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The Clown

Bill Denbrough x GenderNeutral!Reader

Word Count: 1107

Requested: yes, by my bby @trashyemonerd

HI WASSUP IM TRASH AND I LIKE YOUR FICS SO IMMA SEND A REQUEST AGAIN. I saw a prompt on ‘witterprompts’ and I immediately though of IT. So can you do a Bill x Reader with “I’m not even kidding. I saw it happen, with my own two eyes, and I hate that. No one believes me.”? ThanK YoU!!!

Summary: so, you’re the first person that sees Pennywise basically but no one believes you and stuff and yaaaaa

Side note: wowza its finally done. im sorry if its shitty, i had a really bad writers block on this one. 

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The day had finally ended and you were riding back home on your bike. Today was a pretty good day. And by pretty good, that meant you didn’t run into Henry Bowers. Thank goodness. 

You were riding on the foot path when a cat jumped out of the bush and landed right in front of your biking causing an abrupt stop. 

“Shit. That was close” you huffed. 

That cat meowed then ran out of sight. Your eyes followed the cat until it just stopped in the middle of the street. The cat was sitting next to a pair of huge feet. Your eyes traveled up to find there was a clown that was smiling directly at you.

A small gasp escaped your lips. It’s sinister smile made you feel uneasy. You didn’t move. You just stared back at the clown. It picked up the cat, not taking it’s eyes off you and still smiling, 

All you did was blink, and suddenly the clown was devouring the cat. That poor cat, its screams of horrors filled your ears. So shocked your brain wasn’t processing what was happening until the clown finished eating the cat. It was such an ugly and horrible sight to see. 

The clown turned to you and started to laugh. It sounded so disturbing. You snapped back into reality and let out a scream of terror quickly turning back to ride your bike. You rode as fast as you could until you ended up in front of your house. 

Not looking back you run jumped onto the porch and got out your keys as fast you could, only to drop them. You quickly pick them and you can hear the clown laugh. You look behind you but it’s no where in sight. Panicking you quickly unlock your door, swing it open then slammed it shut.

You fall sliding against the door trying to regain you breath. You hardly got any sleep that night. 

The next day you had your mom drop you off. You weren’t taking a chance of seeing that clown again. When your mom dropped you off you saw Bev walking in. You thanked your mom then ran to Bev. 

“BEV” you called out. She turned around and smiled. 

“Hey Y/N” she smiled.

“Bev, listen. I saw the craziest shit yesterday” you huffed.

“What did you see?” she questioned. She looked concerned.

“I was riding home, right? On my bike. Everything is fine. Then this fucking cat jumped out of no where and I was like okay. Then the cat ran onto the road and stuff and there was the clown and next minute it ate them damn cat then I rode home and yeah” you huffed out. You didn’t realise you were holding your breath the whole time you were talking.

You waited for Bev to say something. She laughed. 

“Y/N, did you fall and hit your head?” she chuckled ruffling your hair. 

“No”, you smacked her hand away. “Bev, I’m being serious. A fucking clown ate a cat yesterday”. 

She stared at you for a very long time before tugging your arm and saying “come on, we’re gonna be late for class”. She didn’t believe you.

“So, let me get this straight. You saw a clown eat a cat?” Ben questioned.

“Yes!” you answered. 

“Are you sure you weren’t dreaming?” he asked.

“Ben, I know what I saw!”

“You were probably just dreaming”. You grunted.

“…….and then, it ate the cat”.

“Ooo, kinky” Richie winked. 

“Why. Did. I. Even. Bother.”

You gave up at Richie. No one took you seriously. Well, it did sound really far fetched but you weren’t lying. You just wanted someone, anyone to believe you. 

At least school finally ended. You were walking to your bike when you heard someone call your name.


You turned around to see Bill running towards you and felt yourself lighten up. No matter how bad your day was, Bill always made you feel better. Mostly because you had a mad crush on him but you would never tell him in fear of losing your friendship.

“Hey, Bill” you smiled.

“Hey. So um, s-ome of the guys were s-saying some stuff. Like, you saw s-something weird y-yesterday”. You groaned knowing what he was talking about. 

“About a clown? And a cat?’”

“Bill, don’t tell me that I’m just seeing things. I know what I saw. I’m not even kidding. I saw it happen, with my own two eyes, and I hate that. No one believes me” you signed. 

“I b-believe you” he said.

