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Opposites attract


Drabble written for the @carryon-countdown prompt: Opposite Day

Summary: Baz is the sun. And Simon is crashing into him.

Word count: 402

Warnings: very very very slighlty nsfw


Like magnets. I am the negative end and he’s the positive.

He follows me everywhere I go, even when he had a girlfriend. Baz – he’s the sun. My sun. And I’m completely blinded by his light.

He drags me into empty rooms between classes. He follows me to my room at night—even though our rooms are at opposite ends.

“Let’s keep this a secret, Simon,” he makes me promise. And of course I do. I’d do anything for him.

People think we’re best friends, because we can never be apart. I’d argue that I don’t go kissing my best friends in empty corridors and abandoned alcoves. The truth is that I’m hopelessly in love with him. But that I can’t say.

“Simon,” he whispers into my ear. He always calls me Simon. “Why do you like me?”

I look down at him, in all his glorious nakedness. He’s perfect from head to toes, it is so unfair that he’s asking me this. “You are a fucking tragedy, Basilton Pitch,” I tell him.

He opens his eyes in surprise and quirks an eyebrow at me. “How so?”

“You are the complete opposite of what you seem. You make people believe they know you when you don’t even know yourself. Seriously, you couldn’t be a bigger mess.” I tell him all the things I’ve been holding back for months.

“And you like that?” he asks, surprised.

“I love it.”


“Because we match.”

He kisses me like it’s the first time. He kisses me like he could find every answer he’s looking for in the depths of my mouth. And he’s so warm. And I am so cold. I’d let him do it even if my life was on the line. Kiss me. I would die kissing Basilton Pitch.

“Simon, I’m tired of this,” he says. For a moment I think he wants to end what we have for good, whatever this is. I lower my stare and fix it on the floor, but he takes my face into his hands, forcing me to look at him. “I want to be your terrible boyfriend,” he says. “If you want to.”

I kiss him until our lips are sore, silently sounding a “yes”. He holds himself up on all fours and makes me reach for him. And I do. And I would again. I’d cross every line for him. Because I love him.


its-onepiece  asked:

OH GOD YES, I WANNA SIN SO BADLY - soooo: Sabo, Ace (freckled beauty) aaand.. oh god, can i ask for rayleigh? NSFW, If you're comfortable of course, kinks, turn ons, whateeever you want! (I am going to hell, but i am gonna go with a bang). Oh yea: Welcome, good luck and HAAAVE FUUUUN ♥♥



He’s not a very kinky guy but he isn’t against anything. Perfect dick but he won’t venture too far. He’s willing to try most things but when he’s uncomfortable with something he will tell his partner straight away.

Now Sabo is very into Body worship on his partner. He enjoys taking the time to explore his partner’s body and show them that he truly loves them and every part of them. He spends time licking and kissing up his partners body and long slow lingering touches. He likes a little bit of orgasm denial. He prefers it on himself as teasing and having someone else in control can really make him go crazy. However he can’t deal with it for more than the day so it can’t be an ongoing thing. He doesn’t like doing it to his partner too often as he can feel guilty but occasionally when he’s feeling cheeky…. When his partner is about to cum…he’ll slow his thrusts down and smirk and say “ I don’t think you should come tonight”


It doesn’t take too much to turn this guy on really. Teasing outside of the bedroom really gets him frustrated, such as light touches, “accidental” nudges….footsies under the table.

Lace underwear. It amazing what a pair of black lace panties can do to this boy. His eyes won’t leave your body. With this he love when his partner grinds on his unclothed dick still in their underwear…he’s so far gone  after that.

Neck kisses. Soft kisses up his neck and to his ear will make him go mental. Drag your lips and teeth along his neck and he’s got butterflies in his stomach man



Again Ace isn’t that kinky but definitely more so  than Sabo. If he finds a kink that he may be into he’ll bring it up with his partner very easily and he has no worries about his partner doing the same as he always tries to reserve judgement until after he’s tried it.

One of Ace’s biggest kinks is having sex in semi-public areas. The lingering thought of “we could get taught” just gets his adrenaline going. He’s definitely had sex in the storeroom of the ship. Although he never wants to be caught so he’s always quite carefu. He’s very into anal as well. Although the first time he used no lube…what an idiot. He actually really likes the preparation that needs to go into IT and just loves the tight feeling that comes from anal sex. Oh something he absolutely loves, is when his partner takes charge and rides him…and wears his hat. He loves how his partner looks wearing his hat and he just melts man….wear his clothes more often.


