but whatevs you get the gist

if anyone is confused about this net neutrality thing, the gist of it is that cable companies are trying to get the right to decrease/increase speeds to different websites.

right now, the speed is the same for whatever website you’re visiting, from facebook to pornhub.

so what would an end to neutrality mean? it means they could charge you extra to get a cable package that doesn’t throttle netflix’s speed. it means your conservative parents could buy the package that throttles pages with Adult Content. it means your cable company could increase speed for amazon and decrease it for small online stores (after
a hefty donation from amazon of course)

and because all roads lead to hell, they could throttle speeds for reliable news sources and increase speeds for fox news.

you would click on an article and it wouldn’t load. you would go back and pick a different website, this one with a Better Opinion. you would only see the Good Opinions. and if you weren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t even realize it.

at best it will cost you extra money or disrupt your netflix/porn habits. at worst it will lead us even further into fascist hell. don’t let them take away net neutrality.

Hey, guess what! To thank you guys for 4K, I’m hosting an art raffle! To those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically me entering the names of everyone who reblogs this into a generator and the first three get some art!

Here’s how you enter:
-reblog ONCE, if you reblog this more than once I most likely won’t enter your username. This is solely because I don’t want to make this process longer than it needs to be.
-tag as fcg4k

-The winners will be announced by April 10. After April 10, I won’t enter any more usernames into the generator or hat or whatever I’m going to use.
-I won’t accept anything NSFW or graphic, nothing illegal (pedophilia, necrophilia/bestiality, you get the gist).
-If you win and you request an OC or character I don’t know, I’m gonna need a reference sheet or detailed description of the character or subject of the drawing.
-Furries or kin art is also fine.

Thanks again for 4K, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me or send something into my inbox. If you do have questions, please try to ask me through my inbox instead of messaging me privately, as others may share the same question. Thank you! :)

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please DO elaborate...... 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

From my tododeku hc post:

they’re soft and sweet in their first year, ridiculously hot and heavy in their second, and by third year, they are down right steady and known across UA as being “the strongest powercouple of the generation” (it is kind of embarrassing when people say that but they secretly love it)

Ok, so what I mean by all this is as follows:

First year: In my mind, they wouldn’t start actually dating till their first year is nearly over but ANYWAYS, when they do start dating, it’s really little things like ice cream dates after school. It’s hooking pinkys underneath the lunch table when they sit next to each other and blushing about it. It’s soft hand kisses when they part ways after school to walk home. It’s coming home with the dreamy-ist smiles on their faces. It’s the way todoroki blushes slightly and smiling softly when he talks to Momo about how his date with Deku was. It’s the way Deku’s face lights up when he talks about Todoroki to Iida and Uraraka. It’s holding hands when they think nobody can see. It’s when one catches the other staring at them from across the classroom and they both blush like crazy, Deku hiding his face in his hands. You know, pure and wholesome shit like that

Second year: At this point, they are way comfortable in their relationship and it’s less fluttery nerves and more hormone driven want. I’m basically working off the “horny high school boys” trope bc im so weak for that but you know how it goes. It just starts with them being more open about the fact that their dating and so they’re less nervous about PDA. They hold hands A LOT. They’ll hang off of each other (cue the “Todoroki holding deku by the hips” headcanon). One day in homeroom, they not-so-subtly end up sitting next to each  other even though they know they have assigned seats. Aizawa comes in and looks over the class like he does and he doesn’t say anything but he’s rolling his eyes. So, as you can imagine, this all develops into them being way more touchy than last year. Everyone can tell. Deku brings Todoroki home to meet his mom and have dinner (Deku’s mom is thrilled her son is so happy but that’s all matters for a different post).

 Their kisses evolve to the point where they’re getting at some deeper feeling than before and all they want to do is explore that feeling. Because it feels damn good. So before you know it, they’re stumbling into homeroom a few minutes late with ruffled hair and red faces bc yeah maybe they were making out behind a building and lost track of time, ok? They do stop being late for class but there’s rarely a moment after class that their hands aren’t all over each other.

