but when she realizes it's not who she is and not what she wants

That one time Saito Chiho said Utena is basically Kaze to ki no uta

In that new Takemiya Keiko fanbook, Saito Chiho said that when she read Kaze to ki no uta, she realized that Revolutionary Girl Utena was basically entirely based on it, just repackaged for the afternoon anime audience.

  • A boarding school closed off from the rest of the world.
  • A person who gets cruelly passed around among the powerful elite of the school – and secretly seems to enjoy this on some level.
  • Another person coming in from the outside to break this status quo and “save” the victim.
  • But was this “saving” what the victim wanted, or asked for, or needed?

My mind: blown.

She also says that the predominately male anime staff hired her on as an artist because they were afraid they’d otherwise end up making a parody of shojo manga, which wasn’t their intention.

I like robot stories, so I’m going to tell a robot story.

There was once a wonderfully expressive robot. A father bought it for his daughter, due to her sorrow over the death of her pet. But the girl refused it: “I don’t want it, they’ll just break anyway.” The robot shot itself with a sports rifle to show its sturdiness and insisted “I won’t break!” The girl stroked its wound, and said “Never do anything like that again.”

The father thought this wonderfully expressive robot would have a good influence on his daughter, who was always stoic and emotionless. And in fact, as she watched the robot laugh and cry over everything, the girl became able to honestly laugh and cry herself. “Even though you’re a robot,” she said. “Even though you’re a robot, I love you.”

When the woman, once a girl, passed away from old age, the robot realized what she had meant when she said “they’ll just break.” The wonderfully expressive robot went to another household, and became companion to another human there, but it could no longer put on a smile like before. “Because they’ll just break anyway."​

—  Fafoo
Re: about smokers

I currently live with my mom who’s been a smoker for 35+ years.  She has tried to quit multiple times but she just doesn’t have it in her, and that’s OK.  Her current job is extremely stressful and she smokes to help her cope.

But here’s the thing: despite her life-long addiction and NEED to smoke, she remains considerate of everyone around her not just those within sight. 

All she wants to do when she gets home is smoke, but if she sees kids playing outside or notices our neighbors’ windows are open, she either:

  • waits for everyone to go inside/close up before she smokes outside, or–
  • gets in the car and drives 2 blocks away to an open parking lot and smokes there

Does this sound extreme? Because this is what common courtesy looks like

Most smokers today don’t realize just how FAR their smoke goes and how sensitive people are to its effects.  Thankfully my mom has enough experience and understanding to avoid contact with others best she can while she smokes, and this is something EVERY SMOKER should strive to do.  

But naw, I see smokers on this site throwing around terms like “ableist” and “classist” instead, and that’s honestly the most ridiculous use of those words I’ve seen in a while.

Y’all think as long as you’re not blowing smoke DIRECTLY in our face that everything is OK and we should deal with it.  

That’s not how airborne chemicals work. 

You either don’t understand or just plain DON’T CARE about the serious repercussions (short term + long term) your addiction has on EVERYONE around you, and in 2015 there is no excuse for that kind of disregard. 

You have the RIGHT to smoke, but you DO NOT have the right to harm others along the way.  Your addiction is not license to hurt others.

So please, be considerate – DO YOUR BEST to avoid sharing the effects of your smoking with those living/working around you because, LIKE IT OR NOT, we’re all breathing the same air.  

So I just realized something... (Episode 3 spoilers ahead.)

So idk if you guys noticed but, when your are out in the endermen area Olivia said she would be watching through the window, and how she didn’t want to see you get killed from behind the protective glass, right? You get attacked by Soren  but what Olivia sees is 

You getting attacked by an enderman.
If you notice when you wake up in the room she isn’t there.

That’s because she was watching you and saw you get attacked. Olivia is smart and knows she can’t help you herself, so I assume the reason she isn’t there is because when she saw you get attacked she ran to get the other to help. Then after you and Soren talk someone busts into the room and is really confused… 

Its Lukas, not Olivia or Axel, your best friends, Its not Petra/Gabriel who pride themselves on their strength and heroics, its Lukas. He runs in and, He is in there like a good 30 seconds before the others. 

When you where talking to Soren I think Olivia went and got everyone and told them what happened, the others probably where trying to think of what to do, but I think, based on Lukas’s reaction and the fact the others didn’t rush in with him, he probably ran in head first without a plan. And as soon as he has a grasp on the situation the first thing he does is go up and hold onto you.

