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Well… she did know how to open it… (Anna and Remington (my ocs) and 2017) Happy New Year!


“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.”  T.S. Eliot

                                                  Happy New Year!

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Wait, I'm confused, what's this about Danny Phantom drama, "anti fans" and some dude named Butch?

Hoo boy. Well the Anti-Fan drama is from 10 years ago. BUT Butch cant let sleeping dogs lie. You cant escape drama in a fandom when its the creator thats causing it.

Shit I havent even been active in the fandom in a while, but now DP stuff is on my dash again cause Butch is being passive aggressive.

So grandma is gonna go into storytime.

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~ still not gay ~

Word Count: 2 800

Genre: chat fic, coming out, coming to terms with sexuality, humour

Pairing(s): phan, tiny mention of kickthestickz

Warnings: swearing, so many spelling/grammar mistakes (all on purpose as it’s a chat fic), mentioned homophobia, sexual humour (not a lot)


crabstickzzz has added PJ to the chat.
PJ: what?
dannyboy: chris and co. think im gay

A/N Shout out to the (formerly) ~ still not gay ~ chat, thanks for not believing I was straight. (Loosely based off my own unconventional coming out.)

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People saying that jashi is disgusting because jack is in his 70s and ashi is in her late teens years-early adulthood. But really? He hasn’t even aged, like LITERALLY at the beginning of a new episode he says he dose not age and time lost all affect on him! he just grew a beard and grew out his hair. He’s technically still at the same age he was BEFORE he was flung into the future(did that sound right?) And ashi? … I believe it’s completely safe to assume that she is an adult. We watched her grow up in the first episode, and given how much time passed? I assume probably 20(something) years. so I’m pretty sure she’s in her (early?)20s. But if your still not going to believe what I say and have some serious thinking about it? Oh well, that’s your call- your just being very stubborn about it. Except for the people who aren’t like that and are understandable. I appreciate that. And let’s be honest, who the hell cares if it becomes canon or not. It’s genndys show, and it’s the last season, so don’t go giving him shit for it, whatever happens, happens.

ethnic ambiguity; or, what is lily evans? a collection of microaggressions

i am neither pakistani nor turkish, but i am (like lily here) ethnically ambiguous. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been asked what i am, told i am not asian enough or not white enough, called exotic or “oriental” (good gOD do not call me oriental), and how much i’ve watched my mom and grandmother suffer for their race in this damn country. so this is for @prongsyouignoramus, but this is also for me. may we someday have canon characters who look like us. love you, precious human <3


• she goes by lily, has ever since the first time in primary that a teacher refused to call her by her first name

• she’s always rather liked her full name, ayşa lily evans, she never thought it was that difficult to say, but the teachers and the other kids cant or dont want to learn to say ay-sha, so lily it is

• by age ten she knows her family’s story a lot. her mother is half pakistani (punjab, she thinks, but some details are fuzzy) and half turkish, moved to england in 1951 shortly after india and pakistan split.

• dad learnt turkish for her mother, they say, and lily always liked the language, but her favorite is the way urdu rolls off her tongue

• tuney (mariam petunia) has a hard time with the languages though, she tries really hard but the words dont always sound right when she says them

• she and her sister dont look very much alike at all, petunia looks a lot like dad with blonde hair and a small english nose, but tuney’s skin gets really dark in the summer and she never ever burns, and she has their mama’s long, elegant fingers

• lily looks a lot more like mama, darker skin and kind of rounder nose. she’s short like mama too, has thicker and coarser hair than petunia, but their hands and chins are absolutely identical

• its hard to go to the store with just her sister and her dad, the other people always look at her like she’s the odd one out and the clerks always ask if she’s petunia’s friend from school

• the languages have always been harder for tuney, the prayers too, but they both learn really young how to make chawal kofta and the flat, oven baked bread with mama. Petunia was always better at cooking than lily, but lily still treasured the times with mama making kofte and paratha and whatever else they wanted for dinner

• when she goes to hogwarts, the tables are filled with shepherds pie and everyone’s favorite english foods, but she’s never been able to freely eat meaty english food before in case its not halal, so she has to settle for the vegetable options (which are still lovely and delicious of course)

