but where did he get the braces

03. Baby Talk

Harry wants to have a baby. 

Warnings: Fluff, smut

When you arrived home after a long day of work and smelled the roast, you knew Harry was up to something.

 Either he wanted to talk over a very important decision with you, or the tabloids were about to—if they hadn’t already—print a false or prying story about you and he wanted to take your mind off it. However, you still smiled as you slipped off your shoes and jacket.

It was the little things. That’s what no one told you about marriage. Marriage wasn’t all about the Instagram posts praising each other, or the mind-blowing sex, or the grand statements of affection. It was the foot rubs after a long day, a roast in the oven as soon as you came home from work, and the quick forehead kiss in the early morning when he woke before you. Those little things kept the love alive.

 And oh, how you loved them.

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Assumption: Akaashi is annoyed by Bokuto whereas Kuroo can handle Bokuto better

my claim: Akaashi and Kuroo act similarly (almost the same way) towards Bokuto but people tend to interpret Akaashi as more “cold” towards Bokuto because he’s a more stoic character.

Spoilers for: the manga (owls vs cats), the short comic (”super forgetful”)

Evidence underneath the cut:

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Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Epilogue

April 1


I find the letter at the foot of my bed when I wake up.




I don’t know exactly how to say this

I’ve been sitting here staring at the blank page for ten minutes

Why did you have to be the Mage’s Heir?

I wish this didn’t have to be so hard to say

Crowley, this is ridiculous

We’ve lived together all this time and

Bet you thought I hated you

I don’t hate you

I can’t even explain what I

Why did we have to be enemies?

Fuck it.


I love you Simon Snow.



He finds me outside the dining hall, and when he storms towards me I see the letter in his hand. I brace myself.


“When did you even write this?” I begin.

           Baz looks taken aback.  “What does that have to do with anything?”

           “And why did you have to write it today?”

           “It’s April Fool’s Day, Snow,” he tells me, “or did you forget already?”

           “That’s just it,” I say, my voice getting louder. “Why would you write something like this on a day where it could be a prank?”

           “For exactly that reason.”

           “Well, what am I supposed to think?”

           He gives me a look.  “Think whatever you want, Snow,” he shrugs, “I’ve made my move, just focus on making yours.”

           I glare up at him a second longer.  His eyes are gray and deep and almost sad.

           His mouth is right there, and his lips look soft like his hair.

           I wonder if he’s noticed where I’m looking.


I wonder if he’ll reach up…

           Or if I’ll have to reach down…

           Or if I’m even brave enough…


I’m not brave enough.

           I step back while I still can, before I’ve been staring at his mouth too long or before one of us closes the distance.

           I wish I had some sort of parting phrase, something more eloquent than “fuck you”, but I don’t.

           So I turn and walk away, feeling his eyes bore into my back, feeling that same magnetic tension I’d felt when I’d left him to cry away his own nightmares.

           I wait until I’m around the corner before I start running.


Maybe a love letter is a lame April Fool’s Day prank, but when else am I supposed to tell him? When else would he take it with a grain of salt?

           Except he didn’t take it with a grain of salt, even today.

           I hope it makes him hate me.  I hope he burns it in front of me.  I hope he makes me burn it with my own fire.

           I wish he would just break my heart and leave it at that.

           Because the only thing worse than knowing he hates me is not knowing.


I could have kissed him.

           I wanted to kiss him.


           I’m outside when I run out of breath and I lean against an ivy-covered wall before pulling my phone out of my pocket and dialing Penny’s number.



           “Hey Simon, what’s up?”

           I squeeze my eyes shut.  “You’ve got to help me.”

           “Why, what’s wrong?”



           “I almost kissed Baz.”


I find Simon sitting on the ground against a wall, and the grass is wet but I join him anyway and wait for him to speak.

           “What’s wrong with me, Penny?”

           I shoot him a look.  “Nothing’s wrong with you, Simon,” I assure him, “you’re just scared.”

           “Baz hates me.”

           I don’t answer.

           “And I hate him, right?”

           “If you have to ask me, then you probably don’t.”

           “But I must,” he insists, “I always have.”

           “Things change.”

           “Not this.”

           “Where is this even coming from?” I ask.  He hands me a folded slip of paper.  A letter, and even though it’s not signed, it’s clear who wrote it.  

           “It was on my bed this morning.”

           “You do realize this is probably a prank, right?”

           “But that’s just it,” he sits forward urgently, “I can’t tell.”

           “Simon,” I tell him firmly, “if he does feel this way, then what better day to tell you than on a day you might not realize it’s true?”

           “But why wouldn’t he want me to realize?”

           “Oh, I don’t know,” I scoff, “maybe because you’ve been mortal enemies your whole life and he’s supposed to kill you and it would be bad enough if he thought you hated him but even worse if you didn’t?”

           He doesn’t respond, weighing the possibility in his mind.

           “Quick question.”


           “Who almost kissed whom?”

           He shakes his head.  “I’m not really sure anymore.”

           “Did you want to kiss him?”

           It’s a long moment before he gives the slightest of nods.  “Why would I want that, Penny?”

           I put a hand on his knee.  “Oh, Si,” I murmur sympathetically, “you know why.”


I only go to the room for a minute after lunch to grab a jacket, but when I get there, there’s a note on my bed.



I love you too.



Of course I do.  How could I have doubted for a second that I did?


I avoid him for the rest of the day, spending most of it wandering the catacombs and when that gets boring, the Wavering Wood.  I climb to the top of the highest tree I can find and close my eyes, trying to remember how it felt yesterday.

           I don’t know if I should be reading into the note or not, but that’s probably my own fault.  I did it to him, so he did it to me, all on the one day of the year dedicated to practical jokes.

           Yet neither of us have actually said April Fool’s.

           I wait as long as I can to return to our room for the night, and by then it’s dark already.  Simon doesn’t appear to have come up yet, but the window is open, so he must have been here since I found his note.

           As I stare at the window, something dark and long swoops through the outside air lazily.

           I venture closer, and it swings by again, but this time I see what it is.  A dragon’s tail.

           Part of me wants to yank it hard and send him tumbling (his wings would save him anyway, no harm done), but I just poke my head out the window and find Simon on the roof, his tail dangling over the edge.

           “What in Merlin’s name are you doing up there?”

           “Turns out I like high places,” he replies without looking at me.  I should go back inside (I don’t have anything else to say), but the sky is clear tonight and the moon is hitting his curls in a new way and I could study them for hours.

           “What are you looking at?” he asks when he catches me staring.

           I shake myself out of my trance.  “Nothing,” I say, ducking to retreat back in.

           “You should come up.”


           “Up here, it’s a great view.”

           “I can see just fine from here, Snow.”

           “Yeah, but…” he trails off, still gazing out over the grounds, “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

           “You can come down if you want to talk to me.”

           “Where’s the fun in that?”  He shoots me a shy smile like he’s not sure if it’s allowed. “Seriously, just get out here.”

           I peer over the windowsill to the moat.  “I’ll fall.”

           “No you won’t,” Simon scoffs, “I’ve seen you climb.”

           “And I fell.”

           “I’d catch you.”

           He won’t look at me again but I can tell he’s not going to take no for an answer.

           I look anywhere but down or at him as I scramble over the sill and up onto the roof, not taking the offered hand but not slapping it away either as I might have done yesterday.

           One almost-kiss and you’d think the world was turned upside-down.

           Well, two almost-kisses.

           I settle into place beside him, anchoring my feet so I won’t slide down the angled roof.  It’s really not the most comfortable position, and the night air is colder up here, but now that I’m here I can see what he was talking about.  The Wood is like a quilt draped over the land and the hills roll like waves into the distance.  “Not a bad view,” I concede.

           “Told you.”

           “It would be a shame if I were to push you off the roof right now.”

           “You won’t.”

           “You sure?”



           “You just won’t.”

           I should, just to prove him wrong. Yesterday I might have.



           “Why haven’t we teamed up before?”

           I give a dark laugh.  “It might have something to do with being mortal enemies.”

