but what is on your shirt

I’ll Follow You Into the Dark

Alex is surprised to see Maggie. So surprised that her breath catches in her throat and tears prick at her eyes and she has to pinch herself to make sure it’s real.

Maggie wears trackpants and that damn orange t-shirt she stole from Alex all those years ago.

It was the exact outfit she had died in.

Which is mostly why Alex hadn’t expected to see her; you don’t usually see your dead fiance at work on a Tuesday. But she’s there, and she’s walking towards Alex and her hair has that just-woken-up mess to it.

“Maggie,” she breathes, “what are you doing here?”

Maggie smiles sadly and nods her head towards the alien with a gun pointed at Alex, frozen in place, just moments from pulling the trigger.

“I’m… I’m about to die, aren’t I?”

“Afraid so, Danvers.” Her voice sounds exactly like it used to, and Alex feels her heart soar despite the predicament she’s in. “He’ll pull the trigger in a few seconds, it’ll hit you in the chest. You’ll bleed out too quickly, before anyone can get to you. Before Kara can get here.”

“Wow. I really should’ve waited for back up,” Alex says, deadpanned. Maggie laughs. She takes another step towards Alex, standing directly between her and the alien.

“I’m sorry it had to happen like this,” Maggie tells her, “I’m sorry Kara or J’onn aren’t here. You shouldn’t be alone for this.”

“I’m not alone; I’ve got you,” Alex says fiercely, tears forming in her eyes. Maggie cocks her head to the side, in the way she knows drives Alex mad.

“You’ll always have me,” Maggie promises, taking a few more steps towards Alex and standing beside her, shoulder to shoulder. “But I can’t hold this off for much longer. Time will start again soon.”

“Does it hurt?” Alex whispers, her voice shaking.

“It’s just like going to sleep,” Maggie says, and Alex is grateful for the lie.

“Stay with me,” Alex says, somewhere between a command and a desperate plea.

“Forever,” Maggie says, and she reaches down, intertwining hers and Alex’s hands.

Alex takes a deep breath, before nodding her head. Maggie squeezes her hand.

A shot rings out.

BTS Reaction to GF Having Acne Scars or Stretch Marks

Request: Can I please request a gif reaction where bts’s girlfriends have stretch marks and acne scars? im sorry if im asking too much i just think that most girls have acne scars OR strech marks. ty💕

Note: REVAMPED. Why didn’t any of you tell me my writing was horrendous before? *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ One day, Jin walked in on you changing into a shirt, and let out a melodic whistle that startled you. You immediately covered your stretch marks and he instantly felt horrible, but mustered up the courage to smile towards your terrified state anyways and said, “Don’t be ashamed of them, they’re apart of you and what ever is apart of you, I love.

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Suga ➳ All he wanted to do was take a picture with the love of his life, and once he had the camera ready and held it up to your face; you had pushed him away and he was not amused. You were complaining about how horrible you looked with your acne scars and all, but to him, you looked absolutely perfect. His eyebrows had furrowed, not understanding your insecurity as he said, “And..?”

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J-Hope  “Woah…you have them too?” You looked to Hoseok, wondering what he was talking about until you saw him run a finger over the fading acne scars on your back. You were about to slap his hand away until you froze when he began to take his shirt off and showed you some scars he had adorning his chest, telling you stories about them. “This one was a viscous lil guy..

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RapMonster  “Did I scratch you that hard?” He asked, feeling bad and immediately regretting play wrestling. You looked towards the scars on your abdomen and felt disgusted everytime you looked at them, but told Namjoon they were just stretch marks. “They don’t define you, but at the same time, they make you, you. You’re still the same beautiful (Y/N) to me.” You nodded but still looked down, so Namjoon decided to tickle you to see that bright smile on your face again.

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Jimin ➳ With Jimin, you had nothing to worry about. He knew about your stretch marks that littered across your abdomen, always witnessing them when you two would cuddle but he would never comment on them; he’d just kiss them and show you how much he loved you and your body. He made you feel beautiful all around.

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V ➳ You were getting ready for your date, and before you could even grab your makeup bag, Taehyung had snatched it in seconds and held it in the sky; far from your reach. You jumped and begged, feeling humiliated that Taehyung could see all your acne scars but he would have none of it. “Why do you need this?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowing. “You look like a goddess without it.”

