that this is a date you’re on?


Four years later:

James: Remember when that Ravenclaw girl asked me out and you were looking at us, totally jealous
Lily: I wasn’t jealous.
James: Come on. You can admit it, we are married now.
Lily: I wasn’t.
James: Lily, we had sex. I mean, look at this adorable baby here.
Lily: I wasn’t. I was upset because Mr. Darcy-
James: Lily.
Lily: Fine. I was jealous.