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Nightmares (Steve Harrington x Reader)

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Request- “Can you do “I need a place to stay.” & “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” with Steve Harrington? If it’s okay to ask for them together (like in one piece of writing)?”

Words- 1007

Warnings- Nightmares

You wake to the sound of something, or someone, at your bedroom window. You figure there aren’t a lot of this out at 3 am on a Saturday, so either it’s a serial killer, something that’s crawled out of the upside down, or Steve. Considering it’s Hawkins Indiana, and the gate to the upside down is closed (for now), it’s probably Steve. Yeah, it’s probably Steve.

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you are the first artist i've seen not make back girls look over sexualized, and you got the hair perfect. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR ART!!!!!!!!!

Thanks! I’m glad I’m not the only one who notices that too? I know I draw a lot of tank tops and sweetheart neckline clothing, but that’s for pure chicness/cool looking value and I really like the look of color blocking with tank tops and such, which tend to show a little more than a normal tee shirt or sweater or whatever. But I don’t understand what’s up with that weird sexualization :U There’s like a weird proportion compared to other portrayals of black women? It feels gross imo. But I’m a prude in general so– anyways, thanks so much! ;w;;;

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I think it's so beautiful how Harry shows that he loves Louis in the small details. He always does something, to show Louis that he's always there with him. I loved the little statement on the VS show, the blue and green suit. Yes, I am a dreamer and I love your romanticism. I do not believe in coincidence. Harry and Louis live in a world where they are very exposed, so by default, they should avoid those colors. But, they dever do.

Thanks for your message. That’s what I mean by studying trends and not single events. When a guy models Polari clothing, knowing what the word means, wears a MJ Billie Jean T-shirt multiple times, wears the Home Made, the Tchaikovsky, and the power-corruption-lies T-shirts… any one of these is a coincidence. Taken in total, they bespeak a statement that’s unambiguous.

Wearing a blue handkerchief one time is coincidence. Over and over, with the fandom pointing it out, is a statement.

One pair of complementary tattoos is coincidence.

One shirt with a rose on it is a coincidence.

Signaling to a constant ring on a finger one time is a coincidence.

One song about not being with the person one loves, being kept apart, jealous for the woman who is able to openly show affection, is coincidence.

Not being apart for more than two weeks at a time while IN THE SAME BAND is expected. But it’s almost two years after hiatus started.

And we could go on. I feel the same when Louis posted the black and white photo of himself at the Doncaster house. It’s interesting for us to see, but also a way for them to keep records of their lives together.

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Do you think you could do an RFA (and Saeran if you want) reaction of an MC who is aLwAyS ready to throw down? Like some girl is flirting with her partner? You better believe that ho is gettin' judo flipped. Some asshole making fun of her partner? It doesn't matter if he's 5 foot or 6 foot, he's being thrown into the nearest lake, she will DrOwN HiM (sorry if this is to specific (´;ω;`) )

Hopefully this is what you wanted. Enjoy~


  • He has to drag you away from a lot of situations
  • Especially after this one incident at a fan meeting
  • Some catty girl had made a rude comment about Zen’s hair
  • And the security guard almost had to drag you out with what was spewing from your mouth
  • Thankfully, you toned it down when he asked you to though
  • Zen was touched that you cared for him…but there was definitely a talk about your temper


  • You guys were at a grocery store together
  • And he was wearing LOLOL shirt
  • Some dude in the same aisle started laughing his friend
  • When you got closer, you realized they were making fun of Yoosung
  • So you decided to make some not so nice remarks about them
  • Really Loudly
  • Yoosung had to drag you away into the next aisle because he was scared a fight was going to break out or something
  • But he hugged you and thanked you for standing up for him


  • You were always saying that you’d judo flip anyone who hurt her
  • And she laughs, because she knows how to do it…and she doesn’t think you can
  • But she’s touched by the sentiment
  • One day, some guy passing in the park touches her butt and makes an inappropriate comment
  • Before she can even do anything, you already had the guy judo flipped and in a headlock
  • She stops you before you could do any real damage in your anger
  • She’s marvelling over you and thanking you for having the guts to do that
  • She’s almost fangirling over you


