but when she finally shows true affection


Okay so even if you don’t ship it, what I am about to say will be undeniably true.

First and foremost, katara treats everyone, EVERYONE in the group like a child that she mothers EXCEPT for Zuko.

When they were on ember island at the play, the phrase ‘avatar’s girl’ is spoken on stage and Aang nods proudly like he owns Katara, it’s possessive. When Katara tells him she needs time to think, because she doesn’t know what she wants, instead of respecting her wishes Aang kisses her out of no where because he thinks it’s his rite.

When Katara and Zuko go to see the southern raiders, he watches her blood bend a man without batting an eye. He doesn’t judge her when she can’t kill the murderer either, and after on the dock she basically ignores Aang and jumps into Zuko’s arms for a real affectionate hug.

When she hugs Aang it’s always rather hesitantly as if she is hugging a close friend, not a lover. When he goes into the avatar state after aapa is stolen, she hugs him because he needed it.

Her and Zuko have a hateful relationship up until the point of the cave in ba sing se, where she finally realizes he is hurting just as much as she is. She is even allowed to touch his scar which no one has done so far in the series. Even as she leaves with Aang, her eyes travel back to Zuko. Her heart breaks when she sees him fighting along side Azula, and that is why she is so guarded when he finally makes the right desicion and tries to join up. She doesn’t want to be hurt again because she has genuine affection for him.

When she meets Aang in the iceberg, he is just a goofy kid who likes to laugh. Once she realizes he is the avatar things change and the friendship begins. They travel the world together and become life long friends, but no where in any of the episodes does it show true attraction. Even in the cave of two lovers it was just coincidence that they got stick together, and even then Katara is only blushing awkwardly because it’s a first kiss, plus she only offered as an escape from the cave. When they first kiss on the invasion day it was almost an instinctual reaction. Aang didn’t know if he was going to die, and katara didn’t know if she’s ever see him again so they shared a special moment ‘just in case’ but that was it.

This show is all about balance, ying and yang, tui and la, light and dark, fire and water. Everything leading up to the final agni kai was all supposed to end differently. How Zuko attacked katara village and her multiple times. How he saved Aang as the blue spirit and freed aapa. How he betrayed her again at ba sing se and almost killed Aang, only to save them all from combustion man 'who he hired.’ How he helped her grieve her mother’s death in a way that no one else in the group could. Finally when he is beating Azula and sees blue sparks head towards katara, all that he has worked for, his honor, his throne, his nation, his life. He was willing to give all that up as he dove in front of the lightning. Yes he was trying to redirect it, but being in the air he was not grounded, and could have easily died. And in the end when he finally sees her face all he can say is 'thank you’ because for a moment he hasn’t decided if he is dead or not and if he is he is grateful that the first face he sees is her. And she should have pulled him into a hug before kissing him, and then she would fumble around awkwardly until she felt him brush her cheek, and pull her in for a slow warm kiss. They would have achieved balance, yin and yang, anger and kindness, introvert and extrovert, guarded and stoic vs open and cheerful, light and dark, fire and water.

To her Aang will always be that goofy kid in the iceberg, and maybe she does love him but it would be a fist love. The kind you get when you are 14 and meet a strange boy who isn’t from the tribe you have lived in your whole life and offers to take you away from your home to see the world. A love that never had any conflict, no hate and arguments or bad thoughts, the love of a perfect friend.

Then you have the love that has grown and molded and been shaped by both of your hand as both you and he seek redemption. Zuko was the enemy and everything she hated about the fire nation. In her eyes he was the reason her mother had to die, for people like him and then he redeems himself and she starts to feel her heart pulled to him by some unknown force, until she is touching his face in an affectionate way. And then all at once the tug is broken by and flash of lightning and she has to save the day, but as she flew away the tug may be gone but she can still feel the sensation in your heart. She hates him so much it feels like she could fire bend herself and then he’s there. All at once as he was standing before her she felt the tug again and quickly had to cut it herself, refusing to believe that he had changed. And then he gave her peace and all at once she stopped fighting it and let the tug pull her straight into his arms on the dock. And as she say him dive in front of lightning for her her heart stopped and didn’t beat until he was thanking her, and she pulled him into a kiss and the world finally found balance in 100 years.

Even going past the last air bender to legend of korra, we see that Aang favors his only air bending son Tenzin for his own selfish reasons, and when Zuko in all of his flaws and short comings hears that Izumi may be in trouble his first and only thought is to be by his daughters side to protect her. Loyalty vs selfish gains. You can argue that Aang would be excited to finally be the person who restarts the air benders so to speak, but at the sake of making your other children feel neglected just doesn’t seem like a fair trade.

