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who wants to fight against gravity?

but what if instead of the paladins referring to shiro as “dad”, he was the one who referred to them as “son” (”daughter” in pidge’s case). Like what if they are looking for Keith around the castle and he asks “where is my mullet son” and everyone just explodes p̶i̶d̶g̶e̶s̶l̶a̶p̶s̶h̶i̶m̶

even better if it is a time of crisis and he just screams it at the top of his lungs


KLANCE WEEK!! Day 2-Love/Hate

they got into a fight but lance knows how to make up for it

edit: lmao i forgot to color keith’s elbow

Car Park Confessions.

A/n: This is actually the first thing I wrote back in February when I decided to stop just imagining scenarios in my head and put them down on paper, and it was the first thing I wrote since school about eight years ago.

My other works; fluff or if your over 18 smut!

Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Summary: Clichéd af but I think sometimes thats what you need! It’s a sort of au where Bucky is a celebrity for some reason, maybe a singer, or an actor like Sebastian, but it doesn’t really matter. Established friendship…

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Gender Neutral)

Word count: 3207

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, some angst and crying, but it’s all right in the end!


Three am. Too early and too late. The street lights burn your eyes as you lean on a traffic bollard outside the club, tuning out as your friends attempt to find a cab willing to take a trio of somewhat drunk party-goers with very little money. Cold hands to your cheeks startle you, and you find yourself staring into Wanda’s face.

“You okay?” You nod in answer, smiling softly. The chilly air is getting to you, and you stand up, wrapping your arms around yourself as you shiver. She pulls you into a hug, resting her chin on your head, and rubbing her hands up and down your back. Another set of arms encircle the two of you, warming you considerably.

“Y/N, do you mind giving me your phone?” Natasha asks you, and you pass it over without question. “Also, there’s a bench just along here and I think we could all do with a sit down, come on.”

There’s some good natured complaining about how cold the metal seat is, but once you’re sat with your legs over Wanda’s and her head on your shoulder, you’re suddenly very tired.

“Don’t let me fall asleep,” you mumble at the equally exhausted pile of limbs you’re twisted up with.

“No promises.”

A car pulling up in front of your new ‘bed’ has you jolting back awake. You’re alone on the bench, your two friends currently standing beside it talking with the driver of a very nice Audi that has you frowning as you try to place it. You sit and raise a hand to your hair in an attempt to smooth it down, before repositioning your top that has ride up your body a little too much, the exhausted sound you let out attracting attention.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” Natasha grins, pulling open the side door of the car idling next to you. “Time to go home Sleeping Beauty”.

Eager to get out of the cold, and hearing your bed calling, you stumble up and slip ungracefully into the passenger seat. You reach for your seat belt and click it in place before turning to the driver and freezing.

“Hello Y/N.”

“… Bucky.”

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like a year ago i made a songs with feelings type of thing i had saved in my notes
  • songs with feelings:
  • calm:
  • five days of summer-joe brooks
  • little darling-lewis watson
  • intro-the xx
  • somewhere only we know-lily allen (cover)
  • she had the world-panic! at the disco(warning,, also makes me a teeny bit sad)
  • misguided ghosts-paramore
  • -
  • love:
  • she's got you high-mumm-ra
  • headspace-the wombats
  • favorite record-fall out boy
  • tear in my heart-twenty one pilots
  • mad as rabbits-panic! at the disco
  • my type-saint motel
  • little darling-lewis watson
  • woke the f*ck up-jon bellion (also slightly sad)
  • who'd have known-lily allen
  • irresistible-fall out boy
  • the mighty fall-fall out boy
  • stay-lewis watson
  • -
  • happy:
  • these streets-bastille
  • anna sun-walk the moon
  • the calendar-panic!at the disco(???)
  • the reckless-nekokat
  • young volcanos-fall out boy
  • that green gentlemen-panic!at the disco
  • looking up-paramore
  • hey! we okay-nevershoutnever
  • -
  • break up:
  • take it back-ed sheeran
  • the man-ed sheeran
  • you need me, i don't need you-ed sheeran
  • song for noone-miike snow
  • anywayican-walk the moon
  • hold on-lewis watson
  • -
  • pumped(note: also my favorite playlist and also could work for breakups):
  • novacaine-fall out boy
  • left hand free-alt-j
  • long way down-robert delong
  • dreams-beck
  • rat a tat-fall out boy
  • "from now on we are enemies"-fall out boy
  • we are the kids-walk the moon
  • polarize-twenty one pilots
  • vegas lights-panic!at the disco
  • global concepts-robert delong
  • -
  • feel good songs:
  • always -p!atd(???)
  • that green gentleman -p!atd
  • when day met the night -p!atd
  • young volcanoes -fall out boy
  • northern downpour -p!atd
  • the only exception -parmore
  • do you know what i'm seeing? -p!atd

I’m not sure love makes a person weak, Cara.

1:22 am. Can’t sleep had a bad day again. Maybe I’ll watch some Dan and Phil later idk. Sometimes I think things are gonna get better and then they get so much worse you know.