but what the heck dude

no but for real, my friends are all great people, who have kept me sane and even alive through some pretty terrible parts in my life.  The only reason I’m in as good a condition I am right now is because of my friends and especially my girlfriend, and I’m infinitely grateful to be around these people when I’m able to be.  Insinuating I’d be better off without these people in my life is extremely rude and completely incorrect.

If you are who I think you are, I’m sorry those friends treated you poorly.  But coming into my inbox repeatedly and telling me how awful they are, making only the barest attempts at anonymity, is NOT going to solve your issue, and it’s just a gross thing to do.

If you’re someone else just popping into my inbox for some lulz, then what the heck, dude?

Darth Vader’s base is on Mustafar

He built his house on the planet where he killed his wife and lost the final battle against his former master and best friend. He is literally spending every day at home staring out over the lava flows that nearly burned him alive. 

Anakin Skywalker is the most melodramatic son of a bitch in the galaxy. 

Imagine Dean being jealous of how close you are with Stefan.

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“Really now?” Dean’s groan was heard behind you and you blinked several times at him when you took your eyes from your phone.

“What?” you asked the older Winchester as the younger didn’t even blink. Too focused on finding information on your newest enemy.

“What what?” he scoffed “Don’t you ever stop texting or what?”

“I’m just getting done Dean.” you huffed, rolling your eyes.

“That’s what you said about half an hour ago!” he exclaimed and Sam snickered slightly, only to get a bitch-face from his older sibling.

“Dude what the heck is wrong with you?!” you raised your arms “I am talking with Stefan and he is informing me about the sirens and everything that is going on there!”

“Right. Informing you.” Dean pursed his lips “For an entire fucking hour! And let me guess, him talking to you about how those bitches killed so many people made you giggle right? Because don’t deny it-” he pointed a finger at you “I heard you giggle (Y/n)!”

“So what if I did?!” you scoffed “Geez Dean, what’s gotten into your pants anyways?”

“Apparently nothing- or a least not what he’d want. That’s why.” Sam muttered but then groaned when Dean hit him hard in the head. He gave him a look, warning almost of something, and Sam only rolled his eyes.

“Whatever with you.” he mumbled, focusing again on what he was previously reading.

“And just so you know I didn’t giggle at that. Stef is just positive because everything seems to be going better and he just you know- he was just saying a joke.”

“Stef? He is Stef all of a sudden?” Dean’s eyebrows shot up and for what seemed like the millionth time you rolled your eyes.

“What joke?” Sam asked bored but still interested as he rested his chin on his hand.

“It’s one about sirens and-” you started with a giggle but the hard look on Dean’s face stopped you and you got serious again.

“Really?” Dean hissed, giving his brother a look of disbelief.

“What?!” Sam exclaimed.

“Shut it Sam, you are just- not helping.”

“Not helping in what? If you mean supporting you in this crazy moment of jealousy then thanks but no thanks.” Sam huffed, grabbing his computer and leaving the two of you; after giving you a comforting pat on the shoulder.

“Wh-what?!” Dean’s voice rose an octave as he stared in disbelief in Sam’s way “I’m not- I’m- not- Shut up.” he grumbled, running a hand down his face.

“And you-” he pointed a finger at you and you straightened your back “Jokes? Really? And about sirens? What’s next? Jokes about the devil?”

“I actually had a good one-” you looked down at your phone but before you could realize it he hd grabbed it and turned it off completely with a kind of satisfaction you had never seen before.

“Hey!” you exclaimed and he grinned, proud of himself for what he had done.

“Now we really get to talk.”

“Stefan’s gonna think I am ignoring him Dean!” you pointed to the phone and he shrugged, his smile getting bigger.

“Let him think! I don’t give a crap. Just ignore him for a little bit. Youve been ignoring me for the entire week!” he huffed little a little child and you blinked.

“I-Ignoring you? I- I wasn’t Dean!” you defended yourself, because truth was that even if it has happened you had never meant it.

“Yeah right. That’s why you were texting non-stop with- with fangs boy! I can’t even believe I am saying this!” he made a gagging face and you frowned at him.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” you sighed, tired of his bitching.

“He’s a vampire (Y/n)! He’s a freaking vampire! And not only have we let him live but we are also helping him with his problems!”

“Alright, first: his problems are ours too. Those sirens are killing people and we need to stop that no matter the case. And second: you were best friends with a vampire yourself! Why can’t I too?”

“Because you’re freaking flirting with him!” the words left his lips before he could stop them but for a moment he didn’t seem to care about stopping them.

“What?” you scoffed.

“Just what you heard.” he clenched his jaw “You are flirting with him, and he is too and you are just letting him be.”

