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Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.

Fail-safe, chapter 1

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, 1400 words


Everyone always knew that Tony Stark would make a terrifying villain. When he joined forces with Steve Rogers, the world didn’t stand a chance.

(Or: Tony wakes from a coma, and something is wrong.)

Thanks for beta to @mrsbananers!

My first WIP ever! I’m very excited and slightly scared.

read on ao3

Tama’s Tea Shop is a cute little place. Warm colors, nice smells, welcoming staff. To the average customer, it looks as sweet as their cinnamon-rose blend. But under the soft surface is a finely-tuned machine run with military efficiency.

At six every morning, the Iron Bull opens the blinds, dusts everything, and gets ready for the day. At six-fifteen, Tama comes in and dusts everything again, then brews them a pot of something sweet. (Bull likes sweet, floral teas best, even if she doesn’t.)

Krem works there too, and opens a couple days a week so Bull can have a day off. Tama never takes a day off except for Qun holidays, on which the shop is closed.

Cassandra is a regular. She loves the quiet atmosphere and how none of her relatives or colleagues would think to look for her here. Common is Tama’s seventh language– they read racy romance novels aloud to each other so Tama can practice speaking it.

Bull tells terrible puns. His favorite is “tea you later” but he’s also fond of “our prices aren’t too steep” and telling little kids that his favorite dinosaur is a tea-rex.

Tama rejected the idea of a shop cat– it would shed everywhere and some customers might be allergic. They have an iguana instead, in a large tank that takes up the entire wall behind the register. His name is Toad.

Cassandra brings Dorian to the shop, on Tama’s instruction. She wants to learn ancient Tevene and Cassandra can’t think of anyone else who might know the language. He takes his payment in cups of tea, because he can’t possibly recreate Tama’s perfection. He insists on buying the blends he takes home, but this doesn’t stop him from flirting outrageously for a discount. It works on Bull, but not Tama.

He complains about it once. Tama raises her eyebrows at him and says, with the solemnity of a person choosing the perfect words in their seventh language, “that is because Ashkaari is a thirsty bitch.”

Cole doesn’t work there, but sometimes he wanders in and hands people blends that they’ve never tried before, but are somehow perfect. Varric wants to write a book about Tama’s life but she keeps telling him conflicting stories. He’s never been this frustrated, or this in love. Josephine comes by three times a week buys one of their largest containers of tea– as long as it’s decaf. Tama worries. Vivienne comes in every Monday evening to buy seven bags of dark breakfast tea. No one can convince her to buy larger quantities or different blends. Tama worries about her too.

Sera thinks that all tea is basically the same, and she’ll just buy whatever’s on clearance. Sometimes Tama puts a single box of her special blend on the clearance table right before Sera comes in. Bull doesn’t know how she can always tell, but Tama seems to know the secrets of Sera’s schedule. Sometimes she gives Sera one of the cookies Sten brought over earlier as well.

Sten’s bakery is next door. They trade tea and cookies often, though Tama thought he was a little odd at first. But if her Askaari like the sweet little cookies he makes, then that’s all right. He can stay. He stays open too late though– Tama closes her doors at four, when everyone who’s sensible has done ther shopping. She doesn’t sell tea to people who aren’t sensible. (Except for Dorian, but he’s a special case.)

It all points to you - pt. 2

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader
Soulmate AU requested by anon.
One shot(x) or Chapter (x) pt.2/2 || (previous part)
Word count:
Warnings: none
Angsty and then fluffy.
A/N: I’m a few days late but here it is! The ending was kind of tricky.. and many things are happening on my island so please forgive the tardiness. Hope you like it! Also, forgive any grammar mistakes! I haven’t proofread as of yet.

Endless, black walls stood around you. Or, maybe it was a pit. You couldn’t properly identify, since the darkness seemed infinite. One thing you were sure about, though, was that wherever it was, you could walk anywhere and get absolutely nowhere.

The ground felt cool under your feet, and grainy, sand? Your toes wriggles where you stood, and the specs almost swallowed them in their void.

