but whatever look at that face

Please stop whatever it is you are doing to appreciate that the Galra techies working on Zarkon’s mecha suit have little cat ears on their helmets.

They also have =m= faces.

Actually, this does make me wonder if there is a kind of hierarchy in the ranks that floofier Galra actually do get the specialized, important jobs and Galra that are more reptilian looking end up being the grunts.

Of All The Flights

It was probably fairly creepy of him, watching this woman while waiting to board his plane, but Joe couldn’t help it.

He was captivated.

Not that she was doing anything special, just fiddling with her camera and checking her phone, waiting to get on a plane just the same as him, the same as all the people sat around them.

Perhaps it was the way her hair fell around her face, or the way her eyes were studying, drifting from person to person before falling back onto the devices in her lap. Maybe it was the way she occasionally lifted a hand to the necklace she had on, moving the small charm back and forth on the chain, or perhaps just the calming feeling she seemed to be giving off.

Whatever it was, Joe couldn’t bring himself to look away.

So when she happened to look up, meeting his stare, he panicked. But then she offered him a kind smile, one that he was thankfully able to return, before she blushed and ducked her head, looking back down at the phone in her hand.

Knowing he needed to stop, he finally dragged his eyes away from her, lifting them to the board that held information for the flights, including the one he had been patiently waiting for.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for his eyes to drift back over to where she was sitting.

Or…where she had been sitting. Because she was gone.

But her camera was still there.

Joe knew first hand how much panic forgetting a camera could cause, so he was out of his seat quickly, slinging his carry on bag over his shoulder as he crossed over to her vacated seat, picking up the camera quickly.

Glancing around, he saw a glimpse of her in the crowd. With the camera in hand, Joe began to weave his way through the bodies, doing his best to keep an eye on her, not wanting to lose her before he could return the camera.

“Excuse me, sorry, excuse me…” He mumbled to the disgruntled people, ignoring the looks being sent in his direction.

Once he was within arms reach of the woman, he tapped her briefly on the shoulder, smiling when she looked over at him.

“Hi,” Joe said, thrusting the camera towards her suddenly, “Sorry, but I saw you leave this at your seat and thought you might want it back.”

“Oh,” She blushed, taking it gently, “Thank you. Don’t know what I would have done if I lost that.”

“I understand that,” He laughed, “My camera is my job.”

“Mine too.”


“Youtuber.” She corrected, and went to open her mouth to explain, but he shook his head quickly.

“I know what it is, I’m one too.” He smiled, “I’m Joe, by the way.”


“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” He replied, and before he could say anything else, the boarding call for his section was announced. “I have to go…”

“Me too.” She smiled sadly, “But thanks for returning the camera.” She lifted it, “And I’ll find you online.”

“I hope you like the videos.” Joe sent her one last smile before turning and weaving back through the crowd towards his gate, glancing over his shoulder one last time, but she had already disappeared.

It was just after he had settled into his seat, prepared for the long flight ahead of him, that he heard his name: “Joe?”

Glancing up, he let out a surprised laugh, because there Y/N was, ticket and passport in hand.

“You’re on this flight too?”

“Yeah,” She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear shyly, “Just a few seats back, actually.”

“Imagine that.”

“Miss,” The flight attendant appeared at her side, “I just need you to take your seat…”

“Right, sorry!” Y/N glanced over at Joe, “Come find me when you’re allowed?”

“Will do.”

“See you soon then.” She sent him a smile before finally making her way to her own seat, leaving him sat there, shaking his head in disbelief.

Of all the planes and all the flights…

The flight itself flew by, with the two of them jumping back and forth to each other’s seats, talking first about their YouTube career’s before shifting onto other topics, slowly getting to know each other. And Joe simply found himself becoming more and more captivated by the woman he had been staring at in the airport.

For the first time ever, he found himself sad when the plane began its descent into London, knowing that it meant he’d have to say goodbye to Y/N, when he was only just starting to say hello.

The two walked slowly down the hallway, letting the people rush past them, wanting to get through security and get their bags and leave, but not them. They were in no rush, wanting to spend just that little bit longer together.