           “Is that what we are?”

           “Well, it’s no secret that the Old Families want me to kill you.”

           “So why haven’t you?”

           “Are you getting impatient, Snow?”

           “You’ve had every opportunity, but even the times that you have legitimately tried, you’ve ended up saving me.”

           “I’ll make a note to stop doing that.”

           “Please don’t.”

           “I doubt we’d make a very good team, Snow,” I chuckle quietly.

           He looks genuinely curious.  “Why not?”

           “I think there has to be a certain level of trust in a team.”

           “I trust you.”

           I raise an incredulous eyebrow at him.  “I sold you out to a goblin yesterday, and now you trust me?”

           “It seems that way.”

           “Maybe that’s the reason we wouldn’t make a good team, because of your horrible decision-making skills.”

           Simon just laughs.  “You weren’t actually trying to kill me, and besides, look how it turned out.”

           My mind jumps straight to the almost-kiss at the top of the tree and I’m suddenly grateful for the darkness hiding my blush. “What do you mean?”

           “You killing that goblin,” he practically gushes, “that was incredible!”

           I shrug.  “Goblins are stupid, it wasn’t exactly difficult.”

           “Exactly. Imagine if we’d teamed up years ago, the Insidious Humdrum would be long gone by now.”

           “How boring our lives would be.”

           “We wouldn’t have to be enemies.”

           I look down at my legs.  “We’d still have to be enemies.”

           “We could be unlikely friends.”

           “No we couldn’t.”

           He glances at me carefully.  “Maybe not,” he agrees after a pause.

           Maybe he could be alright with friends, but I don’t know if I ever could.

           Fuck the Families.  Fuck the Mage.  Fuck the roles we’ve been given and the parts we have to play.  Fuck it all.  I just want you, Simon Snow.



           “Why did you have to write that letter today?”

           I don’t know if I’m shivering from the cold or the question, or both.  “I’ve already told you why.”

           “Why couldn’t you have written it tomorrow?”

           I cast him a sideways glance.  “You know that April Fool’s Day isn’t the one designated day of the year that I’m able to lie to you, right?  Saying it any other day wouldn’t make it true.”

           “If it were true,” he says slowly, “today would be the perfect day to say it without the risk of being taken seriously, right?”

           I shrug carefully.  “I suppose.”



           He looks me right in the eye.  “Did you mean it?”

           I hold his gaze.  “Why are you expecting the truth?”

           “Because I trust you.”

           “That’s right, I’d forgotten.”

           He waits expectantly.

           “It doesn’t matter what I say,” I sigh, “you won’t believe me.”  It’s the grave I’ve dug myself.


           I don’t answer, just meet his eyes.

           “Did you ever consider,” he murmurs, “even for a moment, the possibility that your letter would mean something to me?”

           I don’t speak, I can’t.

           “Or that maybe my note wasn’t a prank?”

           I gulp.  “The thought crossed my mind, but it was too ridiculous to entertain.”

           He shifts fractionally closer but I can already feel the energy start to crackle between us.  “It’s not that ridiculous.”

           “What are you saying?”

           Simon’s eyes are dark like indigo, his hair framed by the moon behind him.  “I think…”

           I can’t breathe as I wait for him to finish.


I don’t know if I can say it.  Writing it down is one thing, but saying it face-to-face, and this close…

           Baz’s eyes are silver, illuminated by the moon behind me.



“Do you know why I woke you from the nightmares?” he says suddenly, and I want to slap him for changing the subject.  (And then kiss his cheek.)  (And then kiss his mouth.)

           “Because I was keeping you from your beauty rest?”

           “Because you were scared, and… it hurt me to see you hurting like that.”

           He won’t look at me again, and I want to take his chin in my hand and make him meet my eye, but I stay still and wait.

           “When you had the nightmares,” he eventually continues, “you didn’t just say no a lot.”

           I already know where this is going.  “What else did I say?”

           “My name.  Simon.”

           Figures.  “I was afraid of that,” I nod.

           “Can I ask what you were dreaming about?”

           It takes a long time for me to answer.  “I had to kill you.”

           “And did you?”

           Just the thought brings tears to my eyes.

           “You don’t have to…”

           “Yes.  I did.” He’s silent as I take a ragged breath. “That’s why it’s my worst nightmare. I know I’ve been told all my life that I have to kill you, but if it ever really came to it, I want to think that I’d be brave enough to refuse.  But in my nightmares, I always give in.  Sometimes you kill me at the same time, and then at least I know I won’t have to carry on living in a world without you…”

“After I woke you,” he says a minute later, his voice getting quieter and quieter, “I hated myself for what I’d done to you.  I wanted to comfort you, to hold you until you fell asleep again, but I was too afraid.  When I walked away, it was like someone was ripping a piece out of me, and then I hated myself even more.  I thought the feeling would go away, but it didn’t.”  He looks me in the eye, and he looks terrified.  “It still hasn’t.”

He’s only inches away.  There’s tears in his eyes to match mine.  

“I think…” Simon moves even closer, “I think I meant what I wrote.”

My heart goes quiet, but I’ve never felt more alive.

“I know,” I whisper, “that I meant what I wrote.”

It’s taking everything in me right now not to fall against him.

I don’t miss his eyes as they flicker to my mouth and back up. When he speaks it’s less than a breath. “May I…”


He takes a handful of my shirt and pulls me down to him.


Baz tastes like citrus and wood smoke and I’m immediately lost in the scent.  His mouth is softer than I could have imagined and I want to be gentle, to move slowly, but I can’t stop myself from opening his mouth with mine.  I feel his sigh vibrate against my chin as I deepen the kiss and oh, it’s not enough.  I want to hear every sound he has, to explore every inch of him, to stay here forever discovering.  I know right now that I’ll never get enough.


Simon kisses me like he’s starving, like he can’t get enough, yet he’s gentle.  His mouth is slow and deep, and my hand is in his curls before I even know what I’m doing, angling his head and moving slow, like we have nothing but time.  The tears are spilling over from my eyes and I can feel the moisture of his own tears on his cheeks, but we’re both kissing through our grins, giddy and desperate for more.


Breaking away from him is like pulling the plug on life support, but he stays no more than a breath away.

“Are you shaking?” I whisper.

“It’s cold up here, Simon,” he murmurs back.  “Not everyone has an internal furnace like you apparently do.”

I grin and wrap my wings around the two of us.  “Call me that again.”

He presses a gentle kiss to my mouth.  “Simon,” he breathes, and I can’t stop myself from pulling him in again.

Baz keeps whispering my name between kisses, and I keep falling more and more in love with him.

Always Pt. 2: Run (M)

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While Jungkook is away, you make a new friend…

Originally posted by the-rap-man

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader

Genre: Killer!Jungkook, Angst, Smut

Word Count: 5,764

Content/Warnings: Smut, but nothing too graphic, drinking, lots of crying


You would die for him, kill for him, and everything in between.

He was as much a part of you as yourself. 

You didn’t want anyone else. 

It was always Jungkook.

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Date #2 with the old guy

So last night was date number 2 guys. Brace yourselves because this is a long one.

So we started out by going to dinner downtown closer to where I live. We ate and this time I did most of the talking so that concern is gone lol. We talked about work and school and I told him how I’m fundraising to go on a mission trip to an orphanage in Honduras. He said he would donate! I was like “lol no you won’t” and he was like “sure why not? :)” super sweet. We were going to get dessert but it was almost time to see our movie at 7:30 so we skipped dessert and walked to the theater. (He paid for everything btw. My dinner, my glass of wine, the movie, my candy at the theater, everything!) We got to the theater and he took my had as we walked up the stairs so I didn’t trip in my 4 and a half inch heels lol I refuse to wear flats with him because even in my high heels I’m still only up to his chest so if I don’t wear them I’ll be a miniature person in comparison. And I’m not even that short I’m 5'4"!