• professor mcgonagall is the first to notice little first year lily evans isnt eating much at meals, and assures her matter-of-factly that they make accommodations at meals. professor mcgonagall becomes a fast favorite of lily’s

• lily loves her new housemates to bits, but something makes her a bit uncomfortable when little blonde emmaline vance asks “what are you” during their third evening together

• “dad’s british, mama’s pakistani and turkish” she says hesitantly, though what she wants to say is “i’m a person”

• she loves hogwarts, really she does, but she’s also kind of uncomfortable because people are always asking what she is or where she’s from, what muggles are like, and she just wants to curl up under mama’s shawls and eat desserts because she knows there’s not gelatin in them

• “i’m british” she says exasperatedly one day in third year when some boy asks her what she is for the twelfth time that year

• lily’s always been close to her culture, she loves the smell of mama’s mendhi and the cabbages pickling in the pantry, misses speaking turkish with her parents, practicing her writing after school

• petunia’s never been like that, maybe it’s because she’s the firstborn or maybe because no one believes she’s mama’s daughter, but in the summer before lily’s 7th year she brings home a man who wrinkles his nose at the keema aloo they’re having for dinner, and lily just wants to scream at him for his obvious disdain and disrespect but petunia doesn’t want her around anymore, so she eats her meal but doesn’t taste it, and escapes to her room as quickly as she can get away

• she’s back at school, irritated at the world, and the first ravenclaw who calls her features “exotic” and “different” gets punched straight in the nose and earns her a detention on her first week as head girl

• the nib of her quill breaks one day in charms, and she mutters a barrage of turkish and urdu swears, and she doesnt notice james potter look up at her from across the aisle

• he approaches her that evening, “were you swearing in hindi earlier in charms?”

• “urdu, actually,” she says, surprised. “i thought you spoke tamil”

• “i know a couple hindi words” he shrugs. “mostly the swears”

• “typical,” she rolls her eyes and walks away

• she realizes later in bed that james potter has never once asked her what she “is”

• she volunteers the information herself, next time they’re on heads patrol. “mama’s pakistani and turkish. my grandfather’s from west punjab.”

• “i always wondered” he replies easily.

• “why didnt you ask?”

• “because i know what cultural insensitivity feels like”

• a week later remus approaches her. “so. lil-ay” he says casually. “you got a favorite food?”

• she smirks. “you ever heard of lahana turşusu? Or aloo ki bugia? Baklava?”

• remus grins in reply. “no, but i can pass the message along.”

• that evening, sprinkled among the mincemeat pies and hearty stews, lily finds pickled cabbage and half circle potatoes, baklava for dessert, and she shoots a grin at james potter who sits down the row. he pushes his glasses up his nose, returns a shy smile in return, and helps himself to a heaping plate of aloo ki bugia. she asks him later how he did it; he introduces her to the house elves in return.

• james and lily swap travel stories on their next patrol. James talks excitedly about his summers on the southern coast of Tamil Nadu, of curry and spices and how the english can’t seem to be bothered to flavor their food. In return, she tells him about the palaces and museums of Lahore, how she loves the sounds of the call to prayer, the hurried bustle of the streets of Istanbul, and agrees fiercely about the English fear of flavor.

• “my real name’s janardhan” he says quietly one day. “nobody can say it though, so i go by james.”

• “my first name is ayşa” she replies. “it means ‘she who lives.’ mine’s spelled the turkish way, so no one wants to learn to pronounce it. so i go by my middle name, lily.”

• its nice, she thinks, having a friend who understands. it’s different of course; she’s never been denied help or been given lesser treatment by Slughorn, she’s never been outright bullied or hated for her skin color, but he’s never been asked what kind of asian he is or dealt with the odd misbalance of not quite belonging in a category. They both know how it feels to see their mother hated for her skin color, her clothing, her religion, her culture; and she finds it comforting to know that next time john davies calls her exotic, james potter will be near to hex him for her.

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I had an huge hiatus and I been here for almost 8 years already… So its really hard to delete this blog or stop coming by.. can my (still) mutuals help me out too?

Lucy’s Dragon

I watched Pete’s Dragon (2016), so, y’know how it goes.  AU idea.

