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Lips Like Liquor

Scenario: Your friend really should’ve taken your phone. Now you’ve drunk texted Yoongi and there’s no turning back.

A/N: @zicosbabymamma here it is, boo. As pure usual, I’m a grumpy Gus about this. At first I liked it, but now I’m not so sure. It is what it is and I at least hope you enjoyed it.

Genre: Suga x Reader

Words: 6009

Disclaimers: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

Warnings: Smut. Smutty Smut Smut.

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You hadn’t regretted the dozens of texts you sent as much as you did when you saw him enter the bar. A dark blue baseball cap pulled low over his eyes as they scanned the dozens of faces. No doubt looking for a hint of your location inside the crowded room.  

You were trying to become one with the pleather booth. Not giving a damn about the food crumbs stuck between the headboard and seat or the old smell of sweat and booze stained inside the broken cracks. The only thing your drunk ass cared about was not being spotted; groaning inwardly at your idiotic idea to keep your phone on you.  

The regret not weighing enough to stop you from sending him that first text:

Let’s fuck.

You’d received “Kekekeke” almost seconds later. Only to send him another message that informed him what you’d implied wasn’t a joke. You wanted him, and wanted him for months, but you were just his friend. Your texts back of, “Yoongi, I just want to feel you one time. Just once. Please. We don’t have to mention it after…” Making him call you seconds after you sent it.

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Krav Ma-OH MY GOD!

As the dutiful older brother, Dean does whatever is necessary to keep Sammy safe. And when little Sammy becomes a world famous supermodel, that job is all the more important. So in order to protect him, Dean looks into hiring a second bodyguard, someone who he knows will have Sam’s back; but when Castiel Novak shows up for the interview, Dean really wants the guy to have something else.

Yes … that was innuendo.


Thanks to the tags on this post by the amazing @cassammydean I finally found enough inspiration to finish a fic! Yay! So please read this smutty, fluffy bit of crack.

You’ll be glad you did.

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Hi!🌞 I was just asking if u could link me some cheerleader!dan fics bc I can only seem to find a couple? Thanks kiddos

Found Myself A Cheerleader

Cheerleader!Dan AU since there are not enough of those in the world. Dan’s cheerleading costume hasn’t been ordered for the basketball game so he ends up wearing the girl’s costume, and Phil is pleased to say the least.

Girl Next Door

Phil’s gotta crush on the head cheerleader.

The Jock and the Cheerleader

You Did So Good

Dan is a male cheerleader, when going to shower after a big game he finds that Phil, the football captain is already there. Things quickly become smutty and Phil invites Dan to the games after party, where the rest of the team make good use of him.

- Tori

Let Me Love You

I added a little makeout session instead of full on smut because I really thought it was better as fluff but if a bunch of you want a part 2 with smut, just reply to the post, asking for one and I’ll do it
Request- Hi!! I really love your imagines and I was hoping you could do an imagine based on the songDJ Snake FT. Justin Bieber “Let Me Love You” with Theo Raeken? Like he loves the reader but she doesn’t or doesn’t know she loves him, and Theo does really cute and loving stuff for her but she doesn’t accept them. Theo becomes really depressed, sad and barley eats but the reader then discoves she has always loved him deep down and end with a happy fluffy and sweet smutty ending pls? Love your work!!! ♥♥♥
I used to believe
We were burnin’ on the edge of somethin’ beautiful
Somethin’ beautiful
Sellin’ a dream
Smoke and mirrors keep us waiting on a miracle
On a miracle

Theo has been acting strangely lately, the pack noticed it before I even did. He had been opening my car door for me when I got to school, bringing me food that I love for lunch, making sure I was safe every night after I got home. Theo is a dark person, he kills people, most don’t deserve it and being part of Scott’s pack means not liking him, right? I can’t just up and leave my pack just because a hot guy shows me some attention. Is Theo trying to show me that he can be good? That he can care about someone without it having any dark intention?
“Your stalker is here again.” Stiles said as the rest of the pack groaned when Theo walked towards our lunch table, it wasn’t the fact that Theo was trying to be good, it was the fact that he was doing it just for me to look at him like he wasn’t a killer. He walked right over to me, flowers in hand, handed them to me and walked away without a word, that was different than normal. I looked at the flowers and saw a small card inside that read “I love you” in his messy handwriting. Oh god.  When I got out to my car Theo was standing there, leaning against it. I sighed, taking the flowers he had given me from my bag and walked over there, ready to return the gift he had given me, just like every other gift he has given me. When I got to him, I handed him the flowers causing him to sigh and shake his head.
“I’m sorry Theo, I just can’t accept them.” I said as he opened my car door for me, even as I was breaking his heart. I now knew that Theo loved me but I had no idea how I felt about him and I didn’t want to lead him on when I didn’t know how my heart was feeling.
“It’s fine, (Y/N). Just another gift to go in the pile I have in my room.” He said shutting my car door once I was inside and then he walked towards his car, ready to follow me home and make sure that I got there safely. I didn’t know what I was feeling but seeing him look like a hurt puppy when I have him those flowers didn’t feel all that great. All I knew was that no one else has ever done the things he has done for me, he was treating me like a true gentleman would, Theo Raeken, a gentleman?
Say, go through the darkest of days
Heaven’s a heartbreak away
Never let you go, never let me down
Oh, it’s been a hell of a ride
Driving the edge of a knife
Never let you go, never let me down

*Theo’s Point-Of-View*
I have tried everything I could think of to show (Y/N) that I love her, and that it’s a real feeling and not something I was just making up to use her for my advantage. Truth is, ever since I saw her, I knew there was something about her. Not all the guys fawn over her but they know she is pretty, she isn’t the most popular girl but in my eyes, she is a star. I have never really had a crush on a girl before other than that slight glance at Kira in the rain but to go from a crush on (Y/N) to full on love, hit me like a ton of bricks and now here I am, following her home in my car, with her roses in my passenger seat. I don’t want to give up on her, on us, but she really doesn’t seem to be budging. I know how the pack thinks of me, doing these things for her, as if my past doesn’t matter, I know it does but I’m trying to change, show (Y/N) that I can change. There has to be a way to get her to notice me, her to see that what I’m doing is true. At the next red light, I looked down at the flowers and saw the note I had put in there had been opened. I took it in my hands and saw that underneath my handwriting was the words “maybe someday” written in her hand writing. Maybe someday.
Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you
Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you

*Your Point-Of-View*
When I got home, I went to my room and looked around it. The pictures of me and the pack, all smiling but seeing that everyone was coupled off other than me. I was the only one that didn’t have a significant other. Scott with Kira, Stiles with Malia while Stiles still liking Lydia. I was the only one who didn’t have another person to share their life with. I have a Theo. Maybe Theo could be that person for me, maybe he could be different like he had been trying to show me. The next few weeks Theo stopped doing sweet things for me, he was ignoring me even when I tried to talk to him. He began to look sickly and I knew that I would need to talk to someone about this, I need an outside opinion that isn’t mine or Theo’s. I decided to go to Scott, he always tried to look for the goodness in everyone before casting them off as bad and maybe he would understand what I was feeling and going through.
“Scott! Scott” I yelled jogging over to him just before he walked into Gym class and grabbing his shoulder, I had to talk to him now or else I would chicken out at a later time.
“I was wondering how long it would take you to get to me.” He said as we walked into gym together, already changed into our gym clothes. I sent him a questioning look, unsure of what he was really saying.
“I know you have mixed feelings about Theo, I can smell it on you. I also know that he isn’t the best person but you seem to make him a better one. I know you have always wanted someone to love you the way I love Kira and Stiles loves Lydia. I know everyone deserves second chances and I also know that he really cares about you and it’s killing him that you won’t give him a chance. I don’t know this but I think that deep down, you love him too. The pack will still love you, Theo or no Theo so don’t let that be what’s stopping you.” He said, making me nod, think for a second before running out of gym class and towards my car, I knew what I felt.
Don’t fall asleep
At the wheel, we’ve got a million miles ahead of us
Miles ahead of us
All that we need
Is a rude awakening to know we’re good enough
Know we’re good enough