You quickly shook your feet, frowning, and began walking away from the shadows that threatened to pull you in.

You shivered as you walked, the temperature dropping and the cold biting at your arms. Frankly, you were frightened. Because in there, in the nothingness, you could feel it. The feeling that crept into your days, the gloom that suffocated you harshly after that meeting… and you couldn’t ignore it, couldn’t push it away.

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One of my favorite tickling tropes is when someone who’s hella ticklish has to be written on/ painted on and they can’t sit still. Or they’re being used as a canvas and they have to be tied down and they’re just cackling madly. Painting and drawing on their sensitive belly and the brush gets dipped into their bellybutton and they lose it. AUGHH SO CUTE. Someone abusing their poor feet and writing “tickle me” on their soles. Just end me. 


Fic Aesthetics: Riptide

Wow, where do I even start with the genius that is the Terra Firma series by @malibusunset-xf-blog – and rest assured that her latest installment, Riptide, does not disappoint. In fact, I may be low-key obsessed with it. Which is why I had to make this! I was inspired by the beautiful setting of the Martha’s Vineyard lighthouse I fell in love with in the series. This story is sure to break your heart, then put it back together again and make it three times larger.

I also put together a short playlist of songs that reminded me of Riptide. Hope you enjoy!

1. Lapsley, Hurt Me // 2. The National, About Today // 3. Tegan and Sara, Where Does the Good Go? // 4. The xx, Chained // 5. Florence + The Machine, Shake It Out // 6. Sia, Footprints // 7. The Shins, Simple Song // 8. Mumford & Sons, There Will Be Time

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Prompt: Okay so can you do a fic where Kara finds out she's pregnant and tries to find a way to tell Mon El but everytime she's tried ends in disaster but she finally tells him on accident.

Here ya go! I always end up giving baby fics priority over the others because I’m a sucker for baby fics.

Title: Plans Change

“Okay, you can do this. Just take a deep breath”, Kara assured her own reflection as she stood in her bathroom with a pale face and shaky hands holding a pregnancy test. Not that she fully believed that it could actually detect if a Kryptonian was pregnant with a fully alien baby from two different species but she’d get Alex to confirm it later. Plus the fact that she couldn’t get sick was another indicator that she was probably in the family way. Regardless, she had to tell Mon-El. Even if it wasn’t completely confirmed, there was no way she could keep it from him.

When the front door to the apartment opened, Kara’s ears immediately picked it up. She placed the test in the back pocket of her jeans and made her way into the living area. “Kara!” Mon-El grinned at his girlfriend as she appeared in the room. “You’re home. I was wondering where you’d got to. Winn told me that you left early and seemed a bit out of sorts. Are you okay?”

The blonde forced a smile while inwardly feeling like her stomach was twisted in knots. She and Mon-El hadn’t even known each other for more than a year, in a relationship less than that and she was pregnant. She was worried how he was going to react. She herself wasn’t exactly reacting well to it but more because she was a Superhero. How was she supposed to juggle a baby and a career in crime fighting? Not to mention her work as a freelance reporter wasn’t exactly the most stable of jobs.

“Mon-El, I…there’s something I need to tell you”.

Immediately the Daxamite appeared right in front of her, his face etched into a concerned frown. “Is this about the other day?” He asked, referring to an argument they’d broken into after Mon-El almost got shot with a lead bullet while having Kara’s back in the middle of stopping a robbery. “Because you know I’m not going to apologise for doing what I had to when I thought that they were packing Kryptonite”.

“That’s not it”, Kara sighed, remembering that her reaction had been explosive…and extremely emotional. Yet another tip off that the pregnancy test was as accurate for a Kryptonian as it was for a human.

“Okay…what’s going on?”

“Here’s the thing…I’m-“

Suddenly a blue light erupted in the room and Kara watched with confusion as it morphed into a person. The confusion faded immediately as she recognised the imp that emerged from it. Evidently so did Mon-El as his attention immediately flew from his girlfriend to Mxyzptlk.  “YOU! Kara banished you!” He exclaimed and instantly took a step in front of Kara.

