but where is he in season 2

Spoilers for SVTFOE

So I want to make a post on this while the thought/s is/are fresh in my head. So in the season 2 finale of svtfoe we’re treated to many things, a missing Glossaryck, Ludo’s family, Toffee regenerating his arm assuming control of Ludo, absorbing the high council of magic and Star finally admitting she has feelings for Marco.

I do wonder where and what Glossaryck is/is doing in all this, I have some inklings on why he might be gone but not where he is. I suspect that in the endgame he’ll return and train star, but I suspect Glossaryck has wanted to leave for awhile now. He lacks real freedom, he is and presumably always has been bound to the spell book and the Butterfly family before the wand was separated. This also explains why he doesn’t have a “side”, because until now there hasn’t been a side. There has only been one wand and it belonged to the Butterfly family. While we know Glossaryck pretty much can do whatever he wants, I suspect he wants freedom more than anything. I mean look at his pictures in each of the tapestries it’s always the same frown, he looks miserable and unhappy.

Ludo’s family is next on my list, this is probably most shocking because Ludo always seemed to speak of them as though they were “dead” or “gone”. What is also shocking though is that there’s a level of nobility and hierarchy amongst the monsters there’s not just disorganised choas. The Butterfly family is also aware of their standing and treats them as she would any nobility. This would likely indicate some level of familiarity or history between the two families.

Toffee’s arm, well we all knew he was coming back. After all Toffee is the only real antagonist we have in the series, Ludo is more misunderstood and searching to create his own story as opposed to being truly antagonistic. I didn’t expect the wand to be what would return him to the “flesh” if you will, most of us expected him to restore himself through his severed finger. The show itself even seem to imply that, that was what was going to happen through Miss Heinous and her part lizard body guard whose name escapes me right because he can regenerate from only a arm. Toffee has picked up some new tricks since we last saw him, even being an impressive magic user albeit he’s only able to use magic because of the wand gem. He made quick work of the high council of magic Moon included. We also see that in his new abilities he can absorb the magic and seemingly life force of others which explains the fritz across the multiverse. We also see he wants his finger or rather that he’s coming to get it, why? Who knows maybe it’ll make his magic even more powerful, maybe he just wants to be “complete”.

Then we have Star returning home unaware of the danger coming for her she tries to mend her strained friendship with Marco, Moon then tells her alone of the danger coming for her and that she must return to Mewni. So in the end before she is forced to leave she decides tell Marco how she feels in front of everyone. This leads to Marco running up to her room trying to tell her something, presumably how he feels that’s just a guess though. Star’s room returns to normal and she’s gone, cut to credits of just Marco’s house, no music just his house. Now some people have said don’t worry Marco has dimensional scissors, but if I may interject my own concerns, Heckapoo the crafter and forger of all dimensional scissors is well let’s just say gone for lack of a better term. So who knows if the scissors will still work, we saw Moon’s work to place the bodies of the high council of magic somewhere but who knows if that’ll last or if it’s fleeting residual magic.

So yeah my long winded post that’s probably full of typos is done, I’ll go back through and edit it as I find mistakes. As I said I just wanted to get my thoughts out while they are fresh. So yeah if you’ve come this far thanks for reading.

sherlock in seasons ½ compared to sherlock in season 3 where he’s come back after having 2 years literally being tortured, just meditating on how much he cares about john, and how this is all for him, and that he’ll eventually be able to come back. and just, being infinitely more soft afterwards because of it

like the reverse of AJ who was hearing ‘ammo, ammo, ammo’

where in the true, non-mirror world it was ‘amo, amo, amo’ 😢

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I want sangwoo to do things just to make Bum smile or laugh

I know right???

But in all seriousness I don’t think it’s impossible for this to happen! Sangwoo is selfish but he’s increasingly obsessed with Bum and does have positive associations with him; he also has cultivated this persona of himself as a nice upstanding fun guy who’s very desirable and who people want to be around, so he has it in him to be charismatic and do nice things. While I think much if not all of his public persona is fake and done to throw off suspicion and feed his ego, I think w Bum he could end up utilizing the same behaviors for his own gratification when Bum is happy. I think the scene where he gets Bum crutches and takes him out shopping is Sangwoo experimenting with doing this. It still involves him being cruel (making fun of Bum’s sex toys etc), but hey, he’s still feeling out his relationship and feelings for Bum. In season 2 I wouldn’t rule out seeing Sangwoo do “nice” things w Bum!