There’s also the matter of the rival tension that’s inevitably between them. At first Deku is terrified that it’ll wreck their relationship but it sort of does the opposite… they figure out that it’s kind of a turn on…. Cue the sports festival and an avalanche of sexual tension. The entirety of both classes A and B end up having to oggle at it for the whole event because it’s very rare that they are put on the same teams. At nearly every break between events and such, Todoroki has Deku up against a wall kissing him crazy, the adrenaline of the games mixing with the hormonal haze that drives them together like magnets. He does have to let Deku be though as the one on one fights start because he knows how much Deku likes to take analysis notes. Without speculating on year 2 sports festival results, I think I’ll leave this here ^^ 

So, the year rolls on. There’s probably a class trip that’s at least semi-relaxing, maybe?? things get steamy ofc wtf else are class tips for.

 Terushima and other classmates start prying with little shame, asking if they’ve done it yet, had sex. Deku is slightly scandalized. Todoroki just rolls his eyes. Neither of them say so, but yes they have done the deed but just once, at Todoroki’s house one weekend when no one was home. They were under the guise of a train/study weekend, which wasn’t a lie… they just happened to also have sex as well…

so yeah, you get the gist of 2nd year ;)

Third year: By now, most of UA knows they’re boyfriends. At the very least they know that if you get pitted against either one of them for whatever reason, You’re probably fucked and if you were to go against them as a pair, well, you’re really fucked. They’re dead serious about their hero careers. They’re also dead serious about each other. Freshman and their own classmates alike look up to them as #relationshipgoals

They are way less distracted by each other than the previous year, buckling down on studying and training and more studying. They’re still stupidly in love, obviously but it isn’t all shiny, new urges so it’s less “oh my god what is this feeling?? i want more of it right now” and more “God, I can’t wait till this training exercise is over so I can flirt with my boyfriend”

Oh also, they LIVE for bragging about each other, ok. Even to people they already know like, I can imagine Deku getting first place in the sports festival that year and Todoroki doesn’t shut up about it for weeks. Class A turns into that meme of “I love–” “Yes, we know, you love Deku. You are in love with Izuku Midoriya who won the third year Sports Festival competition. you love him, Deku, the next symbol of peace among humanity, we get it…” and it’s beautiful. Deku is the exact same way, btw. Basically I see them walking though halls, holding hands and standing tall and everyone’s heads turn to watch them as they go by :’)

This post is almost 1k words so if you read all of it, i love u. let me know what u think

The argument “if you don’t understand something someone has written, just ask the person who wrote it to explain it to you” makes such a huge assumption about what theory looks like to someone who can’t grasp it from just a cursory observation.

Like, if you saw a jargon-laden post-game analysis about a sport you’d never played, I highly doubt your first thought is going to be, “Wow, I have no idea what any of this means, I should ask someone to explain it to me.”

No, the most common response to being confronted with something you have no grasp of, especially if you’re one of the many people alienated from academia, is more often than not going to be the impression that whatever is being talked about does not concern you.

Clarification is what you ask for when one or two things are kinda fuzzy but you get the general gist of something, not when something is dense and completely unapproachable.


The challenge would be called Summer Escape

I’d give the list of destinations and you would pick a location like the examples below. That’s where your fic would take place.

Whatever happens there would be up to you. Fluff, Smut, Angst, etc.

An angsty secret comes to light when you’re in Belize with Jared? 

You get into some delicious trouble with Dean, a handsome stranger while vacationing in Greece?

You and Jensen transition from friends to forbidden lovers on a trip to Napa Valley?

Basically that’s the gist. Would anyone be interested?

I Do...Hate You//Derek Hale

Characters: Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, Reader.


Derek Hale was a grade A douche bag. You never understood the appeal. He constantly smarted off to you, not once had said anything nice to you.

“If we go in here.” Scott points at the map in front of you. “We can sneak up on them.”

“I don’t know, it seems too easy.” You look at the younger boy.

“We need easy. We can’t keep doing things the hard way because you think it makes more sense.” Derek says.

You turn to face him, crossing your arms. “We don’t do them because I think it makes more sense. We do them because I don’t want anyone to get killed. I know you’ve lost your pack members but I won’t lose mine.” You turn back around, rolling your eyes.

You went in the easy way like Derek said, they were waiting for you. You’re currently up against another pack. They’re all older, and are in Beacon Hills because they say your pack doesn’t follow the standard code. Whatever that means. They say they’re here to train you, and teach you the ways of a pack.

“No one ever listens to Y/N. No, I never want to take the easy way.” You say, peeling your blood-soaked shirt from your body.

“What about all the times we missed the easy way? Huh?” Derek glares at you, his ripped shirt in his hand. Whoa. You’d never seen him shirtless.

“We almost died and you’re seriously asking me that?”