The drive to Theo’s house was longer than I thought it was going to be, and he drives this every day after following me home from school. Theo wasn’t in school today so I knew he has to be at home. I looked a mess, still in my gym clothes, my eyes and heart frantic from the realization that I loved Theo just as much as he loved me. Theo is a dark person but everyone makes mistakes, everyone has a past, his just blood filled but maybe his future won’t be and who am I to just assume that it will be? As soon as I pulled into his driveway, I jumped out of the car and run up to his front door, pounding on it with all that I had.
“Theo open the door! Please!” I yelled and a few second a nervous and scared Theo opened the door. He must of thought I was hurt or something by how I was screaming for him, he looked an absolute wreck, making my heart break by each passing second.
“Can I come in?” I asked causing him to nod and step to the side so I could walk into his house. Now it was my turn to show him that I care.
Say go through the darkest of days
Heaven’s a heartbreak away
Never let you go, never let me down
Oh, it’s been a hell of a ride
Driving the edge of a knife
Never let you go, never let me down

As I paced though his living room, he looked at me with many emotions in his eyes, confusion, hunger, nervousness, love. I went to speak before shaking my head and continuing to pace around the room. I didn’t know how to word this, I just had to shoot it out.
“I love you.” I said causing his eyes to widen and his whole expression change. His eyes now filled with joy, happiness, hopefulness. He went to take a step closer to him but I stopped him, placing a hand on his chest, confusing him once again.
“I love you and I need you to know that I always have. I have loved you since the day I met you Theo but I was scared, hell I still am. I love you for your darkness just as much as I love you for the light inside of you. I was scared that the pack would hate me if I was with someone who killed people and tried to kill most of them but I want to be happy, they all have someone and when I thought about who I would want to be my someone, you were the name that came to mind. You showed me that you loved me so now it’s my turn, will you let me love you, Theo?” I asked, hoping that he would know I meant every word.
Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you
Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you

It felt like years waiting for a response but when a tear fell down his face and he began nodding with a small smile on his lips, I couldn’t help but get teary eyes too. I let out a watery chuckle and wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him close to me. I pulled away seconds later to cup his face with a smile on my face and kissed him softly yet passionately. I knew that this is what I wanted, I didn’t care about what anyone else thought about us or the love that we share because I’m happy with the boy in front of me. Theo slipped his hands under my shirt, trying to take it off, our lips breaking only to get my shirt over my head, I was about to do the same for him before we both heard his stomach growl, causing us both to let out a laugh.
“Maybe you should eat first.” I said causing him to nod, kiss my forehead and pull me towards his kitchen. My hands wrapping around his back and resting on his rest while my head rested on his face, kissing his shoulder blade ever so often as he made food for himself. The fact that I did that to him makes me sick but I’m here now and that’s what matters.
Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you
Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you

After Theo ate, he looked a lot better and seemed to regain some of his color. Once I knew he was done and okay we went right back to where we were, both our shirts off, our hands roaming each other’s bodies. Theo lifted me up and rest my butt on the kitchen table, making me giggle into the kiss, making out in the kitchen? Sound like a movie to just me? My lips moved to his jawline and down his neck, his hands now on my waist, letting out a groan as I nipped at his skin, wanting to do this for months. Theo grabbed my face in his hands, kissing me hard and laying me down on the table, his body hovering over mine, my legs now arched on each side of him. Theo was about to kiss down my neck like I had done minutes before but my phone started to ring causing us to groan. I pulled it out of my pocket, seeing it was a text from Scott reading “My house now, Important pack situation.” Making me sigh, hop off the table and grab my shirt from the floor and tossing Theo his shirt.
“Scott just called a pack meeting.” I said making Theo nod and purse his lips, I knew what he was thinking and he couldn’t be more wrong.
“No Theo, you are coming with me. I’m not leaving you just because the Alpha calls. I love you, they are going to have to deal with that.” I said interlocking my hand with his and pulling him towards the front door so we could go show each other off to my pack.

All That Glitters- 1

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Summary: When the last person you ever wanted to see again comes strutting back into your life, you swear you’ll keep your distance. It becomes much harder to do when you start to remember why you loved him in the first place.

Word Count: 1,913

Warnings: Language and Lance Tucker.

Tags (not sure on this one) @just-a-multifangirl @bovaria @fvckingavengers @whotheeffisbucky @totheendofthelinepal @buckysbackpackbuckle @marvel-ash @wonder-girl @jbb-98 @czarna-herbata @captainsebstan @beccaanne814-blog @kaaatniss @gold-liess @-i-miss-you– @marassberry 

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AN: Yeah I have no idea why I did this to myself. This is a mini series, 7 parts. I was (un)surprised to discover most Lance Tucker pieces are smutty one shots which, makes sense because the guy’s a f*cksickle. But, I wanted to try something else. So here’s some T(F)ucker love. 

Side note, you don’t have to have seen The Bronze to read this, but there will probably be spoilers if you know absolutely nothing about the film. 


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Weddings were the worst. You stood by that from the very first time you’d ever gone to one and not once changed your mind since. Standing between the bar and the dance floor, you sip on the cheap tap beer and lean on the polished wood, your best friend standing beside you and doing the same.

“When can we leave?” You ask her, eyeing her over the rim of the plastic cup. Hope shrugs, downing the rest of hers.

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Don’t Give Up

(A/N): Sorry to whoever requested this… it’s so awful. I also don’t really do smut, i’m sorry!

Pairings: NatashaXFem!Reader

Request: Hey could I request a slightly AU Natasha x female reader fic where Natasha is a trainer in the red room and you’re one of her students. However she seems to pay more attention to you than the rest of the girls and she pushes you harder. The other girls don’t like how you’re ‘teachers pet’. Smutty too! Thanks

Warnings: None? I really don’t know.

Tags: @sxph-t@iamwarrenspeace@bigfootsiddhartamama

Natalia Alianovna Romanova passed the Black Widow training with flying colors, she was trained to kill, trained to show no mercy and now it was time to teach her skills to a group of new trainees. She was ready, she didn’t care if these girls failed or not. All that mattered was getting the girls that had the skills to become a top assassin through. That’s what she did, she was pushed to her breaking point and when she thought she couldn’t push anymore is when they found out she was worthy and that’s exactly what she was going to do.

When the new trainees were introduced to her, she set down the rules. She told them exactly what she expected and if they didn’t obey those rules, then she would believe they were not fit for the Black Widow program. They all nod their head, understanding before she dismisses them for the day. They all leave without taking a second glance at her except for one. Natasha watches as they send a small glance her way before giving a small smile then quickly looking away, following the group. Natasha didn’t know what it was but something about that one girl stood out and in her mind without knowing it, she said, Her, I pick her.