Even if you don’t ship it, the show was originally supposed to end in zutara, and literally the ONLY reason they changed it, was because the “hero” should get the girl. They missed out on such a great opportunity to make it something completely different than any other story, and place the two that actually ment something together. But instead they gave Aang his 'prize’ which again, possessive.

I love how in this very last shot of them lying down together Gabrielle lays her hand over Xena’s midriff and Xena lifts her head up to look and then just settles herself back down again smiling. It’s like the moment when she realizes Gabrielle feels the same way she does about her and she’s finally able to show her true feelings for her without feeling guilty about it anymore or holding back. Because lesbihonest…. Xena fell first. Gabrielle had a bad case of hero worship for awhile but she didn’t fall in love first. Xena did. And in this shot you see Gabrielle start to show her affection for her instead of the other way around. It’s really cute and sweet.

I have a gif of the whole action. Probably my favourite gif of them.

Things that Lily loves/hates

for @captofthesswolfstar

  • James and his hair
  • The way James blinks when he puts his glasses on
  • James constantly annoying others by being left-handed
  • James eating. Really. Have you seen him? The way he holds fork and knife, the weird way he cuts things in front of his fork and pokin it in again instead of behind his fork, the way he somehow manages to get his food all around his mouth (but for his defense: Sirius is worse)
  • The way he rubs his neck when thinking
  • James smirking when he feels attractive (which is way too often)
  • and how he shows off just so subtle
  • How he manages to walk in someones way even if there’s enought space for walking
  • Him reading book and concentrating so much his whole face expresses what he is reading about
  • His tongue sticking out when concentrating on other things
  • How he pretends to know stuff and ending up with “Is that even right?”
  • Biting his nails when nervous or stressed
  • Him not noticing obvious things
  • James repeating ideas or just random things that someone else said way before and pretending it was his thought
  • Secret love for things like scented candles and bath bombs (and sharing it with Sirius)
  • How much friendship means to him
  • His stupid quidditch shirts
  • Worn out pants with holes because of quidditch
  • His smile when Gryffindor won
  • it’s even worse when he knows he did a lot for the victory
  • The way he looks at Lily
  • How he tilts his head sometimes then
  • How his eyes are following her when she comes into the common room
  • The way he says her name
  • And this is so annoying because he says it way too often
  • as if she didn’t know he was talking to her
  • His voice when he is worried because of someone
  • His care for Remus
  • Fights for his friends
  • The lack of empathy. He’s good with people close to him, though.
  • And much too good with her
  • and she doesn’t get why
  • And also she hates it when he asks “Are you alright, Evans?”
  • He has a constant need for admiration
  • But he is also so caring for everyone he loves
  • and admires his friends
  • Because they mean the world
  • Sirius and James together
  • All the time
  • James playing off in front of him instead of talking to her normally
  • James excusing for stupid things he did or said without really knowing why they were stupid
  • Because he doesn’t think enough
  • Forgets stuff so easily although someone (mostly Remus) explained it a minute before
  • His laugh when he realizes that Sirius somehow managed to remember every word (just because it was Moony who had talked)
  • His constant need for justice
  • But also revenge, and though she really hates it, she feels warm because it’s just how he shows his affection for others by defending them
  • His tries to aks her out
  • And his face that changed during the years when she said no
  • And his eyes that showed real disappointment, slowly growing, year by year, day by day
  • And finally his eyes when she says yes
  • and he thinks he misheard
  • and so he asks again
  • and she repeats
  • and he starts blushing
  • and this is the most adorable thing she ever saw
Aquarius female: Mind, Body, and Soul ♒

She’s grace, she’s odd, she’s a goddess in human form, she’s the Aquarian female, the original water bearer of the Gods. Unlike her male counterpart who was a mortal hand picked by Zeus to become the new immortal cupbearer, Ganymede, Hebe was born an immortal. ‘Daughter’ of Hera (it was actually Hera in her virgin form), she was born a goddess who was nonetheless pleased to carry the task of self-rejuvenation to pour out immortal life sustenance and give divine substance. She’s a beautiful mutant, a saving grace to all, to both Humanity and the Gods. She rules the 11th house of future goals, community objectives, and spiritual unity.

She is wise beyond her years and she has a deep understanding of human behavior and divinity that go hand in hand. Separating the two would limit human spiritual experience. But she’s not so full of herself to be so self-absorbed by her own ego, unlike her male counterpart, she is humble and she rather invest her time and energy pouring herself onto anyone who she comes across. She is ready to serve those in need and who wish to experience heaven here on earth. She’s love, grace, and hope and she endows those same qualities unto the collective community. She’s unjudgemental, understanding, and hopeful and she instills self-confidence and self-motivation unto others. Anyone around her can feel incapable of any wrongdoing, she’s intoxicatingly beautiful inside and out and highly addictive.