“I know, I was there”, the dimension jumper smirked. “And I’m not here to try to steal her away this time. That ship has sailed”.

Kara stepped out from behind her boyfriend and glared at the annoying man. “Then what do you want from us?”

“I think it’s about time that you Supers learnt to kneel to me, Mister Mxyzptlk!” A blast of light from his hands caused Mon-El to turn into stone, shortly before he escaped a blast of heat from Kara’s eyes.

And that was how Kara was interrupted the first time that she tried to tell Mon-El she was pregnant. After they managed to set Mon-El right (along with a few other people that had been turned to stone) and sent Mxyzptlk back to his dimension, Supergirl lost her legendary courage and ended up procrastinating telling her partner and boyfriend about their unborn child.

 A few days later, Kara had come up with an ingenious idea to tell Mon-El she was pregnant without having to tell him directly because apparently vocally expressing it wasn’t working out for her. Each time she tried, her words got choked in her throat and wouldn’t come out. So it was a week after the incident with Mxyzptlk when she thought of the perfect way to let Mon-El know of his impending fatherhood. She contacted her favourite bakery and asked them to make her a cake with I’m pregnant in icing and a few decorative marzipan baby items just in case the words didn’t sink in (and because marzipan was delicious).

As soon as the cake arrived, Kara put it on the table to present to her boyfriend after he got back from his shift. When she was called away as Supergirl to put out a few fires (literally and figuratively) she left it on the table, assuming that it would be perfectly safe. When she arrived back, Mon-El walked into the apartment and she quickly changed before grabbing the cake.

“Hey, I’ve got a surprise for you”, she grinned and opened up the cake box. She watched Mon-El looked at the cake in bemusement before his lips twitched upwards into a smirk.

“That’s nice but I much prefer your real ones”.


Kara turned the box around and let out a gasp when she realised that her cake must have been switched with someone else’s. Inside the box was a boob shaped cake with two marzipan nipples on either boob.

“I take it that this was not meant for me?”

“The bakery switched my cake!”

Mon-El took the box out of her hands and put it down on the table before scooping her face with his hands. “Like I said, I much prefer the real thing”. Before she could protest (or ring the bakery to yell at them), Mon-El brushed his lips against her mouth and the cake completely disappeared from her mind (and the baby too).

Kara’s next plan was fool proof. She was sure of it. She’d enlisted her sister’s help this time and made her go out and get a mini Supergirl outfit made that would fit a baby.  She decided to put it on their bed so that Mon-El would see it as soon as he came in since he was working the late shift that night.  The only thing that she hadn’t counted on was for a villain to show up in her loft and set fire to half of her bedroom. After taking care of the villain, she was forced to remove her bed which was completely burnt including the baby outfit and decided that maybe she should try to be just a little more direct since using objects wasn’t going in her favour.

As it turned out, Kara’s planning and scheming ended up being all for nothing. She and Mon-El were facing off against a CADMUS agent who was planning on blowing up an entire neighbourhood comprised of alien refugees. Winn had just about managed to disassemble the bomb when Kara saw the Agent turn towards her with eyes full of rage and shoot a Kryptonite bullet in her direction. With no time to move out of the way (plus there were innocent people standing directly behind her and she wasn’t going to let them get hit in her place), she quickly turned around to protect her stomach but when nothing hit her she glanced over her shoulder to see her boyfriend fall to the floor with a grunt.

“Mon-El!” she yelled and blasted the gun out of the Agents hands with her heat vision, not caring if she burnt him or not, her mind turning red with anger. Alex and the other DEO Agents appeared out of a black van that just pulled up and headed towards the CADMUS guy while Kara immediately dropped to the ground beside Mon-El. “Mon-El, you need to stay with me please”, she begged, her eyes full of tears.


“I need you! And our baby needs you!”

“Kara…what?!” Mon-El sat up effortlessly and looked at her with a shocked expression. That’s when she realised that it was a Kryptonite bullet and not a lead one. Kryptonite had no effect on Mon-El which meant the bullet hadn’t even pierced him. Her cheeks flushed pink as she realised her mistake…and the fact that she’d just unintentionally let the cat out of the bag.