(Y/N) was her name and Natasha couldn’t help but notice a lot of herself in her. (Y/N) was a quick learner and seemed to excel must faster than the other girls she was training. She was good at problem solving and her hand to hand combat was amazing. Natasha knew after the first day of training (Y/N) would make it but still took it upon herself to make sure she was the best. She tended to spend a bit more time with (Y/N) than necessary but neither of them minded it. They enjoyed one another and Natasha always pushed (Y/N), training her to be the best. The ones who did care however, were the other girls. They thought (Y/N) was a teacher’s pet, hogging all of Natasha’s time when she was supposed to spend equal time with everyone. She wasn’t supposed to pick favorites but she picked (Y/N) and they couldn’t do anything about it, in fear of getting in trouble with Natasha.

It was single training with (Y/N) and Natasha was currently watching her fight one of the other trainers. She watches as they both maneuver around sending various kicks, punches and spins when the trainer knocks (Y/N) hard on the ground. “(Y/N), get up! Keep your guard up, don’t get lazy!” Natasha yells and (Y/N) fluidly gets up and begins fighting once again, putting all her energy into it. It didn’t take long for Natasha to notice (Y/N) is having an off day watching how many punches she fails to deflect and the multiple times she is knocked to the ground. (Y/N) stands her ground for some time but receives multiple hits to various places in her body before she takes a final blow to the face, sending her to the ground harshly. Natasha notices a few stray tears falling from (Y/N)’s face out of frustration, exhaustion and pain but pushes her harder. “Get up, I know you can do this, (Y/N). One more, don’t you give up on me!”

With the last bit of energy, (Y/N) pushes herself up before fighting the trainer with all she’s got. She somehow manages to do Natasha’s signature move, spinning around with her thighs around the trainer’s neck before slamming him to the ground. Out of pure exhaustion, (Y/N) falls to the ground, sob wracking her body, lips quivering with each breath and Natasha kneels down in front of (Y/N), placing her hands gently on her cheeks. “You did good, (Y/N), so good. You pushed through the pain and got it done. Well done.” Natasha praises and it keeps everything in her body to not lean forward and kiss the tears away but pushes away the feeling.(Y/N) gives a shaky nod, letting Natasha’s touch linger a bit longer before pulling away and exiting the training room.  

It wasn’t long before Natasha had completed her training with the trainees and it was test day. She watches as most of her students passed the test and lastly it’s (Y/N)’s turn. She watches anxiously as they hand a loaded gun into her hand and without a second in between, (Y/N) raises the gun and shoots the man in the chair, right between the eyes. A small applause is heard and (Y/N) bows before exiting he room, rushing up to her room and Natasha follows. She finds (Y/N) sitting on her bed, staring at the wall and sits beside her, taking (Y/N)’s hand in hers. “I shot a guy.” Natasha purses her lips and nods.

“Yeah, you did… it’ll get easier. I promise.” Natasha whispers out and (Y/N) looks at her with expressionless eyes before taking a glance at her lips. (Y/N) stares back into her green orbs, slowly leaning forward, connecting hers and Natasha’s lips for a few seconds before pulling back gently. Shocked by the kiss, Natasha stares dumbstruck before quickly connecting their lips once again, tangling her fingers in her hair, deepening the kiss and moans are heard from both sides. Natasha pushes her tongue into (Y/N) mouth, emitting soft moans to come from the back of her throat and Natasha gently pushes (Y/N) back onto the bed. (Y/N) chuckles, beginning to pull the front of Natasha’s shirt up but is quickly stopped, and Natasha pulls back from the kiss apologetically. “I-I’m sorry. This can’t happen now… we could get caught. You could get in trouble.” Natasha mutters out of breath, eyes looking anywhere but (Y/N) and (Y/N) gives an understanding sigh before nodding.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right but… I wanted to kiss you for so long. I had my chance.” (Y/N) states quietly and Natasha gives a small grin, brushing a loose piece of hair out of (Y/N)’s flustered face.

“So, did I. Maybe, when we aren’t stuck here, we could talk about… this” Natasha says gesturing between the two. “But for now let’s keep it at a distance. I don’t want you getting in trouble.” (Y/N) gives a sad smile but nods none the less.

“Okay, I trust you, Natalia.” (Y/N) whispers sincerely and Natasha smiles, leaning down, giving (Y/N) one more kiss, gently stroking her cheek before pulling back. She slowly gets off the bed, walking to the door before turning around, giving one more look at (Y/N) and (Y/N) gives a reassuring nod before smiling and Natasha smiles before walking out the door.

Maybe it would work out, maybe it wouldn’t but both know deep down they would find a way to make it work.


Mythical! AU BTS

Rated: M Light Smut

Word Count: 3388

A/N: So here’s a bit of a mystery.  It’s fairly obvious what kind of mythical creature some of the members are.  Though I did add a few things different than usual but I’m just trying to follow the dream I had.  You’ll just have to figure out who you’re with and what they are as you read.  Anyway this one is definitely going to have a very smutty part two to it coming up real soon.

Growing up next to Jeon Jungkook was kind of a blessing.  The two of you have been inseparable best friends your whole life.  When he decided to become a star you were nothing but support.  Though it did break your heart a bit that he would be so far away in Seoul.  

He was just as supportive of your decision to stay in Busan to stay with your family.  A few times a year you managed to make a trip to visit him.  If he were ever there to visit his family he always made a point to visit you.  

You are on one of those such trips right now.  Today is Jungkook’s birthday.  The long train ride north is finally coming to an end so you send a quick message to him.  

-15 mins till I’m at the Seoul transfer station. (3:02 PM)

-Perfect! We’re at the store now. Be home in about 30  (3:05 PM)

-See you soon!  (3:06 PM)

It didn’t matter how many times you’d made this trip you were excited every time.  Jungkook’s birthday normally consists of him spending the day out with his bandmates, spending the night with a special meal cooked by the group, cake, presents, and a movie night.  

You arrive in record time to their front gate.  After ringing the bell you announce your arrival over the intercom.  It’s hardly a minute before the gate opens and Jungkook is standing in the doorway.  

“Yay! You’re here!” He grins from ear to ear.  “What did you get me?”  He asks taking the gift bag from your hand as you come in the door.  “Wow not even a hug.  Today is really all about you huh?”  You nag as you slip off your shoes and set your bag down.  

As soon as the bag hits the floor he pulls you into a bone crushing hug.  “Sorry my sweetest friend.”  With his size he has no problem throwing you around like a little doll.  

“Me too, me too!”  “Hi Y/N!”  You hear from behind.  Instead of a body pile of boys squeezing you, Jungkook spins you both around and tries to escape the attack with your lifeless body in tow.  “Go away guys! She’s mine.”  Jungkook yells behind him.  

He only makes it a few more steps before the 95-line surround you in an attempted tackle and hug.  The only thing they succeed in doing is squeezing the life out of you.

Just about the time you think your eyeballs are gonna pop out like a squeaky toy Jin comes in.  “Boys let go of the poor girl.  You’re gonna kill her.”  The other three pout and step away but Jungkook keeps an arm around your shoulder with a smug grin on his face.  

“Thanks mama Jin.”  You say with a deep inhale.  “Welcome.  Now everyone but the birthday boy go wash up and get in the kitchen.”  Jin finishes and heads back in.  

Jin decides to pass his star pupil Namjoon to cake decorating with Jimin.  Hobi sets up decorations and keeps Kookie busy.  While you and Jin get busy cooking another one of your elaborate meals.  

The two of you work really well together in the kitchen.  Even if he is much older than you it never felt uncomfortable.  In fact you feel comfortable with all of them to different degrees.  That’s when it dawns on you that you hadn’t seen Suga yet.  “Is Yoongi napping?”  You ask.  “You know it.”  Jin chuckles.  