She pours herself unto men. Making zero judgement or living up to societies expectations. Thinking of ways how to better serve others and make others happy, often neglecting her own needs. But, she keeps on living with that optimistic and whimsical attitude. Being a cheerleader to the underdogs and anyone who seems to be broken. Championing for those impoverished souls, standing up and becoming symbols of Hope, and fighting against opression and societies detriments. Becoming self-empowered women with great influence over others so that they themselves can become empowered. One can see this trait in famous Aquarian females: Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Virginia Wolf, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Oprah Winfrey, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Most might assume that she’s making up for all this kindness due to her own faults and misery. But quite the contraire. She’s so pure in her intentions that most people end up taking advantage of our poor Aquarian. Including the men in her life. One might mistake her as a doormat due to her tendency to tolerate her partners idiosyncrasies as she usually ends up with an overbearing partner. Unlike the Aquarian male who’s striving to become this guru sent down from Mt. Olympus, she searches for a partner who she can mold herself into. A husband she can look up to and become one with. She subconsciously looks for odd characers, underdogs, misunderstood men. A man who has so much potential for greatness. And who better to help him achieve such status if not our rejuvenating cheerleader?

The problem with this vision is that she usually ends up with men who trample all over our Aquarian. And because she’s so compliant and graceful in relationships, she keeps quiet. Tolerating his behavior, keeping score, and counting the days when she’ll permanently walk away. She’s not a doormat nor a pushover as many believe. No. What she is doing is giving her all in her relationships so when the day comes that she needs to walk away, she will walk away for good with no guilt whatsoever. She gives her heart, mind, and soul to her partner and whatever he does with that, falls on him, not on her. So when her ex regrettably comes back remorseful for having treated our Aquarian wrongly, she’ll lay out all the cards she’s kept to herself all those years. Her ex will be left speechless, begging for forgiveness and a second opportunity.

An Aquarian is capable of forgiveness and second chances but when an Aquarian decides it’s enough, it’s enough. She will cast you out from her heart and mind, not looking back. She will have learned her lesson with each new passing relationship. ‘She will learn to not cast her pearls before swine’. She’ll soon find a man who is worthy of her affections. Someone who isn’t afraid of her true emotional depth. And when she finds herself in the arms of a man who finally takes care of her fragile heart, she experiences rapture.

As innocent and childlike as she might appear, she’s actually not. She exudes vibrancy and colorful lights but step inside behind those closed doors and you’ll realize that our Aquarian has a whole different persona. She’s feisty and coquettish in the budoir. Showing off her many flavor colored condoms, vibrators, and toys to her partner and she will do so so excitedly. One wonders, ‘Where did that innocent Aquarian go?’ She’s still there riding that hog she’s been wanting to pounce for a while (and had been fantasizing about). Mixing in pleasure with fun. Letting go of her inhibitions and showing a true and sexy side to her personality. It can be extremely alluring to any man, or woman, who witnesses the Aquarian going off on herself like if it was her first time. She’s enticing and addicting and her husband can truly feel free in the bedroom. Because she’s so open to anything, her husband can fulfill his deepest fantasies with her. Play dress up? She beat you to it…Sex in the alley behind the dumpster?You read my mind…S&M? Why didn’t you ask sooner?… Oral under the table? Baby I’m already there… Anything you can think of she will be open to and even if she doesn’t agree, she will suggest other alternatives.

Because to an Aquarian sex should be free and loving. She let’s go of all those negative emotions (or at least supress them for a while longer). Sex to her is an experience that she feels grounds her down to terra firme. Because she’s so detached emotionally and so different, she feels like she can connect with her partner intimately via sex. All those deep feelings she had been supressing will come out in long sessions of love making, followed by laughter, high-fiving, and long conversations. Her husband can truly feel he has hit the trifecta…fucking, friendship, and no heavy sentiments? Bingo! What more can he ask for?

Of course our Aquarian will never settle for someone who she doesn’t feel a mental, emotional, and sexual connection with. She will subconsciously test her future significant other on many levels. Testing his boundaries because no matter how sweet she might come off, she’s actually a tempest. And he will never know he was subjected to such tests. She needs to know he’ll be able to handle her with ease and sensitivity but also with authority. If he fails, she will ghost herself out of existence only to pop up years later with a ‘What’s up? How’s it going?’ But, when he’s managed to pass her many ‘tests’ she will enjoy letting him in into her true world. A world full of colorful rainbows, hope, love, grace, peace, and an exotic ‘lifestyle’. One can see why an Aquarian female is the true Goddess of the Zodiac.