The Lanes are moving after the Gen (prob not a general yet, but whatever) gets new duty orders.  They decide, for whatever reason, to drive across the country, make a road trip out of it.

The car crashes.

Just off of a scenic route, six-year-old Lucy climbs out of the destroyed car and into a thunder storm.

She understands the concept of death, ever since her grandfather and dog died in the same month the previous year.  She understands that her mother and father and sister aren’t moving and there’s a lot of blood and they’re probably dead.  She understands that she is alone.

Alone, and scared, and hurt, and the storm is getting worse.

She runs into the forest.

Years later (the exact amount tbt, the movie has it at six, but I dunno) the DEO starts to gather reports of potential alien activity in the Nebraska National Forest.  J’onn, Vasquez, Vasquez’s wife, Erin, and recently orphaned Alex and (re-orphaned) Kara move to the town closest to the activity.  J’onn and Vasquez are undercover with whatever agency makes the most sense for the mission.

(why the girls are with them will be figured out at a later date, maybe nobody else can be trusted with a pre-teen Kryptonian who just lost her second set of parents)

Alex and Kara go to the local school, where Alex becomes quick friends with Maggie.

Maggie, whose father is one of the loggers who keeps reporting activity.  Maggie who lives with her forest ranger aunt after her father kicked her out.  (Maggie who nearly cries when she meets Vasquez and Erin, queer and happy and married and in love).

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So i’ve been reading some REALLY GOOD FANFICTION and it sort of rekindled all my love for otp and jumpstarted my long-lost creative drive so I dug this old picture up because I still really like it, and finally finished it. 

So. team switch. Please consider…White Knight Sena…Devil linebacker Shin…2nd year sena vs 1st year shin. Sena inspiring Shin this time around…THe possibilities r ENDLESS!!

writer’s block isn’t real yadda yadda whatever, but man. managing to write a 30k fic after over a fucking year of feeling like i’d never write anything ever again unless it was some almost-finished thing sitting on my hard-drive collecting dust feels like–idk. i’m still riding the high, i don’t even care if it’s good i’m just happy i managed to write a fic from start to finish again.

happy whatever it is you celebrate and happy new year for all of u

See you on the other side...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY JANE!!!! we are only three thousand years late but here it is at long last, Hannah and Mari’s birthday gift to you, you most wonderful and excellent human. you deserve only the best things in life, and we hope you enjoy this, love

       … … . .

“Hey guys, Percy here. I have some news…” Percy shifted in his plastic office chair as he looked into the familiar big eye of the camera perched on top of a few of his housemate’s books on his desk (he really needed to buy a tripod already). “So it’s been just over two years since I made this channel, and I woke up this morning to see that I’ve now got one million subscribers! which is absolutely insane and I can’t believe so many of you tune into me talking to myself once a week.”

“Oh come on, man. You know why they love you.” His roommate, Jason decided to roll into view on his wheelie chair at that moment, not totally unplanned. He grinned charmingly into the camera.

Percy rolled his eyes. “And here to celebrate my joining of the million subscribers club, is Jason. Cue jazz hands.”

Jason made a meek attempt at jazz hands.

“Dude, that’s terrible.”

“I’m not a jazz hands kinda guy,” Jason protested.

“What kind of person do you have to be to be a jazz hand kinda guy?”

Jason scratched his chin. “I don’t know…Piper?”

Percy nodded. “Piper does love the jazz hands. Anyway, we’re here celebrating my amazing achievement. And because - as my good friend Annabeth likes to say - my imagination stems from a pea, I have failed to come up with an amazing way to celebrate. But here’s a little montage of my videos over the past two years which, yes unfortunately include the very embarrassing early years.”

“So embarrassing.” Jason shook his head.

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How one analyst thinks Apple could hit $200

(Getty/Andrew Burton)
UBS analyst Steven Milunovich believes Apple might be able to hit a $200 stock price if everything goes right for the company over the next few years. 

“For Apple to hit $200, iPhone needs to continue to grow beyond F18, new product categories must be established, and buybacks should exceed $50bn per year, boosting the P/E to 17x," Milunovich wrote in a note distributed to clients on Tuesday. 

Basically, Apple still has lots of upside left, even at its price of $141 at publication, especially if CEO Tim Cook decides to pursue more aggressive buybacks.