The aforementioned sleepy head comes into the kitchen just as you’re finishing up the cooking.  He stands there staring at you for a few minutes ruffling his hair.  He finally blinks and moves for the fridge.  

“Hey, Y/N.  I didn’t hear you come in.”  He mumbles while grabbing a drink.  “Yoongi I think you could sleep through the fire alarm.”  Jin says.  Yoongi only huffs and shuffles out of the kitchen to inspect the other preparations.

Dinner and cake were delicious.  You managed to mostly avoid the fray of flying frosting the boys were trying to cover Jungkook in.  Everyone gave their gifts and he opened some fan gifts as well.  It was normal for Yoongi to be quiet but usually he would quip in with a comment here and there at gatherings.  You couldn’t help but notice that he was especially quiet tonight and just looked down right exhausted.    

After everything got cleaned up everyone went to different rooms to make v app videos and tweets to wish him his online birthday.  That left you and Kookie with movie snack duty.  

You’re almost done setting out all the bowls when Jimin comes in and steals Jungkook away to shoot a video with him.  Jimin’s was the last so some of the boys had already gathered in the living room.  Tae and Jin were scarfing down a bowl of popcorn together while they waited.  

Another 15 minutes and everyone was done and ready for the movie.  Jungkook came in with the dvd of one of the newest Marvel films.  “Aw come on guys you ate all the popcorn already?”  He whines seeing the empty bowl on the coffee table.  The two culprits only giving the boy sly grins.  

“Jeez didn’t you guys eat dinner? Where do you put all this food?”  You ask.  “We’re hungry growing boys Y/N.”  Tae says with a mock serious expression.  “I’ll go make some more you guys get the movie started.”  You say taking the empty bowl away to the kitchen.  

You put the little bag in the microwave and lean against the counter to wait.  “Don’t scream.”  A voice says right beside your ear.  Despite what he said you jump and shout a little from being startled.  You turn around to see Hobi laughing at you.  “Oh my god you scared me.  I didn’t even hear you come in.”  He only laughs more saying sorry.  

His laughing turns to just a smile.  He moves close to you, crowding you against the counter.  Like you said you were comfortable with all the boys to a degree.  The only thing holding you back was Jungkook.  He never minded you getting close to the guys except for Hoseok, Taehyung, and Yoongi.  

For a reason he wouldn’t tell you, he always insisted you try to avoid them.  He always made sure you never spent too much time with them.  So in times like this where you’re alone with one of them you can’t help but feel a bit nervous but curious at the same time.  

“Can I ask you a favor Y/N-ah?”  Hoseok asks with a devious grin.  You know he must be up to no good but you nod your head anyway.  “I can watch the popcorn for you but could you go outside to get Yoongi for me?”  The request seemed simple enough so why did you feel like there was a catch?  “Um, sure I guess.  He’s outside?”  Hobi grins at your acceptance.  

“Yup just wanted some air before the movie.  Go tell him we’re starting.”  He leans in closer now to whisper in your ear.  “And it’s our little secret okay?  So go quietly.”  He moves away and gives you a wink before pushing you towards the door.  You give him one last questioning look over your shoulder.  He gives you a thumbs and a motion to keep going.  

Quietly you tug on your shoes and slip out the door.  It really was such a simple request.  You’re not sure why your heart is pounding a bit.  

You figured he’d be just outside the door on the porch but Yoongi is nowhere in sight.  You step off the porch and try to think about where he might be.  A few more steps and you get your hint.  The sound of a zippo lighter clicking open and closed can be heard around the side of the garage.  With soft footsteps you move around to the corner and peek around it.

“I know you’re there Y/N.”  Yoongi grumbles lowly.  You’re startled again.  How did he know it was you?  You move to be a bit closer before speaking.  “Sorry to bother you.  Hoseok asked me to come tell you we’re starting the movie soon.”  You try to sound calm and unfazed but your voice still manages to shake a bit.  

“Yea.  I figured.”  He says and slips the lighter into his back pocket.  He hasn’t even looked at you once since you’ve come out here but you still feel like a rabbit trapped in a snare.  For more than a minute he doesn’t move and almost looks like he’s fallen asleep standing there.  “Yoongi?”  You try softly.  His eyes are on yours instantly making your breath catch.  

It’s so dark you can barely see his face but you can clearly see his eyes.  Light brown almost gold in color with a soft glow like a candle about to fizzle out.  “Are you okay?”  You can barely get the words out.  Taking a tentative step closer he turns his face to look you dead on.  

Once again you’re frozen in place but your mind is racing.  The soft glow of gold fills your mind.  Images of Yoongi kissing you all over your body and fucking you roughly right there against the garage flash before your eyes.  His hot cum filling you feels too real and thrilling until he bites deep into your shoulder with teeth like a wolf.  

The pain makes you snap out of the illusion.  Your vision refocuses on Yoongi’s eyes.  The soft glow has all but faded away and his eyelids hang heavy.  The pain in your shoulder and the hot feeling between your thighs are somehow still there but are slowly melting away.  Shyly you blush and look away only to notice you are much closer than you were a moment ago.  

Your body is pressed against his with your hands clutched into his shirt.  You gasp and try to move away but he’s quick to grab your hips keeping them against him.  “Shh, don’t be scared.”  Yoongi pleas.  He moves one hand to gently hold your chin.  His other arm wraps around your waist.  

He moves your face to look at him again.  “You could see it right?”  He asks.  His lips are so close to yours that they almost touch as he speaks.  “You’re meant to be mine pet.  Please don’t fight it.”  Each word makes you melt into him more and more.  You feel dizzy and no words come to mind at all.  The only thing you can think of is kissing him.  He looks over your expression closely before leaning in to close the distance.  

The kiss is desperate right from the start.  Your lips touch for only a few seconds before tongues get involved.  You expect it to be rough like the vision but instead it is slow and passionate.  Your hands find purchase in his silver hair.  Yoongi feels like he can barely stay awake long enough to keep encouraging you to take control of the kiss.  

Yoongi’s hands are on your hips again.  You can’t help but moan when he grinds his hips into yours roughly.  He does it over and over slowly, letting you feel just how hard you make him.  

Back in the house Jungkook is sitting on the couch trying to wait patiently with everyone else for the three missing persons to come.  You had left to refill the popcorn maybe eight minutes ago.  “What is taking her so long?  Is she burning the house down?”  Jungkook grumbles to himself as he goes to investigate the kitchen.  

He opens the door to find something much worse than a fire.  You’re not there but instead Hoseok is leaning against the counter idly nibbling on the popcorn waiting for a second bag to pop.  

“Where’s Y/N?”  Jungkook asks barely entering the room.  Hobi turns around and gives the boy a sly grin.  “I had her do me a little favor.”  “Where is she hyung.”  Jungkook insists a bit panicked.  “I just asked if she could go bring Yoongi inside for me.  That’s all.”  He answers popping another piece of popcorn into his mouth.  

Now Jungkook was really panicked.  His hands began to ball into tight fists as he thought of the worst situation.  “Why would you do that hyung?!”  He asks.  Hobi just keeps smiling.  “Ey. It’s the new moon.  Yoongi’s practically harmless right now.”  Hoseok tries to convince the boy.  “Hyung. But you know how Yoongi feels about her.  How could you do this?”  The younger boys whines.  

“How could he do what?”  Taehyung asks from behind them coming into the room.  Jungkook groans and goes to put on his shoes.  “I had Y/N go get Yoongi.”  Hoseok says.  Taehyung giggles right away.  “You sly dog.”  

