but when he own band makes fun of it

Hamilton Gym AU

A mess of beautiful tiny headcanons that Sid and I bounced around with each other that somehow spiraled into a gym centered universe. Thanks to this post for bringing @thomasjeffer-sin and I together. 

  • Jefferson wears basketball shorts and tank tops with his arm holes cut all the way down the side.
  • Totally buys them that way, even though they’re somehow more expensive than tank tops with more fabric on them because #fashion
  • Plus it shows off his arms while also giving everyone in the gym a peak at his abs
    • Not like he doesn’t take strategic breaks to wipe his sweaty face with said shirt to reveal his abs but he’s not gonna admit to it.
  • He will admit to being addicted to Instagram and snapchat—but only because there’s photographic evidence of copious gym selfies
  • One photo pre-work out and then another photo post-work out because he enjoys seeing his tanks stained with sweat to prove just how hard he pushed himself
    • also another photo to show a smoothie w/ pre-work out in the mix
  • Sometimes he has those track shorts and everyone is just like *eyes emoji* dem thighs tho
  • He just wants everyone to know that he’s got a hot body under all of his fancy colored suits
  • He’s half there for attention and half there because he’s super strict with himself about his body and staying in shape because maybe he’s insecure about himself otherwise
  • Madison acts like his hype man but DANG. He’s always around Madison and ALWAYS comparing himself to Madison. Like Madison is just like naturally built??? To hold so much muscle??? They went to the gym together once and Jefferson was just floundering trying to keep up.
  • Madison probably has his bad days with his health stuff but when he does go to the gym Jefferson is blown away like can you not?? How can you have this much stamina but also need to have low activity days. But even on days he doesn’t work out Madison sometimes tags along to spot him.
  • Lafayette and Jefferson would start going to the gym together out of convenience. Like one day they show up at the same time and they normally don’t talk outside of the gym but they’re both there so they might as well. And then they’re going to the gym together purposefully, spotting each other, giving each other work out tips. And then they’re joking around outside of the gym. And in whatever gym-centric universe this is that’s how they became buds.
  • Can we talk about Lafayette being a good spotter… Of beautiful guys around like gym like wowie Jefferson did you see that guy’s ASS?
    • And Jefferson is like “Oh my God, no” and then quietly follows said person with his eyes in the gym mirrors because #denial
    • The muscular men they watch together. The muscular men they become together.
  • Also you know Laf gives Jefferson shit about the open-side tanks he wears. Teases him relentlessly about them.
  • They come to an Understanding at the gym and they can be gym rat buddies.
  • Hamilton can’t handle them. Like once they get really buddy-buddy, like so friendly it overlaps into office life, he’s just like ??? When? How?
  • Thomas also probably has a literal forehead sweat band with some dumb text on it but then the next day he offers Lafayette one and he accepts it even though he’s made fun of him for it, too
  • And Lafayette probably encourages him with cheat days. Fucking mac and cheese.
    • (HERE’S WHERE I DIED Sid killed me with that one RIP)
  • He makes ^ that a slogan on a custom take top (ft. deep arm holes) for Jefferson. It’s bright neon yellow.
  • Lafayette gets his own tank top and it probably says Guns & Ships on it to point out all those arm days (and cheesy Hamilton reference…)
  • Hercules probably has a HUNK-ules shirt 
    • He’s also a beast at the gym no one tries to compete with his deadweights 
    • And also I feel like he’s the Originator of the headbands.
  • John is probably just a cardio and light weights guy? Maybe a swimmer?
    • Swimmer John 100% I can get behind swimmer John very much. Much shoulders.
    • Another thing that works: Boxer!John
    • Boxer and Swimmer John Laurens
  • So Alex starts feeling Left Out by his friends like why the fuck do you all go to the gym?? 
  • Alex doesn’t get why everyone is just gyming it up for some reason. He can’t wrap his head around it. He’s much more content to not get involved in that until he’s texting people for plans to hang out and everyone is at the gym and he’s alone in his room like #why
  • John tries to invite him down to the pool to swim with him “Come on! It’s relaxing! You need to learn to unwind!”
    • But Ham probably doesn’t enjoy swimming if its in bodies of water taller than him. He needs to be able to touch the bottom and doesn’t find doing laps in a giant pool and nearly drowning relaxing. Sweating is not relaxing. Sitting and reading is relaxing. How is picking up heavy things relaxing? How does John even hold his breath for that long? (Heh. Well u see…)
    • John is like “there are lots of positives to going to the gym…” and Alex is like “I get the whole health thing, but I’m still not convinced” and John starts telling him about how attractive everyone is at the gym and Alex just says “Can I borrow a sweatband?”  
  • Meanwhile Burr’d be so chill about the gym as opposed to the other guys
    • He slowly works his way up to hard stuff. Lifts way less than he can actually lift just to make sure he doesn’t push too hard too fast. Eventually works his way up to what the other boys are lifting but has far fewer complaints about soreness. Makes sure to do a bunch of stretching before he does anything. And his cool-down routine is like half of his gym visit. Really into yoga and shit.
  • YOGA BURR!!!! (Alex will call him Yogi Burr the little shit)
    • He wears leggings and soft cotton shirts and he’s beautiful. So centered. So handsome.
    • Burr’s tank top would say…. Reppin’ Sexy
    • Uses that upper body strength to do poses like this
    • Also: Burr being a beginner’s yoga instructor to make extra money
  • All the Schuyler sisters probably do yoga along with Burr—at least Eliza
    • Eliza and Burr yoga friendship!!!
    • They have their little yoga mats and they sit by each other in class and they work on their flexibility together.
    • Peggy could be a swimmer too I don’t see her as much of a yoga person for long because she needs to be moving.
  • And then one day the boys finally drag Alexander to the gym and insist he tries yoga 
  • Hamilton probably can’t even touch his toes and either way spends the entire time watching Burr
    • his arms his legs his ass his abs when his shirt rides up…
  • Burr’s face is so calm yet serious, he’s focusing so hard and is in the ZONE it’s like he doesn’t even realize he’s making it impossible for others to focus
  • T A L K LESS M E D I T A T E MORE !!! (aka Burr’s new tank top)
  • Burr probably kicks Ham out because Ham can’t sit still or stay quiet and he will not have his Space ruined
  • also side note: all of the Schuyler sisters’ yoga gear is the color of their respective dresses.
    • They all have WERK shirts
  • After the yoga fiasco, Ham goes into the main gym and he is Intimidated but catches sight of someone lifting their shirt to wipe their face (u know that move) and holy hell those glistening abs and then the guy drops the shirt and it’s Jefferson and Hamilton almost runs out–he CANNOT
  • Imagine: Hamilton agreeing to swim with John to hide an unfortunate boner. (For Burr. For Jefferson. For Both.
    • John totally catches on, too. “Alex, why don’t you try a back stroke? Your face would be out of the water the whole time so it’d be nearly impossible to drown.” “Enough, John.”
  • Bonus:
    • Lafayette probably has one of those at home pull up bars that go on the door
    • Laf leaves it up when he knows Hamilton is coming over just to get at him and Hamilton’s like MAN take a BREAK.
    • He probably lifts Hamilton up just so he can reach it but there’s no way he can actually pull himself up
    • Alex would just hang on it for as long as he could like “I can handle this. I’m getting ready. I’m about to do it.” And Laf is like “I’m not judging you. You can hop down if you want.” And Ham’s arms and hands are burning and he’s like “No I’m gonna do it.” Then John comes up from behind him and pokes his sides and Hamilton is forced to drop because John is a dirty side poker.