Anyways we got popcorn and candy and then went into the theater. (We saw Doctor Strange-highly recommend except it was pretty long lol)
As the movie started our hands found each other again and stroked my thumb with his thumb. Eventually our other hands found each other too and we were just holding all hands. Tangled up in each other. He started running his fingers along my forearm and wasn’t even looking at me it was so natural. And he wasn’t doing it hoping to get something out of it, he was just so tender and caring. We kept switching positions, holding hands, then I rested my hand on his bicep (which is very firm btw-that’s half the reason why I did it so I could find out lol. But I would expect nothing less from an ex minor league baseball player) I kept wondering if/when it was going to happen. If we were going to kiss. About midway through the movie I looked at him and he looked at me and we didn’t say anything, just smiled at each other and then it happened. He reached his hand onto my cheek/neck and pulled me in for a kiss. I put my hand on top of his and we had my second movie theater make out session of 2016. But this one was way better. He kissed my lips, my cheeks, my nose. When we pulled away, (side note-I’m literally smiling as I write this I can’t even handle it) we just looked at each other smiling and went back to holding hands and watching the movie. We kissed a few more times during the movie each time just taking each other in.

When the movie ended he asked if I wanted to get ice cream or dessert, since we didn’t get to get any dessert at the restaurant. I was like “sure we can go but I probably won’t eat any” and he said, “It’s really just an excuse to spend more time with you to be honest. We can just walk around the block or something.” So we did. He wrapped me up in his arms at every stop at a crosswalk and I rested my head on his chest. We walked around downtown, sat under a heating lamp at some restaurant and talked and kissed and then got the boot by someone who worked at the restaurant lol. We kept walking around, stopped at a crosswalk to get to the parking garage and as we were waiting for the light to change we wrapped our arms around each other and he started swaying back and forth. Dancing. We were dancing on the sidewalk. I was somewhere between self conscious and wondering if I was in a Nicholas Sparks movie. We crossed the street and walked to my car. He pulled me in close and tight and we kissed for another 5-10 minutes before getting in the car. I had to change out of my heels and into my sneakers to drive because I can’t drive in heels at which he laughed and said “no judgement.” I drove him to the train station and before he got out of course there had to be a goodbye kiss. Which lasted incredibly long. Because every time we tried to say goodbye it just didn’t happen lol. He literally had to like pull himself away and force himself to get out of the car. He waved goodbye and kept looking as I waved and drove off. I left so happy. I haven’t felt someone like me this much in a while. I’ve been just settling for people who kinda like me. But every time he kisses me, or smiles at me, or grabs my hand, I can just see it. I can see his feelings for me and it makes me so happy. Emotional even. (That could be because I’m PMSing but it really did make me emotional!) Because to see someone look at you and smile and like want to be there with you and want to get to know you and want to make you laugh, it’s such a good feeling.

We texted last night and I asked him what he likes about me. I’m so scared of being in another situation where someone just wants my body. Or as bragging rights. Or something. He said, “A lot of things. You’re smart and witty, funny and beautiful and fun to be around.” Nothing about my body and everything about me.

I’m so excited to see him again.

anonymous asked:

U don't have to do this if u don't want but scenario: coran has been working super hard but he been getting sick lately and keeps overworking himself until when he in the middle of cleaning the lions he full on klonks out. the lions freak out bc they've known him for so long and HE KLONK ON THE FLOOR. the paladins find him bc the lions are basically screaming in their minds "SOS" an they take care of him and remind him to take care of himself and how much he means to th team and comfort

Bio-scanners were registering a higher-than-normal body temperature.

No problem, really. He added a few crushed iquilu roots to his morning brew to act as a natural coolant, then went about his business as normal. The star map updates weren’t going to wait, after all.

He munched on a few more as he ate his lunch while working on the cleaning droids for the third time that week. He was going to have to talk to the others when they got back from planetside about taking decontamination more seriously. Whatever it was that was clogging the vents of the poor little bots, he was getting tired of finding it.

After he sent the last droid toodling on its way, he checked his bio-signature again. Hm, still running warm. Perhaps that fever he’d picked up two moons ago on Quukam had come back.

Well, there was nothing to be done for it. He had far too much to do. He’d just have to filch some more roots from the kitchens on his way to his next task.

Chewing absently, he finished reconnecting the last of the lights in the hallway, and stood back, satisfied, as the full set of emergencies flashed on, then powered back off. 

One more chore down.

He turned on his heel, then lurched to the side as the floor suddenly rolled under him, and grabbed onto the doorframe to keep from pitching face-first into the wall. Blinking, he held on tight and stayed very still until his vision swam back into focus.

Well, then.

He opened the bio-scanner screen again, then sighed. 

He really didn’t have time for this.

Red rumbled at him as he worked a dent out of one of her shoulder panels, and he turned off the torch, tapping the head against the metal. “Don’t you lot start with me,” he warned. “Especially not you. I know full well your paladin doesn’t get up here and do this.”

More rumbling.

“I am fully aware of my physical condition, thank you. But until we have a larger crew, I will just have to make do.”

A louder rumble, this time from Yellow.

“I will sleep when I’m done, and no-”

His voice failed him when his vision did, and his feet slid away from where they’d been bracing against Red. Pain lanced through his shoulder and head as the construction harness crashed into the Lion’s side.

He only vaguely heard the Lions roaring in alarm as consciousness left him.

Awareness came back to him very slowly, black washing to grey, and then colors slowly leaking in through blurry eyes.

He was in a cryo chamber.

The last place he’d ever wanted to be again. 

Hating how slow his limbs were to respond, he lifted his hands and shoved against the glass, gratified when it opened with a hiss to let him free. Before he could stumble out, however, hands caught him from both sides, and the worried faces of Shiro and Allura swam into view for a brief moment, then she threw her arms around him, squeezing tight.

“Don’t you ever, ever do that again,” she said, half growl and half sob.

“What?” Coran asked, still somewhat dazed.

“Can’t… really explain it, but we all heard the lions screaming down planetside,” Shiro said, face pale with worry.

“They said you’d passed out while working on them and if we didn’t get up here pronto, you were gonna fall and die,” Hunk added from the chair he’d apparently been keeping a sleeping vigil in, judging by the blanket.

There were a lot of pillows and blankets in the room.

“What were you thinking?” Allura asked, finally easing up her grip on him.

Coran sighed and looked away uncomfortably, raking a hand through his hair. “Someone has to keep this place running while you lot are off doing the fighting.”

“So it’s okay to just push yourself to death?”

He found he didn’t have an answer for that.

“You’re up!” Another small body barreled into his midsection, and when he’d gotten his breath back, he looked down to find Pidge had joined in the squeezing. “Holy crap, don’t scare us like that again!”

Coran hesitated, mind a muddle of conflicting thoughts. Thankfully, Hunk saved him with an arm slung around his shoulders, guiding them all towards the door. “Y’know, I bet all this will go down a lot easier after our man has had some nice soup. Amma always said soup is the best thing for when you’re sick, and she’s never been wrong before.”

“Alright,” Coran said, letting them pull him along. “Sounds good.”

They could discuss the rest later.


Warnings: Swearing, smutty

Pairing: Draco x reader

Word Count: 1900+ (my imagines will always be over 1000 XD)

Summary: Draco and Y/N get caught in a very compromising moment

Requested: NOpppe

Originally posted by foolforfelton

You’re  friends with Potter, Granger, and Weasley. They found you being bullied by Malfoy when you were in year two and defended you. After that, you guys just naturally clicked and became friends. Everyone knew Harry, he’s practically a legend. Everyone knew who he hung out with, so everyone knew you.

It was Christmas time and there was a huge feast being done in the great hall. You sat next to Hermione eating some soup while Harry and Ron stuffed their face with chicken legs across from you.

“Bloody hell!” Ron snapped causing Harry, Hermione and you to snap your head in his direction.

“What?” You asked curiously wondering what now could be going on. Ron put down his oversized Chicken wing and shook his head disappointedly.

“Malfoy, can’t take his eyes off of you! Stupid bastard eyeing you now that you went through puberty.” He exclaimed.