He goes over to get the popcorn bowl from Hobi.  The two look over as Jungkook opens the door.  “Be careful what you might run into Kookie.”  V yells to him on his way out.  The two boys laugh about their poor friends panic.  

“Do you want to go watch?  It could be fun.”  J-hope asks V as he pour the second bag into a bowl.  “Oh yes let’s.”  The two hook arms and scurry out the door in a fit of giggles.  

Yoongi’s kisses move away from your mouth to trail down your neck.  He mouths at you gently to not leave marks.  His hips never stop rubbing against you.  You thought you heard the front door close but you couldn’t seem to focus on anything but Yoongi.  

He takes a deep breath and growls deeply against your neck.  The sound comes from so deep in his chest you’re almost frightened.  Then he’s moving away and straightening out your hair and clothes.  “Kookie’s coming.”  He grumbles.  

That’s when you hear Jungkook call your name.  You don’t even think to answer only watching Suga adjust his own clothes.  He groans trying to hide his hard on.  He leans back against the garage wall just in time for Jungkook to come around the corner.  His cellphone light shines in your face making you wince.  

“Y/N? Are you okay?”  Yoongi scoffs at him.  “Yea Kook.  We’re uh.  Just talking.  Sorry.”  You clear your throat and try to sound like you weren’t just making out with his friend.  Jungkook moves closer to you to make sure.  Out of instinct Yoongi moves away from the wall and has to hold himself back from dragging you away from Kookie.  

Jungkook notices his movement and scans the annoyed look on Suga’s face. “You’re sure he didn’t hurt you at all?”  Kookie asks again taking a hold of your arm.  You could almost hear Suga grit his teeth.  “Yes I’m fine jeez.”  

“Aww that’s no fun.”  All three of you turn to see Tae and Hobi coming just around the corner.  “Jesus Christ did we need the whole damn search and rescue squad to come find me?”  Yoongi snaps at them.  Their smiles are gone in an instant.  

Suga would like to storm away and take care of his still pressing issue but he doesn’t want to leave you with Jungkook.  While Kookie is waiting for Yoongi to move away like usual.  The air is tense as the two stare at each other.  Kookie is tired of waiting and starts to drag you towards the house.  “Let’s go.  The others are waiting.”  Yoongi huffs and follows behind closely.  He hated the way Jungkook had his arm around you.  

The two jokers are quick to follow behind Yoongi.  “It sure doesn’t smell like nothing happened hyung.”  Hobi says sniffing at Suga.  Tae sniffs too.  “Yea I can smell Y/N all over you.”  That makes the whole group stop in their tracks.  Jungkook turns to give an accusing look at Yoongi.  You give a horrified look to the other two who are now sniffing all over Suga.  What did they mean they could smell you on him?  

“Oo especially your face.”  Tae adds with a giggle.  “Get away from me!”  Yoongi yells pushing their noses away from him.  It was all he could take.  “I’m going to bed.  No one bother me.”  He snaps at them before storming into the house.  

Jungkook’s accusing look  is now on you but you can’t bring yourself to look at him.  “I thought you said nothing happened?”  He asks holding your arms.  “Okay so we kissed a little.”  You mumble towards the ground.  “And you weren’t going to tell me?”  He shakes your arm a little.  You look up.  “I was.  Just not now Kook.  It’s your birthday I didn’t want you to worry about it.”  

Jungkook sighs and lets you go.  “It’s fine Y/N.  Come on.”  You all head back inside and get questioning looks from the three that were left inside.  “Suga went to bed already.  Is everything okay?”  Jin asks.  “Yea just don’t go in there till he’s asleep.”  Hobi says trying to stifle a giggle.  

You can’t bare to look anyone in the eyes for the rest of the night.  By tomorrow afternoon the whole group will know about what happened and you couldn’t be more embarrassed.  Your mind barely focuses on the movie at all.  The only thing on your mind is Yoongi.  You had so many questions about the things that happened.  

Once the movie was over you all got ready for bed.  Like usual you had your spot on the couch and Jungkook had the mat and blankets on the floor beneath you.  You both say goodnight and cuddle into your blankets.  Fifteen minutes go by and you can’t sleep.  “Y/N.”  Jungkook whispers to you.  You hum in response.  “You’re not sleepy right?”  “No.”  You sigh and turn over trying to see him in the dark.  

“Do you want to talk about it?”  He asks.  “Um. I guess.”  You’re not sure where to start or even how to explain what had happened.  “Do you like him?”  The question makes you blush and you’re glad it’s dark.  “I mean I don’t not like him. I don’t know.”  You heard him rustle in the blanket and you could just make out the shape of his figure turning towards you.  

“Well why would you kiss him if you didn’t like him?  You just go around kissing guys now?”  “Omg no Kook.  I really don’t know what happened.  I’ve never thought about him like that before but suddenly all I could think about was kissing him.  Like I couldn’t even control my brain.  Then he kissed me and you came a little bit after.”  Jungkook sighs.  “I told you to be careful with him Y/N.  He’s not normal.”  He huffs and rolls back over.  

“Kookie what are you hiding from me?  Why is Yoongi so different?”  All the years with Jungkook you knew when he was lying or hiding things from you.  “Just try to stay away from him.”  You reach out your foot to try and kick at him.  “Ugh but why.  Tell me.”  You whine poking him with your toe.  “Stop it.  He likes you okay.”  That quiets you.  Yoongi likes you?  

“You mean he like, likes me?”  “Yea like, like likes you.”  Wow Jungkook really is keeping secrets from you.  “How long have you known and didn’t tell me?”  “Idk a while.  Like a long time.”  “Why didn’t you tell me!”  You’re shout whispering at this point.  “Because I don’t want you getting involved with him.  I told you that.”  

“Are you jealous Jeon Jungkook?”  You think maybe you can tease the answer out of him.  “Ew no.  You know you’re like my little sister.  How many times do I have to say that he’s just different.  Trust me I’m sparing you a burden.”  You try to ask again but he cuts you off.  “No more just go to sleep.  I can’t explain it to you now.”  “Fine but someday I’ll know.”

It’s even harder to get to sleep after that.  Now the thought of Yoongi liking you is weighing on your brain.  Kookie wakes you up way too early the next morning insisting that you have breakfast together before you ship off back home.  You only try once to get an answer out of him before he’s groaning and pleading you not to do this so early.

Movie Handy (M)

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Bright sunlight burst through your curtained window stretching itself across your bedroom floor. The sun made its way up to your face illuminating it giving your skin a natural highlight.

“Ugh, all this stupid light in my face,” You groaned covering your face with a pillow, desperately trying to block out the sun and get back to sleep. But it was too late your sleep had started slipping from your grasp.

“Damn now my sleep is gone,” You growled, throwing your pillow across the room, and yanking the blankets off your body. You stretched your lethargic body, hearing your bones crack in protest.

You got out of bed and went to the bathroom to do your hygienic routine. No need in having stank breath, and dried on drool on your face the whole day.

After you had finished your business, you climbed back in bed, fishing for your phone under the sea of covers, deciding to check your Twitter, Snapchat, and read some smut.
Just as your smutty story was getting to the good part, your boyfriend Jungkook popped up on your screen.

“Of course somebody would call me when my story was just becoming interesting.” You grumbled out loud.


“Hey jagi, whatcha doing?”

“Nothing much I just woke up.”

“Y/n. You do know it’s 3:00 in the afternoon right?” Jungkook said astonished

“Okay, and your point is.” You said deadpanned.

“I’m just saying jagi, your sleeping habits are horrible” Jungkook chuckled

“Kookie. Why did you call me?” You said a little annoyed, eager to get back to reading your story.