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Jungkook  You were glaring at the boy as he held the lollipop up to your face while he rubbed the stretch marks on your belly with his thumb. “You see this lollipop?” He asked, twirling it around with his fingers. “It’s round and it may not look perfect, but to me it’s so sweet and I will show it how much I love it in anyway.” He said with a smile before glancing to you. “Like I do you.”

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170321 SHINee World V in Vancouver

Taemin: Minho….your English is good <3

Minho : Thank You :)

Jjong : good English ( thumps up)

Minho: ur English is good too

jjong: thank you too

Taemin : What about me ?

Minho: hmmmm…..not bad ..lol

Taemin: what???

Minho : Taemin you ..Not bad …so so…lol

Key: hey …what is this shirt ? freestyle 

Taemin:……“no money” …I’m hot …ok cut …I say u know….haahahaha

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Perfect Little Heartbeat

Requested?: Kinda.

(Y/N) finds out she’s pregnant at the age of 17 with Stiles’ baby, the pack finds out and they feel the joy.

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

so I messed up on a request. I read it wrong and didn’t want this one to go to waste so I decided to just post it. Enjoy xx

It had been two weeks since you been to school.

                It had also been two weeks since you found out that you are pregnant with Stiles’ baby.

                At first, you cried because you’re a kid and had no idea what you were doing. Then, you were excited and happy because you always wanted kids, you just didn’t think you’d get them so soon.

                When you arrived at school, you made sure to act as normal as possible. Everything was normal, despite your clothing choice. You woke up this morning to notice that you were starting to show and none of your shirts could really hide the bump, so you opted for one of Stiles’ hoodies that you stole borrowed, pair of leggings and your black and white old school vans.

                 You were getting your books for your next class when Malia comes running up to you, a look of panic on her face. “Where were you?!” She asked.

                Your face fell because you remembered you helped Malia with her math during class and you weren’t there for two weeks. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, Malia. I was sick and,” You stopped mid-sentence, she was waiting for you to continue. “I’m sorry.”

                She shrugged, “Kira and Lydia tried to help me and I couldn’t understand it. You explain it in, ya know, easier terms.” She threw her hands up and looked at you. “But at least you’re back because I have a test next week.”

                Malia continued to speak about her inability to understand math when Scott and the rest of the pack showed up. “Hey, (Y/N),” He acknowledged you before continuing. “Pack meeting, a kid went missing and Stiles thinks it has something to do with the Dread Doctors.” Scott ushered you and Malia away from the lockers and to a more private place while Stiles explained the details.

                You and the rest of the pack all piled into the locker room, Stiles was still speaking when Scott raised a hand up to stop him. “Someone else is in here.”

                Everyone got quiet, Lydia decided to speak up, “What do you mean? Do you hear footsteps?”

                “No,” Scott said quietly, “I can hear eight heartbeats. There’s seven of us.”

                Liam nodded, “I hear another heartbeat, too.” Mentally, he counted Scott, Stiles, Malia, Kira, himself, Lydia, and you.

                The pack began to look around for the possible person who was hiding. Lydia stopped looking when she noticed you were just standing there, putting no effort into helping them look. “Okay, what’s up, (Y/N)?” She asked, her arms crossed in front of her.

                “What do you mean?” You asked, nervously looking at her.

                “This could be serious and you’re not helping. Usually, you and Stiles are the first ones to help look, but you’re being really weird.” She finished at stared at you, her eyes searching yours in an attempt to get you to budge.

                By then, the pack had begun forming in front of you, Stiles being the only one to be by your side, “Babe, what’s wrong?” he asked, concern in his voice.

                All eyes were on you as the fear began to set in. “I can’t tell you.” You mumbled.

                “Just tell us,” Malia bluntly said.

                “Yeah, what’s wrong, we can help.” Kira asked, more politely than Malia had asked.

                You looked at all of them, concern in their faces. In your mind, you had a perfect way to tell the pack that you were pregnant. It consisted of the pack and a night off of fighting the supernatural. It wasn’t the case this time, you and the pack were in the middle of trying to find a missing student believed to be supernatural. This wasn’t how you wanted to tell them.