However, Milunovich does see some downside risk too, especially if the iPhone underperforms and whatever next big product Apple is working on — the car, or augmented reality — gets delayed or underwhelms. 

In the near term, UBS sees "double-digit” iPhone growth next year and high single-digit iPhone growth in fiscal 2019. Apple’s iPhone performance will affect “Apple’s narrative” as it goes through three phases, according to the note.

First comes the “super cycle” later this year, as a redesigned iPhone spurs a bunch of user upgrades, then it shifts to an “sustainable growth phase,” as Apple’s services business throws off reliable annual revenue, and finally, in 2019 and beyond, Apple will move into an “innovation phase” as it chases the next big thing. 

“As investors adjust to a post-super cycle reality and become comfortable with new growth expectations, we expect focus to shift to ‘the next big thing,’” Milunovich wrote. 

Here’s the most likely scenario, according to Milunovich, which sees Apple stock hitting about $175 in two to three years: 


Here’s the scenario which could take Apple to $200 by 2019:


UBS rates Apple a “buy” and raised its 12-month price target to $151. 

NOW WATCH: This animation shows how terrifyingly powerful nuclear weapons have become

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I finally got around to watching Sailormoon Crystal the other day and it was pretty cute! I had some nerdy issues with the translation choices (Usagi says they’re dango about her hair but the English translation read “it’s a hairstyle” so it makes no sense when Mamoru calls her bun-head in response, siiigh) but that’s a usual complaint I have with Japanese translations (the problem with speaking the language, ha). But watching this reboot of my first anime – and the first thing I ever drew fan art for – made me want to watch the original show again. Which Hulu now has! Honestly, I was impressed with how well this show held up. Like many things I had watched as a 12 year old, I figured I’d roll my eyes at it now, but the writing was still really good to me this many years later. Sailormoon, whatever you may say about it, was an excellently crafted show for its target audience and as cute as the new one is, it’ll never replace the original show that opened my eyes to animation with non-episodic plot arcs and a whole new way of drawing. Since this show was a huge influence to my own art, helped create my opinions on storytelling, and inspired me to learn Japanese, I decided to draw some fan art to pay homage. Thanks Sailormoon, you were an awesome part of my childhood.

fic: Seven Minute Spin., 1/1. (human AU; Ten/Rose)

“More like…if you can’t beat ‘em, cheat.”

2,225 words; light adult, probably.

a/n: It is lauraxxtennant’s birthday and this fic is for her birthday! Because she is wonderful and prolific and deserves all the things! And where last year’s birthday fic was a fluffy jeans-clad TenToo Pete’s World romp ending in sexy stuff, this year’s is a fluffy jeans-clad AU romp ending in sexy stuff. Our friendship is maturing.

“Today at work I sent 34 e-mails, submitted my quarterly projections, and attended a meeting about retirement planning – do you know what that means?”

“That your job is really boring?”

No, Jack, it means that I am way too old to play Seven Minutes in Heaven.”

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Disenchanted | Hemmings

Originally posted by hemmo-butt

A/n: Okay so this was a fic, then I made it into a story for my english class. but i ended turning in a different one. but here this is. feedback is appreciated.


Grey clouds loomed above me as mellow winds picked up, prickling my skin with the bitter cold. I let out a soft breath and pulled a smile at all the cameras around my band and I. The echo of shouts and demands to look one way and another drowned out those of the devoted fans.

We’ve done it time and time again, but each time gets harder. You’ve done one thing one performance, you can’t do the same because people will come at you for your lack of originality amongst other awful and irrelevant things.

It was my dream to live this life. It was my dream to do what I love most for the rest of my life. I wanted this. I wanted to tour the world, meet new people, fans, friends. I wanted to perform at sold out arena shows with my band. I wanted it all. Though it’s funny how quick a dream can show the ugly reality behind the scenes. From a different perspective, you look at these artists and think ‘Wow, what a great life they must live. So carefree, but that is not the case. Being constantly watched and criticized by people can have quite the toll on you.

I don’t complain about how much this life is taking a toll on me. I’m aware it does me no good. It’s all I can do for now until I figure out how to come across all this. It’s just all so difficult to do so. I pretty much asked for this.You wake up thinking that this rockstar life would be perfect. People will adore you, you’ll earn a lot of money. That’s not the case. 

