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Sleep is a current theme in John’s songs, (“Strawberry fields forever” “I’m so tired”, “#9 Dream″) and ‘I’m only sleeping’ was the very first song he wrote that had this dreamy atmosphere.

In the book “John Lennon: In my life’ written by Pete Shotton, John’s friend recalls that one thing John hated more than going to bed at night was getting out of it the next day:

“In his private Kenwood existence, John avoided any semblance of a routine, preferring to eat, sleep, or work when and if he happened to feel hungry, tired or inspired. If I were there, he would often want to talk and play all night long - in which case he would rarely emerge from his bedroom before two o’ clock the following afternoon.” 

This John’s habit inspired not only John to write a song, but also Paul. In fact, when he wanted to write, he used to come over to John’s house in the afternoon and wake him up for a work session. 

“Often Paul would be John’s morning alarm call.  Living at Wimpole Street…meant he got up earlier than John and packed more into each day.  John led a more relaxed suburban life but if he went to dinner in London or to a club, living so far from town meant that he returned home very late.  Paul would arrive at midday or the early afternoon and wake him up, which was where John got the idea for ‘I’m Only Sleeping.’” - Barry Miles, ‘Many Years from now’

But sometimes, Paul would just wait for John to wake up. One day, while he was sitting outside by the pool while John was sleeping, he wrote ‘Here, there and everywhere.’ John, on the other hand, had the idea to write ‘I’m only sleeping’.

“That’s me,..dreaming my life away”  - John, Playboy Interview, 1980.

It was a nice idea — ‘There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m not being lazy, I’m only sleeping, I’m yawning, I’m meditating, I’m having a lay-in.’ The song was co-written but from John’s original idea.” —Paul McCartney, Many Years From Now by Barry Miles.

At 2:01 you can hear Paul yawning. (…mimicking John?:) )

One More Kiss (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! This was the last request so I will open my requests soon! I have a prompt that I thought of that I have been dying to write so when I post that I will open requests 

Warnings: none

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: where Spence is about to leave for work but the reader keeps asking for “one more kiss?” Pure early morning fluff pleas e

Requested by: @kayleexidk 

Upcoming Imagine: Spencer refuses to go to any other hair stylist…


You didn’t need space from him, there wasn’t an argument, you had just rolled away from him in your sleep.

But when you heard the annoying buzzing of his alarm clock, you leapt back onto him, clinging to his pajama shirt.

You knew what the alarm clock meant.

It meant he had to get up and leave, and you didn’t want that.

You heard Spencer stir and groan as he stretched his arms, before they landed across your back.

He went to sit up and shut off the alarm clock, but you successfully prevented that from happening.

“Don’t leave.” You pleaded as you buried your head in his neck.

“I have to sweetheart. I have to get ready for work.” He said kissing the top of your head and prying your arms from his torso.

You huffed as you watched him change his clothes, wanting his warm body next to yours again.

He went to the bathroom to do his Spencer Reid hygiene and then came back into his bedroom where you were sprawled across his bed.

“Bye Y/N. I’ll see you tonight okay?” He said cupping your face and placing a sweet kiss to your lips.

“I don’t want you to leave.” You said clutching his soft blanket and bringing it up to your face, batting your eyelashes to persuade him to stay.

“You know I don’t like leaving you, don’t make me feel bad.” He said slumping his shoulders.

“Give me one more kiss.” You said reaching out for him.

He nodded and captured your lips in his, this one lasting longer.

You could taste the sadness on his lips; he really didn’t want to leave.

“I’ll bring us back ice cream okay? We can eat it all night long and cuddle with a movie.” He said lacing his fingers in yours.

“Okay.” You said tiredly.

You didn’t let go of his hand as he walked away, making him gently tug on your arm.

“Y/N please let go.” He pouted. “You’re making this very difficult.”

“Just one more kiss.” You whined pulling him back.

“Fine, one more kiss. I’m going to be late for work and then I will have to stay longer.”

You knew that was a lie. Spencer has so much overtime that he could slide by if he didn’t go to work for a week.

As he kissed you, you wrapped your arms around his neck and then pulled him back on the bed.

“Y/N! No, I have to go. I’m sorry, but I do.” He said as you wrapped the blanket around him.

“I love you, so much, but I have to go.” He said kissing your lips and then forehead before disappearing from the room.

“One more kiss!” You yelled, waiting for an answer.

Sure enough, Spencer came running back in the room, placing a quick kiss to your lips, and then running back out with a “bye.”

“Don’t forget the ice cream.” You yelled before you heard the door close.

You laid in bed, savoring the smell of Spencer on the sheets until you heard your phone buzz.

You looked at it and saw that Spencer had sent you a text.

I won’t forget. I love you and I will give you all of the kisses you want when I get home. I love you :*”

My professors: This homework assignment will probably take a while so make sure you start several days early and manage your time well !!!! It’s due at 12:00:00 am on the dot this Wednesday and if you miss the deadline your grade drops massively !!! Have a good rest of your week !!!