I really think this is because of what happened in episode one with Petra/Gabriel and how he blames himself for what happened, If you tell him about the fact Petra/Gab is sick. What if when Lukas heard Olivia say you got hit by the endermen while outside in the end he got scared cause of what happened last time he clammed up, and he thinks anything is better then that, and runs headlong into a room that as far as he knows if full of pissed off endermen, but to save you, cause he doesn’t want to lose anyone like last time. And the reason he was so confused when he got in there is because he honestly thought you where gunna be dead or something in there, not in there singing with some guy.

At least thats what I think, maybe I’m just a doodle and everyone else already knows this, but I wanted to share just incase… ;;;


Marriage, at its core, is making the same choice over and over, every day, every moment. The choice is not between right or wrong or love and hate or life and death. It’s about whether you want the person you’re with or not. Marriage is choosing the former, even if you suspect the latter. And once they’re free of the bloodthirsty mob, Claire and Jamie realize the breadth of what that choice entails.

It is when they’re free of the frenzy that Claire finally admits to Jamie the truth of who she is. He asks if she’s a witch, and she tells him the whole of her story. She explains why she knows what she knows and how she can walk amid dying men and remain untouched. She tells him how she understands that this truth is likely more unbelievable than any lie she might tell him and declares that she’s no witch, but a time traveler. But, because he’s Jamie, true and good and honest, he believes her.

And the next day, when Jamie asks Claire if she’s ready to go home, it’s not Lallybroch that lays over the horizon, but Craigh na Dun, the stones through which Claire slipped out of her time and into his. He leaves her, telling her to return to her time, as there’s nothing for her in Scotland. After he’s gone, Claire examines her two hands, her two rings, her two love lines, her two lives, and she makes a choice. She chooses Jamie. She’ll make that choice again and again, just as Jamie will, an infinite number of times, because that’s what marriage is.

Hell of an Escape|Closed RP


Tiffany wasn’t thinking much when she ran into the woods. She was thinking only of escape-however fleeting-and the woods was the easiest place to hide. What she hadn’t expected was to run so far and changed the course of her path so often that she couldn’t remember which way was back home-however much she didn’t want to go there.

She curses quietly to herself when she realizes just how lost she is, cringing at the thought of taking even longer than she’d have liked-but she just keeps walking. After a little while, she sees lights in the distance, and picks up speed, assuming that she’s close to the road again-only to almost crash into a fence that surrounds the house, sitting alone in the woods. She freezes a step or two away, unsure if she’s safe, before she moves to enter, walking through the gate and up the pathway, hoping that there’s someone who she could ask for directions, at the very least.

Something the Felicity haters are overlooking

Some people like to complain about how much Felicity has “cried” this season, or however they want to phrase it. We’ve all seen them. But there’s one point they’re ignoring. Well, more than one, but one that I’m going to focus on in this post. It’s something that you’d think the Internet, with all its love for “strong female characters” with “agency” would appreciate. I know many people do, but I can’t help but wonder how many of those who criticize Felicity’s “crying” are the same ones who are pushing for things like a Black Widow solo movie. If so, I find that incredibly contradictory.

I guess I should explain what I’m talking about, eh? When everyone believed that Oliver died, Felicity mourned him, of course, but something else very important happened. She made the decision to continue her vigilante work, not to help Oliver, but because she wanted to. She realized that the mission had become just as much hers as Oliver’s. He may have died (or so she thought at the time), but there were still people alive that she wanted to protect. She was even the one who rallied the remainder of Team Arrow to keep up the fight. Oliver may have started it, but the cause had taken root in each of their hearts for different reasons. This was an important shift from Oliver’s motivation, which was honoring various dead loved ones. Instead of fighting for the dead, Felicity encouraged them to fight for the living. And as we know, that’s a philosophy that even Oliver has gradually embraced. It’s why he finally allowed himself to love Felicity and be loved by her.

Isn’t that exactly what people love about “strong female characters”? Having the “agency” to stand up for themselves, protect others, etc.? All of that crying and being upset and emotional is exactly what led to her doing those things.

I think I finally realized what the main difference is between Bernie and Hillary that makes me lean more towards Bernie. Aside from the fact that he’s great.

In every debate I’ve watched, there’s been one stark difference. Every time Bernie talks about inciting change for the country he always says “We” when referring to who is going to work to make the country better, where as Hillary mainly uses “I” dictating that she thinks she’s the only one capable of making that change.

And watching this last debate really put it into perspective for me the more I watched and listened to Hillary’s slander and Bernie’s reaction to it

Bernie wants to make this a country where we can all work together to fix it.