You’re expected to live up to such impossible standards. To be a perfect role model for people out there and not make any mistakes. I honestly don’t know how I came to this point. I guess one day I just woke up from my dream and realized it’s turned into something so ugly. It’s like something just died inside of me. It’s made me lose all hope for things, it’s made me want to give up.

Once we finished with the red carpet portion of the night, we entered the arena and to the backstage areas. Crew members and managers were running around everywhere, trying to get their signed celebrities what they needed. I looked all around me and saw very recognizable faces. If the knew me? That’s not a question. My band and I might be well known, but we’re not A-list like half of the celebrities here who’ve been through it all and can manage to keep their composure.

Walking towards the main area where all seats were, I had bumped into a tall, broad man. My phone was knocked from my hand which gave me no time to look at who I had caused trouble to.  

“Listen, I’m so sorry. I didn’t look where I was going.” I mumbled as I grabbed a hold of my phone. When I looked up, I was met by the genuine smile of yet another familiar face

Lucas Hemmings from  worldwide famous band 5 Seconds of Summer was right in front of me. His tousled blonde hair stay a mess on top of his head as he ran his hand through it and his blue eyes looked straight into mine.

“It’s okay, Liza.”

“You know me?” My eyebrows furrow as I asked the question. “Of course. My bandmates and I are really into your band. Your music is amazing.”

A smile settled onto my face as I let his words sink in. I’ve only really ever seen him and his band on the red carpets at awards shows and at their concerts, we’d never really had contact with each other. Of course since both of our bands are performing at the award show, it’s no question that we would all eventually bump into each other, quite literally.

“That’s awesome. I am really into your band as well. So are my other band mates.” His smile grew wider at my words and I couldn’t help but do the same. It was contagious. “Well, are you nervous for your performance?”

I felt myself give him a short nod and I looked out through a crack in the curtain at all the celebrities, media outlets, and fans seated. Nerves and fear ran through my body once again at the thought of screwing up in front of all of them.

“Might’ve done it a bunch of times, but each time gets harder. Knowing people will have something to say afterwards, doesn’t make it any better.” I mumbled. I looked back up at him and all I could see was the concern in his eyes. It’s not my intention to make him feel bad for me, for how miserable and pessimistic I can be about these things. Especially now more than ever, but the sadness seems to seep through no matter how hard I’ll try to disguise it.

“I get the feeling, but I’m sure you’ll do fine. You’re an amazing performer and I can’t wait to see what you have in store.” He responded, his genuine smile was once again plastered on his face. Before I could respond, I felt my tour manager pull me aside and to the seats.

“Liza, you in there?” I heard the all too familiar accent come through the door along with a knock.

I quickly wiped the tears from my cheeks and turned on the faucet to wash my tear streaked face with water. When I placed the towel on the rack, I faced the hotel bathroom’s mirror once again. Every word I had read, every comment made, every joke; it all ran through my head once again.

I held back another sob and opened the door to find Lucas standing against the threshold.

Ever since we met that night at the award show, we’ve began talking which soon led to hanging out, which then led to us being in a relationship. It’s nice having someone who understands what you’re going through knowing they go through it as well, but the downside to it is one gets it worse than the other. That one being me.

Since going public, more hate has been spewed my way than ever. I’m now seen as a PR stunt, gold digger, and my all time favorite, fame whore. Though I am happy in my relationship, no one’s amount of love can shield me from the awful words of the public. They can’t make it go away.

“Have you been crying again?” He asked in a soft voice. I looked down and brushed past him to enter to room. I walked towards the big window which outlooked the traffic of the freeways and the busy street life down below. Luke must’ve took my silence as a response because he walked towards me and engulfed me in a hug from behind.  I leaned my head back against his shoulder, but my eyes never left the scenery.

“You have to stop reading those comments, Liza. It does you no good. Rise above it all. You’re better than this and you know it.”

I pulled away and looked him in the eye. “It’s easy for you to say, Luke. You don’t get half as much shit as I do. You’re praised half the time while I’m being knocked down half the time. These comments are always there and I can’t always avoid them. Even with no intention, I still read them because they’re always there.”