  • Your actions can be a little problematic at times
  • When women flirt with him at business gatherings, you’re always ready to fight
  • Which you are verbal about
  • A few times, he’s had to escort you away and calm you down
  • However, he also finds it amusing at times
  • As long as you’re not actually fighting someone and keeping your boundaries
  • Your comments are hilarious to him
  • In that sense, he likes your bluntness


  • He finds it hilarious at first
  • You’re making these blunt statements
  • And telling people to fight you
  • It was bold, and he liked it
  • Until you actually made physical contact with someone and tried to flip them
  • He intervened at that point, and practically threw you over his shoulder
  • He told you to calm down at that point
  • Although, he was reassured because he knew you could take care of yourself if anything happened

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So a while ago I made this post that basically said that it would be cool if black people came to the premiere of black panther dressed as actual black panthers (black berets and all). Someone also brought it to my attention that people could also wear headwraps and dashiki as well to the premiere.

So like, I kind’a wanna make this a thing like a trend or something within the black community.

Black Panther is a as people have said a “black ass movie”—it’s a movie for black empowerment. It’s a movie for us to embrace our blackness.

So that’s what I want this to be called, #embraceblackness.  

Show up to black panther dressed as a black panther (and you don’t even have to go all out, just a black t-shirt and some jeans is fine) or in colorful headwraps, or daishiki, or T-shirts with the black power fist, afros out, just anything that stands for black empowerment and embracing your blackness!

If you would like, post a picture of yourself embracing your blackness at whatever showing of black panther and tag it #embraceblackness.

I will of course, reblog your pics XD.

Submissions are allowed as well.  

So like, I hope this can become a thing. If you like the idea, reblog, share on other sites, and spread the word.

Future Yang, speaking to her son: Now son. Today’s your birthday. And you’re a full grown man now.

Son: Mom I’m twelve.

Future Yang, carrying on: So to get you situated I’ve hired a man to follow you around in a shirt that says “Life” and punch you in the kidneys at random times.

Son: M-…mom…why would you do that?

Future Yang, through angrily gritted teeth: Because that’s what life is son. That’s what life is.

Being Rick’s daughter and secretly dating Daryl would include:

Originally posted by kendaspntwd

• The both of you knowing that earlier or later, you’re gonna have to drop the bombshell and reveal to your Dad what’s actually happening between you two, even though you can just imagine the awkwardness and the problems that might occur as soon as he finds out

• Only sleeping in the shirts you snitched from Daryl when you’re alone at home, even though the way they feel on your skin and the way his scent encloses you whenever you’re wearing them allures you to leave them on for as long as possible, leading to more than just one risky situation

• Daryl having an especially bad conscience, feeling like he’s betraying Rick and the trust he has in him as his best friend but just loving and caring way too deeply about you to give your relationship up

•  You sneaking in the middle of the night over to Daryl and slipping to him beneath the sheets to just feel him with you and cuddle against him and even though Daryl’s always reluctant at first, worrying that you both fall asleep and wake up to someone finding you together, him just not being able to tell you to go back to your bed as soon as he feels you 

• Whenever you take things further in these nights, you trying all to make Daryl relax while promising that you’ll stay quiet, only to rather involuntary break your promise and end up telling your Dad that you stumped your foot while going down the stairs in the dark to get some water

• Always trying to lead your father to let you go on runs with Daryl, of course preferably alone, all while telling him that you’re, through knowing each other for that long, just an extremely well-attuned team

• Using all the time you have on runs where you are finally alone and can kiss and touch each other without having to worry that someone sees you, all while you just try to suppress that you’ll have to act just like friends again as soon as you arrive back at Alexandria

• Having to be careful around your bother as well and just trying your best to remember how you acted around each other before you started dating , even though it’s ´turning especially hard for you whenever you see how Carl hands Judith over to Daryl and you just can’t hold yourself back from smiling widely 

• Small and cautious touches whenever you’re around others, especially when you’re both in the house and clean the dishes together or simply sit next to each other on the couch, all while you both can feel how the tension grows with every light touch

• Especially taking advantage of whenever you ride with him on the back of his motorcycle, knowing that you can press yourself as close as you can against Daryl and wrap your arms around him as tightly as you want while knowing that anybody else is just going to think that you make sure to stay on the bike

• Stealing quick kisses from him whenever you take over his shift in the tower and you just can’t resist to feel him for a short moment, all while knowing in the back of your head that it just takes a wrong move or timing to blow your cover but trying your best to suppress the thought of it until this thought becomes the reality

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What about some Hanzo and Jesse with a thicker s/o?