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5/10 sentenced - Supercat - Cat meeting Eliza for the first time and then staying in midvale in Kara's old room. NC x

“I’m guessing you weren’t exactly expecting that kind of welcome, did you now?” Eliza softly asked to a slightly emotional Cat Grant as they were sipping a cup of coffee on the porch, comfortably settled in the swing facing the ocean.

Cat took a few more sip of the black beverage before nodding, reluctantly showing that she was indeed overwhelmed by the simple but true affection Eliza had instantly offered, without judgment and without reservation.
Her voice was low and hesitant when she finally whispered “I am aware this is going to sound cynical but, I am so used to being judged and criticized … I have my doubts and my share of insecurities in this relationship and I was so … sure, you would share them and point them out to me, to try to discourage me, to push me away …”

Eliza nodded but stayed silent for a while, watching the sun slide ever so gently below the line of the horizon, plunging behind the ocean in an explosion of gold and orange shades that sparkled across the soft waves of the water.

Then, she smiled and explained “I admit, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when Kara finally revealed who was that mysterious person she was seeing but I learned to trust my daughters, both of them. They are strong women, kind and brave and they know what they want. My role now, as their mother, is to be sure they are happy and you, Cat, you make Kara happy. As far as I am concerned, this means everything to me. It’s alright to have doubts, it’s only realistic and you and I both know the world isn’t as bright and nice as Kara seems to believe it is but it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to be happy too, Cat. It doesn’t mean you should listen to your doubts and fears and let them get in the way of something as promising as your relationship with Kara.”

Cat stayed silent for a long while after that, too shocked and lost to make sense of the words she just heard. She knew, deep down, it was the truth but she had been living with her insecurities for so long now, it was hard to ignore them.

As if she had read her mind, Eliza added “It will take time, I know that but as long as you are giving yourself a chance … You will give Kara a chance and eventually, she will win you over. She’s kind of persistent, did you know that?”

The comment made Cat chuckle and she nodded “Oh yes, I’ve noticed.”

Both women smiled at each other before focusing back on the darkening ocean spreading before them to meet the sky as night started to fall.

Cat leaned against the door frame and took everything in, trying to imagine a teenage alien in this extremely human setting.

The bedroom was small but cosy, with a huge window encased in the slope of the roof in front of the door.

The wall behind the bed was painted in a dark gray color that seemed to absorb all the light but everything else was white, from the furniture to the walls and the only touch of colors, aside from the items discarded everywhere, could be found in the few pink and purple cushions set atop the natural bench carved underneath the window.

There were posters of various boy bands and pop stars pined on the walls, above the bed, above the small and white wooden desk and even on the doors of the matching wooden wardrobe. 3D puzzles were lining on the shelves across the room, spaceships from the Star Wars movies, the Star Treck saga and she even noticed there were a few Lord of the ring items as well, tucked in between science-fictions figures. It didn’t exactly look like a girl’s room and Cat found that she wasn’t surprised.

Kara had once told her that back on Krypton, gender was something no one cared about and little girls would grow up fascinated by spaceships and engineering, by sports or space when little boys were free to pursue their interest in cooking or painting or fashion or anything they wanted, really.

Aside from the 3D puzzles and various trophies, the main thing that could be found in this room was books. Piles and piles and piles of books, spilling from the already full bookcases, set on the floors next to the shelves or set atop every free surface available. Cat noticed there was a lot of manuals and explanatory books and her heart ached a little for this lost little girl who had landed on a foreign world many years ago, having to learn everything all over again while grieving her whole planet, her customs, her language and most importantly, her family.

She was engrossed in her thoughts when she suddenly felt two strong arms circle her waist and the unmistakable scent of Kara instantly wafted around her, that mixture of human perfume that wasn’t quite hiding the smell of stars and wind that could never be put into words.

“See something you like?” Kara whispered in her ear and Cat could fell the smile on Kara’s lips brush against her soft skin, right underneath said ear.

Moving to turn around and face the young woman, Cat arched an amused brow and sweetly replied “Now I do, yes.”

She laughed when she saw Kara roll her eyes and she pointed it out “You are spending far too much time with me, Darling. You’re rolling your eyes like a true Grant now, Carter would be proud.”

Kara smirked and then leaned forward to claim a kiss, soft and simple but tinged with raw affection. When she pulled away, she stayed so close that when she spoke, her words landed in tempting breaths on Cat’s lips “I’ll spend forever with you, if you let me.”

