but what is that really

you know that trope in shows or movies where the evil character is in captivity and starts talking to the Heroes to try and mess with their minds, and starts analysing them going “face it you’ll never be good enough” … “you try to act tough but inside you’re broken” … and the Hero gets really rattled and upset.

well i want a scene like that where it doesn’t work

Villain: “You have a darkness inside of you. You try to hide it, but it’s there–”

Hero: “Yeah that’s the depression, there’s pills for that.”

Villain: “You try every day to make your mother proud. Even after death, it still haunts you. But she’ll never be proud of.”

Hero: “Well yeah, she was an emotionally abusive narcissist, she was never proud of anything I did, what else is new.”

Villain: “You put on a good show, but deep inside I know you don’t feel worthy.”

Hero: “I know, man, I’ve been trying to work on that in therapy.”

Like… give me characters who know they’re mentally ill and traumatised who can’t have it used against them because they’ve fully accepted it

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I probably sound cheesy as heck but I seriously want to thank people for creating content and also spreading content by reblogging or liking things and showing your appreciation.
It’s all valuable!


in case you were wondering… i have better taste in men than i do in women.

i wasn’t planning to draw these two then uh, i did, so here is a boring contribution to the boy lovin’ vidal effort

Eye for an Eye

Part 6: Reprieve

Part 1|Part 5

As soon as he’d glimpsed the purple glow, it was gone. The obsidian archway stood proud, but empty. Nearby there was a chest, open and bare, its contents long ago removed by someone in need.

By him.

It was the same portal he had been sent through.

But had been open.

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Things tumblr ad-bots think I am this week:

  • Pregnant 
  • Native speaker of an Asian language I can’t even identify. 
  • A new parent of twins
  •  Interested in learning to weld 
  • Trinidadian 
  • Wanting to move to Canada 
  • Interested enough in that flirtatious whitegirl to leave my native Trinidad (MY HOMELAND!!! MY CULTURE!!!) to move to Canada 
  • STILL pregnant and jonesing for free swag. 
  • Needing (I think?) a home-loan from a Brazilian bank
I can honestly say, I’m scared to find out who killed Jason Blossom

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anonymous asked:

France, Spain, mind modeling your favorite pieces of stolen jewelry for us?

Spain: “I really liked the way the Aztec gold looked back then, but most of it was melted and shipped back home during the time, so I kinda forgot what it looked like.”

it’s just really interesting being on tumblr and following all of y’all as someone who doesn’t care about anything dc-related and has no clue what’s going on

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who should be cheerleader in the high school? (make with all ggroups you want)

A/N: This was an interesting idea and i wasn’t sure how to do it but i hope it came out okay.In England (where I’m from) we don’t have school cheer squads lol.

  • Hyejeong(AOA) - Captain of the squad, can’t upstage her cause she knows exactly what she’s doing
  • Cheng Xiao (WJSN) - Does all the tumbling, pro at everything, basically Hyejeong’s prodigy 
  • Momo & Mina(Twice) - Basically their own team within the squad and do everything together
  • Lisa(Blackpink) - Coolest squad member that everyone wants to be friends with
  • Yooa(Oh my girl) - cutest member, enjoys everything, gives up her own time to help less experienced members
  • Sinb(Gfriend) - isn’t realy sure why she’s in the squad but still shows up and slays, also the memest member and makes everyone laugh
  • Hyoyeon(SNSD) - Oldest squad member who teaches the young ones everything, will probably have to leave soon due to graduating
  • Jungwha(EXID) - Hardly shows up but when she does she delivers 
  • Seulgi(Red velvet) - went to cheer tryouts without preparing, is not sure how she got in, is still not sure how hyejeong hasnt kicked her out
  • Yein(Lovelyz) - Youngest and newest squad member, baby cheerleader

I basically chose who i think are the strongest dancers and Hyejeong who used to be a cheerleader when she was younger. A lot of them have done special stages/dance shows or performances/ISAC rhythmic performances that show off their skill and i think they would be a well put together squad. Cheerleaders should have strength (Leg and upper body strength that is) and i reckon these girls would be perfect!!! 

Let me know who you think should be on a cheer squad!!!

~Admin Kitty.