This is the sweatshirt, courtesy of @winchester-sonsandcastiel

“You cannot be serious,” Hanzo sighs from the living room and you peek around the corner to see what’s got him so done so early. “You cannot go out in that.”

“I don’t see nothin’ wrong with it, it’s true.” Jesse grins, his back facing you with his hands on his hips, proudly displaying his chest.

“We are going to Thanksgiving dinner with our colleagues, this is informal and dismissive of traditions.” Hanzo pinches the bridge of his nose, just under his piercing.

“They know it’s true, ‘cept those who’ve never had the honor.” When Hanzo says nothing he turns around, starting to shout your name before realizing you’re right behind him. “What do you think of my shirt?”

‘CHUBBY GIRLS CUDDLE BETTER’ Stares at you in bold lettering from your boyfriend’s chest and you can’t help but laugh. “You aren’t serious.”

“Thank you!” Hanzo throws his hands up.

“It’s a subjective statement and I’m not sure a lot of other people share it.”

“Now wait just a minute, darlin’.” Jesse steps closer to you, wrapping your arms around his neck before pressing you against his chest. “It’s a fact, ain’t no one in this world who can change it.”

“Okay,” you smile to humor him as you try to step away but he holds you tighter.

“If it wasn’t true then why are ya so soft?” His flesh hand strokes your cheek gently as he continues, “why is it so satisfying ta grab ya tight?” Proving his point he slides his hands down your sides and digs his fingers gently into the squishy skin there, “Why’re ya so warm?” His metal hand slides under your shirt and you shiver, “Why are there so many places to lay my head or place my hands if it’s not true? Why do ya feel so right if it ain’t true?”

“J-Jesse,” your voice is hushed as he rests his forehead against yours.

“I’m never as comfortable as when I’m wrapped in bed with you and Grumpy over there, so yeah it’s true.”

“You can wear the damn shirt, let’s just go.” Hanzo groans as he wraps his arm around your waist from behind and tries to tug you away from the cowboy.

“Give us a kiss and we’ll leave.” The archer groans but presses his lips to Jesse’s quickly, scowling as the smug son of a bitch releases you and walks towards the front door.

“He’s correct, you know,” Hanzo whispers in your ear.

“About the cuddles?”

“Yes, we are most comfortable when we’re with you, don’t forget that Koibito.” The man leans down to kiss you, hands cupping your cheeks gently before leading you out of the door.

headcanons || making out with billy

requested by: anon

  • okay so billy would obviously be passionate but making out is super rough with him
    • his hand is on your ass or sliding up your sides
    • sometimes on your hips
      • his grip is really firm
    • and your hands are always on his chest or his abs
      • sometimes even unbuttoning the last buttons on his shirt
    • he either kisses you against a wall or laying down on his bed
    • he will leave hickeys no matter what
      • don’t even try to ask him not to
  • heavy metal or rock music will be playing
    • he’s a sucker for Mötley Crüe and Metallica
    • or Whitesnake
    • or KISS
    • it’s always playing in his room so it kinda just sets the mood
  • most of the time you guys do it in the night
    • or in the bathroom at school before class
      • you make out in bathrooms a lot
    • most of the time in his room, though, when his parents aren’t home
  • all you can smell is his cologne and cigarettes
    • his mouth tastes like ash and booze
    • you don’t notice it as much as you do when he slides his tongue in
      • which he always does
    • it’s billy cmon
  • but other than all that, it’s really hot
    • and so is billy
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19 “Are you seriously throwing forks at me?”

 30 “You so fucking hot when you’re mad.”

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You had done your hair into a messy bun but put on extravagant makeup on just for fun. You had dark smokey eyes and dramatic cat eyeliner.