“I just wanted to know if you would like to go to the movies with me. The new Wonder Woman movie is out, and I want to see it with you,” he said excitedly.

You groaned, you honestly didn’t feel like getting out of your cozy bed and having to stop reading your indecent books.

“Please jagi. For me?” Jungkook pleaded over the phone, you could already see his cute lips pouting.

“Alright, Oppa ” You responded knowing how much his disliked being called that.

“Watch it Y/n. I’ll pick you in 30 minutes.”


You hung up the phone and proceeded to get ready. You donned a red crop top that accentuated your breast, skinny black jeans that hugged your hips, simple black boots, and an oversize bomber jacket.

Next was the task of your hair.

“I should lay my edges down, but I’m too lazy…so headband it is,” You said, putting your hair up into a ponytail, and covering your edges with a headband.

You had just finished spritzing yourself with your favorite perfume, just as Jungkook pulled up.

The movie theater wasn’t that far away, so the ride there was fairly quick.

“You want popcorn or anything baby,” Jungkook asked, after paying for the movie tickets.

“Um maybe something to drink, you know I’m always thirsty.” Y/n laughed a little, your mind turning dirty as you thought about putting something more than a flimsy straw between your lips. You wanted something thick, and long, something that would undoubtedly quench your thirst, something preferably attached to the lower extremities of your boyfriend.

“Alright, the theater is down this way, let’s go” Jungkook stated, grabbing your hand and leading you to the destination. You and Jungkook decided to pick seats upstairs in the back row so that they could use the guard rail at your leisure.

The movie was about 40 minutes in. When Jungkook propped his legs on the guard rail, and you shortly followed suit resting your legs on top of his. The movie was boring, and you wanted to have fun. So you slowly inched your legs closer to Jungkooks dick, lightly rubbing your legs up against it, wanting to tease him.

Jungkook gripped your legs, moving them away from his semi-hardened member.

“Stop,, ” Jungkook said huskily, arousal apparent in his voice.

You played innocent as to what he was talking about. But you knew what was happening inside Jungkooks jeans, and the thought of him hard was getting you all hot and bothered. You now had a mission and you were set on completing it. You let your hands crawl up his thighs, to palm at his crotch. You could feel how thick and hard he was, your interest on something else besides the movie.

You were salivating at the temptation of wrapping your lips around his dick, stuffing your mouth to its limit.

You leaned against Jungkook, resting your lips on the outer shell of his ear, kissing it slightly.
“Is this for me?” You whispered innocently.

Jungkook couldn’t resist anymore he unzipped and unbuttoned his pants hoping you would dive deeper into his jeans to give his member the proper attention.

“You have to be quiet though kookie. You don’t wanna get caught.” You whispered in his ear.

You grabbed his member in his jeans. He was hot and hard, yet his skin was soft. You started stroking him, giving firm yet slow strokes.

Little grunts escaped from Jungkooks mouth, his head thrown back in the passion of it all. You had found a rhythm that had him ready to bust in no time, fast then slow you would alternative, being sure to pay extra attention to his sensitive tip.

“Ah fuck” Jungkook hissed in between clenched teeth. His eyes were closed, and hips moving to the pace of your hand.

“Damn baby, I’m about to cum. Oh god”, He growled out feeling his orgasm build up with intensity.
You kept stroking loving the way his thighs tensed up and the feeling of his dick pulsating in your hands.

“Fuck, I’m coming.”

Jungkook moaned, having to bite on his knuckles as to not make too much noise. His orgasm rushing through him.

You slowly pulled your hand out of his jeans, a little disappointed to see that your hand was clean and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy his flavor.

As most of his cum was in his underwear and rubbed off on his jeans when you pulled your hand out.

Jungkook pulled you into an intense kiss, it was slow and sensual full of lip biting, and tongue dueling. You broke the kiss, the need for air too strong.

“Next time, that,” You said grabbing his crotch once again.

“Is going in my mouth, and I’ll get to taste you properly,” You promised your eyes portraying fiery determination, and unadulterated lust

Jungkook gulped, his Adam’s apple moving heavily.

“Yes Ma’am”

New Pet | Part 3

Joker x Reader. SMUT

Leave feed back and let me know what you think. I love to write but sometimes I run out of ideas so low key message me and I may use a bit of your input. :D I promise so really smut will be happening soon ;)

WARNING: violence

Word count: 1,573 (a bit shorter than I usually like)


Joker’s backstory

(Joker’s POV)

My dad was a major drug dealer and my mom was never around, I’m honestly not to sure what happen to her., I only had my dad to hang around with. When I was 14 it was late on a Tuesday night and I was lying in bed when I heard a loud bang on the front door. This would happen a lot and I figured my dad would just get it like he usually did. He didn’t. Ten minutes had passed an I hear the front door break and fall to the ground in a loud thud. They had come into our house. I hear them roaming around, some glasses break, and a few gun shots go off. Where was my dad?

I tried to not acknowledge them being there and stayed in my bed, curled up into a ball under my covers. My bedroom door slammed open and I hear the man in my doorway yell down the stairs, “His son is in here boss.” I peer out of the covers and a big man walks into the room. He grabs my shoulder and asked, “Where is your father, son?”

“I’m not sure.” A responded, afraid of the big black figure standing before me.

“I guess you’ll just come with us until we can find him.” He grabs my shoulder pulling me from my bed, throwing me onto the ground. One of his men came over and tied my arms to my legs. Holstering me on to his shoulder, throwing me into the back of a large van and jumping into the back with me, slamming the door shut.

We came to a hard stop and I rolled, hitting my head extremely hard on the metal cage separating the front two seats from the rest of the van. The back doors open and it’s dark outside. I’m not sure where I am but I can see the moonlight reflecting off of a small lake. We were at a small lake house. They drag me inside, causing my back to acquire a bunch of cuts on it. Once inside they tie me down to a chair and knock me out with some sort of drug.

I wake up a few hours later, alone in a grungy, leaky, basement. I can’t see anything, they had a blind fold over my eyes. There is a consistent dripping noise behind me. ‘Please let that just be a leak in the ceiling.’ I say to myself, hoping I’m not bleeding or anything. After an hour of sitting there in fear I hear I loud, squeaky door creak open in front of me. My blind fold gets ripped off and it’s the same man who tore me from my bed at home.

“Say hi to your father,” he grabs my short hair, throwing my head back for the phone’s camera to get a full view of me. “Ask him to come here, alone. Now.” He shouts in my ear as I shiver through the chains, causing them to raddle.

“Dad? Please come. Help me, please. Just you, nobody else or they will kill both of us. They…” I get cut off from the big man punching me in the face.

“That’s enough from you.” He shouts in my face as my cheek starts to bleed from his rings breaking through my skin. He puts the blind fold back over my face and I hear him say, “You have 30 minutes to be here or we will find you and kill you. You know where we are, hurry, before it’s to late.” I hear the phone beep as the recording stops. A swoop sound occurred seconds later, ‘He sent it. Please show up dad.’ I cry to myself. The man hears me crying and tears the blind fold back off, causing my head to fling back. I didn’t have the energy to move my head anymore so it just sat there. “What are you crying for boy? Should I jut kill you right now, that would definitely be quicker!”

My tears stopped quickly, they started to turn into rage. I knew I wasn’t going to let them kill me, I would fight my way out of here. The man looks at me and pushed himself away from me with the help of the chair, growling while exiting the room. All of my energy had been wasted and I fell asleep.