“And why the heck does it matter to you huh?” you huffed, crossing your arms in front of your chest and he was takenaback for a moment “You’re not my boyfriend, are you?”

“I- I’m- I’m your friend!” he said as if it was some excuse when he wanted (and you really wished that) to say that he didn’t see you as just a friend.

“And that’s suddenly supposed to give you the right?” you raised an eyebrow.

“I’m your best friend!” he huffed slightly, an adorable frown on his face that almost made you smile but you held it back.

“I know, and I’m not going to replace you.” you shrugged “If I get a boyfriend-”

“A what?!” his voice came out high pitched and you literally struggled to keep yourself from giggling.

“I’m just saying.” you raised your arms in the air. Although truth be told the friendship you had with Stefan wasn’t all that innocent either. There was always some underlining tension but he was just too sweet to be too forward about it.

“Wh-what?” he scoffed “Salvatore guy?” he frowned and you shrugged.

“Yeah, why not? I mean he is a great. Nice, sweet-”

“He’s a freaking vampire (Y/n)!” he exclaimed, as if it was supposed to be a deterrent “We are supposed to hunt vampires! You are supposed to hunt vampires! Not- not go and- and make out with them!” he made a disgusted face.

“Sheesh don’t get your pants in a twist.” you huffed, rolling your eyes “So long as I don’t have to put up with your jealous ass-”

“I’m not jealous!” he almost squeaked out “I’m- I’m just not!”

“Yeah Dean, keep trying to convince yourself.” you sighed and he gave you a look.

“I’m just- I’m not ok?” he huffed “Who should I be jealous off? The guy is practically dead!”

“Well, if you think about it-” you shrugged “So are you, right?”

“Not the point!” Dean exclaimed, shifting awkwardly in his place.

“Right, the point is that your eyes are more green than ever just because you are not jealous of Stefan.” you rolled your eyes as you snatched your phone from his hand “If that helps you sleep at night.” you shrugged as you walked past him.

And he kept huffing and puffing like a little child “I’m not… jealous.” he mumbled.


Man this has been in my folder just dusting away. What type of trouble is Mabel in? Heck dude probs stuck in quick sand and by the time Pacifica and Dipper reach her shes gonna be waist in tap tapping away on the sand leaning on one of her hands just like “what took you so long?” all over her face and Dippers gonna be like “your girlfriend thought I cared about you so we had to make a detour to starbucks”


(A/N: Hey guys! Remember to eat something, drink some water and take your meds! Love you!)

Narnia Preference: How many blankets he prefers


       Literally all of the blankets in the castle.

       His excuse was that it gets really cold in the stone castle, but you weren’t happy with it. You woke up drenched in sweat the morning after your wedding. While you had gone to sleep with a sheet and comforter on the bed, Caspian had gotten up and draped at least four more blankets over you both.


       One sheet.

       Peter’s just a warm person. He gives you both enough warmth so that the use of blankets isn’t necessary.


       No blankets. Dude. What the heck.

       At first, you didn’t understand why Edmund doesn’t use any blankets. You had seen him nap and use no blankets, but it didn’t really strike you as anything odd. You did, however, realize his reasoning behind it when you first slept in his bed with him.

       You had insisted on using a sheet, at least, teasing Edmund about how weird it was that he didn’t use blankets. He didn’t say anything, instead reluctantly getting under the covers with you.

       Edmund woke you up in the middle of the night, thrashing and whimpering. His actions pulled the blankets off of you, winding themselves around Edmund’s legs, restricting him even more.

       You had quickly woken Edmund up, brushing his hair away from his face as to not obscure his senses further. You two didn’t use blankets anymore, you settling for the fact that Edmund could enclose your entire being with his limbs and Edmund hoping that he wouldn’t accidently hit you during one of his night terrors.  

My sister starts studying physiotherapy next year so I’m currently compiling a list of advice, do you guys think I should add anything else? 

1.    Go to class. The fact that lectures are optional is so tempting to sleep in a little longer, but this ultimately increases the chance of you coming up with every reason under the sun to not listen to that lecture.

2.    Read everything. Emails, unit outlines, assignment tasks. Everything. Seriously dude, this will help understand what the heck you’re supposed to be doing. Thus, you’ll know what you need for classes.

3.    Hence, prepare for your classes. Need to print lectures? Do it the night before. Need to read textbooks before your class? Do that the night before too.

4.    Snack. You can eat in your lectures. To quote one of the sites I found, “Keep eating some almonds or some shit, but don’t be that bitch with the potato chips. Just don’t.”

5.    Ask questions. Whether it be other students, or lecturers, they are there to help. Or the librarians! They can help with referencing or understanding assignment tasks.