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Okay but imagine tiny!les amis in the first year of primary school singing 'revolting children' from mathilda the musical.



  • Very competitive, especially in subjects he loves, like history
  • Impossibly eloquent for an 8 year old. Impressive vocabulary and rhetoric
  • The best at designing and organising games and make-beliefs, with costumes, action and high stakes


  • Insists on reading everything within reach, even books that aren’t suitable for his age. Mathilda is his ultimate role model
  • Brings insects, snails, and the like in jars for show and tell, knows all the latin names etc etc
  • Calm and reliable, but also king of the Stone Cold Roast. That kid is savage and goes for the kill


  • The kid who trades pokemon cards, marbles, pogs, or whatever it is kids trade these days. He’s very proud of his collection.
  • Once watched a PG 10 movie and talked about it for 3 months
  • Will fuck you up and get into fights if you mock his friends


  • The class clown but also really smart because he reads a lot and actually likes learning when he’s not obligated to
  • Dyscalculic as fuck, thus sucks at maths. He was scared people would make fun of him, but they’re really cool and helpful about it
  • Knows all the current memes for some ungodly reason. Help this child


  • It doesn’t matter what people say, cure-all kisses are real and if you say they’re not, you’re a liar
  • Brings his own lunch box because of food allergies. His mom prepares the cutest lunches anyway, and everyone’s a bit jealous
  • Loves golden star stickers so much. All the stickers, actually


  • Every party trick condensed in one kid, be it the milk snorting or juggling
  • So many novelty band-aids
  • So generous and kind, you have no idea. He’ll give you up to the tooth he’s just lost if you needed 2€ from the Tooth-Fairy


  • Really likes French lessons because they get to learn poems by heart and recite them, even though they’re really really shy
  • The school once called their parents because Jehan had “unusual and morbid hobbies” after they found a dead bird and organised a very dramatic funeral for it
  • Will stand up to bullies with every inch of their tiny intrepid body


  • Makes a lot of little origamis in class
  • Adores geography more than anything else, because learning about other people and their culture and what’s going on in other places is fascinating
  • Is very protective of younger kids, even though he’s not that old himself.


  • Knows absolutely everyone from the youngest batch of pupils to some adults who are part of the school staff it’s just??
  • He looks a lot older than he actually is and is a bit intimidating like that, but he’s actually a huge softy
  • Merciless in PE. He /will/ destroy you. He didn’t come here to make friends, okay? Friendships disappear once you step foot on a football field
possessive boyfriend.Harry styles imagine

“Harry, C'mon , don’t be mad” he shakes his head “I’m not mad” he said so coldly and know him better than anyone “I know you are, it’s just a weekend babe. He’s my boss, before you know I’ll be back” I put my hand on his bare shoulder but he shakes me off. He seems so grumpy ever since I told her about my business trip.

“Not here” he said before leaving me alone and sit beside his friends not even glancing my way. he put his hand under his head looking bored and not in mood but I know he’s just grumpy.
We decided to take this boat trip with some of his band mates and friends. But it didn’t go as fun as I thought it would. It was my own fault, I shouldn’t have told him about my business trip on the way over duck.
“What’s wrong?” Mitch asked me. He’s standing beside me but I can’t remember when he got here and his voice startle me. “Oh Mitch you scared me” I hold my hand over my chest to make it more dramatic. He laughed “sorry then” I nod as I look at harry who was turning his head as my eyes catch his on mine.

“He’s just not in the mood I think” Mitch said as I shake my head “oh believe me he is. I just screwed it” “well then go apologize” I shake my head once again. “It’s not like that. He just don’t want to understand or even listen to me” Mitch lights a cigarette “I know harry and I know he loves you, maybe that’s the reason he’s scared to listen” I nod. He’s more jealous or no he’s even scared because he thought my boss have a crush or something on me.
“Just remind him you care and love him more than anyone, he’ll understand”
I look at Mitch as he puffed out the smoke “what?” He said as I look at his suspected “he told you? Didn’t he?” I asked and he smiled “we’re close and he needed a shoulder to cry on” I hit him on shoulder “oh don’t be dramatic”.

After some back and forth between me and Mitch I find myself behind harry holding my arms around his waist with my chin on his shoulder. He acts like I don’t exist but I know my touch makes him shiver every time I move my hand on his stomach slowly. 
“I love you” I whispered to his ear but he didn’t react actually he just constitutes his conversation with Jeffry “only you” I tried again as I kiss behind his ear , coming down of his neck slowly, pausing on every kiss for more effect.
“I’m all yours” I whisper again. His words cuts short as he takes sharp breath in. “All of me is yours” I kiss again “only you”
This time he holds my hands in his as he turned his head to mine and his lips were on mine in matter of seconds.
He pull me in his lap without cutting the kiss and I hold my legs around him.
The kiss is full of lust and its dominated, but I enjoy being his.

“I love you y/n” he said between kisses “love y..” he cut me by kiss
“Listen harry” I cut the kiss holding his face in my hands “I love you and only you , and I want you to trust me” he stole his eyes “I do trust you.. it’s…. hum it’s the boss I can’t trust” I kiss his nose softly “nothing gonna happen, it’s only two week, before you know I’ll be back,and you should know that if you want me to stay I’ll stay” he stare in my eyes and then sigh “ok” I jump in his lap “really?” He hesitate but nod again “but I’ll join you too” I laugh as I hug him tightly in my arms “my possessive boyfriend” he huffed “I’m not possessive” I hushed her as we enjoy rest of the day on sea.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed. Xx Della

Missing My Voice (Tony X Fem!Reader, Peter x Fem!Reader)

Characters: Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Blood, surgery, needles, injury

Request: OK, so I have another request (If you don’t mind, of course)! So can you do a Tony x Reader (adopted daughter/father relationship)/ Peter x Reader (boyfriend/girlfriend relationship) where the reader loves to sing and play the guitar and a ton of other instruments but goes mute during a mission (due to an injury), and how it impacts Peter and Tony? And can Tony like, go to a ton of doctors and stuff to try and find a solution? Whether he does or doesn’t is up to you. Thanks in advance!

