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JackCrutchie with 11?

Alright… so this took so long to write, because it’s way, way too long. I’m not even sure how it got this long it just… it just did. So, here you go and thank you for asking!!

TW: Alcohol, Food, a tiny mention of abuse but nothing really bad at all because nothing happened? I don’t know how to state that… but yeah the whole thing is about alcohol so just proceed with caution if you need to. ~~~~~~

It had only been about half an hour in, and Crutchie found himself actually enjoying the party that he had been dreading going to for days. It wasn’t that he didn’t love the people at the party, it was just the party itself. Particularly a beverage at the party itself that had him worried.

But Jack somehow talked him into it and now Crutchie was glad he did. He hadn’t felt this happy for a while.

Well he was happy, until Race pulled out multiple bottles of beer from no where. Suddenly Crutchies stomach felt tight and air wasn’t getting in to his lungs easily. Without a word he turned around and left the apartment.

“…What?” Spot asked a little confused, looking at where Crutchie just left to.

“Maybe he needs some air?” Jojo tried suggesting, not understanding why Crutchie left in the middle of his sentence to him.

Jack was equally confused, and weaved his way through the crowd of people to follow him, to find out what’s up.

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my roommates and I found a stray kitten, and she's grey with little stripes, so we need to name her, do you have any cute ideas?

CUTE!!!!!!!! oh boy…… here’s a list of my best/worst ideas for ur enjoyment:
- crumbs is such a cute cat name for me. i don’t know why
- maybe like…. eleanor???
- paisley!!!!
- astrid…. what a sweet name
- oh DANDELION is sweet too
- maisy???? like the mouse!
- and… hm. clementine!


I was tagged by @markclattenburg and @tonismadrid to post a moodboard using only pictures from my gallery (im so glad abt my reaction gifs folder now lmao)

I tag : @alexchambos @nemozil @mesutsoezil @foodball @wengerwillnotspend @calumchambers @twasoffside @borjitamayoral (if you want to!)

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PLEASE ANSWER MAYA i have the night all to myself, i'll b home alone alllll night! what should i do (not throw a party lol) like what's some fun stuff you do to relax or whatever! thanks!

omg if i had a night completely to myself i would take a bath and shave my whole body and exfoliate and put on a face mask and have a cup of tea AND watch a film/tv show 💕💗💞💕💗💞 have a fun relaxing night!

In which I desperately need a filter that works much faster
  • Coworker 1: Hey, do you still write fanfiction?
  • Me: ...yes
  • CW1: CW2 and I are starting a writing group to help each other actually finish stuff. Do you want to do it with us?
  • Me: Uhhhh, maybe? I might be too embarrassed.
  • CW1: Why would it be embarrassing? We're really nerdy too.
  • Me: Well, I mean, my fanfiction isn't necessarily what I would consider my greatest writing. There's a lot of tropes in fic and it's got totally different rules. Like, a lot of it is just "what if the Avengers had movie night?"
  • CW2: Oh, that's fine. My wife and I are working on a cheesy YA novel. And we're making it cheesy on purpose.
  • CW1: Yeah, you could totally write about Captain America and Batman watching tv or whatever.
  • CW2: That actually sounds fun - I'd read that.
  • Me: Ummmm, well, I don't know...all of my stuff is also super gay.
  • CW1: What?
  • Me: Not like, as a pejorative! Like, none of my characters are straight...
  • CW1: Well, it's not like it's romance, right?
  • Me: Kinda?
  • CW1: I mean, you don't write sex scenes do you?
  • Me: ...not...all the time...
  • CW1: ...
  • CW2: ...
  • Me: I'm gonna run away now *gets up and leaves lunch table*

It is endlessly irritating when people refer to their followers as a pet name.

This isn’t directed towards any one specific individual but rather the community as a whole.

“My little baby dumplings”
“Little baby bugs”
“My children”

It is even more irritating when they claim the title “Mother” or “Auntie” or whatever nonsense.

Have fun, you’re not hurting anyone I get it, but it is SO GROSS in my opinion. 🤔🙄

You’re just a person. They’re just people.
Can we not?

today iny my first lecture this morning this group of girls behind me were on tinder the entire duration of the lecture one of them kept saying ‘ugly, bye’ and each time she came across a dude she was into for whatever reason she mentioned it too like ‘oh he snowboards he could teach me!’ and ‘wow look how fit this guy is he’s a personal trainer’ and i was kinda ignoring her bc like whatever have fun right but then she let out the biggest groan and said ‘ew well that’s all the white guys’ and stopped swiping like i looked behind and honestly she really could not be picky about who she was fucking swiping for on tinder like not to be ugly myself but what a fucking cunt honestly… ugh i can’t believe there’s people like that anyway my friend who was really upset this morning had enough and yelled at her to shut the fuck up or leave the lecture and i was so happy that she did that but also really annoyed at myself that i didn’t say anything to her myself??

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Day $_# The pixels that once engulfed Subject C now appear to be moving about the world. These actions include: Telling "lucky pants" stories Screaming broken apartment fun And whatever a "squigglydigg" is While these actions appear to be human, and many theorize that Subject C has simply conquered the abyss, many remain skeptical and appear to have gained some idea that attacking her with 50 liters of bread will help. Establishing communication with her appears futile, so it ceems.


D.Va and the Leviathan

For some reason I’ve been thinking about D.Va a lot lately - there’s just something about someone tackling such crazy odds with her attitude that’s a lot of fun

Also bonus close-up so you can see the detail in that kaiju-bot:

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!! Here’s my secret santa gift for @saintnightshade cuz I took part in the @pjosecretsanta2016 and it was heaps of fun!


Small gems like her are as easy to lose as a cell phone, but instead of just getting a new one from the store you have to snatch it out of the air, lock it in your bathroom, and re-indoctrinate its entire system of beliefs