but when we finally meet in july

Summer of Steven 2.0 LEAK!! (Sponsored by Chili’s)

A friend of mine who works at Cartoon Network and a certain tex-mex Restaurant sent me a list of the rest of the episodes in Season 5, which also happens to be the final season. The episodes will air from July 1st to July 15th in one huge Steven Bomb.

5x05 “Back at the Barnyard” - Steven goes back to Earth and finds a strange cow in the Barn. 

5x06 “Even Steven” - Steven meets a new Gem. (Special Guest Star: Shia Labeouf)

5x07 “Onion Mafia” - Steven makes a deal while trying to get Lars back to Earth.

5x08 “Me, Pearl and the Mystery Girl” - Steven plays matchmaker when Pearl and the Mystery Girl go on a date to the local Chili’s.

5x09 “Oh Shit, We Forgot About Lars” - The gang remembers they left Lars back in homeworld so they go back try to get him. 

5x10 “More Than Meets the Eye” - Steven gets some help from some transforming robots to get Lars and the Off Colors out of homeworld.

5x11 “The Fresh Prince of Beach City” - Lar’s new pink form makes him the coolest guy in Beach City and he decides to take up rap.

5x12 “Oh Shit, We Forgot About Bismuth” - In order to make amends with Bismuth after bubbling her again, Steven takes Bismuth to the local Chili’s.

5x13 “Dewey” - Sadie becomes upset she can’t audition for Jamie’s new rap musical “Dewey” because she’s white. Will her jealousy stop Lars from getting the lead role? (Special Guest Star: Lin Manuel Miranda)

5x14 “Double Diamond Deal” - The Diamonds come back to Earth ready to destroy it, but change their mind when they see Chili’s having a $20 dinner for two. 

5x15 “White Diamond” - A furious White Diamond comes to earth bent on destroying Earth and all of it’s 1,606 Chili’s locations.

5x16 “Oh Shit, Remember the Cluster?” - Steven enlists the help of the Cluster to take down White Diamond, but not without a quick bite to eat.

5x17 “Diamonds in the Sky” - Steven tries to use the Breaking Point to defeat the diamonds.

5x18 “The Perfect RonalStorm” -A Desperate White Diamond fuses with Ronaldo. (Series Finale)

pen pals, part III [peter parker x reader]

part I / part II

a/n: this isn’t proofread lmao

summary: reader and peter are pen pals and will meet each other very soon, but then something :/ happens :/

words: 1597

warnings: none actually lol

tags: @parkerplease @spiderooes (nearly forgot to do tags lmao ❤)

Minutes after reading your last mail, Peter sat down and wrote his response.

28 June, 14:38


this is the best thing I’ve ever heard! We’ll meet each other! I’m already nervous, even though it’s still a month away.

I’m so looking forward to it, oh god!

Yours sincerely,


That’s it. He’s gonna see you in real life – the girl, he’s sort of has a crush on.

The next day, one of Peter’s teachers, who is responsible for the project at his school, told the students about the upcoming visit of the other pen pals.

“So, I hope everyone’s getting along with their pal.”

The class stayed quiet, some nodded their head.

“Anyway, they’re going to arrive in New York on 24 July and are staying here for a week. Long enough to do some sight-seeing, getting to know you all better. We’ve thought about putting them all in a hotel, but then we thought they could actually stay at your houses, would that be okay?”

Again, silence.

“Alright, to be quite honest, we’ve already discussed this and they will all sleep and eat at your houses. That’s cheaper, you know?”

Somehow, a trace of fear and excitement aroused within Peter. He was happy, that you would be staying with him and he could spend all the time with you. He thought about endless movie nights, having deep talks about something, wondering if you snored or not.

“Dude”, Ned whispered, ripping Peter out of his thoughts, “you have a bunk bed, what will you do now?”

Peter just gave him an annoyed look, trying to ignore the cheeky smile on the face of his friend.

Luckily, Aunt May knew about the pen pals project and has heard nearly every story about you. She was proud to see how happy you made Peter. He would always smile, when he texted you back. Or laugh, while telling her another stupid thing you’ve experienced. She knew Peter had a crush on you. He’s never told her, but she just knew it.

10 July, 18:29

Dear Peter,

I’m so excited! Only two weeks until we finally meet! I’m so nervous. First of all, because of the flight. We’re going to be stuck in a plane for nine hours or so! To be honest, I’ve never flown before, so it’s my first time. That sounds wrong, but I still hope you know what I mean.

