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Okay! I can finally kickstart this series because I have these all figured out: Keiran and Dimitri Caroline, the main characters for (what’s hopefully going to be a webcomic) The Hazard List

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Nct’s next song could be Taeil and Doyoung screaming on top of their lungs, Johnny and Ten saying ‘moist oyster’ over and over again, Taeyong repeating 'binggeul binggeul round’, Donghyuk mumbling curse words, Mark saying 'sing sang jisung’ in the weirdest voices, Winwin screaming 'woop woop my ass’, Yuta and Hansol cursing in satoori, Chenle laughing, rest of maknae line yelling “chewing gum” every 8 seconds, Jaehyun saying “my name is Jeff-” on loop and Kun Yukhei and Jungwoo crying “let us out” and I’d jam to it like it’s the best song in the whole world after crying over how “perfect” it is

Spiders With Books || Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x female!reader

Word Count: 1345 words

Request: can u do a peter parker/spider man imagine where the reader is a nerdy girl whos nose is always in a book and one day shes talking with her friends about spiderman and they run into each other or smth and the cute books falling thing happens and peter does everything he can to flirt with her and ask her out

No spoilers (i don’t think there are spoilers)

AN: I don’t think I proof read this very well

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The bell rang to signal the next class. Everyone in ​Y/N’s class stood up and rushed to the hallways, but Y/N got up slowly, too focused with the book in her hands. She picked up the rest of her books that were on her desk, holding them against her hip and headed towards the door. She finished the page she was on before focusing on the hurdle of bodies in the hallway.

Y/N reached her locker, her friend already standing there waiting for her. “Hey Y/N. How was history?” Michelle asked. Y/N shrugged her shoulders, “Same as usual, I guess. I finished my work early so I had time to get farther in my book.” Michelle chuckled, making Y/N give her a questionable look.

“Which one?” Her friend questioned, pointing to the set of books in Y/N’s arms.

She smiled, wiggling one of the books in her hand, with a smile on her face. She then went on and gave her a non spoiler review of the book, in case she wanted to read it. Y/N opened her locker to place her history textbook inside. “So,” Michelle started, “have you seen that video of Spider-Man on YouTube?”

Y/N raised a brow while she grabbed a few notebooks and a couple more books to carry and read through out the day, “Well, I don’t know which one you’re talking about but, I probably have.” She scoffed at herself, slamming her locker shut and moving to walk to lunch.

“Of course you have. Because you can’t have a crush on someone and NOT stalk them,even if nobody knows what they look like.” Michelle said sarcastically, watching the people in front of her bolt to their next class. Y/N lightly shoved her friend, stopping in the middle of the hallway.

Michelle stopped a few steps in front of her, “What?” She asked bluntly. The number of people in the hallway faded out, but the pair took their time to get to lunch.

“I,I don’t have a crush on Spider-Man.” Y/N scoffed trying to defend herself. Michelle rolled her eyes, “You’re kidding, right? You are totally are in love with him, you never stop talking about him. He’s the only guy I ever hear you talk about, besides Pe-he who shall not be named.“she corrected herself, remembering their code name, "You’re crazy about him.”

Y/N sighed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. But how could I not like him?” She muttered biting her lip. “I’m gathering that this is no longer about Queens’ web slinger?” Michelle questioned. Y/N looked down, nodding her head.

Y/N’s friend sighed, “If it makes you feel better, I saw him staring at you at the Academic Decathlon team meeting yesterday.”

Y/N crinkled her nose in disbelief, “Really? Everyone knows that he liked Liz, so why wasn’t he staring at her?” Maybe there was something on my face or my clothes looked odd to him. She didn’t want to get her hopes up. Michelle nodded her head, “But he was staring for a really long time. Besides I don’t think he likes her anymore though. ”

Before the conversation could continue, the two rounded a corner but, Y/N was met with the back of Peter Parker. “What are you-Oh shit,” He said as he turned around to see all of her books fall.

“I am so sorry, my friend kind of bumped into me.” He apologized emphasizing the second half of the sentence while glaring at Ned, moving to the ground to grab her books. “Oh hey guys,” Peter’s best friend Ned said to the two girls, giving them a quick wave.