Tears were threatening to spill, but I held them back. I wasn’t going to cry again. I’ve done it enough the past hour, the past year. I’ve grown tired of doing it, but I never really seemed to stop.

“I’m sorry.” Was all he said. I shrugged and walked towards my suitcase which sat on top of the bed.  “It’s whatever. Let’s get ready. We have an album launch party to go to.”

Lucas’s band had just finished their brand new album a couple of days ago. In celebration of its release, their management and label had thrown them an album launch party. Being the girlfriend and all, my band and I were invited, as well as other celebrities. Although I might’ve had my little freak out moment, I wasn’t all that ready to face the public yet, but I knew I had to.

“Liza, Lucas, over here!”  

“Congrats, Lucas!”

Shouts were heard all over the place. I held tightly to Luke’s hand and held my head down, not wanting to be blinded by the flashing lights of the cameras. I followed behind Luke, who was on his way to greet the fans along with the rest of his bandmates.

As I stood behind, I heard a lot of murmurs. Veronica, who was the bassist of the band and my best friend, looked back at me. She heard them too. She stood two people in front of me, but the words had grown louder and she heard all the horrible words people were saying about me.

“She looks like trash.”

“When doesn’t she?”

“My god, I can’t believe she’s still leeching off of him.”

“Now more than ever, he’s getting a lot of press from this album, just makes it better for her.”

Amongst all those, were way worse. My head was spinning, a deep hard pressure was put on my chest, I couldn’t properly breathe. Everything just seemed to close in on me. The shouts and loud talks of people were drowning out and all I heard was a faint buzzing.

          Soon enough, I dropped down to the ground. My body was shaking and tears fell down my face at a rapid pace. I grabbed at my hair, pulling and tugging while I tried breathing, but it all came out in short breaths.

I heard laughing. All the fans were laughing while I sat and suffered.

“Just shut up! Shut up! Leave me alone! For once in my life, leave me alone! Don’t you all get tired of coming after my?! After my band?! Do you all ever get tired of criticizing us?! We’re human beings, we have feelings and your words hurt us! I’m sick and tired of being your guy’s target when I’ve done nothing at all to you! Leave me alone!”

My voice cracked at the end and I began to sob uncontrollably as well as shaking more than before. Two people had dropped down at my side while others held onto me. I looked and saw the blurry figures of Luke and Veronica. They picked me up and took me to the car that brought us here, placing me inside and shutting the door.

After what felt like forever, my tears had ceased and my breathing was at a somewhat regular pattern. The front door had opened and shut, Luke had entered. My eyelids were getting heavy, my entire body was drained.

“It’s okay, baby. We’re going home.”

“And how are you feeling now, Liza?” The therapist asked.

I was sat on a reclining chair, looking at the ceiling above. It’s been two months since my breakdown. After it had happened, news outlets went wild and so had all social medias. I had received apologies, but even that wasn’t enough to help me.

        “I’m feeling okay. Much better than before.” I looked over at her, a tiny smile plastered on my face. I wasn’t lying.

I was given news a week after that Luke and Veronica had gotten me help. They contacted a therapist and since, I’ve been going to every appointment. It has helped, the slump I was in didn’t really have me fazed all that much anymore. Despite still getting awful words thrown my way, I’ve been helped to rise above it and pay no mind to it. If I believed I was strong enough to get through it then I knew I would.

“That’s great. I’m glad you’re doing better.” I nod. “I am as well.

After talking for a while more, I was released. I walked towards the waiting area and I found Luke sat at one of the seats, reading a magazine. At my approach, he looked up at me with a smile.

“You ready to go?”

I looked out the window. The sky was clear, the sun was shining. Lots of families were walking outside in the warm air. It all looked peaceful and serene. It made me feel better. I looked back at Luke and gave him a smile and a slight nod.

“I’m ready.”

So, in Markiplier’s latest “Reading Your Comments” video...

Mark has come out and said that Drunk Minecraft will no longer continue due to a (thankfully) non-life-threatening incident involving alcohol consumption leading to brief hospitalization, forcing him to swear off alcohol for good.