“Hey!” you laughed at Ron after saying that. You did go through an awful lot. Braces, glasses, all that. As you thought you were late while all your friends were getting bigger breasts, and bigger asses, you were just… awkward. Until one year, you came to school and just… bang. “He called me a mud-blood, Ron, he doesn’t like me.”  Hermione and Harry looked where Ron was looking.

“He wouldn’t hesitate to hurt Y/N,” Hermione, he told all of you.


The next day you walked into Professor Snape’s room sitting down in your usual spot. Hermione tried to sit down next to you, but Malfoy managed to slip in before her. Hermione seemed to be caught off guard as she looked at you.

“This is not your seat!” Hermione growled, Malfoy turned and looked up at her.

“It is today.” He replied just as harshly. You began to get up to sit at the table next to you. If Hermione couldn’t sit there you would just move. He grabbed your hand and pulled you into the seat. “You’ll be sitting here for today,” He whispered into your ear huskily. You sat down.

“Pull anything and I’ll have your head on a fucking platter,” you whispered back. The class just started, and Snape was talking, but Malfoy pressed on. Malfoy had tried to kiss you the other night while you were at the library, you figured he came to make sure your mouth stayed shut.

“What is a mud blood like you going to do to me?” He retorted.

“You didn’t say that when you tried to kiss me last night, did you Malfoy?”

He grabbed your wrist under the table and squeezed. Why did he even want to sit here if he was just going to insult you?

“You’re lucky I have patience for you,” He smirked, letting go of your wrist. You two were in very back of the class, Hermione and you were accustomed to getting as far away from Snape as possible.

“Don’t test me, Malfoy, I could hurt you so easily. I mean how hard could it be? Hermione punched you in the face.” Draco put his hand on your thigh, you slapped his hand away quickly. “You’re a bully, product of your parent’s life. What did you do all those years alone in your house? Did daddy Malfoy play board games with you?” He slammed his hands down on the table and grabbed your chin pulling you close towards him. Everyone turned and looked at the both of you. You heard Hermione get up and at the corner of your eye you saw her wand out.

“Listen to you little bitch-,”  Before Draco could say anything else Snape caught on.

“That’s enough! I ought to see both of you in detention, Malfoy.” He settled his gaze on Draco and let out an exasperated sigh. Although Snape was very fond of Draco, he didn’t like his behavior in the slightest. “Have you learned any manners than not to put your hands on a women.” Draco snarled at you while Snape put his gaze on you. “And Y/L/N.” You looked up at Snape expecting an apology for Draco’s action. He set down his potion. “You have detention too.” Draco laughed next to you, while you gawked at Snape.

“But I’ve never had detention!” Snape looked at you and shrugged. You were well behaved in all classes and had very good grades. But how? How could Snape give you detention?

“There’s a first time for everything Ms. Y/N.”  Being that this was your last class you were not excited to be spending your time on detention, particularly with Draco Malfoy. Later after class, you went to detention with Draco. It was decided you would have detention in Snape’s room while he was at a meeting.

You sat on opposite sides of the room as Draco. Snape got up and told you he would be back in an hour. As soon as he left you heard Draco saying some insults to you.

“You filthy little bitch, my father will hear about this!” you put down your book and slowly turned your head around. You ignored him, it wasn’t in your best interest to have another fight with him, even worse get another detention. “Of course you shut up now! Don’t want to get in trouble.” You seethed as he talked, you wanted nothing more than punching him in the face. “Stupid mud blood!” Every time he opened his mouth you got angrier. “That’s no way to treat me, how you did…” You swallowed your retort and just smiled and tried to move on. But that only made it worse. Then he felt empowered to sneer about Ron, your friends. Burning rage coursed through your body like poison, screeching a demanded release. It was like a volcano erupting; fury sweeping off me like ferocious waves. The wrath consumed like engulfing your moralities and destroying the boundaries of loyalty you had ever had.

You walked closer to his desk as your from upturned to a sadistic smile.

“Tell him what? That you tried to come on to a Gryffindor? That you put your filthy hands on her thigh and tried to seduce her? You came on to me! You got yourself in detention.” You slammed your hands on his desk so he could look into your eyes. He was angrier now. He looked up at you with hatred. He grabbed his hair and pulled his face close to yours. “I wonder what your Slytherin friends will think.” He yelped and tried to smack your hand from his hair. You pulled harder and harder. He leaned in so far to your face that you could feel his heart bang against his ribcage. The unsteady breaths rested on your lips. “I wonder what sexual assault goes for in Azkaban, even better, I might want to send you to muggle prison.” You let go of his hair, pushing his head back as you did so. “You said to me in the beginning of year five you wanted to see me get angry.” He held his head and huffed. “It’s year six and I’m livid.” His gelled hair was frayed and messed up. He stood up abruptly causing you to shudder.

“Are you blackmailing me?” He asked with a smirk. He hands ran through his messed up hair and then looked back at you. His eyes danced across your body looking in places he should have. “You got a lot of nerve. Pulling my hair, threatening me.” He walked closer towards you. You backed up as he walked closer. He loosened his tie and chuckled deeply “Sometimes I wonder if they put you in the right house.” You were offended, you were no Slytherin, not one like Draco in the very least. There are plenty of kind Slytherin, but the Slytherin Malfoy meant was the deceiving, horrid ones.

“I’m not Slytherin, not your type.” Draco grabbed onto your arm and kissed your cheek softly, traveling down to your neck.

“You’re right.” He whispered on your neck. You stiffened under his touch, you tried pushing him away, but they were weak attempts, weaker than they should be. You wanted it, but at the same time, it felt so wrong.

Your hands ran through his hair as you let out a moan. He looked up smirking. You wrapped a hand around his neck and pulled him closer to you. You weren’t sure what you were doing. But his lips were on yours and you ass was sitting on one of the desks. He tasted like mint and apples. Your eyes closed as you pulled deeper and deeper into his mouth. You legs wrapped around his torso as they pulled him closer. Your hand rested on the back of his neck as the other gripped at his hair. His placed his hands on the small of your back, where they occasionally roamed around. You tugged the of his shirt. He wasn’t wearing a robe this time. He was just wearing his Grey sweater and white under shirt like everyone did. You took his tie and loosened it even more around his neck. He pulled off his sweater quick, as your hands unbuttoned his white undershirt.

    “This is risky,” you mumbled against his lips, pulling him in closer while you held his arms.

“I’m not scared, I’m never scared,” He chuckled, pulling down your skirt causing you to scoot forward as you grabbed onto his shoulders and laughed a little. He smiled down at you as you laughed. It was genuine, but still, Malfoy was a coward.

“You’re not scared of anything huh?” You asked him while he rid you of your house sweater. “Than what about the time Hermione punched you, or how you cried and ran away every time something bad happened.” He got more forcefully as he unbuttoned your under shirt.

“I’m working on not being an arse, so cool it,” He said it harshly, and if you were being quite honest, you liked his bad boy attitude. Just not his need to be superior to everyone and hate on muggle-borns or half Bloods.  

“Really? Well maybe if you lost the superiority over half Bloods and muggle borns, I’d like you better. Maybe if you could lose the bullying, but still be, well.” You stopped there. It was a bad idea, Draco. He was prejudice and sneering. He would never have a heart of gold and you don’t think he would ever be the man you would want him to be…It was bad judgment and common sense, but you’re only a schoolgirl. His upbringing was terrible, that you knew. And you thought that this scared boy could at least be decent. It was a stupid thought, but a thought nonetheless.

“I’ll never be a good guy, but I’m trying.”

“You’re a horrible excuse for a human being.”

He didn’t say anything, he just unbuttoned my shirt, failing to actually push it off your shoulders and have my skirt halfway off your thighs.

Possibly because he had a good face you were doing this, but you saw a tiny part of yourself in him, you were also scared.  

You unbuckled his belt, he tilted his head upwards closing his eyes as you palmed him through his boxers. As soon as you did that you heard talking down the hall. Snape. You panicked.

