but what the hell they're just adorable

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your note to Joshifer fans today. I have struggled with recent events and questioned what is REAL ...feeling a fool that I'm being played. I needed your positive words 😘

Oh I’m glad that I could bring you a little cheer. I admit, Joshifer still makes me happy. I won’t lie, every day all of us are being “played” by the media, by Publicists/PR, by the stories that they want…or rather NEED us to believe.  Just look at today, Netflix Latin America twitter just posted about Escobar: Paradise Lost and so did Benecio del Toro JUST as new pictures showed up in a pap walk. What a little coincidence! Shock!! (Hope they’re enjoying the free advertisement from me, it’s still not going to earn you more money or celebrity). 

But anywhoo…we didn’t love Joshifer because they were trying to sell them as a romantic couple to us. Hell it was the exact opposite. If anything they tried to push Jen and Liam (poor Miley). What make us love them is their genuine love and adoration of each other and all those adorable little moments:

I can keep going. And you can’t fake all that spontaneity or erase it. 

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Thoughts on episode: garnet isn't going to be happy that there's more experiments, they're looking a hell of a lot more humanoid now too, steven is adorable as always and calls Connie his. I'm so not ready for the rest of the new episodes

Okay but me and Rhin were just talking about this and we made a startling discovery:

Steven Might not tell Garnet what happened.

He might not tell her because that would mean that he would have to explain WHY he was in the hospital in the first place, and losing his mother’s sword (and giving it to a human even if it IS Connie) would NOT sit right. PLUS, He would have to tell the rest of the team so that they can be prepared and there’s TWO problems with that

1) PEARL’S reaction to Steven almost losing ROSE’S sword

2) Both Amethyst and Pearl still don’t know about the cluster experiments

SO, He might keep this a secret and either way you look at it, it is not a pretty situation

ADDITIONALLY, This is a Point in Garnet’s character development where other’s are learning that she ISN’T infallible, so NOW, with the reappearance of the clusters…

I’m very. VERY scared for Garnet

This is so adorable but it makes me so sad. Because that very woman who cares for him so sweetly is the one Law carelessly uses as a shield/bargaining chip in the future. I mean, what the hell happened? The Doffy crew used to be so sweet and awesome and now they just end up killing each other. ;__;

why is everyone in the yogscast super cute

like, lewis is cute, simon is adorable, duncan a is a massive sweetie, don’t even get me started on the hat chaps. kim is the biggest cutie pie, hannah is a badass sweetie.

now it turns out that zoey is super super adorable, looking at parv is like a slap in the face with how cute he is, ravs is cute as heck as it turns out too, nilesy is so precious

area 11 are a bunch of adorable nerds

sips and sjin are adorable as heck

strife is cute

panda is cute



what the hell

i know why i’m not cute it’s cause they aLL FRICKEN STOLE ALL THE CUTE

Wild Heart

by The Vamps. 

This is Celaena and Rowans song. Just listen to this: “She needs a wild heart, i’ve got a wild heart.” I can just imagine Rowan singing that to Celaena. She’d probably just laugh at him. 

And then there’s this line: “Come right here, i’ll never let you go.” I mean, I’m just getting huge Rowalin vibes here. 

Oh, and what about this one: “I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.” more like: “I claim you Rowan/Aelin.” Sounds familiar? Yeah, it does.