Hillary wants to be president because she thinks she can do it alone.

Its We The People vs I The Person and seeing that in this recent debate only made me want to vote for Bernie more.

I imagine Pyrrha and Ruby both have a very strong urge to protect and take care of each other, in a really domestic sense. Pyrrha wakes up to see Ruby (who is always energetic and has trouble sleeping) is already awake and making coffee and breakfast, and Pyrrha idly says “I would have helped” and Ruby is stubborn (as always) and says, “This is something I wanted to do for you.” In a way that sort of brooks no arguments, so Pyrrha does the dishes when she’s done, and Ruby doesn’t know it but she learned this sense of nurturing love from Yang and Summer, and how they were The Women Of The House 

and without even realizing it Ruby reverts immediately to that role when she’s in love with someone… she is the Leader and she takes care of people, she is in Charge and she’s Going To Take Care Of You. That’s what she does.

Pyrrha’s urge is more “I’m the rich, older one… come on, let me foot the bill.”

Taking Their Time

Falling in love with him is strange; she’d always imagined that people fell in love, and then were in love. A moment where something clicked, a pledge of devotion, a realisation that surged through a body. And in some ways, she was right. She does feel that instance of truth surging through her body.

Expect that moment is not so much a minute as it is a lifetime.

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It is so disgusting how they treat the black women in big brother. Davonne is one of if not the smartest person in this season and other seasons. She is so smart and good at the game. If she was white there would not be a huge target on her back. And then Paulie literally used and manipulated zakiyah to be an ally and a number and now he wants to get her out? The men in big brother are nasty. The house needs to realize who the real targets are and who the real snakes are. It’s like, when Nicole lies and spills information it’s “she’s playing the game i don’t care” but when davonne doesn’t even come close to doing what Nicole does its “target! Can’t believe she lied. We have to get her out”

can ppl stop talking shit abt the series when even their explanation is rlly stupid. first of all, sarah j. maas is not obliged to apply poc and lgbt issues into her fantasy series. “its lacking diversity” uhm wtf? last time i checked, its not rlly necessary to put poc or lgbt characters into a fantasy book. last time i checked, ppl didnt stress out when other fantasy books dont have poc or lgbt characters. y bother now lol srsly. poc and lgbt characters r good but u dont have to fucking degrade the book or send threats to the author bc she didnt want it on her series. whats the point of a fantasy series when issues of the real world is in there too? about manon. she just said she didnt find men to be useful, she might hate them a bit but who cares? she found some guy who isnt a dickhead and actually liked him. y cant we focus on the change of character here?? that manon realizes not all guys r useless and that she could be with one. srsly, stop bringing lgbt issues into this amazing fantasy series ppl. rant about it, spread word about it but dont talk shit about a book just bc its not there. what would it do anyway? ppl wouldnt change their views abt poc or lgbt just by reading a fantasy series, u stupid. next, rowaelin. their. relationship. is. not. abusive. “rowan hits her blah blah” omg isnt that wHAT U PPL WANT? FUCKING EQUALITY? last time i checked, aelin hits rowan too. last time i checked, they do it for training. last time i checked, they r not humans sO STOP OK BC THEY R NOT HUMANS THEY R FAE AND ITS OK FOR THEM WHETHER UR SORRY ASS LIKES IT OR NOT. their relationship is beautiful and strong so stop trying to drag it down with ur “equality” shit bc its stupid, its rlly irrelevant. ok next, chaol. ‘sarah didnt include a disabled character” SRSLY? WHAT IS IT WITH YOU GUYS ACTING LIKE SOCIAL AWARENESS HEROES? this is a fantasy series. this is her fantasy series and she can do whatever she wants with her characters. she obvs excluded chaol in eos for a reason aND I HEARD THE CINNAMON ROLL IS GETTING HIS OWN NOVELLA SO CTFO, you dont know what she’s planning. last one, i saw one post saying how nehemia, who is poc, is the true rebel princess bc “she didnt ran away form her ppl blah blha” bEETCH TF. i love nehemia, i rlly do and her sacrifice for her ppl was rlly amazing but SRSLY? AELIN IS QUEEN DONT U DARE SAY SHE IS NOT A “REBEL PRINCESS” aelin lost her whole family and they died saving her. nehemia, on the other hand, still had her family with her. aelin might have failed to save the slaves in the mines but hello? she was busy saving the world tf. nehemia is a princess, king and queen r still alive, while aelin? she became queen at a rlly early age. she had no court, no ppl, no family and the responsibility of being queen was upon her. she was scared. no shit its normal. aelin has made lots of sacrfices too and has suffered a lot but she still chose to move forward and try to save the world. srsly ppl. stop taking shit abt this book. it hasnt even come out yet and all ur explanations r rlly stupid. im not saying lgbt, poc or equality is stupid. the fact that ppl nowadays feels like evERYTHING should align with those issues, thats stupid. stop trying to make this series look bad. again, its a fantasy series and tbh it doesnt rlly matter if there r poc, lgbt characters here or not. and its sarah j maas’ series. ITS A FANTASY SERIES, NOT A SOCIAL ISSUES AWARENESS SERIES. IF U R THAT CONCERNED ABT BOOKS NOT HAVING DIVERSITY THEN GO WRITE UR OWN AND CHANGE THE WORLD :)