“Draco!” You whispered. He pulled out his wand in a hurry and with a swish all your clothes were on and you ran back to your desks. The door opened and Snape looked at both of you. A smile formed on your face. He stared at both of you. He knew something was up.

“You can go.” He told both of you. “I don’t need you two making a fuss in here.” You both got up in a hurry. As you left you heard him say something. “And don’t ever do that in my classroom again.”

The Countdown

Taehyung googles his symptoms and convinces himself he’s got a week to live, Yoongi’s coerced into helping write his will, and you’re just trying not to go insane.

a belated birthday present for the wonderful amazingly perfect @taesthetes !!! it’s three days late, unfortunately. See end for full list of disclaimers and notes.

6.7k words, fluff + comedy, taehyung/reader, normalverse

It begins with a cough.

A singular cough, insubstantial to the larger picture. Taehyung ignores it. That is, until suddenly his chest and throat seize and he feels this strange pressure and irresistible scratchy feeling that results in a whole slew of coughing and hacking.

With a grunt he slumps into his chair and immediately fumbles for his phone. The coughing’s stopped now, but the feeling of impending doom has yet to go away. As do the slightly woozy, borderline-feverish feeling and the sniffling of his nose.

Quickly, before he can possibly drop dead, he dials the number of the one person he can trust in times like these:

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Gray Areas

Word Count: 1890

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

↠Notes: angst+fluff, modern au, strong language

You wipe off the last of your lipstick, the side of your hand painted with pale red smears. Your mascara’s already mixed with salty tears, dripped down right above your cheek bones. With both your index fingers, you wipe the trails away in a quick motion. You stare into the bathroom mirror, while your hands scrub away under the running sink.

You wipe off the last of your lipstick, the side of your hand painted with pale red smears. Your mascara’s already mixed with salty tears, dripped down right above your cheek bones. With both your index fingers, you wipe the trails away in a quick motion. You stare into the bathroom mirror, while your hands scrub away under the running sink.

Your phone rings. A loud groan escapes your lips. 

Reaching into your purse, you’re about to hang it up, until you realize that it’s just Kyungsoo. “Great timing. Come pick me up Soo…” you grumble wearily into the receiver.

“Y/N… Chanyeol just called me and said ‘yo get your girl’… What is it this time?”

“The fuck?!” you fume. “Is he implying that I’m the one at fault?” Your voice echoes through the empty restroom. “And why the fuck is he always calling you when shit happens?“

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When your bf don’t fangirl...

“What do you mean you know the name of his sisters?”

And you know what they do and where they live?????”

“How the hell do you know the name of his parents?”

“How did you know his parents are divorced?”

“Wait, hold on, naugthy step? What the hell is a naugthy step?”

“You know the name and sexual orientation of his PR manager?”

“You know whoelse are his PR manager’s clients wtf???”

“How do you know he changed the painting in his living room?”

“How do you know he needs more shelves?”

“How do you know he cleans his own house?”

“How do you know these kitchen cabinets look like his?”

“How the fuck do you know he did and when used braces?”

“How in the world do you know he speaks greek?”

“Wtf do you mean you know the brand of his vacuum cleaner?”

“Wait, that’s not the same suede greay shoe? But didn’t you say he always wears it? How the fuck do you know it’s a new pair??”

“Wait a minute, you know his favorite childhood movie?”

“How do you know how he got that scar?”

“Wow, where did you get this bolognese recipe? It’s delicious. - Oh.”

Public Indecency

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 841
Warnings: Violence. Blood.
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @magellan-88 Prompt: Ford Mustang / Quote: “You’re sexy when you’re mad”
Challenge: This was written for @beckawinchester’s Becka’s Birthday Challenge. My quote was “You’re under arrest for public indecency!!” and my location was a police station.

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They say that the world was built for two

MP100 Valentines Week 
Day 7; Flowers

pairing: terumob

Story tag


To Reigen’s credit, when he opens his front door late on a Tuesday night, to be met with a disheveled and mildly-hysterical teenage esper – whose brilliant idea of a polite greeting is “Please I need your help I am losing my mind” – he doesn’t so much as bat an eye.

“It was only a matter of time at this point,” he says blandly, and stands back to let Teruki inside.

And now they’re sitting on the sofa and the armchair respectively; Teruki curls his fingers around his usual mug, breathing in the steam and the scent of sweet cocoa as it drifts up to him (and it’s amazing, he’s never had a usual anything at someone else’s home before). It’s calming, more calming than a warm drink and familiar cup have any right to be, and after he’s managed a few sips and a few deep breaths, Teruki no longer feels like he’s on the verge of drowning. 

Reigen is waiting patiently for him to sort himself out, but surely that won’t last much longer. “I’m very sorry for showing up like this,” he begins with, hesitantly lifting his eyes. 

Reigen raises a brow and gestures with his own mug for Teruki to get on with it already. Okay. Fair enough. He’s danced around the subject long enough.

Carefully setting his hot chocolate on the coffee table, Teruki folds his hands together on top of carefully crossed knees, and says, as painstakingly as he had rehearsed a hundred times, “I have feelings for – for your student. For Shigeo.”

The words take a weight off his chest as he parts with them.

It feels better than he thought it would. To say it out loud, where someone else can hear. 

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I am a huge ACOHAD fan, and really enjoy reading the ACOHAD extras. Can you do one in which Elena is actually pregnant? I found the one with Rhys and her brother so cute!! Also, when will the next chapter of ACOHAD be out? Thanks!!

I’m not sure about the next chapter, I’m having a really hard time with it. 

And sure! Just remember that you asked for this after you’ve read it. Here’s my masterlist if you want to reread the cute stuff once you’ve finished with this. Much love!


Rhys put another slash through his map. Just another territory who wasn’t abiding by the treaty. It’s not the worst thing, it’s just annoying to have to sort them out so often when there were plenty of other things that he and his mate could be doing. Today, he had wanted to shop with his wife for their daughter’s one hundred and eightieth birthday, but now he was stuck here dealing with this crap. It was tomorrow, and although he had certainly gotten her some gifts, it would never be enough for his little girl. He was unlucky that it was so late in the evening. By the time he was done it might be dawn, and fae would have shut up shop by then.

His door opened, and he was ready to tell Feyre his frustrations when he saw that it was his little girl instead.

“What a pleasant surprise!” He got up from his chair and enveloped her in a hug. She was wearing a long dress made of the darkest black velvet, high collared and long sleeved. Her hair, the exact same shade as his, was in a tight bun, and exhaustion was written across her face. “How was the Winter Court? Thank you for doing that for me, I hate that I put it on you because of this stupid treaty debacle. Hey, are you okay?” He pulled back from her shaking form to see that she had covered her face in a desperate attempt to hide her tears.  

“It happened again.” She gasped.

“What happened, Butterfly?”

“I lost another one. Another baby.” A sob tore through her body. “I didn’t even tell Kaden I was pregnant this time.” Her face scrunched up in pure pain, and Rhys pulled her back into him, tears of his own welling in his eyes. His poor Butterfly. How many times had this have to happen? It had gotten to the point where he didn’t even know what to say. What could he say? If there was a way to comfort someone after they had lost a fourth baby, he didn’t know what it was.

“How long have you known you were with child?”

“A month.” Her voice wavered. “I hid it in the bond, covered my scent. It was so horrible. I wasn’t even excited when I found out. I was here, waiting for the pain I knew would come. Do you think I did this to myself? That because – because I didn’t love this baby the way I loved the others, it was taken away?”

Rhys pressed a hard kiss to her head, and squeezed her tighter in his arms. That’s when the metallic scent hit his nose, and he realised that she must have come straight to him after she lost the child. Shit. Shit. Feyre would be here soon, and then he might have an idea of how to sort this out.


Feyre sat next to her daughter, squeezing her hand while she soaked in the bath. She had tried to make it as nice as she could, bubbles over filling the tub, scented candles lining the walls, but her crying had yet to cease, and it was becoming unbearable.

“Rhys is with Kaden right now. He’ll explain everything.” Feyre tried to sooth her.