Cat felt her heart soar in her chest, full of love and amazement and Eliza’s words echoed in her head : as long as you are giving yourself a chance

She decided, right in this moment, surrounded by Kara’s arms and dizzying scent, that she would. She would give them a chance and make it work because after six months of relationship, she was in it so bad she couldn’t imagine her life without Kara anymore.

Instead of trying to put her thoughts into words, she simply grabbed Kara by the collar of her shirt and started walking backwards, pulling her lover with her before closing the door behind them.

Part Three: Don’t Forget the Consequences. (Hammer of the Gods S05E19)

Episode Summary: Sam, Dean and the reader are held hostage in a remote hotel by a group of gods as bargaining chips to stop the apocalypse. But Gabriel appears, disguised as Loki, and warns the Winchesters that Lucifer is coming for the reader.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 4,438.

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OUAT Preference: First I love you

sarah-paulsons-bottom-lip ask: Please do a once preference for the first I love you and the first time together? Please and thank you!

warning: none

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Emma: She drop the L word when she was looking at you while you were making her breakfast. You were using one of her shirts, your hair was a mess, and you were still a little bit asleep, a yawn was escaping from your mouth, and Emma couldn’t stop thinking how much she care about you, how damn cute you were with one of her shirts, and that she didn’t want to be anywhere else but here, with you. It hit her, she couldn’t leave without you. You were the first person that made her feel like this. She blurts it out. You hand her the plate full of pancakes and kiss her, whispering a sweet “I love you too Emma”. She couldn’t stop smiling the whole day.

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love interests + saying i love you (da:i)

blackwall could say it a thousand times and still he wouldn’t think it enough. i love you, i love you, i love you, he says, the shadow of a man starved for his inquisitor, his words both an admission and a plea. one day he’ll be able to say the words plainly, not seeped with desperation, but for now that’s the only way he can say it, because his admissions of love are all he has to give the inquisitor – his love and his life, for whatever that’s worth. he comes close sometimes, late at night when his lover sleeps and he brushes his calloused fingers against the back of their neck, murmuring a soft “i love you” with only the moonlight as witness. true bravery is being able to repeat the words in that way when his inquisitor is awake – he is still a work in progress and he’s never been known for courageousness, but he is trying.

cassandra shows her affection with fierce declarations in heated moments. at least, that’s how it starts – from lioness roars her “i love yous” turn into stuttered responses, into handwritten poems left on desks (anonymously, or so she believes them to be, but the inquisitor always seems to have a knowing smile when they see them), and finally warm replies, quiet but no less amorous than her first confession. “i believe you,” she said once to her inquisitor after they expressed their love; now, with grand battles won and years passed, she finds that she can smile and answer: “i know. and i love you, too.”

cullen says it so earnestly, as often as he can. most times he says it as a reminder – he needs the inquisitor to know just how much they are wanted by him, just how much they mean to him, just how strongly he feels. cullen says it pointedly, with purpose, because he is a practiced man, but there are plenty of times when the words slip out quite unbidden. often they fall from his lips for the little things: when he sees the inquisitor get dressed, or when they smile at something he says, or when they laugh at their own, silly joke. once he says it at the war table and doesn’t even realize he’s let it slip until josephine giggles and leliana tries vainly to hide a smile; he’s mortified for only a moment until he sees his inquisitor, rosy and beaming. he may not yet know how to love himself, but oh, how he loves the inquisitor, and he hopes his words share as much.

dorian doesn’t know how to say it, not really. the words mean so much and yet, they are so empty - he can’t bring himself to use them in the presence of his inquisitor. not when the words are tied to all his lessons of loss, to a father who tried to change him, to a mother who turned a blind eye, to a homeland seeped in blood. sometimes he fears he’ll never say it but oh, he wants to - so he does his best to relearn the words, tie them to something different, to a relationship where he is wanted. and until he can earnestly speak the words, he pours his every emotion into corner kisses and tight embraces and breathed whispers of “amatus.”

iron bull says “i love you” as casually as he can. he means it every time, his eye glimmering with a warmth his easy tone tries to hide, but he means it even more when he hums “kadan” into his inquisitor’s bare shoulders. a plain “i love you” isn’t enough; no common tongue can quite capture the burn, the tightening, the placement of the inquisitor in his heart, the way that qunlat can. still, there is one human word that comes close; it’s telling, the way he says “boss” with a wicked smile, with a fond sigh, with a gut-wrenching roar on the battlefield, with rumbling laughter.

josephine is a silly contradiction when it comes to saying “i love you” – it makes her terribly embarrassed (but pleased, oh so very pleased) to hear the words said to her, but she herself says them almost easily. josie slips the words into light conversation with her darling inquisitor, writes them in love notes in between invitations and speech drafts, sends them through little gifts when she knows her beloved has had a long day. she tries a grand, romantic gesture once – candlelight and roses – but finds that she much rather prefers the bare words. “i love you very much,” she says now, a fond twinkle in her eye. she leaves the grand displays to her inquisitor.