“Can we forget I just said that?!”

Unsurprisingly, the Daxamite frowned and shook his head. “Kara, what are you talking about?”

“I’m…I’m pregnant. I should have told you before but I just…I just couldn’t”.

“Wait, you mean you’ve been flying around Kryptonite bullets while our half Kryptonian child is inside you?” He demanded with annoyance while Kara’s blinked in surprise.

“That’s the part you’re upset about? Not the baby?”

“Why would I be upset about a baby? That’s amazing”, he told her as he held her in his arms in the middle of the street, ignoring the curious onlookers.

She stared at him with wide blue eyes “Really?”

“Why? Are you not happy?”

“I mean I am but it’s kind of soon for us. I was worried that you’d freak out”.

“I love you. I’m going to love our child too”, Mon-El smiled at her and was about to lean in for a kiss when Alex barged over to them.

“You two need to get out of here. Save the personal stuff for the privacy of your home, Supergirl!”

Word Count: 2184
Author’s Note: Scared Jim is super sexy to me
Prompt: Hey! Thanks for the lists etc! How’s about a Kirk x reader fic where the reader is angry at the captain, and blames him for her being attacked by an alien on an away mission? Thaaaankya muchly xoxoxoxoxo (@annalisehartmann)

You were working on some routine maintenance under the console in the torpedo bay when your comm chirped. You ignored it. You wanted to get this job done, and needed both hands. Scotty would understand. More to the point, he would also approve. Not being zapped by electrical currents due to distraction was one of his pet reminders. Your comm chirped again. And then again. Finally, rolling your eyes, you pushed yourself out from under the console to answer the call.

“Kirk to Y/L/N, please report to the transporter room for an away mission.” The captain’s voice sounded irritated.

“I’m in the middle of maintenance in the torpedo bay, and have a power lockout on bays 1 through 4. My estimated completion is in one hour. Is there anyone else from Engineering that can go?” You replied.

“Lieutenant Y/L/N, report to the transporter room. That is an order,” the captain replied. His tone was definitely irritated. You sighed and rolled your eyes.

“I’ll be there shortly, sir,” you snapped back.

“Stat, Lieutenant. That’s an order. Kirk out.”

You sighed and climbed back under the console to interrupt the diagnostics, and reset the system. Once you were sure the torpedo bays were functional again, and the console wouldn’t zap any unwitting idiot that happened by it, you made your way to the transporter room. Captain Kirk was there, red-faced, and fuming. He stomped over to you, and you could practically see the steam coming from his ears.

“Did I, or did I not, order you to get down here stat, Lieutenant?” His voice was a low growl. You cocked an eyebrow, and bit back the first comment that came to mind.

“With all due respect, sir, I was in the midst of a power lock-down console maintenance program on torpedoes one through four. Which meant if I’d just jumped and ran, the torpedoes would have been down for maintenance for the duration of the mission. I had to reset the console before I could attend you.” You managed to get it out without losing your temper, but not without rolling your eyes slightly. Kirk took you by the arm and pulled you away where no one would hear your conversation.

“Are you still mad at me about the ass comment?” He asked. “Y/N, I’m sorry, but your ass does drive me wild.”

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So since we now know PHIL has already made a game before, and while we're on the topic of proposals, where's that fic where PHIL proposes to dan with some exe file about them fam

sayyes.exe - Dan isn’t pleased when Phil downloads a new .exe file on his computer for the gaming channel. It quickly becomes his favorite game. Proposal!fic

I’m laughing because we’ve apparently started a “war” on tumblr and this ask is totally on #teameliza

- Eliza

Philophobia- Sneak Peek of my new Jaytim fic

Summary: A high school AU where Tim suffers from anxiety attacks and Jason is a volunteer peer counselor. Let me know what you guys think, not quite sure how i even feel about it yet. 