6.    Write to do lists. It feels like you have a hundred things to remember. Especially when each unit has different things you have to do each week and are 87% likely to forget. Write it down.

7.    Plan your week. First write out your class times and then plan around them. Upcoming assessment can be easy to forget about, especially if it’s only little and requires little preparation. But these are often what can change your grade from a 5 to a 6. So write them down. Then put what you have to do to make sure you get a decent grade on that assessment. Whether it be setting aside time to write an upcoming essay or 3 study sessions for an upcoming exam. This is your new bible.

8.    Start assignments early. It may not be due for another 5 weeks, but by the time it’s week 9 you’re going to be dying in a mountain of work and wishing you’d started early when you had plenty of free time to go to GOMA.

9.    Plan an outing once a week. It’s nice to have something to look forward to, without taking too much time away from study. Add this to your schedule, and if you can’t do it just make sure you have some down time.

10. Revise constantly. When the end of semester comes around and you realise you need to study 13 weeks of the semester for 4 units for 4 different exams, you’ll seriously be wishing you did little revision sessions each week.

11. Block out distractions. The app Forest is great. I use it in lectures and when studying so I’m more likely to stay focused and motivated to grow trees, download the app and you’ll see what I mean. You can get in Chrome too, which can block specific websites for the set amount of time.

12. Sleep is the best. It’s a stereotypical suggestion, but seriously 8am classes suck and only 6 hours of sleep sucks even more. Make sure you get a decent amount of sleep.

13. Coffee is expensive. Do not, I repeat, do not become dependent. But it’s a great pick me up when you don’t listen to the advice given above.

14. Eat well and exercise. This advice is just as stereotypical as the last. I follow like half of this and feel great, can only imagine how you must feel.

15. Remember why you’re studying. That’s the ultimate goal, muscle stretcher!  

Jarrett appreciation post! This dude. This guy. Holy heck. What a crazy adventure he got dragged into!  Looking forward to a new year full of critical role and plan to shake the dust off my old work and get back into the swing of creating art for this amazing group of adventurers. 

First Rule of Fight Club

Title : First Rule of Fight Club

Pairing : Castiel X Reader

Word Count : 3,397

Prompt : You and the boys practice your hand to hand combat all the time to stay fit for each case. But when Dean gets a bit too handsy in training, Castiel takes it upon himself to intervene.  


You blinked as you stumbled backward, raising your arm to your mouth. It came back bloody.

“Let me see.” You tried not to flinch as Dean caught your face gently in his gloved hands.

“What the heck, dude?” Sam called from the sideline, ducking under the ropes to get to the pair of you.

“It’s fine…” You mutter, running your tongue along your teeth. They were all still there so you were fine.

“I thought you blocked it.” Dean whispered with a sympathetic hiss, turning your face gently in his hands.

You let out a scoff. “Me too.”

“You really should stop now, Dean.” You tapped at your bloody lips with your glove as Cas spoke up from where he stood close to the door. “You are being too rough.”

“Look, I didn’t do it on purpose.” Dean snapped, shooting Cas a sharp look. You followed Dean’s eyes.

Cas was leaning on the far wall, his body tensed as if the sight of you fighting each other had him on edge. Castiel never partook in the bunker training sessions. He was inclined to sit back and stare. As always. You almost smiled to yourself, despite the pain in your lips. Could you imagine Cas boxing against Dean, or God forbid, Sam? The skinny little guy would get destroyed. Dean was like a train in the ring. You ran your fist along your jawline, flinching at the tenderness. It was going to leave a bruise.

Dean heard you inhale sharply at the touch and he turned back to you, his eyes soft. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.” You shook your head to clear it, wiping away some blood on your lip. You knew how to take a hit or two. That was the point of training. Bobby always used to say, better to take a fist to the face from one of the boys rather than a thing that’s actually trying to kill you.

You heard Dean sigh beside you. “Look, your stance just needs a little work. You could have blocked that if you had more power behind your arms.”

“I know I know.” You grumbled, shuffling away from him. “I’m tiny and I can’t beat you. You said that before.” You looked up at him, and you saw a flicker of guilt in his eyes and you instantly lowered your head. It wasn’t his fault you couldn’t knock the guy down. It wasn’t your fault he could punch through your block like Rocky. “Sorry.” You mumbled.

Dean shuffled closer to you. “Just try to keep tension in your stomach. Your core is the strongest part of you.”

Before you could react, Dean had his huge hands on both of your hips, steering you into the correct stance in front of him. “Feet shoulder width apart.” You blinked uncomfortably. You didn’t exactly like Dean touching you. You felt heat rush to your face.