“I’m gonna meet you at lunch. See ya later Y/N,” Michelle states walking away as the bell rang,“You too Peter.” She said giving him a mock solute. Unbeknownst to Y/N and Peter, Michelle gave Ned a look, silently telling him to come with her. He scratched the back of his head, “I’ll just head off with Michelle.”

Y/N moved down to the floor with Peter, to pick up her books. “I’m sorry, I’m just so clumsy.” She said, shaking her head and laughing at herself. Y/N avoided eye contact at all cost, a blush appearing on her cheeks. Peter looked up at her, pausing his actions.

“It’s cute.” Peter said boldly, shocking himself. Peter had a couple of her books in his hand while she had the others. “You have a really good taste in books.” He said, standing up from the floor and then grabbing her arm to help her up after him.

“Thanks,” Y/N said, a small smile on her face. Peter still hasn’t let go of her arm and when she looked at his hand, he immediately pulled it away. He cleared his throat, before speaking to the girl.

“M-Maybe you can give me some book suggestions sometime.” He stuttered out. She stood there with wide eyes shocked, was he trying to ask her out.

“Or, maybe not. Maybe you don’t want to talk to me. I’ll just, ummm, I’ll leave.” He cursed himself, turning around to walk away. “Wait, Peter.” Y/N grabbed his arm and he spun around.

“I do have a couple books in mind.” Y/N said with a side smile. Peter smiled widely at the girl, handing her books back to her.

Peter’s point of view

“How did that robbery go last night?” Ned asked Peter as the two walked to Peter’s locker. The two boys had lunch next period and Peter didn’t want to carry anymore heavy textbooks in his backpack anymore (despite having super strength). “It was awesome. I beat their asses.” Peter said enthusiastically, but got quiet when he realized that they were still in school.

Peter and Ned were just about to round a corner when they heard two other people talking in the hall. Michelle and Y/N talking about Spider-Man. Peter was about to walk when Ned pulled him back, “Dude what the heck?” Peter said, looking at Ned like he was crazy.

“Hear me out, we might be able to eavesdrop on them. See how much she likes Spider-Man.”

Peter gave his best friend a look, debating whether or not this was a good idea. He pressed his back against the wall, “Only because I trust you Ned.”

The two heard a voice say offended, “I-I don’t have a crush on Spider-Man,”

Peter looked at his friend with hunched shoulders, “What did I tell you?” He whispered. Ned was about to say something when they heard their friend Michelle start to speak, “You’re kidding, right? You are totally are in love with him, you never stop talking about him-”

Peter turned to his friend shocked. Ned only smirked, “Maybe this was a good idea, she has the hots for Spider-Man dude.” They focused back onto the conversation the two girls were having, but they heard the subject change. “ I saw him staring at you at the Academic Decathlon team meeting yesterday.”

Peter stood there, shocked yet again, “Oh, no, oh lord.” He said, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“Weren’t you staring at her at the meet- ohhhhhhh,” Ned concluded, realizing they were now talking about Peter.

“Really? Everyone knows that he liked Liz, so why wasn’t he staring at her?” Y/N stated, kind of surprised at her friends statement.

“Dude, I think she likes you."Ned whispered. Peter glanced at his friend, thinking about how unreal it would be if she liked him. "And I’m sorry bro.” Ned finished.

Peter moved a step away from the wall, tilting his head, confused at his friend’s statement. “What are you-Oh shit.” He started but couldn’t end the question due to Ned shoving him backwards towards the girl he liked.

Part Two

Inspiring Confidence (Part II)

Peter Parker x Reader

This hilarity was originally posted by @tomhstories so go like/reblog this from them, please.

So I wrote something for this, because as soon as I saw these all I could think of was Peter, and how he would totally do something like this, but immediately regret it and panic.

I suggest you read Part I first, this will be much funnier if you do.

Summary: “Did you – did you actually just send me nudes?” Looking at yourself in the mirror as you spoke, at the white of your teeth as lips stretched tight across them and eyes crinkled as you smiled…’

Words: 1.2k
Awkward adorable Peter thinking he has text game, but is really just a dork. Mentions of nudity/intimacy.

