but when she finally shows true affection


anonymous asked:

I just get hit with so many feels everyday about Tayvin and it makes me want to cry tears of joy. Its like when your bff finally finds THE ONE and you see how happy they are and how perfect they are for each other and how cute. And when they show affection for each other so casually that no one really knows except true fans (i.e. - her saying I love you to him on tour)

Oh my god her saying ‘I love you’ to him during the tour was such a huge step dude. We’re talking about the same person who would rarely ever publicly acknowledge the fact that she was in a relationship with another person. Now she’s at the point where she just like casually brings him up in conversations with fans, calling him her 'significant other’ (shady af lmao) going to his shows, posting about him….it’s like you’re incredibly happy to see someone who you know deserves a decent relationship finally find that. She’s like at a point where she can just say 'fuck you and your opinion’ with no remorse. This is always my favorite chapter in a book. When it’s not quite the end yet but everything is lining up and getting ready to be amazing.