Do I even have to bring something special? I know, towels, a toothbrush, my own clothes, etc. But should I like take some DVD’s with me? A cheesy, romantic movie, that you love so much? How about that, Peter?

No, just kidding. (Except you want me to really do this, I wouldn’t think it’s a bad idea, lol).

But, aahhh!! I’m so excited, I can’t stop talking about you. I’m literally annoying everybody with it, but I can’t help it! Cause, who cares about New York, when you finally meet your best friend?

You stared at the “best friend”. Is it too much? Honestly, you would rather want to write “the cutest boy in this world”. Peter and you grew so close to each other. And all you did, was asking yourself if he also felt the same way about you. He made you laugh, he made you smile, he made you feel special in a way, nobody else could do. Peter didn’t care about the way you looked, if you had acne scars on your face or not, if your eyebrows were symmetrical – the only thing that was important for him, was that you were feeling fine. That was all that mattered to him.

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We get happy because Yousef has finally answered Sana and then we get our hearts broken because she tells him she can’t meet him

Seriously Julie, when are you going to stop?

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Hi :) can you tell me about Victoria & Daniel's love story Have a nice day

Hello :) So Victoria had not long recovered from her eating disorders. She wanted a way to make her body strong and healthy rather than the way she’d felt when she’d had her illness, so she went to a gym which was recommended by her friends and her sister. She got one on one training from the gym’s co-owner Daniel Westling. They became very good friends and over time their relationship grew and they became romantically connected. They kept it fairly low key but their romance was finally confirmed in July 2002 when a paparazzo managed to capture them kissing at a party through the window. They were together for a very long time before they got engaged and the press were quite harsh on Daniel. He really didn’t like press attention and nobody understood why she was attracted to him. They saw him as a commoner who didn’t meet the requirements for a future prince and they were quite harsh on him. But in 2009 they got engaged and then they married in 2010 and for the first time we got a glimpse of some of the sweet stories behind their relationship. Since then we’ve heard more and more about how sweet their early romance was and it’s just lovely to hear more about that :) One of the reasons I really love their romance is that she was still struggling with her body and went to somewhere to try and build up her strength and her focus on health and he gave her that, but then managed to build her up as a person too. She had been in quite a low place when he entered her life but she found her true partner in him. If she hadn’t been through all of that she might never have chosen to go to the gym so something beautiful came out of a really dark place. 

Not Just a One Night Stand || Shawn Mendes Smut *Explicit Image*


“Ugh,” I think to myself as I roll over to see who the hell is calling me at 7:13 in the morning.

“Dude, really?”

“Well good morning to you too, Miss Grumpy.”

“Julie, it’s 7:15 in the morning, oh and it’s Saturday. Why are you calling so early? You’re right down the hall, why didn’t you just come in my room?” I asked her still half asleep.

“I’m calling early because I just got to work, but I wanted to see if you wanted to go out tonight? Please say yes because I need to get drunk and dicked down, haha!”

“Okay, I know we are best friends, but there are just some things I don’t need to know about you. You needing to be dicked down is one of them, haha!”

“Oh please, you love me. And you should get laid tonight too, I mean how long has it been, like 3 months? Y/N, that’s kinda pathetic.”

“Um excuse me! How do you know how long it’s been for me?! And it is not pathetic. I’ve had plenty of opportunities, I just didn’t take them.”

“Okay, no. That crusty dude from the bar and the sketchy man from the club don’t count. If you slept with them, I’d personally check you into a mental hospital, but not after bathing you in bleach and getting you checked for AIDS.”

Even though I knew she was joking, I also knew she was serious. “Alright, what time do you want to go?”

“Well all the hot dudes get there at about 10:30, so I say we get an UBER at about 9:45. You know, club lines and shit.”

“Okay, sounds good. What time are you off?”

“Uhh, 4:15. I should be home by 5. I’ll pick something up for dinner. Is pizza cool?”

“Yeah, the just get the usual.”

“Always! Alright, I gotta go, but I’ll see you later. Catch some more ZZZ’s, Sleeping Beauty. Love ya!”

“Love you too. See you later.”

*9 ½ hours later*

I just finished setting mine and Julie’s plates down when she opened the door.

“I come bearing pizza!” she yelled as she came in.

“Hey, haha! I am starving!”

“Well lucky for you the Pizza Princess has arrived. So, you’re welcome.”

“All hail the Pizza Princess!” I said pretending to bow down to her.

“This is why I love you. You recognize me for the royalty that I actually am.”

“You’re a mess. Pass the pizza,” I said with a slight laugh. 

We ate our dinner as we got caught up on our favorite show, Roadies. We both showered and started to get ready for tonight. It was about 9:10 when we were ready to go.