It wasn’t until Kol came into the kitchen with Klaus, blood all over there shirt and clothes, walking with smiles as they each patted one other back. They both looked at you and the smiles drop some.

“You can tell her,” Klaus said loud enough for you to hear, pushing his brother away to you. You gave him a questioning look as Klaus scurried away.

“What does he mean Kol?” You asked confused.

“Let’s start off with how amazing you look,” Kol said with an unsure grin.

“Okay, what horrible thing did you do?” You asked, knowing he done something wrong. He always started out saying how beautiful you were.

“Spill it Kol. Damn it.” You said placing your hands on your hips.

“We may be killed the Vixion Coven leaders and now they maybe want to come after you because you are the second most powerful witch? Maybe?” Kol said with a scared shoulder shrug

You looked at him with a blank expression, blinking a few times. Kol looked at you confused you hadn’t said something.

Then you open your mouth, “you what?” You asked with anger arising in your blood.

“Sorry?” He said not knowing what else to say.

You wanted to throw something sharp at him multiple times but with all the knives in the dishwasher, you were left with the forks in the drawer. You roped it open and began throwing forks at him.

He dogged them all or caught them with his hands. “Are you seriously throwing forks at me?” Asked Kol trying not to laugh.

“I’m pissed at you and it is all I have that is remotely sharp!” You yelled throwing another fork piercing it into his neck. “You asshat.” You said throwing the last fork.

You realized that when you placed your hand in the drawer and picking nothing up. You became angry at yourself.

Your so fucking hot when you’re mad,” Kol said laughing.

“Shut up you asshole!” You yelled. He laughed more making you mad, “stop laughing at me. Because of you and your asshole brother I am now a wanted girl to rule a witch coven! Fuck that.” You said.

Kol walked you wrapping his arms around your shoulders, “again, your hot when you’re mad.” He said kissing down your neck.

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We (as in me) need fluffy fics about Demon James. I don't know what about but I believe in you

He’s a baby! ❤️  Drabble okay?

Groaning at the soft light illuminating the room, gently muted by a curtain, you lifted yourself up off the mattress slightly. Glancing around the room, you felt at home, despite having only been to the apartment a couple of times. Nevertheless you smiled, stretching out momentarily, before closing your eyes. A lovely, swirling smell of popularized breakfast foods filled the atmosphere, breathing it in you giggled a little, pushing the covers off you and finding the nearest article of clothing, naturally being your lovers shirt from the night previous.Walking barefooted into the open kitchen of the apartment, he greeted you lovingly.

“Good morning, beautiful,” James smiled, taking you in as if you looked like a princess, “ah, that’s where I placed my shirt.”

“Mmm,” you hummed, rubbing your eye a little at the now brighter room, “good morning.”

“How’d you sleep?” James inquired, actually caring about you, embracing your frame as you wrapped your arms around his figure, nuzzling close. 

“Wonderfully,” you bit your lip out of pure happiness, feeling James’ hand rub your back, “I swear you’re heavenly.”

With a sigh combined into a chuckle, James smiled, looking down at you for a moment, returning his attention to the stove he was working on. Keeping one hand on you, he didn’t tell you to let go, he just managed to shift around the pans with one hand. Opening your eyes, you observed, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and some pancakes.

“I didn’t know you could cook, James,” you placed a kiss under his jawline, bringing one hand to the middle of his chest, his own hand fell to the small of your back. 

“Well,” his smile was wide, “now you know. Why don’t you pick out what you want to drink? I’ve got orange juice, apple juice, water, chocolate milk, I think?”

Another well placed kiss to his warm skin and you were off to find a beverage. Opening the fridge, you leaned against the door, pursing your lips in debate of what you were in the mood for. James shifted his eyes to you for a moment. His dress shirt fell perfectly on you, slightly peeking up at your hips then dipping to cover you tastefully, falling around mid-thigh. He smiled to himself, wondering how he was so lucky to have you in his life. 

“What do you want, Darling?” You mused, pulling out the orange juice. 

“I’ll have whatever you’re having,” he answered, divvying up the eggs, adding two mini-pancakes and putting a side of fresh fruit on two plates. 

