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Harry goes to his first ever music festival, the first in his area, with his best friend Nick. Nick’s looking for a hook up, but Harry just wants to see his favorite bands and meet a few of the artists.

When Harry runs into Louis, the lead singer of his favorite band, he gets more than he bargained for. What’s supposed to be a fun summer adventure, turns into something more complicated that will change his life forever.

(Basically; a mafia AU where Harry’s the bright eyed boy who never gets into trouble. Louis’ the lead singer of his favorite band that’s hiding something no one ever expected. Somewhere love happens.)


Do you ever wonder what One Direction would have been like without Niall? Niall was the one who loved pop singers and boy bands from the start.  Niall is the one who was a fanboy and embraced the idea wholeheartedly.  

Niall wouldn’t have let the other boys make fun of what they were or resent it. Even if he would have, they care about him too much to hurt him by constantly harping on something he loves.

I think maybe, because of Niall, they were able to leave behind the idea that boy bands have to be stigmatized.  What would One Direction have been like without that?


He knew she was unattainable, the one person he could never have because he already had her. Or at least the contract she signed that tied her to him publicly. It hadn’t been like all the usual transactions of management shoving him into a faux relationship as a beard or to gain fans. He simply hadn’t wanted to go to an awards show alone when the other boys were taking their own girlfriends. He was the only single one in the band right now, the only one who had not actually had a significant other since making it as a band. He had been too focused to try and chase girls. That wasn’t to say he hadn’t had fun, the consensual kind that both were aware would be nothing more than a fleeting moment under the sheets. But he hadn’t looked for anything serious because he hadn’t wanted it.

And all he wanted was not to go to the award show alone. Management ran with it and got him a girlfriend for the press that had taken to calling him a ‘perpetual bachelor’. He didn’t mind too much, they would probably find him a girl used to the limelight so she would do her job and in a few months they would breakup. He wasn’t keen on lying to the fans but he was fine with everything else, making him seem more attainable.

Then he met her. It wasn’t like there was anything wrong with her, quite the opposite actually. Management knew Michael’s type was someone like himself, dressed a bit rebel-y and with a wicked sense of humour (not that he had anything against anyone else, he just tended to go for someone similar to himself which he found a little vain but also probably the reason none of his other relationships worked out.) She had glasses perched on her nose, buttons on her plaid shirt in disarray as she used her hip to open the door. Everything about her screamed awkward.

And she was. Shy until you got to know her, laughing a bit too loud but it muffled when she slapped her hand over top of her mouth. She was smart, in college for a subject that Michael couldn’t even pronounce and honestly, they became fast friends because they both knew this would be a horrible experience if they weren’t. She spoke too fast sometimes and didn’t always finish her sentences like him but for everything they had in common, was a difference.

He had never really thought much of the saying ‘opposites attract’. Mostly because he had never really been attracted to someone much different from him. But he put stock in the saying the first time he saw her snort a glass of water out of her nose laughing so hard. He had seen her dressed to the nines, her hair like a sculpture and makeup done to perfection and yeah, she looked beautiful as always but he had never seen someone so intricately simplistic that it made his heart beat too fast.

He was in.

In what he wasn’t sure, it wasn’t love but he did have feelings he shouldn’t have for someone taking money to pay off her student loans to be his girlfriend. (A contract that was extended when the fans took to her like a moth to flame.) But she wasn’t being paid to be his friend, to be truly and unashamedly herself in front of him and maybe it was the thing that could never be that became the object of affection because it was there but still unattainable.

He had questioned once if she would act like this in front of him if they had just met in the street, two passer-bys that fate deemed as worthy companions. She had been quick to say no. No she most certainly would not have.

There was a pressure when a person met someone they could date, an expectation of perfection until the comfort and trust had been built up that some of the layers to protect ones heart started peeling away like an onion. She admitted she probably would not have worn the One Direction sweatpants she was wearing until at least four months into an actual relationship, not just sporadic dates. Her makeup would not have come off until the half-year mark, if then.

She in turn asked if he would be as comfortable as he was now, shirtless and leaned against one of the most uncomfortable headboards. If he thought about it, not at all. He would not have removed his shirt probably ever because of this flab here and that freckle there.