(I really cannot believe that I wrote this. I’m so sorry.)

A contented sigh pushed past moistened lips as hot water pounded away at tense shoulders, muscle fibers tangled with all of the hours spent finishing up that paper you’d ended up putting off until late the next evening; laptop and scholarly words pushed aside for toffee curls, fluttering eyelashes, and words that were much more recreational.

There had been more giggling and clanging teeth than there normally was; lips too busy stretched across each other in smiles to even bother avoiding clumsiness.

A rosy blush had stained his face, his sculpted cheeks and sandy freckles a soft, flowery purple in the hazy blue lighting for most of the night. Petal pink color following the two of you back to your room as you’d quickly forgotten about black, white, blue, and jazz and moved on to mixing your colors and making music of your own kind.

He’d left in the early hours of the morning, a colored shadow escaping out of the window and into the purpling sky. You hadn’t heard from him since; it wasn’t often that Spider-Man truly got a night off.

Through the harsh pattering sound of droplets hitting the plastic of the shower curtain, you heard the tell-tale ping of your phone, accompanying vibration rattling against the marbled surface of the sink. The fact that it was 3 A.M. on a Sunday leaving you with no doubt: it was Peter.

But then it was almost always Peter.

Rinsing the last of the conditioner from your hair, humid air full of flowers and rain, you cut the water off and grabbed for your towel just in time for Peter’s ringtone to echo off the tiles in the steamed bathroom; drying off pruned hands and wrapping fluffed fabric around yourself before grabbing at the phone that was bouncing across the slicked surface of the counter; a lazy smile on your face.

“Peter, Isn’t it a little lat-” in a repeat of the night before, his nervous voice was cutting you off, vibrating, not unlike the way your phone had been seconds earlier.

“Look, I’m sorry, I didn’t think you would mind and that was a terrible idea,” chuckles uneasy, deep and bubbling past lips, “and, um, I - I’m not really sure exactly what I was thinking or – actually, again, I do, that’s a lie – ohmygod, um – I was impatient and now I just feel like it was gross, and - ”

“Peter?” You interrupted, deciding on words rather than the laughter that was begging to release as you connected the dots.

“Hmm?” Squeak of a sound from a tight, nervous throat.

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└ Those editors have no~ consideration for fangirls’ hearts. None whatsoever.

*fans herself desperately*

Cr: Bokura no Yuuki Miman City 2017 SP

justcallmesabby  asked:

dude what the heck?? I just discovered ur art and im just!!! How do u colour like that??? Can u pls tell me?? :O

A thanks so much, I’ve actually been in love with your art for like ages XD

I kinda suck at explaining things, but I hope it helps a lil bit 

Ninjago High School Headcanons


- Everyone treats the ninjas as celebrities, and the other students have the Ninja of the Week posted on the bulletin board.

- There’s a fan club for each of the ninja and they spend their time talking about conspiracies on who the ninja’s secret identities might be.

- There’s an underground system of selling and buying pictures of the ninja. The most popular request are the pics of the green ninja but their also the hardest to get. (Surprisingly, Lloyd is the only one who can get good pictures of him. Weird)

- Teachers need to be careful when talking about the ninja. Sometimes the students will get riled up about them that the whole class will be wasted.

- Every Valentines Day, there’s a poll in which the student body tells who they would give their Valentine to. The green and grey ninja are always tied with the most votes.

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Ok so this was my first game of dnd. We’re running a 5e campaign and our DM has literally never dm'ed before and it’s all a total experiment. Anyways. I’m a druid. So, we enter this spooky house and our rogue walk upstairs. I’m still downstairs looking around. Upstairs, their’s this canvas.
DM: You look at the canvas. There’s a creepy red marking across it.
Now me, playing a chaotic neutral character decide the best thing to do is:
At this point our rogue in real life just stares at me and is like
Rogue (OOC): Dude. what the heck was that

Turns out that was an important marking. darn.