“Julie, did you call the car or do you want me to?” I asked her as I started to zip up my thigh high boots.

“I’m calling now!” she yelled back to me from downstairs.


I finally got that annoying little zipper up on my boot and grabbed my purse to meet Julie downstairs.

“Holy shit! You look hot as fuck, Y/N!”

“Me?! You look so good! If no guy fucks you tonight, I will.”

“I’m counting on it, haha! You know we can’t let all this sexiness go to waste. I think this calls for hundreds of selfies and a long ass snapchat story!” she said as a matter of factly. We took picture after picture until our car got here. 

On the way, we blasted Drake, Rhianna, Queen Bey and a few more until the car pulled up to our destination. The line wasn’t horrible and we were let in about 30 minutes after we got there. Right as we walk in, I could feel the music coursing through my body and the bass making my heart thump louder.

“Wow, really?!” I heard Julie shout at me.

“What’s wrong?”

“We’ve been here .7 seconds and there is already some hot guy starring you down!”


“Over there! The tall, sexy brunette in that group of guys.” I looked at where she was pointing and she was right, he was starring right at me and he was a solid 10.

“I don’t now, Julie. I don’t usually do this kind of thing.”

“Which is why you should do this kind of thing! You look sexy as hell and he looks as if he’s ravishing you in his mind! Promise me that you will have fun tonight. Even if it’s not with that guy.”

“I promise!”

We hit the dance floor and the music felt so good through my body, but I was so hot.

“Julie! I’m going to get a drink!”


I wedged my through the mass of people on the dance floor to get to the bar. Before I can even place my drink order, the bartender places two tequila shots infront of me.

“Oh uh, I didn’t order these,” I yelled to him over the loud music.

“He knows that, I did. Thanks, Tom! You know, you looked really good out there.” I turn around and I’m met with the most beautiful brown eyes.

“And you are?”

“Shawn. What’s your name?”

“So wait, you buy a girl a drink and you don’t even know her name?”

“Trying something new. Still didn’t catch your name.”

“Y/N. That’s my name.”

“Nice to meet you, beautiful. So what brings you out tonight?”

“Just a girls’ night with my best friend. What about you?”

“It’s my friend’s birthday, so the guys and I are making sure he has a night to remember.”

“That’s nice,” I say as I down one of the shots.

“Wow! Not even a cheers. Or a thanks? Haha.”

“Thanks and cheers,” I say as I down the second shot. He looks at me wide eyed, but very impressed. For the next 15 minutes, we took shot after shot. I could hold my liquor and was really surprised that Shawn could too.

“Are you old enough to drink, Mr. Shawn?”

“Are you?”


“Let’s go dance, sexy.”

“You know, you’ve called me every name but my own.”He ignored me and  pulled me to the dance floor. 

We danced with our hands roaming all over each other’s bodies. I don’t know if it was the alcohol, Shawn or a mixture of both, but I was getting extremely turned on. I could tell he was too by the way his hands touched me and the quiet moans that left his perfect lips.

“You want to go somewhere?” He asked the words that I wanted to hear from him all night, but I can’t leave Julie.

“I really want to, but I can’t leave my best friend.”

“You know, I thought the same thing until I saw the birthday boy with your best friend.” As if on cue, Julie came over and told me that she was going to give Shawn’s friend Brian his special birthday present.

“Looks like I’m all yours,” I say as I turn back around to him

“That’s what I like to hear. My car is out back. We going back to your place?”

“Yeah,” I nodded. “are you okay to drive?”

“I’m good. We can call someone, if you’re not comfortable.”

“No, I’m fine!”

We walk out of the club and head back to mine and Julie’s house. We couldn’t have gotten there at a more perfect time because with his hand on my thigh, squeezing and traveling upwards the whole car ride, I was ready to jump his bones on the highway.

I unlock the door and right when we step inside, I find myself pinned against the wall.

“Wow, you waste no time.”

“Shut up and kiss me,” he said with a smirk. I of course follow that order and connect my lips to his. He places my hand on his hard cock and I get the message. I take his hand and lead him to my bedroom. As we climbed the stairs, he slapped my ass and I let out a little squeal.

“Trust me, there’s more where that came from.”

We get to my room and clothes are flying. Standing in our underwear, I run one of my hands down his sculpted abs and the other grabs the back of his neck as I kiss him deeply. He grips just under my ass and I jump into his arms. He carries us to the bed and places me down. He disconnects our lips and looks down at my body. 