Tim stumbles forward, arms flailing out in an instinctual response to catch himself. Except he hits someone else before he hits the ground, hits someone hard. Tim watches in horror as Jason stumbles forward from his accident shove, before spinning around to face him.

“You want some too then, ya stupid fuck?!” Jason’s eyes are emerald flames as he stomps over to Tim.

Tim raises his hands in what he hopes is a placating gesture. He realized too late that, in his nervousness, he’s clenched his hands into fists, so now it looks like he’s squaring off against Jason.  It excites the crowd even more. There’s a loud ‘Ooooooooh’ that fills the hallway around them. Tim has no idea where the other two boys went, he should stop worrying about them though because Jason is coming at him fast.

“N-no wait! I didn’t mean-“ Jason’s fist slams into Tim’s jaw and Tim falls to the ground, passing out for the second time in two days.

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hey! i'm looking for a fic where dnp are rivals in maths n always try to answer questions before the other and get better marks. phil goes to a store and finds dan there who is drunk and mad at his parents for not acepting his sexuality (i think??) and wants to buy nail polish, then phil takes dan back to phil's house and paints his nails in a bathtub. it was a while since i read this so some of the details might b mixed up rip. thank you and ily!

This is by tadachans, who orphaned their fics on ao3!

Everything Led Back To You (ao3) -  First place in the high school art show isn’t even that big of a deal, or that’s what most of Dan and Phil’s friends say. And, well, they’re not wrong. It’s probably just the competing that Dan and Phil like, but they won’t ever admit that.

- Eliza

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Hey chris! How are you? I was wondering if you know any fics where Derek and Stiles are in a secret relationship. I love this blog btw.


I am well :) I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Here are a few and the bigger list is here In case you missed it because I’ve been terrible at tagging stuff lately :p

When Nothing Else Works by  hannah_baker | 5.9K

Sheriff Stilinski is slowly and begrudgingly accepting the fact that werewolves exist, regular bad things still do happen sometimes, and his son may or may not be dating Derek Hale behind his back.

Or, the one where having Derek Hale in his bed is the only way Stiles can get to sleep. Much to his father’s annoyance.

You Made Me Believe by  kits_lightning | 747

Stiles has been promised to a Prince he’s never met before and they’re about to get married but he can’t stop thinking about the love of his life whom he’s had to leave behind for the good of the kingdom…. or so he believes.

Oh, The Places We’ll Go by  KeriArentikai  | 18.9K

The five friends sat at a table in the student union building, laughing over their fast-food lunches.

“Okay,” said Jackson, “which prof would you bang?”

“Hale,” Erica, Isaac and Stiles all said together. No one was surprised at their answer.

Acacia Honeymoon Hotel by  blue_fjords | 12.1K

After dancing around the attraction for years, Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall have finally gotten together. Same goes for Derek and Stiles. Everything is aces. Except the Sheriff and Melissa haven’t told their sons about their relationship, and Stiles hasn’t told his father about Derek. Everything comes to a head during one crazy weekend at the Acacia Honeymoon Hotel.

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What about MatsuHanaIwaOi headcanons? There was some friendship, it's time for polyamory ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lemme also casually slide u some nice nsfw fanfic featuring all those boys and also another fic where they are living together  ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ  ͡°) 

On the Edge of Your Universe 

Seeing Stars (nsfw! followup/prequel to on the edge of your universe

let’s say they all are in college or smth ye?

  •  they take turns in making dinner etc but honestly- Oikawa and Makki prefers Iwa-chan and Mattsun making the food bc those two can cook
  • also looks really good in aprons fcking thirsty
  • they don’t fit in one bed to sleep in obviously- even though they tried so now at least once or twice more days they make this mattress pit in the living room and sleep there together 
  • cuddles for days
  • iwa-chan is the mom friend still- upgraded mom boyfriend?
  • ???????????????
  • much have changed but still also not 
  • cuddles for days = cuddle mess but with lots of love
  • so like passing around forehead kisses and bro fists, gentle slap on the back butt is a thing
  • it’s honestly like a constant sleepover forever with lots of conversations to make sure everyone is happy and content
  • sometimes they ALL goes on a date- sometimes just two 
  • they have meme pictures in the picture frames on the wall 
  • makki and mattsun insisted 
  • they always have candy/sweets in the kitchen- unlimited pit of sugar. unbelievable 