A few hours had pasted and my dad still hadn’t showed up. The door flies open and a man with a bag on his head gets thrown onto the ground by my feet. He had been beaten badly and was covered in blood. I could hear him breathing heavily, like the wind was knocked out of him. The bag gets ripped off of his head by the boss and it was my father. I had never seen him in this much pain and it hurt me to see him this way. He is grunting, holding his stomach while hunched over on the ground. I looked down at him, tears rolling down my face. He wouldn’t look up at me. ‘Was he embarrassed? Was he ashamed?’

“Dad?” I ask to see if I can get anything from him. He puts his arm up and waves me off signaling that he was fine. He wouldn’t answer me though. I’m still not sure why. Before I could try to get any words out of him the men started to hurt him again. This time, worse.

One ripped his head back, exposing his stomach, while the other slammed a baseball bat to his gut. He swung that bat over and over and over and over again. I couldn’t bear to watch. A man held my head still so I had a full view of my father’s beating but I kept my eyes shut tight. I can still remember the awful noises that came from him though, they will always haunt me

When they finally finished my dad was kneeling before me with his hands tied behind his back and blood running from all over his face and body. They made him sit there, starring at me. They knew how much pain it brought both of us to sit and look at each other like this, that’s why they did it.

The boss unties me a yells, “Stand up boy!” I did as I was told, staring down at my father who was looking down at my bare feet. “Take this.” He shoves a pistol my direction, and I refuse to take it, “NOW!” He grabs my hand placing the gun in my palm. “Point it at your father.” I couldn’t, why would he want me to do this. Why does he want us to suffer so horribly.

He nobs his head for one of the guards to come over and “help” me with the unbearable task he had just given me. The man wraps my hands around the gun and held my arms out straight so the gun was resting on the father’s forehead. That is when it hit me. My dad wouldn’t look at me or speak to me because he knew whatever he had done would result in this. He knew that no matter what he did he wouldn’t be able to get himself out of this situation. So he just sat there and took it.

“Pull the trigger.” The boss said while leaning closer to my face. It was like he was trying to temp me into killing my father. He knew I couldn’t do it so he wrapped his hand around mine, squeezing the trigger which was under my finger. I know I didn’t willing kill my father that night, but I seems like I should have been the one to.

Ever since that night the boss took me under his wing. I never got to learn his name or know anything about him but he turned me into what I am today. By the time I was sixteen I enjoyed staying with him, I wanted to stay with him. He had gotten me into a world that I could never escape from. A world that I had turned into my own. He would take me to do business trips with him and I got used to killing people and having someone else clean up my messes. I learned how to get people to do whatever I want, whenever I want just by giving them a look.

Once I hit the age of twenty two he died at one of our business exchanges and my soul became hard, right then, right there. Since I grew up next to him all of his men were used to taking care of me and having my back. All I knew to do was live in this world of crime and violence, so that’s what I did. I kept his men in my life and found some more to keep around.

It’s what I wanted for myself. I wanted to be this villain, I wanted people to know my name, and to tremble when they heard it. To this day I still don’t know why my father got killed that night, but I’m not to mad that he did because it helped me become what I am today. It helped me to become the king of Gotham city and nobody in their right mind messes with the king.

This week on 'I should be asleep, it's 4 freakin' AM, but smut happened'

So uh, this was a prompt by the extremely awesome xmaochan

They requested a smutty Naegami thing

Which I seem to have turned into an angsty make-out session thing


Er, anyway. I hope you like it! 

Read it here on: FF.net  || A03

Or here~ 

Name: Don’t Speak

Rating: M

Timeline: Pre-Despair

Warnings: …maybe slight underage? Because they’re 15 in this…apart from the obvious male-on-male slash

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Stop hating on all the ships in our fandom!

Since when did we become so RUDE to each other? Why do you feel to make any kind of negative posts about other ships?

If you have a ship, it doesn’t matter if it’s Hannigram, Hannibloom, Willana or Brownham, do something positive with it instead. Write smutty fanfics, draw amazing art or discuss who will be on top or who will be bottom.

Please, fellow fannibals, old and new, do not hate on each other.


Ok so I’m going to write this because it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. It also relates to why people find Peter Capaldi attractive as a 56 year old man.
I realise that I am probably considerably older than a lot of people on here….I’m a year younger than Peter. So, in common with our generation, we grew up with the same things in our DNA. Age should not define us….any more than race, colour or sexual orientation. It is not a label. It doesn’t matter if he’s 35 or 48 or 56….it’s just a number. The point is, that as you get older, inside your head you don’t change. I’m still filled with a childish delight at Christmas, and pressie time! Or the moment the curtain goes up in the theatre. If I hear a tune with a great beat, it doesn’t matter if it’s punk or techno or Kanye West, if I like it I’ll get up on the floor. The passions I had when I was young have just grown stronger, not diminished; art, the theatre, literature, poetry, music..it’s all still there and it can move me to tears now, just as it did then. I can still get turned on reading a bit of smutty fanfic about Malcolm Tucker….and why the hell not? I’m a woman of the world…and trust me….sex is no less pleasurable now than it was on someone’s sofa when I was 20! I read a tweet from someone the other day saying Peter wears dentures….I just fell about laughing….anyone would think he’s soaking his teeth in a glass of Steradent by the bed at night and riding a mobility scooter…..for fucks sake! With age comes an innate sense of self; You become happier in your own skin. I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not, I don’t have to prove myself to anyone, I wear what I feel comfortable in, and if that’s skinny jeans then so be it ( there’s no age restriction on them that I’m aware of!). I’ve travelled widely. I was a nurse by profession (and so I’ve seen some pretty bad shit!). I’ve gained wisdom through experience. Peter is the same, that is what makes him attractive, he’s a regular guy with a wife and family, he is kind and generous with his time, he is having the time of his life playing The Doctor, it’s a role he was born to play. My love of life, my vitality, is undiminished, so is his, and age has nothing to do with that. He can still give a smouldering look or a cheeky smirk or a tearful glance…..so can we all! So let’s give the age thing a rest, Peter was handsome at 23, he still is now, but with an extra 30 years of va-va-voom on top…..and I, for one, can embrace that without worrying about how old he is!! Please reblog this and I very much welcome your thoughts and comments.Cheers! #petercapaldi #age #56isthenew30 