“I don’t want him to know,” Eleana replied quietly. “Every time this happens, he gets – he just – he is so upset, and he never blames me. He should though. I’m the one that can’t carry our children. I keep thinking about it – why I can’t do this.” She paused, and let out a shuddering breath.  “Why can’t I do this?” Another tear escaped, and Eleana sunk lower into the bubbles and water. “When we lose a child, Kaden likes to tattoo a broken arrow across his heart. He tells me that when we finally have a child, a sword will join their ranks, ready to protect. I can’t bare it, sometimes.”

“Butterfly,” Feyre shook her head, “None of this is your fault. It’s just hard for fae. So many females lose their babies, and as heartbreaking as it is, there is no one you can blame. One day you will know the joy of having a child, but I hope that it is before then, that you realise there is nothing wrong with you.”


Rhys went to find his daughter’s mate to tell him the news. Unsurprisingly, he was shopping for her birthday. He had a wide smile when he saw Rhys that quickly turned sour when Rhys didn’t reciprocate it.

“What’s wrong?” Kaden, his daughter’s husband and mate for well over a century and a half, was a very nice boy, who’d had a very hard beginning in life. He was wearing the matching suit to Eleana’s dress, and still had his crown on from when they went to the Winter Court earlier that day. Eleana had told Feyre, who was streaming everything to Rhys, that when she started bleeding she fled from the court to Rhys, telling Kaden that she had forgotten something else she had to do.

“Here, come with me. We’ll talk at the house.”

Kaden put down the small trinket he was holding, and approached Rhys, shaking his head as he did so. “Is it Eleana? Where is she, I’ll go to her.”

“Just come with me to the house, Kaden.”

“Don’t play around, not with her.” His jaw was set, and his black eyes were hard.

Rhys let out a heavy breath, and braced himself. He looked around and saw that there were no eavesdropping fae around, but talked quietly just in case. “Eleana wanted to wait until after she was finished with the healer before I came to get you. Right now, she’s with Feyre.”

Kaden looked taken aback, and his shoulders tensed. “What happened?” He whispered. The poor male looked utterly devastated at the thought of Eleana’s pain.

“Come with me.”

Kaden finally nodded in agreement, and Rhys took him back to his home to admit to him what Eleana had divulged.


Feyre smoothed back Eleana’s hair, humming a lullaby as her daughter tried to sleep. She had stopped crying, thankfully, but was now just staring blankly into the distance.

A knock sounded at the door, and relief flooded through Feyre now that Rhys was here. Eleana wasn’t the only one who needed her mate.

Rhys came in with Eleana’s mate in tow, his face solemn. He greeted Feyre with a smile, and went straight to Eleana. He shucked off his blazer and shirt, his Illyrian wings tucked in tight to his body, and pushed back the blanket. Eleana’s arms reached out for him, and he sidled into bed next to her, embracing her fully into him.

Feyre took this as her cue to leave, and stood from her chair next to the bed with Rhys’ help. He had been longer than expected. He took Kaden to their house to explain the situation, and then together they came to Eleana and Kaden’s home.

She didn’t know how they were going to get through this, again, and she prayed to the Mother that her daughter be blessed with the child she so very much wanted.

{ the little things }

pairing: lafayette x reader

prompt: “you could do an imagine about height differences! like the reader is shorter and their partner laughs while watching them try to reach for things on high shelves or like how the reader stands up on their tiptoes to kiss the other would be really cute”

a/n: i felt like this read more like a head canon??? but i added little like fics/drabbles to kind of break it up a little more. hope you like it!

Lafayette was tall. Simple as that. You never really thought of yourself as short until you stood next to him. When you had to move your neck all the way back to really look up at him was when you were reminded of how much smaller you were. 

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you outshine the morning sun, my son

obligatory bit of captain cobra while cleaning out cs wips folder. obligatory hamilton reference. obligatory baby jones. i couldn’t stop myself.

Henry Mills, to be honest, was tired of the crying.

Yes, he was a fifteen-year-old who was just now experiencing the pain of a baby sibling—Roland didn’t count; the child was walking and talking completely normally by the time they met—but he was still terribly annoyed.

Liam was adorable. According to his moms, he looked like Henry himself as a baby. Henry didn’t really see it; Liam looked exactly like Killian except with hair of a lighter brown, more like his. According to Regina, Liam was a much better baby than Henry—she said it with a reminiscent smile just tinged with pain and remembrance.

But good heavens, Liam cried so much.

He spent as much time over at Regina’s as he could, but really he needed to see Emma too. So every now and then he suffered through a night or two of a screaming six pounds of young infant.

He read to the kid as much as he could, since Killian claimed that the boy sometimes actually slept a few hours at night after said story. Therefore, Henry tried to be decent and take Liam off Emma and Killian’s hands for a while so they could get a modicum of sleep. He held the kid in one arm—after Killian showing him how to not drop the wiggling child—and flipped the pages in the book.

He could have sworn that Liam preferred the tale of Charles and Leia without being told that the two were his parents.

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Schoolyard marriage

Summary: bucky confesses his love for you after you met another man. Will you love him back?

Pairing: 40s!Bucky x reader (Steve)

Warnings: fluff, slight angst, jealousy

Word count:1274

Requested: by @learisa

You’ve felt yourself getting more frustrated with your life.
Everything was slowly going the wrong way and there was actually nothing you could do about it.
With the beginning of the war and the ongoing fights it was only a question of time until everything went down in flames. You were afraid to say the least.
Scared to be honest.

But of course that wasn’t the only thing you had to struggle with. Your mother kept getting on your nerves, telling you that you should make quick moves in getting a man for yourself before all of them enlist.
You never wanted to listen to her, already looking out for someone to be honest but somehow not being able to make a move.

So as time went in and no development in the relationship with your love interest was visible you gave in on your mothers demands. You didn’t want her to get too angry with you and obliged to go to all the dates she set up for you.
As if these men didn’t have anything else to do, especially now.

However, no matter how many dates you went on, no one ever seemed to show true interest in you. One was worse than the other.

Your best friends knew about this, not really wanting this to keep going but they also couldn’t really say anything against all those dates.
They spent time with you whenever you weren’t forced to see someone else, and cheered you up whenever you were.

It was not easy for them to watch you being threaten like you weren’t good enough just because you weren’t married yet. It made them angry, especially Bucky. But all they could do was be there for you when you needed them.

And that was quite often… until you met tom.
Tom was a really sweet and caring guy, one that actually gave something about you and was interested in your personality.
It seemed weird to have found him after all those jerks but you were also relieved.

However what you didn’t notice was that you missed out on Steve and bucky. Last time you saw them was when you told them about tom and that it was going good. You missed them and so you called and decided to meet them.

“So… how are things with tom?” Bucky asked, from the corner of the booth of the little cafe. He watched you closely, eyebrows lifted, before bringing his for up to his mouth and eating a piece of his cheesecake.

Steve just sat next to him, nodding in interest.

“Oh just great he’s really sweet” you told them with a huge smile, that however didn’t quite reach your eyes. It didn’t stay unnoticed but you decided to keep talking. “We’re even talking about marriage already.” You stated, looking down and twirling your spoon in your coffee, a smile playing on your lips.

Coughs erupted from the opposite of the table making your head shoot up to bucky who chocked on a piece of cake.
You looked at him in concern as you reached him his water which he gladly took. He took a sip and sat the glass down again before two more coughs left his mouth, which he tried to maintain with three hits on his chest.
Once he seemed alright again he looked into your eyes, his pupils wide and mouth agape as he tried to talk “but you literally met him two months ago” he croaked with his husky voice, still a bit hard to talk from the coughing.

“Yeah well war is ongoing he enlisted too we don’t have that much time left actually.” You told both of them.
You didn’t know if what you felt for tom was love already, you didn’t have time to find that out yet. But all the pressure made you feel like getting married first and feeling later was the best option in the moment.

Bucky held up a finger to you “excuse me please” he told you slipped out of the booth and into the back of the small restaurant and into the men’s restroom.