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Tony was walking down the hall to your room to tell you, his daughter, and your boyfriend, Peter, dinner was ready. When he got close enough, he heard your guitar and a bit closer, he heard your voice singing along, which brought a smile to his face.

You had loved the art of music since you were a baby. Before you could walk or talk, you always smiled and giggled when your dad put music on. When you could walk you would dance and when you could talk, you would try and sing along. By the time you were 3 you had tried making your own songs, which your dad proudly recorded you singing. You got excited to go see musicals and to go to choir practice, as well as band practice. You had learned the guitar by age 5, and you kept learning new instruments for fun; the trumpet, harp, drums, piano… but your strong point was always your old guitar and your voice. You had sung and played in public, and several record deals wanted you, but your dad told them to come back when you’ve finished school. He didn’t want you to get too overwhelmed and lose your love for music.

He knocked and opened the door, and you stopped and looked up at your dad. Peter was sat watching you, and he turned as well. “Come on you two, dinners ready.” He announced. You got up and followed your dad to the dining room.

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blue boy headcanons

Since this is a new blog I’d thought I’d start out with some dating headcanons for the band !

• even though he can do his own hair, he likes it when you style it or attempt to flatten it down in the mornings.

• noodle always makes fun of you two for being so lovely-dovey. But she thinks it’s adorable that 2D has found someone he completely adores.

• Murdoc hates it, the jealous prick.

• late night walks in the park if 2D has a bad day.

• even if you’re not much of a story teller, 2D would always ask you to make some up. Usually, when you’re half-asleep, that’s when they’re most interesting.

• always asking about his day because everyone else is too busy or stressed to converse.

• when you began dating, 2D would sometimes stay in his room for days on end, the rest of the band don’t take much notice and told you not to worry.

  • you did anyway and sat outside his door for three hours trying to coax him out of there.
  • he eventually did. because no one ever stayed long enough too.4

• if you’re into sex, then he would probably spurt out an “I love you” at some point during foreplay.

• if not, he would say it accidentally. Like, if you made him a good cup of tea, he would say it a million times. He loves his peppermint tea, okay?

• you would always tell the band off for making fun of his clothing choices.

  • it’s usually murdoc

• 2D is a trusting man, so I doubt he would get that jealous. Protective, yes. All his other lovers were cheating arseholes *cough* Paula *cough*. So he would make sure to make it last.

• calming him down if he ever has a panic attack. Or steering him away from aquariums because no 2D they probably have whales.

• tightening his tie at formal events because he thinks a loose tie looks cool.

you’re bloody 40, man, act like it.

• having showers together (he always uses the excuse that they need to save more water because it’s expensive.)

“2D you are in a famous band, you have more money than bones in your body.”

• inside jokes.

• poking fun at one another.

• strange fights that usually include baby voices because why the fuck not, you’re adults don't act like it.

• just all around love for one another.

What if… by the age of 16, Steve McGarrett is a trained assassin for the US Navy, going on secret missions around the world but he’s always longed for more. When an op against the Hesse brothers goes awry, Steve is left behind, presumed dead. He sees it as an opportunity to lead a real life away from the military. He pretends to be an exchange student and heads to Hawaii where he stays with the family of Chin Ho Kelly and starts high school, but he doesn’t quite fit in as he’s not used to being around kids his own age who talk about things other than weaponry and tactics. He meets Danny Williams, someone who moved to Hawaii the year before and still hadn’t been able to fit in either and they have a lot of fun but Steve has his eye on Catherine, the coolest kid in school, head cheerleader and singer in a local band people say is destined to make it big.
When the Navy find out Steve is still alive (thanks to him accidentally appearing in one of Catherine’s youtube videos) they want him back. Add in the fact that Victor Hesse also saw the video and wants Steve dead, and the homecoming dance becomes a disaster.
But despite the fact that the school gym is practically razed as two sides fought and Steve had to save everyone, more importantly he discovers that Catherine and he have nothing in common, she doesn’t get his jokes and she’s really just interested in her own life. But Danny? He’s the one Steve finds himself wanting to impress, wanting to make sure is safe, and wants to be with.

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Could you please do headcanons for Liebgott as a parent?

I tried my darnedest :)

  • At first, when I think of Liebgott as a parent, I just think, “Oh, dear god no”. But then I remember what he said to Web in the back of that truck and I think, actually maybe.  
  • He’d be infinitely proud the first time (and every time after) that he hears his significant other is pregnant.  Proud of himself, of her/them, of his unborn child. Just proud and ecstatic. He’d be pretty cocky about the whole thing too. Like that joking, “Yeah, I did this.” He’d never reveal, at any step of the way, that he was nervous or unsure.  
  • When the child is born it’s his first real sobering moment since the war. In the back of his mind he has that same kind of earth-shattering feeling that he did on D-Day. But it’s good this time. He realizes that this is his biggest responsibility from now on.  He’s more than happy to shoulder that duty.
  • Actually taking care of a baby is not his strong suit though. Lord help him, he tries as hard as any. But there are plenty of mistakes he makes. But he is always the one to stay up and rock the baby all night long, softly lulling them to sleep.  The way he figures it, his partner had to do so much work carrying and birthing the child, they deserve the rest.
  • Like he told Web, he wants lots of little Liebgotts. So as soon as he thinks he and his partner are in a good position and his partner is willing, he’s more than happy to try for another, and another, and another.  Hell, to be honest, one of two of them might not have actually been planned. But they are no less desired.
  • He can be either a really good teacher or a really bad teacher, depending on the thing. Teaching them how to ride a bike? Not the best. He doesn’t really give the best instructions and his kids usually end up with one or two scrapes, especially the older ones. By the time the younger ones are ready he knows what to do. Teaching them how to drive? Oh dear. He’s actually pretty good at “teaching” them because he doesn’t pressure them and lets them learn at their own pace. But he’s not exactly the best driver when it comes to obeying traffic laws and he passes that on to his children.  
  • He fluctuates between being strict and chill. He’ll let them find their own way in life and have a little fun, but there is a time when he will draw the line. He’s also actually legitimately pretty cool. Like “wears a leather jacket and doesn’t make dad jokes” kind of cool. Also the “very understanding and genuinely caring” kind of cool. Pretty much all of his kids friends like coming over to the house and hanging out because Lieb is a cool dad™.