                “(Y/N),” Stiles began, “Tell us.”

                You pursed your lips and felt your stomach under the hoodie pocket, you took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant.” You looked around at their faces, gauging their reactions. The only reaction you really waited for was Stiles, as it was his baby.

                Everyone’s face looked to be in shock, the first one to speak was Liam, who asked, “Really?”

                You nodded, your lips still pursed.

                “How long have you known?” A tense voice asked next to you, you recognized it as Stiles.

                That’s what you were afraid of, you feared Stiles wouldn’t accept it.

                “Two weeks ago.” You whispered with your head down, feeling disappointed and tears filling your eyes. 

                The whole locker room was quiet for another five minutes, everyone processing the fact that you, their friend and pack member, are pregnant. In a way, they were kind of hurt that you didn’t tell them right away. They weren’t mad, just hurt.

                Kira was the first to speak up, “C-can I touch your stomach?”

                You looked up at her the tears that built up in your eyes began to fall. “What?” You stuttered.

                “Can I touch your stomach?”

                Wordlessly, you nodded, wiping your tears, and lifted up the hoodie to show your stomach that showed you were barely showing. Kira kneeled in front of you, her hand gently touching your bump. She started smiling and looked at you, “I can feel your baby moving.”

                “Really?” You smiled through the tears, wiping your eyes once again.

                Kira grabbed your hand and placed it on her tummy, her heightened touch and supernatural ability allowed you to feel your baby move.

                You smiled and laughed, your other hand going over your mouth in amazement, “Oh my god.”

                Liam asked if he could try and you let him, all the pack members felt the baby move and all that was left was Stiles, who was kind of curious, but trying to pout due to the fact that you didn’t tell him first because he was your boyfriend.

                “Do you want to feel Stiles?” You asked shyly.

                Stiles looked away at first, like he was hesitating the thought. Before he could say anything, you grabbed his hand and put it on your stomach. Scott placed his hand over yours and Stiles, allowing Stiles to feel the baby move.                

                At first, he was stunned to actually feel something move in there. He looked at you surprised and started laughing. “That’s my baby.” He started, not even a question. “Oh my god, that’s my baby in there!” He pulled his hands away from your stomach and reached for you in a hug.

                You hugged back and began crying, this was the reaction you wanted. “Our baby,” You whispered happily.

                “You’re having a baby!” Kira said excitedly. She pulled you and Stiles into a hug, the other pack members following her, all of you in a group hug.

                “Oh my god, I’m so happy.” Stiles finally said after all of you pulled away.

                “Congrats, man.” Scott smiled at Stiles, pulling him in for another hug. “Congrats to you too, (Y/N).” He pulled you in for a hug.

                “Thanks, guys.” You smiled, grateful that they all accepted your pregnancy with ease.

                The pregnancy was a long road, you weren’t able to go on missions anymore, but Stiles and the pack protected you more than ever. You were nothing but grateful that they cared for you and your child.

                Later that night, you and Stiles lay in your bed while he had a hand on your stomach, talking to your baby softly. He spoke of how he was going to be a great father and try his best at everything. How “you’re going to love your mommy, she’s so pretty and will love you so much.” You smiled to yourself, this was perfect. This was just perfect.

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Ok but everything these anons giving you grief about is what makes your art unique and interesting. Please continue to rebel against cookie cutter anglo features, ski jump noses, small faces! So many other artists draw this way! You are perfect as is! We love you! *puts on my lafayette in love shirt and fights everyone*

aW thank you! It means a lot hearing that right now! 

anything (kol mikaelson au)

Plot: You just failed the one class that you needed to graduate and Kol was coming over in less than an hour for your usual antics. You wash your face and clean up your messy ass apartment, giving him your brightest smile the moment he stepped inside. You pulled him in for a kiss, wanting nothing than to forget and go unnoticed. Of course, Kol noticed and demanded that you tell him what was wrong.

