but what you gonna do

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a) YOU DONT KNOW WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO TILL APRIL 2k17 b) Think Spencer Hastings deserves better c) Laughed with Jenna Marshall kicking Noel’s head. d) you become a Mary Drake’ stand e) Are crying over Toby baby Cavanaugh f) are pissed off with Marlene King and her Nicole’ shit. g) are sobbing bc Emison h) love Mona Vanderwaal eve though she didn’t do a damn

Subaru: You need to appreciate the little things in life, like Kanato for example.

Kanato: You’re going to regret that, you overrated brand of car.

Subaru: Ha! What are you gonna do? Punch me in the knee?

Stay With Me part 3

Request: Could you write a imagine where the reader is a part of the suicide squad and togheter with Rick  Flag. The squad fight the joker and the reader falls in love with the joker & almost join him but Rick stops the reader. Reader vbecomes conflicted between the two. You decide the end :)) I love your stories btw :) By @maripaws​  

Word Count: 624

Warnings: Kissing, death, violent death!!

A/N: This is the last part of Stay With Me! This happened about a year after the last parts! Hope you like it!! <3

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“Ah! Come and get me!” You laugh, running away from the police men. “What ya gonna do? Mhh…?” You grin, seeing Joker in the corner of your eye. He starts to shoot like a mad man, killing all the policemen. You were robbing a jewelry store, just for fun. But someone spotted you.

“Come on baby, it’s time to go!” Joker opens his arms, you run up to him and kiss him. After you left Rick everything became different. The way you looked at the world, you became someone completely different, better. Joker grabs your arm and takes you to the car. “Daddy still has to do some things, wait here.” He walks away. You look around, there are more men coming. The man at the wheel, Panda man what Joker likes to call him, grabs his gun. You do the same, hiding behind the door. They start to shoot, you quickly get out of the car from the other side, shooting at everything that moves. Panda man is covered in blood, most likely dead.

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Zen is Cinderella
  • Zen is Cinderella
  • Mystic Messenger

Babe? What’s up?
You still feel nervous even though we’re at the same house?
I know it’s difficult but forget everything you saw today. I’m here with you. Hmm? Just think about me.

MC: Come and hold me in your arms~

Your room? The one you’re in? Right now…!?
Uhm… I wish I could give you my arm instead… It’ll be really dangerous for my whole body to go. I think you trust me too much sometimes.
I’m a man too… Please don’t forget that. I think we should do those things after you’ve calmed down a bit more. Do you get what I mean?

I-I feel embarrassed so let’s stop talking about this!
Gah, hot! Hot. You’ve made the whole place hot. What am I gonna do with you?

If you feel that nervous, I’ll read to you until you fall asleep. How about that? Is that okay? What story should I tell you… Oh, here’s Cinderella. I have some books I bought to practise my acting. Wait…
Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Cinderella. Her mother passed away when she was a baby and she lived with her father. One day, her father brought her new step mother and step sisters to her house.

Are you listening?

…You’re sleeping. You know. Most women want to be Cinderella, right?
But I feel like I’m Cinderella. My parents weren’t bad people, but it’s just that I grew up struggling a lot.
And then I met Prince charming. You’re the one strong and beautiful like that prince. I really wanted to tell you that.
I’ve been bewitched from the first moment I saw you. And unlike the fairy godmother’s magic, this will never end…
I want to be a better person to you, who’s cursed me with happiness.

Good night and I love you.

so now i’m seriously ashamed of myself because it’s not really THAT important even though i’m pretty excited about this.

 i was just thinking about what bellamy blake’s music taste would be like and i’m like 99% sure house of pain by the white buffalo would be his favorite song or you know the white buffalo would be his favorite in general.

so i was just gonna ask you guys what do you think about this or have you ever thought about this? if you have a song that you think would totally be in bellamy blake’s playlist and all…

i sound incredibly stupid this sounded a lot better in my head i’m sorry this is just how awkward i am

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The real “tough guys” don’t talk big about what they are gonna do to you
the next time
you do
that thing
that you do.
No, they teach you right then and there that
the thing
you do
isn’t worth doing.
I have yet to meet
a real tough guy,
but I still see plenty of these frauds
wetting panties
and weakening knees
with their “Next time …” talk,
and you can bet that the next time I hear one doing that thing they do …
well, you can bet someone is going to learn a lesson.
Next time …

I have yet to meet
a real “tough guy”.