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who do u think has had the biggest influence in ur life?

My parents have always been there to support me, even when they haven’t agreed with all of my decisions, they’ve quietly allowed me to make my own mistakes and experiences.

Robin Williams was one of my idols growing up. He wasn’t the best voice actor in the world, but he had so much fun both voice acting and acting that I was inspired to try it out myself. Today, I’m not the best voice actor or actor out there, but I always remember to have fun.

Author Hunter S. Thompson will always remind me to pave my own, weird way as I resist the injustices I see in the world.

Spencer Chamberlain of the band Underoath crafted lyrics that will always resonate with me and helped me push myself through some dark times when I was younger and struggling. His music will always remain a part of how I view the world.

And finally, as cliche as this is, Morgan. So much of my life has changed for the better since I met her. /sappy

The de la Iglesias!

This obviously doesn’t fit with our current blog canon, but Leo’s Mun and I wanted to tell you guys about our HC babies for our muses! All of the kids have Chinese names as well as American/Hispanic names. Leo is referred to as “Papa” and Guang Hong as “Baba.” Guang Hong’s cousin was a surrogate for all three children <3 

Adelina/Xiao Xing de la Iglesia- Adelina (Addie, as she’s called by Leo) is a complete angel, with a bit more of Guang Hong’s personality which causes them to occasionally butt heads, and until she’s a teenager they have a hard time really getting along. She’s definitely a Papa’s girl, as she’s inherited has Leo’s outgoing traits and has an easier time getting along with him. She has trouble understanding Guang Hong’s love language for a while, since her parents are so different with how they display affection, but in her early teenage years she has a revelation and a long talk with them both and she and her Baba resolve to communicate better. Addie is a skater, with her Baba’s determination and her Papa’s ease with interpretation. 

This is her as a baby :) Guang Hong couldn’t resist that blanket.

Here she is a bit older! When she grows up even more, she’s going to inherit her Baba’s freckles. 

Isias/Longwei de la Iglesia-  Isias ia incredibly shy with a lot of anxiety and has trouble connecting with others outside of his siblings.  His family is incredibly protective of him because of this, and he’s really close to his big sister Addie and his twin brother, Mateo. Isias is a musician and has been playing anything he can get his hands on since he was little, but his favorite is the guitar.  His Papa taught him how to play when he was little (that was actually how he sang lullabies to all of his children) , and it was soon clear that Isias was gifted beyond Leo’s musical skill set. He has his own band and attends a school with a great music program. 

Here he is as a young kid. I’ll include a picture of him and his brother after Mateo’s description below :)

Mateo/Tao Hai de la Iglesia- Mateo is such a rascal, always getting into trouble and skinning his knees and playing pranks on his family,  but if anyone makes fun of his siblings or parents? They get punched. He has ADHD, which makes things tricky for him academically, but Baba is a very gifted and patient tutor, which helps, and Papa is always there to kick around a soccer ball and help Mateo calm down. He is incredibly close to his twin and really very protective of him as well. Has played lacrosse, soccer,  tried ice hockey, but has found a home on the football field.

And here are the twins together! Isias is in blue. 

So those are our HC babies for Guang Hong and Leo. I hope you enjoyed reading about them, and message us if you have questions! <3

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Sorry this is really specific but I need some positivity. Could you do the band with an s/o who has a disease that causes hair loss to the point they wear wigs and they're really insecure if they aren't wearing one??

There is nothing to be sorry about! Sending you the best of vibes <3


-He’d be confused as to “why you feel the need to wear a wig when you’re so damn perfect anyway.”

-But he doesn’t care what you do or wear as long as it makes you feel good.

-He’s tough on the outside but a big softie on the inside and he hates it when you’re feeling down or insecure so he tries his best to show his soft side with you, even though it’s really hard for him to do that.

-The band makes fun of him when you’re around because they’ve never seen him be loving and gentle before. You bring out the best in him.


-He’s probably the most supportive person ever.

-This man will do anything for you from bake for you on the spot, to always reminding you when to take your medication on time.

-When he found out about your hair, he expected you to stop wearing wigs around him. He just thought you knew he wouldn’t care. When you two talked about it he pointed to his own head. “I was just thinkin this is one more thing we could have in common!”

-He always makes you smile with his own self deprecating jokes.

-You feel the least insecure around Russel because you know this man has a heart of gold and that he’d truly love you no matter what.


-Constantly showers you in compliments whether or not you’re wearing a wig

-He’s like a smol pupper, he just showers you with love and affection, excited to please you and make you feel good.

-When he found out about your condition, it didn’t change the way he treated you. He spoiled you before that too.


-She’d go wig shopping with you!

-She’d always suggest new vibrant colors, and she’d offer to help you style them!

-She’s the most reliable person to go to about hair and style, I mean… have you seen phase 4 noodle? She’s fiiiiire!

-She’d probably dismiss your insecurities in a way that made you feel better “Shut up, I don’t care if the wig is lime green it looks sexy on you.”

-If you’re ever feeling insecure she always literally has a list on her of things she loves about you and she’ll pull it out at any moment. It gets longer and longer every time she reads through it.

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Does Henry ever take inkwell Sammy outside? Even if it's just for a walk in the park or smth

Not quite as often as he does Bendy, Boris, Alice, or even Wally but yes he will occasionally take Sammy with him on outings. It’s never particularly fun because Sammy isn’t a fun conversationalist, but Henry still tries to bring ole’ Sam to places that are music-related:

-Like when he’s making deliveries to the local schools and choir or band practice is going on. Henry runs deliveries for a small bakery owned by his wife (he also occasionally bakes really nice sugar cookies that she sells for 5 cents every Wednesday and and Saturday), so he visits the school lunch room quite often.
-Music festivals are always a great place to bring him, especially because Henry lives in a neighborhood that’s still pretty big on jazz, blues, and even swing (and is also predominantly African American). He’ll bring Wally and the Toons with him to those too (in disguise) so Bendy and Alice can show off their dancing and Boris can join in with his clarinet. Despite Sammy’s reluctance to admit having fun, he’s caught him humming along with the tunes (and the Toons) dozens of times.
-Christmas time on Henry’s lane is probably the best time to bring Sammy along because of all the Christmas carolers and ambient music playing in all the shops. It’s Bendy’s least favorite time of the year (because religious carols make him feel ill), so Sammy gets an extra bit of petty joy on top of that, whether he approves of the carolers’ singing or not.