Pouring the juice into two glasses, you placed them next to the plates he had set on the bar of the counter. Hopping up onto a bar stool, you watched James come around the marble counter, joining you in where you sat. Casual conversation was brought up as you both enjoyed a marvelous meal, cooked right from home. There was something so, so sweet about James, despite being a demon, he was different. Even his horns looked different from other demons, but you couldn’t quite place what it was. 

“That was wonderful,” you compliment your chef, “you really didn’t have to do all this for me.”

“Yeah, I did,” James gave you little eskimo kisses, “you’re a princess and deserve this every morning.” 

Before you could counter him with a witty saying, you heard the oven’s timer go off, sharp and clear. Furrowing your eyebrows, you were a bit confused, thinking breakfast had been done for some time now. James quickly got up, as you watched with curiosity. Slipping on two oven mitts, he reached in and pulled out a tray filled with swirling, warm cinnamony goodness being emitted from it.

“I forgot,” James looked up with bright eyes, setting the pan in the middle of the counter, easily accessible from either side, as he came around to return to your side. 

Smiling, you stood, reaching your arms around his neck as he sat, his arms capturing your waist, foreheads pressed together, “I really owe you, James.”

“Stay,” he whispered, voice soft, but confident, “one more night?”


Can I get a dating onew headcanons thing if/when requests are open?? Thanks angel 💕

★a whole gentleman   

★he’ll hold open doors for you  

★give you his jacket if you’re cold  

★pays for your dates  

★compliments you alot  

★like every minute  

★either verbally  

★or through text  

★he’ll send them  

★along with messages on how much he loves you

★calls you ‘honey’

★kisses your cheeks alot

★will go to mush if he sees you wear his shirts

★’you look so cute!’

★buys clothes with you in mind

★thinking about what you’d look good in

★lazy days 

★lazy days all the time

★which are just the two of you laid in bed

★in eachother’s arms

★while his playlist is in the background

★dates are normally in a cafe

★between work 

★short but sweet

★when he’s away

★he’ll send you small trinkets

★things that he’ll know that you’ll love

★bought you a bracelet with his initials on

★and heart charms

★nuzzles into your neck when he sleeps   

Negan’s Obsession: Ch. 5- Negan Becomes Obsessed

Negan x Reader

Warnings: Negan being a little creepy, Language, a little bit of angst(?)

Words: 1,229

Originally posted by sahvannahh

You had just finished taking a shower and were putting on a large shirt and underwear. You stepped out of your bathroom to see Negan sitting on the couch. “Jesus fucking Christ!” You yelp. "That’s not my name, but you’ll learn to say my name.” He said with a wink. “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” You shout. 

“I just wanted to fucking see you. Damn, doll. Didn’t know it was a fucking crime.” He said running a hand over his beard. “You broke into my room!” You shouted getting into his face. 

“Your room? Doll, I fucking own this place, this room, and I own YOU.” He said glaring down at you, his eyes grew dark. “You don’t own me. I am not your property.” You were not going to back down from him. “Oh, darlin’. I own you no matter what you think. You. Are. Mine.” Negan said getting into your personal space. 

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A/N: Hi! First of all, so sorry for being inactive! I’ve been busy with work and life in general and just didn’t have the energy to write. So here’s a simple one to start things back up again :)

Character: Niall

Warning(s): n/a

Originally posted by notheartbroken

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The blueish greenish suit Harry wore for the VSFS looks like the perfect suit for a beach wedding and imagine taking it off on the honeymoon

OhhhhhhhhhHHhHHHHHhHhHhHh my GOD you’re so right holy shit

Imagine the wedding night, you’re in your little beach bungalow and you’re still a little tipsy on the rum and coke from the wedding and you’re giggling and undressing each other and kissing and stumbling around. But! After you remove his suit jacket, you fold it and set it on the chair. Same with his pants. And he’s giggling. “Baby what are you doing? We can take care of all that later.”

You’re focusing on unbuttoning his shirt, but you speak matter of factly. “It’s a nice suit Harry. I want to keep it nice.”