Once there he splashed water into his face hoping this was a dream but it most definitely wasn’t.

He braced himself and stepped out of the bathroom and when he laid eyes on the table you guys were sitting on he saw you gone as he walked I’ve GE asked “where did she go”

“I don’t know but she’s not long gone” Steve answered with a bit of a worried expression.

But bucky was already out the door before he could even end his sentence. He looked down the large street trying to spot you.

He started running, trying to make out where you went and as he rounded a corner your beautiful green dress came into view. Green was Bucky’s favourite colour, especially on you.

He ran a bit faster trying to catch up with you, completely forgetting about Steve and his asthma.
When he reached you, he grabbed on your shoulder turning you around.

You were shocked, about to yell until you saw the familiar blue eyes you loved so much.

“Look y/n I’m so sorry” he started, his eyes pleading and his soul screaming inside his body. It screamed everything he actually wanted to say but it couldn’t be heard, sadly.

“What’s up with you?” You asked bitterly not really caring that you stood in the middle of the street and people started looking.

“I - you can’t marry tom.” He said, his hands still resting on your shoulders.

More and more people stopped trying to make out if things were alright.

You however didn’t acknowledge that as you were awestruck by his words, you slowly shoved his hands of your shoulders as you looked at him bitterly, it made coldness run down his spine.
“And why’s that?” You asked him slowly.

“Because-” only in this moment he became aware of all the people standing around, of the awkward situation. “Maybe we should-”

“No enlighten me” you cut across him angrily and watched him sigh as his eyes filled with guilt.
“You cannot marry tom because we’re married.” He stated and suddenly all your anger was gone as your mouth fell open again.

The women around you gasped, as if it was a big reveal in some interesting movie, making you blush as you thought about what they must think of you.

Steve came slowly running by but bucky didn’t mind as he took both your hands in his and looked into your eyes pleadingly.
“Y/n we married in first grade, both of us were seven.
And Steve was eight, he was the priest.
It happened on the schoolyard in the sand cave.”
He said it as if he was talking about the weather, as if it was no big deal even though it was.
Your eyes widened with every other word and your mouth still hung open.

“Your hair was beautiful and curly with a small braid at the side and you wore a green dress with dots on it, it was your favourite. You had the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen on your lips and then we made flower crowns.”

All the women around you ‘awed’ now finding it probably the cutest thing ever. The men rolled their eyes and dragged their wife’s away but they just wouldn’t go.

Schoolyard fluff Summary: very fluffy ending with a lot of love ♥ (1000 words , not kidding its exactly 1000)

Schoolyard angst Summary: a very sad ending with a lot of crying (886 words) thanks to @momentofpeaceandbeauty for helping me decide here.

@sebbylover24 @jaqui-has-a-conspiracy-theory @imgettingmarriedtobuckybarnes @basicwhiskeyprincesss @juneau2005 @mytrueself @olicia-leeshy @artdolf-hipster @marvelbase001 @socially-unacceptable-h0e @thatwriterizzy @ilovethings-somuch @moomoomendes @cjhoran-justme @smol-flower-kiddo .
One Cream, Five Sugars, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Lin spills coffee on the reader the first time they meet.

Words: 977

Author’s Note: This was supposed to be a dad!Lin fic but I forgot…I’ll so a sequel or something that has dad!Lin, I promise. Also, I had to put Lac in there…c’mon.

Warnings: One curse word, I think?

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He was never the smoothest person in a room. In fact, it was usually a safe bet to say he was the least smooth person in any room ever.

Usually he knows how to control it, he meticulously plans his moves ahead of time, imagining every worst case scenario and then coming up with five different ways to get out of those scenarios.

This was never on his list of scenarios.

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saltoverboard  asked:

Where Nico is in the army and he comes back after 4 years to finally start college and he is Will's roommate

look at me actually doing another one of my prompts so soon after i did the last one

i gotta admit i thought ths prompt was great but i wasn’t expecting it to get so out of hand. like. it’s so long. normally i post from mobile but here i am actually on a computer to add in a cut beCASUSE IT’S SO UNBELIEVABLY LONG brace yourself

also the last time i tried to add in a cut something weird happened where it wouldn’t show what i had written after the cut so if anything weird like that happens again don’t be afraid to let me know like ya’ll did last time

also before we get started: ((tw)) there’s some kinda graphic nightmares and one of the characters has a panic attack. just a psa for anyone who’s sensitive to that kind of stuff

The reassimilation process was something Nico had not looked forward to. Seeing friends after years of being apart, eating his favorite sugary cereal, taking naps whenever he wanted? Easy. Getting to know what life was like without fear? Probably a bit harder.

Nico had snuck into the army when he should’ve been a senior in high school. Of course, he was found out a bit later on and forced to complete his studies online.

(Which seemed very stupid to Nico at the time. War was happening right in front of everyone’s faces, but they were focusing on the meaningless studies of a kid who didn’t care too much about stuff like that. And then the war ended and suddenly Nico had no clue what to do with himself. He was glad the Sargent Reyna had forced him to finish high school.)

Without the rigidity of the army and the war providing Nico with some sort of purpose, he found himself enrolling in a quiet university to maybe get a degree in psychology or some other -ology. Tuition was free thanks to his four year service, and nothing was really holding him back, so he just decided to full on commit and live in the dorms.

Maybe communal living would help the assimilation process.

Nico had expected a roommate who talked little to him and minded his own business because Nico could get scary. What he did not expect was a boy the human equivalent of a Labrador retriever who only ceased to be quiet when he slept throwing paper planes at the ceiling and asking about the meaning of shades of the same color in different contexts.

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Chocobros and their S/O reuniting after the final battle

I finished the game yesterday and god save me….

Because I’m a sucked for happy endings, this is very important to moi and I’m Determined to make it happy and long(ish).

As per usual, you (the reader) are part of the gang. BUT you were seperated from each other.

I want to say last time I didn’t capture the bros all that well. So I’m going to try something a little different.

Hope you guys enjoy!

PS. THERE WAS NO OLDER GLADIO GIF SO I HAD TO IMPROVISE! And Iggy’s one made me cry…. but I don’t know why.

But do enjoy… And don’t forget to send requests my way :)

It all happened so fast. One minute, you and the love off your life were fighting side by side. The next? No one was next to you. Just buildings and rubble. You were hurt. Not terribly so. But the velocity in which the rubble and came down had knocked you backwards, knocking you out cold. And when you awoke, your head pounded. You felt dizzy, nauseous. And then the grey wardens daemons came.

Gladio had managed to stand up relatively quickly. He coughed, dust from debris getting down his throat. He braced himself against the stone work, taking a few moments to regain himself.

Once he straightened himself up, he looked around. The others were okay but…where were you? Were you seperated from them?
He worried now.

“____?” He called your name. There was no reply. “___!?” He called it again, louder this time. “Answer me, ___!” His concern washed over him in a flit of anger.

“Gladio, we have no time to waste.” Ignis spoke calmly. And Noctis put a hand on his shoulder.

“We’ll look for her once this is sorted.”

Gladio could only sigh, defeated. “Right.”

~~~ 💕 ~~~

When the light from the crystal pushed back the darkness, Gladio could only smile, the deamons bursting into particles at the bright light. Ten years without light had made the day so much brighter. So blinding. But he couldn’t care less.

He had you to find. He wanted you to see it so badly. He let the others know where he was going and set out to find you.

When he did, you were staggering. He watched you for a few moments, amused that, despite your new injuries, you were still carrying a smile.

He shook his head and walked towards you, reaching you quickly. You were now showing at him. When you went to speak, however, he brought you into a warm embrace.

No words were needed. The warmth of his embrace was enough to assure you that everything was okay.

And it was even better when Gladio received a call. Noctis was alive. The king had called him personally. The King’s shield couldn’t help but laugh in joy. He put his phone in his pocket and lifted you by your hips, spinning you around for a few moments before lowering you to his chest.

“No more daemons every day. You okay with that?” He grinned as he held your wrists.

“I’ve have had enough of them to last a lifetime.” You leaned into him, smiling gently. “I love you, Gladdy.”

He laughed that dorky laugh you loved so much and kissed you gently. “I love you, too.”

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Prompto was in hysterics. Even after ten years of fighting daemons, he still couldn’t bear to lose you all over again. He missed you terribly when he was captured. He almost lost you to multiple daemons. You had almost lost each other throughout the years. He ran to the rubble, calling out your name constantly. He fought back his emotions, the constant night having dwindled his optimistic self slightly, when you never replied.

But his heart became heavy, weighing down til it felt like it was in his stomach. Worry made him feel nauseous. But he knew that the King needed his throne. That the prophecy must be fulfilled. 

He took a deep breath. An placed his forehead against the rubble. “I’ll come back for you, Princess.”