“Holy fuck,” he says as he runs his hands down the sides of my torso. In my opinion, he was taking too damn long, so I take matters into my own hands. I sit up and give him something to really drool over. I unclasp my bra and toss it somewhere in the room. He gropes my tits in such a strong manner, I could’ve cum right there. 

“Mmm, fuck,” I moan.

“I think that’s my line, baby girl.” I let out a little giggle as I watch him kiss his way to my throbbing heat. He peels down my panties and attaches his lips to my clit. I’m a moaning mess, his tongue is driving me insane. I didn’t think I could get more wet, that was until he inserted two fingers. I didn’t want to cum until he was inside of me, so I pull him up and kiss him, tasting my own juices.

I run my hands down his torso and pull off his Calvin Kleins. I lightly stroke his hard cock and he tilts his head back.

“I want to taste you,” I whisper into his ear.

“Fuck, baby. I won’t last. I need to be inside of you.”

“Then fuck me.”

He doesn’t think twice before hastily pushing into my pussy.

“Oh my god, fuck you’re so tight!”

“Uh, fuck. Please go harder.”

He immediately sped up his actions and pounded into me like I craved.

“Oh my god, fuck I’m almost there!” I alerted him.

“Cum on my cock, Y/N.” The way the bass in his voice and the actions of his skillful fingers on my clit shot through my body, I came almost instantly. I arched my back off the bed and held on to him for dear life as my orgasm made my body shake and my pussy clench around him even tighter. By the way he was moaning and sweating, I could tell he was close too. 

“Ugh, fuck I’m about to cum. You feel so fucking good around me.”

I sit up a little bit and find his sweet spot on his neck and kiss my way up to his ear.

“Cum for me, baby.” I know that worked because a second later he pulled out of me and came on my stomach with a string of curse words. No longer being able to hold himself up, he collapsed on top of me and breathed heavily in my ear.

“God damn, Y/N. What are you doing to me?” I giggled and stroked the back of his hair and kissed him on the cheek. He looked me in my eyes and I couldn’t get over how mesmerizing he looked. His face was flushed, he was sweaty and his eyes were still glossy as he came down from his high. 

He stayed on top of me for a few minutes until he got the strength to roll off of me. I excused myself to the bathroom and when I got in there, I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn’t even recognize myself. I was glowing and I could see my heart beating in the reflection. 

“What is this kid doing to me?” I walked out and saw that he was snoring softly. I climbed back in the bed and instinctively, he pulled me in his arms and kissed the side of my head.

“Are you awake?”

“Barely,” he said back half asleep. I kissed his chest and snuggled into him and drifted off to sleep.

*Early Next Morning*

“Hey, Y/N! Who’s car is that in the drive- oh!” Julie barged into my room and woke Shawn and I up. “Sorry! I didn’t know. I’m Julie, Y/N’s best friend and if you hurt her I’ll find you.”

“Goodbye Julie!” I said to her.

She threw me a wink and Shawn called out that it was nice to meet her.

“She seems like a great friend.”

“She is. Shawn, last night was amazing.”

“Oh my god, it really was. I don’t usually do this, but I really like you.”

“You’ve only known me for 9 hours,” I say with a slight smile.

“Fuck, I know, but there’s something here and I don’t know what it is.”

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel it too.”

“So what do we do?”

“Get to know each other. Maybe see where it leads,” I throw out there.

“I’d be honored to get to know you, Y/N.”

I blush like fucking crazy and gaze up at the ceiling.

“Hey, are you hungry?” he asks me.

“Yeah, did you have something in mind for breakfast?”

“Uh well, if I remember correctly, I recall you saying last night that you wanted to taste me. My morning wood might be an indication that I’m not declining some morning head from a beautiful girl,” he smirks at me. 

I smile at him and kiss him before going to work on this beautiful man.

River, Heart Phoenix, Milton Nascimento and Lizzie Bravo, July 7th, 1990. 

‘’[…] They wanted to meet Milton, after hearing the beautiful song he had written for River (he saw “The Mosquito Coast” and was very impressed with the young actor’s performance). We communicated via phone and fax to try to find a date that would be suitable for everyone. River was filming, Milton was on a US tour.  

It was finally decided it would be in Atlanta. The day of the concert was July 7th,1990, the place was Piedmont Park and the event at the Atlanta Jazz Series. 

Heart drove, with River sleeping in the back seat. When they arrived, we met outside the hotel, the Wyndham, on Peachtree Avenue or Street. This photo of the 4 of us is from that moment - River looks definitely sleepy!