sera announces it like it’s common knowledge, really, like it’s been written in stone for years and years and the inquisitor should just know it. she takes her time getting to this point, of course; the first time the words come out they’re a drunken slur, caught between a hiccup and a giggle. the second time she’s a little less intoxicated and by the third, when the inquisitor finally brings it up, she’s laughing at the hesitance. “i love you, yeah?” she says, and she will continue to say. (she’ll punctuate it with: “prob'ly a bit too much, but don’t let it get to your head” and a mischievous smile.)

solas forbids himself from uttering the words. he will tie his own tongue, guarantee his own heartbreak, dig his own grave – but he will not admit his love for fear that he will hurt the inquisitor any more than he already has, than he already will. still, while he cannot say it, he can think it, in the dead of night when he passes the door to their chambers, fleetingly when the wind carries echoes of their voice, when he sees them smile. the wolf inside him howls his heartsong, the god outside mutes the noise and gives nothing more than a tight-lipped smile, because that is all he can offer. the elf, the man wants to offer more, wants to give them the world and trace the words into their skin. (i love you, he thinks. “in another world,” he says, pleads, begging for their understanding. instead, it drives the knife in a little deeper.)

+bonus, platonic love

cole doesn’t feel the need to say it, so he doesn’t. for him it’s simple enough – he knows the way he feels and shows it through actions. that’s who he is: he acts rather than speaks and helps to fix any of their hurts, because any pain they feel, he feels, too. he’s learning from varric and dorian that there are other ways of showing love, like letting the inquisitor put their hand on his arm or sometimes his shoulder (he likes it when they hold him, but not for long), and letting them remember. he’s becoming quite fond of leaving the inquisitor flowers - cole doesn’t smile much, but he does when he feels the burst of warmth from the inquisitor when they discover the little tokens, or when they tuck them into their hair or tunic pockets. that’s another way of showing his love: smiling.

varric wishes he’d learn his damn lesson already, that holding any love for a hero is bound to end in tragedy, but he never does. it frightens him how fiercely he loves the inquisitor, because everyone he’s ever loved he’s also lost - but the inquisitor keeps coming back, the inquisitor slays demons and dragons and darkspawn and doesn’t even flinch at the pain. but when they stare at their bloody red hands with empty eyes and sinking hearts, varric has to admit to himself how much he cares; he covers their hands with his own, smiles, and pieces together their armor with witty words and wicked grace. and somewhere down the line, when ancient magisters are slain and darkspawn are crawling back into their holes, when skyhold is abuzz with celebration, he’ll watch the inquisitor mingle from afar and murmur, to no one in particular, “yeah, can’t help but love that one.”

vivienne has spent all her life building a reputation for being an iron lady, she wields words forged of steel and has a kingdom to match - she doesn’t love, she cannot love. (at least, so she says, but her heart aches even now when she thinks back on her beloved, taking his final breaths with her at his bedside.) still, vivienne feels a tenderness when she looks on the inquisitor; her casually flung endearments become softer, her smiles less sharp. to the untrained eye and ear nothing has changed, but most nobles know by now not to criticize the inquisitor in the presence of madame de fer, lest they want their secrets slipped and reputations sliced to ribbons. 


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Hi! :) First, I wanna thank you for running this tumblr. Second, I would like to ask you a question about a particular point I've read today in one of your posts. It's about Asuka and Shinji. You said that the strongest bond they have had was in the manga.However I have always believed that in One more final: I need you in EoE (with Asuka being able to express her feelings caressing Shinji's cheek) we could find the maximum expression of their bond. What's your opinion? :D Thanks!

Excellent point, and I technically agree with you.

By saying that I believe their bond was the strongest in the Manga, I meant throughout the course of its timeline; they seemed to have developed the strongest relationship in any of the interpretations, leaning toward affection.

However, as you mention, the belief can be taken that The End of Evangelion presents the peak of their understanding and acceptance of each other, which perhaps makes the fact that it all ends moments later all the more bitter than sweet. My personal interpretation of the line “How disgusting”, as I mentioned in a previous post, is perhaps a bit sappy, but after everything that’s happened in the entire series leading up to that moment, it’s the most sense I can make of it.