~~~ 💕 ~~~

Prompto looked at himself, then at Gladio and Iggy. He tought he was dreaming. They were alive. They lived. He was sure they were going to die. Emotions took over him and he collapsed to his knees, hitting the floor as laughter of disbelief and tears of shock overwhelmed him. 

The sun as back. It was blinding. It was heavenly.It was beautiful. It was warm. It was summer. It was beautiful. 

“Prompto, the hell are you on the floor?”

He looked up from the floor, finding Noctis standing there with a bright smile on his face. Prompto only cried harder and hugged the King’s leg. “We must be heaven. You should… should’ve….”

Noctis’ laughter filled the air and he crouched down, resting a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “We’re very much alive. I’m as surprised as you are, to be honest.”

Prompto hugged Noctis properly now, causing the King to pat his head. “Really?”

“Hm-hm. Now you have the love of your life to find don’t you?”

Prompto’s eyes widened. How could he forget about his wife like that? “Yes! I do!” He released his hold on Noct and stood quickly, running as fast as he possibly could to where he last saw you. 

When he arrived, you were on the floor, bracing yourself against your weapon, breathing heavily. He gasped and rushed to your side, getting onto his knees in front of you.

“___. You’re hurt. You need to - “

“Where the heck did the daemons go?” Your question made him smile, the grin your wore obvious in your words. “Because thank gods their gone.”

Prompto hugged you tightly, careful not to hurt you. He littered light kisses over your face, neck, arms, wherever there was bareskin, as if to prove to himself that it was all real. Even more tears rolled down his cheeks as he laughed joyously, It was over now. No more crazy guy. Just you, him, the guys and a happy life.

There was a future now.


“Yeah, Prompto?”

He pulled back to look into your eyes, his eyes, despite being full of tears, coated with a softness you had not been ble to fully see in ten years. “It may be a little too soon to discuss this but… how does children sound?”

You smiled and pecked his lips and cheeks. “Sounds great. Should we get to it?”

The embarrassment on Prompto’s face was a sight for sore eyes.

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Ignis, although blind, just knew that something was wrong. And he hated it. Hated was actually an understatement. Although he could no longer see what he never wanted to - the full blown destruction of Insomnia - he also could not see you. And that was the hardest thing.

Right now, all he wanted to do, was to see you. All I.. All I wanted…was to save you. That was all he needed right now. He needed to know if you were okay, if you were alive. 

Lingering was no option. They had to keep moving and never look back. That was the only way the world could be saved for once and for all.

~~~ 💕 ~~~

He could not see the sun. Could not see the day breaking through the night. As he walked, he could feel it’s warmth. He felt a great bitter-sweetness flow through his body.

It was comforting. And tears pricked at his clouded over eyes. He wanted to see it again. To see the sunrise, the sunset, the noon. To see the happiness of the people. He wanted to know it. But, instead, he was kept within the darkness. Even though it burdened him, he was taught to focus on sensations. And the warmth of the sun upon his skin was one of the best feelings he had ever experienced. The best? You.

He called your name out once, and heard your reply instantly. He began to hurry over, listening to your footsteps as he ran quicker and quicker. It was arguably dangerous for him to do so. But he no longer cared. He wanted your warmth. Your comfort. He wanted you. 

Ignis felt you wrap your arms around him, your lips upon the junction of his neck and shoulder. He reciprocated your gesture, burying his face into the crook of your neck, Your hair brushed over his face, soft against the harsh reality that he would not see what you do. Would not see the beauty of the day. Your scent was the same as it always had been, floral, sweet and distinctively you. It was a great comfort to him, and he released a breath he never knew he was holding, nuzzling his face into your warmth instinctively.

And that was when the first tear fell, staining your neck. You rubbed his back, stroked his hair. You knew his pain despite the happiness the world was to see right now. And he hated that.

He took your wrists and trailed his hands up your arms as he pulled his face away, eventually resting them on your cheeks. He smiled softly and he could only wish to see your own smile. 

No words were needed to be exchanged. The gestures were enough to portray the immeasurable happiness the both of you shared.

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Noctis knew he had no need to linger. But he had to. He couldn’t handle losing you after getting you back. But he was forcibly pulled away from the scene by Gladio.

And Ardyn’s words against you, trying to make him vulnerable, only made him angrier than, perhaps, it should have done. No one had any right to speak against you. Especially if they were greedy assholes who couldn’t come to terms with the blatant truth. And who the hell drives a pink automobile? And who wears such a stupid robe and hat? And the heck hangs dead people in the throne room? 

That’s gross and…highly disturbing. Then again, Ardyn is also disturbing. Guess it suits him.

Regardless, Noctis was pretty miffed at the illspoken words that poured from the horror’s mouth an he had to get it over and done with.
Of course he had let the man rest in peace after the bout and took his final stand, finally able to seat on the throne meant for him.

~~~ 💕 ~~~

When he came round, he was confused. Initially he thought he was in heaven, seeing the spirit of his father in front of him. But, looking around, there was disphoria and rubble. Clearly not anything heavenly.

At his father’s beckoning he stood and followed in his father’s footsteps, leaving the citadel and seeing the courtyard. The rest of the guys were together, bowing to him, waving at him. He smiled gently and began his descent down the stairs. The same as he did all those years ago… 

He took a deep breath as he closed his eyes, exhaling slowly before opening his eyes. He bowed at his friends and stood straight again. He had to fin you.

He didn’t have to look very far, for you were just entering the courtyard. He raced towards you and you to him, only stopping when you were a few centimetres apart. He stared into your eyes as he breathed heavily, cupping your cheeks.

Screw it. He kissed you deeply right then and there, not caring about the others being able to see. Ten years felt like a goddman century. Hell, it was difficult for him to even control himself.

When he parted the kiss, he was amused, and somewhat embarrassed, from the surprise edged onto your face.He furrowed his brows and then swallowed deeply.

“A king needs a queen.” He spoke earnestly and got down onto one knee, a blush decorating his very kingly cheeks. He took your hands and looked into your eyes once again. “So…be my queen.”

You nodded but didn’t verbally (or physically) agree until that night. Where you answered in…more ways than one. All. Night. Long.

So royal duties were thoroughly put on hold (because even ten years sleep wasn’t enough for the now thirty year old man.

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Smoaked 4/?

Summary: Felicity and her young daughter Molly move to Star City to escape a stalker ex-boyfriend.

Thank you all so much for your amazing comments and kudos! I am so grateful!! Thank you so much for proofing @almondblossomme!

Just a note, this chapter includes parts where Felicity is being held by Cooper and there is some violence.

All chapters are available on AO3.


                                      Chapter 4: Somebody Save Me

Felicity really needed a drink of water. That was her first thought as she began to wake. Her second thought was why am I tied to a chair? And then she remembered someone took her. She struggled to look up but her neck was cramped from having slept in such a strange position. She looked around the room, cement floors, plain walls, small window letting light in, nothing to give away where she was.

The door clanged open. “Well, look who’s awake.” Cooper strolled into the room. “I’ve let you sleep for a little while, looked like you needed the beauty rest.”

“Cooper! What have you done? What do you want with me?”

“I want what I’ve always wanted,  my daughter. And now I’m going to get her.”

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