*end of rant*


what if the “she” that Cinder was talking about, was Raven?

“Raven’s got a view of the world I don’t particularly agree with..”-Qrow

“One day.. she just left. Nobody’s seen her since…” -Yang

“[Your mother] saved you once, but you shouldn’t expect that same kindness again…” -Qrow, to Yang

“She was right about you, you know…” -Cinder, talking to Ozpin

I remember Qrow talking about his team in Yang + Ruby’s room, and he said they were graduates of Beacon, so maybe Raven left and became the boss of Cinder, and told Cinder about Ozpin?? who knows

just a theory

How A Teenage, Muslim, Pakistani-American Girl is Changing Comics Forever

If you haven’t been keeping up with your comics lately, in the last year Marvel Comics has rebooted its ‘Ms. Marvel’ series. What with Carol Danvers now taking on the role of Captain Marvel (and getting her own movie as the hero), someone new needs to fill the shoes left by Danvers. Enter Kamala Khan, a person just like all of us. She’s a nerd; she wants to belong to a society that, traditionally, doesn’t want her; she wants to be someone else. But when she gets her wish, however, she realizes that the only way to be happy is to love herself, something that many of us struggle to accept in reality. Who Kamala is is ground-breaking for the Marvel Universe, and is allowing so many more people to feel like they belong in the world of comics, a place for outsiders where minority groups of outsiders have often been shunned. Her voice has been helping to lead superheroes into the next generation, one where everyone - no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, or otherwise - can feel like they belong.

Need some more concrete reasons to start reading the new 'Ms. Marvel’? Check out these wonderful articles by Anthony McGlynn, Noah Berlatsky, and Oliver Sava.

bonnie reigns supreme

THE LOOK SHE GAVE HER “ YOU CLUELESS DITZ” when blalebla said wouldnt you freak out if  damon told you he wanted to be human with you and that’s why she left !

 that silence was so pregnant y’all, i could hear bonnie thinking “if i had damon in front of me choosing me , choosing to be human with me i’d jump on that in a new york minute and you wanna know why because i love him with all my heart, all my soul, because when you truly love someone there is no choice to make , no need to pause or take a break”

gotta say i’m admiring this new bonnie she’s clearly in love with damon and yet she’s willing to let him end up with ehblablah if that’s what he truly wants ,if its his choice but secretly she’s hoping he’ll realize what she already has that he belongs with her not that clueless ditz who doesn’t deserve him and doesn’t care about him as much as he thought she did ! heck she’s even helping that ditz make up her mind knowing what is at stake! like i said i love this new strong bonnie who knows her own mind and feelings but won’t compromise either just to get what she wants !

def want more of this !


Can we talk about this gif in particular for a second? The last few seconds Ladybug holds Chat Noir tightly. Like she doesnt want him to go. Like “ Omfg what. No chat. NO.” and then i remember either the dub or sub saying  when she goes back in time she says “ your life depends on it!!” she wasnt thinking about anyone else that was stolen. Not Alya. Not the Jock. She was thinking only of Chat. Chat does nothing but risk his own life for her.  The Valentines episode. This. He shows her all the time how much he loves her. Not just because of how she looks. But putting himself on the line just to make sure she keeps existing. And i find that to be super beautiful.  Do you see that RAGE? The look of blazing hate in her crisp blue eyes? 

Not only that, but in the chat noir akuma episode, she only had to maybe peck him on the lips. Do you seeeeee that shoulder movement? The way they both lean in. The way they both slump their shoulder into it. Even akumatized Chat wanted to give her that affection. Even when doing what she needed to do, she wanted to make that kiss deeper. Chat tilts his head sooooooo slightly. But its there. 