Star and Marcos Fate

So Tomorrow is the day, Season 2 finale. But before anyone freaks out about Star and Marco splitting up and their friendship being over, there’s two major points I wanna point out. 

1. In the last season finale, Star and Marco got into a bad argument, Star questioning her friendship, but in the end like many people pointed out, she risked everything to save him. Her wand, the most powerful object in the multiverse. To Toffee, a villain she didn’t even know for Marco. Thats even before Star realized she had feelings for him.

2. Were taking this into the beginning, where it all started. Star and Marco didn’t have such a great start, Marco didn’t see her as a friend at all. He even disliked her. But when she apologized to him at the Stop and Slurp, you could see the emotions in his eyes, he forgave Star right there and then, before Ludo attacked them. And even during the attack he stepped up and defend this girl, one he did not know and just caused him a lot of pain. He still had that protective mind set over her before they were even considered friends.

In the end, Marco and Star will have up and down’s but there’s nothing that could happen that will break them apart. So many are worried for tomorrow, I say don’t be. It will be a crazy episode I know that, but no need to worry about the two splitting up. IT WONT HAPPEN! So just sit back and let Disney do their thing. I know they got a plan.

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people are literally calling connor the "white devil" while praising asher like?? why do they hate mentally ill people who show actual symptoms so much? connor can be an ass but asher is?so?much?worse? where do you think that's coming from?

I think a lot of it comes from Pete Nowalk trying so desperately to erase season 2 from the viewers minds. I mean obviously it’s working because many people in the fandom seem to just love him and acting like he’s the same asher from s1. 

He gives asher these lines to provide comic relief and all but, it just isn’t the same anymore since he’s a murderer. That line he said about going red wedding on anyone who goes to police. Not funny when it comes from someone who actually killed someone. 

Obviously connor has some issues but, pete nowalk has failed to give the audience any background on why he acts the way he does. I am really hoping and praying that he gives us that in S4. 

im rewatching season 1 of jane the virgin and i totally missed the part where rogelio asks xiomara about her singing and she says “you remembered?” and how it mirrors rafael remembering that shes a writer and how he’s the only one who calls her a writer. look how hard they drive home the point that raf = rogelio and jane = xiomara and later they drive home the point that raf =  mateo and jane = alba when it comes to rafael encouraging jane to sue luisa and therefore sue him.

my question is how did this show forget all of this and manage to throw it out the window in season 2.

in season 2 I want team voltron to be in some sticky situation and Coran has a King Bumi moment where he rips off his coat and he’s just. Fucking Shredded. Positively Ripped. And he kicks ass and everyone else decides never to cross Coran ever

places where shiro might have disappeared to
  • ceiling tiles of the black lion
  • texas
  • bruh maybe he just wanted to relax. maybe he went to an alien spa. dont judge him let the man relax
  • maybe he just found out he had the ability to turn invisible and wanted to freak the fuck out of his Friends
  • his body merged with zarkon and he finds out he can control zarkons body. cue a very disturbing realization that zarkon is like 2 feet tall and constantly hiding in a giant mech, and sneaks abord the castle. everyone freaks out.
  • alien sephora
  • hes a ghost that only the mice can see, but the mice dont know that shiros dead and just treat him like normal. they constantly mention all the shit shiros doing to get attention to allura but allura just thinks theyre being mean/silly. cue angst
  • no one knows where he went but the black lion can pilot itself now and when they form voltron the other paladins swear that they can see shiro in the cockpit, smiling sadly.
  • the future, freaking out several aged-up paladins by falling and breaking the dinner table. pidge has muscles
  •  yo danny fenton he was just 14,,,,, oh sorry yo takashi shirogane was just 25 when he hecking died
  • hes lost in the depths of space and gets picked up by space pirates, loosing his memory again. several weeks later voltron finds him using tracking with the armor hes wearing and discover the blast had rendered him deaf. the team works around it and makes an impromptu sign language 
  • shiro is found 15 minutes into episode 1, hanging out with the cow lance bought in the air vents.
  • there are several different shiros from different universes running around the castle now. none of them are from this universe. none of them are able to connect with the black lion, but they can stack on each others shoulders and form the Shiro Lion