When we headed back to the hotel entrance, River asked his mother for some money.  It was a really small amount, something like US$5.00.  She asked him didn’t he want some more and he said that was enough. She asked him didn’t he want some more and he said that was enough.  I thought that was so cute: an internationally acclaimed actor, yet he still acted like a little boy beside his mother!


The last time I saw River was here in Rio de Janeiro, at Milton’s house, around June 1992.  Heart prepared a vegetarian feast and my brother and I were invited.  It was a lovely evening, good food and conversation.  River took me by the hand and led me upstairs, where he placed the earphones of his Walkman on my ears and played a new song of his for me to listen and give my opinion. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the song's name. I was flattered that he wanted to show me the song and hear my opinion.


What I remember about River is him being a very beautiful, caring, sweet and kind young man. It was a privilege to meet this very special family.’’

- Lizzie Bravo on River.

July 3, 2017 at 8:05 PM

Shaky hands meet your hips and I feel a warmth engulf me. I am yours. Gentle and slow, can you tell my breaths are broken and uneven? You are made of stars; carefully hand crafted by the universe to radiate love and hold me close.

When my lips finally met yours I felt the world disappear around me, It was only us. We are the universe, the only thing that matters.

This is my internet friend I met online 4 years ago. July 16, 2014 is the day I finally got to meet her in person and spend the night at a hotel and do all that Bestfriend stuff we couldn’t do because she lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I live in Tucson, Arizona. Even though we’ve been apart and have never met before in person we were the bestest of friends. We talk every single day and when I was having bad days I would call her and miles away she would be there for me. Our friendship has started in an odd way some people might think is bad but for us it’s just a new beginning to an already great friendship. I am so privileged to have met my internet friend it was the best day of my life. 👯

Inanna & Baal: I took him into the underworld.

Hey everyone! Do you want to cry even more about Issue #11 of The Wicked + The Divine? I bet you do. If so, here’s a handy illustrated chronology of the ultimately doomed, dysfunctional, possibly somewhat incompatible romance of Inanna & Baal.

There’s a keep reading here because there are a LOT of pictures, including spoilers for Issue #11.

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Service dog update

We officially put a deposit down to adopt a golden retriever pup from one of two upcoming litters from the same breeder. I will be able to meet all of the puppies when they’re 5 weeks old to determine which one has the right stuff. I’ll be taking one home in late July or early August. 

I can’t express how overjoyed I am that this is finally moving forward. I’m just over the moon. Time to reread all of the books!

TVXQ’s YUNHO Enlists & Says His Goodbyes to Fans

On July 21st, SM Entertainment officially confirmed that Yunho has enlisted and will begin his 21 months of duty as an active soldier. He’s expected to be discharged in April of 2017. Below is his handwritten letter to fans, along with translations.

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After going through all the things in the past two years, I am always grateful to meet my love. I met him on Interpals, he is Polish, I’m Chinese. He nicknames me Chenny, and I call him Miśio (“little bear” in Polish). We started the conversation with music and cultures, then gradually we talked about almost everything. I hadn’t realized someone has so many similarities to me. We chatted everyday, the feeling beyond friendship grew between us, but both of us insisted to say the three most important words when we met in real life. I flied to Poland in July 2014 (I already made vacation schedule to East Europe before I met him online though), the first meet will never be forgotten. He is a very tall guy, I recognized him immediately at the airport. He handed me rose and hugged me, whispering my name in great cheer. “Chenny, we finally meet.” He said. After spending two wonderful weeks in Poland, I went back to Canada for work and of course, I told my parents about Miśio. My mom went mad, asked me to break up with him, since she believed there’s no future between us at all. Miśio cannot move to China and I cannot move to Poland, language is gonna be the barrier for living. In 2015, Miśio made a big decision, he went to UK to work. “If we cannot live together in either our home countries due to language barrier, then I will work for saving money in a English-speaking country, to build our life for future.” He’s so firm and strong, he could give up the stable life in Poland for me.

I know sometimes I’m a terrible person. I can be very mean and cold when I’m angry, and I have bad temper and slight paranoid. I said hurtful things to Miśio, we are both stubborn and proud people, but he always tries to cheer me up when I get angry or upset. My mom said, “I have never seen you love a person so much.” Well, she is right. Miśio is the only person I feel totally secured to be with, except my parents, and we trust each other more than a lot.

Now we have been together for almost two years, Miśio proposed to me in Dec 2015, and my mom is accepting him. Long-distance relationship is more difficult than regular relationship. We need to trust and put more effort in, no matter how hard this can be, you need to trust him/her. After overcoming all the barriers and distance between you, it’s all worthy.