But eventually, they made it to security, and then to luggage, and then they were outside, the noise of traffic loud around them.

“Thank you again for returning my camera,” Y/N said, stepping closer to him as someone brushed past her.

“I’m glad I did.” He smiled down at her, “Thanks for making my flight enjoyable.”

“Any time.”

They fell into a brief lull of silence, before Joe worked up the courage: “Can I get your number?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” She giggled softly, reaching for the phone he had pulled out of his pocket. “And if I’m honest,” She looked up from under her lashes, a shy smile on her lips, “I was hoping you’d come talk to me from the moment you started staring at me.”

“You noticed that, huh?”

“You weren’t very subtle about it.”


“I’m not.” She replied, handing his phone back over to him.

“Well, then neither am I.”

Ghost in the Shell looks fucking awesome and all the characters look Asian which is great… UNTIL OF COURSE the main protagonist gotta be white????? Hold on????? Lemme get this straight. Just without going into the actual lore of this or whatever, we can tell it’s based off of Japanese culture!!!! Even the goddamn background and settings are based off of futuristic Asian culture. AND YET it made sense to WHO to cast the white protagonist in this Japanese theme movie???

Four years after the class of 78′ graduated and four years after The Dark Lord was defeated before the wizarding war could go any further. The wizarding community no longer lives in fear, muggleborns and half bloods are no longer looked down on, and there are smiles on peoples faces… But just what is everyone up to? Who had married? who had broken up? Have there been any children, maybe a pet? Has someone gotten a promotion, or opened their own business? Whatever they are up to the possibilities are endless.


Things to keep in mind:

  • This event is COMPLETELY AU! this means any canon character events that have not happened yet (ie: James and Lily dying, Sirius being sent to azkaban, Frank and Alice being tortured, etc) will not have happened. So this means everyone is alive and well.
  • Be creative!! Plot new, exciting things like marriages, pregnancies, getting a job or a job promotion, buying a house, writing a book, being a famous quidditch player. But it doesn’t all have to be positive either! Maybe your character is trying to start a new war, lost a child, injured themselves, or maybe got in lots of trouble with the ministry. The possibilities are endless and you get to decide what happens to your characters.


  • This event will last 2 weeks starting from 8 PM Eastern Standard time on MARCH 31ST to 12 AM eastern standard time on APRIL 14TH.
  • We ask that ALL other threads be put on hold until these two weeks are over so that nothing gets confusing.
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This is the face I make when I think about how big banks and the people who work for them knowingly exploit the land and the people because cash is king.

Don’t be like Chase Bank.
Divest from Chase Bank.

If you’re scared of credit unions for whatever reason, look into transferring your money to Huntington Bank or a local bank.

Where you put your money matters. There are other options. Make smart choices.

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Letter writing is a great idea but some parents (mine!) will think this method very impersonal and get very offended, so letters may not always be the best way to go, so make sure you know your parents before you try this. If your parents are like mine, write cue cards and speak to them face to face, and that should work much better. Remember, you don't have to look them in the eye!

There is no wrong way to come out to your parents, everyone’s parents are going to be different. Whatever way works for you.


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Gabbyyy! I feel like it's important to remember that a Sophiam reunion's rumors showed up a couple months ago, when Liam posted that selfie of him jogging and Sophia posted a video (on IG stories) where she took her dog out and the location was so so so similar. Also, the timing was just a few minutes apart. Anyway, my thought on Sophia is the same as Eleanor: if bringing back these thirsty hoes may end BGs, BRING THEM

You’re absolutely right, nonnie. At the time, I was like whatever but clearly we cannot take anything at face value. Now we have that ridiculous article tying up all the players in this sick little triangle again. As nonsensical as it is, we know that 1DHQ looooove to recycle stunts and stunt queens so yeah, I totally see it happening.

And yes, nonnie, I’m so tired of the bullshit that I’m willing to endure Sofa’s vapid presence and Liam looking like he sat on a cactus if it means he can remove himself from BG 2.0 (though he’ll most likely end up looking like an ass but what else is new).

