but when claudia realizes how she's been treating her

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PLEASE share with me your thoughts on Chloe's mindset pre &/or post uncharted 2 re: Harry. I feel like that relationship was a big growing point for her and I'd love to hear your opinions on it

Ohhhh man I love this /cracks knuckles

In a word, how Chloe feels about Harry afterward is: complicated. But it can’t really be summed up in just a word. And I think part of that comes from thinking that she didn’t do anything especially wrong but still feeling like there’s something she could have done to make things turn out differently.

Between the game and the comic, Chloe strikes me as being similar to pre-Elena Nate in that she’s not a total love-’em-and-leave-’em type with no regard for her lovers’ feelings, but she doesn’t pretend to be in it for anything more than she is. So if someone gets too attached or is hurt when she takes off…well, that’s unfortunate, but she didn’t give them a reason to think it was going to last. It applied to Nate when she took off after their first night together and it applied to her “mostly professional” relationship with Harry—I do think she liked him and found him attractive, because she’s not going to sleep with someone just because he happens to be there, but that’s all it was. She was aware that he’d be pissed that she took off with Nate, but genuinely didn’t expect it to become A Big Thing.

I’m endlessly fascinated by the fact that Nate and Chloe explicitly planned to give Harry his share of the money and take off together. They were doing him a little dirty, technically, but he was still going to get his fair share. I think a certain level of double-dealing and screwing over is just expected in their line of work; see how Nate interacts with Eddy Raja in the motion comic and in the first game, and a late-UC2 line from Flynn indicates that Nate possibly screwed him over on something as well, and Nate was thrilled to see him at the start. There’s antagonism but still a level of friendliness as long as it doesn’t go too far, and what Chloe had in mind for Harry was in line with that.

Afterward, did Chloe blame herself for what ultimately happened to Harry, or should she have? imo no for both, because Harry began making really bad decisions well before he knew that she’d double-crossed him and also because he was kind of a dick in the way that he treated her a bit like property, but you can recognize that something is not technically your fault and still feel guilt about not being able to avoid it. It’s all in the way Claudia Black delivers that “oh, Harry” line when she recognizes that he’s been shot and is likely dying.

If she had realized he had such a serious problem with Nate, if she had realized he’d gotten so attached to her…it’s hard to say how much she’d have done differently, because not bringing Nate in on the museum job would have meant skipping out on a lot of money. I’m not sure she’d do that. (By the end of UC2 I think she would gladly lose out on the cash and skip the whole experience, but that’s more because Lazarevic is terrifying.) But she’d at least like to think she’d have done something different, to end up in a different place. And it might not haunt her all her days, but there is probably a period of time where she keeps replaying things in her mind, trying to figure out what else she could have done, before making her peace with never knowing for sure. There’s some grief there. Because Harry made his own choices and Chloe never lied to him about what their relationship was, but she liked him and never wanted him to die. I think that could well make her a little more cautious in how she approaches her next relationship or two, even if it doesn’t fundamentally change her.