It all started very awkwardly. Manik ‘ordering’ Nandini to smile because he did know what else to do to cheer her up when she broke down crying at her brother’s condition. Of course she didn’t smile because, “you can’t just order someone to smile!” Since then, Manik has been obsessed about her smile. It annoys him when she doesn’t smile in his presence. It makes him tick when she does it so freely with Dhruv. No matter how much he tries to ignore this, this thing is always alive at the back of his mind. He gets jealous, angry, insulting, sarcastic and he just never lets it go. And when she does smile in his presence, not the forced smile but the one which comes naturally, freely, beautifully, he doesn’t even realize it. Because then he is not being the 'Monster’ Manik, the one who wants the world to go as he wishes. The one who is in charge, who dictates the actions of others. The Monster Manik she hates. He is just being Manik, the one who hates the darkness and its silence. The vulnerable guy who is as bit as human as she is. The moment he showed his human side, she smiled. The smile he’d been demanding for for days.
In that moment, you could see the guy who Fate had bound her with. For whom the fireflies dance. The human him which she is meant to be with. If one glimpse of that human can make her smile so, despite all her insistence that she would never do, when he completely bares his vulnerable, human side to her, just how will her reaction be? This is why I love them. Their progress till here and from here on, it never renders anything that has happened to them useless in the long run. It’s like all that has happened was a part of a plan to bring them here. Where he is talking of his fears and she is understanding them.
And smiling. From her own free will.

Today on this International Women’s day, I want to pay tribute to my favourite Hades and Persephone story – Receiver of Many By Kata Chthonia. It is the most accurate rendition of the famous Greek myth.

What I love the most about this story is its portrayal of women. Persephone has been shown as the Goddess of flowers in the beginning. Her transition from a simple, innocent Goddess into a powerful Queen of the Underworld is outstanding. The way she handles her tough situation when kidnapped, her realization that she was betrothed to the King of the Underworld even before she was born and her stance to become her husband’s equal ruling partner of the vast Underworld is truly commendable. Not only this, she travels down the dangerous Tartarus and meets the deadly Titans and their tyrant king Cronus. Furthermore, she hands out apt punishment to Sisyphus. Persephone in this story is shown who she truly was.

And we have many other strong female characters in the book as well. The Grain Goddess Demeter, who was refused any sort of help and assistance from every corner including her own siblings, manages to bend the king of gods, Zeus. Then there is Goddess Nyx who is wise and commands respect. Hecate, the goddess of Crossroads and Witchcraft, you may call her Miss No-Nonsense. She is a goddess of her own power and is a true friend, philosopher, guide to the king and Queen. There is mighty Aphrodite whose charms and attitude is unparalleled. Merope who was abused, beaten and burnt alive by her sorcerer husband Sisyphus. She survived the cruel Tartarus and which damaged her emotionally. But she gradually overcame her fears and became stable. Her emotional courage is remarkable. And Voleta, an Underworld nymph, who despite being vulnerable, fights bravely with Sisyphus. Eris, the goddess of Discord, who loves to challenge men.

And ultimately the Fates, who create and control the destinies of everyone present in the entire cosmos.

Not to forget the master brain behind this epic story – Rachel Alexander, a strong and independent woman herself.

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

I once had a friend. She was brilliant like the hot sun. But I was the cold moon and we were completely different from each other. While she was bright and shone above the others, I was smaller, timid and dark. I was always changing, people always saw me different because I reflected off of her. I liked that about her. I liked that she made me shine. But then I started to realize that wasn’t me. People could only see what she made me, not who I really was. I still loved the sun, but I needed to find someone who showed others the real me. So I searched the whole galaxy, looking for a better person for me, someone who can understand what its like to be colder, darker, not loved by all. Eventually I started to give up, I felt weak, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I didn’t even want to exist. One night when I felt like it was over for good, I noticed a small star. She also was giving up, but that she did not tell me. She didn’t like herself, she was cold and dark. she couldn’t shine as bright as the others because of her past. But to me she was a very pretty star. I saw so much in her, so much potential. I knew she was the person I was looking for. We talked all night, it was great fun. She dimly shone on her own, just as I, but its when we were together that the spectacular happened. We both shone a bit brighter. We brought out the light in each other. Every night we talked, we became closer. Closer and closer until she was so close to me, we blended as one. I fell in love with that star, she was my best friend. I hope that I get to spend every day with her, every day until I die. And if theres life after death I want to be with her then too. I didn’t see it at first but she did it, She saved me. And without knowing it I saved her too.
—  My bestfriend// a.h