Attention all Big Hero 6 fans!

Walt Disneyworld has finally announced Hiro and Baymax’s final date for their meet and greets, before they go back to San Franksokyo. Their last days will be the around July 10th and 11th. However, there might be a way we can prevent this! Disney listens to fans when it comes to their opinions of things within the parks, and loves feedback. Do you know what this means? It’s time to email Disney!

Hiro and Baymax are very important parts of Disneyworld, not only because little kids love to hug Baymax, but also because of people like me. Big Hero 6 changed my life, for the better. Hiro helped remind me that through all the negativity weighing me down, you can pull through, and accomplish so much more than you imagined. Being able to see him at Disneyworld just means so much to me. It makes me so, so happy. This movie has done so much for me, and people all over the world. This is why keeping him and Baymax at Disney is so important.

Here’s what we can do to save them. Email Disney at this address: wdw.guest.communications@disneyworld.com. Tell them how much you love Hiro and Baymax, and enjoy them in the parks. Write long paragraphs about how important they are to you. They will listen, I promise! If enough of us email them, maybe we can save Hiro.

Please. This is really important. Even if you’ve never visited them at Disney, I’m sure you can relate to how they’ve changed lives. Email Disney, let them know! We can DO THIS!

We will call this Mission: Save Hiro and Baymax, or Mission: SHAB for short. Come on everyone, let’s save our favorite heroes!!


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet-and-greet stories to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. They are posted throughout the week.

This year on July 5th, I attended my very first Warped Tour. When my cousin and I first got to the venue, we ran around the entire place, looking for the youtubers, asking people if they knew where it was. When we finally found it, we saw that the meet and greet was sold out, so we just bought some T-shirts and walked around until our first show. Unfortunately, we missed a lot of meet and greets, due to the timing of all the shows we wanted to go to. We left Motionless in White’s set a little early to run to get in line to meet Jeffree Star. He was so sweet. After my cousin met him, and I started walking up to him, he said “Hi, honey! How are you? It’s so nice to meet you!” and his assistant took a picture of us together. Right after that, we had to run to get in line for MIW’s M&G. After waiting in line for almost an hour, when we got to the front, we were told we couldn’t meet them without a bracelet. It was probably the biggest let down of the day. My cousin and I kind of just stood around for a few minutes, before walking away. We were going to go back to Jeffree’s tent and buy some merch, and it started raining. My cousin then pointed someone out, and I froze where I was. It was Damon Fizzy. I stared at her, and we walked closer. He was taking pictures with a few other people, so we waited. After he was done with everyone else, he saw us. But it practically started pouring, and he screamed “OH MY GOD, IT’S RAINING!” and started speed-walking away. We kind of just stood there, not knowing what to do. Damon turned around and motioned to us, and said “Come to the tent!” so we went with him and we got picture’s with him, and I asked him to write “Fizzy Family Forever” in my notebook. I was shaking so hard, and I was so nervous. I wish I had remembered to thank him for making youtube videos and getting me through some stuff. He seemed really tired, which was understandable, but he was still really sweet. After that, we kind of just walked around, but then I remembered I had something to give to Bryanstars. We went back to the tent and I gave Damon my letter/picture for Bryan, and I thanked him. (I hope he remembered to give it to him!) Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet Bryan or Johnnie, but it was still a really good day.

Taylor hey!!! I just wanted to write a message to thank you for giving me my best friend… @swiftieginger Salli may live 1389 (literally) miles away from me but I feel that she’s closer to me than any of my friends in my home life. It’s crazy to think that she flew up to Minnesota from SoCal so I could see you for the first time with her on 9/13 (an emotional experience I will NEVER forget) she’s someone I FaceTime AT LEAST once every week and consider the older sister I never had. I’ve saved up money to go fly out to LA to re-unite with her this summer, and she’s helping me buya plane ticket (one of the most generous people you’ll ever meet). So we’re counting down the days until July 19th when I finally get to hug my best friend again. Expect lots of videos of us blasting you music and singing to our hearts desire. We can’t thank you enough for bringing us together, really. I LOVE YOU, SUNSHINE!
-Jess @taylorswift

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alright so, headcanon: we all know that georgia-born eric bittle cannot deal with the cold and he must know this to (after all that chirping he has to). so when bitty first visits jack's family in canada he only packs winter clothes and massive puffy coats even though he's visiting IN JULY. when jack finally meets him at arrivals he just cannot. stop. laughing. (cont)

(cont) because poor bitty looks like a snowball all wrapped up in 4 layers of warm clothes and it’s 25°c and everyone is giving them weird looks and jack just says “err, bits, you do know that canada is not always frozen over, right?” and bitty replies “but ransom said…?” and jack has some strong words to say to his fellow canadian on skype that evening.


also how hot is 25 degree Celsius i am a Filthy American that number means nothing to me. that’s hot right? hot??????


