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“Where are my shin-pads” - an epic and thrilling tale featuring Lukas Podolski


Best of 2013/14 season - Fave Counter-Attack

►vs Everton (FA Cup)

Summary of my WC2013 experience day 18 (Knock Out stage)

France 2 Vs Nigeria 0

You know fear? that was the state of France before they woke up and took it for the win.Nigeria sacred the hell out of them.

A disallowed Goal for Emenike of Nigeria which was proven to have been onside during the panel discussion after the match when the technology was used. (unlucky)

Pogba with a fantastic header for France changing the dynamic of the match at 79’ redeeming himself from his futile attempts in the first half

Nigeria was disorientated trying to equalize. They lost their initial attacking vibe and an unlucky touch from Yobo resulted in an Own Goal that sealed the fate of the African champions.

Happy days for France

Germany 2 vs Algeria 1 (Heart attack)

This match was out to kill people. I dont know if everyone has recovered yet. Germany came into this game expecting an easy ride but it wasn’t the case. Algeria was on point playing amazingly well.

First half was a World wide Lamentation of how tight the match was. there were attempts that amounted to nothing and wasted shots. basically nobody was doing anything except Manuel Neuer.

Neuer was everywhere doing the work of everyone. He was a goalie,

a left back, 

 a right back

centre back, a central midfield.

he was everywhere Saving Germany because he is amazing


Few minutes into extra time and Germany is playing like Germany again. and soon there was a goal from Andre Schurrle

EVERYBODY: "you had 90 mins to do just that but no…you were sleeping, But God bless you Andre”

then like its Christmas another from Mesut Ozil

Majority: where did he come from? i dint even know he was on the pitch

and Manu is saying no to his confined space. He left his goal to save your ass he would leave his goal to celebrate

But at the very last minute Algeria had a rewarding goal by Abdelmoumene Djabou after being spectacular through out the Match. well deserved.

Mean while thomas Muller happened. Leave it to him to single handedly massacre a plan by being nothing but himself

and philip needs to learn a better pick up technique. you cant just go staright for someones pants like that

But bruv, per mertesacker giving us the classic move. that leg movement is real everyone needs to try it once in their life.

meanwhile someone needs to tell bruv he’s in the wrong sport

Day 18 left us gobsmacked but we want more bring on day 19!