I hate stan culture, but I actually do love that fans have gotten some pride and validation from the hiatus and solo 1d.

Harry Stans:

- he wanted to go solo, and he is happier now than he seemed in the past few years.

- he is a force in the industry who has cultivated his own personal brand, and his creative instincts/choices will likely lead to a lucrative award season.

- he will never be ungrateful or speak badly of his time in 1D, but he has the talent, charisma and connections to reach amazing heights alone.

- he is more than the people he is linked with, the sexuality people want to assign to him, the clothing he wears, the hair on his head or the character in fic. He is a three dimensional guy who is witty and charming and an odd mix of dorky people pleaser and aloof cocky rock star who has learned a lot from his time in the spotlight and who prioritizes personal challenges, personal growth, work/life balance and self preservation.

Niall Stans

- he was, in fact, the glue and heart of 1D. Everyone loves Niall, and they respect him even more.

- he, his voice and his intelligence should never ever have been ignored or taken for granted, and it’s ridiculous that one song changed the game for him, when he’s been steadily improving and blossoming for years.

- A rare type of talent and celebrity who never appears in the tabloids, mingles in Hollywood circles with practically no fanfare and wins people’s choice awards in his sleep. Literally.

- Erase the image of the ‘ship captain’ or the bumbling and funny images behind ‘oh no niall.’ The cute boy has become a man with a lot of social, business and industry clout, and, as one of his idols said, he may very well become the voice of his generation.

Liam Stans:

- he is talented and marketable enough for a record label to invest in him.

- he is the most versatile member of 1D, able to carry nearly any song and genre.

- he hasn’t even come close to hitting his peak or range in his solo career and yet he’s still dominating the radio play and spotify.

- sleeping on Liam and dismissing his instincts, his heart, his humor and his talent is nothing new in this fandom, even when he was the main reason 1D shows ran without a hitch. It’s just a shame to ignore him as he’s finally spreading his wings and coming into his own. Thank goodness the gp is picking up the slack and that Liam has an eviable ground game, doing fun bits that appeal to the masses and as well as tapping into demographics beyond 1D stans.

Louis Stans

- he is unnervingly complex, brave, humble, self aware, honest, astute, sensitive and passionate about himself, the band, the fans and the industry. Which is what made/makes him a natural leader. If you still clock him as the loud class clown or the smug asshole, you were never paying attention.

- his engagement is unmatched. This goes from his connection with Simon, his relationships within the band, his rapport and trust with his solo collaborators, those who interview him and immediately connect/root him on and to his fanatical fans. Louis just has this potent mix of vulnerability/invincibility that breeds intense feelings - from loyalty and love to obsession and entitlement.

- he does have the smarts, drive/work ethic, charm and talent to succeed beyond 1D, and he is savvy enough to have cultivated strengths in front of the camera and behind the scenes. He’s excellent TV, radio and print, and the levels of success he will reach will largely factor on his confidence/inner belief and his personal desire/commitment to stay in the game.

P.S. I love Zayn and OT5, and if I were a zstan I would have laughed knowingly at all the needless drama and bullshit that went down post his leaving. Zayn paid his dues, created a space and name for himself, and revealed some hard truths about his mental state and his time in the band without diminishing his fond memories/accomplishments or spilling any tea. He was the dark horse, figuratively and literally, and he, like the others, deserved his chance to pull rank, be happy, work at his own pace, make his own music choices and shine, even if he left abruptly or months before the secret designated timeframe.

How the Hosts dance with their s/o

This is the text version of this post. I hope you like it! ^.^

Tamaki: His hands rested on your waist, his touch gentle but firm as you spun across the ball room floor. Any worries that you may have had about dancing before so many people before were erased the second he took the lead out on the floor. His movements were graceful, a flowing rhythm that he did his best to let you feel as well. The whole time he would whisper you, telling you exactly what his next move would be much before he actually did it. When he told you how he planned to lift you up, you couldn’t help but panic. “Trust me.” He would smile, an excited glint in his eyes. Within moments his grip on you strengthened, and you felt your feet leave the polished floor. From there he took you into a dip, pulling you close to his chest. “I told you that you could trust me.” He winked

Kyoya: His movements were structured as he lead you across the floor. One of his hands rested your waist, the other in your own as he guided you from step to step. His touch wasn’t exactly gentle, but it was far from painful. From far away it was clear that he had had formal training, but up close, his skill was almost intimidating. Every step was placed just so, every twist of the waist and wrist perfect. If he was anyone else you would have thought that perhaps he thought you untalented. One look in his eyes was enough to tell you that was about as far from the truth as you could get. His dark gaze bore into your own, his normally cold eyes warm with something you couldn’t quite put your finger on. Before you even noticed, song after song had passed, your dance partner much more interesting than the actual dance he was guiding you through.

Hikaru: It was all about foot work for him. Without making it ore interesting, formal dancing wasn’t much fun for him. He much preferred faster dances to the slow ones, his eyes lighting up when he finally heard the band begin to play a trot for the first time that night. He pulled you by your hand until you stood beside him on the polished ball room floor. Slowly at first, he taught you how the pattern went, smiling when you got it down. It was then that he began to lead you around the floor, his feet immediately moving to the beat that he knew so well from all the lessons he took as a child. 

Kaoru: He loved to make you nervous as you danced together. Be it whispering in your ear as he pulled you even closer to his chest, or pulling you up beside him to dance across table tops. To dance with Kaoru required absolute trust that he wouldn’t let you fall no matter what he would do to you, or what he decided would be his new stage. Recently he developed a love for chairs and the tables between them, making dancing more of a climbing effort than dancing itself. His normally gentle grip on your waist would tighten, holing you close to him as he stepped up onto the chair, and from there up onto the table itself. When it was time to get down, you could only look into his golden eyes, knowing that if you looked anywhere else, your body would move on its on, probably hurting the both of you. With careful steps he would lift you down form the table and directly onto the floor, only letting his own feet touch the chair itself. Once you were both safely down he would hug you tight to his chest, a smile to put the sun to shame on his lips.