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It was warped tour July 18th me and my friends were walking around watching different bands but we couldn’t find the youtubers tent i was starting to get worried because i had letters for everyone and things to give them and i was looking foreword to meeting Johnnie Guilbert for months we finally found the tent and the line was super long but we thought that they will get to everyone in time we waited for about an hour and a half when a man with  sign saying “youtuber meet and greet is over for the day check twitter” my heart had sunk as we left the line later on we walked pass on our way  to We The Kings and saw cyr in the tent i though well if i can’t see Johnnie Damon or Bryan i will meet cyr so i got in line again when a few minutes later Damon and Johnnie came out i was so excited when i got up to Damon he asked my name i said Jailyn then i asked for a hug and for him to sign the back of my you twerk we mosh shirt i had bought before he gladly did then i got a picture the i walked over to Johnnie i was shaking this was it i had my letter and a stuffed manatee and asked for a picture and for him to sign my shirt then for a hug by then i was in tears he said it was ok and not to cry. that will always be the best day of my life <3


ON THE COVER: MELVIN TORDECILLA | Photographed by Ariel Magyawe | Styled by Dexter Balita | Issue No. 36


For people who personally don’t know you, it’s hard to imagine that a funny guy like you works in a more corporate job. How is Melvin different from @beben-eleben?

I think there’s no difference between Melvin and @beben-eleben. What you see online is what you get. I mean whatever Melvin feels and thinks, @beben-eleben feels and thinks the same way. Maybe @beben-eleben is just being Melvin online. I don’t have to impress somebody.

When and how did you discover tumblr? How long have you been on tumblr?

Before Tumblr, I was a loyal Plurk user. I had a group of friends called Plurkada; they’re also UPLB graduates. Some of them were blogging using tumblr. Then I got envious and I tried signing up. The first time I saw tumblr dashboard, I was like “Shet paano ito?! Haha” But then, I started posting like corny jokes I knew when I was in high school (I was the class clown) and photos I edited with my large watermark. Eventually, I love being a tumblr user. I’ve been posting crazy stuff since December 11, 2009. 

(Beben’s father painted this picture of young Melvin  displayed on his room)

You must’ve witnessed a lot of tumblr changes throughout the years. What’s the best thing about tumblr back then?

The best thing about tumblr way back then (circa 2009-2010) was the Tumblr Primetime where everyone was so active posting NSFW photos and jokes, funny texts, and some of them had their own GIFs. Another thing was that almost everyone in the dashboard joins the trending topics every night. When one tumblr famous posted something then another one had a post related to that, everyone would divulge things related to that until it becomes a trending topic of the night. My dashboard was fun-filled.

A lot of my friends know you. Even the ones whom I thought do not own a tumblr account will ask me if I’m friends with you. Are you as funny as your online persona in real life?

We’re friends, so am I? Haha. Kidding aside, yeah I think I was born to make other people happy.

You’ve organized some of the most unforgettable tumblr gatherings. What is by far, the most memorable meet up? Why?

I think the most unforgettable meet up I organized was the Enchanted Meet Up last May 14, 2011. This was memorable because as far as I know, this was the first tumblr meet up held in EK. This was also the first time that I became so stressed dealing with different kind people and solving unexpected circumstances; however, everything was all worth it because everyone still enjoyed the meet up.

What is the worst thing about tumblr?

The worst thing about tumblr is the issues among tumblr bloggers, specifically dealing with haters. Everyone should always think that we can’t please everyone. So stop wasting your time posting on everyone’s dashboard about your hater.

One lesson tumblr has taught you. (If there’s any)

One lesson that tumblr taught me is that not everyone will get your humor.

1 advise you’d like to share to tumblr newbies.

For tumblr newbies, just be yourself. It may sound cliché but, just share your skills and talents to express not to impress. Most tumblr oldies will not understand your own issues in life and what you do in tumblr, but you should not care about them because everything’s changing and we have to deal with it.

How is Melvin Tordecilla as a friend?

As a friend, I am makulit especially if I am the only one who doesn’t know a secret within my circle.  I always love to joke around. With my friends, I’m able to practice my sarcastic skills.  I’m always available when a friend needs my shoulder (figuratively and literally). My personality towards a close friend varies from unbearably clingy to disturbingly distant, and there is no in between.