Pairing: Kol Mikaelson x Reader

Warnings: panic attack, fluffy Kol

A/N: I love Kol Mikaelson and I haven’t written anything for him yet. Pls enjoy this lil fluff piece! Let me know what you think! (no gifs are mine!) (ps sorry if I explained the panic attacks in a really bad way, that’s how it feels for me)

Your apartment was finally clean. You took a shower, dressing in just panties and a t-shirt afterwards. You decide you need a glass of wine to relax a little before Kol comes over. You needed Kol tonight more than ever. You studied weeks for that stupid final and you still bombed it. How is it possible to practice something so religiously and still be terrible at it?

“Something worrying you, love?” Kol’s voice startles you, causing you to drop the glass in your hand. He, of course, managed to catch it before it hit the ground.

“Kol,” you whisper, plastering a smile on your face as he hands you the glass. “I’m fine, I just missed you.”

“I’ve missed you, too,” he wraps his arms around you, placing a gentle kiss on your head.

“I needed tonight to happen more than ever,” you lay soft kisses against his neck and place your wine glass on the countertop behind him.

“Is anything bothering you?” He proposes the question again and you shake your head, kissing his chin as he sighs.

“No, I’m–”

“Let me rephrase the question: what is bothering you? You’re tense and easily startled and–”

“Well that’s all part of being human, Kol,” you chuckle and lift your tired eyes to meet his. “Trivial matters.”

“Look. I know you and I have this sex agreement, but you’re my friend above all else. I care about you. So,” he pulls away and crosses his arms. “No sex-related actions until you tell me what’s wrong.”

“What?” You whimper, frustrated as all the emotions you’ve managed to bottle up are all about to unravel. “But that’s what helps me forget. I need it.”

“Trust me, love. I need it, too. But like I said–”

“So I’ll go to the bar and ask someone,” you bluff and Kol’s eyes grow dark at the thought of you with someone else.

“You will do no such thing!” Kol growls, slamming his fist on the marble countertop behind you. In all the time he’d known you, this is the first time you’d tried something like this. He can’t believe how much it hurts him to even imagine someone else’ s hands on you. “All you have to do is tell me–”

“But I don’t want–”

“Is it something that you’re willing to lose me over?”

“What?” Your eyes widen as Kol’s features soften, the pain and anger all over his face.

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“Are you so hell-bent on not telling me what’s hurting you that you would risk losing me?” He whispers, eyes not leaving your face as you look down and remain silent. The answer presenting itself in your silence. “Well then.”

Kol moves away, the heartbreak evident in both his voice and his face as he heads to the door.

“I’m not going to be able to graduate on time,” you speak, your voice barely a whisper as you fall to the ground, the realization of it all just hitting you.

For a second, you’re not sure he’s heard you. Nothing happens as your eyes grow wide in a panic, you lift your knees up and press them against your chest as your breathing becomes heavy.

“Y/N,” Kol whispers, lowering himself next to you.

You grow cold, hands clammy as you find it harder to breathe. You turn your head to look at him, and Kol nods slowly, recognizing your actions.

“I’m gonna lift you up and take you to the sofa, okay?” He whispers, gently lifting you as you feel tears run down your face. Your breath is coming out in shallow wisps as the pressure crushes your chest.

“Listen to my voice, okay?” Kol gently rubs your back, pushing your head between your knees to help you breathe. “I’m right here. Breathe with me, love. In, two three four. Out, six seven eight.”

He counted and rubbed your back until your breathing was back to normal and your face had regained some of its color.

“Kol,” you whisper, unable to look at him as you try to keep calm. “I’m not going to graduate on time. I studied my ass off this past week, I’ve barely gotten any rest and I still failed that stupid Biology exam.”

“What happened?” He whispers, leaning back and pulling you into his arms.

“I panicked,” you clench the material of his t-shirt as he rubs your back soothingly. “I knew everything going in, but the pressure of it all got the best of me. I don’t know.”

“Have you asked your professor if you can take the test in a different environment?” He brushes the stray hairs out of your face and you tilt your head up to look at him. “Some professors allow students extra time or a separate test area. I can talk to your professor and ask him for you? You can retake the test in a less stressful environment.”

“Y-you’d do that?” you whisper, eyes not able to leave Kol’s beautiful brown ones.

“You know I’d do anything for you, silly,” he chuckles, pressing his forehead against yours as his nose nuzzles yours. “We can stay like this for a while, and then I can make us some popcorn. How does that sound?”