I’m into the first episode of Voltron Season 2, 2:08 is the time stamp and would like to just casually remind you all that as the paladins are falling through a wormhole whose “integrity has been compromised” and hence “have no control of where [they’re] headed”, Lance’s first instinct is to yell “KEITH” before he yells for anyone else. Lance, your gay is showing buddy.

i’m kinda pissy bc of people who haven’t even watched skam reduce it to a show about “cute white gays”.

season 3 of skam is literally the most realistic, beautiful and good portrayal of a gay character and a gay relationship i’ve ever seen. it’s the only tv-show i’ve seen that has a canon bipolar character, that’s btw very realistically written and doesn’t romanticize the depressive episodes he has, and makes a big deal out of making sure everyone knows his mentall ilness doesn’t make him crazy and doesn’t define him as a person, and in the end his mentall illness doesn’t stop him from having good healthy relationships. he gets a happy ending. also the only show i’ve ever seen where they mention pansexuality and talk about the differences between pan/bi. 

season 2 is also so very important, especially the whole rape storyline about the importance of reporting the person who raped you. the reports of rapists went up 30% in norway after that season aired, that’s so increadibly important. when eva breaks up with jonas & says this 

that’s the only time ive ever heard a female character say this on a show even tho its so common irl. the storyline about Vilde’s and Noora’s eating disorder and them helping each other out was so realistic and important. Skam is also a female driven show, the first two seasons surround a girl group of friends and listen, these female characters, they’re so good. so so so good, so realistic. they look realistic, they don’t always wear makeup and have their hair done, they make mistakes and they grown and learn. they take care of, help and love each other. they’re SO real, so so so real, and i’m so thankful for that. 

there’s so much more but bascially. skam is a really really really important show and the absolute most realistic portrayal of teens i’ve ever seen in any tv-show and/or movie. i do wish and hope that they will include more non-white characters (there’s only 3 so far and people who tell u that that’s just how it looks in scandinavia are literally lying lol) and tackle subjects like racism (they did very lightly dab into islamophobia tho, but yeah very lightly).

besides the important topics this show deals with, it’s one of the most detailed well written tv-shows i’ve literally EVER seen, it’s almost impossible to find a single plot hole. there’s amazing subtle symbolism. it’s visually stunning, every single shot planned out perfectly to showcase exactly what they want to show case. it has an amazing soundtrack and amazing actors, it’s honestly one of the most well made shows i’ve ever ever seen.  skam is also very uniqe in the way they release their clips/episodes since it all takes place in real time and all characters have their own social media, we get to see texts between the characters between the clips etc. this have never been done before and it’s really cool. but yeah basically, this is why i get pissed and a bit petty. skam is actually such an important well made show, don’t reduce it to some boring attempt to being “gay inclusive”, because that’s not this show at all.

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You head canons give me LIFE

~*follow me for more soft human transmutation*~

  • *pidge voice* “alright two questions: 1. who put a ‘baby on board’ sticker on my lion because i’m going to kill them, and 2. where did you even get it??? we’re in space”
  • lance: *still holds a grudge on that girl in his 3rd grade class who borrowed his eraser during a test and never gave it back*
    • also lance: *would forgive you for stabbing him, probably*
    • he’s a complex guy
  • shiro’s actually the angriest person on the team, but no one can tell because he keeps the screaming on the inside
  • “keith speak texas for us”
  • allura suggests duels in the airlock to solve team issues. no one can tell whether she’s joking or not
  • coran is in constant awe of how inefficient the human body is. your retina are backwards? you still have five toes? what do you mean half of your species keeps their gametes in hanging sacks-?
  • keith is the ultimate rebel without a cause
    • always read to fight the power
    • what power???? all of them
    • he’s like one of those little wind up toy cars. you point him in a direction, try to pull him back, and then watch him go lmao
  • *team blows up a galra supply store* hunk: “heh, I guess you could say that business……… is booming” “hunk shut your damn mouth”
what i want in season 3 (or literally just any season)

- lance arc this time plz. i think the 3 minute scene where he thought he wasn’t an important part of voltron could be leading up to bigger problems like that.