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The dads with a dadsona who's just came out of an operation bieng high on anesthesia and starting to say random shit? tysm

🎣Brian :
- super confused like what are you saying???
- tries to compete with you (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
- like seriously dude what in the actual heck

🏋Craig :
- low chuckling and he tries to calm you down??? kinda???
- mostly finds it funny rather than confusing
- gives you smol kisses to make you stay quiet

🐶Damien :
- doesn’t really care to be honest
- just goes around his daily tasks taking care of you feeding you etc
- tuts at you

📚Hugo :
- doesn’t even notice
- “this is my partner it doesn’t matter ily”
- snorts when you mention something about his moustache once

💒Joseph :
- demon? demon.
- secretly brings in holy water and sprays a little at you
- slightly afraid but in God’s Name He Shall

☕Mat :
- why is this so funny I’m going to chokE
- laughs way too much for his own good
- when did you get to this point when your humour is so dry it’s funny?

🔪Robert :
- records every single thing
- the next day you see your face on social media blubbering along to some shit
- nearly dies laughing

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The dads think dadsona is going to break up with them and they kinda freak out (plot twist: he's not planning to break up)

((Dadsona has been distant bc he’s planning the proposal ))

-decides he has to break up with you first
-and when you start crying he’s like “this is what you wanted”
-and you’re like???? since WHEN, YOU ASSHOLE???
-he calls you distant, you give him your reason
-and then he really does feel like an asshole
-he begs for forgiveness and it definitely takes a couple days of begging and convincing you that he loves you for you to calm down entirely

-he says that you two have to have a talk
-“Alright, MC, you’ve been distant. I know it’s coming. I know what you’re going to do, so just…do it.”
-squeezes his eyes shut in preparation
-“Uh….I don’t know Joe, your office isn’t exactly the most romantic place to propose…”
-excuse me WHAT
-then you two have a very confused, very relieving conversation

-he just kind of…lets it run it’s course
-like he sees the breakup coming and decides to let you take your time and to value what time he has left with you
-and when you propose instead, he starts crying. Like, sobbing crying
-and he tells you he thought you were going to break up with him but he loves you so much and he’s so happy with you
-and you laugh and explain that you’ve just been busy planning this

-He gets distant when he thinks you want to leave him
-he starts working a lot more, volunteering for things more
-and slowly you get scared that maybe he won’t want to marry you.
-so you sit him down and he fully expects to be broken up with and you’re like “Hugo, what’s going on? We were doing so good. Why are you so far away from me?”
-and he’s like you started it and then you explain yourself and he just…falls apart
-apology after apology and he’s holding you and telling you that he let fear drive his actions instead of just talking to you and that he was stupid
-and then things are much, much better, and he actually proposes to you before you can

-he gets angry when the thought that you want to leave him occurs to him and confronts you immediately
-arms crossed, defensive like “What the heck, dude? Are you going to leave me? If you are, just say it.”
-and you’re like “????? Craig, man, I love you. Why would I leave you”
-and then you two have the whole conversation and turns out this is the healthiest course of action that could have went down!!! Yay for Communication Craig

-very similar to Mat in that he decides to just let it play out
-not so similar in the fact that something is OBVIOUSLY upsetting him and you catch on right away
-you gently confront him and ask what’s up, and he cries and tells you that he knows you plan to leave him but doesn’t know how to handle it
-and you (gently) explain to him that he’s wrong, and he can’t go assuming things and should just talk to you because you are very, very much in love with him

-tsk tsk tsk. Stubborn, stubborn Brian
-he’s nervous but decides the best course of action is to sit you down
-and he says “I know you’re going to break up with me so just let me be the bad guy and do it first”
-and you get all upset and explain that uh NO HE’S WRONG
-and he gets defensive, saying “well you did x, y and z to make me think this”
-it becomes a bigger fight for you two, but after about a week he caves and apologizes

Our experience at Dashcon 2014

I’ve been trying to decide whether or not I actually want to talk about our Dashcon experience.  If you know us IRL you’ll know that my wife and I recently went on a trip to Canada/Chicago purely to attend Dashcon.  And following what happened with the convention, I was in two minds.  Do we simply wash our hands of the whole situation, or do we talk about what happened?

Given that my wife received an anonymous message on her blog telling her to go and hang herself, I was leaning more toward the former.  I almost wanted to pretend like we were never there.  But after reading almost everything about the disaster, I think there are a couple of things that need to be said from our perspective.

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