“It sounds perfect,” you smile softly, placing your lips against his in a calming kiss as his free hand cups your face.

“Anything for you.”


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🌻🐝 A body positivity tag game 🐝🌻

1. Post some selfies where you feel cute af

2.Something you love about your hair - deffo the blue color!! (these selfies were taken before i dyed it) and that its curly

3.Something you love about your eyes - also the color, they’re like a hazel green that change color according to what im wearing its pretty cool

4.Something you love about your mouth - my lips have a good shape i guess??

5.Something you love about your nose - ummm mmmm … well probably that it scrunches up when i laugh idk

6.Something you love about your legs - they’re short and shapely idk

7.Something you love about your butt - I HAVE THE CUTEST BUTT EVER

8.Something you love about your tummy - my stretchmarks are kinda cute i guess

9.Something you love about your chest - being able to fill out a shirt probably bc im big-breasted and broad-shouldered

10.Something you love about your height - idk the fact that im taller than the average height which means im not as short as i originally thought

11.Something you love about your weight - that its helping me have more self-confidence? idk man

12.When do you feel prettiest - when my hair and eyeliner looks good

13.When did you last feel beautiful - uh… .. sunday? 

🌻🐝Tag people you want to feel pretty af 🐝🌻

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So let’s start this off right.
Date night as a matter of fact. You come pick me up from the house and you come knocking at my door. You were expecting me in jeans boots and maybe a nice shirt. However, what you got was woman dressed in a fit right dress; one you have not seen before with some of your favorite pair of high heels. All dolled up with makeup which later on you’ll hate. You’re face reaction is priceless and I wished I would’ve been recording you at the time. You say hello to my mother letting her know she might not come home tonight with a laugh and smile. After that, you escort me to your truck. As I was helping myself in you suddenly smack my ass and say “get that fine ass up in there”. You drive to our location. Help me outta the truck and walk next to me showing me off as your woman. And you’re proud of it. You gladly guide me to my side of the booth then decide “fuck that I can’t sit across from you” you slide on in next to me. Our waiter asks us what we’d like to drink however you’re distracted. You can’t seem to keep your eyes off of me. So i answer for you. You’re giving me the look of a lifetime and all I can do it blush and smile. You gently lay your hand on my thigh and kiss my cheek making sure that I’m okay and comfortable. More of a reassurance type. Little did you know, I wasn’t wearing any panties and was anticipating you’d raise your hand up higher to notice it. I bite my lip anxiously waiting for your next move. But of course we got interrupted. The waiter took our order and went right along. I look back at you and catch you looking somewhere unexpectedly. That would be down my dress do to the slight v neck it has. I respond to it “uhhh what are you doing” and your response was “want me to be honest” me: “of course” you: “ I can’t keep my eyes off you and I’m only imagining what I’d do to that fine ass of yours” I start to smile and then say “well I don’t believe you” before you start your sentence. I brush my hand gently over the outside of your pants and notice you’re a bit hard. I raise and eyebrow and say “oh really” you smile anxiously waiting for my next move. I start to rub on it a bit then you move your hand up towards my clit and realize I’m not wearing panties. You then look up at me and ask “why don’t we skip desert” I of course agree. You paid for dinner and then escorted me back to the truck. Before hoping in you took a look around and noticed nobody was around. So you decided to grip my bare ass catching me at a slight moan. Then whispered in my ear saying “I can’t wait to have you for dessert” you then teasingly slid a finger in noticing how wet I had became throughout dinner" you knew I wanted you just as well as I wanted you oh so dearly much. You helped me in and then we drove off…. the rest is to be continued and you can wait for that later 😉💋
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I’m loving this hair on Jules (formerly known as Dorothy - sorry about any confusion on that front). I’m trying to figure out why I haven’t used it before because gosh, it’s great. It’s perfect. Look at how greasy, stringy, and unwashed it looks. It’s gross. I love it. I know that’s exactly what my hair would look like if I were living in the Commonwealth, getting to wash my hair once a week or something.

Her glasses are probably a filthy, smudgy mess, too. It’s kinda hard to clean off stingwing guts and super mutant blood when your shirt is probably pretty gross and unwashed, too. 

