but when she comes back home and finds herself alone in her room she laughs

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Hi! I love your blog. Can you do a reaction of the lingerie and friends thing but with Simon D,Giriboy and Iron?

Simon D would lowkey find it hilarious that she was caught like that. When his friends were gone he’d clutch his stomach from laughing and tell her that she was adorable, promising to send her a text if he was coming home with friends next time.

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Giriboy wouldn’t be happy at all. He’d snap at this friends to leave and wouldn’t hold back kicking their ass to make them leave quicker. When he was alone with her he’d argue that she should be more careful and not to surprise him like that.

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Iron would feel extremely embarrassed. He’d throw his jacket at his girlfriend so she could cover herself while he got his friends out the room. He’d be bright red and wouldn’t be able to string a sentence together. A few hours later he’d face palm and have a talk with her.

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