“Yeah, right” you said. He’s probably just messing around.

“No, r-really. I b-believe you. If you s-say thats w-what you s-saw then I b-believe you”.

You threw your arms around him, thankful that he believed you. Thank god. 

“Thank you so much” you said softly. 

“D-do you want me to r-ride home with y-you?” he asked.

You quickly said yes and off you two went. 

Luckily you didn’t run into the clown again while going back home. But you still didn’t want to be alone at home. Your parents don’t come back until much later, so you asked Bill to stay with you and thank god he said yes. 

It was a nice afternoon of chilling and talking about anything and everything. You both were just sitting on your bed talking when you looked outside your window and saw the clown again. You let out a shriek of horror, eyes planted on the window staring at the clown that was waving at you. 

“Y/N!? What’s w-wrong!?” Bill asked.

You pointed to the window but it disappeared. You started to panic, your breath quickening. 

“Y/N l-look at me. Y-you’re safe. It’s not t-there anymore”. 

You couldn’t hear him, everything started to become a blur. It was getting too hard to breathe. 

Bill softly grabbed your face and turned towards him, he was looking into your eyes and making hand motions for you to calm down your breathing. Deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. 

You were putting all your focus on Bill. All your concentration. Soon, you felt yourself start to calm down. Your breaths were evening out and becoming slower. Your racing heart started to beat at a slower pace.

Now you were okay. Sort off. You fell into Bill’s arms feeling exhausted. He hugged you rubbing comforting circles against your back. Soon you both laid down on the bed just cuddling. 

He was tracing circles on your shoulder and back. You felt safe and at peace. 

“Thank you, Bill” you whispered. 

He kissed your forehead and pulled you closer. 

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♔ monster haus dexnursey? If you want. I love your au soooooooo much

I’m sorry it always takes me so fucking long to do these but hey. Also I don’t know what happened. The Monster AU is 97% a giant joke but this one isn’t really funny at all? I don’t know man, it’s real self indulgent I just really wanted to write about monster boys in love so here it is.

♔ : Finding the other wearing their clothes

Part of the Monster Haus AU featuring Vampire Nursey and Dullahan Dex.

“Is that my shirt?”

Nursey froze, the tip of his pen hovering just above the notebook he had been writing in. He didn’t know why he had assumed his decision had been a safe one, nothing at Samwell was ever safe. Still, it was well past three in the morning, and Dex had told him not to wait up as he had headed out hours before.

Dex had been wearing that leather jacket that Nursey always chirped him about, the one Nursey knew he thought he looked good in and wore when he needed that to swing in his favor. Around his neck he had tied a finely woven black scarf, the one Nursey knew he wore when he really wanted to make sure his head stayed on. His back had been to Nursey when he swept it over his neck, like he hadn’t wanted him to notice.

“You going to see Gwen?”

Dex hesitated on the knot, fingers stilling against the fabric. “Yeah.”

Nursey had whistled and banged his hand against his desk, relishing in the way Dex hunched his shoulders and the red of a blush crept up his neck. “Have fun! Be safe!”

Dex cursed on his way out the door, but didn’t manage to slam it soon enough to miss Nursey’s call of, “try not to make any little demons!”

That had been hours ago, but the feeling of nausea that had followed after Dex’s departure hadn’t faded. Nursey had tried to tell himself he just needed to feed. He was low on blood, or maybe someone had brought garlic in the Haus, or maybe Whiskey was using too much power.

There were a lot of ors and maybes, but Nursey didn’t really believe the cause of his unease was anything supernatural.

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Wow I never noticed that before why don't you write drarry??? That's weird... if you could, can you write a drarry thing :)

I came up with my own prompt: drarry + romance novels

Draco jumped when something fell in his lap. He marked the place in his book with his fingers and, looking down to see Harry’s head resting on his thighs, let his free hand find the tangle of black hair. Harry’s lips curled into a satisfied smile and he sighed in relief. 

“Bad day?” Draco murmured, taking a second to pull off the glasses perched on Harry’s nose before returning his fingers to the unruly hair.

Harry shook his head. “Not bad,” he breathed, “just long.” The blond nodded in understanding. They sat in silence for a long while, Draco’s attention turning back to his book and his fingers still running through Harry’s hair. Harry’s eyes had closed and Draco suspected he’d be falling into a light sleep any second. Draco turned a page.