Supernatural Game
  • 1:What is your Supernatural OTP?
  • 2:What’s your opinion on John Winchester?
  • 3:Which season finale was your favorite/least favorite?
  • 4:Which is your favorite episode?
  • 5:Which episode makes you cry the most?
  • 6:Which episode is the funniest to you?
  • 7:What’s your opinion on Megstiel?
  • 8:When did you start watching Supernatural?
  • 9:Which episode title do you think is the funniest?
  • 10:What’s your opinion on Garth?
  • 11:If you could bring back any character, would you? If so, whom?
  • 12:Who is your favorite angel?
  • 13:Who’s your favorite archangel?
  • 14:What’s your opinion on Wincest?
  • 15:What’s your opinion on Lisa? (and Ben, if you want)
  • 16:When did you start blogging about Supernatural?
  • 17:Do you think that Chuck is God?
  • 18:Do you have a favorite Dick (Roman) joke? If so, what is it?
  • 19:Which is your favorite episode?
  • 20:Who do you ship Sam with?
  • 21:What’s your opinion on Destiel?
  • 22:Did you like the first or second Ruby better?
  • 23:Who’s your favorite demon?
  • 24:Do you read smutty fanfiction?
  • 25:Do you think Destiel will become canon in season 9? (Regardless of whether you want it to or not)
  • 26:Have you ever had a dream about Supernatural/the characters/the actors? If so, can you describe what you remember?
  • 27:Which episode is the scariest to you? (Horror-movie type scary)
  • 28:What’s your opinion on Sabriel?
  • 29:Do you think End!verse will happen? If so, are you looking forward to it?
  • 30:Do you have any friends off of the Internet that watch Supernatural?
  • 31:Do any of your family members watch Supernatural?
  • 32:What’s an unpopular opinion or headcanon you have?
  • 33:Do you like AU fanfics?
  • 34:Have you ever written/started writing a fanfic?
  • 35:What’s your opinion on Samifer?
  • 36:If you have an OTP, at what point did you start shipping it?
  • 37:Do you think Sam should have completed the demon trials?
  • 38:Which director/writer is or was your favorite/least favorite?
  • 39:Which actor would you most like to meet in real life?
  • 40:If you could be any character on the show, would you want to? If so, whom? If not, why?
  • 41:Do you prefer cake or pie?
  • 42:What is your opinion on Sastiel?
  • 43:Have you ever made a Supernatural reference out loud and received strange looks from some of the people surrounding you?
  • 44:Have you ever cried over a non-OTP ship from the show?
  • 45:What is your favorite moment from any of the gag reels?
  • 46:Superwholock?
  • 47:What is/was your favorite Sam hair length?
  • 48:What’s an unpopular ship you have?
  • 49:What’s your opinion on Wincestiel?
  • 50:Can you dig Elvis?
  • 51:Do you listen to Carry On Wayward Son even when you’re not just watching a finale?
  • 52:What’s your opinion on Zachariah?
  • 53:Do you think Adam will ever get out of the cage? (not as Michael)
  • 54:Do you think Sam should have completed the trials?
  • 55:How long would you survive as a hunter?
  • 56:What’s your opinion on Calthazar?
  • 57:Do you have a Netflix account? If so, what’s your username and password? Wait a second, just the first part.
  • 58:Have you ever participated in GISHWHES?
  • 59:What movies/shows have you watched because of (or by coincidence) Jared, Jensen, or Misha?
  • 60:If you could change just one thing about the series, what would it be?
  • 61:If you were at a Con, what would be a question you would ask?(can be any of the actors)
  • 62:Why did you start watching Supernatural?
  • 63:What’s your opinion on Sam/Crowley?
  • 64:What’s your biggest fear for season 9?
  • 65:What’s your favorite (or at least a memorable) pop culture reference that has been made on the show?
  • 66:Just a random confession you have regarding the show/Asker makes up their own question.

Anonymous asked: Prompt: Can you do more of those during-sex-conversations and laughs? That one shot was precious. I need more

@random-ocity asked: Or the first time they have sex after 3.23 when they have time to spend on it, without deadly assassins listening at the door and Felicity just can’t stop giggling cause there is a naked Oliver Queen in her bed trying to sex her up and OMG when did this become her life.   He can be annoyed and try to kiss the giggles right out of her or he can join in the merriment. Whichever. Fluffy smutty fun.

Felicity’s got the giggles.  She’s got them bad.

And really, this is the least funny situation she’s ever been in.  Which is saying something, since she is a woman who was kidnapped by Slade Wilson and went toe-to-toe with Ra’s al Ghul, the Demon’s Head himself.

But having Oliver in her bed?  Naked in her bed?  This is not a laughing matter.  So she shouldn’t be giggling like a twelve-year-old doing one of those male reproductive organ coloring sheets in health class. 

Yet she totally is. 


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I don’t know what happened. This is a strictly Larry Fic rec this week. Sorry for the Ziam/lilo/Tomlinshaw readers: I can’t find some new fics to read, so If you have some rec to make, my ask is open!

and also, go read Off The record, by pianolouis. (it’s a WIP)

- My Bones Are Made Of You  , by lhrry : When Harry decides to take matters into his own hands and leaves to a Summer Camp for two months, he’s sparkling with excitement, for it is the only choice he’s ever been able to make by himself. The last thing he expects to happen is for the world to become a golden boy with sapphire eyes, infinite eyelashes and glinting laughter, which, somehow, reveals completely different, absorbingly exquisite, shade of life. However, he did not expect a slightest possibility of the world ever ending either.

Long  (68k) Larry AU with a great love story ! This is so well written, and beautiful, and painful too. Barely smutty, but very angsty… God I hated Agnes to leave me like this at the end, this was so painful OMG. But well, the good news is there’s a  next part : Written in my skin. (60k!!) Which is very different because there’s not much dialogs and it’s so beautiful and wow. I’m speechless.

- Bring out feelings in me i never show, by tomorrows : Louis accidentally hires a felon to be his fake boyfriend for Thanksgiving.

Larry (24k) fake relationship AU ! This one is funny and fluffy. You’ll have to wait until the (short) chapter 2 (this is a epilogue) for the smut, and yay! Bottom!harry (hello louis2k15 )

- Someone new, by dimpledlouis: After realizing that standing around and worrying is only wasting precious time, Harry braces his hands on the wall and takes a deep breath, trying to will his nerves away. He needs wifi. “PENIS!” He has to stop himself from laughing after the word leaves his mouth, the absurdity of the situation finally catching up to him.

Short  (3k) Larry AU where Harry just move in and needs wifi, and his neighbor has a weird sense of humor. this fic is so funny!! Absolutely no smut, and so many attempts to pull. I loved it.

- one more for the stars, by imsosorry : (…) Harry’s the star quarterback and Louis is about to graduate. It’s a heartbreak waiting to happen.

Larry Uni AU (16k). Because Harry in his jersey of course. It’s cute at the start, then a bit angsty but nothing too much (closeted relationship). Smut is good too :)

- but me, i’m not a gamble, by impetuous  : A Posh & Becks AU in which Harry is a star on the stage and Louis is a star on the pitch, but they’re both inexplicably terrible at articulating their feelings. In the end, it only takes a season’s worth of failed matchmaking schemes, platonic dinner dates, road trip holidays, and one very convenient David Beckham cameo for them to figure it all out. And if Niall knew all along? Well, he at least has the decency not to be too smug about it.

Larry famous! AU (33k) : Football Louis and Popstar Harry ? Hell yeah! this one is full of pinning, barely smutty (and it’s a shame!) and funny! the Beckham cameo is perfect :)

- Gnossienne, by quitefinished: Louis sets a challenge for himself; it gets a bit out of hand.

Larry short (11k) Canon fic. All you have to know is the tags I added when I bookmarked this fic were :Canon/Smut/bottom Louis/wall sex/plug. So basically it’s smut.

- Undertow , by leavingonatrain​ : if Harry’s world wasn’t already on the brink of change, a twist of fate turns the man he once photographed in the streets of Paris and never forgot from faint memory, to a one night stand, to even more.
He wishes he could say he fought harder not to be pulled into the undertow, but he really, really didn’t.

Larry AU (15k) where fate and romanticism (Paris! I miss Paris! ) are mixed with kinky smut (and totally bottom!Louis, fair warning for some people I know…). What a nice combination.


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Love & Marriage: Part 2 PREVIEW #2

                                            LOVE & MARRIAGE                                                    


After years of following in the footsteps of their relationship shadow, Bucky and his wife offer Steve a small getaway to the cold mountains. Getting to know the the new woman in his life, they realize a change in their own lives . Come to find, it dawns on the married couple just how much time and marriage has changed their once passionate relationship - How will they react to a now new hot couple taking their place on the mantle?

Notes: Slightly Smutty!

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