“Guys just stop fighting. We can talk at my house.” Scott climbs into the Jeep with Stiles.

“I don’t want to talk to him.”

“Seriously? You’re acting like you’re four years old.” Derek rolls his eyes.

You flip him off as you climb into the back seat of the Jeep.

When you get back to Scott’s you’re met by the alpha of the other pack.

“I need to speak with Derek Hale.” She says as she walks down Scott’s front steps.

Derek walks up behind you, “What do you want?”

“I need to speak to you. Alone.”

You all exchange looks before going inside the house, leaving Derek.

He comes inside thirty minutes later. He grabs your arm and pulls you up the stairs. “Watch it!” You push him off of you.

He gives you a once-over.

“What?” You snap.

“Marry me.”

“What the hell?” You push him away.

“We have to get married.”

“I don’t think we do.”

“Will you just shut up and let me explain?” Derek sighs. “In order for us to be a “proper pack” or whatever she said, we have to get married. The oldest in the pack have to get married and guide the rest of the pack, no matter who the alpha is.“

“No thanks.” You scrunch your nose up at him before walking away.

He grabs you before you can get far, “We have to do this. She’ll kill Scott if we don’t.”

“What?” You look up at him.

“Exactly. She didn’t come right out and say we have to get married, but I got this gist of it. This has to look real.”

“Is this some ploy to get me to fall in love with you?”

“Haha. You’re funny.”

“I don’t want to marry you.”

“Scott will die, no ifs ands or buts.”

“Will I get a nice proposal?”

“A fancy public one.”

You sigh, looking at him as you think. “Fine.” The two of you walk back downstairs, everyone looking at you strangely. “Don’t ask.” You sit on the couch and cross your arms.

The next morning Derek texted you, telling you to dress nice and he’d be there at 7. This is not how you thought your engagement would ever go.

You wore your favorite dress, at least you could be happy that you looked cute. When he came to the door you couldn’t help but laugh. “Derek Hale in a suit.”

He glares at you, “It has to look real…just…just come on.”

You smile, watching him walk ahead of you. You get in the car and he looks over at you.

“Not even the pack can know this is fake.”

“They’ll know.” You laugh.

“Not if you don’t tell them.”

“Derek, we hate each other. We’re always at each other’s throats. Now we’re magically in love and engaged?”

“We’ve seen the light. We’ve been in love with each other all along.” Derek raises an eyebrow.

You scoff, “I acted in high school. Drama club.”

“That makes sense.”

“Hey! Shut up and let me finish. I am a good actress, so if you’re in I’m in.” You cross your arms.

“We have to be physical, you know. PDA.”

“Okay, now you’re milking it.” You laugh.

“No, I mean you’re attractive, but I’m not milking it.”

“Oh, I’m attractive?”

“I didn’t meant to compliment you.” Derek shrugs.

You laugh and look out the window, “I never imagined getting married to look like this.”

“Well, me either but here we are.”

“So how is this going to play out?”

“We’ll go in, get some drinks, we’ll be so in love that we have to leave before the main course.”

“Put your game face on, Hale. I play a good woman in love.” You smirk as you step out of the car.

You both walk inside and he holds the door open for you.

You smile, looking over your shoulder at him. He’s staring at your ass. You can’t react really, he’s supposed to be your boyfriend. You try to give him a look and when he catches your eye he smirks.

“I have a reservation for two. It should be under Hale.” He tells the woman at the front. She types something in the computer and seats the two of you.

“They’re here.” Derek mouths at you.

“Is this why you picked this place?” You raise an eyebrow.

He nods, “If it was up to me I would’ve proposed at a McDonald’s.”

“Oh, lovely. Thanks.” You roll your eyes and he laughs. “What’s the cut?” You lean back in your chair.


“The cut. Of the ring?” You thank the waitress when she brings your drinks.

“Are you serious?”

“Deadly.” You smirk.

“Princess, if you must know.”

You feel the gaze of the pack from across the room. They believe this. “Perfect.” You smile.

“You’re crazy.” He laughs.

“For wanting to know the cut of my own engagement ring?”

“You’ll know in less than ten minutes.”

“What can I say? I’m impatient.”


The two of you talk for a bit, learning things about each other you never could’ve guessed. He wasn’t that bad when you weren’t with the pack.

You tried not to laugh when you watched him drop to one knee. Everyone in the place turned to look at you.