Nasty. She tries to stop by Vault 81 for a hot shower and the opportunity to wash her clothes whenever she can, but eh, that wouldn’t be convenient all the time. I’m sure she gets used to living in a perpetual state of greasy griminess. Maybe. Eventually. 

A Surprise Visit

“What do we have here?” The strange voice made you look up. You were curled up on your couch and still felt the trail of tears on your cheeks. In front of you stood a slim figure who wore a black t-shirt and black skinny jeans that were torn at the knees. He had spiky green hair and a tidy beard that lined his mouth and jaw. You were drawn to his odd eyes, one shine a bright blue while the other glowed a lime green colour. You gripped the blanket that surrounded you a bit tighter and choked back a sob as you stared at him.
“W-who are y-you?” You stuttered “how did you get in here?”

The odd eyed man pointed at your phone.
“Easy” he said “Pretty much sneaked in here while you were cryin’. As for a name, you can call me Anti”
More questions flooded your head, mostly to do with how he could get here through your phone but another question was burning brighter.
“What do you want?”

Anti crouched down and looked at you closely. He didn’t say anything for a while. You watched his eyes shifting across your own. He stood up, you could feel his looming presence surround you and you flinched slightly. You could sense his power and prepared for the worst.
“Listen” he said in a gravelly tone “I got the darkness gig covered. I don’t need ya to add to it. Stay in the light, kid.”

“What?” You
Anti smirked at you.
“I’ve seen my fair share of shadows. You lot have ‘em in droves, but you got a good heart, ya should really give yerself more credit y'know”
You wiped your nose and nodded.
“Keep yer chin up” said Anti “wouldn’t mind takin’ you on one day. Someone with your light might make a decent opponent later down the line. Stay strong for that, will ya?”
“O-okay” you said.
“That’s the spirit, kid.” He winked with his green eye and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. You glanced at your phone. A message popped up but no number. You opened it up and read what it said. You smiled for the first time in a while when you saw what was written:

Ǐ̤̠̹̞̖̺̰̱̭̜͌̀̌̀͒̓̅͊̏'̢̤͔̹͈̗̲̖̪̈́̄̊̓́̎̑͋̎͜͝l̡̧̛̲̣̣̠̗̖̹̏̄̾̅̀͋͛͘͝ͅl̪͖͙͇͕͓̟̜̟̲͛̍̌́͋̉͑̽͛̀ ̼̲̮͚͖̼͇̩̖͇̍̿͋̿̇͗̽͐̀͝b̨̦̱͙̘͕̞͇͔̜̿͊̈̋͆͒̊͐͐͝e̛̹̦̠͎̥͖͔̬̩̜̔͑̈́̓̆̕̕͝͝ ̙̣͚͈̪͙͔̣̣͓̀̅͛̂̈̅̒͒͝͝ẅ̦̖̦̣̠̱̖̤͍̘́͑̀̌́̿͐̀͘͝a̢̻͔̩̺̜͓̥̦͕͋͆̽̊̑͑́͛͛̽t̡̯͍͇̻͍̝͕̬̄̊̊̂͂̇́͋̆̽͜c̬̟̞̖̫̥̼̜̑͛̓̆̇̃̀̈́́̉͜͜ḥ̛̜̞̹̬͎͇̦̙̤̍̀̎̄̎̽͂͑̚i̢͓̲̭̤̦̤̞͎͋̉̃̅̀͂̓̍̈̚͜n̢̡̛̼̗̻̭͚̫̝͕̆̈́̇̀̊̋̕̕͠g̣͕̰̞̘̞̣̮̖̘͐͛̅̄̅̿̿̐̅͠

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Hey i'm a transmasculine hs student and I need some advice. Softball season starts next week and it's my favorite sport, but the uniforms give me super bad dysphoria. It's these tight v-neck tops and tight capris. It really shows off my curves in a way I'm uncomfortable with, especially bc i can't bind while exercising. I didn't wanna quit bc it's my senior year and I'm the captain, but idk what I can do to make the uniform feel more comfortable. Please help!

There are sports bras that flatten your chest a little without restricting breathing in the way a binder does, so you could look into getting one of those. Other than that, I would recommend talking to your coach about it and asking if you can wear something else, such as a loose v-neck instead of a tight one. If it’s a uniform shirt, ask if you can order a different fit of the same style/color/design somehow. The sooner you bring it up, the better, as there may exist solutions that are time-sensitive.