Also my professors: [emails the assignment to the class at 4 in the morning before it’s due despite being nagged about it all week and doesn’t extend the due date]

Dating Harry Hook Would Include...

Anonyme: Could you do Dating Harry Hook Would Include? Louve your blog! <3

Note: This is my first post on this blog! I hope you enjoy it, more is coming!

Originally posted by adisneylover92things

  • A lot of hugs by surprise
  • The same for you
  • Kiss on the neck
  • Take his hook when he’s not careful
  • He is angry at first but changes very quickly when he looks at your puppy eyes
  • Always passing his hand through your hair while you sleep
  • Always watch these blue eyes ocean
  • To be best friend with Uma and Gil
  • A lot of sex
  • Sweet and passionate sex
  • Rough sex
  • Comforted when he thinks of his father
  • Always be on these sides and he too
  • Show him every day that you like him
  • Being deeply in love with you
Thank You

I had a shitty night last night after dinner and despite getting only 5 hours of sleep, I’m functional enough to get some things done today.

Like this post.

Last night, I reached 1,000 followers!

This makes me insanely happy. It really does. I must be doing something right to keep over a thousand of you here.

I want to thank each and every one of you for following me because without you, I wouldn’t be making this post right now. I’m eternally grateful that you follow me and when I’ve been down in the dumps, a lot of you stepped up to ensure I was alright. To make sure I was still fighting the good fight.

Special Shoutout To My Biggest Fans:

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When I started this blog (which was originally named celahcain) over a year ago, it was suppose to be my escape for nerding out on Supernatural stuff as I was very new to the fandom and wasn’t exactly comfortable with telling people about it (which is exactly what I did when I was more active in the Harry Potter Universe.) Then it evolved into, “Hey, some of these writers are really good! Makes me wanna get back into writing.” (The very first fanfiction I ever wrote was actually a roleplay script for Harry Potter LARPing, and it’s still on floppy disks. This was back when I didn’t know what LARPing and fanfiction was!) Then I started getting more serious with my writing for Supernatural, and people started flocking towards me. It’s humbling.

I write for myself, and with that means making sure I love what I’m writing, otherwise who else will? The love and praise I’ve received for everything I’ve written so far, while it isn’t the reason I write, it sure has kept me going.

I love y’all so much. Thank you <3

phoenix-scorpios  asked:

heya ! how are you ? gettibg better ?? Do you sleep/eat correctly ? :0 so ! um, actually i really like Jaws, and i was wondering, if i could draw a little ccomic about him and my persona ? im pretty sure if i was his friend, i would be like the annoyibg hyper cuddling little sis lol, but just wanted to be sure before ! and if yes, i'll send it to you before posting it ! byu ♡

Hey! I’m doing well, feeling pretty good and getting as much sleep and food as I can healthily intake! And oh my goodness of course! Thank you for being so considerate and asking me first! I love when people draw up stuff with my bois it makes me stupid levels of happy. Feel free to draw up the comic, and please tag me when you post it so I can reblog it!! 

Bad nights Thiam headcanons

- Theo usually can’t sleep and when he does, the nightmares are terrible.

- When Liam hears in his sleep little moans in pain and whispers from Theo, he quickly gets up and try to wake up Theo.

- Liam wakes up a very nervous Theo, he looks like he’s having a panic attack.

- Liam can’t do anything but hug him, tightly. Theo starts breathing slower and finally he cries silently in Liam’s neck.

- “I deserve all of this” “No you don’t”

- “She’s dead and it’s my fault” “I know, but that Theo it’s not my Theo. You changed and I love you.”

- “I love you too”

got drabble - a white wolf

a/n: @starksistersweek thank you for being so understanding! i only have one more after this one, i’ll post it in a while - and then i’m good :D

day oct 16th - post-series.

The hardships she’s had to endure make it difficult for Arya to sleep in, her dreams offering little to no comfort. Knows it is the same for all of them, her family – for Bran and Sansa and Jon. Knows it to be truer now, after the Great War, after the horrors the Night King brought over once he felled The Wall.

Nothing short of illness would make them linger in bed now. Not when there’s still so much to do—to heal.

Read at Ao3.

Almost forgot to post this here! After talking to Allie about our clown babs, I decided to doodle up Rusty’s changed self.

Someone probably tried to touch his hat. He is very protective over it and wears it constantly…when he sleeps, eats, bathes, everything. Only those special few he trusts with his precious head wear can touch it and maybe even wear it..but even then he is not completely sure about it.

Hey y'all… it’s 3AM and my boyfriend is trying to sleep cause he’s going to a Solange concert tomorrow but like… I been looking through my old posts and I remembered how my blog used to be like a diary and how people interacted with me when I felt super lonely and depressed…

If any of you who read this has stuck with me that long… thank you so much because you guys thought I was funny and nice and decent looking when I didn’t believe it myself

Truly I wouldn’t the person I am today if it weren’t for Tumblr and everyone who has reached out to me on here

Thank you for the tag @nuclearbats! :D

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Well shit.