“Y/N Y/L/N…I’ve known you for a very long time, and I’ve never been so in love. We’ve been through a lot together, you’ve stuck with me through thick and thin.”

You smile at him, trying to look like it’s out of adoration rather than teasing.

“You’re the woman of my dreams, and I’ve never met anyone like you. Will you make me the happiest man on the planet and marry me?”

You put your hand to your heart, “Oh, Derek…of course I will.” He slides the ring on your finger and you stand up, wrapping your arms around him.

“I love you so much.” You grin before he kisses you, catching you off guard. Everyone in the restaurant claps and cheers.

He pulls away and smirks at you. You admire the ring as he throws a twenty on the table. “Let’s go, baby.” He places his hand on the small of your back and leads you to the car.

“Heartfelt.” You raise an eyebrow as you slide into the passenger seat.

“Oh yeah? Thanks.” He starts the car.

“Nice ring too.” You grin.

“It’s just enough boujee for you.” He laughs.

“Hey!” You swat his arm. “I am not boujee.”

“Says you.”

“I hate you.” You roll your eyes and look out the window.

“I’m staying the night with you.” Derek says as he pulls out of the parking lot.

“No you aren’t.”

“We just got engaged. It makes sense that an engaged couple would…y'know.”

“Jesus Christ, Derek…I don’t need the explanation you can have the couch.”

“Thank you.”

“Not like I had a choice.” You murmur.

He did sleep on the couch, in fact he slept on the couch in just his underwear.

You crept down the stairs, yawning as you scroll through your phone.

“Good morning.” Derek smirks at you.

You practically jump out of your skin. “Jesus…I forgot you were here.”

“The huge engagement ring on your hand wasn’t an indicator?”

“Haha.” You flip him off as you give him a sarcastic look.

“Hey..is that..my shirt?” Derek stands up, crossing his arms. You never expected the first thing you saw in the morning would be Derek Hale in tight underwear.

“I mean..yeah? You left it here a couple weeks ago after a fight. I washed it and meant to give it back but it’s super comfortable…so…”

“You’re wearing my shirt…” He grins.

“And you’re standing in my living room in your underwear. So, put some clothes on and we’ll never talk about it again.”


“What, Derek?” You were getting agitated.

“You don’t have any pants on, so I think this is pretty fair.”

“I…do you ever shut up? Seriously?” You roll your eyes.

He laughs, the sound of your front door opening making you both turn your head.

“Woah.” Scott stood in the doorway, glancing between the two of you.

“I told you to get dressed.” You sigh before going upstairs to change. You come back down and you’re greeted by the entire pack.

“When did everyone get here?”

“We all came together.” Scott shrugs.

You sit on the couch, Derek’s eyes following you across the room.

“Oh my God, Y/N. That is a rock.” Lydia’s jaw dropped at the sight of your ring. She picks your hand up and admires it. “What aren’t you telling us?”

“Actually…” You glance over at Derek, nodding.

“We’re engaged.” Derek smiles at you.

“Oh, what the hell.” Stiles raises an eyebrow.

“That’s impossible. Are you pregnant?” Malia asks.

“No, I’m not pregnant.” You give her a look.

“Are you sure?” Scott raises an eyebrow, clearly recalling the sight he caught when he walked in.

“I am 100% not pregnant. Good lord.”

“We just..I don’t know..figured us out I guess.” Derek shrugs.

You exchange a look, smiling.

“Vast improvement.” Stiles shrugs. No one questioned it any further.

“Well, congratulations.” Lydia smiles.

“Thanks. We’re really happy.” Derek reaches over and takes your hand in his.

You’ve been moderately happily engaged for a couple months now, and the wedding day was here.

“Y/N, that dress looks gorgeous on you.” Lydia smiles. You were getting dressed upstairs in your room.

You look at yourself over your shoulder, “Thank you.” You smile.

“Hey, Y/N? Are the ties supposed to be this color?” You heard Derek come down the hallway.

Lydia jumped up and opened the door a crack. “You can’t see her.”

“And why not?” You could hear the grin on his face.

“She’s wearing her dress. I can relay the message.”

“Ask her if the ties are supposed to look navy.”

“Yes.” You answer before Lydia can pass it on. “And tell Stiles when I come out I better not see him in a flannel tux…or Converse.”

Both Lydia and Derek laugh. “Will do.” He says before taking off down the hall.

You walk down the aisle, Derek actually looks happy to be there.

“You look beautiful.” He smiles as he takes your hands.

