but what is he wearing

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Annabeth asking Sally what Percy is wearing every morning to match him, and Percy trying to figure out how she does it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

“Will you ever tell me how you keep doing this?”

Annabeth gave her boyfriend a smile before smiling and sitting next to him at the table. “Call it couples intuition.”

Leo snapped, “Coupletuition.”

“That’s not even a real word, Valdez.” Reyna said from her spot across from Percy.

Percy ignored his friends and narrowed his eyes at his girlfriend. Since the second week of the school year, Annabeth has been able to match what he was wearing perfectly. She never asks him what he’s going to be wearing in the morning, and she’s always ready by the time he gets to her house to pick her up. He’s convinced she’s spying on him. She’s never matched him over the weekend, only the weekdays. It’s starting to drive him crazy.

“If you don’t stop matching me, I’m going to dress up as something super embarrassing.”

Annabeth only shrugged, taking a bite of her breakfast. “If you say so.”

“Which you wouldn’t actually do since you have a reputation to uphold.”

Percy sighed. Jason was right, as usual. He wouldn’t do that. He doesn’t mind that Annabeth likes to match him. What bothers him is that he can’t figure out how she does it every single day without asking him what he’s wearing.

“Can you read my mind?”

Annabeth smiled, raising an eyebrow. “Maybe. Wouldn’t you like to know?”


“Matching again?” Piper asked as she sat down, “I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore.”

“You really shouldn’t be.” Annabeth said with a laugh. She looked back at Percy, “I’m still coming over today, right?”

Percy nodded as he slid Annabeth’s almost empty tray towards him to finish off her food, “Yeah, if you want to.”

“Of course I do.”


Every Thursday after school is Percy and Annabeth’s designated day to spend time together. With Percy playing almost every sport out there, he rarely has any free time. Their Thursdays usually consists of Annabeth helping him study, them just doing homework, or just watching TV together. They aren’t too picky about how their time is spent.

On this Thursday, Annabeth has an essay due the next day and Percy is just waiting for her to finish. He’s sitting on his floor, playing a video game with his back against the bed while Annabeth is laid across it and typing up a storm. He knows how she gets when she’s writing an essay and it would be almost impossible to get any sort of conversation out of her. Not that he minds. Just spending time together is enough for him, words don’t even have to be said.

Annabeth’s phone going off got both their attention. Percy looked behind him and at her while she checked it. She made a face, hit decline, and set her phone back down. Percy raised an eyebrow at her and she laughed, “It’s just Piper. I’ll call her back after I finish.”

Right as they were about to go back to what they were doing before, Annabeth’s phone started going off again. This time, it was a spam of text messages. Annabeth pushed her phone off the bed with a frown. “Look and see what she wants please. I have to get this finished.”

Percy unlocked her phone and started reading through Piper’s messages. He hummed, leaning his head back against the bed. “Her and Jason got in a fight and she needs you and she wants you to call her ASAP.”

Annabeth made a noise to let him know that she heard him. He left Piper’s message and was getting ready to lock her phone when a message from his mom caught his attention. He raised an eyebrow. Annabeth and his mom text? “You and my mother text? How often?”

Annabeth shrugged, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye, “Only every morning.”


“Because I like to talk to Sally. Is that so wrong?”

Percy snorted at her defensive tone and clicked on the message thread. He had been expecting some kind of conversation that happens between a girlfriend and a parent. Advice or something, he doesn’t know. What he wasn’t expecting was his mom and Annabeth to be planning on how she could match him every day. He turned around so fast, taking Annabeth by surprise.

“You and my mom have been ganging up on me!”

Annabeth grabbed her phone from him with a roll of her eyes, “It’s not ganging up on you, Percy! It’s me wanting to match with my boyfriend and Sally thought it was cute.”

Percy frowned, “Why didn’t you just ask me?”

“It was more fun this way. I had you pretty convinced that I could read your mind.” Annabeth gave him a smile. “Plus, it was Sally’s idea to keep it from you.”

“What a traitor.”

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DID U SEE THAT POST IT NOTE THAT WAS FOR JIN IM CRYING, A FAN ASKED "what did you think of while wearing your graduation hat?" AND HE ANSWERED I wanted to wear it with my classmates... ใ… ใ… " IM SAD NOW


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i gave him The Drawing™ and when he opened up the folder he went from straight face to :O because i guess he wasnt expecting it to be. good ig? (not 2 toot my own horn or bring others down) and he looked at it rlly close and squinted at it and was like "woah its so detailed, is this colored pencil?? yeah yeah, it looks sorta sketchy over here" and my brother pointed out tht i wrote my ig n twitter and bren went "okay i'll check it out" What Does This Mean....

also he was wearing An Outfit™ he had the sharpest looking suit on he looked So good

aww im so happy for u!! im glad he liked it, it was a really good drawing. Also glad to know he looked A+… Did you meet him through the radio station he was at earlier?

Me: I need to write and update my fics now that Iโ€™m starting to feel better again.

Also Me: Make a short crack fic based on this pic @metawohoo made

Me: But why

Also me: Why not?

Gabriel Agreste was a fashion icon. His company was at the top of the fashion world. He was an idol to every aspiring designer.ย 

So why was he wearing a flower crown and a butterfly patterned shirt?

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• nico is nervous because he isnt wild about the ocean - the thought of all the water pulling him down and swallowing him up…. back into the darkness….. it frightens him. but he’ll have will to pull him out, to keep him afloat. he remembers that.

• will is nervous because he doesnt know what to WEAR…. does he go full rebel and wear a bikini? does he get a binder and a big shirt with loose trunks? does he get short trunks and just wear his binder, sans shirt? he’s being anxious over nothing, he knows, but he wants to look nice… swimwear has always been a second form of torture for him.