I just decided to have a look at my remixed drarry soulmate au (I’m stockpiling options to choose from for when I post something at Christmas as a gift, having options makes it less scary) and my brain just did a dumb. A big, shoot myself in the foot, dumb.

So the original version that was on ffnet (and was my 2nd story tied with Restraint (was writing them at the same time, but finished the soulmate au first, does that make it 2nd? eh whatevs)) was 50k long, Draco’s pov, and went year by year in order, following canon until the battle in 7th year, and then split from canon for an 8th year and a post-hogwarts scene..

Then after I deleted everything off my ffnet account (I wasn’t about to post this on AO3 so it was still available like everything else, because I got a lot of really fucking nasty reviews on it and fuck that) I decided to remix it. For funsies. And cos I always wanted to do something non-linear and my writing style makes doing that from scratch impossible (unable to plan and write to a plan), I could just cut and paste and shift stuff around instead =)

So, after doing it once and making it completely non-linear, time jumping all over the place, I scrapped it, cos it was shit (altho…I think I kept the file, now that I think about it…might revisit that with fresh eyes…anywaaaay), and did it again, and it ended up being 40k long and I was happy with it (only shaved off 10k though *facepalm (actually… less than that because I wrote several new scenes too…)) 

I did that remix year by year, in chronological order, except, I interspaced scenes from the ‘current’ year with jumbled out of order scenes from 8th year (that had some minor relevance or linked theme to what was happening in the ‘current’ year), to give it a semi non-linear format. Cos why not? So it was like, [(scene from year 1) -> (scene from year 8) -> (scene from year 1)] repeat [] for each year until a post-Hogwarts scene. (oh, and a really really small bit from the post-hogwarts scene was also at the beginning of each chapter until it all came together at the end and the full scene was shown….fuck it sounds so overly complicated doesn’t it? whatever, I love it, and it’s a self-indulgent fic so whatevs)


How cool would it be to reverse that, and do the entirety of 8th year as the bulk of the story (instead of non-linear fragmented scenes (I only used parts of scenes from the original version in the remixed version, rather than full scenes)) and interspace that with fragmented scenes from the previous 7 years? So [(Scene from 8th year) -> (scene from an earlier year, not chronologically) -> (scene from 8th year)] and repeat [] until the post-Hogwarts scene, which is uninterrupted.

Am I creating a fuck tonne of overly complicated work for myself that I don’t need? Yeah…

But I’ve been in a weird editing/re-writing/ mood lately and I don’t wanna waste it because it’s better than feeling down

But damn, it’ll be fun to play around with this fic again, but also, it’s gonna take forever, and need tonnes of new scenes, because in the original version, each year had it’s own chapter, and 8th year only had 2 chapters (even if they were a bit longer), so it’s massively unbalanced…and the first remix took so long…and this one will definitely take longer…

Fuck it!! I love this fic!!


(but seriously, this new remix first, but then one day I REALLY need to write the spin off alternate 8th year where they touched in the fire and they go into 8th year with Harry knowing Draco is his soulmate and dealing with that, and finding out Draco has known since 1st year and never said anything, and was a total ass to him, while Draco is also dealing with being called a hero for what he did in the battle, and hating it, and having his life amongst the Death Eaters exposed and poked at, and being elevated further because of it, and YES YES YES ALL THE ANGST)

(Alsooooooo 8th year of the original version but from Harry’s pov…how cool would that be? Him still wondering who and where his soulmate is, knowing they are still alive, and wondering why they have never come for him when his soul-mark is splashed periodically across the papers and they couldn’t possible not know it was him, and why they don’t want him, while also slowly falling in love with Draco, but feeling so guilty about it, and also not knowing if Draco’s soulmate is alive, if he knows them, is waiting for them, or what and just FUCK ME UP I WANT THAT ANGST, like damn, it was already so angsty from Draco’s pov, but Harry’s has a different brand of angst that I wanna play with)

(…also still need to actually properly re-write the original version to my current standard too…cos I still love it to absolute bits no matter how many people were complete fucking assholes about it, and I wanna make it shinier)

(…..I think I’ll be writing different versions of this story for the rest of my life)

(…and at some stage I should probably post at least 1 version of it, but I am absolutely still petulant and stubborn after all the asshole comments the first time)

(…I shouldn’t be allowed in my fanfic folder after midnight…)

(…sorry for anyone who actually read this mess of a post…)

(…I should probably actually go to bed before even opening a new file to start this new remix…or I might not sleep at all tonight…this should be tomorrow’s project…)

me: *literally says nothing about drag race*

cishet girl who has only seen season 7: oh honey, oh honey, me? like drag race? hunty I’m literally a drag expert mama your edges can’t take this knowledge miss thing okurr oh yall wanted a twist? fuck me in the pussy with a rake mom