“And you clean up nicely.” You tease and he chuckles.

Everyone was crying, this actually seemed like a real wedding. “You may now kiss the bride.”

Derek grins at you, kissing you with everything he had. He hadn’t kissed you since the night he proposed.

Everyone cheers, the two of you lighting up at the sight of everyone before you.

You two sit at the reception, watching as everyone dances. He knocks his knee into yours. “We’re legally married now, y'know.”

“What’re you hinting at?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Nothing…you’re just…my wife now.”


“Are you not in any kind of shock that you’re sitting here married to someone you just told last night that you hated?”

“Nope. I got over that awhile ago.”

“You’re a very mysterious person.”

“Thanks.” You laugh and he shakes his head.

“Dance with me.” You grin at him.

“I don’t dance.” He deadpans.

“You do with me. You’re my fake husband, deal with it.”

He stands as you pull him out of the chair. “This is going to get old very quickly.”

When a Another Guy Flirts With You, But You Can’t Tell He’s Flirting (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3 (like you’re totally oblivious to the other guy flirting, and bts is not having it)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON 남준:  He’d know you were a bit blind when it came to other people flirting with you (first hand experience) so  he wouldn’t get mad that you weren’t doing anything, but would instead walk up and rest his arm on the dude’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze. He’d immediately introduce himself as your boyfriend and revel in the disappointment in the guys face

YOONGI 윤기: He knew how you were, so he figured he’d just take care of the guy himself. He’d come up all casual and wrap his arms around you, but not say anything since he was already being pretty clear. But when the dude continued to not get the hint, I think he’d get fed up and just blatantly tell him to leave you alone (even if he shocked you with his rudeness at first, he’d explain later)

HOSEOK 호석:  Jealous switch ON. He would not allow it. He wouldn’t exactly make it subtle, but he wouldn’t be as blunt as Yoongi and tell the dude to leave. He’d prob just get real inquisitive with the guy ‘What are you talking about? How do you know each other? I’m her boyfriend, you know?’

SEOKJIN 석진:  I think he’d find it kinda funny watching another guy trying (and failing) to flirt with you. He wouldn’t be too concerned, until it started looking more like the guy was annoying you. Then he might walk over and (quietly) let the guy know you aren’t interested in talking

JIMIN 지민:  He might get a bit fidgety seeing some other guy trying to talk his girl up. He knew you couldn’t tell what Snake™ was trying to do, but he could and it fired him up like nothing else. I don’t even think he’d say anything, he’d just walk up with the most intimidating look on his face

TAEHYUNG 태형: I don’t think Taehyung would be too worried about, knowing how you are. If anything he might even go introduce himself in a friendly way and just let the guy know your taken- but he’d pull you a bit closer for good measure

JUNGKOOK 정국: I think right off the bat it would make him uneasy, seeing another guy looming over you, grinning like a cat- all the while you’re continuing on with whatever you’re doing, talking to the guy but not getting the gist. It would make him simultaneously jealous and worried, and he’d power towards the two of you like a train

Important points on dimensional outsiders

• Most of the time they can be impossible to comprehend, this is okay, they’re most likely not putting the energy into comprehending you either. Just ignore them and they will move on

• You will NOT go insane by simply viewing them, at most you will be confused by their seemingly abstracted shapes and impossible physics, the same cannot be said of holding a conversation

• MOST outsiders are not even aware that they are crossing into this plane of reality, just as you are not aware of the infinitely many planes of 2-dimensional realities you pass through just by walking or moving around daily. you’re just as scary to them as they are to you

• They will most likely seem to be able to do impossible things, this is because they do NOT follow OUR conventional laws of reality, they simply follow whatever alien laws of reality apply to them

• They can be summoned, or at least communicated with. find a phone or computer and look for the right frequency, they’ll find you. but be careful about talking with strangers

• None of these beings may make any sort of sense to you, that’s alright, you don’t make any sense to them either

and finally, 

•  Be nice. while they may not be able to understand you, Helena times out of purple they get the gist of your intent and will try to be as kind as possible in return, just beware of what they interpret as “kindness”

Kicking off #castle28 - here’s the prompt!

It is now February 1st and we’re kicking off our #castle28 project! 

In case you’re wondering what it’s about, the details are in this post, but in summary, it’s meant to encourage everyone (whether you’re a seasoned writer or if you’ve never written a single word in your life before) to write something for the entire month of February. 