one character calling another by a racial slur when the story is meant to be “romantic” is an immediate fuck-off moment for me. i’m done with any fic where that happens

i’ve been called slurs by partners. i’m not looking for that shit in my escapist fantasy. if one member of your romantic pair calls the other “oxman”, “knife-ear”, “rabbit”, ect, bye. just bye. it’s not cute. there is no way it’s ever cute

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I'm so sorry but you just found a fic a couple days ago where Dan is in college and calls Phil daddy by accident in class. Phil was a psychology professor and he had a bet with Pj (They liked guessing other people's kinks). I wanted to read it but I couldn't find it in the tags and the Tumblr app won't let me scroll down where it is. Thank you soooooo much!!!!

Psyche You Out (ao3) - I was half asleep in my psychology class the other day and called my professor daddy by accident, when I realized what I said I looked up and he just winked and walked away.

- Eliza

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Know of any fics where the Governor or Negan or someone else is creeping on Michonne and Rick gets angry? Thanks in advance! ♡

Hi there Anon!

We apologize for the wait. Sadly we couldn’t find exactly what you were looking for but we did manage to find a few fics similar in nature that we think you will enjoy. Please be sure to check out our Jealousy tag for more great stories and we will definitely keep a look out for more and update accordingly in the future. Thanks!

We Meet Again by filmmefatale

Injured and alone, Michonne fights her way to the prison, only to find her unforgettable one-night stand - Rick Grimes - staring back at her. As she and Rick reconnect, Michonne must decide whether to reveal the secret she has kept from him for the last five years.
Rated M

Goes without Saying by justaroundtheriverbender

Rick and Michonne tip toe around their strong attracting to one another. (Time set around the beginning of season 4) 
Rated T

Take a Leap (Jake x MC)

Title - Take a Leap (Jake X MC)
Request - Prompt 72 and “ A MC/Jake fic where he gives her his dogtags? I saw someone write a fic on it, and would like to see your take. ” - Anon
Prompt - “Just smile. I really need you to smile right now.”
Pairing - Jake X MC
Warnings: PG. (Slight violence.) 
Word Count - 1840 (Okay, so this is a long one- and I feel evil for it. But I also really enjoyed writing it…)

Shout out to @choicesimaginesandmore and @ladysansaa who I believe were the talented souls mentioned by anon! Also to @visualnovel-lover who came up with the original prompt! I really hope you all enjoy my take!

You’re running through the Celestial, making your way to the roof. Slowly, the Watchers following you fall behind, turned around in the endless twisting and turning corridors. Craig and Sean lead the way, while you keep pace with Michelle directly behind them. The others follow closely- Jake and Estella choosing to stay at the very back of the group. You sprint around a corner…And stop suddenly. Craig and Sean stand still in front of you, arms out to stop you from running on. Behind you, you hear the others stop, and Lila lets out a gasp.

Three Watchers stand in front of you, halfway down the hall. One wears an elephant mask, the other wears one of jade. The third Watcher, and the tallest- is the one who broke through your window. The Golden eyed Leader. For a moment, nobody moves…. And then Jake steps forward, placing himself in between your group and the Watchers.

“Go.” He doesn’t shift his gaze, but you know he’s talking to you all. Sean steps forward, silently offering his assistance. Craig steps forward too- but Sean holds out a hand, halting him.

“Keep going- grab the chutes. We’ll catch up with you at the roof.” He orders Craig, who nods.

Aleister moves first, gently pulling Grace after him by the hand. Raj, Lila, Craig, Michelle and Quinn follow quickly- Diego hesitates before also following the others, scooping Furball up as he does. Estelle and Sean lag behind with you, moving so they block the corridor your friends have just gone down.