You hesitated and your eyes flickered up to the far wall where you knew someone was watching. Castiel stood a few feet away, rigid and still as a statue, his blue eyes fixed on you and Dean as you practiced. You weren’t big on physical touch at all, and this was new, even though you probably should have expected it seeing as it was Dean.

“Lower your butt.” You gulped down a gasp of shock as Dean placed his hand wide on your lower back, pushing you down. You looked straight ahead, feeling blush redden your cheeks. You knew that if you looked around now you would find Castiel’s eyes and you were too embarrassed at the moment to look to anyone, not even Sam.

Dean leaned over you. “Now take a swing.” You swallowed hard as his arm came around and he rested his other palm on your flat stomach, pressing his fingers into your abdomen. “Feel it here.”

It took you an uncomfortable moment of transition to finally take a step and swing. Dean let out a hum of approval as you did. “Good, that was better.” He patted your stomach lightly. “Did you feel the difference there?”

You nodded, a little dizzy. You felt horribly awkward, Dean’s hands were still on your body. You weren’t exactly comfortable. “Yeah.”

“Swing again.” Dean commanded as he steered you around to face the other direction, your back facing Cas. Sam stood in front of you, bouncing lightly as he took a moment to warm his arms up. “Hit Sam.”

“Uh,” You hesitated, unsure.

But Sam gave you an easy smile. “You’re fine, Y/N. Take your time.”

Part of you wanted to turn back to Cas, see what he was thinking, but Dean was right behind you, his hands on your back and abdomen.

You lunged forward, swinging at Sam with your gloved fists.

And that was when two things happened. First, you hit Sam, and he smiled widely, blocking your strengthened blow with a nod of approval. And second, as you lunged forward, you let out a squeak of shock as Dean’s hand slipped lower and he grabbed a handful of your ass. You wheeled around, but Dean was already stepping away, a faint smile on his stupid, handsome face. “Sorry.” He ducked away from you as you instinctively lashed out to kick him, your face bright red. “I didn’t mean to,” Dean was laughing lightly, his eyes pleading yet amused. “I slipped, it was an accident.”

“Yeah right!” You snarled, swinging at him. You punched him in the arm before you turned around to stalk to the side of the mat, your face slowly regaining its normal color. “You’re a jerk!”

“Y/N, I swear that was an accident.” Dean took a step toward you, and you shook your head. As the embarrassment wore off, you kind of just wanted to punch him. But this was Dean, and you were kind of used to it by now.

“Maybe we should call it a day, guys.” Sam offered, his face slightly pink. He shot Dean a glare, as if he was scolding him for ruining a perfectly mature training session, but he didn’t say a word.

“Fine.” You muttered, feeling your jaw. “I need to shower anyway—”


The three of you turned at the voice behind you.

Cas was standing, moving towards you, shaking of his trench-coat as he moved. He tossed it on the floor, his eyes hard and cold, fixed on Dean. You swallowed hard as he moved past you to face the older Winchester brother, leaving the scent of his aftershave in his wake. He loosened his tie and pulled it free with a sharp jerk, and tossing it away before he met Dean’s eyes.

“I want to practice.”

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So I just managed to screw up my geometry exam again- no surprise, really, I was always bad at that subject. I didn’t screw up as much as I used to, thanks to tutoring, but I still failed the exam ever so slightly.

What I found best about the whole thing was that when I got my exam back, everything was filled with the tiny red writing of my teacher.

“Gah, you were so close to the answer there! =(“

“Nooo, so close!”

“Okay, see, here you got to do that and that and then this…”

“I will give you half a point for writing that down.” (I just wrote down what the exercise had already told me)

Heck, dude even gave me half a point for writing my name on the exam.

Sure, I screw up his subject every damn time and don’t really get what he’s trying to teach me, but if he isn’t super cute, then I don’t know who is.

honestly the november tweets are so??? Good??? like there’s so much there?? can you imagine getting these in real time oh man. some highlights:

  • dex helping bitty bake!!
  • the frogs LOVE LARDO lmao i’m not over it just like imagine how much they admire and idolize her??? she’s so cool and they’re so lucky to have had her and they know it
  • literally just how flippin happy Bitty sounds in his tweets after they tell the team 
  • Jack being so good at the PR stuff
    • “holster knew”
  • whiskey’s honorary mention
  • Tango!! freaking out about Jack and going to Bitty!! lmao i’m dying he’s just like,, i don’t understand why??? but i will literally tell this NHL star to leave because Bits said to
  • DEX TEASIN NURSEY ABOUT FAINTING. what the heck dex, help a bro out 
  • ransom literally my boy my dude 
    • i was going somewhere specific with this but any mention of him was the best mention