Mori: He wasn’t one for dancing at large parties, too afraid to embarrass either himself or his partner with what he thought of as oafish movements. He was wrong however. Though he may not be as graceful as Tamaki was, he was far from clumsy. He would only dance with you at home, and then only after you begged him. Tenderly he would take your hand, tentatively placing his other on your waist. Uncertain, he began to slowly rock back and forth, a blush covering his cheeks. It wasn’t too long before he began to fin the rhythm of the music, moving more than before. As the song faded to silence he gave you a small smile holding his hand up high in the air, asking you to spin. When you finished your small spin he pulled you close to his chest, wrapping his arms tightly around you. You could feel the smile on is lips as he pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

Hani: He was more like a tornado than any sort of graceful being. With both arms wrapped fully around your waist he spun you around the ballroom floor without reserve. By now everyone had learned to avoid him at all costs, lest they the unwilling bystanders get their feet stepped on. He was truly a good dancer, never having stepped on your feet nor messing up on any move. He was simply to energetic for the structures of traditional dancing. He much preferred the feeling of you close to him while he spun around the floor than moving to the beat or even dancing like he was taught in all of those lessons during his childhood.

Haruhi: She was much to clumsy to be considered a ‘good’ dancer, and she stepped on too many partners feet to be considered ‘safe’ even. She would next to entirely rely on you to lead her in the steps since she was entirely incapable. She would hold onto you like a life line, always asking you what was next move, her fingers turning white from how tight she held onto your clothing. When it was done, you could watch the color return to her face and hands, her nervousness slowly abating. She would smile at you tentatively, a blush starting to tint her cheeks. Quietly she would admit that she did actually have fun, and that she wouldn’t mind dancing more either, as long as it was with you.

anonymous asked:

How would the 2p's react if they were asked about their childhood?

2P!America: me? As a kid? Heh heh… *slow grin* I was always the super fun and cool leader that everyone wanted to be friends with~ But I always got put on timeout for stupid shit… Still, those were the days, man. *leans in, whispers* Mattie was nicer to me too back then… don’t tell him I told you tho

2P!China: oh… *somber smile* I spent my childhood wishing I was older… And now that I am, I kind of miss being young… N-Not that I’m old or anything, shut up! It’s just that I miss having no responsibilities… and chasing girls around the playground… heh.

2P!England: *squeals* my childhood was a whole bunch of fun!~ I used to follow Allen around wherever he went and even though he was mean to me, I knew he enjoyed my company, hehe! In fact… *chuckles* not much has changed since then…

2P!France: *groans* …growing up was awkward and lame. And getting older with alcoholic parents was no fun either. *reaches for cigarette* Actually… hate to admit it… but those worthless parents of mine might’ve effected me as a kid, if you know what I mean.

2P!Russia: hmm… so many children were afraid of me… and I never did anything wrong. They upset me so I chose to never make friends. However… *looks away* I might have come to regret that later on in life…

2P!Italy: *chuckles* I played so many pranks on unsuspecting victims… And I was always getting in trouble for sneaking out at night… Oh, and I always cheated at board games. Even as a child, I knew I wanted to win at life… *sits back and smirks* the world was mine to conquer~

2P!Germany: ooooh boy, I remember me and Zao used to chase girls around on the playground all the freakin’ time! *laughs* but Luci was like my group’s ‘leader’ and he always bossed us around… but we listened to him… *scratches head* and… oh wait, we still do… fuck

2P!Japan: *grumbles* Lutz and I met Luciano at a young age… we were golden until that Italian came along… He was a bad influence on us *looks down* however… I can’t bring myself to regret my decisions, even the silly ones I made as a child.

2P!Canada: *closes eyes for a moment* uh okay… *opens again* when I think about my time as a kid, all I see are camping trips, climbing trees, getting Allen out of trouble, getting dragged around by Allen… beating up people who made Allen cry… and… fuck Allen

2P!Romano: *gasps and places a hand over his heart* my childhood was absolutely precious!~ playing dress up with Oliver, playing ballerina with Oliver, playing kitchen with Luciano, playing potions with Zao and Roland… making cutesy love letters… Ooh, and making flower crowns! *sighs happily* I sure do miss those carefree days~

2P!Austria: such fun times… *nostalgic smile* I loved games where we pretended to be wizards or knights… Ah, and games like Bloody Mary and Ouija and Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board… basically any ghost or devil-summoning game, oho! Also, I loved those days when we would pretend to be a rock band and make our own instruments… good times, good times~

2P!Prussia: Oh… *small smile* I think… Lutz was a big part of my childhood. Even though I was the big brother, he was the one with the friends and play dates. I wouldn’t come out of my room much, but he would always find a way to include me in his fun. Even if he… had to drag me out… *looks away* …well actually, he still does that…

Turkish Delight

Pairing: Leo/N

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Dom/sub, anal sex, oral, rimming, roleplay, impact play (slapping), mild-humiliation, cross-dressing, orgasm denial, very dirty talk, gross fluff

Wordcount: 2840

Request: Dom!Leo/sub!N, cross-dressing, orgasm denial, impact play.

Notes: well well what have we here…more daddy/princess roleplay I’m so sorry I couldn’t help myself gahhhhh! I really love Daddy!Leo god help me T^T this was delicious to write tbh, and I was planning something very different but it just…wrote itself that way? For a minute I thought about scrapping it and sticking to my initial plan but I just ended up loving it so much idk its giving me all sorts of feels…I hope you guys (and the person who requested of course) love it ^_^

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Reasons to love Craig Ferguson:

  • his unconventional talk show
  • refused to make jokes about Britney Spears when she had her meltdown- referenced his own drug/alcohol abuse and how he won’t attack someone when they need help
  • after attempting suicide in 1991 he went to rehab and has been sober since 1992
  • won Peabody award for his interview with Desmond Tutu
  • huge geek
  • he was in a punk rock band with Peter Capaldi
  • not afraid to make fun of himself as a “middle aged white guy in a suit telling jokes at late night TV”

okay story time with kiba sniper.

when i was kid, i was super into sonic the hedgehog. i religiously got the archie comics and played the gamecube, wii, and gba games. i was basically known as the girl who loved sonic in middle school! i remember being so happy playing them, and sonic will also be just a major part of me growing as a person and a writer! i actually started writing because of, well, these three nerds up here.

when sonic heroes came out, i was completely enamored with team chaotix. i loved their dynamic, their individual designs, story mode, and their theme song was rockin! i actually began writing because these three just fascinated me so, so, soooo much, and i really wanted to know more about them outside of sonic heroes (yo the game was super cheesy, but it’s so dear to my heart omg) that i learned about fanfiction, and i just started writing stories about them. when i was thirteen six years ago, i got a fanfiction.net account and wrote charmy rogues (for some reason it had a following??) and two sequels. the story was charmy joining the babylon rogues after vector and espio, well, die, and stuff happens. there was a kingdom hearts-esque plot to it, but i’m just laughing remembering it now since my spelling was atroooocious. once i got into my junior year of high school, i was kinda done with sonic and moved onto new things.