How is Melvin Tordecilla back when he was five or six? What was your ambition?

When I was five or six, I dreamt to be a doctor or pilot. 

That one person who inspires you the most and why?

My mom (aside from my dad, of course).  I don’t have to tell all the reasons why, but one thing’s for sure, I love her and I’m very thankful for the all the things she’s doing for me, especially the delicious food she cooks and the moral support she gives during my tough times. My mom is that one precious stone separated from the other millions for her strong and everlasting love which makes her shine like a diamond. She’s not perfect human being, but I will forever consider her a treasure that is close to perfection.

3 tumblr bloggers you look up to and why.

Me, myself and I. LOL. Seriously, there a lot of talented bloggers in tumblr, but three of them whom I look up to and I admire their skills are Ariel (arielmagyawejr), Julius (infelice) and Cris (israelmekaniko). Their blogs belong in different categories. Ariel is an expert in photography. His works are really awesome! I mentioned this before that Ariel and I have this KC Concepcion-Mark Nicdao relationship; meaning, I always want Ariel to be my photographer for my every photoshoot.

I consider Julius the Vexel and Vector Art King of Tumblr Philippines. I felt so honored and flattered when he made a vexel art of myself way back 2011. He is one of a kind in which you will feel insecure and question yourself, “Why don’t I have that kind of talent?”

Lastly, Cris is a good friend of mine. I like the humor on his blog posts which are “sobrang benta sa masa”. I really like his personality – kalog, may pakajologs but classy. One thing I like from these guys is that these three are all down to earth which makes them respectable.

Some people in tumblr who are tumblr famous as they call it, don’t know how to keep their feet on the ground. Tumblr is just a microblogging site, not Westeros of Game of Thrones. 

5 Weird things we still don’t know about you.

a. Whenever I order food in a fast food or restaurant, my friends notice that I always have serious face that they find it very weird but funny.

b. I love reading books. I’m shocked that some people are surprised by this simply because they’re not expecingt that a funny weird guy like me  won’t read John Green novels.

c. I’m an impulsive shopper.

d. When I find someone cute around, I’m very transparent.  For further information, ask my friends. LOL

e. I have a lot of moles on my body (every body part you can think of).

What if one day, you wake up fearless, what’s the first thing that you will do?

I will go to the mall and eat everything!

I heard TAEMU12 is around the corner. What should we expect this time?

Thanks for this promotion! LOL. Having a competition in a tumblr meet up with cash involved as prize is not a joke. My co-organizers and I are very excited! We make sure everything is well-prepared before the meet up. Participants for the Amazing Race, which is the main event of TAEMU12, have been finalized, and we’re bonding online through our Facebook group. It’s a must, so that the racers will not have an awkward moment on the meet up itself. So expect TAEMU12 will be the best and grandest TAEMU to date! Too bad for others who refused to join in the race. LOL

Words you live by.

When my insecurity strikes, I always think and tell myself, “Fuck that! I’m Melvin Tordecilla!”


The summer of 2013 I, Sara heard about a event happening in my city of Toronto called Buffer festival. I was surprised when I heard about the rumours of Jack and Finn being there. I checked out the website of Buffer festival and saw the rumours were indeed false but that Jacksgap was going to attend next year. So I was a little bummed as I had to wait a whole year to meet the lovely inspiring twins! But finally in July of 2014 I pre-ordered the tickets and got 3rd row! I again waited till October and I hadn’t realized what I was actually doing until a few internet friends I met up with and me were outside of Will and the twins conference room. 

We had to line up for the Jacksgap “show” or whatever and my knees got weak. When I saw how close I sat and saw the two cheeky twins walk in and take a seat on stage my stomach got filled with butterflies. I was so happy and excited to see some new content they hadn’t uploaded and the show was awesome. We got to ask question to them and when they answered my question my voice was so shaky. I asked “How are you enjoying buffer and do you plan on coming back?”

After the whole screening we had to go the meet up and sit in a huge auditorium to take a picture. 

Meanwhile I waited Ben brown popped up, I got to meet him and he was so sweet and tall!! 

But finally after a long and overwhelming day it was my turn. My turn to meet my inspirations, my turn to meet the cheeky twins who I’ve been watching for 3 years! It was my turn. I walked nervously to them but then when I was hugging them and finally talked to them all the nervousness and stress went away. I experienced something I had never experienced before. They were so nice and so thankful FOR ME BEING THERE! I was surprised they were thanking me! I should be thanking them.

Watching Jack and Finn made a difference in my life. But meeting them was something more.

- Sara Cortez (@