- lance being homesick and just starting to isolate himself from the group, maybe even considering leaving voltron because he’s so insecure?????

- it would be so niiiiice if they would give him clearer qualities, because honestly??? im not even sure what his fighting qualities are other than being the “shapshooter” a few times.


- more galra keith backstory damn. i can imagine they chose keiths galra story for s2 because they’re going to use it as a plot device or something in the next seasons.

- ok i obviously want pidge to find her family, but i wouldn’t complain if she only found matt, just because i love angst hehehhe.

- so what happened to the whole “you’ll get some info about matts glasses”??? i need to know something about her wearing his glasses or just her saying something like “it’s the only thing i have left from him”

- give me the haggar story. who is she and why is she with zarkon??

- they need to find shiro obviously.

- a whole garrison episode would be great????? yknow i wanna see hunk, lance and pidge together as buuuuds again at the garrison. i wanna see when the rivarly started between lance and keith. and what about shiro and keith when did they meet????


- shiro + holt family interactions.

- i wouldn’t complain to get some klance either ;);););)

probably more idk


okay so hear me out. at the end of season 2, shiro mysteriously vanishes from inside the cockpit of his lion. i have no doubt he will be back to piloting black within a season, but here’s what i see most people asking: WHERE TF IS HE??


shiro has been transported not just through space but through TIME. and i know EXACTLY where and when he will eventually end up.

on earth. with the blue lion. in the caves with the carvings. but NOT in his original time. much much before that.

has everyone forgotten that the only reason keith knew to prepare for something arriving on the day that shiro crashed back on earth in his pod was because cave carvings told him that something would be arriving on that exact day? 

we all either forgot about it, or assumed it had to do with some weird prophecy. but my theory is that shiro made those carvings himself to ensure that the future he was in would still happen. to ensure that keith would eventually find them. to ensure all the events leading up to them reforming voltron and fighting zarkon would still happen. so that the timeline he was originally from would still exist for him to return to.

i have zero other details for this, i dunno how he actually gets back exactly (my theory is it’s got something to do with the black lion), and it fucks with a whole lotta space-time bullshit, and flirts with the scary idea of things like pre-ordained destinies existing, but holy shit guys this may just be it.

A Planet Earth Documentary on Junkrat Mating Season

Once every Friday, a gathering takes place of Junkrats. They gather in many numbers, large inter-breeding packs where they will constantly compete to be the alpha and avoid vicious predators together.

(Above: A gathering of Junkrats. Among them, a Eastern White Crested Junkrat (far right).)

Junkrats gather in packs of 2-6. You can see a Junkicus Toasticus has joined them. His unique markings make him a very desirable mate. He has become the alpha, who will protect the rest of his pack and all the future Junkpups he rears.

(Above: The alpha aiding his pack in taking down a foe.)

There are times Junkrats will not choose an alpha among themselves, but will gain a matriarch. It is a close member of the Junkrat family and tends to nest with the lesser subspecies. 

(Above: A Junkicus Hogroadia amidst a successful pack of Junkrats.)

(Above: A pack will viciously defend their nest and matriarch, just as the matriarch will protect them.)

  • Me after Rebels season 2: Wow Vader was at peak Extra. I doubt he can ever top "stand on top of my fighter as it slowly descends through the ceiling with my saber out and my cape billowing in the wind then jump off and do a superhero landing" lol.
  • Vader in Rogue One, building a huge ass gothic castle over an ancient sith temple, with a bacta chamber that fills the room with steam, on Mustafar, the very same planet where he battled Obi-wan and received his near fatal injuries: Lmfao bitch try me.