I feel really conflicted about this. On the one hand, I’m glad that Mark is still putting his own physical health above his audience’s wants. On the other hand, he has just put an end to a series loved by many (including myself) and of which fans were dying to see a continuation, especially since it was confirmed several moons ago that JackSepticEye would make an appearance. Because of the situation above, this also likely means that there won’t be any more drinking game videos (like with Five Nights at F###boys) in the future .

I’m certain that I’m not the only one bummed out to see Drunk Minecraft end without a bang. We should still remember that, even though an era has come to its end, our favorite trio (or quartet if you count Jack) can still find new ways to have fun without the booze.

So let’s all chin up and toast with whatever we’re allowed to drink in this very moment. We’ll never forget those three years of intoxicated hilarity.


                  #4 Best Dressed Celeb of 2014 - Lupita Nyong'o 

This has been the year of Lupita Nyong'o! She has been everywhere from winning her first Oscar, to the covers of Dazed, W, People, The New York, Marie Claire, Glamor, and Elle to name a few. I’m still waiting for her Vogue cover. 

Ms. Lupita wears whatever feels right whether its mixing prints, bright colors or simple chic bright white. Her skin tone is a blank canvas and her fashion choices are the paint. 

She’s the epitome of style and I can’t wait to see what she does in 2015.

Heads up, Supernatural Showrunners: Season 10 is losing viewers faster than ever before in the show’s history

So, Dark Dynasty was the worst-rated episode ever in Supernatural’s history. I was adding that data point in to my little graph of Live+SameDay ratings that I post regularly to fandomnatural, because I am a geeky little PhD nerd like that, and I noticed a few things. First off Supernatural’s seasons always tend to lose some viewers across the season - that’s normal - but usually at a gentle rate. For example look at Gamble’s seasons in green, below. Ratings for her seasons weren’t that great but at least they were somewhat consistent. There was a nice gentle downward slope…  like a condor sailing down on a gentle breeze… 

As opposed to Carver’s three seasons, which bounce up and down like a pigeon caught in a hurricane. There’s first a huge bounce upward in week 2 of season 8. This happens to be exactly the week when the first crop of Netflix viewers would have caught up to the live show. Netflix has been feeding viewers steadily to the live show ever since, but there’s still a lot of bounces. Most of these are attributable to certain events like: Jared Padalecki’s Bieber twitter fiasco, Misha Collins’ directorial debut, Fan Fiction and the bounce it caused the following week, and of course the “Castiel and Dean actually have a conversation” lunch date promo (which resulted in the best ratings in nearly a year, and the best of all of season 10.)  The overall trend was: fans might check out for a while but they were willing to check back in when something caught their attention.

But the Carver ratings pigeon appears to have died in the middle of S10. Shortly after that Castiel/Dean lunch date promo, the ratings switch from erratic bouncing to a sudden steady downward slide that is unusually steep. This has given S10 dramatically increased variation in average ratings:

This seems to be because there was a sudden switch in ratings in the middle of the season. (the moment the Carver ratings pigeon died and began plummeting like a rock)  Check out S10′s massive drop in average # viewers per episode before vs. after the Christmas hiatus. Something changed as the show came out of that hiatus:

These numbers are still preliminary because S10 is not quite done, but this a huge drop. (note I have excluded the last two episodes from every season, so as to enable fair comparison to S10, which still hasn’t aired its last two episodes.) But it’s clear that right now, Supernatural is losing viewers more rapidly than at almost any other time in the show’s history. (exceeded, very slightly, only by season 1 when the show was still finding its legs, and finding its fandom.) 

So, what’s so different about Season 10? Several things:

- No antagonist / no greater good to fight for; “personal journey” approach; less emphasis on Sam/Dean as heroes

- Extremely slow plot progression and lack of new plot ideas: “accordioning out” of S9′s Mark of Cain plot to stretch over 1.5 years, rather than a new plot

- Extreme reduction in interactions, conversation and friendship between Dean and Castiel. (Whatever you’re trying to do here, CW, you’re doing it wrong)

- Too many “family/friends” lost w/o compelling replacements; most recently, death of the character who was supposed to represent the fandom (I know this only just happened, but there was such an instant outcry that it may have affected west coast viewership and same-day ratings). 

Message to the showrunners and to CW execs: Look at your numbers. Something is going very wrong with Supernatural and you need to fix it.