Oh strip teases and lap dances my god. This guy just cannot deal with it. Especially since his partner being dominant with him is a huge turn on when his partner forbids him from touching them when they grind against his crotch he gets so frustrated.Even when his partner’s hands run down and across his chest he moans so loud just because he gets so turned on.  But in strip teases it’s even worse for him he get turned on so quickly he just can’t wait because he’s so impatient and just want to rip his partner’s clothes off.



He’s probably into light bondage, and outdoor sex as well. He doesn’t mind it if someone is watching him have sex, but he’ll make sure his partner is comfortable with it. Rayleigh knows what he’s doing in bed, and he knows how to give his partner a good time, so he has no problem with people watching them fuck. Rayleigh could possibly be into one night stands - no strings attached, all for a good round of fuck on a probable basis of anonymity. Another kink of Rayleigh could be barebacking, sex with no condom on for maximum pleasure. This man knows what he wants and god, that’s sexy as all hell.


Nothing turns him on more than a partner that’s confident. While he knows his way around the bedroom, a partner that can match his confidence is deemed to be very attractive. Lap dances and strip teases make him thirsty, but his partner can turn things up a notch with garters. That’ll be his undoing. Another thing that can turn him on would be a partner that can hold their liquor very well. Rayleigh can hold his drink very well, so a partner that can match him or even surpass him would come as a pleasant surprise (which could lead to eventual tipsy sex).

i had the stupidest thought right now

so, imagine future fic in which Scott, Stiles and Isaac get back to Beacon Hills from college for whatever break and they hang out. With Derek, of course, ‘cause that’s the thing they do now.

it’s already their second year and Stiles only begins to experience the whole “college life” because he’s had some things to deal with

and he’s yapping about some girl or boy he wants to date and Derek grits his teeth angrily 'cause Stiles is willing to change so much for them, ditch his flannel shirts, put on some glasses, get into things he’s not really into, the whole “I’m going to impress you so hard” deal. Derek thinks it’s ridiculous, why would anyone want Stiles to change, he’s perfect the way he is.

And where the fuck did that come from, god dammit, Derek, get your shit together.

Anyway, Stiles paces around the room, keeps on talking, “They like guys with nice butts. Is my butt nice?”

“yes, it is, Stiles,” says Scott, bless him. 

“Yeaaah, okay, but is there a way to make it look even better?”

and before he can stop himself, Derek growls:

“Yes, with my dick buried inside of it”

Lmfao. So I recorded a song with only vocals and I wanted to add percussion to it but I don’t have any bongos or a kajon or anything so I added a beat on the wooden arms of my futon and added an effect to it and it sounds like a drum. 



It had been three and a half weeks since Santana had woken to a stranger in her living space and the memory of how she’d babbled and shown her confusion was still prominent in her mind; mainly due to the fact Dani would tease her about it every so often. To say their relationship was going well would be an understatement but that was nothing compared to the miracle over the fact they had yet to have sex or as Santana often thought of it: ‘fucking each other’s brains out’. There had been moments of temptation, plenty in fact, when Dani had gotten too close or she’d whispered something teasing her ear but then Santana had grown accustomed to it and she always gave as good as she got. What was more worrying was how she could physically react to Dani. She’d woken up several mornings with a strong ache between her thighs after a night filled with far from innocent dreams but she’d been efficient about all of those times, it was the fully conscious actions that were more worrying, such as when Dani would run her fingers up her thighs. She was so damn close sometimes.

However, their friendship beyond the sexual was pretty great too. Santana would cook for Dani somedays, trying to help her settle in on the nights after classes. She’d introduced her to a few friends and whenever she could she aimed to make the younger woman laugh because her smile was simply radiant. Every about her was gorgeous and not just in a way that made Santana want to rip her clothes off and ravage her but in a way that sometimes she just leant over and pushed Dani’s hair off her face or brushed something off her cheeks. Santana just told herself it was all a side effect of the lusting need coursing through her veins.

On this particular Thursday night Santana had decided on plans other than making a particular food dish or declaring they watch a movie and had instead dragged them over to the Bushwick apartment Kurt and Rachel occupied together for a party they were throwing. She may have called the wonder twins lame on hundreds of occasions but their parties were always pretty enjoyable and plenty of attractive people attended NYADA and visited the realm of Broadway. They had arrived just under an hour ago and Santana had made sure to very warmly introduce Dani to her two best friends and there was something in Rachel’s eyes as she looked between them both that made the Latina’s skin burn. She’d quickly got over that though by drinking her way through three cups of Kurt’s ‘Special Brew’ that burned her throat with every sip but the music was flowing, the chatter was great and it was damn good stuff and- Goddamn! She really needed to stop looking at Dani because she was making it way too obvious she was checking her out. Her ass just looks so fucking good though. Yeah, that was definitely Lopez desire showing through…yet again.