but when we finally meet in july

Hi therealjacksepticeye , oh my gosh. Can I just start with THANK YOU! THANK YOU seriously. Thank you again for talking to me and my little sister. I know I already told you thank you, but I really appreciate you. This year has been so hard for my family because of my Dad being diagnosed with cancer and then passing away in July. You made my sister Karissa’s year for probably forever. She plans to come to the next PAX to meet you herself in person by the way. I have mad respect for you. You are the most humble and kind person I have ever met. You know, I’m part Irish…so we can both be Irish together? WE IRISH MUST STICK TOGETHER! I can’t wait to spend hours upon hours upon hours just watching your videos… Karissa and I are already planning to watch them together now. When I finally get my channel running I may ask you how my first video was! I will also be working toward creating a game with giant monster/creatures and trolls, just for you. So look forward to getting to test one of my first games! :D I hope your long trip home today went well and you can finally catch some needed Z’s and then just play some more games. I also would have posted this sooner but I was so tired last night that I completely passed out….ALSO THANK YOU AGAIN! And also, BOOPER DOOPER!

“The greatest gift that God could give is the gift of life.”

True indeed. I never thought that I will be blessed to be given this gift at this time in my life. When everything seems so right and then you came. Our journey has been a tough one, from the moment I knew I would be carrying you for nine months to the day that finally we met.

It was that fateful day of July 31st, a typical 39th week pre natal check up for me when I found out that we will be meeting sooner that I expected. I needed to be rushed to the hospital right after the check up for an emergency Caesarian Section. Your Non Stress Test and Bio Physical Scan showed worrisome results that affects your heartbeat and fetal breathing. I felt roller coaster ride of emotions at that moment. First, thinking of your safety inside my womb. Second, my fear of CS procedure and the pain of going through the operation and recovery. Third, what journey lies to us after we see each other. Fourth, I was trying to convince my OB if I could deliver through NSD but since you have umbilical cord coil,they cannot induce me for it will be more burdensome and fatal for both of us. But I faced all those fears and prayed really hard, that both of us be safe after the procedure. I was a bit perky at the operation room, trying to hide all the fears, worries and anxiety while waiting for the anesthesia to take effect. And then after a few minutes I heard your first cry. At exactly 3:15pm, you were born in this magnificent world. Even though I’m groggy and high due to the morphine they gave me, when I saw your handsome face, my heart melted with joy and though my hands were restricted, I want to carry you in my arms and tell you how much I love you. Instantaneously, all those fears and worries were gone.

I will never get tired of waking up in the wee hours of the morning just to change your nappies and feed you with all my love. I will try my very best to pump more liquid gold for you ( and to breastfeed you exclusively) and be the best mom that you could ever have. Whenever I see that faint smile in your face, I will be reminded of how God blessed me with an angel that I promise to love, take good care and nourish for all the days of my life.

I love you Gavin Raleigh. Always and forever. 🎁🎈❤️🎉