Suddenly, Harry snorted. Draco moved his book so he could see Harry’s fave. The green eyes were alight with amusement and he had a shit-eating grin on his face.

“What?” Draco asked, eyebrow raised.

“’Seduce Me At Sunrise’? Wow. When did you start reading cheesy romance novels?” Harry teased, reaching a hand up to prod Draco in the chest.

Flushing, Draco closed the book and set it on the side table. “For your information, I’m reading it ironically,” he muttered in a matter-of-face tone.

Harry laughed. “Is that so? So you don’t want me to sweep you off your feet?”

Draco scoffed. “Well–”

“Don’t want to snog in the moonlight?”

“Certainly n–”

“Have sex on the sun-soaked sand of a private beach?”

“The sand–”

“Have a passionate affair in dark corridors?” Harry sat up, grinning, and grabbed the book off the table. He flipped to a random page. Draco tried to pry it out of his hands, but gave up after a moment’s struggle with a sigh. He leaned back into the couch. Harry straddled his waist, eyes scanning the pages of the book. 

Leaning forward and ghosting his breath over Draco’s cheek, Harry read, “’Each strike of his breath on her cheek was a shock of heat.’” Harry’s nose traced Draco’s stubble-covered jaw as he read over the blond’s shoulder. 

“’His arms went around her,’” Harry started, letting his free arm curl around the nape of Draco’s neck, “’wrapping her in his vast strength, holding her against the hardness of his body.’” He jerked Draco forward, pressing their chests together. “Mm, it’s a little bit unrealistic. You might have to imagine I have the eight-pack.”

Draco laughed, hands finding their way to Harry’s hips. “You’ll have to imagine that I have size double-D breasts. I guess we’ll both make sacrifices.”

“Hm,” Harry hummed, pressing a light kiss against Draco’s jaw. “’And then everything ignited, and they were both lost in a furor of need.’ All that from a kiss? I want what he’s having.” 

Scoffing, Draco slid a hand onto the back of Harry’s head, fingers pulling the hair tight. He pressed his lips against the brunette’s, hauling him in closer at the first touch of soft skin. Draco tried to put everything he was feeling into the kiss. Love, admiration, fondness, exhilaration, and exasperation alike.

Harry pulled back a few moments later, lips red and glistening. “I don’t know if that was a furor,” he panted, giving Draco a knowing smile. “Hell, I don’t think that was even a hubbub. No brouhaha, foofaraw.”

“You need to stop reading the dictionary,” Draco mumbled, burying his face in Harry’s neck and planting a few kisses there.

“But it helps me sleep,” Harry whined. His head tilted back and he adjusted the arm around Draco so he could continue reading. “’She felt the touch of his tongue. Opening to him, she drew him deeper, hesitantly using her own tongue in a slide of silk-on-silk…’ Merlin, keep doing that.” Harry paused, eyes closing briefly as he felt the soft sucking of Draco’s lips on his neck, the light scraping of teeth. His free hand curled in Draco’s hair and tugged.

“Um,” he continued when Draco slowed down the assault on his neck. “’A new weakness flooded her, her senses starving for his hands and mouth and b-body…’ Yes,” he hissed, “’his powerful– powerful weight over and between and inside h–.’” Draco’s lips had pressed against Harry’s again with a renewed fervor.

The book dropped off the back of the couch and Harry’s newly freed hand grasped the back of Draco’s shirt, holding on tightly.

(Book excerpts from Lisa Kleypas’ Seduce Me At Sunrise 2008)

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Hi! Your reason for wanting to write a Bellarke fic gave me an idea: Clarke is trying to study, but it's too loud in the hostel because of a party the annoying senior Bellamy is holding. She goes to him to stop him, but... whatever your fantasy sees happening here! :D (Mine says there's a game of spin-the-bottle going on and Jasper sort of forces her to participate - with an intersting ending. XP) Not sure if that's worth writing, though...

Ohai, racanai <3 Sorry that it took me few days to fulfill your request but I was busy. Anyway, here it is, there’s no spin-the-bottle because somehow I couldn’t connect it with the rest of the story and because I think I’ve read a bellarke story with it. Hopefully, you won’t find it lacking! 


kissing is better than studying | ao3 | part 2

Clarke tried to ignore the heavy beat that made the old wooden floor of her room vibrate. The text in front of her blurred yet again and she mixed up the lines for the nth time this evening.