I firmly believe “How disgusting” does not refer to her feelings on Shinji; I believe it’s her thoughts on what led humanity to create this wasteland. We mustn’t forget that Instrumentality and Third Impact do not begin solely because of Shinji, but fear, anxiety, separation, and deception. Disgust could also be narrowed down to something more personal between the two; I’ve long interpreted each of their actions as a display to one another of what they’ve always longed to see or feel from the other — Shinji not simply rolling over and accepting abuse (he only retaliates to her abuse in his mind earlier in the film), and her showing him affection or kindness that he can grasp, without the ambiguity he fears. Disgust that they’ve separated themselves the entire time, and only at this point do they truly see, and possibly understand each other.

There’s always been the much more nihilistic way of looking at it, that Shinji only viewed her as a sex object and never truly felt anything but lust for her, and Asuka only wanted to be somebody she can project onto like a doll of her own, but if either of those held up as the ultimate point, the time put into establishing a friendship across any of the three iterations would be rendered null.

Of course, this isn’t to say that these points are invalid either, they’re very much true to and present, though to an extent. Shinji never found out how to properly communicate affection to Asuka and neither could she to him before those final moments, and this is a large part of what the masturbation scene expresses; only when she’s incapable of giving a response does he (shamefully) show any kind of interest for her, even if it is purely sexual desire- all he can manage to express, putting aside any other feelings and manifesting frustration.

This reflects on the moment where she climbs into bed beside him and he comes close to kissing her as she sleeps, which is what she wanted, but never manages to say before a supposedly casual moment later on, even though it takes a lot for her to do. When Shinji is about to kiss her and she begins to tear up, unconsciously whimpering “Mama…”, he gets cold feet and separates himself from her moving to the other side of the room. It’s yet another barrier put up out of angst and fear of one another. Any attempt they make is cancelled out by the other’s instincts, and it becomes a vicious cycle. It would seem this is a theme in Evangelion… complex to say the least.

The Mangaverse was the first to really show what happens when Shinji manages to repair their bond before pulling the trigger on the end. His perspective was changed just enough to be able to rewrite the world after Instrumentality instead of simply being returned to a barren wasteland. It’s important to remember that it was the will of Asuka to return to reality with Shinji and not continue in a false un-reality. At the core of both characters, is the binding fear of non-existence and being alone. The fear of death, the fear of separation. The characters exist in NGE and the Mangaverse to be bound together, Rebuild’s intention isn’t yet clear, but seeing as the Curse of Eva doesn’t mature those affected by it, their bond isn’t yet a dead one.

Evangelion has commonly expressed itself through messages, titles, lyrics, and even taglines. I believe there is something to be drawn from them upon final review in an attempt to form an understanding, even if only a personal one, of how you feel about the series’ many messages and how they resonate with you emotionally. This is all how I choose to process it, and I believe the following reflects upon that:

Love is destructive - The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth - Everybody finds love in the end.

And visually, before heading into the ambiguous future:

Things have changed. The end that wasn’t, continued, and continued again, but I believe it’ll come to its end in the promised Final. The largest question remains as to where love will be found.

That’s how I chose to interpret it, anyway.

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I've seen quite a few people make similar posts about CC, and I just don't get what the problem is. Even if she is doing it for attention and/or money, so what? People want more Magnus, and she's writing more Magnus. It's a win/win situation. People who don't want to read the books don't have to, it doesn't affect them. (Not saying any of this in a hostile way, just trying to explain why I think the backlash is undeserved.)

Why does CC get backlash whenever she releases new Malec content despite Malec content being what the people want?

CC only writes Malec content when there is some sort of bad publicity on her, when she does something wrong that her fans start questioning their loyalty to her. She kinda bribes them back in a way by dangling the content they all want.

Oh, but its probably just coincidence and CC probably likes writing about Malec the most compared to other characters….

If CC really loves Malec, why did she give them so little during the entire TMI series? She loves them so much she didnt even add their first date in the main books.

Even if she is doing it for attention and/or money, so what? 

Ah, well so what? CC only writes about the shadowhunters chronicles, nothing else unless its co-written. It brings about the question of whether or not she is capable of writing other things? “well let her write shadowhunters if thats what she is good at and it earns her the most money” i would let her be if shadowhunters didnt have so much lawsuit regarding plagiarism. I probably would’ve let it slide if it was a one time thing coz it could have been coincidence but there are sooooo many claims of CC and plagiarism. Should someone who plagiarize be getting money for it?

If you don’t like the books then don’t read it, go back to watching the show.

The thing is, CC writing this adult Magnus book affects the show, because the show only has rights to the mortal instruments series and the infernal devices series. This means they have to walk on egg shells when it comes to writing Magnus’ history in the show. When CC releases a Magnus book that the TV show doesn’t have rights too thats more content that the show has to walk on eggshells around. Also, the show has to deal with more “wow you messed up Magnus’ history that isn’t how it goes”. Then CC finally gets her dream come true since she hates the show so much.