You don’t have to write everyday, or keep to any word limit, just for the next 28 days, write something

We thought of giving everyone a prompt, one single prompt that everyone can start with and see where the muse takes us. You don’t have to use the prompt in it’s entirety. Rearrange it, reword it - whatever you like, but keep the gist of it the same. 

So here it is: 

“I can’t believe you did this! I didn’t ask you to do any of this!” 

Please tag your fic with #castle28, whether it’s here on Tumblr, or on Fanfiction.Net or AO3. Can’t wait to see the different variations of fic that might come from this! 

If you have any questions, please feel free send an ask, or tweet us on @casficmentors

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I got a suggestion for your fic rec lists (which are GREAT btw). If you feel like it I think a list of some wealthy/rich and in power larry fics would be cool. (I feel like this could include "rich kids" and sugar daddy stuff, maybe even politics or whatever? you get the gist)

Hi! I’m glad you like my fic recs ;) i’m actually working on remaking them all (i took down the link for my masterpost for that reason) and i had a list of fics with either rich louis or rich harry, HERE’s the link! Just keep in mind that there might be a broken link in there and i have these fics to add (lil sneak peak ahahah):

Hope you enjoy them all!

Just another one of those posts

(yo just a little heads up I only mention a few people but this is meant to apply to kpop as a whole I was just only able to think of a few specific individuals off the top of my head so just bear with me if you don’t follow them and are thinking of someone else)

I often feel this bittersweet sense of joy when I look at current photos/videos and predebut/early photos/videos of the kpop groups I follow because I can see how much some of them have changed, and usually in a good way.

I look at pictures of the beautiful Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Himchan, and many others, and see how much they’ve fought during their years in the Kpop industry.

I see videos of them sleeping in strange places because they didn’t sleep enough at home because they were working. I see pictures of heart-wrenchingly thin boys who really did think this was what they had to do to become successful.

And, here’s the thing. They did become successful. They have fans all over the world. But it’s not because they were skinny. It’s not because they tortured their poor bodies to meet some kind of self-appointed or company-appointed standard. It’s not because they didn’t sleep enough. That’s not why I love them. That’s not why I admire them.

I love them because they are people. They are people who did not give up their dreams and put their hearts and souls into creating something beautiful with their fellow group members. They are people with incredible, God-given musical gifts who are constantly working to better themselves and make products they’ll be proud to release to the world. They’re people with messages about realizing things about themselves, about overcoming feelings of unworthiness, about being thankful to the people who never gave up on them, about not being afraid to voice their pain anymore. They’re people who are still struggling and still trying to figure things out. They don’t have all the answers. But I admire them for not trying to seem like they do.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I hate them being called “idols.” Yes, that is partically because I’m Christian and that word just has zero positive connotation in my mind, but it’s also just unfair, honestly. These people have it drilled into their heads that if they don’t treat themselves like people - if they ignore the mental, emotional, and physical turmoil of overworking themselves and just “push through it” - they will become worthy of the love of their fans; they will have earned what they have received; they will be “above.”

And it’s complete. and utter. bull crap.

I want to support these ladies and gents because I enjoy their music and I enjoy watching them “in real life” (who the heck really knows exactly how legit that stuff is but anyway) and being silly and having fun but also being vulnerable and open about their struggles and worries. But I always feel hesitant because I think, ‘If I support them, I’m also supporting “the system,” right? I’m perpetuating the sucky environment that’s more than kind of screwing all of them over and hurting them, right?’ I’m always super conflicted about it.

I know that some companies are better/worse than others because blahblahblah, but ultimately, everyone’s suffering, one way or another. It can’t be helped. These people are all reaching towards the same goals that only a few are able to achieve. There are so many groups, and more are being made every year. Because Kpop is so closed off for the most part and pretty much only deals with itself with regards to awards and such, it’s incredibly difficult to get to the top, and even more difficult to stay there. It’s a cutthroat business, and because of that, more and more groups are getting disbanded or rebranded, too. It’s scary to know that these girls and boys (men and women, whatever) have seriously put all their eggs in this one basket, and that basket is actually moving around constantly, endangering the safety of all those poor eggs. Weird metaphor, but I think you get the gist. I don’t want to worry about them, but I do. I haven’t been in this fandom very long, but it doesn’t take much to see how this world affects the people in it. It’s absolutely nuts.

