but when she finally shows true affection


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"I want the K."

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Number 15 Kiss in the rain.

Clarke ran through the rain back to the camp before sighing a bit. Her clothes were completely soaked which made her freeze as ran. She smiled a bit seeing the camp and ran faster before finally getting inside. She glanced around the camp before starting to walk. 

She glanced down for just a moment before bumping into someone, which was odd. When she looked around almost everyone was hiding away from the rain. when her eyes trailed up she grinned seeing Bellamy.

Through the time they had been down on Earth the two of them had grown close since the start. Clarke was never the most upfront when she had feelings, occasionally showing affection here and there but never blunt about them. But right now, something was different, she had the urge to show her true feelings. So, that’s what she did. 

Clarke looked at Bellamy for a moment before planting her lips on his and wrapping her arms around his neck. Not sure if the rain had any effect on her sudden need to kiss him but she didn’t care. For her it made it all the more romantic. 

She felt a slight bit of worry the second after she started the kiss. What if he pushed her away, he rejected her, laughed at her. Pushing that aside she lived in the moment, she kissed him. Something she had wanted to do for so long, but finally had the guts to, and she was enjoying every second of it.