The Watchers stare at you, the Leader’s gold eyes moving slowly over each of you. You glare at him, stepping forward so you’re almost beside Jake, Sean and Estella staying a little back.

“Let us go.” Your voice is firm, and all three of the Watchers turn their heads to look at you.

You know as I do that cannot happen. We must take you.” His voice echoes in your head with such force that you gasp. Jake moves instantly, stepping protectively in front of you.

“Princess, go- Estella, Sean and I can handle the Smurfs.” He doesn’t look at you as he speaks, unwilling to look away from the Watchers. He’s tense, ready to fight the moment a Watcher moves.

Your mind flashes back to the last time the Pilot faced off with a Watcher… you can still clearly hear the sound of the glass as it pierced his skin, remember how his hand had felt so cold in yours…

The Jade masked Watcher darts towards you suddenly, leaping forward with inhumane speed! Jake is ready though and manages to block the first blow, immediately going on the defensive. The Leader moves next and Estella meets him halfway, blocking a roundhouse kick as she does. The Elephant Masked Watcher is close behind, but is thrown to the ground in a bone crunching tackle as Sean takes him down. You watch, your heart in your mouth as your friends fight- unsure of who to help. You hang back, ready to jump in.

Jake ducks another punch, and sends a swift jab towards the jade masked watcher’s head. The Watcher doesn’t move in time, and crumples to the ground, unmoving. As Estella grabs the Leader by his arm, Jake turns to help her. A sudden glint catches your eye, as the Watcher Jake just took down leaps up from the ground…

“No!” You jump forward, pushing Jake to the side as the Watcher swings his arm around….

You feel a sharp pain across your ribs, and you cry out in pain as you hit the ground. Your hand wraps around your ribs as you try to recover the breath that suddenly left your body. You hear Jake cuss, and something- someone- slams into the wall with great force, followed by another. A few seconds later, Jake is rolling you over- a look of pure panic in his eyes. Before he can speak though, Estella is beside him.

“Let’s move- while we have a chance!” The Pilot doesn’t hesitate, picking you up in a fireman’s carry. You can’t help but let out a moan of pain as he does, and you hear him apologise softly as he starts to run after the others.

You reach the roof, Sean throwing the door open with force. The others are there, waiting. Estella slams the door behind you as Jake sets you down on the closest deck chair, pushing your hand away from your wound. You know it’s deep, and you can feel the blood coating your skin.

His jaw set as he sees it, and he looks up at you.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” His voice is firm, but you can hear the hint of a tremble. He grabs a cushion from the chair, yanking off the cover. “You could have been killed.”

“If I hadn’t, you would have been killed.” You counter, hissing as he presses the now balled up cover against the wound.

“Better me than you.” He answers, and you feel your stomach twist. You put a hand on his arm, and his eyes meet yours.

“I can’t lose you too.” He sighs.

Before you can reply, Michelle appears beside you. She looks worried, and Jake moves away so she can examine you. After just a few seconds, she pulls a bandage out of her pocket, and starts to tightly bind your wound.

“Once we’re safe, I’ll take care of it properly.” She tells you. You nod in reply, hissing at the pressure, before looking around. Everyone else is now gathered in a huddle, seemingly having a heated discussion. You’re a little way away, and can’t make out the words- but suddenly they break apart, apparently coming to a decision.  As Michelle heads over to talk to Sean and Craig Diego moves to sit beside you, throwing an arm around your shoulders. You lean into him as you watch the others- Grace and Aleister are marking out a starting point a little from the roof edge, while Raj double checks the equipment. Estella scoops Furball up, tucking him in the front of her hoodie and zipping it up, as IRIS zooms around the roof, taking in details.

“I estimate that we have two minutes remaining before the Watchers reach the roof. Another minute- perhaps one and a half before they succeed at removing the door from its hinge.” She informs Lila, who chooses not to reply.

“MC, if there was anyone I’d wish to be stranded on a deserted Island with, it’s you.” Diego sighs. “Actually, it’s the Rock- but you’re a close second.” He flashes you a grin, and you laugh slightly, ignoring the sharp pain across your ribs as you do.

