Okay but what if they canonize it like this:

Simmons is in trouble, and Grif saves him. Pushes him out of the way, but gets mortally wounded in the process. He’s lying on the ground dying and Simmons is demanding to know why he did it.

“Because,” Grif says weakly. “I’m way too young to be a widow.”

Simmons just sobs as the light fades from Grif’s eyes. “I’m even younger than you, you asshole.”

“Dandelions” part 1 of 2

“I know what I need to survive isn’t Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hate, but what I need is the dandelion in the spring. The promise of life instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on no matter how bad our losses. And only Peeta can give me that.”

Thanks to papofglencoe and our lil chat about cyanotype photographic prints for the inspiration. <3

i’m pretty quiet on my feelings with the show because, for the most part, i take it as i see it. much like klaus once said: less a family now than a volatile mix of ingredients, which all of these characters are. they’re all a powder keg, one match away from igniting and leveling an entire city. i enjoy the dynamic. the insanity and hypocrisy of each of them. the thing i don’t enjoy is the negativity on my dash as if one character is much better for their hypocrisy than the other. now, while i should be accustomed to it because society today is based on double standards [ much like the men in my industry making much more than myself despite my skill level ], i would think in a hobby that is predominantly female, we wouldn’t villainize another character for their choices while applauding another for doing the same. to wit: omg, hayley didn’t even want hope! she tried to kill the child while in the womb!

much like klaus when he said why should he care about the child after the witches tried to levy her against him for leverage? and, given that hayley had been told about klaus’ sisterhood of traveling coffins and that their child might end up being snatched from her soon after she was born, she was afraid and made a choice that she later took back. and so did klaus, when he realized this is a chance to right the wrongs done to him since birth. they have both made some insane, questionable choices that have been both right and wrong in their own right. but then i come to my dash and i’m left ALWAYS wondering: how is what’s okay for klaus to do, somehow wrong and immoral for hayley?

i have sat here for the upteenth week in a row watching people shit on hayley for her parenting choices, while hailing klaus on a throne with people waving banana leaves at him for his own. i’ll preface this with: i enjoy klaus and his psychotic, paranoid, sociopathic ass. he’s flawed beyond belief and in need of some long cami-esque therapy sessions. he’s grown, sure, but he still has his moments of pain-in-the-ass syndrome. yet, for whatever reason, his choices [ in these last two episodes in particular ] have somehow been heralded as completely worthyhayley sees the constant dangers to hope’s life with the mikaelsons’: i have to do what’s best for her and keep her far from this mayhem. my dash’s reaction: … ew, she’s disgusting and should be burned at the stake. klaus’ reaction to hayley wanting to keep hope safe and from the fray: kill her and make her suffer after i get my daughter back. my dash’s reaction: OMG YAAAAS! SLAY DADDY, SLAAAAAAAY! my dash when hayley takes off with hope: she’s irredeemable for wanting to take HIS child from HIM. my dash when klaus condemns hayley and goes to hope: DAMN RIGHT! YOU GO, GOOD SIR! GOOOO and take YOUR child back!

                ————––––––––––– i’m sorry, what? they’ve both done things out of desperation and anger and fear, both mirroring each other’s actions. yet the hate for hayley doing so is always negative and the praise for klaus doing so is overwhelming. typically, i brush it off my shoulders because i can see that they’re in a bad supernatural situation that has no easy answer when the two are on their own, it’s bound to all come together at the end, but i’ll be damned before i see another post where hayley somehow deserves to be hated for making a choice and klaus deserves praise for having a tyrannical tantrum and doing shit his own way. i don’t care if he has a plan that ends with him in a heisman pose with hope as the football under his arm, his choices have been just as deplorable, if not more so, than ANYTHING hayley has done this season. this was a chance the both of them could have come together and they haven’t and that’s just what it is. she’s a mother who is doing what she feels is right for her child, which NEVER INCLUDED killing her father.
now i’m not saying “let’s all applaud hayley! she is our queen!” hayley has made her fair share of mistakes. she’s done things that you might not agree with, but i’m kind of over the whole “what’s good for him isn’t good for her because ew and ugh and blah and word vomit”. the next time i see it, i don’t care how many threads we have or how much i love and adore you or look up to you, i will unfollow you. or, if you feel the need to, you can freely unfollow me for my opinion.

//ok idk who’s online or who really cares but it’s finally starting to hit me that I’m about to graduate high school…guys I’m gonna be on my way to my own nerd school and that is just
FUCKIG exciting????!!!
And scary
But exciting
And I have been looking forward to this since my first year of high school which was shit and it only got worse tbh
But hopefully this will be a bright new start and things will be better
Maybe a little harder but that just means I gotta work harder too
That I’ll be levelling up
I’m just pumped that I’m gonna finally graduate and go to college. I’m so ready (but also not at all…)