• in the end, will settles on buying a new binder, having cecil use his Connections to get it shipped extremely fast. it has cute tropical designs and the words “beach boy” on it. he wears comfortable trunks and after much thought, packs a shirt but doesnt wear it. just in case

• nico wears a shirt, long trunks, and a sort of robe thing? they both blush when they see each other, and its a bit awkward before will breaks the ice and says “youre so cuuuute” to which nico bites his lip and snorts. “not as cute as you” he murmurs, looking around like anyone could be looking at them, watching them. he seems so nervous, will cant help but lean forward and kiss him, take his hand. “ready?” he asks and nico sighs, nodding.

• they end up not going into the water beyond splashing each others legs with little kicks. mostly they build a sand castle, eat some icecream, and lean on each other in the shade of a big beach umbrella, talking and teasing and giggling. and also kissing. quite a bit of kissing.

• both of them soaked up a little sun, so later, when will sees the tanlines left by the binder, he laughs and laughs and laughs. he wants to show nico, but realizes the implications of that and blushes bright red in the mirror, giggling. he cant wait to go out with nico again.

• and nico may or may not get little hearts in his eyes when he relates the events of the date to jason… not that he’d admit to that.

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David smells amazing. WHAT does he wear because I absolutely need a bottle of that in my life.

I don’t know what he wears but I need a pool of whatever it is.

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different anon but i would die for trans lucas,,

I’m doing Lucas  ♀ →  ♂. I hope this is what you wanted!(⌒▽⌒)


-Lucas was bullied when he was child for always wearing boys’ clothing

-He didn’t like to play dolls or ‘family’ with all the other girls

-He always played on his Gameboy or tried to play with the boys

-Marguerite often got frustrated when Lucas refused to wear skirts or dresses for formal events

-Lucas’ female name was Lucinda

-When Lucas began to look more into male shops, clothing lines and computers, both Marguerite and Jack began to have a sneaking suspicion

-He was between 16 and 17 when he came out that he didn’t feel like a girl

-Jack was in denial, as his generation didn’t have many open transgender people

-Marguerite had a sit down with Lucas and talked it out

-She accepted it very easily and tried to read about the topic as much as possible

-Jack accepted it after a short while, seeing how happy Lucas was when they were identified as a boy

-Zoe, being around 13-14, didn’t mind calling Lucas her big brother. She knew that Lucas didn’t like being called her sister or a girl in general

-Lucas cried when Marguerite and Jack offered to let him have hormone therapy. He was so happy that he’d look like a boy instead of a girl.

-His gender was changed on his certification in his late teens

-Lucas was bullied a lot for identifying as a boy, but he felt a lot more comfortable and his family understood

-So, he’s happy :)

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The Same Anon With The SepticCrank Hc. Ethan is non binary so it's always fun for him to make silly videos with Jack. Like, 'Me doing my boyfriend's makeup' or a vlog of their date. Ethan dresses up cutely for EVERY video and Jack gives him kisses or cute gestures in EACH video while the fans are just going CRAZY in the comment section. Both of them even forget the camera's on. But Ethan sometimes gets sad because of the hate comments but laughs when the comment just gets roasted by their fans

whatThe hekc

ethan always loves to go on those carnival dates or filming them in the local market, and ALWAYS films jack getting excited over the different homemade candles n spices bc he keeps showing ethan all these nice ones uwu

and jack picks out sweet sweaters for ethan and ethan always hugs him rlly tight bc heck man, jack knows exactly what he likes to wear

sometimes, jack gets distracted by ethan’s rlly sick makeup skills when he’s doing it in a video, n doesn’t realise he’s staring and gets embarrassed when fans point it out (but ethan says it’s cute and gives kisses owo)

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if u truly like him u wouldn't care what he wears or what his hair looks like

yeah i care because even tho “what’s inside is what matters” which is like the most ironic thing someone can say btw but that’s another topic i will talk about soon or right now probably, your appearance is important and i want him to take care of that and i know yall going to think “you should accept him the way he is” but caring about someone is not only accepting but being honest with people because you don’t realize things until someone tells you 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Would Kyle like wearing his s/o's clothes? Would he get flustered easily? What kind of kisses would he most enjoy? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

He would love to wear their clothes and he’d be smelling their hoodies and sweaters constantly whenever he wore them, and yes he would get flustered INCREDIBLY EASY. his favorite kisses are soft forehead kisses and he loves to rub his s/o’s wrists when they hold his face while kissing his forehead

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where did he said that he is fan of idubbbz?

It’s so obvious 

Look what he’s wearing in the new cow chop video
He says shit that’s linked with him and his videos
He likes his shit on insta and on twitter too

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For the little lovebug, does he do as most ponies and avoid the hell out of clothing, or does he tend to favor it? And if so, what sort of clothing does he like to wear? :D

For the most part, I think he goes the pony way and avoids clothing. He lives on the beach, after all, and the weather is such that one rarely needs clothing to stay comfortable. When it comes to style, he prefers a small, carefully-selected set of jewelry/ornamentation/decorations as opposed to a full clothing ensemble. Every good changeling knows how little details can make all the difference.

Winter is another story entirely.

Summer Love is famously bad at handling cold weather. His body tells him to sleep eighteen hours a day, but his wallet tells him he needs to work. He spends the winter months wrapped up in as many layers as he can get his grubby hooves on, and with a pot of coffee always within reach. He goes from an elegant, incognito prince to a shivering marshmallow and he just. Can’t bring himself to care. Too cold.

Side note: Summer Love tries to dress a little more drab and unnoticeable in the off-season, and he really should ditch the jewelry if he wants to go unseen, but he can never manage to do it. His mother was a queen, and he never fully lost that royal pride.