but, anyway, back to team chaotix. i just started re-playing sonic generations yesterday, and then this happened. i was punched right in my heart with this little scene. look at them.

charmy’s throwing hot dogs into the air, and vector gobbles them all down while espio’s just ‘omg can you two act civil’ then vector and charmy look all happy and vector’s smug all 'hell yeah i ate all of them you owe me ten bucks charmy’ espio’s face-palming at their silliness, and i was just reminded why i love these three in the first place.

they’re a bunch of goofs. they have fun and do it their way. they’re heroes, but they still have a sense of silliness and their dynamic is always there. vector and charmy have fun, and espio has to clean up after their messes, but they all still care about each other. when the time eater attacks, charmy is sucked up first, and vector makes a grab for him, but when he fails, he and espio look devastated. then vector is taken, and espio tries grabbing for him instead of worrying about his own safety. they’re like a band of brothers protecting each other and helping whoever is in need. their personalities clash at times, but they always come back together. they’re like a triangle, each with different strengths and weaknesses, but they still hold each other up.

once i saw this scene, i was just reminded of how much i adore them. they’re fun, supportive, and they care about each other. i was brought back to how much i love team chaotix in just one scene when i haven’t done anything related to the chaotix in years. they’re just so unique and imperfect, and that is what makes team chaotix special to me.


You were bored alone at home and had nothing to do. You remembered that Zoe had been at joe’s all day and she told you to call her if you wanted to make any plans with her. You hoped it wasn’t too late as you dialed her number.
No answer.
You decided to call joe even though lately you two had been kind of awkward around each other since Alfie gave the idea in front of both of you and joe that you should go on a date together. And after your long relationship you had refused to fall for anyone for a long while.
“Hey joe it’s me.” You said as you walked around your room.
“Yeah I figured, caller ID.” He laughed and you laughed awkwardly.
There was a few seconds of silence but you broke it and asked “anyway, I was wondering if Zoe was still there.”
“Uh she just went out for dinner with Alfie actually, she tried calling you but you didn’t answer.”
“Well that sucks.” You said and sat down on your bed.
“Why, do you need anything?”
“Not really, I’m just bored.”
“You could always come here, there’s Casper and I have a new bottle of tequila. Shit-” he said and then spoke to someone off the phone.
“Nala’s ruining my things, I need to go, you should come.” And he hung up.
You wanted to go because you wanted to be with joe and you’d rather have a laugh with him and Caspar, and tequila, than stay home alone.
So you had a shower put on a comfy pair of leggings, a loose long black top and your blue coat. You wore you uggz because it was freezing outside and you loved to feel warm.
It was around 7:30 when you got to his house and Caspar greeted you at the door.
“Look who it is!” He opened his arms and pulled me in for a hug.
“I missed you too Caspar.” I laughed and hugged him back.
“Who said I missed you, I saw you like yesterday.” He pulled away and looked all serious. “I’m just joking.”
I followed him up the stairs and he said, “I just thought you were the pizza guy.”
He seemed slightly disappointed.
Joe walked out of his room, slipping on a t shirt.
“Hey.” He smiled, the doorbell rang and Caspar run down the stairs.
“Hi.” I smiled back.
I removed my shoes and my coat and followed joe to the sofa in front of the fireplace.
Everything just felt so awkward like we couldn’t even speak.
But Caspar quickly returned with three boxes of pizza and said “hope you’re not hungry because none of this is for you.” He was talking to me.
He sat down on the sofa and placed the pizzas on the table, “neither for you joe get your own.”
It was Caspar, we knew he was kidding. We ended up squashed on the sofa, covered in blankets and eating pizza while watching Let’s be Cops. We laughed our asses off.
We had finished eating and finished the film.
“Tequila time.” Joe said and hurried to the kitchen. He brought a full bottle and three glasses.
“Actually I can’t have any, I’m going out tonight. In fact I need to go get ready.”
Typical Caspar. We didn’t even ask how, when, why, with who or anything for that matter.
“Then I guess it’s just us three tonight.” Joe raised the bottle counting it as the third person, you laughed, not awkwardly or stupidly, you actually laughed.
“Let’s make it more fun.” You told him and reached walked up to the kitchen and grabbed two shot glasses, knowing the house like your own.
“Drinking games.” You smirked and wiggled the two glasses in your hand.
“Just like old times.” He grinned.
You both sat on the carpet in front of the fireplace and joe put on MTV hits on tv.
“Okay so, never have I ever.”
After a couple of shots of tequila you were a bit drunk.
When the song of Band Aid 30 came on TV, joe freaked out with excitement because he was in the song with his, and your, favorite singers (him being one of them).
“You have to dance with me.” He said in excitement.
“I don’t dance.”
“No no you have to.” He literally jumped up and down when the song was passing by. He grabbed your hand and pulled you to your feet. You took another shot and so did he. You literally just took the piss and exaggerated with the dance moves and you didn’t even notice that Caspar left.
He grabbed your wrist and pulled you into him, your faces were inches apart. He placed your hand on his chest and held it there, his other hand on your hip. Your tequila smelling breathes were heavy from all the dancing. His hand left yours and moved to your cheek and his thumb was placed on your bottom lip. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered. You blushed and looked down but he raised your chin to look at him, “kiss me.” He whispered. You looked him directly in the eyes and wasted no time thinking about it. You kissed his soft lips and he slipped his tongue in. He pulled you closer to him as your lips moved in perfect sync. With your hands in his hair and he held you tightly against him, the kiss got deeper and you both wanted more. You reached for his top and pulled it over his head, causing him to smirk and do the same to you. Your shirts were tossed to the floor and he stumbled back and fell onto the sofa. He slid your leggings down slowly and his fingers grazed your thigh gently. You stepped out of your leggings once he pulled them down to you ankles. He grabbed your thighs and gently pulled you to straddle him. You looked at him and smiled, “I’ve always wanted you, to be with me.” He said and you moved his hair out of his face, “me too. I just never thought you actually feel how I feel.” He kissed you, his hands moved against your skin from your thighs to your lower back and said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.”
“Shut up.” You smiled, not believing him, he smiled and spun you to lie down on the sofa underneath him. He kissed your lips, then your jaw line, then your neck. His hand underneath your back, holding his weight up, and his other hand I clasped your bra. He tossed it behind him, then his hands travelled to your thighs. “Joe.” You moaned once he sucked on your neck and spread your legs open. His hand slid into your underwear, “You’re so wet and we haven’t even started.” He smirked and dipped back down to kiss and suck on your neck. His hand rubbed you slowly and your chest rose, causing joe to smirk on your neck. He slipped a finger in, and even another, going at a fast pace, causing you to arch your back. He kissed your chest, moving to your stomach, and then lower. He grasped the sides of your underwear and pulled them to your ankles, then removed them. He kissed your thigh and then kissed were his fingers were and slipped his tongue out. Your hands were tangled in your hair as your hips bucked off the sofa. His tongue moved up and down, making you moan his name over and over. He rubbed your clit while he worked with his tongue and then slipped in a his fingers again. “Joe…” You said breathless, “I’m close…” He pulled away and you whimpered at the loss of contact. “I don’t want you to come with my fingers.” He smirked and stood up. He pulled down his trousers while stared at your bare body. He had been in control up and till now and you wanted that to change. You grabbed his wrist and pulled him onto the sofa. You straddled him and grabbed the hemn of his boxers. He raised his hips in approval and you slid them down. You grabbed his length once his boxers dropped to his angles and you pumped him up and down, slowly. His head fell back and his hands gripped your backside, pulling you closer to him. Once he rubbed against you, you let out a desperate moan. You pumped faster and placed your lips on his. You slipped your tongue in and he moaned once you gently rubbed yourself against him. Once he was close, he grabbed your wrist and you both spun in sync to lay down. He looked at you to approve and once you nodded, he placed himself in position and slipped himself into you. Your arms were gripped around his back tightly and he started to pick up his pace. He grabbed your thigh and moved it higher so you legs were wrapped around him. He moved faster and the room was filled with your moans. Your nails dug into his back as you both rode your orgasms nearly together. The movements became sloppier and your breaths became deeper. He pulled out of you and placed his head on your bare chest.
“That was really good.” You said, out of breath.
“Really really good.” He grinned.
“We should do this again.”
He kissed you and in between kisses he said, “and again, and again….but I want to take you out on a date first.” He smiled and your hands slid to his neck and you kissed him. Your little make out session became heated again and he rubbed against you again, sending chills down your spine and your chore to ache.
“Round two in the bedroom?”