I have no problem with CC writing Malec content if she doesn’t do it with such questionable intentions and timing plus if she doesnt plagiarize

also this entire ask isnt directed to you, its just i see a lot of the same messages and decided to answer it all together

So, Kuvira...

I just finished watching the entirety of Legend of Korra (better late than never amirite) and while I’m mostly satisfied with how everything turned out, I still have so many questions and HCs about the characters… specifically about Kuvira.

//Please be aware that there will be spoilers under the cut~

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I just get hit with so many feels everyday about Tayvin and it makes me want to cry tears of joy. Its like when your bff finally finds THE ONE and you see how happy they are and how perfect they are for each other and how cute. And when they show affection for each other so casually that no one really knows except true fans (i.e. - her saying I love you to him on tour)

Oh my god her saying ‘I love you’ to him during the tour was such a huge step dude. We’re talking about the same person who would rarely ever publicly acknowledge the fact that she was in a relationship with another person. Now she’s at the point where she just like casually brings him up in conversations with fans, calling him her 'significant other’ (shady af lmao) going to his shows, posting about him….it’s like you’re incredibly happy to see someone who you know deserves a decent relationship finally find that. She’s like at a point where she can just say 'fuck you and your opinion’ with no remorse. This is always my favorite chapter in a book. When it’s not quite the end yet but everything is lining up and getting ready to be amazing.

I’m planning to write a longer article about Padmé’s various constumes in Episode II and the way in which they support her Love Story with Anakin Skywalker somewhere in the future. For now, however, I limit myself to one costume during one single shot.

What’s so great about this Frame from the Packing Scene is that it tells us a lot about Padmé and what’s in Episode II for her character and the character’s development: it makes it obvious that Padmé is basically hiding her (true personal) feelings in a garderobe.

If you look through her appartment, almost everything in there is blue and it’s seems like Padmé herself is blending in with her blue-ish dress, which is not at all romantic or seducing. She makes herself invisible, so to speak. She doesn’t want to admit her own feelings and her very human desire for love and affection. Her entire life up until that point, as Episode I showed us, was dedicated to her job, the people of her planet and her duty.

However, we also get to see that there are many, many colorful dresses hidden in her closet. They represent her true feeling. Hidden feelings and emotions that will follow her through Episode II until she finally opens up. Right now though when she is packing, she’s not yet ready to open up and face her own very personal needs, which is why she rapidly puts them (the colorful dresses) in her bag.

She hides her own feelings, in order to prevent herself from becoming vulnerable.
They will not stay hidden for long.

Captain Swan And The  Journey Of Kisses.

First time they kissed: This was more of a try out for Emma. She did this to try “prove” she couldn’t be affected by him, but we all know it left her wanting more.

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First time they both kiss for real. Accepting each other and Emma allowing herself for this to be something.

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This is a really small and may seem worthless when scrolling past, but in reality it shows so much more. It shows that Emma has allowed herself to feel careless, happy and to actually be in a relationship without the worry of the future. Those 6 weeks proved a lot of developement for their characters, that we sadly didn’t see on screen. And the scene itself was really short, but may be one of my favorites.

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Their kiss in Camelot. I didn’t include the meadow one, but this one is just as important and impact on Emma’s strenght of character- not the one where Killian convincing her in the meadow, nor when she kissed him in fear because of their “future”, but because in this scene she was willing to fight the darkness to keep her light and to come back to Killian - and she did.

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This kiss breaks my heart. It showed how Emma sacrifice him by his wishes by sacrificing her own feelings. To finally respect that choice and let him go . it was probably one of the hardest things she would have to do, but she did it because she loves him. She said she couldn’t lose another love again, and first when she made him the dark one she was thinking of that. Here is the moment she is being completely selfless and doing this for him, and what he needs.

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This may not be a mouth to mouth kiss, but it shows how much Emma couldn’t stop kissing him, and it’s adorable, note his laugh as well. She just got back her true love, and wasn’t wasting that affection. This is the kiss of a woman who has completely taken the full final step in letting go of her fear of loving him in fear of getting her heart broken. A kiss that shows how she has finally let go of that fear and believe in their future as a whole.

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This is the kiss of how she wants to show how much she loves him. She just said “I love you” in a sincere moment, where it was not needed to say but also parallels a bit with the scene in bed when she wasn’t able to say “I love you” but here in this quiet moment, she wasn’t afraid to do so nor to completely show her affection for Killian.

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Written in the journey of Emma’s pov. If I were to truly write for each kiss, the journey would be veeeery long indeed. Those were a few key moments I love. I’m sure more important kisses were left out, but tbh there are just too many <3