You don’t need to out yourself in order to talk about this; you can say something like, “The uniforms are so tight that I’m really uncomfortable wearing them, and I think I really need to wear something else or I don’t know if I can play. I don’t want to cause a problem or stand out, but my discomfort from wearing this particular style of uniform will be constantly on my mind and I would really like to work out a solution so I can enjoy playing this season.” It might help if you talk about it with some of your teammates so they’re aware of how you’re feeling and can support you, though that is something you should judge based on your specific relationship with them. I went through this same experience in drumline when I was in high school, so I totally understand what you’re going through and I hope you can work something out!


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Honestly, I don't know what to say. I came here to tell you your music is amazing and the titles of the tracks are good shit. But since this is an ask, I was wondering - when did you start doing music, where do you get your inspiration from and why "in love with a ghost"? Also, how does AZERTY dress usually? (I'm thinking about cosplaying them, but I'm not sure.) Anyways, thanks for reading.

azerty always wear glasses and a scarf, sometimes a cute dress or a t-shirt and a short, with usually autumn themed colors

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youre a special constable. youve spent years to get to this position and today is your first day on the job. you arrive on time to the second and are ushered to where youll go to get your first job from the master youll be working for. you puff out your chest and open the door. standing inside is mr stones, wearing its cloak like a shirt and hot pink "ARE YOU NASTY" booty shorts, exposing its disturbingly shaped skinny, furry bat legs that are taller than you are. "what you want?" it says.

this is the WORST drawing ive made and im blaming u anon for this visceral mental image

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HEIGHT: 170 cm / 5′7″
LAST THING I GOOGLED: 5′7″ in cm lmaoo
FAVE MUSIC ARTIST: Gosh I don’t really have one tbh
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: I think one of the xmen movies
LAST TV SHOW WATCHED: Dave Chapelle stand up special :’D
WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW: Pajamas, pajama pants over my pajama, & a sweat shirt (HOT, I know)
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO I POST: Roleplays, mihoot (crack), and any Mihawk related content I can find
DO I HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS: I haven’t been active on any of them really but: @waywardswordsman, @empresskuja, & @baebeard
DO I GET ASKS REGULARLY: Semi-regularly, I haven’t been too active >_<
WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL: Fitting of the character’s current status!
GENDER: Female
DREAM JOB: Novelist

FOLLOWERS: 1,327 (idk how many of these are dead blogs or porn blogs tho lmao)

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How old are you? 21

What are some of your talents? I’d say I’m a pretty good writer. I can also do nice oil paintings (though it’s been like 3 years since I’ve done one lol). I’m pretty good at crafts in general. I also know lots of random movie trivia.

What is a big goal you’re working towards? This Summer I’m planning to get at least the rough draft of my novel completed.

What is your aesthetic? I love flannel shirts, quiet corners of the library, rainy days, and having a nice mug of coffee/hot cocoa.

What’s one topic you always talk about? The Walking Dead, horror movies, writing, my favorite sexy older men, oh wait you said only one?

What are some of your biggest pet peeves? People that are being rude and then act like you’re the one who inconvenienced them. Cutting me off when I’m driving but then going slower and not letting me pass.

What’s some good advice you’d like to give? There are ways in which you can make your dreams a reality, but you really have to go for it. Don’t let people put you down for your decisions. Try not to worry about what others think. Do what makes you happy, don’t do things just to please others because you’ll end up feeling unfulfilled.

Three songs I recommend? So I’m actually going to choose three songs from a playlist I’ve been working on for a CharacterxOC fanfic that’s in the works. What is this fanfic? Who knows ;)

1. “John Wayne” by Lady Gaga

Every John is just the same
I’m sick of their city games
I crave a real wild man
I’m strung out on John Wayne

2. “The Only Exception” by Paramore

And that was the day that I promised
I’d never sing of love if it does not exist.
But darling,
You are the only exception.

3. “Inhuman” by Aesthetic Perfection

One day, I pray
I’ll be a human being
Stay with me
Have faith
That I can change for you 

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