“Right back at you.” You tell him. He opens his mouth to respond, when a loud bang on the door to the roof cuts him off, and you all go silent. You hear shouting from the other side of the door, and you look over at the others.

Nobody speaks, but everybody moves.

Craig picks up a chute and pulls it on, silently volunteering to jump first. Diego doesn’t speak as he stands, moving to the pile of parachutes. He starts handing them out. He doesn’t look at you as he hands one to you, but moves to pass another over to Estella.

You slowly stand as first Craig, then Raj make the first jumps. A pair of hands suddenly take your chute, and you realise Jake is beside you again. He helps you to strap your chute on, before turning you around. There’s an odd look in his eyes, but there’s no time to question it. Without warning, he leans in and presses his lips to yours, one hand on your waist. He kisses you deeply, and you place your hand on his chest. You can feel his heart racing as he moves so his forehead rests on yours.

“Hey, Princess- Do me a favour?” He asks quietly. You pull away slightly so you can look into his eyes.

“Just smile, Princess. I need to see you smile.” It’s a strange request, and it makes you feel nervous. Even so, you force yourself to smile.

“I’ll always smile for you.” You respond, and he smirks slightly, his hand running through your hair.

“I’ll see you on the ground?” You ask. He doesn’t respond, but his hands move suddenly, and you feel him slip something over your head. You look down, and realise he’s no longer wearing his dogtags. Your hand moves up to feel the cool metal, resting against your chest. You look up, eyes wide.

“Jake, what-“

“Go.” He cuts you off, leaning forward for one more kiss… “I’ll be right behind you.” He pushes you forward, gently but firmly. You glance back at him, but don’t argue.

Once Michelle is clear, you take a deep breath, running towards the roof edge. You jump and for a minute, you’re free falling. Then the wind catches the chute and you jolt, before feeling your fall slow.

As your feet hit the ground Sean runs over to you, helping you out of the chute.

“Come on, we’ve gotta go!” Michelle hisses, glancing around. The others are already heading deeper into the trees. Sean starts to pull you towards them, but you resist.

“Wait! Diego and Jake-“

“M/C, they’re not coming.”

Michelle’s voice is soft, and you feel your heart stop for a second.


“We were two chutes short- Diego and Jake volunteered to stay behind.”

You look back up at the roof. You can just hear the sound of shouting, and you think you can see both Diego and Jake moving as several of the Watchers pour onto the roof, torches high. You can hear shouting, a crash…and then a muffled scream.

Your mind flashes back, and you remember Diego thanking you for your friendship. You remember the look in Jake’s eyes before he kissed you once more…

It hits you that these may be your final memories of them.

“No…” Arms wrap around you as you collapse, and a hand covers your mouth as you cry out. You think you hear someone say your name, but all you can think of is Jake’s touch, Diego’s laughter…

You let out a sob, and you feel the wound across your ribs beginning to throb.

Carry her!” Someone says, and you feel the arms around you shift. You’re lifted up, and you suddenly realise you’re in Sean’s arms….But you don’t care. You feel tears roll down your face, and you turn to bury your face in the Quarterback’s chest. You hear him mumble an apology as he runs. You hear the trees moving around you, the crunch of dirt under Sean’s feet….

As you start to black out, your hand move to clutch at the dogtags around your neck. Sound and light starts to fade, and the last thing you hear is a voice in your head….

I’m sorry. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

(You can’t help but agree.)

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you guys help me this jikook fic where JK enlist & in the night before he go in the army they had sex & then JM became pregnant but cant tell since JK is in battleship/sea already. He wrote to him but JK can't read it until he comes back. It's still unfinished last time I read it and it's chaptered. Thank you in advance!!

Hello anon!

I believe you’re looking for this fic:

In which Jimin and Jeongguk’s last night together before Jeongguk has to leave for the military results in nine months worth of stress and the consumption of a frankly ridiculous amount of chocolate covered strawberries.

Let me know if it’s not the one. Happy Reading! ~ Admin P

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