How sad is it that we’ve reached a point where we’re willing to barter at this level just to get to rid of the greater of two evils? Just free our boys already.

I stood by the front desk waiting for either of the men working there to acknowledge me (one was on the phone, and the other was busy with a customer).

When the one that had been busy with a customer finished up, instead of addressing me, he got all invested in whatever was on his computer screen. And I just stood there and waited - I wasn’t pressed. Like, maybe he had something pressing to attend to. Idk him. Idk his life. 

But then when he finally looks up at me, he has this put off look on his face and i kid you not, this is what the motherfucker said to me:

“What is the issue, here?” 

Not “How may I help you,” or “what can I do for you” or “Is there something I can help you with?” 

he asked me, “What is the issue, here?” 

And I was so confused and taken aback, so I just said, “I’m the violin sub.” 

His eyes go wide and he goes, “You’re the SUB?” 

“Yes. Where should I set up?” 

So, he starts mumbling to some other fella who worked there, trying to confirm that I was indeed ~the sub.~ And idk, maybe that was a standard thing to do since he didn’t know me, but in light of how he addressed me, I felt offended by it. Like, what, do i not look legit enough for you? 

Anyways, the guy says to his pal, “[Teacher] is out, so we have a sub, and-”

Before he could finish his sentence, his pal gestures at me and says, “That’s his student?” 

“No. That’s the sub.” 

“She’s the SUB???” 



My dad thinks it might have been because I’m so young, but like… those dudes were hardly a day older than I am, so I doubt that was it. 

You might struggle with auditory processing if…

- Your catchphrase is “what?”

- You ask someone to repeat their question then finish processing and respond halfway through they’re finished repeating it.

- You somewhat processed what someone said but your brain won’t take it.

- You mishear what people say wildly wrong. Like, wildly wrong. Then you process it and it makes wayyyy more sense than whatever you thought someone originally said.

- “Wait, what?”

- Default face is a perplexed, confused look.

- You have to deal with rude people who refuse to repeat themselves and act exasperated at the suggestion, than proceed to get angry when you won’t respond to them and/or remember what they just said.

- You can hear a car door open down the street but you can’t hear someone talking to you in the same room.

- Talking is weird.

- You’re constantly seen as a bad listener (which, maybe isn’t that far from the truth- but they assume you’re not trying), unfocused (which I tend to be, but it’s unrelated), and so on. Nobody stops to consider that maybe you have processing issues.

- You were tested for hearing issues as a kid because you didn’t respond to people or talk much, but every test came back negative and your parents were told you have perfect hearing.

- The idea of talking to two people at once is terrifying beyond imagining.

- Responding to something someone said ages ago, even with a different conversation still going, the topic has moved on, and everyone forgot about it.

- “Huh?!”


Quick confession: he leaves me breathless and renders me speechless all the time

The funniest thing to me is that moment in a show when a character has just died in some tragic way, and it’s just like the saddest thing ever and everyone is bawling

Then you go backstage and they’re just sitting there scrolling through their phone because now they have nothing to do for the rest of Act 2

It was probably Elise who made Leo wear the flowers - Takumi is very much amused

tell the boy on the left thanks for not killing the boy on the right  ✌


i feel like the reason why jughead was so smiley after that kiss in the last episode was because

when he first kissed her, she did kiss him back but she never really explicitly hinted or told him that she returned his feelings and went straight to thinking about polly and the car and i feel like deep down he was worried that she didn’t like him back and her kissing him back was just a heat of the moment thing but he pushed those feelings away bc he knew she had other things to worry about

and then, when he was trying to hint at their kiss as he was walking her home she looked spaced out bc polly and yet, he pushed away his feelings to listen to whatever she was worried about and i feel like betty noticed that she hadn’t been explicitly returning his feelings lately although she did and she kissed him.

this time, she made the move, she was the one who cupped his face and leaned in and i felt like every single one of his doubts and worries or insecurities about their situation melted away when she kissed him and when she pulled away and thanked him you could tell that it wasn’t just bc he was being a good bf and walking her home she was thanking him for being there for her these past few days and sticking by her no matter what throughout her whole shitty polly problem

but idk lol