And he’s so endeared and overwhelmed that he can’t stop himself from grabbing you and scooping you up. You squeal but you wrap your legs around his hips as he smothers your face and ears and neck with kisses. “You’re so bloody cute, Mrs. Styles.”

anonymous asked:

imagine talking back to eric and watching as his eyes darken and he pulls you closer by your throat, asking for you to repeat it with a smirk and then you have angry sex

It was all so loud the yell of Eric’s voice, the stomping of his boots, the sound of the wall breaking under his fist. All you did was was watch, and as his anger grew so did yours, you couldn’t even remember what it was about or how it started. Lost in the moment of rage you yelled the first thing that popped into your head.

“You don’t love me, so stop pretending like you do”

He stopped every moment muscles going stiff and you watched his eyes darken as he stepped closer “What did you just say” he was staring you down, daring you to repeat the words “I said you. don’t. love. me.” eyes widening as he suddenly grabbed the collar of your shirt “Fuck you!   I don’t care about a lot of people bu- Actually I pretty much hate everyone but I fucking love you and don’t you ever say that I don’t” he let out a puff of breath and let you go with a small shove your back colliding with the wall. “Do you understand?” Your heart was pounding against your chest  as you both stood staring into each other’s eyes the air suddenly hard to swallow “I-I love you too” your voice was quiet as you spoke hoping it would ease the growing tension. But it only made it worse as he stepped forward pressing his head against yours “Really?” his mouth was so close you could feel his warm breath blowing against your lips “I don’t fucking believe you” your heart felt as though it had shattered “So show me” and he pressed his hips against yours the hardness of his cock pressing against you. And you knew exactly what he wanted as you slid down to your knees, trapped between Eric and the wall. Reaching out and gripping the top of his jeans you slowly pulled them down revealing his usual plaid boxers, his cock straining against them, and out of habit you leaned forward and left an open mouth kiss onto his bulge letting your tongue slip out and lick against the fabric . But Eric’s voice stopped you “Don’t tease me, not right now” glancing up you stared into his deep hazel eyes as you pulled down his boxers finally allowing his cock to be exposed to your awaiting mouth. And while keeping your eyes on his you slipped his pink leaking tip between your lips letting your tongue lick around him. You could tell he was trying to keep his eyes open but even the simple gesture created so much pleasure that Eric couldn’t help but let his eyes fall closed cherishing the wet warmth of your mouth. You let him slip from your lips with a popping noise to leave light kisses along his length he let out a deep moan as his hand fell to the back of your head fingers tangling in your hair as he pushed you forward wanting you to take all of his cock and you did till the tip was hitting the back of your throat making you gag but the constricting of your throat only created more pleasure for Eric as he held your head in place. But you wanted to show him so you ignored the tears welling in your eyes, and the burning in your lungs, and stayed still as he pulled out and thrusted back into your mouth fucking your throat. Glancing up his eyes were already staring down, and connected with yours, he slowed his thrust and reached down lifting you up by your arms as you gasped for breath. You were still in a haze as he pulled you against his chest his breath warm against your ear as he whispered “I love you, and I always will”

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like if you were a tree? Just standing there, soaking up sun. Watching the world whizz by in a blur. Being a rope and swing for children, having people climb up to your branches, having birds peck at you.

Seeing so much history and a lot of stories, but no one would ever hear you tell them. That’s why you should hug a tree. They can’t hug back, but we can give them some support for what they do.

Yongguk: “We have to get on teams and split up to find Tigger.”

Himchan: “How do you lose a dog that sticks to you like glue…”


Jongup: “K.”

Daehyun: “We should take off our shirts to find Tigger.”

Youngjae: “What- How will that help anyone find the dog??”

Daehyun: “I was talking to Jongup.”

Jongup: “…”

Daehyun: “Take off your shirt…”


Source: Me (Koreaboss)

anonymous asked:

your 'down with cis' shirt on sollux makes me feel second-hand embarrassment for you as a trans woman

Good for you, then? Whether we mean it ironically or not stay in your own fucking lane. Like, you think we’re gonna change what we draw just because it makes YOU embarrassed? Learn to take a joke, buddy. Like, that’s all it is. The original story was a joke.

-Mod Crusty