Samuel Decker Thompson

Tough guys don’t talk, but
tough guys probably don’t write about “tough guys” either. Oh well …

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  • Robert:Yeah. You're clearly too busy to answer my calls.
  • Bernice:That's right. Busy, busy, busy.
  • Robert:Why are you spending the afternoon with Chrissie?
  • Bernice:Erm... Because she booked an appointment?
  • Robert:It sounded like you were the one that wanted to do that.
  • Bernice:Well, she knows a lot about beauty treatments.
  • Robert:And this has nothing to do with Andy?
  • Bernice:No. Of course not. You were the one that said we had to keep up appearances. Oh, come on. What do you think I'm gonna do? Tie her to the massage table? Threaten to shave her hair off unless she confesses?

I mean, yeah, well… wha… what’re you gonna do? 


America is waiting for a message of some sort or another.

日:ったく 勝手(かって)なことばかりしやがって… お茶(ちゃ)の時間(じかん)に間(ま)に合(あ)わなくなったらどうするんだ(ttaku katte na koto bakari shiyagatte… ocha no jikan ni maniawanakattara dou surunda)
P:Droga. Fica só fazendo o que bem quer… O que você vai fazer se eu não chegar a tempo para a hora do chá?
E:Damn it. Doing just what want to do… What are you gonna do if I can’t be in time to tea time?

anonymous asked:

*Anti voice* What are you gonna DO when freddie is 84 years old and louis is still the father? I wanna know what you, personally, will do when Freddie has grandchildren with a beautiful woman and they are LOUIS'S grandchildren? Will you still be on tumblr then or would you have deleted out of embarrassment??? I NEED to know what you would do


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You you all been super curious about what their gonna do with the Raft and the Helicarrier? Ever since i started i wonder how they'd be unlocked and all that jazz. I imagine the the Helicarrier could be part of the Agents of Shield event, but that is a strech. The Raft makes me think that their could be some kind of Secrect Wars event down the road but like who knows ya know

honestly your guess is as good as mine. 

Personally I think it’s going to be a storage system for the villains we’re collecting.

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You're underage you really shouldn't be running a kink blog, and *especially* not asking strangers on the internet what they want to do to you? I'm not trying to be rude it's just definitely not safe to publicly make yourself part of a kink community as a minor.

oh no… im sorry…… what are you gonna do..? put me in handcuffs…? oh…. what a shame….

i think namor might have another child

i was checking up on his appearances throughout any issues of alpha flight i might have missed, and he appears in a one-panel flashback alongside this kid aka mar under the caption of “kids. what’re you gonna do?”

really look

now mer looks like marrina, and with that panel what am i supposed to think? the two have never met and i’ve never seen mer in another series aside from the 2004 run of alpha flight but i’m just screaming bc could marvel be any more vague

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Otamendi hero where ? He's ur fav player that's it . But he's shit and overrated , dont know what Pep gonna do with him in the future . You just mad when people reblog the popular player , WE WANT TO SEE DYBALA aka LA JOYA , he's hot young and popular and play in Juventus not Otamendi and co . And Why Rojo is still there , he's shit . If you had told me Di Maria or Pastore i would have understand but in what Otamendi is a hero , maybe for your chilhood club but not for the NT .

“We want to see dybala, he is hot, young and popular” Well, I like Dybala, but because of his talent, not because his looks. Who cares about a footballer’s looks??? I like FOOTBALL. I enjoy people that PLAY GOOD. I don’t care if they are not good looking.
Otamendi is one of the best defenders in the world. Im not even gonna fight about it. And he saved our asses with his defenses a lot of times, like masche and funes mori did.
Pastore is not even coming, because as always he is injured, so don’t expect pictures of him.