The odd circumstances had thrust them into a relationship unlike any other, confusing and fast-paced that wasn’t technically even a relationship to begin with. That was the first night that she commented on how she would have a hard time not falling in love with him, joke or not he wondered if there was something that sat right behind her words.

There was.

The second time she made a comment about falling in love with him was on a ‘date’ that felt a little too much like a date. They were standing underneath one of the oak trees waiting for the car to come and pick them up. The cameras had been herded to the back of the restaurant with a false tip that maybe Michael provided. The whole point of this had been publicity but now he was looking for a moment with her.

Her head was tilted up, the stars dancing in eyes reflected by the moon’s glow. She was mumbling about all the different constellations when he grasped her chin between thumb and forefinger. He tilted her head down as she froze under his touch. She had whispered his name like sin, his lips pressing to hers like a slow dance. He was leading but she had all the control. She pulled back first, panting like she had, had the breath knocked from her.

She whispered against plump lips that had tinted a dark purple with her lipstick, asking what he was doing. She accepted I don’t know as answer enough. Then she asked him to do it again, kiss her like love was an option.

The third time it was he who brought up love. Such a fragile topic between the two as they walked the tightrope of forever and not at all. She needed the money, he didn’t have time. They knew they made love off limits because of so few reasons when they had every reason to fall but we are all love and love is hard. It’s also terrifying.

They were sitting quietly on the bus, the other boys stepping off at the gas station for snacks.

It was quiet.

It was too quiet.

He had never quite liked the silence with her, always too comfortable but like a waste when they could be talking about anything and everything.

So he brought it up.

It was quick, like paper-cutting a finger when he asked if she had ever been in love. She stared at him like he had asked her to kill him. When she answered it was nothing more than a whisper of confirmation, it hadn’t been defensive nor had it been malicious when she looked up at him through her eyelashes. It was like she admitted a long held secret, like for the first time she wasn’t lying to him.

She asked the same question.

He didn’t say anything for a moment, waiting for the nearby doorbell to chime. The boys were coming back. It was then he whispered that he still was.

It was right before all of it came crashing down, the contract was coming to an end and the press release written to confirm that the two were broken up. She was standing outside of the venue, the concert had come to its quite explosive ending with fireworks and fire that he had promised his mother he would never use, not after last time but really made the last show of tour something. He came off stage to her, a hug so tight that it spoke volumes, even to those around him. The boys pestered him to do something because if she ‘broke up’ with him, first of all her life would suck because of hate. Second of all, there was not a part of him that wanted to be separated from her.

He prided himself on being a good guy but the thought of standing in front of her and actually saying the three little words they had been skirting for four months was going to make him the worst villain because it could not go anywhere.

Then Ashton asked him why, his excuse of not having the time being disproven and her excuse of needing money fixed. He didn’t have an excuse, a reason not to be with her.

The door slamming open startled her, he could see that much but not as much as him pushing her up against the wall, slanting his lips over hers with a purpose. She flailed for a moment, trying to find balance before she gripped his hair like a lifeline and tugged him impossibly closer. His hands were all over her, not a sexual touch but a memorizing one. He traced her curves, places she hated, those she loved. He traced her face, kissed her like he was a fish tossed back in the water.

She didn’t wait for him to say it first.

She had no idea he had been biting his tongue as long as she had when she whispered words that set his everything aflame. He knew they had things to deal with, management would not be pleased and being in different time-zones would be difficult but he didn’t care when she whispered the sweetest promise against his lips. The one thing he craved but never knew could belong to him if he tried hard enough. He had always been second but now she was picking him, loving him.

And he had no idea what he did to deserve someone like her. Someone so beautiful, intelligent. Someone so full of life, so lively and excited about the world and all it had to offer. Someone who knew that people were redeemable and that for every terrible person in the world, there was a balancing person that was twice as nice as they could ever be. She was everything he could have never dreamed of wanting, could have never dreamed of having but there she was.

She was lively, lovely, loving and he doubted he could ever deserve her but as he whispered his love for her between kisses that were long overdue, he knew he could spend a lifetime trying to.

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