And that’s why it brings me such joy when I can see the glimmers of hope here and there. That’s why I feel so overcome whenever I hear Jimin’s “Lie.” That’s why I want to stand up and clap every time I see Himchan eat. That’s why I beam with pride when Jackson praises his own thick, muscular thighs. That’s why I am so happy to see Shindong smiling. Because this environment was made to crush people like them, but they are all fighting it. They don’t win every battle. I know that. And it hurts my heart when I hear about it. But they are still here and they are still doing what they are doing and they are doing it well.

So I’m going to continue to be here for them. Because I want them to know that I admire them for what they are doing. Because I want them to know that their pain is noticed and understood, but not okay. And maybe, just maybe, if enough of us talk about it, more companies will pick up on it and start treating these human beings like human beings. Maybe, if enough of us tell them that their squishy faces and soft tummies are beautiful, if we tell them that we really do love them just because we love them, they can breathe a little more easily and know that they were worthy long before anyone told them they were. 

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so from what i can tell, writscrib is basically tumblr but fixed and with fully competent staff and also has the group feature from facebook but with some additions and also has art archives like deviantart and story/fic archives like a fanfiction website and a digital currency and whatever badges are. did i get that all right

There’s a few little things here and there that were left out, but you get the gist! A lot of features Frankensteined together to make a brand new site!

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to celebrate, i want to do something for the community, so…y’all know how i do commissions? i’ll do one for free, up to 1000 words.

reblog this post with a scenario you want me to write, and i’ll choose a winner. i have one active commission at the moment, so this will be written after i finish that one. (you can also pm me the scenario if you don’t want your name attached.)

my commission post is here if you need info about what i do.

if you’d prefer not to click, the gist is i’ll write most snz scenarios that involve yuri on ice characters, unless they’re under 18, so no yurio.

you’re not eligible for this if you are under 18. sorry kids.

edit: to clarify, if you want to enter, send a prompt. likes don’t count. i’ll pick a winner on april 3rd.

Grease AU - (Part of) Part 1: Now in Actual Writing!

A/N: heyyyyyyy i know i have a lot of requests to go and i’m soooo sorry but like…. this is just flowing really nicely and it feels like something i have to write. so… i’m sorry i’m MIA from requests, but i hope you enjoy the return of content anyway!

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When Viktor signed up to go abroad for summer vacation, he had pictured scenes from all the movies (and the other kids’ rumors) about summers in America. It was like this: bonfires at the beach, all the teenagers hanging out in the mall, parents letting kids do whatever they want, awesome parties in people’s giant houses—you get the gist. It sounded like everything Viktor had been missing out on for nearly eighteen years.

Turns out, summer abroad is not nearly as fun as it’s shown to be in the movies.

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One of my favorite InuKag fics has them married with kids where Kagome can still go through the well and Kagome’s mom insists on a family gathering with all of Kagome’s aunts and cousins to meet her husband and the kids and Kagome is super nervous about them meeting Inuyasha for the first time (since he’s YOU know…from another time ((you thought I was gonna say the ears! got you))) so they all arrive and they’re all like “KAGOME HOW COULD YOU GET MARRIED WITHOUT US!! AND WHY ARE YOU HIDING YOUR HUSBAND!!”
And then you hear a yelp from upstairs and Inuyasha yelling “I CANT WEAR THIS SHIT” about the clothes Kagome begged him to put on and he forgets about Kagome’s extended family being outside so he walks out of the room wearing nothing but underwear and all the woman in Kagome’s family are staring with open mouths and gaping looks.
Kagome ushers him blushing back inside to get dressed and when she comes back out one of her aunts says out loud, “we understand now dear…”

“Understand what??”

“Why you kept that man hidden from view.”


And then one of the older aunts goes, “DID YOU SEE THE SIZE OF IT!!!!”

I know, I’m embarrassing whatever

okay here’s the gist,

Bruce Wayne: the Dad. adopted both Barry and Victor 5 mins after meeting them. that’s just how that man is. tries to be Brooding and Mysterious but they all see right through it.

Diana: the rich aunt. (barry’s always asking her whether or not she’s richer than bruce tbh but neither will tell him). is in a different country every time you call her, gets everyone weird ass invaluable gifts from god knows where. tells em stories about her life and they genuinely don’t know if they’re true or not but are too intimidated to ask.

Arthur: Wild Ass Uncle. a Favorite. cracks the best jokes. always challenging bruce to a fight. must i say more.

Alfred: the only one who can keep bruce in line (most of the time). knows more than anyone else ever will.