The three types of granular leukocytes are neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils. Each type of granular leukocyte is classified by the presence of chemical-filled vesicles-

Excited shouting interrupted the flow of her thoughts and Clarke clenched her teeth in sheer frustration. She got it; really, they were all bunch of kids, just high-schoolers, on a three-day trip in the mountains, in a cheap run-down hostel, with virtually no adults to control them. It was of no surprise that at the first chance they got they would throw a party, pump up the music and dance all night.

But that didn’t mean that Clarke had to put up with their idiocy all night long. Unlike some people, the blond girl had a test on Monday morning and she planned to ace it, no matter the difficulties. It was an important examination and if she scored the needed points then their field instructor, Anya, would actually recommend her to the higher-ups. And for Clarke that was one step closer to achieving her dream – to be a field medic.

Eosinophils contain digestive enzymes specialised for digesting viruses that have been bound to by antibodies in the blood. Basophils release-

A giggling couple stumbled on to her door and tried to pry it open. After some unsuccessful attempts to turn the handle, courtesy of the fact that Clarke had locked it, the giggles moved along and a bang and more snickering told Clarke that they had found an empty open room. That or they had opted for the hallway.

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Magcon Boys Imagine- Good Friends- Part One

Suddenly I saw the Magcon boys, standing there, right in front of my eyes. I had just got out of school and was having my daily walk. I wanted to get my mind off of all the drama in my life. So I went to the mall, and there they were. I walked up to them to introduce myself. “Hey” I said. “Hi!” they all said in unison. “I’m a big fan, is it alright if I hang with you guys?” I asked nervously. “Of course! What’s your name?” Nash asked as he smiled. “y/n is the name.” I answered. “It’s nice to meet you, y/n!” Matt said giving me a friendly hug. As we were walking into Boathouse, a really egotistical girl comes walking up. “Hey boys, whose the ugly girl?” she said with an evil smirk. “Her name is y/n and she isn’t ugly, as a matter of fact she’s beautiful, unlike you, Claire” Nash exclaims as he looks at you to see your reaction. Then I remembered, Claire was Nash’s ex-girlfriend. They always hung out. She even went to the Magcon events with them. But she was a bitch to Nash and they broke up two months ago. All the fangirls went crazy. It was hard for Nash, and I felt sorry for him. He eventually got over it though, which was good, because for about a month, he wasn’t his normal ‘Nashy’ self. “Well someone’s mad” Claire said. “We all are, cause you’re here. Now can you please leave before I call security?” Jack G said in a serious tone. “Fine, but you guys miss me, I know you do. You wish you were hanging with me and not that ugly fat cow.“ “LEAVE, CLAIRE!” The boys exclaimed. After that, she stormed off, leaving in embarrassment. “You know, she is right.” I said. “No, you’re beautiful, y/n. You seem like an awesome person, and we would all love to get to know you more. It feels like you’re one of us already. I mean, you’re hilarious! I don’t know what Claire was talking about, that chick is messed up,” Taylor said as he gave me a hug. “Thanks Taylor, that means a lot.” I say, giving him a little kiss on the cheek as he starts to blush. “We all think that y/n, don’t worry” Hayes blurts out. “Can we get out of here guys?” I asked looking at the boys in boredom. “Yes please, let’s get out of here,” Nash said giving me a comforting smile. So we all left after getting an Orange Julius. All the boys and I decided to go back to their hotel and hang. When we stepped in the elevator, Cameron and Carter started to yell “Puma!!!” “GUYS, CAN YOU SHUT UP.” I exclaimed, causing everybody to laugh. When we got off, Taylor was the last, and the elevator almost closed on him. “GET UP OFF ME, BRO!” he yelled at the door, acting like he was tough. The rest of the night was filled with laughter and flirting. I didn’t know the boys were so flirtatious. I called my mom to tell her I was staying the night there. I felt like I was one of them, I was so lucky. I even got a free pass to go to Magcon. The boys and I were now good friends and I couldn’t be happier. As time went on, I started gaining feelings for one of the boys.

Ok hi guys(: this is like one of my first imagines and I don’t really know if it’s good or not. I would love your feedback as to if it is good and if i should keep making more! If many of you seem to like it, ill make a part two. If not, thats totally fine :D also, feel free to send in requests. I’d love to do some! Love you all, teddy bears :*