I’ll be doing part two and three soon :) hope you liked this.

So wingroad wanted to know more about Kuroko’s invisible-person survival training:

His parents decided to leave nothing to chance, especially since Kuroko’s mom is already a second-generation invisible person and her husband still regularly locks her in or out of various places entirely by accident.

(One of the more embarrassing incidents occurred during a shopping trip where she was going to help him pick out a new suit for work, and he it was only when he stood in front of the shirt racks and went, “What do you think of these, honey?” that he realized his wife was nowhere to be found where did she go what happened – oh fuck he left her in the car!!! Granted, she could have gotten herself out of there but it was funnier to wait for her husband to come frantically stumbling back into the parking lot and then fake-sob about how he isn’t even noticing his own wife anymore – only two months into their marriage!!!**)

There was a 50-50 chance lil!Tetsuya would take after his dad, but then the family had a collective “Oh”-moment right there in the hospital when the nurse showed up in Kuro-mama’s room empty-handed and everyone was like, “Uh, excuse me, where’s our baby?” and the nurse went, “…what baby?” Needless to say, Kuro-mama refused to hand him back over. It was for the best.

Anyway, both Kuro-mama and Kuro-grandma can look back on quite a number of incidents where their low presence landed them in quite a fix (getting stuck in self-closing elevator doors? not fun), so they want to make sure their baby angel will know how to stay safe when he’s ready to venture out into the world.

And that includes knowing how to

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Just Luke things

*Eskimo kisses, nose kisses, temple kisses

*hand holding 24/7

*hugs from behind while he wraps his arms around your waist and puts his head in the crook of your neck

*finding him eating cereal in his underwear

*eyebrow dances

*dancing horribly together to your ipod

*but baby please*

*short jokes


*rough sex everywhere you can imagine at random times

*really super sweet sex at random times

*LOTS of biting and scratching; I’d definitely say there’s a pain kink there

*baby, babygirl, babe, snookums, sweetie

*Bursting out into song at random times

*“Michael said I’m annoying…I’m not annoying am I baby? Be honest.”

*“I’m actually really funny but no one ever laughs at my jokes”

*hilarious and witty but dry jokes and comments

*sarcasm holy shit

*movie marathons with popcorn and candy always

*picnic dates and swinging on the swings at the park

*clumsy clumsy clumsy, dorky dorky dorky 😍😍😍

*grown up shoes


*“Fuck you”

*“cmere and sit on daddy’s lap”

*“cmere and take daddy’s cock”

*bright blue eyes turning darker when he gets angry or lustful

*lots of praise

*shy awkward little turtle until your in the bedroom


*eating/ making/ ordering food a lot

*owning a little dog


*“Luke why don’t you ever wear shorts or blue jeans?”
“The band will make fun of me.”
“Ash wears shorts all the time”
“Yeah but he’s hot and muscular, he can do that.”

*“baby do I really look like a breadstick? No seriously do I?”

*being self conscious taking off his shirt aww :(

*“Mum doesn’t think that’s a good idea”

*“Does this make me look punk rock?”

*goofy pictures that you two keep private

*sweater paws

*quiffed hair
*messy bed head

*amazing singing
*amazing guitar playing

*song writing at 3 am because he felt inspired

*“Hey baby guess what I learned on that science channel today?!”

*“Ehh you’re kinda hot so it’s ok”

*“Hey. You’re hot”

*robot dancing

*shy smiles
*Wide smiles

*cooking something or going out to eat at 3am because neither of you can sleep

*late night adventures to random places

*pillow forts

*long night talks that last until the sun comes up

*nose scrunches awww :)

*hair playing

*back scratches

*Family dinners with his side of the family that leave you with tears from how funny the stories are that Ben and Jack tell

*being slightly jealous of his brothers or band mates when they would make you smile or laugh (even though he’d hate to admit it)

*“Jack she’s mine stop”

*bright blue shining eyes

*“You’re cute :)”

*Random funny faces at you

*“I’m the luckiest man in the world. I could stare at you all day”

*“Do you think Spongebob is adopted? Both of his parents are cookies. How could cookies make a sponge? I don’t get it.”
“Luke it’s 2 in the morning go to sleep dammit”


Now I’m sad and dead and give me a Luke dammit! The end.